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27 APRIL- 03 MAY 2012

Tyke bites bank back by Jack troughton

EXPAT MIKE Kemp was celebrating this week after winning an important legal round in his ongoing David and Goliath struggle with Barclays Bank over alleged corruption. The Yorkshireman was “over the moon” after a judge at Orihuela signed papers that could put the banking giant in the dock and facing charges of corruption, fraud and misleading advertising. Mike, a retired company director, has been fighting a long running battle with Barclays Spain in Madrid and head office in London after being granted a 100,000€ ten-year advance on an illegal property in 2005. He went to the multinational bank because he was advised by a former director it would never lend on an illegal property and was shocked to find like another 1,200 homes in Catral, his villa had no planning permission. A former councillor in Hull, he said when he won the case – he does not contemplate losing – he would claim compensation for the lost years and start proceedings against Barclays Chief Executive Bob Diamond and predecessor John Varley. He also predicted that the case would become a precedent and open the “floodgates” for action against every bank in Spain that lent on property without first establishing its status. FALSE Mike told RTN the bank had ignored his ongoing complaints – especially over the survey the bank insisted he acquire which clearly showed the 300,000€ new home was illegal, instead relying on an architect’s report which falsely stated it was over five years old and therefore legal. “That is a downright lie but they should not have sat back and hoped that I would go

away – obviously they have not met a Yorkshireman before,” he told RTN. “This has taken a long, long time. People have said ‘give up, you are not going to do anything’ but I always reply I am not that sort of person.” He said the judge signing the indictment had decided there was a case to answer by the bank over an apparent “severe injustice” and his legal team were advised by the public prosecutor there was a 99% chance of court victory. Mike said the stress of the situation had cost him two heart attacks, his marriage, and taken away seven years of his life. “I have been through seven years of hell, seven years more precious than if I was aged 40, I am 70 in September and those years have been ruined by Barclays.” CHAIN He said the bank insisted if he was unhappy with the architect’s report he should sue the professional and the developer. “But I have said ‘no’. Barclays gave me the mortgage and was the last entity in the chain to make sure the deal went through and it was the bank’s job to sue.” And he stopped repaying the loan to “gee up” the situation and bring things to a head. “I have never given up, at times, if I honest, I have been so low I have contemplated doing myself in but have always though they cannot get away with this.” He insisted “when I win this” he would take on the bank’s head office saying banking chiefs were “an absolute disgrace” in failing to investigate fully and independently – instead allowing Madrid to “just cover it all up.” Continued on page 3

Leap of faith

iSSUE 654

Historic Celebrations of Sant Joan, which include the tradition of leaping through bonfires while making a wish, have been given official status as an event of ‘local interest’ for tourists.

Javea Town Hall successfully applied for the recognition for the June 23rd fiesta as a “great attraction for tourists and visitors”. Known as ‘Nit dels Focs’, fire is central to the “magic” of the festival, whether it is jumping through the flames, throwing crowns of braided into bonfires to burn away the wearer’s problems, or lighting the streets, filled with music and drums, with a network of fireworks. The party starts at midnight and thousands of visitors are expected – especially as the fiesta falls on a Saturday this year.


27 APRil - 03 may 2012

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27 APRIL - 03 MAY 2012

continued from front page He said by accepting jurisdiction, the court had “lifted a great weight off my shoulders” and while the money was important, the principle of the matter was paramount. “The principle that people in power in Spain who think they can just filch of others because they are British will not get away it,” said Mike. “I thought I had gone to a reputable bank but they have shafted me. “These were not petty allegations – allegations of corruption and fraud in a bank are pretty serious and something banking chiefs should have investigated. There is a lot of interest in this case and I think this could open the floodgates. “Barclays will have the responsibility of starting it all, because if they had treated me right in the first place, none of this would have happened, so they will have the dubious honMike our of starting the ball rolling.” Kemp


Dr Regulo with Bob hunt (right) and the new fridge

ROTARIANS RODE to the rescue when refrigerators at a Marina Alta medical centre had broken down – the machines essential for storing medicines and vaccines. Members of International Rotary Fellowship Costa Blanca North provided a fast solution to the urgent problem at the Benitachell Medical Centre. Coincidently a member of the club, Bob Hunt, who is a patient at the centre, had already approached staff to ask if the Fellowship could help out by donating equipment. Within days the new fridge and a digital blood pressure monitor were delivered, Dr Regulo, the senior doctor at the centre, describing it as an exceptional act of generosity at a difficult time as medical budgets were stretched to the limit.

Hello again boys! By Jack Troughton FRESH FROM a town hall ordered makeover, the model on a controversial advertising billboard has returned more suitably dressed to a roundabout at Gata de Gorgos. Her first topless appearance was deemed too raunchy and it was feared could cause accidents as drivers gawped at the arresting sight. The offending part of the picture was first censored with her assets covered over in plain white and this week the new photograph was substituted – although she is still not exactly Little Miss Modesty.



27 APRil - 03 may 2012

Contagion could escape detection under new health measures

Health Minister Ana Mato

by jan gamm ADJUSTMENTS TO national health cover announced by Health Minister Ana Mato have drawn a barrage of criticism that the Spanish health care system will be set back years by measures designed to slash €7 billion from the state’s health expenditure. According to the Health Minister the new measures are designed to “put a stop to ‘health tourism’ and the abuses carried out by foreigners who travel to Spain to benefit from the health system.” The Immigration Law is to be modified to ensure that nonSpanish nationals who use the public health system live and work in the country. Some of the changes to the present system have become clearer over the past few days. Active workers are to continue to pay 40% toward their prescriptions provided they earn less than 22,000€; salaries up to 100,000€ will attract a 50% contribution payment and those earning more than that, 60%; the unemployed are not required to pay anything. Pensioners will pay10% up to a maximum of 8€ per month on an income of less than 22,000€; a payment of 18€ per month in the 100,000€ bracket and 60€ for pensions exceeding 100,000€. CONCERN Luis Martín Pindado, president of the Democratic Union of Pensioners of Spain, has voiced his concern that four million pensioners earning less than the minimum wage will be adversely affected by the new legislation: “An extra expense for these people, however small it may seem, will prevent them from meeting other payments,”

he said. “It seems like a little, but you have to bear in mind that people of this age take many treatments. It is not ridiculous to think that many pensioners will stop paying other costs, like electricity and water, if they have extra expenditures.” Pensioners will have to pay 10% of the cost of their medicines on collection from the pharmacy. The new legislation imposes a monthly limit on what they pay from 8 to 60€ depending on their income, but whatever the income all pensioners will pay 10% - then the administration will calculate the refund which the Ministry of Health has six months to repay. The co-payment scheme also includes orthopaedics, splints, wheelchair hire, dietetic products and non-emergency ambulance transport… FLAWS Meanwhile, there are flaws to the new regime that have not been addressed and could pose a serious risk to public safety. An illegal immigrant arriving in a hospital emergency unit with a highly contagious disease such as tuberculosis under the present system would be treated. Under the new policies, in the absence of a valid health card the patient would be sent on his way to spread the infection. At the time of going to press the Health Ministry has no solution for such a scenario and health experts are deeply concerned about the possible dire outcome should anyone with a life-threatening contagion escape both treatment and control under Ana Mato’s draconian and in some respects ill-conceived restructuring programme.

King’s ‘companion’ draws public commentfollowingBotswanaaffair KING JUAN Carlos is facing more public criticism following his disastrous Botswana safari over his alleged ‘friendship’ with German-born twice-divorced Princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn. Corinna is the daughter of Danish-born Finn Bönning Larsen, who ran the European division of the Brazilian airline Varig. Corinna married British Philip Atkins when she was 27 and had one daughter but the marriage failed after five years and she entered a relationship with Mercedes-Benz billionaire Gert-Rudolf ‘Muck’ Flick. She eventually collected a title on marrying Prince Casimir zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn who was 11 years her junior, against the wishes of his family. Son Alexander was born in 2002. In April 2006, Corinna accompanied the King’s delegation to Saudi Arabia, listed as a ‘Strategic Advisor’. Recently she has been the constant companion of the 74-year-old monarch and was with him on his Botwana trip. Corinna has apartments in Switzerland, Monaco and in Madrid - a stone’s throw from the palace. She is now in Monaco.

Medicine in war torn Spain by jack troughton

BRITISH VOLUNTEERS joining the International Brigades helped push forward the boundaries of medical science amidst the chaos and horror of the Spanish Civil War, according to a new book. The key role of young doctors, nurses, and ambulance drivers is outlined by author Linda Palfreeman as she examines their achievements in creating an emergency medical service. ‘Salud! British Volunteers in the Republican Medical Service during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939’ pays tribute to their work – and contribution in developing lasting changes to military-medical practice and the history of medical science in general. Dr Palfreeman, an Alicante-based lecturer in Journalism at the University of Cardenal Herrera, Elche, has spent years researching local aspects of the civil war and the International Brigades’ Medical Service. Salud! will fascinate history lovers and is a rare and illustrated insight into a largely ignored aspect of conflict - health care and medical assistance during wartime. And as well as the volunteers, the part played by men and women from all walks of life back in the UK is acknowledged as they worked ceaselessly to make it possible for the medical teams in Spain to function. APPEAL This was all at a time when the British government had decided on a policy of non-intervention despite the legitimate Republican government in Spain’s fervent appeals for support. Within a month of the outbreak of the conflict, the first British medical unit arrived, a tremendous political boost for the Republicans and the first visible sign of the international support for the cause. The unit, later joined by other volunteers, became part of

The cover of Salud!

the Republican Medical Service and within it, the Medical Service of the International Brigades, establishing and maintaining an emergency service – with certain individuals responsible for important developments such as blood transfusion and a triage and transport system for battlefield wounded. However, this was also set against volunteers working in dreadful conditions, for hours and even days without rest and with a lack of equipment and provisions. The medical units were mostly young and inexperienced young men and women who suddenly found themselves thrown together in desperate circumstances with the task of saving lives amongst the inhumanity and mayhem of the war. Dr Palfreeman maintains: “That they rose to the challenge, is, in itself, worthy of tribute”. Salud! Is available from the Sussex Academic Press ( priced £65 in hardback and £24.95 in paperback plus postage and packing.

Poppy walk

The walkers prepare to make the return leg

By Jack Troughton WALKERS ENJOYING stepping out for charity raised 755€ on the Hondon Valley Branch of the Royal British Legion’s annual Poppy Walk. Last Saturday 32 members and friends of the branch walked 11.5km over the mountains from Barbarroja to Canalosa and back. And the walkers were cheered into the La Romero Restaurant on their return by another 28 branch members before the whole party sat down to lunch.

27 APRIL - 03 MAY 2012



People smugglers arrested 27 APRil - 03 may 2012

by jack troughton CRIMINALS SMUGGLING Iranian nationals into Britain have been arrested in Madrid and Tenerife following a “complex” operation between Spanish Police and officers of the UK Border Agency. Based in the Spanish capital, the gang used the Canary Islands as a final staging post before moving the illegal migrants into Britain but the collaboration between the two forces ended the threat and established a template on how to tackle the ongoing problem of people trafficking. Detective work drew a picture of how false papers were used to transport Iranians into Europe and onto Britain. It was established there was a network of safehouses and the gang had access to both stolen travel documents and credit cards. Groups of Iranians intending to enter Britain were identified through shared in-

Watch your step!

IN THE town of Cabarillas del Campo in Guadalajara residents must watch their step for fear of falling down a manhole. Recent thefts of manhole covers have escalated by gangs that steal to order to sell the manhole covers on the black market for around 8€ each. In recent weeks more than one hundred have disappeared despite the attempts of local police to catch the culprits.

telligence and the co-operation of airlines. It also led to arrest of gang members and their alleged leader. The nine arrested were of different nationalities - five Iranians, a Mauritian, a Moroccan, a Malian and a Columbian. They face a number of charges including forgery and provision of fake documents; credit card fraud, and people smuggling. It is not known how many people they successfully smuggled across borders. Simon Cooper, a UK Border Agency International Group Assistant Director responsible for Spain, said the “close partnership” would continue to work to combat illicit migration and the gangs running the scam. “Those who engage in the facilitation of illegal migration should know they will be targeted and brought to justice,” he said.

Jet2 flies in By Jack Troughton BUDGET AIRLINE has announced it is increasing the number of flights it operates into Alicante’s El Altet Airport – boosting links between Spain and northern Britain. The carrier – which in direct competition with budget airlines Ryanair and EasyJet – announced seven new weekly flights over the summer would increase its seating capacity by 20% from the eight UK airports it operates from. opened a new route between Edinburgh and Alicante last month, flying three times a week, and also has direct flights from Leeds Bradford Airport, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow,

Blackpool, Belfast and East Midlands. The airline’s chief executive Steve Heapy said it now had almost 17,000 seats available each week to Alicante and was an important link between El Altet and the north of the UK. “Our goal is to become the number one carrier”. And he said the winter timetable would also see an increase in flights to cater for demand and take up the slack as competitors cut back. The announcement was seen as good news for Costa Blanca tourism – already hit by increased travel costs and falling numbers of holidaymakers.


27 APRIL - 03 MAY 2012

This is Spain Exhibitions by patricia thompson This Is Spain Exhibitions returns to Costa Blanca North on 19th and 20th May this time at the 4 star Hotel El Diamante Beach in Calpe, along Calpe’s Levante Beach opposite Mercadona playa. The hotel is accessed from the A7 motorway (from Valencia exit 63 (Benissa/Calpe) and from Alicante exit 64 (Altea/Calpe) or the N332 (exit Calpe Norte going towards Moraira), close to Calpe’s famous Ifach Rock and with ample parking: visit The Exhibition opens from 10am until 6pm on Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday, sponsored by RTN; Female Focus; Costa Blanca News; The Post; AngloINFO; Euro Weekly News and Spectrum FM: 30,000 leaflets are to be distributed within the region. To promote your business contact Christine as soon as possible. You can also advertise with your own leaflets: 1,000 leaflets may be placed in carrier bags and handed to the public at the exhibition for 25€ if you are an exhibitor or 50€ should you not be

The show last year

taking a stand. As well as the stands that feature insurance, pool products, financial services and car rental, it will be possible to have a free blood pressure check, keep fit with Twister and purchase the revolutionary X5 Steam Mop! Toldos, garden shades, jewellery and garden furniture are included in the exhibits and charities will also be represented: the Christian charity Caritas will be pleased to receive food, clothes

or useful items for donation to the needy. Refreshments are available and the hotel will also present everyone attending with a two for one Spa offer. Included in the 1€ entry fee is a free ticket for the popular Raffle. Bookings are now being taken. Call Christine Roche on 699 549 261 or 965 632 835 or email Also, see for regular updates.

Blooming good day

VISIT THE multicoloured tapestry of flowers at the Iris Gardens of Marnes on 8th May and help support families being fed by Caritas in Calpe and Benissa. Every May the Lions Club of Calpe and Benissa organises a very special tea party when the colours are at their best and offers the chance to see the thousands of flowers covering the mountainside. The event is so popular that last year the gardens were in danger of being swamped on the big day, so this year tickets are being strictly limited to 120 – insuring the tranquillity and beauty of the setting will not be disturbed. The party is being staged between 3pm and 6pm and tickets for the afternoon, including tea and homemade cakes, are available now priced at 8€. They can be obtained by calling 629 478 007 or 96 583 4852, or email All the proceeds of the event will be used to buy food for the two Caritas centres.



27 APRil - 03 may 2012


CAN YOU please put a warning in this week’s paper that bogus gas men are out and about in Javea. They called into my house on Monday, and I shooed them away but unfortunately I didn’t get to my neighbour in time and he has been done for 300€. I put a note on Javea Connect on Facebook and got the warning out quite quickly, but a number of people I know have commented that they have also had them pop in. We are in Javea Costa Nova, but they have been to Toscal and Pinasol too. Many thanks, Judith

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letter of the week

Beggars belief FOR TWELVE years we who live at the top of a long and steep hill in Lago Jardin have been promised a bus stop (the other bus stop is at the bottom of this hill). Last year, I contacted Eduardo Dolan (the mayor) and asked for his help. He said he would see what he could do. Two weeks ago the bus route changed and for four days the E bus came up the hill and stopped at the top. ‘Wonderful!’ we all thought - then a new bus stop was made not at the top of the hill but just around the corner from the original one: now this bus still comes up the hill but does it stop? NO - it carries on back down to the bottom so we still have to trudge up the hill as we did before! This beggars belief! Does the person in charge of public transport have no sense? What on earth is the point of the bus coming to the top and not stopping? I have asked Eduardo Dolan if it is possible to meet to discuss this matter but I will not hold my breath… Rita Young , Torrevieja

Paws for thought

Looking for help

Dear RTN, I am desperately trying to find a good English-speaking SpanIN RESPONSE to the letter in RTN (Issue 653) about one reader’s objection to ish solicitor to help men in a proppaying a donation to adopt a dog from a rescue shelter, I would like to offer him erty divide following divorce. I am the following thoughts. hoping there may be an experienced I don’t know which sanctuary you went to and the exact details of the case you male reader out there that has been are talking about but I would like to explain to you a few possible reasons why through it and found/used a good the shelter you visited asked for 100€. one. Please email At the centres I work with we also ask for a contribution, in our case it is 50€, and perhaps by considering the following points you may understand why: Name withheld 1. Maybe the payment was to cover the cost of the animal being treated for parasites, vaccinated, chipped and given an up-to-date veterinary book. If the shelter did all this for your dog and charged 100€ it would be saving you money I WAS dismayed to read that no further progress had been as it would cost a lot more to have these procedures carried out at a veterinary made towards easing the plight of homeowners on Bosque surgery – and much of this is not optional, but a legal requirement for all dogs. 2. If the 100€ was not for the above and you still had to pay a vet to carry out these del Lomas/ El Galan,Orihuela. With the knowledge that their homes bought and paid for seven years ago will be reposprocedures after the adoption, then the money would have been destined for anisessed by CAM BanK and auctioned in June, immediate mals still in the shelter’s care that had not been lucky enough to be adopted. and positive action is required now ! With only the article I am sure, liking animals as you do, you will go back for that dog that has rereported in the RTN to go on can I suggest that (if not almained waiting for you in the shelter and will happily give over the donation for ready arranged) an international lawyer be engaged at once the animal knowing that in that way you are helping all the other animals who together with seeking the support of the British Consulate are abandoned by other people without feelings. ? An injuction could be sought via Brussels in order to gain One last suggestion … why don’t you see if you can volunteer to work in the time for investigation at a higher level before homeowners centre as sometimes this is the best way to understand the work that is carried are stripped of their property with perhaps irreversible conout and then you can find out where every euro is spent. sequences ! Was any representation made on behalf of the I am grateful for your attention in reading this and I would encourage all those residents when CAM presented their case to the Orihuela that can to go to any shelter, get to know them and help them in their work. Judicial Hearing ? A question to be posed - At what point Raul Merida did the,”Rogue Builder” take out a second mortgage on the land ? If it was before completion of contracts in 2004 when Fundación Internacional para la Protección de los Animales

Immediate and positive action needed now! the balance of clients monies were finally handed over and the property keys, receipts and ‘Copi Simple/(advance title) given to the home owner then the developer and Aroca Seiquer would be obliged to take an interest as, at that time it was Atlas sales policy to include the price of the land/freehold in the transaction,and to safeguard clients interests. If the builder be proven to have taken a second mortgage later then the Notary will have recorded both transactions as having taken place on their premises and always in front of signed witnesses. The second being illegal in Spain must surely make the responsibility rest withCAM/Banco Sabadell who should have ascertained the builders ownership of the land before granting a mortgage on it ? We feel very strongly for the resident/homeowners in their unfair fight and hope sincerely that they can use the time remaining wisely and progressively to a satisfactory end. Geoff and Marian Roberts.(Gran Alacant)

Blossom walk

by jack troughton

WALKERS WERE rewarded with a ploughman’s lunch after a stroll through the scented blossom of the orange groves organised for Jalon Valley HELP by Mary Stevens and Tina Hills. A donation of over 460€ was raised from the lunch, drinks, homemade puddings, and stalls selling jewellery, books, plants, and Mary’s delicious preserves. The next big fund raising event in the charity’s calendar is the annual Jalon Valley HELP May Fayre on Sunday 13th May starting at 10am on the ‘rastro’ site in Jalon. This year it has doubled in size and with a grand raffle and refreshments on offer will be a fun day out for all the family.

Mary (left) and Tina

Family of 18 stuck without transport

“LIFE HAS given me many sons but the law will not let me carry them,” laments Jose Maria Postigo. He and his wife, Rosa Pich-Aguilera, now have 16 children ranging in age from 21 to 2 years: they live in Barcelona. For years they have travelled in a van with nine seats - insufficient capacity. “If we travel together we need a minibus but to drive it I would need a Permit D coach license that costs 1,300€,” says José and even then the seating would be deemed illegal. Jose Maria has repeatedly raised the problem with the DGT with the result that they recommend he use public transport at inhibitive cost. Director General of Traffic, Pere Navarro, replied that it was not possible to grant licensing exceptions “even where they are worthy of appreciation, as in this case.”

Blond, blue-eyed and brilliant AT TWO she could count to 40: at three she could add and subtract. Blond and blue-eyed Heidi Hankins, a British little girl aged just four, has become a member of Mensa with an intelligence quota of 159, only one point short of Stephen Hawking’s 160 and five points higher than Carol Vorderman’s 154. Heidi can read, draw, calculate and write sentences and reads books recommended for seven year olds. Her father is a professor at the University of Southampton and her mother an artist. They are “delighted” that Heidi is so bright but point out she also plays like any other four year old with Barbie dolls and Lego. The Mensa Chief Executive has welcomed Heidi is Heidi, saying, “We will give her positive smarter than Carol encouragement for appropriate development Vorderman along with our other younger members.”

27 APRil - 03 may 2012



27 APRil - 03 may 2012

The Fast Track Hypnosis Diaries


Alan Gilchrist The Costa Blanca’s Top Hypnotherapist

ONCE AGAIN the last couple of weeks has seen a variety of different problems ranging, for the common ones, from Stopping Smoking and Weight Control to phobia and panic attacks.

One that I finished with this week was a young chap called Tony who came along with a problem of blushing. Fear of blushing – eureuthophobia - usually goes hand in hand with the phobia of being stared at – scopophobia - which in turns encompasses the feeling of social disgrace. The person is scared of making a fool of themselves and going red in front of other people. Blushers are usually tense and nervous in situations with other people. Once they feel themselves starting to blush they start to panic, which increases the blushing even more! Blushers can and do go to extreme lengths to try to cover up this devastating phobia. Men who suffer from it can grow a beard to disguise it. Women can’t do this so they resort to other methods. They may overdo on the makeup, or sit under sun lamps to have a permanent tan, simply to disguise the fact that they feel people can see them blushing (in actual fact it is very rare that they can). It’s strange that blushing always tends to appear on the parts of the body that other people can see, i.e. the face and the neck and not on the unseen parts! Over the years I have successfully treated thousands of people with this crippling phobia. I have heard so many sad stories of how blushing has affected a person’s life. People have cancelled their wedding; left their job or even their partner because of it; some have even moved abroad to have a permanent suntan, but the ‘burning feeling’ that comes with the blushing still remains. If you are a blusher then providing there are no medical reasons* for your condition, then Fast Track Hypnosis is an ideal way of to help you to overcome it. *For example, Rosacea, which is a chronic progressive skin disorder that affects more than five million

men and women in Britain* The sessions are designed to instil confidence, general well-being and overcome nervousness and the blushing. You will also be provided with CDs and taught autohypnosis so that you can use it in any new situation that you may encounter. The end result of all this is, although there may still be occasions whenever you do blush, such as if you were to trip over something, or someone tells you a rude joke. That is acceptable, but what is not acceptable is where you are constantly thinking, and being controlled by it 24 hours per day, every day of your live. The process normally takes approximately four sessions depending on the response and commitment from you. WEIGHT CONTROL THE FAST TRACK WAY The decision at this time of the year to go on a diet is normally triggered by one thing – the holiday season - which is fast approaching! The motivation is there to get into the clothes kept from last year’s holiday or glancing back at those old photographs looking like a beached whale with that swimsuit ever so tight! About 90% of people who diet fail after a few weeks simply because their motivation has gone. Fast Track Hypnosis Weight Control is accomplished by initially helping you to lose weight using Hypnosis in a healthy manner and then maintaining it, instead of losing weight and then regaining it time and time again. The Fast Track Hypnosis and Laser Therapy lose weight session is an ideal way to boost your will power and maintain a diet and exercise regime until it becomes second nature, to eat healthily and be more active. If you want to be slim ONE session of Fast Track

Weight Control Hypnosis could be the difference between being overweight, depressed and downright unhealthy, to being fit, alert, active and full of energy. With the calming effect of hypnosis, suggestions are implanted into the subconscious mind such as” high calorie foods will no longer have the same appeal to you and that you will enjoy low calorie foods. You will take a lot more interest in your own shape, fitness and vitality, etc. I have never put a person on a specific diet because most overweight people already know every diet there is and have their own likes and dislikes. Remember, the body doesn’t understand calories but it does understand nutrition. My job is to help you to listen once again to your own appetite control centre and use it to your advantage. So why opt for one type of therapy to lose weight when you can now have two highly successful methods in a unique single session combination at NO extra cost - Fast Track Hypnosis Weight Control + Laser Therapy + professionally produced support CD + plus Guarantee!

Alan holds his Fast Track Hypnosis sessions in Cabo Roig, Guardarmar, and Benidorm and NEW in Los Alcazares. Alan is also the creator of the ‘Stop Smoking in under 30 minutes Fast Track System’. For an appointment, brochure or a free of charge initial consultation on your particular problem, contact Alan Gilchrist on 659 229 408 or visit his websites or

A helping hand

27 APRil - 03 may 2012


by jack troughton BRITISH CONSULATES across Spain are an emergency service for Brits in distress and the busiest of a global network, said “proud” Ambassador Giles Paxman this week. Nine Consulates and 13 Honorary Consuls across the country offer a helping hand to more than 13 million visitors from the UK every year and an estimated 800,000 expats resident in Spain. “Whether you are in the Balearics or the Canaries, basking on the Costas or working in a provincial town or city, there is a representative of the Foreign Office somewhere near you,” said the Ambassador. “And before you go anywhere, it’s easy to call us to see if we can resolve your inquiry straight away in four out of five cases we do.” Mr Paxman added: “The working day of consular staff is neither routine nor rosy. They are effectively an emergency service for Brits in distress, from lost passports to serious crime to death. The job of a consular officer is to provide impartial, non-judgemental advice and to treat you fairly and equally, no matter who you are. “Their work, and the sight of the Union Flag hanging outside the building, often makes a huge difference to anyone who finds themselves in frightening and stressful circumstances.” In 2010/2011, he said the consulates in Spain handled the largest number of cases of any country in the world – with six of them, including Alicante, in the top 10 across the globe when measured by workload.

Pensioner fined 20€ for chaining herself to her bank ÁNGELES BELMOTE, a 76-year-old woman, chained herself inside her bank branch in Almería for two hours in December last year and refused to leave, eventually removed by the National Police. She was protesting at being evicted from her home in Níjar. She has now been fined 20€. Angeles got into debt after guaranteeing a loan for her son and was finally evicted, but the family are now living back home as squatters. One of her sons attended the court wearing a nappy when trying to secure repayments on company IOUs!

And the varied challenge for consular teams in Spain was featured in the successful Channel 4 documentary series “Our Man In...” FOREIGN Mr Paxman made his comments after Foreign Secretary William Hague spoke about consular work around the world and the need for British citizens to help themselves. Mr Hague said: “Consular work is very personal. It touches the lives of British citizens in difficult and sometimes extreme circumstances.” However, the Foreign Secretary warned there were times members of the public “wasted time and scarce resources” with “ludicrous” requests. “That is obvious you may think but nonetheless, it came as a surprise to the caller in Spain who was having difficulty finding somewhere to have Christmas lunch.” Mr Hague added: “We ask British nationals to be responsible, to be self-reliant and to take sensible precautions. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of good travel insurance.” The consulates can help victims of crime, those injured and in hospital, and those arrested or detained, and in prison. It cannot give people money, make travel arrangements, pay bills, arrange funerals or repatriate bodies. Consular teams cannot override local authorities, such as the police, or give legal advice – although it can help find English-

British Ambassador Giles Paxman

speaking lawyers – and while unable to enter private property disputes, diplomats continue to lobby on behalf of thousands of British people affected by generic legal problems. Once again, it was stressed people living in Spain should register on the town hall Padron – a legal requirement and the way of accessing public services and benefits, while visitors should make sure they have proper travel insurance. Mr Paxman concluded: “British citizens are fortunate. The British government is better represented on the ground than any other European or Commonwealth nation. That means help is nearer, with more expertise about how things work in Spain, when people really need it.”

Emergency chopper flies again

THE EMERGENCY rescue helicopter service covering the province of Alicante has been restored after three months – and a string of rescues where injured walkers have been physically carried off mountains. The chopper is used for rescues, emergency medical transport and fire-fighting – although there are already complaints the new machine will take an hour before it can be modified to carry a water bucket. The service was allegedly a victim of cost-cutting and Alicante became reliant on the aircraft based in Valencia, which on several occasions was unavailable. Health chiefs criticised the decision to axe the helicopter, underlining it was only a matter of luck there had not been a life-threatening incident. However, there is now once again a helicopter in each of the Valencia Community’s three provinces. The Valencia government denied the service was withdrawn to save money but maintained there had been a “reorganisation” And it was revealed that from 15th June to 15th September there would be an additional helicopter on standby to fight fires – the annual period when the risk of forest fires is at its height.

Have you been Iberswitched yet?

27 APRil - 03 may 2012


Fete survives April showers

THOUSANDS OF people have switched electricity provider since deregulation in 2009 but the burning question is – what are the benefits?

There are five electricity companies in Spain that generate electricity: Iberdrola, Endesa, Fenosa, HC Naturgas and E-ON. Unbelievably, there are a further 162 companies operating here who buy electricity and then wholesale it to the consumer. The thing to remember is that it is the same electricity whichever company sends you the bill - you are simply paying a different amount for it from one supplier to another. Just as in the UK, you can switch provider to get the best rate - but where do you start? Luckily, help is at hand in the form of Iberswitch. As Spain’s largest USC (Utility Switching Company) they will switch you to a company that offers less than the current national rate and when even better rates with other companies become available, will switch you again automatically. Acting as a bridge between the customer and the supplier, Iberswitch will make sure you are not paying more for your electricity than you need be. In this time of crisis it is nice to know that there is someone on your side fighting for better rates and making sure you are not being charged unnecessarily. In addition to cheaper electricity, using their service also opens the door to preferential insurance rates and low cost money transfer, low cost internet and telephone calls and much, much more. They continually monitor the market and use their influence to pass on money saving methods. Why not give Iberswitch a call and see how they can help you? Call them on: 96 626 5089

By Jack Troughton APRIL SHOWERS failed to dampen spirits at a charity garden fete recently when 785€ was raised for animal charity LAPS. Angela Wesley and Sue Martin – who provided the garden at her home just outside Pedregeur – organised the event for the Local Animal Protection Society and its shelter in Pego. Sue told RTN the idea was to have a small event for friends “and then we thought ‘in for a penny and in for a pound’ and why don’t we raise as much as possible for the charity?” LAPS President Chrissie Edwards said the “fantastic amount” raised was only possible through the hard work of Angela and Sue and many others. “As we had three more strays bought in over the weekend, we rely on the help given by our many supporters and volunteers in making days like Saturday fun and very worthwhile,” she said. Pictured are, left to right, Angela Wesley, Chrissie Edwards and Chrissie Thomas of Laps, and Sue Martin.

A night at the opera

27 APRil - 03 may 2012


RAFA’s flying start A scene from Tosca

by jack troughton MEMBERS AND guests of new charity Todos Juntos Javea raised 4,000€ with a trip to watch a spellbinding performance of the famous Puccini opera ‘Tosca’ in Valencia. The opera was staged at the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia and the cast conducted by Omer Meir Wellber with Oksana Dyke as Tosca, Jorge de Leon as Cavaradossi and Marco Vratogna as Scarpia, earned a memorable standing ovation. The evening continued with a cava reception and Todos Juntos Javea members were thrilled to meet the conductor and actors and talk about the unique event – for many

of the visitors it was their first taste of opera and it will now become an annual event for the charity. Just days before the performance John Deacon in co-operation with Concerts Costa Blanca gave an introductory talk about Tosca – the organisation aims to attract people to the many concerts and operas being performed in Spain and John’s knowledge and enthusiasm for Puccini’s work set the scene for the enjoyable evening in Valencia. For more information about Todos Juntos Javea, visit its website

NEW FACES were given a warm welcome at the April meeting of the North Costa Blanca Branch of the Royal Air Force Association. Branch officials awarded badges and certificates to six new members of the association (pictured), taking the total of new recruits this year to 12 and raising the membership to 150.


Make St George’s Day a holiday...

27 APRil - 03 may 2012

Watts In Britain

MONDAY MORNING in Tamworth, ancient capital of

By Mercia, and the town is absolutely bedecked in bunting

Paul Watts

(try saying that when you’re drunk); flags and heraldic devices hang on every lamppost and building. They’re going mad for it; for George that is - St George’s Day. Saint George is, of course, the patron saint of England and he’s popularly identified with England and English ideals of honour, bravery and gallantry - the only trouble is he isn’t English at all. Apparently, very little is known about the real Saint George and Pope Gelasius said that George is one of the saints, “whose names are rightly reverenced among us, but whose actions are known only to God.” Hmmm, sounds like he must’ve had a spin doctor similar to Tony Blair’s. Another thing about ole’ George is that he is the patron saint not only of England but also of Aragon, Catalonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, Germany and Greece. Phew! But hang on there’s more because he’s patron saint in Moscow, Istanbul, Genoa and Venice (second to Saint Mark). He’s also patron

saint of soldiers, archers, cavalry and chivalry, farmers and field workers, riders and saddlers, and RTN reporters. He also helps those suffering from leprosy, plague, syphilis and, quite possibly, attention deficit disorder. In recent years he has been adopted as patron saint of Scouts. However, despite the extensive list above (or maybe because of it) there have been rumblings... Oh yes, some people have started a campaign for Saint Alban to be the patron saint of England instead of George. They’re probably the same balm pots that want to see some Australian bloke from the outback take “his rightful place as King of England” (they say he can be traced back to the Plantagenet line). I don’t think they’d go along with any of this nonsense in Tamworth. Mark, owner-dictator of Mercia News (see last month’s WIB) and displayer of many flags says: “We always celebrate St George’s Day in a big way in Tamworth – we certainly don’t want it changed to St Alban’s Day.” He asks, “Who’s he anyway; that bloke out of Blur?” A senti-

St George’s Day in Tamworth

St George by Raphael

ment and question that I’m sure would be much echoed, Markie boy. Okay folks, here is a quick St George’s Day timeline: 1222: the Council of Oxford declared April 23rd to be St George’s Day 1348: St George becomes the Patron Saint of England 1415: St George’s Day declared a national feast day & holiday in England 2005: The Sun starts campaign to make SGD a holiday once more Did you know that at one time the hymn ‘Jerusalem’ was sung on the 23rd April, in churches all across the nation? Yup, it was, or at least on the Sunday nearest to 23rd April. Anyway, that was then and this is now; and after the union with Scotland St George’s Day faded away until it eventually ceased to be a public holiday. But if the Tamworthians could have their way they’d have it back tomorrow. By coincidence, 23rd April was also the date that William Shakespeare was born (1564) and died (1616). This date has now been declared the International Day of the Book by UNESCO. So, I guess, we could have double celebration: Will and George’s Day. I think Mark in Tamworth would be well up for that. Watts in Britain, taking down the bunting...

Mayor and Morph result in a great Specsavers Open Day by patricia thompson Specsavers Opticas’ new store in Guardamar was very proud to be officially opened on Wednesday 18th April by Mayor Dña Carmen Verdú, who performed the honour of cutting the ribbon. The store was then ceremoniously blessed by the Parish Priest of Guardamar, D. Reyes Rodríguez. Local Mayor Dña. Carmen Verdú explained why international company Specsavers’ arrival in Guardamar is important for the town: “The new store is a great opportunity for expat residents and local Spanish people to join together and benefit from Specsavers’ clear prices and excellent value for money. Store directors D. Francisco Manuel

Gemma goes on her travels By Gemma Smith BEING AMBITIOUS is something to be proud of, thrive on and enjoy. Sometimes it isn’t easy to decide what you really want, but then suddenly it will hit you, and when it does you should just go for it! So many teenagers today have dreams that they wish to turn into reality, and sometimes it can be proven that if you work hard enough, those dreams can come true. I always wanted to go travelling since a young age and recently I have just booked and paid for my once in a lifetime trip to do in October this year for six weeks. Travelling is something that I personally view as life-changing, and I’ll be challenging myself, which gives me something to look forward to and work towards. The places which I have chosen to visit are Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Words cannot describe how excited I am, and I am going to write a blog whilst I am travelling; sharing my experiences with other people. I am going solo, which is frightening but intriguing at the same time. I will have the chance to meet fantastic new people; whilst learning about the cultures of other countries within the world we live in. Being on my own and facing the world I will be independent and learning exactly who I am and what I want in my life. If anybody has anything they could share with me about travelling I would be overwhelmed to read about other travelling experiences, so don’t hesitate to email me direct at gemmaleighsmith@ thanks and I will keep you posted with my travels and blog updates!

Jurado Alonso and Dña Lisa James are keen to help us realise local development projects by creating jobs directly and indirectly.” Specsavers Guardamar are also planning several projects to involve the company with the local community and raise funds for local charity Cáritas. D. Reyes Rodríguez, priest of Guardamar comments, “I would like to give thanks to Specsavers Opticas for choosing Cáritas as their official charity and I wish them all the best for their future in our village.” Numerous guests were greeted at the store with a welcoming drink and tasty food to complement an afternoon of live music and entertainment. Guardamar locals were also very amused to see a lively green character parading the streets, giving

out free Specsavers goody bags, in an attention-grabbing ‘morph suit’ followed by a traditional Spanish street band! The open day ended with a spectacular magic display by a local magician ‘Mago J’, thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Specsavers Guardamar is located at Avda. del País Valenciano and currently has a number of great offers including ‘two for one glasses from 75€’ until July 1st 2012. For more information or to book an eye test visit or call the store on 96 508 3273. Other Specsavers Stores can be found in Calpe, Javea, Benidorm and Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca, Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol and Santa Ponça in Mallorca.

27 APRil - 03 may 2012


27 APRil - 03 may 2012


Education cuts make no sense


Chris Marshall Expat blogger

SOMETHING WONDERFULLY ironic in the reports of the recent demonstrations against the proposed cuts in public spending on education: the organisers claimed that 30,000 turned out to protest - the police put the figure at 2,000. Somebody can’t add up, although I suspect that the truth is that neither side can do their sums. The Spanish educational system is a mess, has been for years, but until recently it didn’t seem to matter with the country so reliant on non-skilled industries for their employment: construction, tourism and agriculture should you be wondering. Hard to tell someone with cash in their pocket they need an education to get on in life. All that is changing and with close to 50% of the under 30s unemployed in Spain you would have thought that at the very least they would be bolting the stable

door after the horse had bolted, but no, this is Spain after all so what are they doing? Kicking down the rest of the stable it seems! New legislation will increase the maximum number of children in a classroom by 20% and fix teaching hours at 25 for infant and primary teachers, and 20 for secondary school teachers. It will mean that sick leave of under ten working days will have to be covered by the schools themselves; ‘intermediate’ and ‘higher’ level vocational training with more than 2,000 hours will not be introduced until the 2014-2015 academic year; and the obligation for schools to offer at least two of the three types of ‘bachiller’ (sixth form studies course) will be temporarily suspended. “Education is the best way of overcoming the economic and social crisis, and public education is the only way we can guarantee social cohesion,” said a state-

ment by parents, unions and educational associations. Very true indeed, surprising only that it seems to have taken the country so long to realise, and for the current ‘lost generation’ one fears that it is too late. By the time this latest recession is over, and the one that is predicted after that, it is hard to see what skills they will have that employers need. For those that think I am being somewhat harsh in my view of the lack of importance the Spanish have placed on education in the past let me share a fact with you: 3 in 10, that’s 30% (I have an education you see), of university students in Spain drop out before completing their degree costing the State a staggering 3,000€ million a year! All of which makes it sheer madness that the government is going to cut back on their educational spend in Spain.

Chris is a freelance writer who writes a monthly column for the Telegraph Expat as well as a weekly column for the RTN. He lives in Almerimar with his wife Sands, five cats, two Harley-Davidsons and more often than not a bottle of red wine. He runs the successful expat blog, and his wife runs the cat re-homing and transport project Chris’s columns are sponsored by and on the Telegraph Expat site and by here on RTN. You can hear Chris every Friday discussing his views, thought and experiences of life in Spain on



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Dealingwithadebtcollectionsituation How to deal with a debt collection situation against a professional, a commercial company and / or a self-employed debtor; and how to calculate the legally accrued interest due on the overdue payments. by

Carlos Baos

of White & Baos Abogados English & Spanish Solicitors

I AM an independent self employed (autonomo) professional salesman. My job is to sell catering supplies to hotels and restaurants. I have a particular client who always pays me late and whenever he feels like it; which regularly causes me cashflow problems. Right now he owes me a large sum of money and has offered me a 1 year payment arrangement to which, frankly, I do not agree. Can you please advise what sort of interest accrued on this overdue payment I could legally claim from him, apart from the debt? The first thing that we can advise is that rather usefully in your case, Law 3/2004, which concerns the `measures to fight against late payments on commercial transactions´ could well apply. This may be very beneficial as it sets the maximum time allowed for overdue payments, as well as a profitable accrued interest rate on late payments, for creditors like yourself. Article no. 3 of this Law reads that it can apply: to all payments made by means of commercial transactions ´between companies´ or ´between companies and the Administration´ which is like

saying with any commercial company or self employed individual who carries out an economical or professional activity. Therefore as you can see, this Law could apply to you as a self employed individual creditor of a company who owns you money for services or merchandise that you have provided. But readers should understand that this law and the special conditions in reference to the interest to be paid for late payments are not applicable to operations with ´consumers´ or for ´compensation for damages´ etc. Because what we are dealing with in this article this week are the specific rules relating to Companies or Autonomo individuals who have supplied services or merchandise. And from this law we would like to specify the following important aspects: • In reference to the payment schedule, this law points out in article no. 4 that the debtor should pay within sixty days upon receipt of the goods or provision of the services. This payment period cannot be extended, even by agreement between the parties. • In reference to accrued interest on overdue payments, this law points out that the debtor is duty bound to pay the interest set forth on the contract or established by this Law automatically by the mere breach of the terms, without the need of any official request or notification. • The creditor needs to have complied with his contractual and legal obligations in order to be able to claim for the above-mentioned interest. • Amount for accrued interest on overdue payments in Spain:

according to article no. 7 of Law 3/2004, the accrued interest on overdue payments will be the interest rate agreed on in the contract by the parties. But if no interest rate has been specified within the contract, then the statutory rate resulting from adding 7 interest points to the interest applied by the Central European Bank will be the interest rate to be used i.e. CEB +7%. The interest rate worked out by the above formula has typically been around 8% for the last few years, which roughly doubles the average interest rates in Spain. And something else that must be remembered is that under this law the creditor (in this case the Autonomo Salesman) is entitled to claim compensation from the debtor for all the costs incurred. In principle the costs should not be over 15% of the amount of the debt, except in those cases where the debt is below €30,000, because in these cases the compensation for costs will have as a limit set as the same amount as the debt itself. Therefore, if you are a company or a self employed individual owed for services provided, or for merchandise delivered, then please do not hesitate to contact our firm. We will be more than pleased to assist you. The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues. We kindly invite you to visit and comment about this article in our blog at and facebook (White-Baos-Abogados-Solicitors) your comments in this respect will be greatly appreciated.

Carlos Baos (Lawyer) © White & Baos Abogados 2012 - All rights reserved. C/Diana 19, 2º-D, 03700 Dénia (located 1 minute away from the La Via underground car park). Tel: 966 426 185. Send your questions to or This article is available in English and Spanish at The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues. Visit our blog at and Facebook (White-Baos-Abogados-Solicitors)

Large families exempt from VAT on 4,000 products at Carrefour CARREFOUR HAS launched a new savings initiative designed to help large families by helping them to benefit from discounts that could allow them to save between 230€ and 260€ per month. Carrefour has surveyed homes with more than five family members and found they pay out 47% above average for groceries. The VAT discount is direct at time of purchase against the Carrefour Visa Card and will apply to 4,000 products including fresh meat, fishmongers, delicatessen and bakery, with a discount of 8%. Just 4% will be deducted on the purchase of fresh fruit, bakery items, cheese, eggs, ready meals and vegetables. Large families are invited to register via before July 31st of this year.

money Want a risk free and tax free income? 24

27 APRil - 03 may 2012

AT SPORTING Arbitrage we are achieving risk free, tax free returns for our clients with a consistent return of around 2.75% per month. HOW DOES IT WORK? Arbitrage is the purchase of currencies, securities and commodities in one market for immediate resale in another in order to make a profit. Banks are constantly engaged in arbitrage situations, racking up huge profits for themselves in the process. In Sporting Arbitrages case the ‘commodities’ are horses or football teams with the biggest market on the internet – the betting industry. But they do not gamble with your money: SportingArbitrage predominantly employs Betfair, a trading platform with a £450 million weekly turnover, engineering tiny margins with no risk. Our experienced traders at Sporting Arbitrage create margins, no matter how miniscule, to ensure that their clients are benefiting from around 60% of all the horse races held in the UK, with no losses racked up on the remainder. Furthermore, they grab margins on major football matches too. The traders deal in mathematical certainties: it is the equivalent of buying rubber, cocoa beans or any other commodity but with a predetermined profit.

HOW DOES SPORTING ARBITRAGE PRODUCE RETURNS AT MINIMAL RISK? If we back at a bigger price than we lay them we cannot lose. The fact is demonstrated on the website and at our various presentations. WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE? As a client you will be given an exclusive user name and password so that you can check the status and value of your account. You can invest a lump sum for immediate income and there is the facility to draw off profits monthly or simply make regular contributions and build capital. FOR EXAMPLE £200 per month will be worth almost £7,000 after just two years. Many residents on the Costa Blanca are already profiting from Sporting Arbitrage. The company opened their La Regia offices in May of last Year providing full administrative support, also engaging the services of John O’Brien, a City stockbroker for 35 years.

Presentations can be arranged in your own home, at our offices or at a venue to suit. HOMES AND GARDENS AND NATIONAL BOWLS Sporting Arbitrage is sponsoring the Petcana Charity Matches for EMAUS at The Homes and Gardens, Outdoor Living Event to be held at San Miguel Castle, (Castillo de Conesa), on 22nd and 23rd May - come along and meet us with Steve Claridge, respected BBC TV pundit. They are also sponsoring the Spanish National Lawn Bowls Championships, to be held at various clubs from 12th May until 27th May. Consultants will be in available at selected clubs throughout the Tournament. For more information or to book an appointment contact John on 600 001 661 or our offices at Sophia Business Centre, 11 C/Isla Formentera, La Regia, Orihuela Costa, on 96 532 2863. You can also register an interest and/or arrange a presentation via our website

Valencia Generalitat staffing cuts THE VALENCIAN Government under Alberto Fabra is to make up to 50% of staff working in public companies throughout the region redundant. Up to 5,000 could lose their jobs in a drastic cut back to the current 11,000 workforce. 1,000 employees of Radiotelevision Valenciana are amongst those to go. Some of the workers under threat say they are making enquiries as to whether their positions may be privatised to enable them to transfer to a private company. The word is that many of those being sacked are ‘non-productive’. However, PP spokesman Raafel Blasco said “The immense majority of public posts correspond to honest people who carry out their work in an exemplary way.”


Thegoodandthebad newsaboutpensions

Suzanne O’Connell ARE YOU happy with your pension arrangements? Customer Care at Ábaco

Pensions are attracting a lot of attention at the moment. They seem to be a focal point for debate and in the UK has attracted more protest than any other austerity measure. For many, the pension is sacrosanct. People feel it’s what they’ve worked for and it’s what is owed to them for all the years of paying into the system. But when exactly should you be able to hang up your tools and start to draw? The age of retirement is going up. In Spain it was agreed in July 2011 that pensionable age for both men and women will be 67. The increase will be phased in gradually starting in 2013 and taking full effect by 2025. In the UK, women’s state pension age is increasing to 65 by 2018. For both men and women it will increase to 66 by 2020. However, eventually there are plans for it to reach 68 by 2046! Not a date that most of us will be putting in our diaries. For the younger ones amongst us, they must be wondering if they will ever reach state pension age at all. Not that it tends to be your major preoccupation until you are past 50, at least. Of course, the problem is one of demographics. There are too many of us reaching a certain age all at the same time and too few continuing to earn the money to pay for them. In theory of course, we’ve made our contributions and the

money we’ve paid in should lovingly have been stashed away for us, accruing interest. We all know that in the world of virtual money, it doesn’t really work like that. Countries cannot really afford to pay the pensions they’ve promised. So when you do reach retirement age (eventually!) where will your pension come from? For those who have worked exclusively in the UK, their pension will come from there – state and private if you’re lucky. But what if you’ve worked in two countries? If this applies to you, then we actually have evidence here of a little joined up thinking. If you have worked in more than one EU country then whichever country you have made contributions in will send details of your social security record to the other country. From this record the resident country then totals up how much would have been accrued if all the contributions had been paid into its own social security system. The good news is that EU countries add together the insurance contributions from all EU countries and share the cost of paying your pension between them. The bad news? You might have to wait until your 68 before you see any of it.

Please contact us for free advice on tax and legal matters by calling our helpline 96 670 3748 or visiting our website

27 APRil - 03 may 2012


currency Good times, bad times 26

27 APRil - 03 may 2012

STERLING BEGAN to slide in value against the euro on Wednesday morning immediately after shock economic figures showed the UK was officially back in recession. By Jack Troughton Markets hoped the Gross Domestic Product for the first quarter of 2012 would show a slight positive growth – unfortunately the important preliminary statistics revealed 0.2% of negative growth, following a 0.3% decline in the final quarter of 2011 – and technically putting Britain in double dip recession. Sterling had reached a 21 month high in value against the euro at 1.225 and foreign exchange specialists Moneycorp said it triggered “a flurry of activity” from clients cashing in on its strength against the single currency. The bad news immediately ended sterling’s strong performance and its value fell to 1.217 by mid-morning. Moneycorp’s private client dealing manager and market analyst David Kerns believes the “very, very weak figures” would continue to put pressure on the pound. And he added a major concern was the coming three months when people would enjoy bank holidays and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. “That means the economy in the UK will not be working and I have a funny feeling that not only are we in double dip recession but it could follow through into the second quarter. Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England, said he was hopeful for the first quarter but was extremely pessimistic for the second.

SLOW DOWN “I am not expecting a sterling collapse but it may be we return to the 1.18 to 1.22 level and things begin to slow down.” However, David said the Eurozone was also covered by a blanket of recession and in a state of flux as political rather than economic factors were affecting member states – at the forefront important elections in France and Greece, with Germany going to the polls next year. He said changes in leadership could have dramatic results. The German led austerity measures across the single currency nations were extremely unpopular and regime change might mean governments deciding they did not wish to stick to agreed deficit targets. “It is a very hard one to call. They may want to drive economic growth, which could be positive – austerity alone does not drive growth and it might be good for a bit of a rethink.” Until the GDP results were announced, he said sterling had been climbing against the euro, “a big move up which has been very nice for clients selling pounds and buying euros.” David said the earlier “surge” in sterling’s value had been triggered by a fall in overall inflation – despite a hike in petrol, oil, and energy costs – while the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee had decided not to introduce

a further round of Quantative Easing, because of worries about inflationary pressures. WEAKNESS “QE is seen as a weakness in any particular currency,” he explained. “So the decision not to call for additional QE was like a red rag to a bull, pushing sterling higher.” Further, there had been a “surprise” fall in UK unemployment figures, the unexpected positive sign also causing the value of the pound to climb. Consumer spending had remained erratic, with a retail sales bounce, despite confidence and spending power limited. “That was slightly skewed by the panic petrol buying on the back of David Cameron’s ill advice that consumers should go and fill up jerry cans because of the threat of a tanker driver strike.” Reductions in the UK government borrowing requirement had also been on target for 2011/12. “That was good news and clearly heading in the right direction.” However, he said negative GDP figures meant it more likely QE would be introduced, the next borrowing target was more likely to be missed and the credit agencies would become more “vocal” with the potential the UK would be downgraded. “This means the exchange rate against the euro will drift lower. If we had been given a positive figure on Wednesday morning, sterling would have been stronger.”


27 APRil - 03 may 2012


Do you want to be in theCaribbeanandbe paid to be there? THIS WAS the question Denise Sanderson, Principal of the Beauty Institute, asked her students when she announced that a representative of the world’s largest employer of Beauty Therapists on Cruise ships and international spas would be visiting the Beauty Institute this November, to interview and offer employment to suitable candidates. Denise said: “I trained in the UK at an ITEC Beauty School more years ago than I care to remember and then worked in the UK, Japan and United States before working on the High Seas. “It’s a dream come true for most therapists who go to work on a cruise ship. Not only do they get the chance to travel and see the world but they also do a job that they chose to do, and love. I spent nearly 18 years on cruise ships and loved every moment. I have visited every country that has a coastline, made so many good friends and even met my husband on board.” The Beauty Institute has been accredited by, and is registered to train to the standards set by The International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC), which has colleges in 38 different countries. It becomes one of only four such colleges in Spain offering The Beauty Specialist and Holistic Massage course lasting 10 months. The Beauty Institute also has a contract to supply Therapists to a leading Hotel group with past students working as far afield as Singapore and Australia. Places are available on courses starting this

A dream come true for most therapists

August 2012 and January 2013. Students attend classes only two days a week; ideal for those with children thinking about retraining and for school leavers looking for a career in an ever-growing industry. Payment plans are available and The Beauty Institute also offers a range of 1, 2, and 3 day short courses. Present students take their final ITEC exams in November and a few of them will almost certainly be flying off to join their ships in the New Year. If you are serious about a career in Beauty and if you want to travel the world; start your own business; or work in a Spa or Salon, then contact The Beauty Institute now. or telephone: 96 558 3442 The Beauty Institute… your passport to an international career.

Productivity software analysis developed in Spain SPANISH ENTREPRENEUR Joan Pons from Barcelona has developed a software tool that measures and analyses the productivity of workers. Installed on the worker’s computer, ‘Work Meter’ monitors the employee’s performance accurately yet without interrupting ongoing work. Wary of losing their jobs, Spanish professionals are actually way ahead of the rest of Europe in the number of hours worked per year, beating the Netherlands, Germany and France in terms of attendance. However, productive working hours are another matter entirely and this is what the new software analyses. Pons emphasises that the intention is not to “spy” upon the employee but rather to help him analyse his own performance by showing him how many hours he has spent surfing, time lost, etc.



27 APRil - 03 may 2012

Theunprotectedsex ALL CHANGE! 6th April has been and gone leaving a few obstacles and headaches in its wake. This year, one of the changes is to pension benefits accrued from Contracting/Opting Out of the second tier State scheme. You may have been ‘encouraged’ to do this in the late 80s via a personal pension or it could have been arranged through your company scheme. This money was referred to as Protected Rights and it had to produce an increasing income as well as a spouse’s/ partner’s pension on the death of the member. There have been subsequent alterations to these rules over the last few years but now Protected Rights have been abolished. It gives everyone more flexibility on how they take their money and not have to use one particular structure. This could also mean that, with these pension rights being unprotected, they will provide more for your spouse or partner, if necessary. HMRC cuts QROPS The world of QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes) was turned on its head on 12th April when Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) produced a new list of

Silver is the new Gold

Carlo Ferrari talks about the price of gold

Protected Rights have been abolished

overseas schemes that are acceptable to receive funds from pension schemes based in the UK. There has been much written about this but for me the most important thing is that people don’t make rash decisions when deciding who to transfer their money to, if at all. The list has been cited as being as ‘useful as woodworm in an invalid’s crutch’; some providers on the list appear to be acceptable now but may not be later and others not on the list might be acceptable. So how can anyone make a sensible choice? Malta! is shouted from the rafters. However, with potential taxes disappearing over the Channel, HMRC may make it more

difficult than camels and needles for an expatriate, who has waved goodbye to the land they have lost all passion for, to have the freedom to use their money as they choose to, within the laws of the country they prefer to live in. Some might argue that this is a prime opportunity to take advantage of a facility which could be severely restricted in the future. Whatever choice one makes, it makes sense to deal with someone in the right QROPS circles. For a qualified (G60) and experienced view of your pension and financial planning needs contact John Hayward on (+34) 96 558 7633 or

OVER 50 interested investors attended the Argento Club Presentation at the Parador Hotel in Javea last Friday to hear an absorbing description of how Silver and Gold are likely to perform as investments over the next 10 years. Of course, whilst no-one has a crystal ball nor a time machine, if history repeats itself as it has done time and time again with regards to precious metals, then the next 10 years look very exciting for Gold and particularly Silver. Carlo Ferrari, the Argento Club Treasurer, illustrated in precise detail about past examples where at times when things weren’t going well in global economies, the price of gold and silver rocketed. And as his talk clearly explained, relating the past to the present day, there is every likelihood that the prices of Gold and Silver will be rising considerably, and most likely very soon too. For, all the while that Governments are abusing their economies by printing and expanding the currency supply, Gold and Silver are looking like increasingly attractive investments, being a safe haven for wealth just as they have been for over 5,000 years. If you would like to know more about Gold, Silver and other precious metal investments then please see the Club website at which also gives information on all upcoming Club events.

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Home Garden


Brought to you by

Some of LUX-ALs staff

Experience counts by Brian Bobbett company owner At LUX-AL we have been making windows on the Costa Blanca for more than 20 years, which makes us the longest established British window company on the Costa. In that time we have estimated for every type of job, we have designed for every type of job, and we have installed for every type of job. And our clients keep returning to us, so we must be getting it right! Experience counts. Most of our team have been working here for more than 10 years: we have Roger (the glass man) 11 years, my son Brandon (head of installations) 11 years, Vicente (workshop foreman) 20 years, Denise (our secretary) 15 years, Dennis (overall manager) 12 years and me, 70 years young and still doing a bit! With all this experience we are well placed to make and install all types of windows, doors, conservatories, shop fronts etc. From the planning stage through to final installation – and everything with a 10 year guarantee. And because we fabricate right here at our workshop we can do virtually every design or specification anyone has ever asked us to do – and in fact we welcome the challenge…so if you have a specific requirement I bet we can make it. Whether it be Aluminium or UPVC. Whether it be arched or straight. Whether it be a door, window, gate, conservatory, shutter, mosquito screen, glass curtains, sun awning or toldo. And we can even do one colour on the inside and one colour on the outside. We have an incredible choice; so as I say, just ask us and I bet that we can do it! Since the crisis began we have kept our overheads low and our prices keen. As I mentioned before, pleasingly most of our business comes from existing customers who use us time and time again and recommend us to their friends. But of course we are always looking for new customers, and where possible we love to give special offers. With this in mind this week’s special offer is a FREE AIR CONDITIONING UNIT (HOT & COLD) for the first 10 CONSERVATORIES ORDERED… see our advert on Page 9 for more information. Call us now on 966 493 447 or 966 493 787. Or email us on Our website shows some of our work, and the picture in our advert each week is truly one of our installations. Never a stock image but always an actual LUX-Al installation. As you can see, experience really does count; we have it in abundance here, and we look forward to helping you soon.

Simon on the glass machine

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Ensure you don’t waste water this summer by

Clodagh & Dick Handscombe Practical gardeners and authors

FOR MOST areas the weather remains dry after the welcome storms of mid-March and with the heating up of the sun gardens would welcome another soaking. In recent days black clouds have been swept by strong winds over our garden but not a drop of rain fell but fortunately there is no ban on using hoses or irrigation systems as there is already in southern England. There, with record low water levels in reservoirs, the ban is likely to be in force until the end of the year. Could it happen here? Yes, it has in the past and would be a certainty if construction was at the peak level of a few years ago. There are practical things that can be done now to reduce your water needs, hose pipe bans or not, to reduce water bills: Top up or start to mulch all plants to reduce loss by evaporation. Useful mulches include compost heap compost, leaf mould, stone chippings, crushed volcanic larva, bark chippings and shredded branches from the winter cutback. Plant less thirsty plants: if a plant is listed as low resistance to drought conditions in our plant lists in our books ‘Your Garden in Spain’ or ‘Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style’ then it is thirsty! Thick boundary hedges and lower internal hedges can reduce the

impact of wind on the garden and hence reduce water losses from leaves and the surface of the soil. As said several times in recent months it is wise to mix 20 to 30% of organic matter in the top thirty centimetres of soil and into planting holes. This helps retain and store water in the soil. Mixing in TerraCottem soil improving gel below all plants and trees, including vegetables, can reduce watering needs by over 50%. It’s great for containers which can be forgotten once summer visitors arrive. Let the lawn grow longer and reduce the frequency of cutting. Remember that grass cuttings are 80% water and short grass allows water to evaporate from the surface of the un-shaded soil. If you have to water do so in the evening rather than in the morning and certainly not in full sun. Use ground cover plants and close planting to ensure that no soil is seen to reduce its surface temperature and hence water losses. If you have a drip irrigation system turn off the drips to long established plants which now have deep tap roots. Add edging to paths to enable you to channel rain water to where most needed. There is nothing there which is difficult to do or costly. If you need more ideas or have gardening problems beyond reducing water bills come along to our Gardeners Corner stand at the Homes Gardens and Outdoor Living Show to be held on Tuesday and Wednesday 22/23 May at the San Miguel de Salinas Castle. We are told that the mix of stands other activities and range of eateries make for a good day out. Hope to see you there. Clodagh and Dick’s gardening books are each written to make gardening easier healthier and less expensive for you. They will

Clodagh and Dick Handscombes books can be obtained from bookshops or by mail order from info@santanabooks. com or 952-48-58-38, or Amazon. In the UK the books can be ordered through bookshops or for some more conveniently by a freephone call to 0845-260-4505 which is the The Royal Horticultural Society Bookshop at Wisley Gardens in Surrey. © Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

Home & Garden

be found in high street and internet bookshops plus on www. which offers a free copy of ‘Living Well from our Mediterranean Garden’ with each book purchased. If you are in the UK and plan to visit Wisley Garden the Royal Horticultural Society Bookshop normally has Clodagh and Dick’s books in stock.

Bark chippings help to reduce loss by evaporation

Home & Garden

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Home & Garden


Leading weight management company wins Queen’s Award for International Trade

Queen’s award

Cambridge Manufacturing Company Ltd (part of Cambridge Nutritional Foods Ltd) has won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. The Corby based business wins the UK’s most prestigious business award for the first time for its outstanding achievement in overseas earnings growth with year-on-year increases in export sales calculated at 119% since 2008. Established in 1984, Cambridge Manufacturing Company Ltd (CMC) employs 177 people and is part owned by an Employee Benefit Trust. The company manufactures and markets Cambridge 800 in Spain. In the UK Cambridge Weight Plan is sold through more than 2200 accredited independent Cambridge Consultants who provide advice, guidance and support during all

phases of weight care from initial weight loss to long-term weight maintenance. Here in Spain we operate the same professional model as the UK, but with a different product, Cambridge 800. However, obesity is now a global health issue and the company operates in markets as diverse as Holland, Vietnam, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. The brand has also just been launched in Australia. CMC’s Managing Director, Eileen Skinner, said: “We are very proud to win The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade especially as this is also Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee year. The growth in our export sales since 2008 has been built around a very successful UK business model that encourages and empowers individuals to be entrepreneurial. In partnership with our distributors around

the world we have taken this model and successfully exported it to many international markets. As such we have not only helped more than 25 million people to lose and maintain their weight worldwide, but also empowered many people in both developed and developing countries to realise their dream of owning and running their own businesses. In Vietnam for example many of the Consultants are earning their own income for the first time. This has had a direct impact not only on their families but also on the wider communities in which they live” Cambridge 800 is available through accredited Cambridge 800 Consultants throughout Spain. To find your nearest Consultant, Tel: 952 586 324 email:


27 APRil - 03 may 2012

Life spanish

Basic Spanish for everyday needs by Jane Cronin

Blogs about Spanish THIS ARTICLE is made up of items that have been appearing over recent months in my blog which you can also get to via the homepage of my website. They come under various categories such as “false friends” “favourite sayings” “Spanish society” and so on. I hope you enjoy them. ANIMAL NOISES I wrote about this in my ‘Going Native’ book quite a while ago but was reminded again the other day about the strange phenomenon of animal noises in other languages. To start with, did you know that Spanish cockerels do not say “Cocka-doodle-doo’? Indeed they don’t, they say “qui-quiri-qui”. Well, of course. No dog in Spain is expected to get his chops round “woof woof”, instead he can get away with a whole-hearted “guau guau”. As for ducks, they say “cua cua” and are not obliged to attempt that final “ck” which must be so difficult for a duck. My favourite of all is the Spanish for “tweet tweet” which is “pio pio”. I think that’s lovely. Tweety Pie is called Piolín, but come to think of it, how does Piolín say “I tought I taw a Puddytat”? More research required. NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE Actually, this little section started off on another tack, as the Spanish saying containing the “f” word (fire – fuego) actually means something different from the English “There’s no smoke without fire”. “El que con fuego juega, se quema.” This means “He who plays with fire burns himself” which is a very good point, of course, and applicable to many situations. However, the Spanish equivalent of “no smoke without fire” uses a different image, that of water in a river. Here it is: “Cuando el río suena, agua lleva”. When the river sounds (or makes a noise) it is carrying water”.

E-BOOKS! I am pleased to tell you that the updating of my website is moving on apace and I am now able to offer you two more of my teaching products in the form of e-book and audio download. These are my highly successful courses “Survival Spanish” and “Essential Spanish”. These downloads include the entire contents of my Level One Beginners “Survival Spanish” course and my level Two Elementary “Essential Spanish” course, which have helped hundreds of people to lay a solid foundation for their Spanish language learning. You can now obtain either or both of these courses for 4.95€ each by visiting the Shop section of my website PRONUNCIATION DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SPANISH AND ENGLISH English is a language that relies on distinct consonants to be understood, whilst having variable vowel sounds. Spanish is a language which relies on distinct vowels to be understood whilst having variable consonant sounds. Most of the time we concentrate on the wrong thing! The other overriding requirement for good pronunciation is the correct use of rhythm and beat. Spanish has rules for this but English doesn’t. Spanish also has a phonetic alphabet which English doesn’t. You can learn more about pronunciation from a free video link on my website. All of this makes Spanish, hands down, a far easier language to learn how to pronounce, but requires a massive retuning of the ear to understand the spoken word.

The Twit Of The Week Stephen Fry@stephenfry : Just typed “better than hanging around the house rating bisexuals” to a friend. Thanks, autocorrect. Meant “eating biscuits” … The Recommendation Stan Collymore@StanCollymore : Just been on app store and see there’s some good Euro 2012 UEFA apps now. Look decent. #footyapps The Random Tweets example@example : Just met someone who loves Fruit Corners but doesn’t eat the fruit in the corner !!?? Mathew Horne@mfhorne : When out running I saw a guy strolling through the street in shades, baseball cap, hoody and a live parrot on his shoulder. #sure The Funny Tweets michael owen@themichaelowen : Asked my son what he wanted for dinner before to which he replied ‘strangled egg on toast’. Didn’t have the heart to correct him!!! Russell Crowe@russellcrowe : bloke on set “are you a location assistant? “ I reply “no, I’m a tap dancer with the russian ballet” “oh” he says” you don’t sound Russian” Graeme Swann@Swannyg66 : Eurodisney was quality this week. I want my own space mountain ride. Could be an interesting personal terms contract meeting at notts... Justin Bieber@justinbieber : did anyone ever find out who let the dogs out?

Life books

Danny Collins -

Mary, Mary ONE OF the last from author James Patterson before he began his annoying trend of collaborating with unknown hack writers anxious to put their name next to his – albeit in smaller text – on the cover, thus saving the aging Mr Patterson the bother of actually writing anything and allowing his publisher to produce a mediocre book in the process, no doubt with the exhortation to buy because it’s James Patterson. Don’t be fooled – it’s not. But this one is the genuine pre-plagiaric article so fans of Patterson’s psychologist and FBI agent Alex Cross and family will not be disappointed. Nana Mama’s pleas have prevailed and Alex has left the FBI to concentrate on his psychology practice and that’s probably just as well because Little Guy Alex Jr is now permanently (we hope) back in the family. But there’s a problem for Alex Sr. Wouldn’t you know it but Hollywood has a new psycho and Cross in on the case, lured their by his old pal Sampson and his old boss at the Bureau? Cross isn’t too upset, however, because this case also puts him on the track of the man who killed his wife María in a long past drive by shooting. The thrills are on as that enquiring mind goes into action and Cross’s date with the Tinsel town psychopath gets nearer. Thrills on tap for everyone.

Suduko Answer

Author: James Patterson Publisher: Headline (paperback) Price: 11.20 euros ISBN: 0 7553 2305 X


27 APRIL - 03 MAY 2012

Life food

Too early for barbecue secrets? THAT NOT only depends on who you are and how much of a Barbecue freak you are but also where in the world you live. Sadly I have friends who think nothing of having their Christmas Turkey cooked on an outside Barbecue even if the weather is desperately cold and windy. No amount of rain or snow will deter this nutcase from what he believes is the ONLY way to cook. Fair to say it is really, really good, although we have a little admiration for actually completing the task. Although the present home of Barbecue seems to be in America it was more likely that it was derived from a Caribbean Indian practice brought back by 17th century Spanish explorers. Strips of meat and fish were dried, smoked and cooked on racks over slow burning fires known as barbacoa which as we all now know translates into ‘Barbecue’ in English. There are as many different types of equipment to Barbecue as there are styles in which to cook it. From electric Plancha ‘barbecue’ grills, wood fired or charcoal grills, gas powered grills in various sizes from small cartridge gas bottles to behemoths costing thousands of euros. Then there’s the more traditional wood fired slow burning ‘smokers’ which have been used for centuries and can also vary from homemade to tens of thousands of euros. Already owning a substantial off set chimney smoker which we use for smoking our own bacon, we find is also a perfect tool for a myriad of styles and not only just for edible products. We can smoke small cedar boards which when soaked make a perfect vehicle for oven smoking salmon in a traditional kitchen oven. We can expertly reproduce the now

famous Beer-can chicken which involves drenching a whole chicken with half a can of beer, drinking a little and then stuffing the remainder, can as well, into the opening where you would normally stuff stuffing before placing it whole, and heads up, on the barbecue. Time and control are most important when first deciding to barbecue, most of which should be spent deciding what style, what equipment, what food and for how long. No-one, I assume, still has to endure burnt outside, raw inside, tastes of lighter fluid, cooked in flames, really dangerous (for many reasons) but is never-the-less really quick, do they? To be safe for novices I suggest poaching your fresh or thoroughly defrosted meats in a good vegetable stock first to ensure thorough cooking once on the grill. Or, go long, low and slow, American style, with a much longer preparation and cooking process using less heat (indirect heat) together with a little smoke but which can produce the most succulent pulled pork, beef brisket and tasty ribs imaginable. How about a barbecue of a whole hot smoked salmon served with a Mauritian curry sauce or a dessert of ruminjected unpeeled bananas cooked directly on the grill and served with homemade cardamom flavoured ice-cream? Easier to say than to do you say but the secret to barbecue is to spend a little time and effort now and before you buy a new barbecue, buy a book or book a basic cooking course. Now I’m not suggesting that you start with one of my first barbecue experiences in Hawaii where I helped bury a whole pig wrapped in banana leaves in an ‘imu’ or deep pit lined first with burning wood and stones, then the pig and then topped with more hot stones and wood before being covered

If you have a question about food email

Food Consultant Edwin Cheeseman

completely with earth and left all day to cook. It was served with ‘Poi’ which although traditional, tasted to me just like Evo stick glue. Or even the whole Ox I spent all day cooking with, who some of you may have known, Raymond Zarb (my teacher and mentor). Getting it right the first time is not easy if you have to consider the time, the equipment, the safety, the product, the style, the type of wood (if that’s your style) or charcoal or even the cost and that’s before who you are going to cook for. It’s seldom for just for the two of you? But getting it right just once no matter what you cooked or for how many, knowing why it’s so, so good is the perfect start to a long and successful season of outdoor eating pleasure. Being interested in barbecue is neither a last minute thing nor one minute thing it’s not even a one season thing it’s a whole lifetime thing. Anyone can learn to barbecue you just have to learn to be interested in it.


27 APRIL - 03 MAY 2012

Life health


Amanda Collins Dip HE

Menstrual migraine MIGRAINE ATTACKS vary from person to person but in general sufferers will experience severe throbbing headache, aversion to light and/or noise, nausea and sometimes vomiting. Migraine attacks can occur for no reason but most people have triggers such as stress, certain foods sleep deprivation etc. For women, attacks can

be linked to the menstrual cycle when oestrogen levels fall. This is known as menstrual migraine and can be divided into 2 types: - Pure menstrual migraines are when migraine attacks only around the time of a period and not at other times. This occurs in around 1 in 7 cases. - Menstrual associated migraine is when migraine attacks around the time of a period but also occurs at other times too. This happens in around 6 in 10 cases. Women who take the combined oral contraceptive pill often have attacks during the ‘pill free’ week. This can be prevented by ‘tri-cycling’, i.e. taking pills continuously for three months without a break. This keeps hormone levels more balanced and contrary to popular belief, it does not do a woman any harm to miss periods in this way and can actually be beneficial! It is important to note, however, that women who suffer migraine

with aura, i.e. visual disturbances, weakness or tingling down one side of the body, should never take combined oral contraception. In some cases, changing a combined pill that contains a high dose of progesterone to a lower dose can help. A further approach is to prescribe oestrogen supplements that can be taken during the pill free week. This is normally given in the form of a patch or gel and is similar to hormone replacement therapy. This approach can also be used by women who do not take the pill. Treatment should be started 3 days before the period is due and used for a total of 7 days. Sometimes an alternative method of contraception will be necessary. Progesterone only method such as the injection, implant or the Cerazette (a progesterone only pill) are good alternatives and are safer for women who suffer migraine with aura. Many women believe that menstrual migraine is something they just have to live with. This is not the case! Don’t suffer - speak to your family doctor.

Article supplied by the Family Medical Centre in Albir. Find us at Avenida de L’Albir No 66, opposite the Bazar Asia and next to the Norwegian Bok Cafe, Albir. Telephone 966 865 072 and email

Family Medical Centre, Albir

Re-opening of new Chiropractic Centre DR LAWRENCE King, who through his articles in RTN is already well known to readers, is now also working in Denia Chiropractic Centre so that everyone in the Denia, La Jara, Moraira and Javea areas can also benefit from the world of Chiropractic. Chiropractic is a natural form of recuperation and keeping your nervous system functioning at full capacity. With Chiropractic great results for back pain; neck pain; sciatica; headaches and general joint pain can be achieved. Absolutely everyone can benefit from chiropractic care: babies; children; teenagers; adults and those in the third age. Anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life, or anyone suffering from discomfort or with an illness looking to alleviate their pain and solve their health problems through a completely natural form of treatment can come along to our new clinic and discover the benefits of this relatively new form of care.

Our opening hours are Tuesday and Thursday 9am to 12.30pm. Call us on 96 520 0005 and book an appointment for your first consultation and get 50% discount during the month of May. The address of the Chiropractic Centre is No 4 Calle Castell de Castells, Denia. It is easy to find next to the Cosetes shop, and there is lots of parking nearby.

27 APRil - 03 may 2012

Life health


Joan McLellan M.C.S.P S.R.P Grad Dip

Osteoarthritis of the spine THE CAUSES of degenerative arthritis in the spine, sometimes called spondylosis or spondylitis, as with degeneration of other joints, are not clearly determined. Trauma, either as a severe episode or many repeated minor episodes predispose the spine to arthritic changes. Also the nature of work or posture adopted at work comes into the equation. In others, obesity may be a major factor causing abnormal mechanical stress. Developmental and metabolic factors may also be involved. In some patients there is a widespread generalised osteo-arthritic genetic factor dominant and inheritance among families can be clearly seen. Degeneration may occur in bones, ligaments or discs. The intervertebral discs become weakened during life due to all the mechanical torsional forces we put them through. The frequency of symptoms arise most commonly in the lower part of the neck (cervical) and the lower back (lumbar), being the most mobile areas of the spine. CERVICAL SPINE Symptoms vary greatly according to the degree of degeneration and where it is. I covered cervical spondylosis in detail in my previous article. Briefly the classic symptoms are: Gradual restriction of movement, Dull ache, Sudden severe pain at times, Referral down the arm which can be a constant ache, pins and needles or just a heavy feeling,

Muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. The arthritis can be dormant for weeks months or even years and then a sudden flare up causing acute pain occurs. PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENT AND MANAGEMENT Physio is usually required during the episode when the pain is acute and severe. Sometimes in extremely painful cases advice on wearing a collar to rest the neck is the initial treatment. Traction often helps in situations of referral down the arm. Pain relief in the form of heat, ultra sound and massage helps reduce muscle spasm. Selfmanagement is very important between attacks and a Physiotherapist will advise on what regime to follow. THORACIC SPINE Degenerative changes are less common in this area because it is not so mobile. It is often the result of an earlier disease or injury. Muscle spasm is the usual cause of pain . Heat and massage are beneficial treatments. Hydrotherapy is extremely successful and swimming is excellent therapy. LUMBAR SPINE This is by far the most common area of the spine for problems to occur. Lumbar spondylosis is a common condition which does not always lead to a disabling problem. It is the

cause of low back pain in late middle age and the elderly and such patients respond well to physio. 90% of cases affect the 5th lumbar and 1st sacral vertebrae. This is where the sciatic nerve emerges and due to any bony changes or inflammation the nerve is compressed. Sciatica occurs, the severity depending on what is causing the pressure. The pain is referred to areas the nerve supplies. This varies. It may affect only the back or buttock but it can radiate down the leg into the foot. Symptoms 1. Stiffness after long periods of rest be it rising in the morning or getting up from a chair after a meal or watching TV. 2. Dull nagging deep seated pain in the lower back or buttock. 3. Certain movements can bring about a sharp acute pain. 4. Referral pain down the leg. 5. Pins and needles or loss of feeling in parts of the leg and foot. Treatment This will focus on relieving the pain. 1. Muscle spasm accompanying pain can be reduced by Physio. 2. Anti inflammatory drugs. 3. Passive mobilizing techniques together with light general exercises. 4. Manual workers should use a back support. 5. Re-education of posture is important and

correct lifting techniques. 6. Diet avoiding acidic drinks and food help reduce the formation of uric acid which collects around the joints causing stiffness. A chronic back pain diagnosis clinic has been set up in this area giving an affordable oneoff payment at a fixed price of 350 euros. The assessment plan gives the opportunity to have the back thoroughly investigated. Before you see Dr. Banuls, the consultant specialist, you will be given: 1. Functional spinal assessment by me, the Physiotherapist. 2. MRI scan 3. Xray. By looking for the cause of pain, the back can be treated more effectively. Also by following this plan it saves precious time and money for the patient.

This article has been written by Joan McLellan a physiotherapist since 1974. Joan has surgeries at the L’Ancora Tennis Club in Javea, at the Clinica Britannia in Calpe, and at the Family Medical Centre in Albir, and she will also do home visits whenever necessary. For more information call 609 954 237 or email


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Life health

Dr Ben Tinker The Costa Blanca Chiropractic Centre

Chiropractic is necessary during pregnancy Even If you are not suffering from any pain or stiffness, chiropractic is a safe and effective way to prepare your body for the birth process. During pregnancy, a woman’s center of gravity shifts forward to the front of her pelvis. This additional weight in front causes stress to the joints of the pelvis and low back. As the baby grows in size, the added weight causes the curvature of her lower back to increase, placing extra stress on the fragile facet joints on the back side of the spine. Any preexisting problems in a woman’s spine tend to be exacerbated as the spine and pelvis become overtaxed, often leading to pain and difficulty performing normal daily activities. Studies have found that about half of all expectant mothers develop low-back pain at some point during their pregnancies. This is especially true during the third trimester when the baby’s body gains the most weight. Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can relieve and even prevent the pain and discomfort frequently experienced in pregnancy, and creates an environment for an easier, safer delivery. It is one safe and effective way to help the spine and pelvis cope with the rapid increase in physical stress by restoring a state of balance. In fact, most women have found that chiropractic care helped them avoid the use of pain medications during their pregnancy, and studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments help to reduce time in labor. Your chiropractor should be your partner for a healthy pregnancy. They can provide adjustments, as well as offer nutritional, ergonomic and exercise advice to help address your special needs. Chiropractic tips for pregnant women • Be sure to get adjusted regularly. Chiropractic care is important to help maintain a healthy skeletal structure and nervous system function throughout a pregnancy and childbirth.

Chiropractic care can help the spine and pelvis cope with the effects of pregnancy

• Do some gentle exercise each day. Walking, swimming, or stationary cycling are relatively safe cardiovascular exercises for pregnant women. Avoid any activities that involve jerking or bouncing movements. Stop exercise immediately if you notice any unusual symptom, such as nausea, dizziness or weakness. • When picking up children, bend from the knees, not the waist. Your low back is much more prone to injury during pregnancy. • When sleeping, lay on your side with a pillow between your knees to take pressure off your lower back. Full-length “body pillows” or “pregnancy wedges” are very popular and can be helpful. • Eat several small meals or snacks every few hours, rather than three large meals per day. This will help alleviate nausea, stabilize blood sugar and allow your body to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from the foods that you eat. • Take a prenatal vitamin with at least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day; 800 micrograms is even better. Folic acid has been shown to dramatically reduce the risk of neural tube defects in a developing fetus. Be sure to check with your chiropractor before taking any vitamin or herbal supplement to make sure it’s safe for you and the baby.

If you are suffering from any type of back pain and would like advice, please contact us at the Costa Blanca Chiropractic Centre or 966 865 432.

Week 6 Exercise puts the spark back into your sex life

Do you feel too tired or too out of shape to enjoy physical intimacy? Regular physical activity can leave you feeling energized and looking better, which may have a positive effect on your sex life. But there’s more to it than that. Regular physical activity can lead to enhanced arousal for women. And men who exercise regularly are less likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction than men who don’t exercise.


27 APRil - 03 may 2012

Life showbiz goss Oh no! Not the candyfloss number!

Harvey Nichols megastore in central Manchester last weekend was the scene of the Philip Armstrong Fashion Show, but instead of everyone talking about the models and their clothes, the seemingly endless procession of WAGS and what they were wearing grabbed the headlines. And rather than the word ‘catwalk’ fitting the story, ‘cat claw’ would’ve been much more apt. Whoever was beating the jungle drums about the event certainly made a strong connection to the footballing world as the players’ wives and girlfriends were out in full force. Two ladies in particular took centre stage in the shape of Abbey Clancy, wife of Peter Crouch of Stoke City, and Coleen Rooney wife of Wigman Wayne of Man United. Coleen is infamous for her hit-and-miss fashion sense and sadly she got it all wrong at the show wearing a candyfloss-coloured number that was – well - crap for want of a better word, and at the same time ex model Abbey oozed sophistication in a stunning off-the-shoulder black and white polkadot dress with a cut-out strip down the centre flashing a little cleavage. It’s very much a woman thing, all the business of what you are wearing and the level of shock horror that kicks in when they get it wrong, and although men’s fashion is a very real thing, I´m not sure David Beckham turning up somewhere wearing the same shirt as Enrique Iglesias would generate much more than a small chuckle and a friendly chat over a pie and a pint.

Is cage fighting next for Scarlett?


Peter Taylor

Writer and Broadcaster

Conor is flying with chicken wings

There´s a 19-year-old lad from Brighton called Conor Maynard who at the time of writing was blistering up the pop charts with his debut single ´Can’t Say No´, a song that made its way to popularity after it first appeared on YouTube. However, it’s not all good news for the wee boy, as after his management moved him into his very own luxury pad in central London he unfortunately drew a miserable neighbour out of the hat and says even if he´s playing his IPod on his headphones the man comes a ‘knockin’. Then it gets good again for the lad when he said “I´ve got a Nando Black Card that means I can get an unlimited supply of chicken at any time I want” ... life is oh so simple when you are young is it not? Then it gets better after Conor´s song moved up into the top ten and above Justin Bieber´s new single, which was particularly exciting news as the young lad from Brighton is being hailed as Britain’s very own baby boy Bieber. Lots of dosh seems to have been invested in Conor Maynard, not that he´s bothered overmuch as he´s got as much chicken as he can scoff, at any time, albeit in silence thanks to his whingeing neighbour.

Like it or not we are about to be bombarded with superhero movies during this year with ´The Hulk´, ´Ironman´, ´Thor´ and ´Captain America’ all about to go on release, and of all people Scarlett Johansson will be in the mix as well with her latest big screen offering ‘Avengers Assemble’ due to go on release on this very day April 26th. Scarlett plays the part of the Black Widow and says that despite her character’s lack of powers she loved playing the spy. Talking to ´Cover Media´ magazine the Swedish beauty got more into the action hero angle when she said: “We decided we didn’t want any superpowers and that we would rather be skilled because your superpowers can maybe disappear.” Her co-star Jeremy Renner who plays Hawkeye in the film agreed when he said “The other superheroes would be lost without their weapons.” Then Scarlett got well lively when she added, “Yeah! If Thor lost his hammer he’d still kick my ass probably but I’d have a fighting chance.” This rather odd out of character statement connects to how much Scarlett enjoyed the physical part of the movie when she said “Renner and I spent a large amount of time in the stunt gym because we had these huge choreographed sequences that were so intense but I was happy to do that.” Sounds to me like we´re about to see Scarlett Johansson rolling in the hay as opposed to … ‘rolling in the hay’.

Life TV

27 APRil - 03 may 2012


27th April - 03rd May

FRIDAY 27th April BBC1 07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:58 BBC News 12:00 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom 12:45 Cash in the Attic 13:13 BBC News 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Escape to the Country 16:00 BBC News 16:05 Incredible Edibles 16:35 Lockie Leonard 17:00 Copycats 17:30 Blue Peter 18:00 Newsround 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 Regional News Programmes 19:55 Party Election Broadcast 20:00 The One Show 21:00 EastEnders 21:30 Would I Lie to You? 22:00 Have I Got News for You 22:30 Not Going Out 23:00 BBC News 23:35 Graham Norton Show 24:20 The National Lottery Friday Night Draws

BBC2 07:00 Childrens TV 10:00 Buzz and Tell 10:05 Tinga Tinga Tales 10:20 Driver Dan’s Story Train 10:30 Chuggington: Badge Quest 10:35 Small Potatoes 10:40 The Koala Brothers 10:50 Mr Bloom’s Nursery 11:10 Baby Jake 11:20 Zingzillas Zingbop 11:30 64 Zoo Lane 11:40 Waybuloo 12:00 In the Night Garden 12:30 BBC World News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Snooker 18:15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Antiques Road Trip 20:30 Great British Menu 21:00 Mastermind 21:30 Gardeners’ World 22:00 John Le Mesurier: It’s All Been Rather Lovely 23:00 QI 23:30 Newsnight 24:00 Weather 24:05 Later... with Jools Holland

SATURDAY 28th April BBC1

06:00 BBC News 06:30 Our World 07:00 Breakfast 11:00 Saturday Kitchen Live 12:30 BBC News; Regional News and Weather 12:45 Football Focus 13:15 Match of the Day Live 15:30 Live Challenge Cup Rugby League 17:30 Final Score 18:20 BBC News 18:35 Pointless Celebrities 19:30 My Family 20:00 The Voice UK 21:30 The National Lottery: In It to Win It 22:20 Casualty 23:10 BBC News 23:30 Match of the Day 24:55 The Football League Show


07:00 Childrens TV 09:35 Prank Patrol Down Under 10:00 The Slammer 10:30 Ministry of Curious Stuff 11:00 Animals at Work 11:35 Splatalot 12:00 Copycats 12:25 OOglies 12:40 MOTD Kickabout 13:00 Escape to the Country 14:00 Snooker 18:30 The Falklands Remembering Craig 19:00 Flog It! 19:30 Dad’s Army 20:00 Snooker 21:00 The Story of Light Entertainment 22:00 The Art of Tommy Cooper 22:30 I Love 1972 23:30 Mean Streets

SUNDAY 29th April

ITV1 07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News 14:55 Granada News 15:00 60 Minute Makeover 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:59 Granada Weather 17:00 Rosemary & Thyme 18:00 The Chase 19:00 Granada Reports 19:25 Party Election Broadcast 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 Poms in Paradise 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:30 Granada News 23:35 American Pie




07:00 Childrens TV 08:35 According to Jim 09:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:30 Frasier 10:00 Secret Millionaire Australia 11:00 Location, Location, Location 12:00 Secret Location 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 River Cottage 13:35 Quick Bakes with Eric Lanlard 14:00 Channel 4 Racing 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:30 Unreported World 20:55 21:00 Come Dine with Me 22:00 8 Out of 10 Cats 22:30 Very Important People 23:00 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 24:05 Stand Up for the Week 24:50 Cellular

07:00 Switched 07:00 Childrens TV 07:00 Emmerdale 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 07:50 Coronation Street 07:25 One Tree Hill 09:10 Milkshake! Show Songs 08:15 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 08:05 Glee 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:10 Judge Judy 08:50 Made in Chelsea 09:20 Peppa Pig 10:25 The Real Housewives 09:50 One Tree Hill 09:30 Roary the Racing Car of Orange County 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:40 Scrubs 11:30 Judge Judy 10:00 Olivia 11:10 Scrubs 12:00 Judge Judy 10:15 The Wright Stuff 11:35 90210 12:30 Judge Judy 12:10 LIVE with 12:30 Desperate Housewives 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:00 Emmerdale 13:25 Greek 13:15 Giant Animal Moves 13:30 Emmerdale 14:15 Home and Away 14:20 Scrubs 14:00 Coronation Street 14:45 Neighbours 14:50 Scrubs 14:30 The Jeremy Kyle Show 15:15 NCIS 15:35 The Jeremy Kyle Show 15:15 Hollyoaks 16:15 Inside Hollywood 16:40 The Real Housewives of 15:45 90210 16:20 Jane Doe Orange County 18:00 5 News at 5 16:40 Glee 17:40 Judge Judy 18:30 Neighbours 17:35 Rules of Engagement 19:00 Home and Away 18:05 Judge Judy 18:00 Desperate Housewives 19:30 5 News at 6.30 18:30 Judge Judy 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Robson’s Extreme 19:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 19:30 The Big Bang Theory Fishing Challenge 20:00 All Star Family Fortunes 21:00 Dirty Great Machines 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:45 Britain’s Got Talent 22:00 The Mentalist 20:35 How I Met Your Mother 22:00 American Idol 23:00 Castle 21:00 Supernanny US 23:00 The Only Way Is Essex 23:55 Law & Order: 22:00 The Transporter 2 23:45 The Only Way Is Essex Criminal Intent 24:55 Inside Hollywood 24:30 Peter Andre: My Life 23:45 Shameless




07:00 Mini CITV 08:25 CITV 09:25 Saturday Cookbook 10:25 ITV News 10:30 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 12:20 The Real Housewives of New York City 13:15 Murder, She Wrote 14:20 ITV News and Weather 14:30 Free Willy 3: the Rescue 16:05 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 16:20 Murder on the Orient Express 18:45 Granada News 19:00 ITV News and Weather 19:15 Keith Lemon’s LemonAid 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 The Cube 21:30 Britain’s Got Talent 22:30 Benidorm 23:30 ITV News and Weather 23:45 Dirty Harry

07:15 The Hoobs 07:40 The Grid 08:05 British F3 08:30 FIM World Superbikes 08:55 The Morning Line 09:50 The TV Book Club 10:25 Koko Pop 11:00 Made in Chelsea 12:05 The Pop Powerlist 13:10 The Big Bang Theory 13:45 The Big Bang Theory 14:15 The Simpsons 14:50 Channel 4 Racing 16:55 Channel 4 Presents 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 Channel 4 News 19:25 19:30 Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets 22:30 Terminator: Salvation 24:45 Underworld: Evolution

07:00 Childrens TV 09:05 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 09:20 Angelina Ballerina 09:40 Rupert Bear 09:55 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom 10:10 The Mr Men Show 10:25 Roary the Racing Car 10:35 The Milkshake! Show 11:00 The Gadget Show 12:00 Rory McGrath’s Pub Dig 13:00 Restaurant Inspector 14:00 Murder She Said 15:40 Medicine Man 17:45 The Magnificent Seven 20:25 5 News Weekend 20:30 NCIS 21:20 NCIS 22:10 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 23:10 CSI: NY 24:05 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

itv2 07:00 Coronation Street 09:05 Emmerdale 12:00 Peter Andre: My Life 13:00 American Idol 14:50 American Idol 15:50 The Cube 16:50 All Star Family Fortunes 17:50 You’ve Been Framed! 18:50 Back to the Future Part II 21:00 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 21:30 Sextuplets: The Little Lambs 22:30 Britain’s Got More Talent 23:30 Celebrity Juice 24:15 Keith Lemon’s LemonAid



07:00 Switched 07:25 Switched Up! 08:15 Gok’s Clothes Roadshow 09:20 Supernanny US 11:05 Gok’s Clothes Roadshow 12:10 Supernanny US 13:05 Supernanny US 14:05 Charlie’s Angels 15:00 How I Met Your Mother 16:00 Made in Chelsea 17:05 Charlie’s Angels 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:30 Rules of Engagement 21:00 The Big Bang Theory 21:30 Happy Endings 22:00 Rude Tube 22:30 Wayne’s World 24:30 The Big Bang Theory








07:00 Breakfast 08:35 Match of the Day 10:00 Andrew Marr Show 11:00 The Big Questions 12:00 Country Tracks 13:00 Sunday Politics 14:00 Cash in the Attic 14:30 Bargain Hunt 15:15 Homes Under the Hammer 16:15 Escape to the Country 17:00 Human Planet 18:00 Points of View 18:15 Songs of Praise 19:00 BBC News 19:25 Countryfile 20:25 The Voice UK 21:00 Antiques Roadshow 22:00 Silent Witness 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Have I Got a Bit More News for You 24:10 Room 101: Extra Storage 24:50 The Man without a Face

07:00 Childrens TV 08:30 Dennis & Gnasher 08:40 The Scooby-Doo Show 09:05 Scoop 09:30 Wingin’ It 09:50 Shaun the Sheep 10:00 Friday Download 11:00 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites 12:30 The Little Paris Kitchen: Cooking with Rachel Khoo 13:00 Great British Menu 13:30 MotoGP 15:00 Snooker 19:00 Hairy Bikers’ Bakeation 20:00 Snooker 21:00 Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve 22:00 Ewan McGregor: Cold Chain Mission 23:00 Match of the Day 2 24:05 Grandma’s House 24:35 Snooker

07:00 Mini CITV 08:25 CITV 09:25 Dinner Date 10:25 ITV News 10:30 Ade in Britain 11:25 May the Best House Win 12:30 Long Lost Family 13:30 ITV News and Weather 13:35 Britain’s Got Talent 14:35 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 15:05 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 15:35 Columbo 17:25 Tea with Mussolini 19:35 Granada News19:45 ITV News and Weather 20:00 All Star Family Fortunes 21:00 Vera 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:15 Perspectives 24:15 The Cube

07:10 Sali Mali 07:15 The Hoobs 08:10 Wheelchair Rugby Highlights: London Prepares 09:05 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00 Frasier 10:30 Frasier 11:00 Sunday Brunch 13:00 The Big Bang Theory 14:20 The Simpsons 14:45 The Simpsons 15:20 Meet Dave 17:00 Time Team 18:00 The Parent Trap 20:25 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Celebrity Deal or No Deal 22:00 Homeland 23:05 The Bank Job

07:00 Childrens TV 09:20 Angelina Ballerina 09:35 Rupert Bear 09:45 Mio Mao 09:50 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom 10:05 The Mr Men Show 10:20 Roary the Racing Car 10:35 The Milkshake! Show 11:00 Animal Rescue Squad 11:20 Grey’s Anatomy 12:15 Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 13:15 Cowboy Traders 14:15 William and Kate: One Year On 15:20 William & Kate 17:05 Scooby-Doo 18:45 Mulan 20:30 5 News Weekend 20:35 Ultimate Police Interceptors 21:00 Once Upon a Time 22:00 A Perfect Getaway 23:45 An American Haunting

07:00 The Hot Desk 07:10 Gossip Girl 08:00 Emmerdale 10:40 Coronation Street 13:10 Winners & Losers 14:05 Olly: Life on Murs 15:05 Keith Lemon’s LemonAid 15:50 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 16:20 The Only Way Is Essex 17:00 The Only Way Is Essex 17:50 Britain’s Got Talent 18:50 Britain’s Got More Talent 19:50 The Incredible Hulk 22:00 Benidorm 23:00 The Only Way Is Essex 23:45 Olly: Life on Murs 24:45 GoldenEye

07:00 Switched 07:20 Switched 07:40 Privileged 08:35 One Tree Hill 09:35 Hollyoaks 12:05 Watch 12:25 Smallville 13:25 Scrubs 13:55 Scrubs 14:20 Listen 14:35 Perfect Couples 15:05 Playing It Straight 16:05 Ugly Betty 17:05 Glee 18:05 90210 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Clueless 22:00 Desperate Housewives 23:00 Desperate Housewives 24:00 2 Broke Girls 24:30 Made in Chelsea


27 APRil - 03 may 2012

Life TV

27th April- 03rd May

MONDAY 30th april BBC1





07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Robbed, Raided, Reunited 12:30 Cash in the Attic 13:13 BBC News and Weather 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News and Weather 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Escape to the Country 16:00 BBC News 16:05 Deadly 60 16:35 Lockie Leonard 17:00 Copycats 17:30 Help! My Supply Teacher Is Magic 18:00 Newsround 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 Regional News Programmes 19:55 Party Election Broadcast 20:00 The One Show 20:30 Bang Goes the Theory 21:00 EastEnders 21:30 Panorama 22:00 Silent Witness 23:00 BBC News 23:35 Match of the Day 24:05 Late Kick Off 24:35 The Graham Norton Show

07:00 Childrens TV 09:50 Little Charley Bear 10:00 Buzz and Tell 10:05 Tinga Tinga Tales 10:20 Driver Dan’s Story Train 10:30 Chuggington: Badge Quest 10:35 Small Potatoes 10:40 The Koala Brothers 10:50 Mr Bloom’s Nursery 11:10 Baby Jake 11:20 Zingzillas Zingbop 11:30 64 Zoo Lane 11:40 Waybuloo 12:00 In the Night Garden 12:30 BBC World News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Snooker 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Great British Menu 20:00 Snooker 21:00 Chaplains: Angels of Mersey 21:30 Home Cooking Made Easy 22:00 The 70s 23:00 Sounds of the 70s 2 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Snooker

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News 14:55 Granada News 15:00 60 Minute Makeover 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:59 Granada Weather 17:00 Rosemary & Thyme 18:00 The Chase 19:00 Granada Reports 19:25 Party Election Broadcast 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 The Dales 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 Scott & Bailey 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:30 Granada News 23:35 The Mighty Mississippi with Trevor McDonald 24:35 Babies Behind Bars

07:00 Childrens TV 09:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:35 Frasier 10:00 Secret Millionaire Australia 11:00 Location, Location, Location 12:00 How to Haggle for a House 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 River Cottage 13:35 Channel 4 Presents 13:40 Glamour Puds 14:10 Detective Story 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 21:00 Foxes Live: Wild in the City 22:00 Embarrassing Bodies 23:00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 24:00 8 Out of 10 Cats Uncut 24:45 Homeland

07:00 Childrens TV 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:20 Peppa Pig 09:25 Roary the Racing Car 09:35 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures 09:40 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Olivia 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 LIVE with 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Giant Animal Moves 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 The Mentalist 16:15 Mystery Woman 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News at 6.30 20:00 Cowboy Traders 21:00 The Gadget Show 22:00 Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 23:00 10 Things I Hate About 24:00 A Perfect Getaway

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Coronation Street 08:15 Jeremy Kyle Show USA 09:10 Judge Judy 10:25 The Real Housewives of Orange County 11:30 Judge Judy 12:00 Judge Judy 12:30 Judge Judy 13:00 Emmerdale 13:30 Coronation Street 14:00 Coronation Street 14:30 The Jeremy Kyle Show 15:35 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:40 The Real Housewives of Orange County 17:40 Judge Judy 18:05 Judge Judy 18:30 Judge Judy 19:00 Jeremy Kyle Show USA 20:00 The Cube 21:00 Gossip Girl 22:00 GoldenEye 24:45 Celebrity Juice




07:00 Switched 07:25 One Tree Hill 08:00 Glee 08:45 Made in Chelsea 09:45 One Tree Hill 10:40 Scrubs 11:05 Scrubs 11:35 90210 12:30 Desperate Housewives 13:25 Greek 14:20 Scrubs 14:50 Scrubs 15:15 Hollyoaks 15:45 90210 16:40 Glee 17:35 Rules of Engagement 18:00 Desperate Housewives 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 My Name Is Earl 21:30 My Name Is Earl 22:00 One Tree Hill 23:00 Made in Chelsea 24:00 Rude Tube








07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Robbed, Raided, Reunited 12:30 Cash in the Attic 13:13 BBC News and Weather 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News and Weather 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Escape to the Country 16:00 BBC News; 16:05 Deadly 60 16:35 Lockie Leonard 17:00 Copycats 17:30 Who Let the Dogs Out? 18:00 Newsround 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 Regional News Programmes 19:55 Party Election Broadcast 20:00 The One Show 20:30 EastEnders 21:00 Holby City 22:00 Crimewatch 23:00 BBC News 23:35 The Matt Lucas Awards 24:10 Crimewatch Update 24:20 Kevin Bridges: What’s the Story? 24:50 The Estate

07:00 Childrens TV 10:20 Driver Dan’s Story Train 10:30 Chuggington: Badge Quest 10:35 Small Potatoes 10:40 The Koala Brothers 10:50 Mr Bloom’s Nursery 11:10 Baby Jake 11:20 Zingzillas Zingbop 11:30 64 Zoo Lane 11:40 Waybuloo 12:00 In the Night Garden 12:30 BBC World News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Snooker 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Great British Menu 20:00 Snooker 21:00 Hairy Bikers’ Bakeation 22:00 Meet the Romans with Mary Beard 23:00 Later Live... with Jools Holland 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Snooker

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 Granada News 15:00 60 Minute Makeover 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:59 Granada Weather 17:00 Rosemary & Thyme 18:00 The Chase 19:00 Granada Reports 19:25 Party Election Broadcast 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Countrywise Kitchen 21:00 William and Kate: The First Year 22:00 The Hunt for Bin Laden 24:00 ITV News and Weather 24:30 Granada News 24:35 The Unforgettable...

07:00 Childrens TV 09:30 Frasier 10:00 Secret Millionaire Australia 11:00 Location, Location, Location 12:00 How to Haggle for a House 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 River Cottage 13:35 Glamour Puds 14:05 The Kitchen Pharmacy 14:25 The Desperadoes 16:05 Channel 4 Presents 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 Foxes Live: Wild in the City 21:00 Supersize vs Superskinny 22:00 Hidden Talent 23:00 Facejacker 23:35 Hit the Road Jack 24:05 Alan Carr: Chatty Man

07:00 Childrens TV 09:10 Peppa Pig 09:30 Roary the Racing Car 09:40 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Olivia 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 LIVE with 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Giant Animal Moves 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 CSI: NY 16:15 Mary Higgins Clark’s The Cradle Will Fall 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News at 6.30 20:00 Dirty Great Machines 21:00 War Hero in My Family 22:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 23:00 CSI: NY 23:55 CSI: NY 24:55 CSI: Miami

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Coronation Street 07:50 Coronation Street 08:15 Jeremy Kyle Show USA 09:10 Judge Judy 10:25 The Real Housewives of Orange County 11:30 Judge Judy 13:00 Emmerdale 13:30 Coronation Street 14:30 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:40 The Real Housewives of Orange County 17:40 Judge Judy 18:05 Judge Judy 18:30 Judge Judy 19:00 Jeremy Kyle Show USA 20:00 Peter Andre: My Life 21:00 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 21:30 You’ve Been Framed! 22:00 The Vampire Diaries 23:00 Gremlins

07:00 Switched 07:20 One Tree Hill 08:00 Glee 08:45 Made in Chelsea 09:45 One Tree Hill 10:40 Scrubs 11:10 Scrubs 11:40 90210 12:35 Desperate Housewives 13:25 Greek 14:20 Scrubs 14:55 Scrubs 15:20 Hollyoaks 15:50 90210 16:45 Glee 17:35 Rules of Engagement 18:00 Desperate Housewives 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 The Big Bang Theory 22:00 90210 23:00 The Cleveland Show 23:30 Bob’s Burgers 24:00 The Big Bang Theory








07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:58 BBC News and Weather 12:00 Robbed, Raided, Reunited 12:30 Cash in the Attic 13:13 BBC News and Weather 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News and Weather 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Escape to the Country 16:00 BBC News; Weather 16:05 Deadly 60 16:35 Lockie Leonard 17:00 Copycats 17:30 HH: Gory Games 18:00 Newsround 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 Regional News Programmes 20:00 The One Show 20:30 Inside Out 21:00 Traffic Cops 22:00 The Apprentice 23:00 BBC News 23:35 The National Lottery Wednesday Night Draws 23:45 Chicago

07:00 Childrens TV 10:05 Tinga Tinga Tales 10:20 Driver Dan’s Story Train 10:30 Chuggington: Badge Quest 10:35 Small Potatoes 10:40 The Koala Brothers 10:50 Mr Bloom’s Nursery 11:10 Baby Jake 11:20 Zingzillas Zingbop 11:30 64 Zoo Lane 11:40 Waybuloo 12:00 In the Night Garden 12:30 Daily Politics 14:00 See Hear 14:30 Snooker 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Great British Menu 20:00 Snooker 21:00 Antiques Uncovered 22:00 This World 23:00 The Apprentice: You’re Fired 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Snooker

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 Granada News and Weather 15:00 60 Minute Makeover 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:59 Granada Weather 17:00 Rosemary & Thyme 18:00 The Chase 19:00 Granada Reports 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 The Unforgettable 21:00 The British Soap Awards 2012 23:00 ITV News at Ten and Weather 23:30 Granada News and Weather 23:35 Leah’s Dream 24:35 Total Emergency

07:00 Childrens TV 09:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:30 Frasier 10:00 Secret Millionaire Australia 11:00 Location, Location, Location 12:00 How to Haggle for a House 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 River Cottage 13:35 Glamour Puds 14:05 The Conqueror 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 Foxes Live: Wild in the City 21:00 Four Rooms 22:00 The Tallest Tower: Building the Shard 23:00 The Killing 23:55 2 Broke Girls 24:25 Desperate Housewives

07:00 Childrens TV 09:10 Peppa Pig 09:30 Roary the Racing Car 09:40 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Olivia 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 LIVE with 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Giant Animal Moves 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 CSI: NY 16:15 ‘Til Lies Do Us Part 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News at 6.30 20:00 The Gadget Show 21:00 Cowboy Traders 22:00 NCIS 23:00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 23:55 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 24:50 Poker: The Big Game

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Nanny 911 08:15 Jeremy Kyle Show USA 09:10 Judge Judy 10:25 The Real Housewives of Orange County 11:30 Judge Judy 13:00 Emmerdale 13:30 Nanny 911 14:30 The Jeremy Kyle Show 15:35 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:40 The Real Housewives of Orange County 17:40 Judge Judy 18:05 Judge Judy 18:30 Judge Judy 19:00 Jeremy Kyle Show USA 20:00 All Star Family Fortunes 21:00 You’ve Been Framed! 22:00 Peter Andre: My Life 23:00 The British Soap Awards 2012: The Party 24:00 The Big Quiz

07:00 Switched 07:20 One Tree Hill 08:05 Glee 08:50 Made in Chelsea 09:45 One Tree Hill 10:45 Scrubs 11:10 Scrubs 11:35 90210 12:30 Desperate Housewives 13:25 Greek 14:20 Scrubs 14:50 Scrubs 15:15 Hollyoaks 15:45 90210 16:45 Glee 17:35 Rules of Engagement 18:00 Desperate Housewives 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 Nine Months 23:00 Saw II 24:50 The Big Bang Theory

27 APRil - 03 may 2012










07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:58 BBC News and Weather 12:00 Robbed, Raided, Reunited 12:30 Cash in the Attic 13:13 BBC News and Weather 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News and Weather 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Escape to the Country 16:00 BBC News; Weather 16:05 Deadly 60 16:35 Lockie Leonard 17:00 Copycats 17:30 Young Dracula 18:00 Newsround 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 Regional News Programmes 20:00 The One Show 20:30 EastEnders 21:00 Watchdog 22:00 New Tricks 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News and Weather 23:35 Question Time 24:35 Vote 2012

07:00 Childrens TV 09:30 Nina and the Neurons Go Inventing 09:45 Numtums 09:50 Little Charley Bear 10:00 Buzz and Tell 10:05 Tinga Tinga Tales 10:20 Driver Dan’s Story Train 10:30 Chuggington: Badge Quest 10:35 Small Potatoes 10:40 The Koala Brothers 10:50 Mr Bloom’s Nursery 11:10 Baby Jake 11:20 Zingzillas Zingbop 11:30 64 Zoo Lane 11:40 Waybuloo 12:00 In the Night Garden 12:30 BBC World News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Snooker 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Great British Menu 20:00 Snooker 22:00 Shakespeare in Italy 23:00 Grandma’s House 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Snooker

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 Granada News 15:00 60 Minute Makeover 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:59 Granada Weather 17:00 Rosemary & Thyme 18:00 The Chase 19:00 Granada Reports 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Tonight 21:00 Emmerdale 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 Long Lost Family 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:30 Granada News 23:35 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories 24:35 The Cube

07:00 Childrens TV 08:55 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:25 Frasier 10:00 Secret Millionaire Australia 11:00 Location, Location, Location 12:00 How to Haggle for a House 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard 13:35 Glamour Puds 14:05 The Kitchen Pharmacy 14:15 Channel 4 Presents 14:20 The Ladykillers 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 Foxes Live: Wild in the City 21:00 World’s Largest Snake 22:00 The Hoarder Next Door 23:00 Extreme A&E 24:05 Random Acts 24:10 Bin Laden: Shoot to Kill

07:00 Childrens TV 08:20 The Mr Men Show 08:35 Thomas & Friends 08:45 Make Way for Noddy 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:10 Peppa Pig 09:20 Peppa Pig 09:25 Roary the Racing Car 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Olivia 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 LIVE with 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Dangerous Drivers’ School 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 CSI: NY 16:15 Chinese Food in Minutes 16:20 They Come Back 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News at 6.30 20:00 Police Interceptors 21:00 World’s 22:00 Restaurant Inspector 23:00 Four Weddings and a Funeral

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Nanny 911 08:15 Jeremy Kyle Show USA 09:10 Judge Judy 10:25 The Real Housewives of Orange County 11:30 Judge Judy 12:00 Judge Judy 12:30 Judge Judy 13:00 Emmerdale 13:30 Nanny 911 14:30 The Jeremy Kyle Show 15:35 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:40 The Real Housewives of Orange County 17:40 Judge Judy 18:05 Judge Judy 18:30 Judge Judy 19:00 Jeremy Kyle Show USA 20:00 American Idol 22:00 Olly: Life on Murs 23:00 Celebrity Juice 23:45 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 24:15 American Pie 2

07:00 Switched 07:20 One Tree Hill 08:00 Glee 08:50 Made in Chelsea 09:50 One Tree Hill 10:45 Scrubs 11:35 90210 12:30 Desperate Housewives 13:25 Greek 14:20 Scrubs 14:50 Scrubs 15:15 Hollyoaks 15:45 90210 16:40 Glee 17:35 Rules of Engagement 18:00 Desperate Housewives 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 The Big Bang Theory 22:00 2 Broke Girls 22:30 Happy Endings 23:00 Rules of Engagement 23:30 Very Important People 24:00 Fonejacker 24:30 PhoneShop

Crossword Solutions for 653 Cryptic solutions Across: 6 Arising; 7 Clock; 9 One; 10 Reservoir; 12 Stand at ease; 15 Painstaking; 17 Wrestlers; 19 Ate; 21 Gamut; 22 Convert. Down: 1 Crank; 2 Ass; 3 Knee; 4 Old Vienna; 5 Eclipse; 8 Remark; 11 Stands out; 13 Nettle; 14 Fairway; 16 Stork; 18 Rook; 20 Eve.

Quick solutions Across: 6 Compare; 7 Snake; 9 Try; 10 Manifests; 12 Second sight; 15 Short-handed; 17 Community; 19 Bad; 21 Agony; 22 Massive. Down: 1 Worry; 2 Spy; 3 Area; 4 Undecided; 5 Sketchy; 8 Hidden; 11 Detriment; 13 On hand; 14 Through; 16 Halve; 18 Tear; 20 Ask. Wordwheel: ASSERTIVE

What’s on Viva TV this week? VIVA TV broadcasts on the Torresat and Teleast Networks every day from 2.00pm until 10pm. To find out what else they are showing this week, you can view all their programmes and see their full listings at In the meantime, to whet your appetite, RTN will highlight every week some of their brilliant programmes starting tonight at 6.30pm with Let’s Talk with Simon Baldock. This week Simon talks to Orihuela Councillor, Martina Scheurer and young Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre volunteer, Katrina. Tomorrow, Saturday 28th April at 6pm, FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions will be finding out a bit more about the charity Animal Aid and the questions surrounding pet passports. On Sunday at 6.30pm, Soltails comes from the Embalse d’Amadario, a picturesque setting near Benidorm, where the fishing is superb and the chase is on for a double figure carp. On Monday at 6.30pm, Mixed

Marriages is a programme highlighting the trials of an international marriage. Several couples talk about their experiences here in Spain. On May Day at 6.30pm, Guardamar Discovered charts the history of Guardamar, how it was saved from the encroaching sand and how it became the beautiful town we see today. On Wednesday 2nd at 6.30pm, The Beach Party brings you highlights from the Beach Party in Torrevieja with a variety of local bands and entertainers performing in front of hundreds. Last but not least on Thursday at 7.30pm, Out and About in Torrevieja shows you the most visited maritime attraction in Spain and it is right here in Torreviejathe Delfin Submarine. Join Viva TV for a guided tour around this fascinating vessel. This is just a highlight of the great programmes made by Viva TV; tune in now to see much more or visit their website at


27 APRIL - 03 MAY 2012

Life music

MP7 – Party Band MP7 IS a totally live band that play a fantastic array of party songs to keep you entertained and hopefully dancing all day or night long. They play with great passion and energy which ensures the audience has a wonderful time no matter what the event. The band is based in the Moraira, Javea area of the Spanish Costa Blanca but also travel around the Costa as required. They are available for your bar or restaurant, private function or wedding. MP 7 consists of three gorgeous girls and two good looking guys! Sherry: Vocals; Jude: Vocals; Debbie: Bass Guitar; Steve: Lead Guitar and Vocals; Mark: Drums and Vocals. On Saturday 28th April, MP 7 Band will be performing at Bar So What, Avenida Europa, in Calpe and on Sunday 29th April at Bar Quo Vadis, Javea from 5pm. Check out or call Steve on 663 705 119.

tRIO A RARELY seen amalgamation, tRIO is duo Pam and John Pearson of Rio and Chill Factor plus Rio’s drummer Jack zipping up the feel to give another dimension to the duo’s sound. Their set list includes songs by K D Lang, Alanis Morissette, Travis and the Beatles giving more

room for Pam’s vocal expression and John’s multi guitar tasks. Although they were musically active in the North West of England beforehand, Pam and John enjoyed a period of work thru the 90’s with producer Mickie Most, the man responsible for the golden periods of The Animals, Herman’s Hermits and Donovan. Jack started a music career in Holland in the 80’s that took him to Canada until spotted and signed up by ex Rolling Stone Bill Wyman. These guys are professionals and give a truly professional show. Appearing at Mystique, Moraira, Sunday 29th, 8pm. Not a gig to miss!

Celebrate May Day

A TRADITIONAL Maypole will be central to the party atmosphere at the May Day Country Fair in Moraira on Tuesday. In aid of animal charity AKIRA, it is hoped hundreds of people will enjoy the fun at Font Santa on 1st May between noon and 6pm. Organisers say it is an opportunity to “start the summer right” and live music is being provided by good time party band The Shamrockers, while The Flamingos Cheerleaders will also be providing entertainment. The fair will also feature a number of market stalls, palm reading, a homemade lemonade stall, a barbeque and refreshments, while youngsters can enjoy a children’s play area.

Acoustic Jam Session – Bar Emilio ON THE last Sunday of every month there is a very popular acoustic guitar jamming session at Bar Emilio in Llosa de Camacho. Why not come along on Sunday April 29th at 15.30 for the Jamming Session. Lots of local artistes gather there and it’s well worth the visit. Llosa de Camacho is approx five kms from Pedreguer on the Alcalali road (CV 720).

Music fans snared

By Jack Troughton JAZZ FANS can enjoy a unique night out when drummer and singer Mike Brain plays a one-off gig with former band members Christine and Roger Eames on Monday 30th April. Mike is enjoying a stay on the Costa Blanca and looking forward to the reunion – the first time the trio have played together for four years after he returned to the UK. He has always enjoyed a local following for his Mel Tormestyle of jazz classics and is featured on the group’s two CDs. And the appearance at the El Pescadito Restaurant in Mil Palmeras is sure to serve up some treats. String-bass player Roger said: “I know Mike will fit perfectly back into the ‘supper-jazz’ style. “He has a unique voice, with a repertoire of standards you only hear on vinyl LPs these days!” For more information call 96 676 2308.

Fancy a walk? DON’T KNOW what to do on a Sunday afternoon? Come and join The Bed Centre Charity 5km Walk along Calpe Beach Front and raise money for the Children of EMAUS and Caritas. You can pick up a sponsor form or pay for the entry fee yourself. If you want to make it that little bit more fun then why not come along in fancy dress and raise some extra money. You will also be entered into the Best Fancy Dress Outfit Competition. The walk will start at the Bed Centre in Calpe at 11:15am on Sunday 6th May, meeting at 10:45am for refreshments before we start. The route will take us along both of Calpe’s beach fronts and into the English Square on the Calle Delfin, where we will be having a bite to eat and drink at the Bar/Restaurant Delfin and surrounding bars. There will also be music to enjoy on a sunny Sunday afternoon, a raffle and other fun and

games. Cars will be available throughout the afternoon to take you back to your vehicles at the start point. The Charity Walk is happening in most towns up and down the Costas with Bay Radio, so let us show what the Calpe community can achieve for charity. If you would like to join then please contact us as soon as you can so we can register you for the walk to join us all for a fantastic Sunday afternoon of entertainment: it’s all for a good cause. Email us on or telephone 610 300 815. Look forward to seeing you there! The Bed Centre team.

27 APRIL - 03 MAY 2012



27 APRil - 03 may 2012

Life tech

Cannot pick up signal Val via email asks:

I LIVE in an urbanisation with a communal wireless signal. I can pick it up by the swimming pool but when I try to pick the signal up in my living room I cannot. I am told that there is such a thing as a booster that can attach to my laptop to strengthen the receiving signal, Is this right? If so how do I do it, how much will it cost and where does one acquire such a device? Sorry to be such a pain. Aunty Says: Hi Val. You can buy every kind of WiFi equipment from and the price and complexity varies wildly. Probably the easiest and cheapest way with a laptop is to buy a reasonable quality twin aerial USB WiFi adaptor from China for around €25. With a good quality USB extension cable you can then move it around to get a better signal.

Handy tip

Peter from Guardamar asks: HI, SOME time ago you mentioned placing a CD case under a laptop to help disperse heat. Chop three wine bottle corks into three pieces each and select four of the cut pieces that are nearly the same length. With some double sided tape or bluetac stick one piece of cork on each corner on the underside of your lap top. The heat will be as much as 40 percent less with the space provided by the cork corners. Aunty Says: I printed this handy tip a few years back, but now with the summer in the post, it’s a valuable bit of advice and worth including again. I still use the same bits of cork from all those years ago but I found just two at the back gave me a nice tilt which seems to do the same job and also helped clear up the stabbing wrist pains I was having.

with Aunty Virus



Jay via email asks: DEAR AUNTY Virus, I am running AVG2012 and SuperAntiSpyware. AVG is reporting 231 cookies but SAS doesn’t report anything! Should I get rid of these and if so how? Aunty Says: I always get rid of cookies just incase there are some nasty ones amongst them Jay. When the AVG scan has finished, go to the ‘warnings’ tab and click ‘remove all unhealed infections’. You will often find security programs can show up different results which is why I always recommend running three different programs to keep yourself covered.

Updating using a USB memory stick Sally from La Marina asks: HI AUNTY. Some time ago you explained about downloading AVG and MalwareBytes updates from an Internet café. On my home PC I use one of these mobile dongle things with Vodafone and it is very slow and I am charged by how much data I download. Could you explain again how I can update using a USB memory stick or a CD? Do I need to have both of the programs installed on the memory stick for this to work? Aunty Says: You don’t need to have anything installed on the USB drive Sally as you only need to download a couple of files from the internet. With AVG you can get the definitions from free. and choose the Iavi file with the latest date. Once downloaded you can start AVG on the tower and go to ‘tools’ ‘update from directory’ and browse to your memory stick or CD. Manually updating MalwareBytes, however, has become a little complicated recently and I’ve found the best way is to download the complete program to a USB drive from and install a fresh copy onto your tower.

ADSL speed Tim via email asks: HELLO AUNTY. I have gone to to check my ADSL speed and my download is 2465 kbps and my upload is 276 kbps but I am paying my ISP for 3MB. Am I being overcharged by them? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Aunty Says: That looks fine to me Tim. The upload speed is a little below 3 Megabits per second but that’s quite normal. The upload speed is lower than the normal you would expect but you won’t really notice that unless you’re frequently sending huge email attachments or uploading stuff onto the net.

Gadget Inspector Investigates:

Sensoglove Golf Glove THIS WEEK the Inspector gets a grip with the first golf glove to use advanced technology to help you with holding the club correctly. Now you might be mistaken in thinking the Sensoglove could be part of a possible Tiger Woods Erotic Golf Accessory range, but this could not be further from the truth. As every golfer knows, getting the right strength of the grip on the club is vital - being too firm or too light will affect your performance. And with the relentless march of technology now reaching firmly into the world of golf, improving your game is getting easier all the time. The Sensoglove Golf Glove actively monitors your grip from the address and throughout the swing using built-in sensors in every finger. This constant reading of the pressure of the grip is sent to the on-board computer, where this information is converted into visual and audio warnings when the grip is becoming too tight. The pressure settings are also adjustable so that you can set the right pressure for your game. And with the Sensogloves built-in LCD screen you can see pressure readings for each finger and also which ones are applying too much force to the grip. So no more excuses: lighten up!

But don´t worry, the Sensoglove is not made of some industrial rubber - it´s made from the highest quality cabretta leather, with fine grain giving exceptional durability yet without reducing the feel of the club. The computer is also interchangeable, so that when the glove does eventually wear you don´t need to buy an entirely new unit. But the unit is not waterproof so fair-weather golfers only please! Available as left-handed for right handed golfers, and right-handed for lefties (that does make sense if you´re a golfer…), and in medium and large sizes, finding the right Sensoglove for you should not be a problem. The Inspectors Verdict: Every golfer knows gripping the club like your life depends on it is a big no-no - right up there with lifting your head or wearing tartan golf slacks. Using advanced technology the Sensoglove Golf Glove is sure to help you get a grip on your game and get those scores tumbling! Visit to purchase the Sensoglove Golf Glove for 67€. All prices quoted include delivery to Spain (subject to exchange rate fluctuations).

CLOUDS what are they?

WHEN TALKING about modern technology you may or may not have heard about a “cloud”. This is a system that works like an external hard drive and allows you to store all of your important personal files on to, meaning a permanent back up for if anything goes wrong. Here is the best bit: Some companies are charging monthly to give you this service but here is how to get it for free – Simply go to Google and type in cloud server to find the best for you! Dropbox and Ubuntu are two options that we would recommend. Europa Network – always giving you more and saving you money! For information on our services and rates call the sales department on 965796736 or email

27 APRil - 03 may 2012


CamScanner Phone PDF Creator CAMSCANNER TURNS your phone into a scanner. With CamScanner, you are able to digitize any paper documents by photo shooting. Simply take a picture of any paper documents such as receipts, whiteboards, notes, agreement and so forth, and CamScanner can auto-crop image, enhance image quality and create an industry standard PDF file. And you can easily upload documents to cloud like Dropbox, Google Doc,, and manage them by tagging or searching. With CamScanner You Can Scan * Receipt, Bill, Tax Roll * Business Card, Membership Card, VIP card * Agreement, PPT and Whiteboard * Note, Memo, Script, Letter * Books, Magazines, Newspaper, Poster, Coupon * Courier Sheet, Resumes,

For more information or to order your unbeatable android mobile phone package call 2020tel on 966 260 777


27 APRil - 03 may 2012

Life horoscopes Someone has given you some sound advice, and you should see this as a way ahead and not a compromise. Your independence is very important to you and with actions of Uranus, Planet of invention bidding you on, the door to success has opened for you at long last. It is now up to you to make the most of things, and this allows you to finally move on to pastures new. The energies of the Sun bring out the very best in you and help you to show the World your boundless capabilities and your sound judgements on the way things should be. Having been blessed with more than just a touch of psychic energy, the wily actions with Mercury this week show you very clearly what is your next, and wisest move, and who is going with you. Venus spreads a little love around this week and not before time since your flat energies need to be lifted to levels you are currently not connecting with. Seeing a clear way forward, and also knowing the good that you can make out of a new project, will serve to make everyone happy, and in turn this is the quickest way of you receiving the love and attention you so well deserve. Balance is achieved this week, since you have finally worked out what is missing and have the temerity to put things right back where they should be. Relying on others is not an option right now, but time is on your side and your patience may be tested to the limit as you take in all that you must. You are not backing out, but you need to consolidate that which is best so to do. Looking at your opposing sign of Aquarius brings a resolution back into play, and a strong desire to get mad and to get even appears on the horizon. For some reason you have had to eat your words, but something tells you that you were right all along, and that the truth has to be told, using all the positive energy you can muster and a strong need to stay on top of things. Bitterness is a terrible emotion to deal with, and during this week of connection with mighty Uranus and much Sun energy in Taurus, you should be going about putting things right for those who have suffered. Accept that you were wrong and take the consequences, because acceptance and review change much of what you are angry about; comeuppance for someone is due. Poise and balance are your strengths and this wonderful week sees you free to plan and organise something rather special. With so many retrograde planets in the Cosmos right now decisions aren’t easy, but everything points towards an escape for you and a good chance of a breather before you take responsibilities and control, in what will be a hectic time ahead. Hard working and well intentioned as you currently are, someone is bent on hurling a spanner into the works. However this will bring you the very best of opportunity to take a long hard look at changes that will make things even better than before. Someone desperately needs your love, attention and tender care this week, but they are too afraid to ask. Before you rush to take on something in your inimitable stride you should take the opportunity to see just exactly what lies behind this request from out of the blue. You may very well be biting off more than you can chew, and it is obvious that there is much you do not know, but maybe do not wish to see right now. Be warned that things are not what they seem. Pluto is all controlling and brings a chance to scan opportunities with a view to simplification and resolve. As it is someone has taken the wrong end of the stick and needs to be put in their place before any actual damage is done. Here you must tread carefully but actions are going to speak much louder than words ever could, and your allegiance is vital in the current scheme. Venus makes a fleeting visit bringing love and light into your life. There is someone you currently hold back at arm’s length, but it is true to say that you have developed much on a romantic level, so why make things so difficult? Time to make a clean breast of things, and to have a heart to heart, because meaningful advances have been misconstrued and there is deadlock. A week in which you are surrounded by the loving energy of your friends and family, who wish nothing but success and happiness for you. Very often you have not had the support that you needed when you wanted it; but in hindsight you have done things your own way, and learnt things very often the hard way. Put everything into your next move and make it special.

Kenny corris


WHEN THE subject of Chemtrails began to be openly talked about they were initially written off as insane conspiracy theories, not facts. That was mainly because although many pictures began to appear worldwide from 1997, the Costa Blanca was seen as a ‘safe haven’ from the airborne pollutants that were criss-crossing the skies. Indeed we did enjoy almost nine months without such trails, but in February 2012 Chemtrails have returned in their familiar pattern in the skies above us here in Spain, with a vengeance. We have all seen the regular trail delivered into the sky behind an aircraft as a trail of vapour. This trail is entirely normal, harmless, disappears comparatively rapidly, and is known as a Contrail as it is brought about by condensation. Chemtrails are rather different, however, since they generally consist of Ethylene Dibromide, Barium, Virally mutated mould spores and Nano particles of Aluminium. Add to this list a range of Bio active materials and a dash of Mercury and you have the average composition of a significant airborne pollutant freely sprayed into our balmy blue, blue Mediterranean skies. It was once supposed that the Chemtrails were being sprayed routinely by commercial passenger aircraft. One budget airline in particular was said to be operating on carrying polluants in their reduced price fuel. However, recent photos taken here in Altea and Albir have revealed one craft, flying high and making the prescribed weaved pattern in rows and crosses all over the skies. It is no wonder that at a recent demonstration, question time moved to 2012 and Chemtrails had been seen by most. Judging by my postbag that too is

Picture by Lorna King

buzzing with people seeking answers to what is actually going on. One answer I can give is to look no further if you experience a 24 hour feverish flu, or respiratory problems, or just a flat feeling close to despair and mild depression. Morgellon’s disease is on the rise, and though very hard to diagnose can best be spread by airborne pollution. The activation of the HAARP project Worldwide triggers and targets our sense of well-being. The trails can affect our health in so many ways - don’t allow any fear to affect yours in any way. Keep checking out any Chemtrail sightings. Talk about your experiences, take photos and be amongst enlightened people who are helping in monitoring this situation. Welcome to the Brave New World of Toxic Skies!

Kenny’s diary

Love & Light... Kenny Corris


MONDAY 30TH April and Wednesday 2nd May: Readings at The Bistro Maya in Albir next to the BBVA bank, close to the beach front: Bookings from 4.30pm. Call Els or her team on: 96 686 8213. ‘An Audience with Kenny Corris:’ A Show with clairvoyant energies, readings, and how to develop your connection with Spirit, currently being presented in five countries. Some bookings for Spain are still available to help boost your Charities’ fund raising. Please call Kenny for details direct on: 686 361 594. 2012 Lightworkers Course: Day Workshop: Held in Finestrat: How to enter the Fifth Dimension Now booking for Saturday May 19th: Call 686 361 594. Climbing the Ladder: Day Workshop held in Finestrat: How to start an effective connection with Spirit: Now booking: Saturday May 26th. Call 686 361 594.

If it’s your birthday this week

Email your letters to me at:

KENNY, MY Grandmother has just died and I have found it hard to explain to my six year old daughter, Jade, that she won’t be attending the funeral. She is too young to have to cope with death, and she met her Great Granny only once. Edie S. To be honest Edie I think you should give Jade the opportunity to attend the service if she wants to go. She does not have to be at the graveside, but be near playing in the grass. Death scenes and funerals are acted out on TV every day and children are used to knowing what death is at a young age. Play this by ear: it’s your say, of course but if Jade is acting up because she is excluded give her the chance to be there, so long as she knows what to expect!

Challenges beckon as you begin to connect better with yourself to make things happen. You are capable of making magic, but not if you continue to hold yourself back in any way! Believe!


27 APRil - 03 may 2012



Cryptic Crossword

Quick Crossword Across 1. Nevertheless, there’s no variety (3,3,4) 7. It has been known to be tickled to death (5) 8. I left the priest in church (7) 10. Told but possibly not needing to be (8) 11. Given a start in life (4) 13. What the unsatisfied audience may shout!! (6) 15. Afternoon service? (3-3) 17. He employs us with hesitation (4) 18. Continues to make money (8) 21. Drunk, but not canned! (7) 22. A small island passage (5) 23. The aggregate is an impressive sum (5,5)

Down 1. A fool disposed to be distant (5) 2. Possibly it rarely is about books (8) 3. Play for the village (6) 4. Invest capital in kitchen equipment (4) 5. Became acquainted with brick-carriers’ ways of working (7) 6. Surprise someone more than they can say? (6,4) 9. Gets blooming old? (4,2,4) 12. An inclination to write and sing (8) 14. He makes a new reactor (7) 16. Believe one side of the account (6) 19. Stand by a new lease (5) 20. Blueprint for a tail-less aircraft (4)

Word Ladders

The key rule is that you must only change one letter at a time as you move from one rung to another, and the word you make must be a proper word! Therefore you may move from BATH --> BATS but not from BATH --> CASH because that changes two letters in one go which is not allowed.

Across 1. Taking hostage (10) 7. Perch (5) 8. Secluded (7) 10. Stronghold (8) 11. Overtake (4) 13. Tell (6) 15. To this (6) 17. Every single (4) 18. Perverse (8) 21. Defensible (7) 22. Overwhelm (5) 23. Contrition (10)

Down 1. Recognises (5) 2. Explode (8) 3. Apprehend (6) 4. Compassion (4) 5. Recount (7) 6. Promotion (10) 9. Jarring (10) 12. Under obligation (8) 14. Permission (7) 16. Contrive (6) 19. Expiate (5) 20. Clever (4)

Euromillions Draw Friday 20th April 2012

3 6 29 32 41 10 11

No ticket won

Last week’s Crossword and Suduko answers found on page 45. Winner for 653: HJ Golding, Albir

Tuesday 24th April 2012

8 9 24 43 48

No ticket won




27 APRil - 03 may 2012

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Brian Deller Author of Motoring in Spain

FOR THOSE with illegal vehicles, that is those who have UK-plated vehicles that are here and you are a tax-resident but you have not transferred your vehicle onto Spanish plates, the EU system is announced to be changed next year so all EU countries can have easy access to other countries’ databases which will be standardised to rule out language difference problems. I have warned of this before and now even the Spanish car magazines are announcing the changes. So be warned well in advance. The warning stands a lot of exposure as so many are in this position. WHY DIE ON THE ROADS? Decrease in numbers of deaths on Spains’ roads. Trafico has published figures that show that in the last 10 years, the number of deaths on Spains’ roads has steadily decreased by 37% compared with the years 2011 from 2002. The details are:

Year 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

Deaths 3967 3993 3464 3268 2989 2741 2180 1903 1729 1479

This is obviously encouraging for us all but especially for Trafico and the policing authorities who will be urged to “keep up the good work”. But it does mean that those of us who drive carefully and safely are doing a good job. Well done to all of us. At the same time 75% of drivers surveyed admitted to being very tired while driving, this being a significant reason for accidents. I can also remember when I lived in South Africa and drove some days up to 1000km from 4.30am to 2am the next morning visiting customers at mines and construction sites, that I would stop and take a 10-minute nap to stop my feeling drowsy. It just is not worth not admitting that a nap is needed so that we can return home safely to our loved ones. Lost your UK driving licence? A letter to a local newspaper here on the Costa del Sol where a woman, a new resident, was told that she had to change her UK driving licence for a Spanish one so she placed it in the hands of a local gestor who required 75€ to do the work. After many weeks of no delivery, she was told that they were unable to do it as it was due to expire (probably for a photo change as that is how the system works in the UK) and having read this column, she applied for a DVLA form D737 the certificate of what she was entitled to hold as far as classifications and expiry dates were concerned. The gestor was used to the Spanish system as all are, was not conversant with our needs and he was reported to be at a loss, so they returned the licence and the money as the lady was due to return to the UK for a few weeks and needed a licence there. Do you have a UK driving licence? Have you checked lately when it is due to expire? Check 4(b) near the photos and the classifications expiry dates. She advises now that she is changing it herself for a Spanish one but not using a gestor. Do you know the rules? How long have you got after your licence expires to renew it without taking a new test? When do you have to change a UK licence for a Spanish one? Motoring in Spain

There is much more detailed information on all motoring subjects in my book. Brian Juan (John) Deller, Malaga, author, ‘Motoring in Spain’ Tel: 666 888 870 Brian Deller, author, book Motoring in Spain, ISBN No 978 84 611 9278 6. Shops’ addresses in my web site at:


By Louise Clarke FREEWHEELERS IN conjunction with the Marjal Camping Resort Costa Blanca are holding a massive Classic and Specialist Car Rally at the newly opened Marjal Luxury Camping Resort in Catral. The event takes place on Sunday 13th May. Invitations are currently being sent to all the car clubs for miles around and the event has already aroused interest from clubs as far afield as Valencia, Barcelona and Marbella to name just a few. It promises to be the biggest event of its kind on the Costa Blanca. Entry for participating vehicles will be 10€ per car, (with two occupants) for which there will be a goodie bag with contents valued well in excess of your entry fee and expected to contain a hat, a T-shirt as well as a drink and a snack. Entertainment will also be laid on and there will be a giant 1000 person paella. Make a note of the date now, Sunday the 13th May and be part of an event of a lifetime.



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27 APRil - 03 may 2012

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Noel’s world of golf By Noel Eastwell Teaching Professional Campo de Golf El Plantio 639 730 891

THERE IS not a golfer who lives in our part of Spain that has not been affected by the recession in some way or another. A round of golf is still not as cheap as we would like to see it at some golf courses. Coupled with a poor exchange rate compared to a few short years ago although green fee prices have dropped when converted back to the currency where most of us get our money little has changed. Even with societies green fees are not as low as they could be so it’s time to do something positive to change the way we work to get more affordable golf. My recent article regarding agents has prompted a tremendous amount of feedback, all of it positive. So now it is down to you golfers who play with societies to do something about how reservations are made. I was astonished when one reader told me of an agent who went to five local bars in an area around the south of Alicante forming golf societies and then arranging to sell them green fees at reduced prices. Not a bad little earner if he is allowed to continue to get away with it. It is time for society golfers to get together and do deals with golf courses where the golfers benefit and not someone else. Many golf courses pay an incredible amount of commission to agents, many will give a society a free place for a Captain or Secretary or even both at some golf clubs. Who gets the free places; are they give to the society or kept? Dealing with the club direct will mean the society has control over what


happens to those green fees. Imagine if a society of 30 players has two free green fees worth 120€ including buggy. That amount spread amongst the 30 players reduces the green fee by 4€ per golfer. Now don’t tell me that is not worth having, in a car of four people it is 16€; enough to pay for the fuel and tolls I travelling expenses are shared. It is with the golf societies that the move to dealing direct again has to start: they are the lifeblood of the golf courses. I think it is certainly worth the effort to deal direct don’t you? WIN A ROUND OF GOLF FOR 2 INCLUDING BUGGY AT THE BEAUTIFUL EL PLANTIO RESORT IN ALICANTE Answer the question below correctly to have a chance to win. The winner of this fantastic prize will be picked at random at the end of each month. Send your entries by email to The decision of the editor of RTN will be final in making the winning selection. QUESTION FOR 27TH APRIL 2012 Where did sandy Lyle win The Open Championship? A. Royal Lytham B. Royal St Georges C. St Andrews All answers must be received no later than 5pm on 30th April 2012 to be entered into March’s draw, which will be made on April 1st. The winner will be announced in RTN on 4th May 2012.


BRANDON GRACE is not a household name amongst golfers in Europe yet; but he will be if his current form on the European Tour continues for much longer. In Sunday’s Volvo China Open he was by far the most impressive golfer as he secured his third win of the 2012 season. Three wins in one season is something normally associated with superstars not someone as young or inexperienced at the top of European golf as Grace. Over a golf course where the only protection for par was the expected wind the scores of less than three under in Saturdays third round saw the players move backwards on the leaderboard. Fairways that are 70 yards wide in places will not test the best golfers unless something like bad weather prevails. Brandon Grace’s scores of 67, 67, 64, and 69 confirmed this as he secured a three shot win over defending champion Nicolas Colsaerts.

Sunday’s final round saw more frustrated golfers leave putts short far more than seen on tour for many events as the greens were slowed down to cope with high winds that never materialized. Running parallel was The Indonesian Masters on The Asian Tour where Lee Westwood traditionally does well and this year went along as defending champion. Westwood continued where he finished last year as he took the lead into the final round after some impressive golf over the disrupted first three rounds. On Sunday Westwood had to play 32 holes to complete the event and after nearly ten hours on the course he secured his 38th win worldwide and confirm his status as one of the best in the game at the moment. After this weekend’s Ballantines Championship in South Korea The European Tour returns to mainland Europe for The Open de Española in Seville where the golf course can be a

true test when the wind blows and where some more of the cream of Europe’s golfing talent will attempt to win one of the oldest championships on tour. Andalucía stays at the forefront of European golf two weeks later as we eagerly await the Volvo Matchplay Championship after The Madeira Islands Open. Great golf is promised over the coming months as Europe moves swiftly towards its richest tournaments and the big players come out to secure Ryder Cup places for the matches in Medina later this year. GOLFING TIP OF THE WEEK Information only instruction articles in magazines can be misleading, if you really want to improve a quality coach is a must. NOEL EASTWELL GOLF ACADEMY AT EL PLANTIO Quality coaching at reduced rates for RTN Golf Club members: contact Noel on 639 730 891.


27 APRil - 03 may 2012

Andy Kay

The Final Whistle

I KNOW Gordon Taylor gets paid a huge stack of money for his role as the chief executive of the Professional Footballers Association and it’s probably a good job as it must cost a fortune for him to visit earth every day from whichever planet he lives on: for this is the man who decided not to remove convicted rapist Ched Evans from the PFA’s League One Team of the Year. Evans was sent down for five years a couple of days before the PFA’s big London bash last weekend but his name was still being trumpeted around the Grosvenor House hotel in London and on television via Sky Sports who broadcast the ceremony. Taylor said that Evans inclusion was on football grounds and was not a moral judgement; a pretty redundant statement really as we all know that morals don’t exist in football anymore. Meanwhile, Taylor’s wing man, deputy chief executive Bobby Barnes, said: “It would have drawn more attention had we pulled him out of the team.” Sorry if I’m being a bit dim here, but isn’t he missing

the point? The PFA would have brought much more positive attention upon itself if its officials had done exactly that. A better argument might have been that they had produced some lovely glossy brochures for the event and couldn’t be arsed to get them re-printed. It might not be much more appealing as a defence, but it’s better than the mealy-mouthed codswallop Taylor and Barnes came out with last Sunday. OOH NOO CAMP Regular readers of this column will know that I rate Pep Guardiola as a first class manager and Barcelona as one of the best club sides that has ever crossed the white line. But what on earth were they thinking against Chelsea in midweek? The Londoners played with 10 men for over half the game yet Barca did very little to make their extra man count. Indeed they continued to play in neat and pretty triangles which are probably just as easy to defend against with 10 men as they are with 11. Not once did the home team

Fishing Maggots End by

‘Evans Above’

David Hoare 968 199 279

THIS WEEK’S competition was the 3rd round of the Summer Championship, the venue being the Embalse de Ojos at Blanca. Well again, the venue lived up to its reputation of making it a hard day’s fishing. Although we have had strong winds of late, the morning was perfect, giving the thought that you should be able to fish the pole later in the day. That was not to be: at midday the winds got up and blew waves across the lake. Even the bleak on the day were reluctant to feed and that’s saying something… Of the 12 anglers who fished there were seven blanks! TOP RODS ON THE DAY 1st Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare fishing the feeder using corn with 7.14 kilos 2nd Dave (The Sweetie Man) Hutchinson fishing the pole using paste with 4.76 kilos 3rd Terry (Swing ‘Em) Screen fishing the pole using paste with 2.42 kilos RESULTS TO DATE After the 3rd round 1st Dave Hutchinson with 9 points 2nd Dave Hoare with 11 points 3rd Jim Rouse with 27 points PLEASE NOTE The club has some vacancies at present: if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 96 672 9293 or 603 535 771. CHARITY MATCH As you have read over the past years, the club holds an annual charity match for a different charity each year. This year’s deserving charity is Asociacion Emaus, founded in 1979. This charity looks after children from the day they are born up to the age of six years, where they move on to a further Asocicion. Due to austerity measures the government has cut all funding and the charity is now struggling with utility bills and basic

stretch Chelsea wide nor did they test the inexperienced centre back pairing of Bosingwa and Ivanovic with anything remotely like a ball over the top. As Plan A’s go, Barcelona’s normal approach is usually irresistible. But as for Plan B...well, it’s pretty clear that they ain’t got one! VILLA ON THE SLIDE The Premier League title may well come down to next week’s Manchester derby where a win for City will put them ahead of United on goal difference. Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, there are still 5 clubs battling it out to remain in the top flight. And while they may have the points on the board, I’d be really concerned if I was a fan of Aston Villa. They are in the worst form of all of the basement strugglers, without a win since early March. And with away games at local rivals West Brom and Norwich to come plus a home game in between against Spurs, their run in is far from easy. What price Villa joining Wolves in the Championship next season? For further details ring Alan Roscoe 968 570 876 or email:

items. Within the club we are providing some basic items weekly, e.g. toilet rolls, soap powder, shampoo, soap, shower gel, tooth brushes, tooth paste, nappies, baby milk etc. If you feel that you could help, even if it is only one item to give to the above charity, please visit for your nearest location for this charity. Thank you. ABBEY ANGLING RESULTS Supplied by Terry Screen This week’s 5th round of the Spring Series was fished at the Eden Stretch on the 17th April. The reeds have now grown up to three feet and new shoots are pushing up through the pegs: they need to be kept cut down to keep the pegs clear. If all the clubs did a little regular work there would be no problems. There was a good flow and colour on the water, but the fishing is still poor with only 9 kilos being the top weight on the day. The fish should now begin spawning with the warmer weather arriving and be seen in the margins splashing about. 1st Ian (The Irish Wizard) Dalzell with 9.320kg fishing the Lollipop using maggot 2nd Richard (The Lionheart) King with 7.620kg fishing Pole using corn 3rd Lennie (Ex Cultural Attache) Bolton with 5.280kg fishing Pole using maggot All details are available on our website or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 96 532 8368 ANGLERS TOGETHER The objective of Anglers Together has been reached (which was to introduce anglers to each other). Now that newcomers to Spain are few and far between, we have decided that monthly meetings are serving no useful purpose and the friendships that have been made over the past four years are now firmly established. We will continue to provide information through our email address if contacted but there will be no membership renewals in May. Thanks to all past members for their support. Email :

Lloyds Bank International

Exclusive Sponsors of the La Manga Club Owners Summer Tournament LLOYDS BANK International (LBI) was delighted to be the exclusive sponsor of the La Manga Club Owners Summer Tournament which took place on 14th and 15th April. There was some great golf played over the two days, although the conditions weren’t very summery as it was quite cold and the golfers had to contend with some very strong winds! Joanne Newman, Financial Services Adviser from Los Alcázares office and Shirley Adams, Business Development Manager for the Eastern region braved the weather conditions to present each player with a bag of golfing gifts courtesy of LBI.

FC Torrevieja news

LAST SUNDAY Torry travelled north to Alzira to take on 3rd placed UD Alzira. Against all the odds Torry came away triumphant after a 2-0 win with goals from Manu and Ramiro which were scored early in each half. The victory was earned through true grit and determination with the star of the show being goalkeeper Manolo who pulled of a string of high class saves and wasn’t going to be beaten on the day. On Sunday at 5pm Torry entertain table-toppers Catarroja. The game is a ‘Club Del Dia’ with a 5€ entrance charge for season ticket holders and 10€ for non-season ticket holders. Just be there for the ‘top of the table’ encounter.

At the awards presentation at the Principe Felipe Hotel on La Manga Club, Paul Lister, Regional Sales Director of LBI and Marivi Garcia, Manager of Los Alcázares branch, presented prizes and trophies to the winners. The mens’ overall winner was William Pritchard and the ladies’ overall winner was Theresa Lieuw.

La Marina

Fishing Rods, Reels, Floats Line, Hooks, Nets, etc + Many accessories. Fishing Tackle. Maggots available.




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PETZ BACK HOME Professional pet transporter Spain/UK/Spain. Can travel with pets for free depending on space. Tel UK 0044 (0)1209 843971 or Spain 678 756 644 URGENT HOMES NEEDED WIRED FOX TERRIES Can you give us a home and keep us together? I am the one sitting up and my name is MoMo and my brother is called Charlie. I am the brainy one but I’m scared of loud noise, but Charlie is more laid back mainly because he’s a bit daft. Our master, Alan found us nearly four years ago when we were five months old and had just been thrown out of the back of a van. We loved him very much but he has just died and our mistress is not very well and cannot go walking or chase rabbits with us. Please help these 2 find a new home:. They are 3 year old boys and have been pass ported. They are devoted to each other so have to be kept together. If you can help with these darlings, please call Thelma on 966 772 464

between the Costa Blanca and the UK.Our aim is to provide a professional, caring service for your pets.Boarding facilities for Cats and Dogs. This may be for an overnight stay or of longer durations.Tel:600552-030/965-960-658

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ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS - COSTA BLANCA Confidential Helpline, South 625 912 078, North 648 169 045.

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ARE YOU OR ARE YOU THINKING OF LIVING IN SPAIN, and dont know what to do? -----HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY-------- Well established publicity agency with big clientel base, for sale due to ill health. A company with big potential. Capital needed 55.000€ +taxes. For more information please write to FOR RENT BAR/RESTAURANT IN BENISSA Avda Pais Valencia. 120m2+FunctionRoom.Only Catering professionals. Rental Price: 650€/ month. Info: 696 463 468 COLD DRINK / SNACK VENDING MACHINES EXCELLENT RECESSION PROOF BUSINESS WITH NO OVERHEADS AND ALL CASH. 5 COLDDRINK VENDING MACHINES €24,900. 25 PRINGLE MACHINES €14,900, ALL WITH GUARANTEED SITES. 619307318.

CARAVAN- BRITISH Elddis Alfresco 520, 1997, 4 berth, end washroom, reasonably good condition 1600euros. Jalon area. 659618160 ACE CARAVAN - 18 MONTHS OLD Immaculate 4 berth caravan with kitchen and toilet/shower. Less than 750 Kg - can be towed by a small car. Large awning included. €8000 ono. Tel 96 507 7422 or 615 389667 MERCEDES MOTORHOME 1990 recentlly refurbished, cassette toilet, aircon, microwave, tv, awning & 1215cc scooter. itv till 2013. €14,000 call 639 731 276. MOBILE/PARK HOMES FROM 17,000€ FULLY FURNISHED READY TO MOVE INTO, A/C, TEL, ENG TV, ON PERMANENT SITE, BAR/RES, POOL,TENNIS,GYM, SHOP WALKING DISTANCE TO SAN JAVIER. 5MINS TO BEACH, AIRPORT, HOSPITAL, GOLF COURSES. BY CAR. ALSO BUNGALOWS , HOMES & PLOTS FOR RENT. CAROL 96 819 24 25 MOB. 626 055 622 www.

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FUNKY FREESTYLE DANCE with Louise, every Saturday morning at Villamar Campsite in Albir/Benidorm, come and learn all the moves and routines to your pop idols! Call Louise on 655-781-068 for more information!

WE HAVE A FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY for a dedicated professional sales/marketing person at Orbit Media. Local and national sales across Spain, Portugal and The Canary islands. Involving direct and email/telephone sales. This position is for Radio and Digital advertising sales in store and on line. Email your CV now to WANTED AUXILIAR ADMINISTRATION for a company in Altea. Bilingual English / Spanish. Medium level en informatics. We offer full time contract and social security. Salary according to agreement with good possibilties for those willing demostrate their abilities to work. Working week monday to friday. If you are interested please fax your C.V to 966 880 108 or email START TODAY earn money online everyday placing free advertisments online. call 676 650 599 SPARE TIME, WANT EXTRA CASH? Start earning immediately by becoming an AVON representative. Info: ring Rosh 966785520 JOIN CONSULTUSCARE - THE UK’S LEADING CARE AGENCY. Our excellent team of self-employed carers who live in Spain return to the UK periodically to provide private livein care to our mainly elderly clients (typically 2 - 4 weeks at a time). If you care and have a British or EU passport; good spoken English; a clean driving licence plus care or nursing experience; are mature with relevant life skills and would like to earn £420 to £616 a week, please contact our Recruitment Consultant, Sandra Field on 658 965 204 or email - web site

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CASH FOR GOLD & SILVER AT BENIDORM GOLD CENTRE, WE BUY ANY AMOUNT, ANY CARAT, AT THE HIGHEST PRICE AROUND. OPEN ALL DAY. C/GERONA 8. CALL: 627019403 ALEXANDERS PAY TOP LONDON PRICES Javea Port seafront open Monday to Saturday - 10am till 3pm. Established since 2003 Tel: 965792595 or 667270969

CLAIRE´S Hair and Beauty Tel: 633147881

GARDEN MAINTENANCE (seasonal or one-off) and construction. Pruning of fruit trees. Mini-digger. Crazy paving, terraces, features etc. 966482021 med.landscaping@

WHEEL CHAIR As new silver and black €150. Walking frame adjustable height €50 tel: 965 008 776 ENIGMA ENERGI POWER CHAIR robust electric chair, well maintained, new batterys €500 ono tel, 966 864 025 or 616 306 976 VIBRATION PLATE FIT MACHINE Full Body Workout, Bodyfat and Fitness Improves muscle tone. Perfect Condition only 100 euros. Collection only Torrevieja Tel 966848233 STAMPS FOR SALE GB. mint, singles, sets, presentation packs. Ireland. mint, singles, year issues, FDC, MS all at reasonable prices.Tel: 610 634 506 WHEELCHAIR, LIGHT, FOLDABLE 150€. Electric Mobility Scooter, SUNRISE MEDICAL 40km range 499€. Both like new! call: 627-019-403 SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF ANIMALS We buy, sell and exchange just about anything at Spain’s BIGGEST CHARITY WAREHOUSE in Gata de Gorgos in aid of S.P.A.I.N. (Society for the Protection of Animals in Need). HOUSE CLEARANCES, furniture, beds, Rastro, Antiques & collectables, bankrupt stock etc. Collection & delivery service available. Tel 96 575 6215 or 665 653 998 for details.

AT MICHAEL’S Several dining sets to choose from in different styles, classic, modern, bamboo, pine, glass etc. Many with matching sideboards: AT MICHAEL’S part exchange on certain beds when you buy a New bed from our New Bed shop in the Arenal. Photos (updates every 5-6 days): AT MICHAEL’S NOW 20% off on certain NEW mattresses!! Free deliveries in our area - usually the same day! Look at: AT MICHAEL’S Two white leather sofas. Large rustic farm house table. See over 600 photos on: www. MICHAEL’S 28 YEARS IN JAVEA ENSURES YOUR SATISFACTION! We sell high quality pre owned furniture, many from show apartments etc. Look at: www. Tlf:965-791-328.

GOLD WANTED English Jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold jewellery & coins for cash. Call for an appointment. Peter (7 days) 664 890 990.

CLASSIC KITCHENS 20 years on the Costa Blanca. Free quote and 3D design call Adrian on: 676699700. LOOKING FOR A KITCHEN OR BATHROOM? Have a look at www.! Fitted wardrobes as well! Tel: 96 573 4585

ADVICE WITH THE SPANISH SYSTEM Whatever you need to integrate into the spanish system, we can help you. NIE, residencia, empadronamiento, car import transfer, driving license transfer, schools, doctors, social security. Tel: 619 269 408 ADVISORY SERVICE Need advice on making a will, buying or selling property, tax, resident or non resident, starting a business in spain, we can talk you through and give you the best advice and help you settle in spain. Tel: 610 634 506

BALLROOM/LATIN/SEQUENCE DANCING WITH LA BAMBA’S. At La Rustika [Los Arcos] Restaurant, Avenida Balaeres 34, Torrevieja. Saturday - Social Dance 7.30pm - 10pm Starting 9th January 2012 - Monday - Beginners Class - 10am - 11.30am Monday - Intermediate Class - 11.30am - 1pm Tuesday - Popular Sequence class 7.30pm - 8.30pm followed by Social Dance 8.30pm - 10.30pm [not 2nd Tuesday of month]. At Casa Ventura, San Luis, Torrevieja Starting 12th January 2012 - Thursday - New Beginners class 7.30pm - 8.30pm. Intermediate class 8.30pm - 10.00pm. For more information contact Andrea 616 478 157.

YAMAHA QUAD GRIZZLY BLUE 650cc €1600 ono. Tel : 679 164 904 SUZUKI BANDIT 1200S MAROON only 7,200 miles spanish registered €2,995. call 966 576 988 or 656 400 792

GARDNER 25 years working in Spain. English/Spanish spoken. Private gardens and communities. Free Quotes billthegardner@hotmail. es Tel 699 682 630 OASIS GARDEN pool maintenance. Calpe to Javea. Telephone Martin 669 261 868

GOING HOME? We have a good selection of Right Hand Drive vehicles for sale or exchange. Tel Frank 600726221/965687976 www. PEUGEOT 308 1.6 AUTO

S.O.S. INSURANCE Car-HomeHealth-Comercial. Funeral Plans and Insurance. Tlf:-966-787-123/622-275561/686-116-297

TIPTRONIC sport premium model, 2008, 1 owner, 28,000kms, FSH, alloys, rain/light sensors, climate, panoramic roof, metallic blue, 11,450€. Ford Focus 1.8TDCi, 3 door, 11/2003, 138,000kms, FSH, alloys, aircon, CD etc, metallic black, 4,250€. Fiat Multipla 1.9JTD, 6 seater, Aug 2001, 126,000kms, fully serviced, alloys, aircon etc.,metallic blue only 3,750€. Tel Frank 600726221/965687976 www. APRILIA SR50, 2006, 50CC SCOOTER Red, one owner, pristine condition, totally original, 1495€ www. 965 368 274 FORD FIESTA, 2005 1.4 Ltr TDCi Diesel Spanish LHD, Mid Blue Metallic. 5 door hatchback, air conditioning, CD player and electric windows in excellent condition throughout. 5995€ 965 368 274 FIAT BRAVA,1996 1.4 Ltr SX petrol 5 door,champagne. Spanish LHD, Electric windows, stereo. 1495€ 965 368 274 SUZUKI BALENO, 5 door estate, 1997, 1.6 Ltr petrol, burgundy, Spanish LHD, air conditioning, all round electric windows and roof bars. Really clean estate car. 2250€ 965 368 274 RENAULT KANGOO COMBI, 2007, 1.5 Ltr DCi diesel, Red, Spanish LHD, air con, electric windows, sliding side door and full main dealer history, excellent condition throughout. 6495€ www.venuscars. com 965 368 274 SEAT IBIZA, 2002, 1.9 Ltr diesel, Mimosa Yellow, Spanish LHD, 5 door hatch, air con, electric windows and FSH 3495€ 965 368 274 TOYOTA PREVIA MPV AUTOMATIC 1995 uk reg 5 months tax 10 months mot 117,000 miles, blue 2.4 petrol very clean, electric sunroof, windows mirrors , alloy wheels , towbar, 6 seats €800 ono tel 602 610 350 la marina RENAULT MEGANE GTOUR 1.5DCI CONFORT 100cv 2007 7.000€ Info: 696 463 468 MERCEDES BENZ ML 280CDI AUTOMATIC 2006 FSH 22.000€ Info: 696 463 468 SEAT IBIZA 1.9TDI STYLANCE 109CV 2008 46.125kms 7.499€ Info: 696 463 468 CITROEN XSARA PICASSO 2,0 HDI Spanish registered october 2005, dark red, 67,000 miles , itv nov 2013, SERVICED BY CITROEN FROM NEW, showroom condition €6500 ono 968 970 630 or 610 632 152

RENAULT LAGUNA 2.0DCI 150CV Initiale Automatico, 2008, 139000kms, 14.999€ Info: 696 463 468 FIAT ULYSSE 2.0 JTD 16V DYNAMIC 2003, 87835kms, 7.000€ Info: 696 463 468 FIAT UNO 1.0, 3 DOOR 1993, 106000kms, 900€ Info: 696 463 468 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF CABRIOLET 1992, 194000kms, 4.500€ Info: 696 463 468 MERCEDES 300 DIESEL AUTOMATIC 1987, 200000kms, 2.000€ Info: 696 463 468 OPEL VECTRA 2.0 DTI 1.6V.


CONFORT 2000, 164000kms, 2.000€ Info: 696 463 468 PEUGEOT PARTNER II 1.6HDI 75CV TOTEM CB 2007, 68145kms, 5.500€ (Iva Incl) Info: 696 463 468 CITROEN JUMPY 2.0HDI 120CV L1H1 227 FG 2008, 73249kms,10.500€ (Iva Incl) Info: 696 463 468 MITSUBISHI MONTERO 3.2 DI-D INFORM 3door, 2008, 76115kms, 16.500€ Info: 696 463 468 SUZUKI GRAN VITARA 1.9 DDIS JLX 129CV 2008, 67328kms, 14.000€ Info: 696 463 468 MERCEDES SLK 230 KOMPRESSOR 1999, 83350kms, 7.999€ Info: 696 463 468 CITROEN C5 1.6 HDI SX 110CV 2005, 49061kms, 7.000€ Info: 696 463 468 RENAULT SCENIC 1.6 16V PRIVI. AUTOMATIC 2001, 80151kms, 5.500€ Info: 696 463 468 PEUGEOT 308 1.6 HDI CONFORT 90CV 2008, 53228kms, 8.500€ Info: 696 463 468 FIAT GRANDE PUNTO 1.3JTD DYN 90CV 2007, 59216kms, 6.499€ Info: 696 463 468 OPEL CORSA 1.2, 3 DOOR 2005, 53.995kms, 3.500€ Info: 696 463 468 FORD FIESTA COUPÉ SPORT 1.6 TDCI 90cv 3P 2008 35178kms 7.499€ Info: 696 463 468

WANT TO DRIVE your LHD car to the UK and sell it when you get there? Call 658 670 777 CHEAP TYRES & DISCOUNT BRAKES In Teulada, La Nucia and Alicante offer Quality New Tyres & Brakes at HUGELY DISCOUNTED PRICES! See our main ad on Pg 3 of RTN North edition for the address details of our 3 outlets. Or call 966 487 061 or email info@cheaptyres. es for details.

WANTED Scrap cars, vans, lorries, plant and caravans. Turn your scrap into cash. From Valencia to Alicante. Free collection. Tel: 689-929-395 WANTED I buy any car, van,Caravan,4x4 Etc.British, Spanish. Immediate cash 600-781873


27 APRil- 03 MAY 2012

EXTERIOR PROPERTY REPAINT DUE? Genuine discount for Spring Promotion. GUARANTEED FOR UP TO 15 YEARS! Call 968 032 672/634 356 686 NOW for no obligation quotation or more information on this amazing offer.

girls from South America. Call us, Also Escort Service. Full discretion. Come and enjoy at: Avenida Asociacion Victimas del Terrorismo. 609-573-468 or 639-832-118

SPANISH LADY PLAYA FLAMENCA near new Carrefour before La Florida. 35 years, attractive, classy lady, private house, parking. Offers all erotic services, massage, sexy lingerie, economical prices from 40€. Full discretion. Call Ana 680-735-412 ARE YOU MALE, FEMALE OR A COUPLE? Need some Sexy FUN? Contact me soonest. 63 year old Dom/Sub switch. Available for fun with Males, Dom and Sub and Cross Dressers, Females Dominatrix and Submissive. Couples including Same Sex Couples. “Anything Goes” Can sometimes accomodate. Home Visits no extra Charge/Low Fees. Call me now on 693-478-573

GENERIC VIAGRA AND WEEKENDERS for best service, Results and Friendly advice. Call Derek : 685 207 378 WE GET YOUR GOODS TO YOU FAST! Unbeatable shipping and handling service from the UK’s premier online adult retailer http:// FREE Delivery on ALL UK Orders! No minimum spend - Royal Mail Super Saver Delivery is FREE! Spend over £30 - Royal Mail Tracked Delivery is FREE! Spend over £50 - Interlink Next Day UK Delivery is FREE! Delivery to Spain is only £10. £10 off your first order when you spend over £50 http:// SPRING OFFER Super strength little blue helper Costa Blanca South, contact Steve 682 454 519. THOSE LITTLE GET YOU UP BLUE PILLS are now available from Tony on 638 352 129. LOOKING FOR COMPANY? Do you want to explore your sexual fantasies with beautiful Brazilian and Oriental ladies? 24 hours, hotel or home visit Telephone 689526354 PLEASURE HOUSE TORREVIEJA Sexy girls from South America. Come and enjoy, low rates from 40€. Address: Calle Finlandia. 682-776-068 CASA ANGELA TORREVIEJA Luxury private chalet, parking. Drinks invitation. Feeling alone? Just want some company? Exotic

PLUMBING & HEATING BATHROOM REFORMS - TILING - WATER HEATERS - GENERAL PLUMBING. Tel: 630 049 773. email: stevehayward39@yahoo. com www.stevehayward-plumber. eu NORTH COSTA BLANCA SINCE 1996 FOR ALL SHAPES AND SIZES OF SHOWER and bath screens call Don the Showerman on 96 579 2285 or 639 292 081. Immediate delivery on all products from our stock. See our advert on Page 5 North for a map to our showroom

Properties for sale

Skip Hire

FOR SALE APARTMENT IN TEULADA near primary School, with big store-room,2 bedrooms,2 bathrooms (1Ensuite),Sold furnished. Info: 650 107 304

JAVEA SKIP HIRE 626 670 038 Moraira, Benissa, Calpe, Denia from S&W TOOL HIRE & FERRETERIA MORAIRA

information and photographs www. FOR RENT/SALE 400€PCM 120.000€ Classic Spanish Old Town House, 3 double bedrooms (1 with en-suite bathroom) master bathroom, modern kitchen, downstairs toilet, sun terrace with view of mountains, BBQ terrace with summer kitchen, recentley refurbished and fully furnished. Callosa de en Seria near La Nucia. Tel: 609 177 032

POOL LEAK REPAIR SPECIALIST’S Pipe leaks pressure tested, detected and repaired. Structural leaks investigated and repaired. Professional, consciencious service to the highest standards. Refurbishments and upgrades undertaken. Replacement pumps, filters, salt systems, ph regulators and accessories supplied and installed. All work guaranteed. British trained in the UK pool industry with over 15 years experience. 8 years served on the Costa Blanca. Torrevieja and surrounding areas including Costa Calida. Tlf:- Pristine Pools on 966-774-199 or 678-080-500 www. SWIMMING POOL MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING SERVICE BY POOLTECHSPAIN. We are a fully legal, qualified and registered business who have been operating on the Costa Blanca for 6 years. We offer a professional, reliable, safe and efficient pool service, inc. re-grouting, pressure testing and leak repairs. Private and community swimming pools undertaken. Call now for more information on 965-725-565 or mobile 676-945-360/ 620-743-048

MOBILE/PARK HOMES ON CAMPING PUEBLO IN SAN JAVIER FROM 17,000E CAROL 96 819 24 25 MOB 626 055 622 www. EASILY MAINTAINED, DETACHED F/F,2 BED VILLA in l´Alberca, Polop-de-la-Marina. 249m2 flat plot. Lots of extras. Solarium with 360º views of sea and mountains. Community pool and Gardens, easy and low maintenance. 123,000€ Tlf Lynn: 966-881-048/691-202-307 or email for photographs and more information

LONG TERM RENT Two bedroom apartment in Moraira town centre with private terrace and sea views. Tenants pay utility bills including electric, water, telephone, adsl and satellite television. €450 p.m. Ref: SC802 LONG TERM RENT 3 bedroom house Terra Moraira. Com. pool. Modern kitchen, dining / living room. Fireplace English TV. Large bedroom /ensuite. 2 more double bedrooms & large bathroom. A/C. C/H. Private parking space. Tenants pay utility bills including electric, water and utilities. €550 p.m. Ref: SCR803 GREAT VALUE IN JACARILLA Large 3 bedroom apartment, fantastic views, 20mins from the beach and golf courses in the lovely Spanish village of Jacarrila.€300 per Michael UK 00447831123631 TEULADA – LONG TERM LET 3 Bed 2 Bath Apartment Central Heating 154 M2 €450 p/m + bills Tel: 615 813 076 ALTEA LA VELLA, COSTA BLANCA Holiday let for 4 people in a 2 bedroomed, first floor, fully furnished apartment. A/C + C/H plus much, much more. Tlf:966881-048 or email foundation@ for more

Register your property for FREE at and when we sell your property we will charge you absolutely nothing! The average time it takes us to sell a property is 8 weeks. Register now at – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

SPANISH LINKS Removals & deliveries Spain/UK/Spain. Last jobs minute undertaken. Best prices. Tel UK 0044 (0)1209 843971 or Spain 678 756 644. FIRST CLASS DOOR TO DOOR SERVICE To and from Spain with a single box 35 Euros to a full load. Call today for free advice and a free no obligation quote tel: 676 582 333 or +44 1268 728 855 MAN WITH A LARGE VAN local removals, deliveries, collections, house clearance, rubbish removal and disposal. No job too small - call now for competitive no obligation quotation tel: 666 703 499 EUROMOVE4U Full & Part Loads. Spain to UK/UK to Spain on a regular monthly basis. Cars & Motorcycles transported. Call Grant or Jan Office 0034-965-300-959 Mobile 0034-648-102-529 UK Mob 0044-7803-893-719. Email MICK WITH HIS VAN Removals Collections Deliveries. For a reliable effective service. Hourly rate or quote. Call Mick anytime 600-247535 SPAIN2UK2SPAIN MAN AND VAN departing Costa Blanca twice a month. Full loads/part loads. Excellent rates Tel Christine 965 571 837/638 261 341 enquiries@ VAN LEAVING FOR THE UK/SPAIN EVERY 2 WEEKS great rates please contact joe on 966074576 or 650341087 or MAN & LWB SPRINTER VAN going to UK- Spain twice a month. Tel: 610-846-260 or 0044-7519186-355

QUALIFIED TRANSLATOR Bi-lingual Spanish-English and high level French and German. Confidential and reliable accompaniment service. Competitive rates. Torrevieja and surroundings. Virginia 629201192.

SPECIAL SPRING OFFER Driving to or from the UK? English guest house in France. Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal for two, only 50 euros! Conditions apply.

NAIL COURSES now available in Albir, call Claire 633147881 BRITISH GRADUATE TEACHER offers Primary/Secondary English Mathmatics. Telephone Margaret Johnson B.Ed. 965-350-516 Mob: 616-660-687

SKYSUPPLIES for Sky+HD, Humax, Freesat and Free-toair Satbox`s. Skycrds, Spare remotes, LNB`s, Satellite dish`s, Realignments, Advice and Backup. 966194013/600899096. CRYSTAL CLEAR SATELLITE AND INTERNET TV for all your digital and TV requirements. No Annual Fees on Sky Cards. Steve:660-186-505/Ros:-965-584-097.

TURN YOUR UNWANTED FURNITURE Electrical, Household Goods and Bric-a-brac into Cash. Anything! Anywhere! 965-319220/618-165-877 RECORDS AND CD´S WANTED Top cash paid. Pop, Rock, Blues. call :630-665-363 TURN YOUR UNWANTED FURNITURE Electrical, Household Goods and Bric-a-brac into Cash. Anything! Anywhere! 965-319220/618-165-877

27 APRil- 03 MAY 2012


Classified Services All Major Credit Cards Accepted - Prices start from 10â‚Ź a week.

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27 APRil- 03 MAY 2012




Solar Energy

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