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13-19 SEPT 2013

Lifeguards assist more than 5,000 bathers this summer LIFEGUARDS ON the Playas de San Javier handed out hundreds of ID wristbands over last summer as they ran their first information campaign on this system that aims to minimize the effects of lost children on the beaches. See page 6

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13-19 SEPT 2013


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Maritime police takes stock of summer THIS SUMMER Torrevieja’s solitary maritime boat from the Policia Local kept themselves busy with a number of different distress calls, apart from their daily patrol along the coast.

Torrevieja’s busy patrol boat

by Keith Nicol In terms of pure statistics, they assisted 115 swimmers who ventured outside designated bathing areas, rescued 8 people with boat damage and removed five obstacles causing a navigational hazard, among other minor but important tasks. The Policia Local work within a framework of collaboration with Torrevieja’s Harbour Master in functions related to passage of boats, intrusion by boats into areas closed for swimming, boat control documentation and anchoring offshore. In addition, the service supports the general supervision and control of compliance with boating safety rules including such important services such as maritime distress in both designated areas for swimming and along the rest of the coast, including the rescue of crew and vessels that breakdown, sickness, shipwreck or any other

reason that may pose a risk. Another aspect of the service includes the protection of the environment, from the control of fishing activities through the control of discharges, recovery of injured or dead wildlife, jellyfish detection and to support Biologist Department with rescue and recovery of injured turtles and mammals. This summer they directly sanctioned 5 speeding boats in the harbour, 8 vessels for invasion of the bathing area, documented more than 34 boats anchored in the harbour and controlled Fishing Activities of 110 fishermen and 11 divers within the bathing territory! They oversaw one fiesta and two sporting events: a rowing regatta and a swimming race. They also made 48 control checks on boats about possible discharges into the sea at different points of the coast and detected a total of 7 banks of jellyfish in different beaches of Torrevieja. All in a day’s work!

Death on La Mata Beach

By Keith Nicol A MAN aged 47 drowned while bathing on the beach of La Mata in Torrevieja according to sources at the Centre Emergency Information and Coordination (Cicu). Although the man was plucked from the water by Red Cross lifeguards at about 2:30pm, emergency services could not do anything to save the swimmer. A unit of the Emergency Medical Service (SAMU) use of their cardiopulmonary resuscitation unit did not revive the swimmer and could not do anything to save his life. Sources close to the case said that the deceased was a Russian citizen on holiday in Torrevieja.

13-19 SEPT 2013

13-19 SEPT 2013

Vote campaign reaches Brussels by Jack Troughton

EXPATS FIGHTING for the right to vote in UK General Elections won hearts and minds in Brussels last Thursday after lobbying the European Commission. Led by 93-year-old war veteran Harry Shindler, a delegation met with the commission’s Vice-President Viviane Reding – whose report on citizen rights has called for people to continue to have a voice in their native country wherever they live in the EU. Harry, who lives in Italy, is appealing to the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights against the British law that strips expats of their right to vote after 15 years of living abroad. A veteran of the Allied landing at Anzio and the liberation of Rome, he said: “This is the first time ever that expats have come together in an organised way to make their case to the commission. I welcome support given by the commission and with support – and our own activity – we will win the democratic right owed to us to vote in the UK. “I hope this whole matter can be concluded by May 2014 so that we can celebrate Victory in Europe Day for British expats.” Ms Reding believes robbing expats of their right to vote in their native country is “punishing” them for taking up the freedom of movement enjoyed by EU citizens. However, despite underlying her support for the campaign – Ms Reding has notably clashed with Britain on a number of ‘justice’ matters - she has warned there is little she can legally do to force the British Government’s hand but she pledged to continue to raise the matter at Westminster. Campaigners argue that many of them continue to have strong links with the UK through property, pensions, bank accounts and family ties – the majority of other EU counties – 22 of 28 – do not have a cut off period for voting rights for expat nationals. SUFFRAGETTE Spanish expats were represented in Brussels by Margaret Hales MBE – a relative of Suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst, who successfully campaigned for votes for women a century ago. She said there was an urgent need for people on the Costa Blanca to start lobbying MEPs to get the voting crisis debated in the European Parliament and write to MPs in the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne. “They need to know there are

Margaret Hales with Harry Shindler in Brussels

lots of us who really care about this issue.” And she called on expats around the vote who are entitled to cast a vote to register to do so – a cross-party campaign is attempting to boost numbers. “There is no point in saying all this with one elbow on the bar – you need to take action and do something,” she said. “We do have an issue over getting people to take a bit of action. “Emmeline Pankhurst was a figurehead but she would have got nowhere unless she had the hundreds of thousands of people backing her – ordinary people prepared to chain themselves to railings and demonstrate. “We have it a bit easier through technology. We can use computers and even mobile phones to lobby for this right to universal enfranchisement.” The Brussels meeting was chaired by Sir Roger Gale, the Tory MP for North Thanet, believes voting rights should be a manifesto issue for next year’s EU elections. “There is no doubt in my mind that the commissioner and her officials are completely supportive of the principle that lies behind an individual’s right to vote in their own country in perpetuity. “It remains incredible that there are, within the EU, at least 5 million people who are denied the right to vote in their own countries, in spite of the fact that very many of them pay taxes and even own homes in their country of nationality. That is a basic matter of democracy that has to be addressed.” For more information about the campaign visit

Rajoy’s high-handed promises at G20 AT THE G20 summit Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy indicated that he would back Barack Obama’s call for international intervention in response to the 21st August chemical weapon attack on Syrian civilians by Bashar al Assad. The US has gathered the support of Spain and nine other G20 countries: Canada, Australia, France, Italy, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, UK, Japan and Turkey. Rajoy also took the opportunity on two occasions to speak with David Cameron on issues concerning Gibraltar, describing the talks as “useful” and agreeing to discuss the matter further in the future. However a later statement by the PP executive made it clear that Rajoy had not consulted his cabinet before announcing his intentions to back the US and also stated that Spain had not committed to military support in the event of air strikes on Syria.

13-19 SEPT 2013

Town Hall redevelopment San Juan police HQ project shut down starts soon By Jan Gamm THE NEW police headquarters building project in the Playa de San Juan area of Alicante has been abandoned until further notice due to lack of funds. The building has been under construction for six years costing a whopping €5 million. From outside, the building appears finished, with windows and two-tone metalwork installed, the edifice fronted with the huge letters ‘Policia Local’ and emergency number 112. Inside, surfaces are finished and underground parking in place. The decision to abandon construction when the building is so close to completion - at least 65% - has prompted questions directed to the PP council regarding the management of the cash allocated for the work. A neighbouring project, the new fire station, is nearing completion and due to open shortly.

by Keith Nicol A LONG overdue project is about to commence in Torrevieja with the redevelopment of the buildings adjacent to the Town Hall. The project includes the demolition of two buildings separating the Town Hall of ‘old’ and the current administrative building. The expansion project is budgeted at around 400,000€ and will result in a saving of around 140,000€ a year that is spent on renting local premises for local civil functions in rented premises outside the main building . The budget provides for the demolition of the old ‘priest house’ and adjacent buildings whose three floors presently house the notification service on the ground floor. The resulting construction will feature a building that covers the entire facade between the current City Hall , located in the Plaza de la Constitution and the Caballero de Rodas, and the ‘old’ Town Hall, located on the same side of the Plaza de la Constitucion . The new

Torrevieja’s Town Hall with the lower level properties to the left, due for demolition

properties will be designed from the architectural point of view to allow more ambitious future extensions. The budget also includes the adaptation of the current town hall to accessibility standards. At a later stage, there are plans to reform the iconic ‘old’ City Hall that was built in the late 40s. This building presently houses offices on

the ground floor while there are almost 300 square meters on the first floor that remain unused. The budget for the renovation has still to be approved but it’s expected that it will be put to the vote at the end of this month with the tender for construction put out soon after and work to commence early 2014.

No lights for La Hoya

STREET LIGHTING in La Hoya between Callosina and Cox has been out of action for more than a month following a spate of cable thefts in August. The wire has been stolen to be stripped for its copper content. Furious residents left in the dark by copper thieves have appealed to the council to throw some light on the situation but have been told that at present there is no cash available to fund replacements.


13-19 SEPT 2013

Lifeguards assist more than 5,000 bathers this summer by Keith Nicol LIFEGUARDS ON the Playas de San Javier handed out hundreds of ID wristbands over last summer primarily on the Santiago de la Ribera and La Manga beaches as they ran their first information campaign on this system that aims to minimize the effects of lost children on the beaches. Lifeguards reported that this new service was well received by beach goers because it offers greater security to families with children and Alzheimer’s patients or people with intellectual disabilities as they can become disoriented. Bracelet carriers are identified with their name and a contact number, which facilitates the location of the responsible adult in case of someone becoming lost. The bracelet, that’s waterproof and single use, can be applied for at first aid stations, which also records any significant medical details that must be taken into account in case of accident. The initiative, which is shared by the Department of Civil Protection and Tourism, will become an annual addition for the summer seasons following the normal security protocols beaches. Provisional data provided by the Lifesaving service for the municipality of San Javier shows that they provided more than 5,000 assists, with an average of 6 assists for each of the 15 aid stations that exist on the beaches of Santiago de la Ribera and La Manga, both the Mar Menor and Mediterranean. The major assistance included those related to jellyfish stings, which amounted to 1,995, one of the lowest figures recorded in recent years, with the average attendance for each position being 2 to 4 each day. Lifeguards treated 508 people who had minor injuries, and

New beach service a success

helped 992 people with disabilities to the bathroom who were using the special amphibious chairs, that are available from the aid stations. Finally a total of 1,190 people went to the lifeguards to request other information.

Civil protection chief, Fernando Postigo said that the 2013 summer campaign was “quiet” without any serious or extraordinary incident and highlighted the decline in jellyfish related occurrences on the Mar Menor.

Aston Martin comes to Spain SPANISH ENTREPRENEUR Juan Abelló has invested in 100-year-old British car manufacturing icon Aston Martin. Prestige Motor Holdings SA will control 37.5% of Aston Martin’s capital. The dream car maker founded in 1913 has ambitious plans for product development over the next five years. And the cars have featured in no less than six James Bond movies including Skyfall.

13-19 SEPT 2013

Torrevieja Hospital campaign raises more than 300 kilos of food by Keith Nicol LAST JUNE the Department of Health in Torrevieja launched a charity campaign to collect food for the needy, resulting in more than 300 kilos of non-perishable food items donated by patients and professionals of the Department during the months of June, July and August. Department professionals developed this solidarity campaign, aimed towards and to try and cover the basic needs of lowincome families. In the coming days, the hospital will deliver the food to local associations and groups for them to distribute

among their members. These bodies will be responsible for providing support to those families most in need, as they have done in other campaigns developed by the same department. The groups are responsible for the distribution of food to poor families and the homeless. Food is sorted by category and destination target groups will be delivered directly to those households with these needs. The involvement of patients, visitors and health professionals shows that this need represents an entire show of solidarity throughout the community, that has allowed collecting non-perishable food of all kinds

Filton Centre Family Fun Day THE FLABELOS Vibra Gym is hosting a Family Fun Day in The Filton Centre in Los Balcones (near the Torrevieja Hospital) on Saturday14th September in aid of the ‘AECC’s Maria and her Pink Ladies Cancer Charity’. The fun starts at 12pm and continues until 6pm with all sorts going on throughout the day from Rocko’s Pony Rides (see for details), Bouncy Castles, a Tombola, Raffles, Guess the Hamper Value, BBQ, Live Entertainment from Local Artists and much more, hosted by Ricky Neil of Sunshine FM. Have your face painted, browse the jewellery and fashion stalls and enjoy delicious food and drinks offers all day. For more information you can visit Facebook page or call Brian on 626 941 962.

Torrevieja Hospital’s food collection

such as vegetables, preserves, oil, pasta, rice, milk and other products needed to develop

a healthy lifestyle, and in turn improve the quality of life of families in need.

The animal stars of the world of photography

By Keith Nicol THE ANIMAL world are the stars of a new photographic exhibition taking place in Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre. The exhibition was opened this week by Torrevieja’s Councillor for Culture, Luis Maria Pizana, accompanied by the Salt Queen Nuria Zaragoza. The exhibition highlights the Course work for 2012/13 of the

Municipal School of Photography, directed by Justo Gil, and entitled ‘The Animals’ . The exhibition includes the participation of 50 students from the Municipal School, which have been reflected in their photographs, mostly of the pets that are close to them and their environment, but there is another group of images that indicate basic human instincts

reflected in animals. The Municipal School of Photography do something different year to year with this academic year, 2013/2014 being their tenth anniversary, they are already preparing a special exhibition commemorating the work done over the last decade. The exhibition The Animals is open to the public until September 21st.


13-19 SEPT 2013

Moors and Christians participants relax in Torrevieja by Keith Nicol HARD WORKING delegates from Crevillente’s Asociación de Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos “San Francisco de Asís” de Crevillente have the opportunity to relax in Torrevieja this week, as part of their ‘festive living’ campaign. Visitors include those at the head of the main procession including both queens and captains, the Reinas Cristianas, Reinas Moras, Capitán Cristiano and the Capitán Moro. During their visit they were accompanied by the Councillor for Culture and Tourism, Luis Maria Pizana, the Councillor for Fiestas, Lola Sanchez Roca and Reina de la Sal, Nuria Zaragoza and on Sunday15th September at 11am they will visit Torrevieja’s Floating Museum: the submarine Delfin S-61, the patrol customs schooner Albatros and the Pascual Flores, led by the Museums coordinator, Rafael

A sign from heaven AS MARIANO Rajoy faced yet another grilling in Congress on Wednesday morning over the PP’s alleged secret slush fund, proceedings took a soggy turn when the roof of the Congress building started to leak, raining on the heads of the occupants in what a number of Spanish bloggers are gleefully calling ‘a sign from heaven’. Water poured through the ceiling

despite summer repairs estimated at €4.4 million. Tarpaulins placed on the roof to protect on-going work filled with rain and eventually overflowed into a waterfall that cascaded into the chamber. The meeting was evacuated due to risk of electrocution as water gushed through

Tram service running smoothly

Members from Crevillente’s Moors and Christians Fiesta visit Torrevieja

Aracil. After the visit to the Floating Museum, the expedition crevillentina will take a journey along the bay and the coast of Torrevieja, on board one of the classic ‘swallows’.

THE NEW FGV tram service in Alicante is running on schedule despite its inauguration being de-railed by protestors last Wednesday. FGV has estimated that at least 10,000 passengers opted to use the Line 2 tram on Monday as students returned to school in droves. Between 7am and 8am the carriages were packed to capacity and again from 12.30pm to 1.30pm and during the evening rush hour period. FGV expects Line 2 TRAM to carry and average of three million travellers throughout 2014.


13-19 SEPT 2013

Neighbours barbed wire booby trap A planter with barbed wire, installed to injure any animal that may venture on this patio

IT’S UNFORTUNATE to have to report the disturbing news that one resident in El Galan has resorted to, to protect her one and only planter! by Keith Nicol Before returning home last week, the neighbour intentionally booby trapped her planter with barbed wire, as a deterrent for the cats in the area along with lining the bottom of her hedge with the same and then placing broken glass, mounted in cement below her bushes. As one neighbour put it, “it’s sad that someone would resort to this especially when the simple addition of chicken-wire would have served exactly the same purpose, without adding a danger to animals and especially children, who might venture onto their patio to retrieve a ball or possibly when playing hide and seek.” One neighbour’s cat returned home with two large wounds, which cost 60€ in vet bills but

could have severed a tendon or an artery resulting the possible death of the pet. And while it’s almost impossible to stop cats invading your property by their very nature of inquisitiveness, the resident left her home without locking her basic front gate, which would at least have acted as a deterrent to local children, who play in the quiet street and who could easily slip and fall on the wire. Neither Guardia Civil nor Policia Local on the Orihuela Costa were interested, saying that since it was installed within their property that they could do what they wished. Another neighbour added “it’s sad that this resident should go to these vindictive measures to protect a bland pot plant, when there are many other more humane ways of doing so.”

Orihuela Costa clean up

By Keith Nicol FANCY A plate of paella and to increase your sense of community pride? If so, it’s coastal clean-up day, organized by the Ayuntamiento de Orihuela Costa, and as they say themselves “it is set to spiffy up our coastline”. The event takes place on Sunday 22nd September 2013 in Campoamor on Playa de la Glea, with the time still to be announced! They say there is a “Free giant paella for all volunteers” but I suspect you will have to share it!

WTO chief compliments Benidorm by Jan Gamm

CHIEF EXECUTIVE of the World Tourism Organisation, Taleb Rifai, has congratulated Benidorm as a “Spanish success story.” Following his re-election last week as WTO Chief Executive Rifai toured the city of Benidorm on Monday. SUCCESS STORY “The success story of tourism in Spain and also in Europe cannot be told without citing Benidorm,” said Rifai, “it is an iconic city and one that has risen up out of nowhere thanks to the will of many people who joined forces to lift it into a top tourist destination that did not exist just 60 years ago.” Rifai’s visit to the city included an exhaustive double tour of the Old Town and ended

with a hotel conference later in the day attended by the Secretary of State for Tourism Isabel Borrego and also the President of the Generalitat Alberto Fabra, along with a number of prominent business entrepreneurs. COMMENDATION While addressing the conference Rifai took the opportunity to commend the city on its contribution to Spain’s growth as a world class tourist destination, despite the country’s struggles during the economic crisis achieving an impressive 6.7% increase in trade over last year. He also appealed to political leaders to take a greater interest in tourism and put an end to bureaucratic taxes in order to assist the “new economy emerging from the combination of tourism, culture, sport and the creative arts industry.”

The president of UNWTO shakes the hand of the President of the Generalitat

The Saharawi children go home SAHARAWI CHILDREN who spent the summer as guests of Spanish host families on the ‘Holidays in Peace’ programme have now returned home. 18 children from the Sahara region enjoyed mountain excursions, beach parties, theatre trips and other summer treats so often taken for granted by children living in more friendly climes.

Nine kids back to school! SEPTEMBER IS one month the Linares-Gaeta family are glad to put behind them. With nine children, eight of school age and one more at college, their average back-toschool spend runs a little less than the latest average - an eye-watering 838€ per child! Dad Rafael luckily earns a good wage as a successful engineer – between 50,000€ and 60,000€ per year - but unsurprisingly spends most of it on his children. Mum Mari Carmen Gaeta says that actually having a lot of children can make home life easier as the older ones take care of the younger tots, but everyone dreads bank-busting September. Everything comes from the same pocket, although recently Mari Carmen and the older children have been leafleting and taking casual work painting and decorating to contribute to the family economy, earning an extra 300€ - 400€. Regarding expense, say Mari Carmen and Rafael, September has become the “new January” in Spain.

13-19 SEPT 2013



13-19 SEPT 2013


Alan Gilchrist The Costa Blanca’s Top Hypnotherapist

Fast Track Hypnosis over a year! FRIDAY 13TH is now upon us again! Millions of people throughout the world live in terror of this particular day, virtually becoming a recluse in their own home due to this irrational fear that something awful is about to befall them. In Greece and Spain, usually Tuesday the 13th is considered the unluckiest day. The fear of number 13 is called Triskaidekaphobia: the fear of Friday 13th is ‘Paraskavedekatriaphobia’. One famous person who supposedly had the fear of the number 13 was Queen Victoria. The story goes that she was invited to a diner but refused to join the other guests because she would have been the 13th at the table, until someone pointed out that one of the guests was pregnant! Over the years I have compiled a still growing list of more than 400 phobias and their names. Two that I have successfully treated but as yet have no name for are a phobia of hair remover and another of plastic spiders! Surprisingly there is a calendar to peoples’ problems: JANUARY is the month for New Year resolutions: Clients mainly come for Fast Track Stop Smoking or Weight Control sessions. However, I might also have clients coming along for a ‘goal-setting session’ to reinforce a particular project or for other problems such as phobias, procrastination, etc.

FEBRUARY is when people who tried to quit smoking or lose weight on their own but couldn’t come to me. MARCH is the month for people who did manage to quit smoking on their own but have now put on weight need some motivation. APRIL is for smokers and dieters and folk who failed giving up cigarettes on their own over Lent, plus students for exam stress. MAY, JUNE AND JULY is dominated by those with a fear of flying: usually they ring me the day before their flight, expecting a ‘miracle cure’ bit it usually takes 3 or 4 sessions to sort it out. AUGUST features clients who are predominately teachers needing the confidence to face another year! I call the last two weeks in August ‘Teacher fortnight!’ SEPTEMBER: Mostly post-summer weight control sessions, plus the people who delayed quitting smoking until after the holidays. OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER is inundated with blushers with no confidence. They come now in the run up to the staff Christmas party season. DECEMBER in the second half of the month is my time

off before everyone makes their New Year resolutions and in January the cycle starts all over again! Nowadays clients use Fast Track Hypnosis for decision making, sleep disorders, panic attacks, depression, confidence as well as the main one - job interview techniques! To listen to a free complete relaxation session visit Alan and his son Jonathan hold their Fast Track Hypnosis sessions in Cabo Roig, Guardarmar and Benidorm. Alan is also the Creator of the Stop Smoking in Under 30 minutes Fast Track System, featured and proven on TV. Jonathan holds sessions in Spanish as well as English. For an appointment, brochure, or free of charge initial consultation, contact Alan Gilchrist on 659 229 408.

Peral Submarine room opens this week THE ROOM dedicated to Isaac Peral opened yesterday on Thursday 12th September at the Naval Museum and to mark the 125th anniversary of the launching of the Peral Submarine, by Keith Nicol the Naval Museum has organized a series of conferences and cultural and sports activities that take place throughout September and October With the 125th anniversary of the launch of Isaac Peral Submarine, the Naval Museum has organised a series of activities that address the life and work of this illustrious son of Cartagena. The special program is complemented by cultural activities such as Isaac Pear route on October 6th and such sports as Isaac Peral Regatta organized by the Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena from September 20th to 22nd and the popular race Submarine History for 28th September. Additionally, on 23rd September at 11:30 am, there will be a special presentation in the museum of an ONCE memorial coupon. The finishing touch for such an important event is in the hands of a concert by the Marine Band of the Legion of Levante on Thursday October 24th that begins at 8.30pm in the Peral room at the Naval Museum . To mark the 125th anniversary of the launch of Isaac Peral submarine, the Alternative Recreation Program of the Youth Council of the City of Cartagena (T-LA), has organized a route for the Saturday, September 21st to provide students with a

better knowledge about the life and work of this illustrious son of Cartagena. The meeting point is the San Miguel Building, while the registration for this activity, whose fee is just one euro, can be paid in the premises of the Youth Resource Center, Paseo Alfonso XIII, No. 51, phone: 968 128 862, extension 4.

13-19 SEPT 2013


The art of Bullfighting By Keith Nicol UNTIL OCTOBER 27th the art of bullfighting, an artistic exhibition from the artistic duo formed by Manuel Herrera and Francisca Muñoz is taking place in the Palacio Almudí showing their particular vision of the Bullfight. This is a collection that recreates a novel approach of bullfighting, the matador game, the movement, the colour and all elements surrounding this enigmatic world. The show contains paintings, sculptures and collages in multiple formats that are uniquely combined in this exhibition to reflect a vision of bullfighting. Manuel Herrera said “We wanted to express a vision of the bullfight through their colour, shape and features.” Highlighted in this exhibition are expressionist paintings on paper and canvas plus a large sculpture and collages. That colour scheme that runs through the show are yellow and fuchsia that form the basis of the exhibition and what the authors intended to reflect what was experienced in the world of bullfighting . On the way , the spotlight will fall on the circle. The bull ring, the ring ... all invites Muher to combine form to obtain geometric concept around it , acting as a thread on which to base plastic philosophy that unites the work . Ultimately, Murcia brings an artistic vision of the most traditional of Spanish celebrations through the hands of two artists whose path in search of new colours, shapes and inspirations, is well known and appreciated in Spain. The exhibition will continue to be shown during the months of November to December in the Museo y Palacio Consistorial de Cartagena.


13-19 SEPT 2013

UK hit TV show Cowboy Builders on the Costa Blanca by Keith Nicol HAVE YOU a story to tell about Cowboy Builders that you have had an unfortunate dealing with while in Spain. Apart from the issue of illegal homes and shady deals from estate agents, lawyers and corrupt politicians, have you been ripped off by individuals or building companies? Has a language barrier cost more than it should have? Has your dream place in the sun become a nightmare of shoddy workmanship? If you been the unfortunate victim of poor workmanship or someone just not qualified for the job, or who has maybe left you high and dry with promises or denuncias with the Town Hall, then you might have the chance to state your case as the search is now on for cowboy builders abroad. Ricochet Television is currently producing a brand new series of Channel 5’s ‘Cowboy Builders’ and is keen to hear from British Ex-Pats who have fallen victim to rogue builders away from their home in the UK or Ireland. They would like to hear from anyone who has lost money on building or

renovating a dream new abode or holiday home in your area as a result of under qualified workmanship. So if you’ve been ripped off by a British or English speaking builder and you want Ricochet to expose them and maybe even help to fix your property, then please contact the Cowboy Builders team on or phone: +44 1273 224 829. Ricochet Television is one of the UK’s leading independent television pro-

duction companies that produces high quality Factual and Entertainment programmes for broadcast by major networks in the UK and the US. Recent, award-winning shows include ‘Food Unwrapped’, ‘Britain’s Empty Homes’, ‘Hollywood Me’ and ‘Cowboy Traders’. For more information please visit their website

World’s biggest white diamond goes under the hammer

THE WORLD’S biggest white diamond on the market, a 118carat African oval stone the size of a small egg, is to go under the hammer in Hong Kong on 7th October. The dream stone was mined and cut two years ago from a rough original weighing in at 299-carats! Now it carries a pre-sale estimate of US$28 million. Quek Chin Yeow, deputy chairman of Sotheby’s Asia, says: “This is the greatest white diamond we’ve ever had the privilege to sell.”

Take a bite out of Facebook!

Dominic Littlewood and Melinda Messenger

TWO RESOURCEFUL ice cream makers at the Valentino Ice Cream Shop on Murter Island in Croatia decided to cash in on Facebook’s popularity and invent a flavour for the world’s largest social network. Shop owners and brothers Admir and Ibi Adil mixed a bright streak of Facebook blue syrup with a creamy vanilla and added a dinky little flag bearing the Facebook logo – the end result is decidedly Smurf-esque but the customers are lapping it up at 1€ per scoop! The two entrepreneurs confessed they have not as yet contacted Mark Zuckerberg for permission to use his trademarked logo but they said they would if the company “reached out” to them.

Watts In Britain By

Paul Watts

Elevated costs

13-19 SEPT 2013


LAST WEEK I helped move my folks into their new apartment. They moved from East Sussex down to Hampshire and if anyone tells you that moving is the most stressful activity you can do try doing it with ageing parents! Anyway, all went reasonably according to plan until the morning of the move when I realised that my dad’s stairlift was still in place (the house had to be returned to ‘normal’ use). However, a quick call to my sister revealed that the men from the stairlift company were coming at ten. Phew! By ten-thirty the stairway was back to its pre-lift glory. I was less than impressed a few days later when I discovered that my dad did not get a single penny back for his stairlift which was just a few months old. “Flaming-heck,” thought I, “the b******s were quick enough to get the bloody thing in.” The flashy slickedback salesman with slicked-back hair and a slickedback name had swept in oozing meretricious charm and false promises. He was called Carl Pring or something similarly slicked-back (maybe Brent Clever or Steve Silverback) and he insisted that should dad ever need to get rid of the device he’d easily get a quick resale. Yeah, right… The truth of the matter was that dad spent a lot of bucks on a device that some four months later he didn’t need. I know, you can argue that moving into a flat was dad’s decision and no manufacturer ever wants to buy their stuff back once sold. Nevertheless it was implied that a resale could be achieved without too much fuss. And this was not the case. So, I offer this story as a cautionary tale to those of you contemplating the installation of one of these gadgets. The stairlift company, whom I won’t name

but I can tell you that from them ‘mighty oaks do grow’, directed our attention to a tiny piece of small print. So small was this small print only a creature with the visual acuity of an eagle would have spotted it. Caveat emptor, I guess. The small print basically sayeth this: that while they’d take the thing away, you can expect to get bugger all for it! They do not buy back - at all. I laughed a bitter little laugh of irony when I went onto the company’s website, for there amongst the frequently asked questions is: “How much does it cost to run?” Ooh, very little, almost less than your average Christmas tree fairy light if the blurb is to be believed. We’re presented with the following table of comparisons: ‘Calculations are based on the appliance running on 240v. 60w Incandescent Bulb 250 mA 12w Eco Bulb 50 mA Stairlift 90mA (Trickle Charge) to 420mA (Full Charge)’ So, running costs are somewhere between a lowenergy bulb and an old-fashioned gas-guzzling bulb. Hmmm, let’s see, that’s probably about a tenth of one penny per trip. I compared these with how much the running costs have been for dad. Right, here are my calculations for his stairlift that cost him over a grand. He experienced his first elevation on 20th April

and made his final descent on 3rd September (that’s 136 days) and on average made three trips up and down per day (he needed it to get upstairs from his downstairs bed to the bathroom). So by my reckoning that’s 408 round trips or 816 single journeys. That works out at £2.45 folks, for every trip. And as ‘what goes up must come down’ that’s £4.90 for every return trip to the loo! Blimey, you can get a West Midlands Daysaver for £4.20 and travel the length and breadth of Brum! At that price travelling to Spain would cost you millions! The moral of this story is always read all of the small print. Okay folks, I’m off to the day job but I’ve just noticed on the stairlift website that an ‘as new’ model that looks remarkable like my dad’s is on offer for nine, nine, five… Hmmm, strange that... Watts in Britain, so you don’t have to be…


13-19 SEPT 2013

Cartagena sailing week

A full range of sailing, kayaking, diving and fishing events take place in Cartagena starting this weekend

by Keith Nicol THE III Marine Week 2013 gets underway this weekend in Cartagena, with a full array of activities for you to enjoy in the Autumn sunshine. Fishing, diving and sailboats raise the curtain this coming weekend, September 13th,14th and 15th. The divers will be first on the scene, with a special day, today, Friday 13th September with the Third Diving Conference while fishing and sailing will take over the next morning. On Saturday 14th September there is the mythical Carthaginians and Romans trophy, which has now reached twenty-seventh edition. The following weekend of September 21st and 22nd will celebrate the Sea Kayak tests and I Peral Isaac Memorial Race for the Cruising fleet. September will conclude on the 28th and 29th with the II Spanish Open Fishing Championship from a kayak. There are four events in October starting on the 5th and 6th with the III Regional Confer-

ence of Adapted Sailing and Dinghy Sailing Trophy for the Snipe class, with the Carthaginians and Romans trophy at stake. On October 11th the diving repeats the same tests as in September while on Saturday 19th, there is also the Underwater Photography Competition II Hesperides .One of the highlights of this Nautical event happens on Sunday, October 20th with the first cruiser fleet regatta for the prestigious and important Islands Tour Trophy. A week later the fishermen are back to the fore on the 26th and 27th with the ninth qualifying event for Sport Fishing from an anchored boat. Sporting director, Eduardo Gallego said, “the calendar in the current edition maintains the successful format of the previous two editions and we are expecting a high turnout with a program open to all activities taking place at the club, from sailing in all their categories and classes, to fishing, diving and canoeing that keeps growing and gaining momentum, year by year.”

HELP Murcia Mar Menor

HELP MURCIA Mar Menor invites you to a Night at the Proms! Monday 23rd September at The Olympia Restaurant, Mil Palmeras at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Tickets at 12€ which include chicken, chips and wine. Come and join in with rousing songs, flag waving and generally having a good time! More information is available from: Joan Mitchell on 678 135 467 or the Office: 96 857 0059.

13-19 SEPT 2013

Poppies arrive on the Costa Blanca

Walking for treasure

A FUN day with a spot of exercise and a chance to win a few prizes is on offer this coming Sunday 15th September. This sponsored walk is in aid of CICRA who support children with ‘crohns disease’ and is organised around a 5K Walk and Treasure Hunt at El Raso. The action starts at 10.00am as walkers head towards the lake before taking a brief break at the Old Finca for complimentary drinks before exercising not only their legs and lungs but your grey matter, as the last 500 meters is where you will find the Treasure Hunt! For further details, sponsorship information and a ‘free to enter’ competition, email: Sponsorship forms are available from Bar Sofia in El Raso or by email or walkers can pay a 5€ registration fee on the day.

Poppies arrive for 2013 appeal

by Keith Nicol THE POPPY appeal will soon be starting and although it may only be the beginning of September, The Royal British Legion in Spain has to plan early for the period of Armistice and Remembrance, which occurs in November. Throughout late October and early November, you may well be in your favourite bar or restaurant, where you could give a donation for a Poppy, a wooden Remembrance Cross, or a Wristband. The RBL have a world wide presence but they still have to plan and

think ahead for their events so if you have ever wondered how the Poppies got all the way out here to Spain and what it costs The RBL to do so, you’ll be delighted to know that if you see a Poppy box in Orihuela Costa, or Torrevieja, Guardamar, or La Marina, Gran Alacant or at Alicante Airport the answer is that it will not have cost The RBL a single centimo and all donations go directly to the RBL. All the poppies, crosses, wreathes etc. have been brought over absolutely free of charge by a local company. This is the second consecutive year that EEZEE Re-


movals have transported them all the way from the Poppy Village in Kent to the Costa Blanca and The Royal British Legion in Spain (District North) is greatly indebted to Paul and Andrea Roberts of EEZEE Removals, who are based in La Marina for offering their services. For more information about The RBL Poppy Appeal in this area contact: Robin Hargrave phone: 966 695 423 or e-mail him at For more information about EEZEE Removals contact Paul or Andrea Roberts on 965 073 468 or e-mail them at

Volunteers needed for Age Concern

DO YOU have a few hours to spare, one morning a week? Age Concern Costa Blanca Sur are looking for volunteers as ‘Befrienders’, helping with shopping, collecting prescriptions or just visiting and chatting to lonely, elderly people. No nursing is involved, just being a friend to make life easier and more enjoyable for needy people. Volunteers are required for our Day Centre in La Siesta, and our Information Offices in Playa Flamenca and La Marina. We also need volunteers to join a team who visit a residential home in Torrevieja, and take residents out for a walk or just visit and chat. The requirement is one Friday afternoon a month on a rota system. The residents are really grateful and look forward to the visits and everyone in the team finds it worthwhile. If you are interested please call 96 678 6887 or call in to our Day Centre in Calle Paganini, La Siesta: you will be made very welcome.


13-19 SEPT 2013

El Toro support Paul Cunningham Nurses BAR EL Toro in Doña Pepa, Quesada, literally had people dancing in the street, Calle Vigo to be exact, last week, as part of a fun, fundraising night for Paul Cunningham Nurses. by Keith Nicol The event was organised by Bar El Toro in association with Lizarran Tapas Bar with more than a a hundred people enjoying the cool breezes on the terrace, as Bobby Dazzler, and Ricardo entertained into the night. The technical and IT support for the night was provided by SRB World Wide of Calle Vigo with all monies collected on the night going directly to the PCN charity. Included in the night’s entertainment was

a raffle with prizes from local businesses and happy hour prices at Bar El Toro for the duration of the charity event. A bucket collection also took place. A fun evening was had by one and all, with PCN Nurse Beverley Roberts on hand to answer questions and pass out information about what the nurses and support staff do for those in need. Founder Jennifer Cunningham told the RTN “If an association, club or bar would be interested in sponsoring or holding an event, please let us know. In the

Photo contest just for seniors FOR THOSE 65 plus, Torrevieja has organised it’s very own Photo Contest through it’s Department for the Third Age to mark the ‘International Day of Older People’. Participation is open for all pensioners, or people over 65 who are registered in Torrevieja. The theme of the photographs will Allegorical 3rd Age! Photos should be printed on a single A4 size (21 × 30 cm) photo paper and can be in colour or black and white. The deadline for submission is at 2.00pm on September 24th. The photo needs to be delivered in the Department of Senior Citizens, Calle Maldonado 5. All participants will receive a certificate commemorating the event. The Jury’s decisions is final.

Management from Bar El Toro pose with Beverley just before everyone started dancing in the street

near future a new website will be set up, mentioning the sponsors and all the event dates and situations. Please think about how you can help us to maintain a very much needed service to those of us who have a terminal ill-

ness. One day it could be you or a member of your family and PCN will be there for you.” For further information, please contact Tracey at the PCN office on 966 797 016 mornings or by email:

Oktoberfest at Habaneras THAT MOST typical of German fiestas returns to Torrevieja this month. It’s time for Oktoberfest, this time being held in September and strangely not October, from 20th - 22nd September in the Habaneras shopping centre. All the emblematic fixtures will be there, including the ubiquitous beer tent featuring the best of German traditional food and beer. During those days, you can enjoy delicious German sausages, roasted pork knuckle, meatloaf,

beer and even a pig roast, of over 100 kilos, roasted medieval style on the Saturday. All that good food and drink is accompanied by live music and activities for children. On Saturday 21st September there is free face painting and balloon twisting for children and additionally, if you have a Habanera VIP card, they invite you to enjoy the first round on them with a complimentary ticket, valued at 3€, which you can exchange for example, a beer and a Munich sausage.

Josef Lammerz September Concert by Jan Gamm THE LIFE and work of distinguished musician, composer and organist Josef Lammerz will be celebrated at a concert at the Auditori Teulada-Moraira on Saturday 21st September at 7pm: admission is free. The performers are former students and friends of Josef: Marcus Kreul Piano, Christina Koch Soprano and Birgit Euler - Violin. After sixty years in the service of sacred music Josef can look back proudly on his distinguished career, first in Germany where held posts

as choirmaster and organist in Duisburg and Bonn Cathedrals and then for many years living and working in Teulada. Many of his important works were written and premiered here in Spain. His Missa Solemnis, for tenor solo, chorus and large orchestra, was first performed in the Cathedral of Xativa and a cantata, Xativa, for speaker, baritone, chorus and orchestra, so excited the city fathers that they spontaneously named a street after him - Carrer Josef Lammerz. Te Deum for chorus, soprano solo, instruments and organ was commissioned from Josef for the 200th Anniversary of the Ermita San Vicente Ferrer. It was composed and dedicated to the town and in 1998 Josef Lammerz was made an honorary citizen of Teulada. The tribute to Josef will be made by Edith Kuhn, a longstanding friend of the artist and well known as the Coral Teulada pianist and former choir director.

13-19 SEPT 2013


Charity Fun Day for Reach Out

THE MARINA Bar, on Calle de las Rosas, Torreta 2, Torrevieja, will be holding a ‘Charity Day/Fun Day’ on Saturday 21st September from 1.30pm. Offering a little ‘something for everyone’, there will be various stalls selling such varied items as Avon Cosmetics. Cakes, Jewellery and much more plus, you can sit back and relex with an Indian Head Massage or maybe get lucky with the Tombola. No fun day would be complete without a Fashion Show, so be there before 2.00pm when the first model makes her way along the ‘catwalk’. For those wanting something to eat, there will be a selection of soft rolls filled with cream cheese and smoked salmon or ham, together with a Mini Cava, which will be available for 6€. The Marina Bar held a similar event earlier in the year, that was a great success and hope this one will also attract a good crowd. By supporting this event you will be helping ‘Reach Out’ the charity for the homeless and poor in the area. Further details are available from Dave and Rita Monaghan of the Marina Bar: phone 966 707 820.

The Eight Seasons of Vivaldi and Piazzola by Keith Nicol WHILE THERE might not be eight seasons that we experience each year, unless one gets picky and criss-crosses the northern and southern hemispheres, Orquesta Sinfónica de Torrevieja under the baton of director José Francisco Sánchez is bringing all eight to Torrevieja. Tomorrow, Saturday 14th September, Torrevieja’s Symphony Orchestra bring you the music of Vivaldi and Piazzola in the fantastic setting of Torrevieja’s International Music Auditorium for one night only at 9pm. This very special night of music will also feature the participation of the renowned violinist Oksana Solovieva, principal violin in the Liceu orchestra of Barcelona, who will soon be joining the historic Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra in St. Petersburg. Tickets are on sale at the Municipal Theatre box office, at a price between 6€ and 14€ or available at the International Auditorium Box Office from 7pm, until the start of the show.

Home & Garden

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Home Garden

13-19 SEPT 2013


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The RCD that automatically resets itself NUISANCE TRIPPING is one of the most common electrical faults that Sparks has to deal with on a regular basis. Because this type of fault is intermittent it can prove extremely difficult to find unless the fault is present at the time of testing or unless it is visually apparent. Consequently, finding the cause of nuisance tripping can become a major exercise for an electrician to trace. An RCD (aka Interruptor Diferencial) that annoyingly trips out every now and then with no apparent indication why, is not only frustrating but a major concern when leaving a property unoccupied for any length of time. I have several instances on people returning home to the stench of rotting food where the fridge freezer has defrosted due to the RCD tripping out while they were away because of a temporary fault on their electricity supply. An RCD monitors your electricity supply 24/7, if the device spots an imbalance or leakage it disconnects the power supply to prevent the risk of electric shock. However inconvenient it may be that your electricity cuts off you should never disconnect or bypass an RCD. It is there to prevent serious electrocution, removing it could prove fatal.

There are several ways on how to approach locating this type of fault depending on the installation, all of which use the process of elimination until the fault is found. Another option is to fit an automatic resetting RCD. An automatic resetting or restart RCD is an earth leakage protection device that is technically referred to as a ‘recloser’. The automatic resetting function allows reclosing of the RCD after clearance of the fault and following insulation monitoring. The benefit of insulation monitoring offers maximum continuity of supply. This also provides optimal protection and safety, achieving peace of mind. Some models are fitted with an auxiliary contact that allows an installation to be monitored remotely. An RCD with an automatic recloser can differentiate between a temporary power fault and a permanent power fault and quickly restore power without human intervention. This helps reduce power outages and improve the reliability of the power supply. Automatic recloser RCDs are useful for applications that require an essential power supply. They are most commonly used for commercial and industrial applications such as bank cash points, cold storage rooms, telecommunications, street lighting and illuminated traffic signs. However, they can also be useful

for home applications such as fish tanks and fridge freezers, as well as for community supplies powering urbanisation lighting and TV-SAT/internet services. Contact Sparks: email or visit See Sparks advert in classified section.


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Making good use of Spanish gluts by

Dick Handscombe Active gardener and author

MANY GARDENERS will have gluts from the garden at this time of year and as it would be a shame to waste them. We look at what can be easily done to ensure that what cannot be eaten now can eaten up to a year later before the next gluts. The easiest ways of storing produce for later consumption are as follows: Storing in a cool dry cellar Hanging up in a cool dry shady place Freezing Bottling Drying Processing Flavouring liquors Typical gluts we have at this time of year include the following and we indicate which of the above methods of storage we use: Raspberries: One could say eat, eat and eat but however delicious they are there are limits especially when one picks up to a kilo a day. So some are bagged and frozen; others made into ice cream with home made yoghurt and then frozen (this has a long shelf life but a batch rarely lasts long! They can be added to a bottle of cider vinegar for making tangy salad dressings; others can be dried overnight on a fan operated tray dryer for use a popular tapas or as part of a home made dried fruit and vegetable mix to be eaten when out walking etc.; and lastly we have just been making a few jars of raspberry jam.

Tomatoes: One can only eat so many tomato or mixed salads a week so we freeze some whole; puree and freeze others; juice more to take out the skins and pips and then freeze; some we put in a herb grinder with cloves of garlic and a little salt and pepper and grind to a paste that can be frozen until no fresh tomatoes are available from the garden and then thawed to spread on olive oiled bread. Bottle them or make a delicious tomato jam – four jars needs just two kilos of tomatoes, half a kilo of sugar, a chopped up lemon and a 4-5 centimetre stick of cinnamon; and of course they can be one of ingredients chopped up for mixing into chutneys and relishes. Basil; it’s a shame to let plants go to seed and die of when excess leaves can be easily chopped up and frozen in ice trays for later use in cooking. Squashes and melons can keep for many months in a cool dark cellar. Courgettes can be made into excellent chips on a tray drier. Peppers and aubergines can be used in making chutneys; aubergines alone can be made into a pate for freezing. Peppers can be cooked with onions. Sweet corn and colgar tomatoes can be strung up on strings in a cool, dry, shady place. Dry some mint, lemon verbena, gingko balboa leaves and hibiscus flowers for interesting and healthy infusions…

Beans can be dried, frozen or bottled. Sweet grapes can be split open and dried to produce your own raisins to add to dried fruit mixes or use in making the Christmas cake and pudding. I am drying some tomorrow. Tasty winter, indeed all year round liquors can be made by adding anise liquor to a bottle of sloes, blackberries, lemon verbena, a mix of herbs or cacti fruits. I hope these ideas stimulate you to even greater selfsufficiency!

The Handscombe’s books can be most conveniently purchased from Amazon Books, Santana Books website or 95 248 5838, The Book Depository or The Royal Horticultural Society Bookshop. ©Dick Handscombe



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Christina Brady

Regional Manager of Blacktower Costa Blanca

UK Banks deprive savers of billions of pounds THE UK banks are back in the headlines again but for all the wrong reasons.

IT SEEMS they will now face a major investigation into the savings rip-off that deprives loyal customers of billions of pounds a year in extra interest. Banks and Building Societies have been promising generous savings rates thereby enticing savers to deposit their money with them – then just a few months later slashing them, in some cases up to 96%. It wouldn´t be so bad if there was a viable alternative but rates will fall on three popular National Savings and Investments accounts from Thursday 12th September 2013. The NS&I Direct Isa, which since November 2012 has paid 2.25pc, will pay 1.75pc. The NS&I Direct Saver account, which since January has paid 1.5pc, will drop to 1.1pc; and the monthly paying NS&I Income Bonds fall from 1.75pc to 1.25pc. Government-backed NS&I first alerted savers to these cuts several months ago, giving those who wished to move time to go – if they could find a better deal. But there is little hope of finding better saving rates even if you look to offshore bank accounts , Banks in the Isle of Man are offering on fixed savings accounts around 1.5% whilst Lloyds TSB International is offering between 1% and 1.1%. With rock bottom returns on cash likely to persist for the next few years the climate of ultra-low returns is driving some savers to take too much risk as they seek a better return on their savings. If you are one of the millions of savers affected by low savings rates come and talk to Blacktower about the various alternatives out there that can be tailored to match the risk you wish to take, be it cautious, balanced or more adventurous. We are completely independent so we can look across all the products available in the market to find the best one to suit YOUR needs. If you would like to discuss the above or arrange a free consultation please contact me by email or call me on 658 892 330 The above information was correct at the time of preparation and does not constitute investment advice and you should seek advice from a professional adviser before embarking on any financial planning activity. Blacktower Financial Management Ltd is licenced by the UK by the Financial Services Authority and is registered with both the DGS and CNMV. Blacktower Financial Management (Int) Ltd is licenced in Gibraltar by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) Licence No: 00805B and registered with the DGS in Spain.

money Solving the mysteries

13-19 SEPT 2013


Suzanne O’Connell Customer Care at Ábaco

FOR THE foreign visitor to Spain or the foreigner living in Spain, life can sometimes be a mystery. Where exactly is the queue in the local bakers? Why is the beach packed out at 12pm and deserted at 3pm? Which comes first – the padron or the residencia? It’s something of a challenge to explore a new country, culture and language. It can be exhilarating when you find your way through the red tape but also sometimes frustrating when your best efforts seem to be forever getting you nowhere. There are so many people out there to help you and yet getting a straight answer can become a feat of endurance in itself. Through forums and the advice of the local ‘experts’ you can receive as many different answers as people you ask. It can be easy to jump to conclusions and fall into the same pattern of moans and groans that we’re all familiar with. That’s where we hope that ‘Spain Explained’ comes into its own. It’s a new section on the Ábaco website that’s open to everyone (provided you have access to internet that is) and includes a treasure trove of articles about taxes, inheritance, conveyancing, law and life in Spain in general. The articles are written by our specialists and are based upon carefully researched information. We are in an ideal position to know what your worries are. Having the Helpline means that every day we receive queries about the matters that concern property owners in Spain. Unlike you, we are in the fortunate position of having experts on hand who can check what the actual situation is. Once we know, and not before, we put the information out there for people to read. The efficient search function can help you find articles that deal with an issue you’re struggling to understand. Below are just some examples of the


worries we have addressed through our articles. Your worry

Our article

Will I need to change my Spanish will following the new EU succession regulation?

Putting your Spanish will in order

What is fiscal residency? Should I be a fiscal resident?

What is fiscal residency?

Do I need an Energy Performance Certificate if I am renting out my property for a holiday let?

The energy performance certificate (EPC) in Spain

How do I go about evicting a tenant who refuses to respond to my requests?

Evicting a tenant

I’m an early retiree who came to Spain in Health care entitlement in Spain 2011. Am I entitled to healthcare here?

To browse the website, go to: It’s free - it’s informed - so please use it.

Ábaco provide fiscal representation to non-resident and resident Spanish property owners. You can contact us for free advice and information by calling our helpline 96 670 3748 or visiting our website



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Mark Roach

Company Director and Spanish Tax Consultant

How Wincham helped save the family holiday home from the Spanish Tax man OUR CLIENTS were aware of the problem that would face their family upon their deaths and that they may have to pay inheritance tax in their country of domicile and in Spain. Spanish law dictates that the beneficiary of your estate must pay tax on the amount that they inherit. The level of tax is not a fixed rate and is determined by the relationship to the deceased, their residency status and existing wealth in Spain. The married couple owned a holiday home in Spain in their joint names with an approximate value of €256,000, each with children from previous relationships. We provided them with a free illustration highlighting the potential Inheritance Tax €78,424 payable by their beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are unable to sell or mortgage the property to find the tax payable. The tax has to be paid within 6 months before additional fines and interest are added, preventing

the children from ever inheriting the property unless wealthy in their own right. HOW TO MINIMISE THE LIABILITY – THE WINCHAM SOLUTION We assisted our clients to invest their Spanish property into their own UK Company (Wincham can supply) of which they were the Directors and shareholders and had total control. Contrary to popular belief there was no 7-10% Property Transfer Tax payable on the transaction. Our method enabled them to utilise Spanish legislation to conveniently own and maintain their home within a corporate structure in the most tax efficient way. The UK is not classed as Offshore, in line with EU treaties, UK companies cannot be charged the 3% tax that offshore companies typically have to pay in Spain. “My wife and I wanted to say how efficient, business-

Wincham Consultants Limited, Wincham House, Greenfield Farm Trading Estate, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4TR, England. (Wincham Consultants also have offices located on the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol) UK Tel: +44 (0)1260 299 700 | Spain Tel: +34 965 830 991 | Email: | Web:

like and friendly we have found Wincham. We sought advice on the best way of holding our Spanish property principally with a view to protecting us from Spanish death taxes. Wincham fully explained the steps that needed to be taken and also very clearly set out the costs. We continue to be impressed!” Mr & Mrs O, Owners on the Costa de la Luz All Clients who purchase or invest a property into a UK limited company are covered by Title Deed Insurance cover for 20 years including Demolition Order, Fraud, Compulsory Purchase and up to 20 other areas with a maximum of €360,000 compensation for the Insured. To hear more about our solution and to receive your ‘complimentary’ Spanish Inheritance Tax illustration please visit or contact one of our advisers on +44 (0)1260 299 700 (UK) or 0034 965 830 991 (Spain).

Charity bike ride

By Irena Bodnarec ONE POSITIVE thing which can always be said about the Brits is their generosity when it comes to good causes! They always dig deep when it comes to charity, no matter how difficult things are for them. This Sunday (15th) there is a sponsored charity bike ride to raise money for a local Benidorm breast cancer charity - Anémona - and the Brits should be out in force as usual. Everyone is welcome to take part – and no need to worry if you don’t have a bike because you are on holiday here, they can be provided free of charge thanks to the generosity of The Downhill Bike Ride company who are sponsoring the event. The event has been organised by local ex-pat Gary, who runs the Giving4Giving charity shop. The 20km adventure starts at the Font del Moli in Finestrat, just behind the La Marina shopping centre and finishes in Orcheta. There will be plenty of stops throughout so you don’t need to be a hard core cyclist to take part! It will take you through some stunning countryside which you normally wouldn’t encounter - an added bonus. Afterwards there will be a fun afternoon at the Orange House in Finestrat with entertainment provided by the ABBA tribute group, some demonstrations including tree climbing and also stalls for you to browse through – and for those feeling a little peckish there will be an delicious Argentinian BBQ to tuck into. Contact Gary on 603 137 697 if you would like to take part and/or to book your bike.

Take a chill pill Cala Poniente, the relaxing and snoozing playa!

LAST WEEK we hit the busiest beach, this week we chill THE PERFECT beach at the perfect time of year when the masses have all but gone, the weather is warm and the parking is easy. On a second outing to the best bits of beach in Benidorm, last Sunday we ventured as far as it is possible to go and away from the madly busy playa Levante. The playa Poniente stretches for over 2kms from the harbour in the old town to the area known as Cala Poniente on the very edge of town beyond the new curvy wavy promenade. Here you will find peace and quiet and a very different atmosphere of calm relaxation impossible to find at the other end of Benidorm. EAT AND DRINK Unlike the Levante the less than 20 bars and restaurants are not trying to get the attention of British visitors with offerings of 1€ pints and live sports on big screens. This is the place for a nice bottle of wine, Mediterranean cuisine, great homemade freshly baked Pizzas and large terraces with sea views and no sign of groups hogging the best seats with shirts off! This is a place to enjoy an un-hurried long lunch over a couple of hours soaking up the view and sound of the sea. A WORD ON PARKING Until this summer parking along the Cala Poniente stretch directly on the beach was free, then the council had the good idea to start charging and installed pay meters. This has actually made parking so much easier as previously people would park up on arrival

and leave the car for two weeks, much to the annoyance of us locals who had to forget using the beach from July to September. Yes, it costs 1.20€ for a few hours but it is a small price to pay to actually get a space right on the beach. THE SANDS Even on a very busy Sunday in peak season there is plenty of space for everyone and if you are happy to sit 50 metres back from the shoreline, you are guaranteed no sand kicked in your face, no annoying yobs sitting within inches of your personal space and if you visit this time of year it is just possible to be far enough away from your fellow beach lovers

that you feel it is your own private beach! Cala Poniente is the Benidorm few of us Brits bother with (sadly) and yet it offers a beach which is probably superior to the Levante, some great dining choices and of course several pretty good hotel choices including the Gran Delfin beach hotel, perfect for that special weekender in Benidorm. Why not dip your toe in the water and enjoy eating, drinking, sleeping, playing and snoozing on this rather special bit of beach preferred by the locals. Book rooms at 200 Benidorm hotels (including the Gran Delfin) at

Life Making an Impact in La Marina By Keith Nicol IMPACT CHARITY has a new car thanks to the generosity and support of Jack and Lyn from Club Cars in La Marina. Last week Club Car’s owner Jack presented the car to Christine from Impact with the keys of their new car which she said “this will be a huge help to the work we do in and around the region.” Impact was founded in 2007 with opening of their first Charity Shop and to date, they have donated more than 57,000 to local worthy causes. In 2012, the local council passed a new bylaw regarding fundraising performed by non-registered charities, which effectively closed down a number of local groups, among them PAWS who had been carrying out a cat neutering program on local feral cats. Having helped PAWS in the past, Impact decided to take over the neutering programme and have neutered over 50 cats. Since April 2013 they have taken in 33 kittens off the La Marina streets and presently have 39 cats and kittens that are up for adoption with more information on their Facebook page, ‘Impact Charity’. Impact visit the Vet on a daily basis for vaccinations, neutering, spaying or preparing the cats to travel to destinations in Europe and the UK. Club Cars La Marina donation of the car to Impact “is not only a great help, but also an amazing gesture from a local business. Lyn makes regular visits to see our kittens, donating food and cat litter to help us. Jack and Lyn are also fostering four kittens and their mother for us, that was recently found. We can’t thank them enough for this, which will allow us to deliver cats to their new homes in the surrounding area, for

Jack from Club Cars presents the keys to Christine from Impact Charity La Marina

emergency vet trips and to respond quickly, if required.” Christine also wanted to thank John ‘Bronson’ Birch for offering to maintain the car, Jeff Shields and the team of Elite Body Shop in Los Montesinos for respraying and refurbishing the car, Donna from Right Move Insurance for insurance. You can find out more information about Club cars at and Impact at or

searching for either’s Facebook page. Impact are having a joint adoption day with Pets in Spain at the Impact Chartiy Shop, close to Barclays in La Marina on Saturday 28th September from 10am until 2pm. Everyone is invited to go along and meet lost of cats and dogs, who would love a new home and a second chance at life.

“QROPS� (Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme) have been available to ex-pats since April 2006. There is no mystery to them, they are basically the same as your UK pension but offer better benefits than the UK. Benefits: I. Return of fund to spouse on the death of the member, then left to your depends on spouses death. (not so in the UK) II. No Inheritance tax. (not so in the UK) III. Possibility of no income tax. (not so in the UK) IV. Freedom of investment choice. (not so in the UK) V. Income paid in a currency of your choice, plus many more benefits. (not so in the UK) The process is very simple and takes approximately three months to complete. In the UK you may not take any benefits before you are 55 years of age. If you are 50 or above and have been outside the UK for 5 complete tax years you may withdraw 25/30% and then an income at 55. If you are pension rich but cash poor, this could be a way of solving temporary financial difficulties.

To find out if you qualify to release money now call 951 206 138 or email or visit and complete the free assessment form.

Life Showbiz Goss

13-19 SEPT 2013



Peter Taylor

Writer and Broadcaster

Look before you leap Miriam! THE BBC always give us a look at the autumn schedule ahead of time when the summer goes on the decline, and boy has it come in for a bit of criticism from Miriam O’Reilly, former presenter of Countryfile, a lady who has been there and done it when it comes to going after the Beeb. In 2009 Dublin born Miriam was dropped from Countryfile and she duly took them to court citing sexism and ageism being behind her sacking as well as accusing the then Controller of the BBC Jacqueline Hunt of hating women ... yes, you read it right, she accused a woman of hating women. Getting back to the point at hand Miriam has popped up again

and is now accusing the Beeb of not including enough women in their autumn schedule, saying to The Telegraph: “I’m flabbergasted with what the autumn season trailer shows - aren’t women allowed?” Then going for the jugular accusing the station of ‘misogyny’, saying: “The public wants to see women in strong roles throughout its television shows.” Whilst we all agree to an extent with Miriam, the output of a television station should surely first and foremost contain quality programmes and for fear of sounding like a sexist myself if there are more male actors on show I will be shocked to my socks to find out that it was an intentional move by the corporation.

However, I have brought this rather bizarre tale to you today because of what I read at the bottom of the story: The BBC are about to release another trailer shortly that will show programmes that feature such top actresses as Olivia Colman, Sheridan Smith, Jessica Raine, Miranda Hart, Jenna Coleman and Winona Ryder as part of their schedule. We are all grateful to Miriam O’Reilly for going to all the trouble of keeping us up to speed with what goes on at the BBC, but maybe she should have done a teensy weensy bit more homework before jumping in at the deep end like that.

Get in with ‘the it crowd’ Celebrity clips BETWEEN THE years 2006-2010, Ch4 ran a comedy show called ‘The IT Crowd’ and there is a fairly good chance you might have missed it as the programme was part of their late night scheduling. The writer was Graham Linehan, the man behind the glorious ‘Father Ted‘ and his new show was set in a basement office where three individuals and their boss were responsible for the smooth running of the company’s computers, but who were basically only truly interested in home-time. The show gathered quite a cult status with cast members Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson and Matt Berry delivering Linehan’s acidic script with great skill. Chris O’Dowd has since gone on to great things forging a successful film career as well as starring in BBC 2‘s latest comedy Family Tree. But just in case you were one of the people who missed the show the news is good! Linehan has a legion of followers on Twitter and last week he tweeted ‘The IT Crowd special will be on telly at the end of this very month! Channel 4 will have more details soon!’ He went on to reveal that a 40-minute episode was filmed earlier this year and will feature the original cast with O’Dowd having admitted “I’d love to do something more with those characters, I don’t think we said goodbye to them properly.” It will be well worth checking the Ch4 scheduling later this month.

TWO MONTHS ago I told you about Harry Hill having written a stage show sending up the X Factor called ‘I Can’t Sing’. A photo call took place last week and Simon Cowell was there. Talking about actor Nigel Harman who will play him in the show he said, “Just be a d*** every night!” Naughty Simon! The 11th series of Strictly started last Saturday and surprisingly presenter Tess Daly told the Radio Times: “We never thought it would last this long, and the worry is the celebrity pool is getting smaller ... sports stars are difficult as they’re not used to talking about their feelings.” Umm! The One Direction boys are here again after telling the Daily Star how they want to have their own TV show with a theme of pranking famous peeps. First in line is soon-to-be-dad Sy with a gift of what they call a ‘pram’ - a ‘stroller’ ... whatever that is…


13-19 SEPT 2013

Life TV

13th - 19th September

FRIDAY 13th September BBC1





07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Rip Off Britain 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Street Patrol UK 12:45 Plan It, Build It 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News and Weather 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Perfection 16:00 Escape to the Country 16:45 Wanted Down Under 17:30 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 BBC London News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 Fake Britain 21:00 EastEnders 21:30 Miranda 22:00 Big School 22:30 Mrs Brown’s Boys 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News and Weather 23:35 Would I Lie to You? 24:10 John Bishop’s Britain 24:40 EuroTrip

07:00 Homes Under the Hammer 08:00 Street Patrol UK 08:45 Plan It, Build It 09:15 The A to Z of TV Cooking 10:00 Hebrides: Islands on the Edge 11:00 Question Time 12:00 BBC News 12:30 BBC World News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Mastermind 14:30 Sailing 15:15 Great British Menu 15:45 Animal Park 16:30 Talking Pictures 17:15 Seven Ages of Britain 18:15 Cash in the Attic 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Flog It! Trade Secrets 20:00 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 21:00 Mastermind 21:30 Gardeners’ World 22:00 Harvest 2013 23:00 QI 23:30 Newsnight 24:00 Weather 24:05 Papillon

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News 14:55 ITV News Central 15:00 Storage Hoarders 16:00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 ITV News Central 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 Gino’s Italian Escape 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 Brits Icon: Elton John 23:30 ITV News 23:55 ITV News Central

07:10 The Hoobs 08:00 Hugh’s 3 Good Things 08:05 According to Jim 08:35 Will & Grace 09:00 Frasier 09:30 Frasier 10:05 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:35 Everybody Loves Raymond 11:05 The Big Bang Theory 11:30 The Big Bang Theory 12:00 Undercover Boss USA 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Hugh’s 3 Good Things 13:35 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 14:35 Channel 4 Racing 16:30 Countdown 17:15 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Four Rooms 22:00 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown 23:00 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 24:05 Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes

07:00 Childrens TV 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:20 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:35 Toby’s Travelling Circus 09:45 Milkshake! Monkey 09:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Cowboy Builders 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Celebrity Big Brother 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 Highland Emergency 15:45 Monte Walsh 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 NewsTalk Live 20:00 Highland Emergency 20:30 Construction Squad: Operation Homefront 21:30 Celebrity Big Brother 23:00 Celebrity Super Spa 24:00 Celebrity Big Brother 24:30 Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side

CROSSWORD SOLUTIONS 725 CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across: 1 Primrose; 5 Used; 9 Eggs; 10 Particle; 11 Utter; 12 Ladders; 13 Called to order; 18 Watch out; 19 Nips; 20 Lantern; 21 Cowed; 22 Pays; 23 Organist. Down: 2 Regatta; 3 Misdeal; 4 Scarlet runner; 6 Succeed; 7 Dresser; 8 Studio; 13 Cowslip; 14 Latency; 15 Echoes; 16 Rangoon; 17 Express.

QUICK SOLUTIONS Across: 1 Submerge; 5 Scum; 9 Scan; 10 Stubborn; 11 Avoid; 12 Uniting; 13 Bring together; 18 Devilish; 19 Near; 20 Earning; 21 Limit; 22 Slew; 23 Staining. Down: 2 Uncover; 3 Mention; 4 Get out of sight; 6 Coolish; 7 Manager; 8 Oblige; 13 Badness; 14 Inverse; 15 Gallic; 16 Tension; 17 Elation.


07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Emmerdale 07:50 Life’s Funniest Moments 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 09:40 Dinner Date 10:40 The Real Housewives of New York City 11:35 The Real Housewives of Vancouver 12:30 Millionaire Matchmaker 13:30 Emmerdale 14:00 Emmerdale 14:30 Life’s Funniest Moments 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 17:10 The Real Housewives of Vancouver 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:00 Dinner Date 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 You’ve Been Framed! 22:00 Knocked Up 24:35 Gremlins


07:00 Switched 07:20 90210 08:05 Ugly Betty 08:50 Made in Chelsea 09:45 Scrubs 10:15 Rules of Engagement 10:45 90210 11:40 Ugly Betty 12:35 Charmed 13:35 Hollyoaks 14:05 How I Met Your Mother 14:35 How I Met Your Mother 15:05 Scrubs 15:35 Scrubs 16:05 Charmed 17:00 Rules of Engagement 17:30 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 18:30 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 The Big Bang Theory 21:30 How I Met Your Mother 22:00 Lake Placid 23:40 Rude Tube 24:45 The Big Bang Theory

What’s on Viva TV this week Viva TV broadcasts on the Torresat Network every day from 2.00pm until 10pm And you can watch all our programmes and find our full listings at Friday 13 Sep Viva La Vida New series. – Stevie Thomas hosts the Costa’s best music show featuring Joe Longthorne, Tony Kelly and the Jay Markwick dance troup. 19.00 Saturday 14 Sep FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions – including taking a look at how Neighbourhood Watch in Spain helps us live a safer life here. 18.05

Tuesday 17 Sep Murdered to Death by Dramatic Licence - A murderer is on the loose at a 1930 manor – can they be stopped before everyone has met their doom or will the audience die laughing first. 18.05

Sunday 15 Sep Spanish Eye – we take a look behind the scenes of the Carnival girls who take part in fiestas around Spain. 19.30

Wednesday 18 Sep An Evening With...Stevie Spit’s Jubilee Show. A collection of some of the very best artists from around the Costa Blanca at the Municipal theatre in Torrevieja help celebrate Stevie’s 25 years in the business. 19.00

Monday 16 Sep Let’s Talk – Simon Baldock get an update from Mark Daly, a local singer who is now touring the USA with the Voodoos and is destined for great things. 19.00

Thursday 19 Sep TVM (NEW series) Peter Taylor invites us once more to join him with his own special selection of world music with a relaxed and informative way. 19.00

SATURDAY 14th September BBC1







07:00 Breakfast 11:00 Saturday Kitchen Live 12:30 Home Cooking Made Easy 13:00 BBC News 13:15 Football Focus 14:00 Live Athletics 15:30 Triathlon 17:30 Final Score 18:20 That Puppet Game Show 19:00 BBC News 19:20 Pointless Celebrities 20:10 I Love My Country 21:00 The National Lottery: Break the Safe 21:50 Casualty 22:40 Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow 23:10 BBC News; Weather 23:30 Match of the Day

07:00 This Is BBC Two 08:25 The Three Musketeers 10:00 The Westerner 11:40 Reel History of Britain 12:10 The Private Life of Plants 13:00 The A to Z of TV Cooking 13:45 Caribbean Food Made Easy 14:15 University Challenge 14:45 EastEnders 16:40 Wild China 17:40 Urban Jungle 18:10 Flog It! 19:00 Dragons’ Den 20:00 Dad’s Army 20:30 Count Arthur Strong 21:00 Thatcher - The Downing Street Years 22:10 Mock the Week 22:40 The Many Faces of 23:40 Porridge 24:10 Starter for 10

07:00 Childrens TV 08:25 Sooty 08:35 Horrid Henry 08:50 Horrid Henry 09:00 Bottom Knocker Street 09:15 Bottom Knocker Street 09:30 Fish Hooks 09:45 Fish Hooks 10:00 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 10:25 ITV News 10:30 Saturday Cookbook 11:25 Murder, She Wrote 12:25 ITV News and Weather 12:40 The Dales 13:10 Dinner Date 14:05 Catchphrase 14:50 Doc Martin 15:55 The X Factor 16:55 Robots 18:35 ITV News Central 18:45 ITV News and Weather 19:00 New You’ve Been Framed! 19:30 Stepping Out 21:00 The X Factor 22:00 Through the Keyhole 23:00 ITV News and Weather 23:15 I Am Legend

07:10 The Hoobs 07:35 The Hoobs 08:00 British GT Championship 08:30 The Grid 09:00 The Morning Line 10:00 The American Football Show 11:05 Frasier 11:35 Everybody Loves Raymond 12:05 The Big Bang Theory 12:30 The Big Bang Theory 13:00 The Simpsons 13:35 Undercover Boss Australia 14:30 Channel 4 Racing 17:10 Come Dine with Me 17:40 Come Dine with Me 18:10 Come Dine with Me 18:45 Come Dine with Me 19:15 Come Dine with Me 19:45 Channel 4 News 20:05 Double Your House for Half the Money 21:00 Grand Designs 22:00 Battle Los Angeles 24:15 The X-Files

07:00 Childrens TV 08:40 City of Friends 08:55 Little Princess 09:10 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 09:25 Angelina Ballerina 09:45 Rupert Bear 10:00 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom 10:15 Toby’s Travelling Circus 10:25 Roary the Racing Car 10:40 Jelly Jamm 11:00 Power Rangers: Megaforce 11:30 Slugterra 11:55 Inside Hollywood 12:05 Celebrity Big Brother 13:55 Columbo: A Trace of Murder 15:55 Police Academy 6: City under Siege 17:35 Maverick 19:55 5 News Weekend 20:00 Cricket on 5 21:00 Live Boxing 23:00 Unforgiven

07:00 Coronation Street 10:05 Emmerdale 13:00 The X Factor 14:05 The Xtra Factor 15:05 Girlfriends 16:05 You’ve Been Framed! 16:35 You’ve Been Framed! 17:05 You’ve Been Framed! 17:35 You’ve Been Framed! 18:05 Babe: Pig in the City 20:00 DragonHeart 22:00 The Xtra Factor 23:00 Celebrity Juice 23:45 The X Factor 24:50 The Xtra Factor

07:00 Switched 07:20 Being Erica 08:05 Charlie’s Angels 08:45 Gok’s Style Secrets 09:50 Make It or Break It 10:45 Ugly Betty 11:45 Scrubs 12:15 Scrubs 12:45 Scrubs 13:10 Scrubs 13:40 Glee 14:40 Charmed 15:35 90210 16:35 Rules of Engagement 17:00 Rules of Engagement 17:30 Rules of Engagement 18:00 Rules of Engagement 18:30 Rules of Engagement 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:30 Suburgatory 21:00 Happy Endings 21:30 How I Met Your Mother 22:00 Epic Movie 23:45 Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

SUNDAY 15th September BBC1







07:00 Breakfast 08:00 Match of the Day 09:30 The Andrew Marr Show 10:30 Live Athletics 14:25 Weather for the Week Ahead 14:30 Sunday Politics 15:45 Bargain Hunt 16:30 Flog It! 17:15 Escape to the Country 18:00 Songs of Praise 18:35 Britain’s Big Wildlife Revival 19:35 BBC News 20:00 Countryfile 21:00 Antiques Roadshow 22:00 What Remains 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Match of the Day 2 24:15 That Puppet Game Show 24:55 Heavenly Creatures

07:00 Stromboli 08:45 Around the World in 80 Gardens 09:45 Gardeners’ World 10:15 The Beechgrove Garden 10:45 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites 12:15 The Incredible Spice Men 12:45 What to Eat Now 13:15 Sailing 14:00 Live Triathlon 16:45 EastEnders 17:45 Athletics 18:30 Super League 19:30 Iolo’s Great Welsh Parks 20:00 The Great British Bake Off 21:00 Dragons’ Den 22:00 The Story of the Jews 23:00 QI XL 23:45 Moon

07:00 Childrens TV 09:00 Bottom Knocker Street 09:15 Bottom Knocker Street 09:30 Fish Hooks 09:45 Fish Hooks 10:00 Big Time Rush 10:25 ITV News 10:30 Ade in Britain 11:30 Murder, She Wrote 12:30 ITV News and Weather 12:35 Columbo: Murder, Smoke and Shadows 14:35 The X Factor 15:35 Big Star’s Little Star 16:35 Brits Icon: Elton John 18:05 You’ve Been Framed! 18:35 ITV News Central 18:45 ITV News and Weather 19:00 Prince William’s Passion: New Father, New Hope 20:00 Surprise Surprise 21:00 The X Factor 22:00 Vera 24:00 ITV News and Weather 24:15 The Unforgettable 24:45 Premiership Rugby Union

07:10 Ironman 2013 07:35 The American Football Show 08:30 Hard Knocks 09:25 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:55 Frasier 10:30 Sunday Brunch 13:30 The Big Bang Theory 13:55 The Big Bang Theory 14:25 The Simpsons 14:55 The Simpsons 15:25 Just My Luck 17:25 Location, Location, Location 18:30 Eragon 20:30 Channel 4 News 20:55 The Political Slot 21:00 Hitler’s Rise: The Colour Films 22:00 Paul 24:05 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

07:00 Peppa Pig 09:10 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 09:25 Angelina Ballerina 09:40 Milkshake! Show Songs 09:45 Rupert Bear 10:00 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom 10:15 Toby’s Travelling Circus 10:25 Roary the Racing Car 10:40 Jelly Jamm 11:00 Power Rangers Samurai 11:30 Slugterra 11:55 Monkey Life 12:25 The Hotel Inspector 13:25 Hustling America 14:25 Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow 16:05 The Money Pit 17:50 You’ve Got Mail 20:00 Hancock 21:55 5 News Weekend 22:00 Did You Hear about the Morgans? 24:05 Lethal Weapon

07:00 You’ve Been Framed! 07:25 Emmerdale 10:00 Coronation Street 13:25 America’s Got Talent 15:15 America’s Got Talent 16:10 Johnny English 18:00 The X Factor 19:00 The Xtra Factor 20:00 Uncle Buck 22:00 The Xtra Factor 23:00 The Big Reunion: On Tour 24:05 American Pie Presents the Naked Mile

07:00 Switched 07:25 Gok’s Style Secrets 08:15 Make It or Break It 09:05 Ugly Betty 10:00 Scrubs 10:30 Scrubs 11:00 Hollyoaks 13:30 Glee 14:30 Charmed 15:30 90210 16:30 How I Met Your Mother 17:00 How I Met Your Mother 17:30 How I Met Your Mother 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 18:30 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:25 New Girl 20:55 She’s the Man 23:00 Rude Tube 24:00 The Inbetweeners 24:35 Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23

13-19 SEPT 2013


monday 16thSeptember BBC1







07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Rip Off Britain 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Street Patrol UK 12:45 Claimed and Shamed 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Perfection 16:00 Escape to the Country 16:45 Wanted Down Under 17:30 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 BBC London News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 Inside Out 21:00 EastEnders 21:30 Panorama 22:00 Motorway Cops 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News 23:35 Who Do You Think You Are? 24:35 Confetti

07:00 This Is BBC Two 07:05 Homes Under the Hammer 08:05 Street Patrol UK 08:50 Plan It, Build It 09:20 Fake Britain 10:05 Restoration Home 11:05 Robbed, Raided, Reunited 11:35 Click 12:00 BBC News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Mastermind 14:30 Sailing 15:15 Great British Menu 15:45 Ocean Giants 16:45 Elephant Diaries 17:15 Seven Ages of Britain 18:15 Cash in the Attic 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 James Martin’s Food Map of Britain 20:00 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 21:00 University Challenge 21:30 The Incredible Spice Men 22:00 Robert Peston Goes Shopping 23:00 The Sarah Millican Television Programme 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Today at Conference 24:50 The Women’s Football Show

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News 14:55 ITV News Central 15:00 Storage Hoarders 16:00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 ITV News Central 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 Countrywise 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 Doc Martin 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:30 ITV News Central 23:35 David Frost - Hello, Good Evening & Farewell 24:35 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories

07:10 The Treacle People 07:20 The Hoobs 07:45 The Hoobs 08:10 According to Jim 08:35 Will & Grace 09:00 Frasier 09:30 Frasier 10:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:35 Everybody Loves Raymond 11:05 The Big Bang Theory 11:30 The Big Bang Theory 12:00 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 13:00 Channel 4 News Summary 13:05 Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals 13:35 River Cottage 14:05 Sands of Iwo Jima 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Jamie’s Money Saving Meals 21:30 Gadget Man 22:00 The Fried Chicken Shop 23:00 Ramsay’s Hotel Hell 23:55 Blackout

07:00 Childrens TV 08:20 The Mr Men Show 08:35 Thomas & Friends 08:45 Noddy in Toyland 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:20 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:35 Toby’s Travelling Circus 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Cowboy Builders 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Hustling America 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:20 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 16:15 Subzero 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 NewsTalk Live 20:00 Hustling America 21:00 Police Interceptors 22:00 Celebrity Super Spa 23:00 Under the Dome 24:00 The True Story

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Coronation Street 07:50 Coronation Street 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 09:40 Dinner Date 10:40 The Real Housewives of New York City 11:35 The Real Housewives of Vancouver 12:30 Millionaire Matchmaker 13:30 Emmerdale 14:00 Coronation Street 14:30 Coronation Street 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 17:10 The Real Housewives of Vancouver 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:00 Dinner Date 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 The X Factor 22:00 Hot Fuzz 24:25 Girlfriends

07:00 Switched 07:25 Revenge 08:10 Ugly Betty 09:00 Charmed 10:00 Scrubs 10:30 Scrubs 11:00 New Girl 11:30 The Mindy Project 12:00 Rules of Engagement 12:30 Charmed 13:30 Hollyoaks 14:00 How I Met Your Mother 15:30 The Mindy Project 16:00 Revenge 17:00 Rules of Engagement 17:30 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 18:30 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 New Girl 21:30 The Big Bang Theory 22:00 90210 23:00 Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan 24:40 The Big Bang Theory

tuesday 17th September BBC1

07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Rip Off Britain 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Street Patrol UK 12:45 Claimed and Shamed 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Perfection 16:00 Escape to the Country 16:45 Wanted Down Under 17:30 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 BBC London News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 EastEnders 21:00 Holby City 22:00 New Tricks 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News 23:35 Britain’s Broken Families 24:25 Dragonfly


07:00 This Is BBC Two 07:05 Homes Under the Hammer 08:05 Street Patrol UK 08:50 Claimed and Shamed 09:20 Fake Britain 10:05 Britain’s Big Wildlife Revival 11:05 Robbed, Raided, Reunited 11:35 HARDtalk 12:00 BBC News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Coast 14:15 Mastermind 15:15 Great British Menu 15:45 Ocean Giants 16:45 Elephant Diaries 17:15 Seven Ages of Britain 18:15 Cash in the Attic 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 James Martin’s Food Map of Britain 20:00 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 21:00 The Great British Bake Off 22:00 The Midwives 23:00 Later Live - with Jools Holland 23:30 Newsnight

ITV1 07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 ITV News Central 15:00 Storage Hoarders 16:00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 ITV News Central 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Live UEFA Champions League 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:30 ITV News Central 23:35 UEFA Champions League: Extra Time 24:35 The Return

wednesday 18th September BBC1

07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Rip Off Britain 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Street Patrol UK 12:45 Claimed and Shamed 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Perfection 16:00 Escape to the Country 16:45 Wanted Down Under 17:30 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:55 Party Political Broadcast 20:00 The One Show 21:00 Watchdog 22:00 Who Do You Think You Are? 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News 23:35 Father Figure 24:05 Room 101 - Extra Storage 24:45 The History Boys


07:00 This Is BBC Two 07:15 Homes Under the Hammer 08:15 Street Patrol UK 09:00 Claimed and Shamed 09:30 Fake Britain 10:15 Wild Shepherdess with Kate Humble 11:15 Robbed, Raided, Reunited 11:45 See Hear 12:15 Sailing 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Mastermind 14:30 Great British Menu 15:00 Daily Politics 17:00 Coast 17:10 Seven Ages of Britain 18:10 Cash in the Attic 18:55 Party Political Broadcast 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 James Martin’s Food Map of Britain 20:00 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 21:00 The House That £100K Built 22:00 Science Britannica 23:00 The Culture Show 23:30 Newsnight


07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 ITV News Central 15:00 Storage Hoarders 16:00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 ITV News Central 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 Big Star’s Little Star 22:00 Whitechapel 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:30 ITV News Central 23:35 Through the Keyhole 24:35 Great Night Out




07:00 Childrens TV 09:35 Toby’s Travelling Circus 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Cowboy Builders 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Nurses 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 16:15 Children of My Heart 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 NewsTalk Live 20:00 Monkey Life 20:30 Highland Emergency 21:00 Born to Kill? 22:00 Celebrity Super Spa 23:00 CSI: NY 24:00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 24:55 Law & Order: Criminal Intent

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Coronation Street 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 09:40 Dinner Date 10:40 The Real Housewives of New York City 11:35 The Real Housewives of Vancouver 12:30 Millionaire Matchmaker 13:30 Emmerdale 14:00 Coronation Street 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 17:10 The Real Housewives of Vancouver 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:00 Dinner Date 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 You’ve Been Framed! 22:00 The Magaluf Weekender 23:00 Crazy Beaches 23:30 Celebrity Juice 24:15 Funny People




07:10 The Treacle People 07:20 The Hoobs 08:10 According to Jim 08:35 Will & Grace 09:00 Frasier 10:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 11:00 The Big Bang Theory 12:00 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 13:00 Channel 4 News Summary 13:05 Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals 13:35 Hugh’s 3 Good Things 13:55 A Town like Alice 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 The Three Day Nanny 22:00 Grand Designs 23:00 The Last Leg 23:50 Ramsay’s Hotel Hell 24:45 Random Acts 24:50 iTunes Festival 2013

07:00 Emmerdale 07:00 Childrens TV 09:35 Toby’s Travelling Circus 07:25 The Xtra Factor 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 10:00 Tickety Toc 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 10:15 The Wright Stuff 09:40 Dinner Date 12:10 Cowboy Builders 10:40 The Real Housewives 13:10 5 News Lunchtime of New York City 13:15 The Railway: First 11:35 The Real Housewives Great Western of Vancouver 14:15 Home and Away 12:30 Millionaire Matchmaker 14:45 Neighbours 13:30 Emmerdale 14:00 The Xtra Factor 15:15 NCIS 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:15 Out of the Woods 16:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 18:00 5 News at 5 17:10 The Real Housewives 18:30 Neighbours of Vancouver 19:00 Home and Away 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:30 NewsTalk Live 19:00 Dinner Date 20:00 The Hotel Inspector 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 Animal Maternity 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 22:00 Celebrity Super Spa 21:00 You’ve Been Framed! 23:00 Wentworth Prison 22:00 Girlfriends 24:00 CSI: NY 23:00 Couples Retreat

07:10 Close 07:20 The Hoobs 08:10 According to Jim 08:35 Will & Grace 09:00 Frasier 10:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 11:00 The Big Bang Theory 12:00 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 13:00 Channel 4 News Summary 13:05 Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals 13:35 River Cottage 14:05 Kidnapped 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Double Your House for Half the Money 22:00 Posh Pawn 23:00 Fabulous Fashionistas 24:05 Bouncers


07:00 Switched 07:25 Revenge 08:10 Ugly Betty 09:00 Charmed 10:00 Scrubs 11:00 New Girl 11:30 The Mindy Project 12:30 Charmed 13:30 Hollyoaks 14:00 How I Met Your Mother 15:00 New Girl 15:30 The Mindy Project 16:00 Revenge 17:00 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:30 The Big Bang Theory 22:00 Rules of Engagement 22:30 Happy Endings 23:00 Derren Brown: Hero at 30,000 Feet 24:15 The Big Bang Theory 24:45 The Big Bang Theory

E4 07:00 Switched 07:25 Revenge 08:10 Ugly Betty 09:00 Charmed 10:00 Scrubs 11:00 New Girl 11:30 The Mindy Project 12:00 Rules of Engagement 12:30 Charmed 13:30 Hollyoaks 14:00 How I Met Your Mother 14:30 How I Met Your Mother 15:00 New Girl 15:30 The Mindy Project 16:00 Revenge 17:00 Rules of Engagement 17:30 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 18:25 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:25 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 X-Men - the Last Stand 23:05 Rude Tube 24:10 8 Out of 10 Cats


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THURSDAY 19th September BBC1


07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Rip Off Britain 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Street Patrol UK 12:45 Claimed and Shamed 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Perfection 16:00 Escape to the Country 16:45 Wanted Down Under 17:30 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 BBC London News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 EastEnders 21:00 Waterloo Road 22:00 The Honeymoon Murder: Who Killed Anni? 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News 23:35 Question Time 24:35 This Week

07:00 This Is BBC Two 07:05 Homes Under the Hammer 08:05 Street Patrol UK 08:50 Claimed and Shamed 09:20 Fake Britain 10:05 Flog It! Trade Secrets 11:05 Raymond Blanc: How to Cook Well 11:35 HARDtalk 12:00 BBC News 12:30 BBC World News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Mastermind 14:30 Weakest Link 15:15 Great British Menu 15:45 Ocean Giants 16:45 Elephant Diaries 17:15 Seven Ages of Britain 18:15 Cash in the Attic 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 James Martin’s Food Map of Britain 20:00 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 21:00 The Wonder of Dogs 22:00 Peaky Blinders 23:00 Mock the Week 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Science Britannica





07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News 14:55 ITV News Central 15:00 Storage Hoarders 16:00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 ITV News Central 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Tonight 21:00 Emmerdale 21:30 Pat and Cabbage 22:00 The Guilty 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:30 ITV News Central 23:35 Burn after Reading

07:20 The Hoobs 08:10 According to Jim 08:35 Will & Grace 09:00 Frasier 10:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 11:00 The Big Bang Theory 11:30 The Big Bang Theory 12:00 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals 13:35 SuperScrimpers 13:55 Conspiracy of Hearts 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Location, Location, Location 22:00 Educating Yorkshire 23:00 Bouncers 24:05 The Fried Chicken Shop

07:00 Childrens TV 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:30 Milkshake! Monkey 09:35 Toby’s Travelling Circus 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Cowboy Builders 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Britain’s Strangest Pets 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 NCIS 16:15 The Hollywood Mom’s Mystery 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 NewsTalk Live 20:00 Britain’s Strangest Pets 21:00 The Railway: First Great Western 22:00 Celebrity Super Spa 23:00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 24:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 24:55 Inside Hollywood

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Coronation Street 07:50 Life’s Funniest Moments 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 09:40 Dinner Date 10:40 The Real Housewives of New York City 11:35 The Real Housewives of Vancouver 12:30 Millionaire Matchmaker 13:30 Emmerdale 14:00 Coronation Street 14:30 Life’s Funniest Moments 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 17:10 The Real Housewives of Vancouver 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:00 Dinner Date 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 You’ve Been Framed! 22:00 The Big Reunion: On Tour 23:00 Celebrity Juice 23:50 The Magaluf Weekender 24:50 Crazy Beaches

E4 07:00 Switched 07:25 Revenge 08:10 Ugly Betty 09:00 Charmed 10:00 Scrubs 11:00 New Girl 11:30 The Mindy Project 12:00 Rules of Engagement 12:30 Charmed 13:30 Hollyoaks 14:00 How I Met Your Mother 14:30 How I Met Your Mother 15:00 New Girl 15:30 The Mindy Project 16:00 Revenge 17:00 Rules of Engagement 17:30 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 18:30 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 The Big Bang Theory 21:30 How I Met Your Mother 22:00 Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23 22:30 Suburgatory 23:00 The IT Crowd 23:30 The IT Crowd 24:00 iTunes Festival 2013

Life tech

13-19 SEPT 2013

with Aunty Virus


Downloading Adobe Flash Player HI AUNTY: I was deleting some programmes off my Windows 7 64 bit laptop, I think I must have deleted something that allows me to watch videos, as I am being continually asked on sites to download Adobe flash player. Before I deleted stuff I had no problem. I have downloaded it again and again, uninstalled it and downloaded again and still the problem exists. I am okay on YouTube and the BBC website for seeing videos, but if I go to the likes of Dailymotion or Vevo or other sites that show videos, it’s still asking me to download Adobe Flash Player, which I already have on my system. So I have Adobe X1 (11.0.03) and Adobe FlashPlayer 11 Activex: I have Malwarebytes & AVG installed plus Java and updated Java. I do remember I deleted Acrobat.Com

whatever that was for, so that could be the problem? Regards, Chris.

Aunty says: There are a number of things to check. Are you using the latest version of Adobe Flash Player? I think the latest is Adobe Flash Player 11.8.800.94 - available from http://get. This may differ to the Adobe FlashPlayer 11 Activex you have installed, hence why it keeps asking you to install it. Also, it may be worth going into the options of your browser, and making sure that the Adode Player plugin is activated or not. Adobe X1 (11.0.03) is a reader for viewing PDF files, not for viewing videos. You may also have some form of graphics card compatibility issue - so right click on the player, click

Installing Google Play HI AUNTY: I have been given a tablet but I am unable to install Google play in order to pick the apps I want and install them. Every time I install it comes up ‘no device available’. Please can you help? Val. Aunty says: Hi - thank you for the email. Before you can install apps and Google Play, you must first have a Google / Gmail account, and ‘pair’ your device to that account. You may also have to remove any other Google accounts that are currently paired to that account before you can use your own.

on settings and disable hardware acceleration, reload the page and the video should load. Or you could try them in another web browser like Chrome or Firefox, to see if they work Response: I did a system restore in the meantime and now everything is okay again.

Dell support centre message HELLO AUNTY Virus: Can you help me please? I have a threeyear-old Dell laptop with Windows 7: my problem is that I keep getting a message up saying: ‘Dell support centre has stopped working: Windows is searching for a solution’. This comes up about every 3-5 minutes then goes off screen but the PC carries on working okay - how do I cure this? Regards, Barry.

Aunty says: Perhaps the easiest solution to remove the error message is to uninstall the ‘Dell Support Service’ program, via the Uninstall options in Control Panel. If you want to use it again, simply download it from Dell and reinstall it.


13-19 SEPT 2013


Gadget Inspector Investigates:

Portable Stereo Rechargeable Speaker THIS WEEK the Inspector takes a look at the Music Angel Friendz Universal Portable Stereo Rechargeable Speaker. In these days of Bluetooth this and WiFi that it’s refreshing to find something portable and rechargeable that can be truly used with a number of devices both new and old without needing a PhD to get them to work. The Music Angel Friendz Universal Portable Stereo Rechargeable Speaker, as the name suggests, is a portable stereo speaker that connects via a standard 3.5mm cable to any device with a 3.5mm headphone output. This would typically be an iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3-player, PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone and all digital audio sources. It features a sturdy aluminium enclosure and a 2 x 3 Watt digital amplifier for a decent sound level, but should you want more volume the speaker can be connected to other Music Angel Friendz. The integrated 3.7V 1000 mAh lithium battery won’t need recharging very often as playtime is up to 120 hours, and when it does the speaker can be recharged in 1-3 hours from a PC/Mac or standard USB charger. The speaker is supplied with two cables, a “jewelry pouch” and user guide. The Inspectors Verdict: The Music Angel Friendz Universal Portable Stereo Rechargeable Speaker does what it says on the tin. Okay so it’s not wireless, but you don’t need a power supply and that makes it portable enough for most people wanting to

just listen to some music from another device with small/poor speakers. And since it doesn’t need Bluetooth whatever you’re playing the music from will last longer too… Please note the following is for information and is not intended as an advertisement - visit portable-speaker to purchase the Music Angel Friendz Universal Portable Stereo Rechargeable Speaker for 30€. Price quoted includes delivery to Spain and is subject to availability (Euro cost subject to exchange rate at time of purchase).

Mixology™ Drink Recipes Finally, the #1 cocktail recipe app for the iPhone has come to Android! Whether you’re a novice bartender or a full-blown mixologist, you’ve got to download this app. Browse and search through 7,900+ drink & cocktail recipes and 1,300+ ingredients. The ‘Liquor Cabinet’ tab lets you enter all the booze and mixers that you have stashed away and will then give you all the cocktail recipes that you’re able to make. There is the normal search facility to find the recipes of all your favourite cocktails so that you can recreate them at home and a ‘Bartending’ section which has masses of information on terminology and techniques so that you can become the master or mistress of cocktails! Download this award winning app from Google Play on all Android devices or from iTunes for iPhone.

Life travel Sagunto

NAME AN invader: Moors, Romans, Visigoths and old Hannibal himself –they have all stamped their mark on Sagunto and much of it still lives on in the narrow, meandering alleyways of the old town. The original Plaza Mayor is surrounded by arched colonnaded walkways with overhanging accommodation known as ‘calles partidas’. This was designed to give extra space above street level but also provides much-needed shade during the searing summer months. The ‘casco antiguo’ is full of wiggly streets and arches, the best known being the ‘Portalet de la Jueria’, which gives access to the area known as the Jewry. It is also known as the ‘Portalet de la Sang’, the ‘Little Gate of Blood’, which may say something about the bloody history of Jewish oppression in Spain. The old town also has more churches and ‘ermitas’ than you could shake a rosary at, although in that timehonoured Spanish fashion, you can’t get in to see the stunningly decorated interiors except at mass times or during fiestas. However, you can get a glimpse inside the Ermita de la Sangre on Calle de Nueva Sangre on Saturday mornings, when the Confradia de la Purísima Sangre de Nuestro Señor opens the doors to display twenty gloriously gilded, painted, carved and ornately adorned ceremonial images that are carried through the streets of Sagunto during the liturgical parades of Semana Santa. There has been so much debate about the reconstruction of the Teatro Romano, the Roman amphitheatre that I obviously have to go and see to add my two penn’orth. When I enter the Teatro through the dark, narrow corridors of ancient stone I can almost hear the rumble of the crowd of two millennia ago, waiting for a performance to begin. When I emerge into daylight, though, all sense of antiquity disappears.

13-19 SEPT 2013


In front of me is a two-storey wall of pale cream brick with a few elements of the Roman construction fixed to the wall with metal clamps. Only about a quarter of the original seating remains on either side of the amphitheatre, but these sections are roped off. The performance area is a strange layout of curved walls, terraces, walkways and pillars. Without seeing a performance it is impossible to tell how good the acoustic is, although as a young couple walk across the gravel-covered area in front of the stage I hear the footsteps of a cohort of legionnaires on the move. Demolish it or leave it? On a beautiful early summer’s day, with only the sound of a light breeze blowing through the trees and the twittering of birds, all thoughts of architectural debate fall into nothingness. Unkempt, rubble-strewn, over-laden with cement in places the Castillo may be, but there is no doubting how mightily impressive it is. At almost a kilometre long, you can’t but be in awe of the sheer effort that went into its construction. The existing perimeter is mainly that of the Islamic fortress, but successive conquerors added and subtracted until now it is an architectural rag-bag of styles, the most important section of which is the Plaza de Armas, where remains of the Roman municipal forum, public and religious buildings and some of the original Roman buttressing remains. As I sit on a mound of rough grass in the Plaza de Dos de Mayo at the eastern end of the castle, a helicopter that I’ve seen giving joy rides from a park in the town below suddenly rises over the ruined castle ramparts like a chopper in some war-time B movie. There’s nothing up here to conquer anymore so, with a wave from the nervous-looking riders inside, it heads off toward the Med, leaving me to enjoy the quiet and the view way out over the countryside.

This article is taken from Inland Trips from the Costa Blanca, a series of five ebooks, each of four excursions that cover the whole of the Valencian region. For further information and immediate download from, visit


13-19 SEPT 2013

Life events

Clayderman at the Palace! THE BENIDORM PALACE has a rare treat in store for fans of the ‘World’s Most Popular Pianist’ as Richard Clayderman is to make an appearance at Benidorm’s favourite night spot on 15th September at 9.30pm. Clayderman began his glittering career by completing twelve years at the Conservatoire de Paris, working on recording sessions to pay for his tuition. In 1976 he was hired by Olivier Toussaint and Paul de Senneville to record some ballads, including Ballade pour Adeline, one of the pieces included on an album that launched him to stardom. Richard Clayderman has more than 87 million record sales worldwide and has recorded more than 1,200 titles, dubbed ‘The Prince of Romance’ by former First Lady Nancy Reagan, who attended one of his gala performances in New York. Tickets are selling fast so call the box office now on 96 585 16 60.

‘La Traviata’ by Verdi in Torrevieja by Keith Nicol LUIS MARIA Pizana, Torrevieja’s councillor of Culture and vice president of the Municipal Institute of Culture ‘Joaquin Chapaprieta’, accompanied by the Director of ‘Opera 2001’, Luis Miguel Lainz, announced the full scale production of opera ‘La Traviata’ to be performed on 26th October, at 8pm in Torrevieja’s Municipal Theatre. This is Verdi’s famous opera ‘La Traviata’, which will be performed by a full compliment of soloists, chorus and orchestra from ‘Opera 2001’. As a novelty, although the show shall be sung in the original Italian version, there will be Spanish subtitles on screen! Tickets can be purchased at the box office of Teatro Municipal and Instant Ticket, priced at 35€ (Rows 1-11), 30€ (Rows 12-22) and 25€ (Row 23 and 24).


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Life people

A Time 4 A Change A TIME 4 A Change in El Algar are pleased to announce that on Saturday 21st September at 11.00am, the first floor of the current showroom shall be opening as a separate Bedroom Department. OWNER KERRY says ‘We are currently using the first floor as storage, but demand for quality used furniture is so great that we are having to make more space! So we decided to move all bedroom furniture upstairs and create a separate department’ Everything needed to furnish your bedroom can be found, including beds, headboards, bedside tables and chests of drawers, in many different styles to suit all tastes and budgets. Says Kerry ‘We shall also be stocking brand new mattresses at reasonable prices, together with brand new quality percale bedding.’ As well as bedroom furniture, A Time 4 A Change also stock a wide selection of all otherv furniture, such as sofas, display cabinets, dining sets ans sideboards. All your household accessories can be found, including lamps, vases, pictures and cushions. Kerry adds ‘Our success is due to the loyalty of our customers. As a thank you for your continued support, we shall be giving away a new pair of cotton pillows with every bed purchased on our opening day’ For more information call 968 136 501 or visit

The Lions Club ‘Message in a Bottle’ THIS PROJECT was started by Lions in the SW of Surrey in the UK in 2003: currently all 700 plus clubs in UK are supplying bottles. Scotland recently recorded 40,000 bottles supplied in the western part of the country in one campaign. This simple arrangement now recognised and respected by all emergency services in the UK is believed to have saved hundreds of lives. The scheme has now been piloted by Mazarron Bahia Lions and all costs for bottles, printing and translation of the form have been met by Mazarron Bahia Lions. We are grateful for any contribution to help with this scheme, having so far supplied close to 3,000 bottles. The scheme is currently being considered by Murcia Region for roll out across all of Murcia. ‘Lions Message in a Bottle’ does what it says and the scheme is free to the user. It is focused on the more vulnerable but anyone can have a fall or suffer injury so this scheme can benefit anyone. It saves the Emergency Services valuable time by identifying you and your emergency contacts, also advising of medication being used (special or not) or allergies and such complications. It is a potential lifesaver providing peace of mind to users and their friends and families. The scheme encourages people to keep their personal and medical details on a standard form and in a common location - the fridge. All Emergency Services are made aware of the Lions Message in a Bottle scheme, and will look for the sticker with a cross on the rear of the front door and another on the fridge door: the container contents can travel with patients and save much valuable time for medical emergency personnel. Bottles, free of charge, can usually be found in your local chemist or surgery. If you are unable to find a Bottle, please contact your local Lions Club - Mazarron Bahia Lions see us at Camposol B every Friday or phone Lions Welfare on 654 874 563.


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Life health

Dr W.H.O? HERE AT the Algorfa Chiropractic Clinic, we use a specific chiropractic principle called W.H.O (with hands only)

CHIROPRACTIC IS a gentle and natural way to good health. From our childhood we should be aware that the spinal column is not a crane and must support the body’s posture at all times. Years or months of poor posture can create serious problems. Falls, poor posture and even childbirth can cause problems that can be accentuated in adulthood. The British Medical Journal has quoted that “93% of patients with spinal problems are satisfied with chiropractic treatment.” At the Algorfa Chiropractic Clinic, we use a specific chiropractic principle called ‘WHO’ (with hands only). The central nervous system has a vital priority for your health. It includes the brain and the spinal cord, which is protected by the spine. The spine is defined as the ‘tree of life’ and guardian of the central nervous system. 90% of the stimulation of the brain and power is generated by the movement of the spine. The main goal of Chiropractic is to help people reach their fullest potential (mentally, emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually) by having a nervous system free of interference. What a doctor of Chiropractic does is to keep your spine free of interference so that your body can begin and continue to heal itself naturally as it was designed

to do. If the human body did not have the ability to self heal, as human beings we would not survive. Dr Dutey- Harispe DC graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in the USA, the fountainhead of Chiropractic in the world. He can ascertain a lot from a person’s posture, our posture screening analysis is very informative for the patient and the analysis is free of charge. The Algorfa Chiropractic Clinic has treated patients of all nationalities, English, Spanish, Scandinavian, German and French. Dr Dutey-Harispe D.C. carries out a full examination to determine where the source of pain is coming from and then treats the ‘root cause’ - not the symptoms. All of the body’s organs are regulated by the nervous system. That is why it is vital to correct any misalignments to prevent diseases which can occur during our life time. Successful correction of any misalignments in the spine will result in optimal health for the patient. The clinic has also treated numerous patients who participate in sport, particularly, golf, tennis, football and jogging enthusiasts. Generally, they have sustained injuries as a result of the repetitive nature of the sport (especially golf and tennis). Following treatment, not only have the injuries healed, but also the patient’s energy levels have also increased, as the whole body is performing at its maximum potential. Due to the increase in patients the clinic is extending the number of treatment rooms and

Algorfa Chiropractic Clinic Dr Xavier Dutey-Harispe D.C Carretera Almoradi, No.18 Bajo. 03169, Algorfa Tel: 965 071 898 / 618 337 616 (out of clinic hours)

The importance of the spine The practice of chiropractic focuses on the relationship between structure (primarily the spine) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health. When you get pain, tingling or numbness, there is usually one BIG source of nerve irritation. Spinal vertebrae that are misaligned cause irritation to the beginning of the nerve at that level. The fact that irritation is present causes dysfunction, that dysfunction can be back pain, joint pain anywhere in the body, headaches, indigestion etc. Chiropractic addresses the “root” cause of the problem; drugs etc only mask the symptoms. These diagrams illustrate how organs and nerves are affected and how posture can make a big impact on your overall well being over time. Why not take advantage of our free posture screening analysis for a non obligatory, informative, Individual assessment. We are located in Algorfa in the direction of La Finca Golf / Los Montesinos.

Please view our website for more information

Hours of opening: Tuesday & Wednesday: Thursday:


9.00 - 14.00 16.00 - 21.00

also opening hours to ensure that every patient receives the highest standard of care. In addition to chiropractic, the clinic has treated patients for smoking addiction and insomnia with acupuncture. So if you have decided that you would like to give up smoking but need some help, the clinic can offer a treatment programme which will not only stop you smoking, it will manage the possible anxieties, weight gain and other side effects. For more information on how the clinic can help you, call Catherine who will advise on how chiropractic can help your specific problem. Also visit

Dr Hans Christian Madsen DC has been a chiropractor for more than 30 years, with over 21 years experience with lasers. He has developed techniques with his own patented pinpoint lasers to treat specific areas.


The Pain-Free Plan

At the Benijofar Chiropractic Clinic we have a plan to get you moving. When our patients have continued with their individual treatment plan, many are able to resume normal lives free of the inhibitions that they previously experienced. Come and talk to us or see our website for more information.

TEL: 966 185 242 / 693 371 616 / 617 | _____________________________________________ MON & WED: 10.00 - 13.50 & 15.00 - 18.00 TUES & THURS: 15.00 – 18.00 FRI: 10.00 – 13.30 Calle Federico Garcia Lorca, No. 90 L-8 03178 Benijofar (opposite Citroen Garage)


13-19 SEPT 2013

Life horoscopes Venus inconjuncts with Uranus in Aries, and this brings you an alert it would be foolish to ignore. Mighty Uranus doesn’t do things by halves and there is something more than meets the eye in the current agenda. Be prepared to put your best foot forward and to acknowledge that all deals made now are subject to your immediate responses. Venus vies with your opposing sign of Scorpio later this week as actions with Chiron, Pluto and Saturn bring you some initial complication, This, however allows you to focus on what you now need to do if you are to maintain all that you currently hold dear. And make the changes which will now be more necessary than ever! Dual actions brought about by Mercury opposes Uranus and sextiles Mars. Nothing seems to be as it should be right now, and twists and turns have seen your plans take a nose dive. This is above all a test, and it is one you will pass with flying colours if you take things to the level and keep your ear to the ground for what comes next. Endeavouring Chiron and a dreamy Pisces combine to bring you success in a planned project. You never know just what you can do if you try, and the time has come to take a risk in forward planning as you are working with an inner instinct. It feels right because it is, but you are needed to make things happen every which way! Mars dominates from each and every angle, but it serves to bring some much needed power to your elbow just when you most need it. Seeking out the power of others to back your current claim is both preserving and inspiring; but when others chip in listen to what they are really saying to you and take action accordingly and immediately. Mercury’s take on with Libra midweek clears so much and gives you the freedom of decision and the wisdom to make changes in your schedule. This is a fast moving week in which you call the shots and things will just seem to fall into place for all good reasons. You weren’t ready before this, but you are making up for lost time, big time. Venus, your guiding and scheming Planetary leader has ongoing actions with wily Saturn, mighty Uranus, demanding Pluto, and scheming Chiron this week. It would appear that the World is your oyster right now, and what better time to execute plans and make ongoing bookings than now, just check who it is who travels by your side. Venus helps bring Saturnian wisdom into your fifth house of change and duty. This brings with it a way of seeing just what is needed right now in the current scheme of things. Be prepared to drop your defences once and for all, on the grounds that there really is something greener on the other side and that’s where you belong. The symbiosis of well equipped Mercury and the fine tuning of a balanced and willing Libra bring so much to your door. There are some things that are to be well and truly chewed over, but then you have the upper hand for once, and for sure you will find a wonderful way to make advantage do whatever it can in the process. Pluto digs in heels at the moment and claims that this is for your own good. Put plans on hold whilst you allow others to have their say. Something good comes from your patience and resolution as you bring cool and calm back into the equation; because things have to change all around you, and you need that the next stages work for all. Relax and take things in your stride whilst letting others run around you for a change. Somebody has just what you both want and need right now, but they lack the motive to attract your attention and inspire you. Blame this on Your Planetary leader working in opposition to the current mixed messages from an opposing Mercury. Chiron has always brought you inspiration and boosts your faith in yourself, especially as a new direction is currently sought. You need something to get your teeth into and some way to persuade someone that they cannot and will not stand in your way, since you have bigger fish to fry now and a new way of showing your talents, on the horizon.

Kenny corris Mobile: 686 361 594 Telephone: 965 878 424

Angel priest

LAST MONTH a 19 year old chemistry student, Katie Lentz, was involved in an impact with a drunk driver as she drove her Mercedes on the freeway in Missouri en route to her college in Jefferson. Her car was appallingly crushed into a virtual ball of steel, and she was trapped within it. Emergency crews were on the scene fairly rapidly, but the impact of the crash was such that further cutting search and rescue machinery was requested, and Katie was still conscious, though helpless. She remained remarkably calm under the circumstances, and the rescue team began to plan that they would be able to turn the car over to release Katie when the, “open jaw” tool was on site. Katie asked if there was somebody who would pray with her, and almost immediately a silver haired priest arrived on the scene. He was observed by most of the professionals at the scene of the accident, and described as being in his late fifties to early sixties, wearing black shirt and black trousers. He was not recognised as a known Priest in the immediate area, which apparently had only one serving Catholic Church for the three adjacent towns. The Priest sprinkled anointing oil over Katie as he began to pray with her, and some of the oil splashed over a paramedic and a fireman close by. Katie’s life signs began to improve somewhat, and fast on the scene was the necessary equipment to cut her safely out of her damaged vehicle. Soon after the visitation of the Priest a team of twenty successfully extricated Katie and she was speedily taken to the nearest Accident and Emergency Unit at the local hospital, where she made a remarkable recovery. Back at the scene of the collision the emergency teams all wanted to personally thank the Priest for his vital imput in the

Kennys diary Coming Soon: Autumn Spiritual Fair in Altea La Vella. Please contact for information and further details. Readings in Albir: Mini readings available Monday September 16th and Wednesday September 18th at: Bistro Something Else (formerly The Maya Bistro) from 16.30. Bookings 966 868 213. DNA: A Workshop: A one day workshop that helps you to charge your own unique Spiritual DNA. A comprehensive workshop, open to all, that intensifies, accelerates and inspires Spiritual progress and indicates the clear way ahead. Dates in September or can travel to your own group or organisation. For details please call Kenny directly on 686 361 594 or leave a message on: 96 587 8424. Meditation Workshop: Working with your Sanctuary is a half day workshop in Meditation technique. No previous experience necessary and all welcome as we explore our hidden depths. New dates. Call for info.

If it’s your birthday this week

rescue. He was nowhere to be seen. Allowing for the fact that the highway was blocked for two miles in each direction they questioned where the Priest came from, and where did he go? Later scans from the circling helicopters involved failed to show any Priest. Scene photos though taken in great numbers failed to have caught the Priest on camera either. Most members of the ground emergency crew testified to seeing the Priest, and five were able to attest to his conversation with Katie. Two had oil stains from the anointing which vanished on leaving the crash site. Was an Angel sent from God? Apparently no, since the Priest has been revealed as being Father Dowling from a parish in Jefferson. He has since met with Katie to advise her that it wasn’t an Angel that came to her rescue. Still many people are asking how and why he was sent so close to the scene of the crime. Why he didn’t feature on over 500 poignant photos taken at the time of the accident? Where was his car, and how could he leave and have crossed a Police barricade in whichever direction? Why was he exactly on site, and who sent him? Believe what you like, there are Angels working in this World, and they have come to the rescue of many who can attest to their comfort and rescue. I was once pulled back from a busy contra flow bus lane as I attempted to cross. I didn’t look both ways and someone pulled me back that fateful morning in Zaragoza, just as a bus sped by. When I looked to see who had rescued me, I was alone on a traffic island with nobody around, except me, listening to my heart pounding. When questioned, the rescue team serving Katie Lentz attested to a heightened sensation of wonderful peace and an electric charge in energies on the arrival of that Priest on the scene. Twenty men fought to save Katie that fateful morning, and maybe an Angel was sent along there too, among them, in disguise!

Love & Light... Kenny Corris


Email your letters to me at:

KENNY MANY visitors to my house have said they can feel my late wife around me. We were together for forty eight years and I feel happy that she has somehow moved on now that I do not feel her around me. Victor H. Hi Victor. I am delighted to get your mail because you so rightly seem to be pleased that your dear departed wife has moved on. Initially she was around you because she was worried, but I feel that she knows that you are doing well, and it is time she completed her journey now, her way. I know that she will come into your thoughts, and maybe more once she has chosen her next step; given that you have given her the freedom to move on. Some people mourn for the rest of their lives when someone so special crosses over, that´s their prerogative, but like your darling departed (I want to call her Kate, was she Katherine?) I too want the freedom to make my way when the time comes. Kenny, my wife was Catherine Mary, I always called her Cate. Your reply sent a shiver down my arms. God bless you, now I know she is secure wherever she is. Victor H.

Random feelings are best channelled into definite plans, allowing you to focus on the main event. Expect changes and the closing of a door, because another needs to open to you right now. A busy year beckons you onwards!


13-19 SEPT 2013


Quick Crossword

Cryptic Crossword ACROSS 1. Scheme that gives little professional status (11) 9. If most of it was eradicated there would be few complaints (7) 10. Boat propeller (5) 11. Multitudes in pubs (5) 12. The first mate takes the other for a tough climb (7) 13. No society for a person of no importance (6) 15. Unusually astute piece of work by an artist (6) 18. Does it lead to brave conflict? (3-4) 20. Best conceivable thought to fifty (5) 22. Goes in front, using a sled (5) 23. Pays a quick visit and watches TV (5,2) 24. They take steps in many ways for progress (11)

Last weeks crossword answers can be found with the TV listings.

Word Ladders

DOWN 2. Keeps turning over lists of names (5) 3. How the iron was put into service? (7) 4. My sets are methodically arranged (6) 5. Experience discrimination (5) 6. There’s no let-up for the rich (7) 7. Prayer for good health, and where to make it? (7,4) 8. Washing may depend on it (7,4) 14. A fire screen, perhaps! (7) 16. Journey with crude oil in N. Africa (7) 17. A few words about the French hut (6) 19. Passage in this cinema is lengthy (5) 21. German town seen in countless engravings. (5)

The key rule is that you must only change one letter at a time as you move from one rung to another, and the word you make must be a proper word! Therefore you may move from BATH --> BATS but not from BATH --> CASH because that changes two letters in one go which is not allowed.

ACROSS 1. Waywardness (11) 9. Open-air (7) 10. Collide (5) 11. Nobleman (5) 12. Jersey (7) 13. Help (6) 15. Char (6) 18. Slander (7) 20. Fruit (5) 22. Unsullied (5) 23. Messenger (7) 24. Hatred (11)

DOWN 2. Change (5) 3. Reasons (7) 4. Flog (6) 5. Recess (5) 6. Strew (7) 7. Patience (11) 8. Understaffed (11) 14. Highest (7) 16. Console (7) 17. Leave (6) 19. Scope (5) 21. Game of chance (5)

Euromillions Draw Friday 6th September 2013

11 23 25 32 37



Two tickets purchased in Ireland & Spain won the Jackpot Tuesday 10th September 2013

7 11 14 28 30

No ticket won the Jackpot



13-19 SEPT 2013


An amazing week Noel’s world of golf By Noel Eastwell Teaching Professional Alicante Golf 639 730 891

LAST WEEK, RTN Golf Club organised the Alicante Golf Society Masters, entertaining more than 250 golfers at Alicante Golf over three days. Without doubt this was the biggest turnout ever of members of RTN Golf Club and it was a fantastic experience to meet so many of our members and seek their opinions about what they feel is the state of the game here in our little part of Spain. Over three days Alicante Golf came in for wholesome praise from our golfers not only for the condition of the golf course but their appreciation of the golfers who are their customers on a regular basis. For me personally I was surprised how few of our members are using their RTN Golf Club membership cards to their full advantage. Very few were aware they can use their cards to obtain discounts when they purchase equipment and very few were aware of our golf booking hotline number despite the fact that our green fee hotline number is advertised in the paper every week. Hopefully we will now see more people aware of what we have to offer and will use our services more frequently. In an era where customers are few and far between I was surprised just how so many golfers feel they are not appreciated by so many golf clubs. I hope now that more have learned just how important their

business is to golf clubs after last week. Golf societies are the lifeblood of golf here in South East Spain and are the single largest vehicle for purchasing affordably priced golf in a competitive environment. Many societies have become lazy and have started to use agents to arrange their bookings for them. As a result practically all golf clubs have lost a degree of respect for the societies as they feel they now have to pay commission to agents to bring them their own customers. Sadly this often sees golf societies playing the golf courses where the agents get the highest levels of commission rather than being able to play their favourite golf courses. This situation has to change to gain respect again from the clubs and provide the society members with the best possible deals. I have long urged society golfers to arrange their golf directly with the golf clubs and will continue to do so as long as it is in the best interest of the golfers who provide the clubs with their bread and butter income. Having spoken to so many golfers last week it has amazed me just how many are disappointed in their committees for using agents and not doing what is in the best interests of the golf societies. We have to be aware the agents come and go and are in many cases

disliked by the golf clubs for various reasons; although I am not sure how many would admit that publicly. Now is the time to seize the initiative and take back control of your society; it’s down to you to sort it out. WIN A DOZEN SRIXON GOLF BALLS COURTESY OF GOLF MED Answer the question below correctly to have a chance to win. The winner of this fantastic prize will be picked at random at the end of each month. Send your entries by email to The decision of the editor of RTN will be final in making the winning selection. QUESTION FOR SEPTEMBER 13TH 2013: One player has played in 25 consecutive Omega European Masters: who is he? All answers must be received no later than 5pm on 30th September to be entered into September’s draw, to be made on 1st October 2013. The winner will be announced in RTN on 4th October 2013. To collect your prize you will have to come along to an RTN Golf Club day and meet with Noel Eastwell.

Any questions you have for Noel should be sent to - Free golf lesson for all new RTN Golf members! Sign up now, limited offer

Tour Talk AFTER THE spectacular scenery at last week’s Omega European Masters this week the European Tour moves to Holland for The KLM Open. Running parallel is the Evian Masters in France where the Ladies European Tour stages what is now the fifth Major Championship in the world of ladies golf. This will provide those of us with Sky Sports the chance to see firsthand the cream of the ladies game in Europe for the final time this year. There is currently a large number of hugely talented lady golfers here in Europe and I am looking forward to seeing a European win another major instead of yet another winner for the far east. One of the Americans currently returning to form is Paula Creamer who certainly has the experience to do the job and would certainly be a popular winner with the photographers. DATES FOR YOUR DIARY 17th September, 24th September, 1st October,

RTN weekly golf meeting at Alicante Golf RTN weekly golf meeting at Alicante Golf RTN League Match at Alicante Golf

Paula Creamer; Master Golfer?

13-19 SEPT 2013

Life cars

Tim Saunders Independent unbiased car reviewer

Road Test - Kia Picanto THERE IS a common thread in literature, art and design. That is that ideas are borrowed and then reinvented, sculpted into a new and unique offering. Artists are a good example of this. Take Robert E. Wells and David Farren, for instance. They both paint landscapes, cityscapes and street scenes in a similar impressionistic style. Their work draws inspiration from the great French painters like Monet and Renoir, who introduced this approach in the 19th Century. Clearly, the actress Felicity Kendal appreciates this style because pictures by both Wells and Farren can be found in her private collection. So it goes to show that just because that genre already existed it is perfectly acceptable to revisit and craft it into something equally, if not, more appealing. This approach is popular in car design, too. Look at the side of the new Kia Picanto, city car. What do you see? It’s an Alfa Romeo, surely. The whole design reminds me of the Alfa 147. Chrome door handles favoured by the Italian manufacturer further add to this opinion. As with my thoughts about art, this is no bad thing. The Alfa 147 was an attractive little car but it was a temperamental Italian. It was calling out to be rediscovered and enhanced. This observation goes to show how far Kia has come in the space of a decade. Consider that this Korean car maker produced the bland and characterless Kia Pride between 1986 and 2000 with hardly a change in its styling (if you can call it that) during that long period and it is surprising and welcoming to see the change that has taken place. The tiny Picanto is up against tough competition from the Smart Car and the Renault Twingo. In this sector though, it’s all about the money and Kia blows the competition away with its OTR price, which includes air conditioning, electrically operated windows and wing mirrors as you can see in the video at

The piece de resistance is a seven year 100,000 mile warranty: you only get four years with a more expensive Renault. An attractive vehicle, the Picanto is sure to melt even the coldest heart. Distinctive alloy wheels, again reminiscent of designs favoured by Alfa Romeo, set it off, adding to the sense that there is something a little different about this car. Alfas have always liked their juice and so Kia drivers will be pleased to know that not only can they enjoy its attractive looks but the Picanto returns around 50mpg. Its five speed manual gearbox is pleasant enough and the one litre engine doesn’t complain when driven hard, which is necessary if a decent pace is required. Watch the video at Price: 12,112€ 0-60mph: 13.9secs Top speed: 95mph Power: 68bhp Urban economy: 52.3mpg

Advanced motorist Tim Saunders is the former Business and Motoring Editor of the Bournemouth Daily Echo. His regular test reports appear in numerous newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the UK, Ireland and Gibraltar. For more independent unbiased car reviews and videos visit

NEW CARS available to view in our showroom in CALPE 2009 MODEL,RENAULT CLIO 1.2 EMOTION Eco 2, (50mpg) 5 dr, aqua blue met, with grey trim, a/c, c/d, cruise, high spec, low kms

2002 TOYOTA CELICA 1.8 VVTI COUPE,silver with grey sports trim,a/c, c/ d, alloys,very low km,s, as new, 5995€ 2007 SUZUKI SWIFT 1.5glx 5dr silver with black trim, a/c, c/d, alloys, s/history, 4995€



2010 FORD FOCUS RS electric blue with recaro interior privacy glass, climate, alloys, I-pod, only 10k, FSH, I owner 25,950€ 2002 HONDA S2000 SPORT CABRIO. Speed silver with red leather trim, electric roof, polished alloys, c/d -hi-fi, a/c, totally original, unique car, only 43 k 11995€ 2008 FORD FOCUS 1.6 AUTO. Denim blue met. Grey trim, a/c c/d, remote locking & e/w only 38k 9995€ 2003 BMW X5, 4.4 SE AUTO silver with black hide alloys, climate, remote locking full spec 8,995€

1.5glx 5dr silver with black trim, a/c, c/d, alloys, s/history

4995€ 2005 MAZDA 6 TS2 2.0, 5 door hatch, blue met, with black trim, climate, alloys, cruise, BOSE hi-fi WAS 5,995€ NOW 4995€ 2005 SUZUKI WAGON R+. 1.3 5 dr, sky blue met,with grey trim,a/c c/ d,s/h 3995€


2008 NEW MODEL HYUNDAI, i30 SW CRDI DIESEL ESTATE. PREMIUM EDITION. Graphite metallic with black half leather trim A/C climate control. Heated seats cruise alloys CD i pod Full spec !!

1.3 5 dr, sky blue met, with grey trim, a/c, c/d, s/h



2008 NEW MODEL HYUNDAI, i30 SW CRDI DIESEL ESTATE. Premium edition. Graphite metallic with black half leather trim A/C climate control. Heated seats cruise alloys CD i pod Full spec !! €8995 2009 MODEL, RENAULT CLIO 1.2 EMOTION Eco 2, (50mpg) 5 dr, aqua blue met, with grey trim, a/c, c/d, cruise, high spec, low kms 6995€ 2012 RENAULT TWIZY Only 6 months old, fully electric car, pearl white met, gull wing doors 6995€

2002 TOYOTA CELICA 1.8 VVTI COUPE silver with grey sports trim,a/c, c/ d, alloys,very low km,s, as new


2004 NEW MODEL RENAULT LAGUNA 2.0 AUTOMATIC priviledge. white with grey half leather trim, alloys, xenons, c/d, 1 owner 5995€

2003 SMART FOR-TWO PURE, SEMI AUTO- TIPTRONIC, Black with grey trim, c/d a/c,p/ex to clear 3495€ 1998 SUZUKI VITARA 1.6 4x4 SOFT TOP Blue over silver, alloys ,radio/ c/d, p/ex to clear 1995€ 2000 MODEL RENAULT MEGANE 1.4 RXE 5 dr emerald met with grey trim. Alloys, a/c, low kms p/ex to clear 1495€


2004 MAZDA MX5 CABRIO magenta mica met,with black trim, c/d, hi-fi, alloys, FSH, immaculate! 4995€ 2004 FORD FIESTA1.4 LX, 5 dr,blue met with charcoal trim,a/c ,c/d,,tax& mot, 2695€



2495€ 1295€

Tel: 965 876 030

Mob: 699 034 138


Over 50 + cars in stock

We buy cars for cash.

Open Mon – Fri 9:30 – 19:00 - Sat 9:30 – 14:00

Tel: 966 730 116 or 672 072 720 - - Email:

Visit us at La Zenia, Orihuela Costa



* AUTO * NISSAN NOTE 1.6i TEKNA AUTO “2009” 9995 €

FORD FOCUS EST 1.6TDCi TREND “2009” 8300 €

FORD FOCUS EST 1.6TDCi TREND + “2009” 8995 €


OPEL CORSA 1.3CDTi ENJOY “2008 7995 €

RENAULT CLIO 1.5 DCi DYNAMIQUE “2009” 7500 €

VW PASSAT VARIANT 1.9TDi ONLY 24TKMS “2005” 9500 €

SEAT IBIZA 1.4i 16v COOL “2007 5995 €

SEAT IBIZA ST 1.6TDi STYLE “2011” 9995 €

CITROEN NEW C4 1.6HDi BUSINESS “2011” 11995 €


NISSAN QASHQAI 1.6i TEKNA SPORT 4x2 “2009” 12995 €

VW GOLF PLUS 1.6 TDi ADVANCE “2009” 12995 €

HONDA VFR 800i VTEC abs 8000kms “2007” 6995 €


* 34000kms *

* FSSH *

HYUNDAI ACCENT 1.4i “2009” 6995 €

PEUGEOT 308 1.6i 16v CONFORT “2010” 10995 €

* AS NEW *

* AS NEW * HYUNDAI I20 1.2i CLASSIC “2011” 8995 €


HONDA CIVIC 1.8i V-TEC SPORT “2009” 11995 €

HYUNDAI I30 1.6CRDi CLASSIC “2011” 9995 €

OPEL ZAFIRA 1.7CDTi ECO 7SEATS “2010” 11995 €


CITROEN C4 1.4i 16v LX HATCH “2010” 8995 €

Cars of the week 2 x FIAT BRAVO 1.6 JTD ACTIVE 44k kms & 53k kms “2009” DIESEL 7995 €

FORD FOCUS EST 2.0TDCi SPORT “2006” 6500 €

OPEL NEW ASTRA 1.7 CDTi ENJOY “2010” 11995 €


MAZDA 3 1.6i ACTIVE “2008” 8995 €

TOYOTA AURIS 1.4 D4D ACTIVE “2010” 10995 €

OPEL VECTRA EST 1.9CDTi “2006” 6500 €

* AUTO * FORD FOCUS 1.6i TREND AUTO “2008” 8500 €

* 1 OWNER *

KIA SPORTAGE 2.0i 4x2 CONCEPT “2007” 8500 €


* AUTO * CITROEN NEW C3 1.4i LX “2010” 8995 €


AUDI A4 AVANT 2.0 TDi MULTITRONIC “2007” 12995 €

HONDA CIVIC 1.3i HYBRID AUTO “2008” 9995 €

FORD FIESTA 1.3i TREND 15Tkms “2011” 9500 €

KIA SPORTAGE 2.0 CRDi 4x4 1OWNER “2007” 9995 €

* AUTO * SAAB 93 2.0T SPORTS SEDAN AUTO “2008” 11995 €

NISSAN NEW MURANO 3.5i V6 PREMIUM “2009 19995 €

CITROEN C3 1.4 HDI MAGIC “2003” DIESEL 3995 €

MAZDA 5 2.0 CRTD 1OWNER 7SEATER “2007” 8500 €

* AUTO * CITROEN C4 PICASSO 1.6HDi SX CMP AUTO “2007” 9500 €

OPEL CORSA 1.3 CDTi “2004” 4500 €

OPEL NEW MERIVA 1.4 TURBO ENJOY “2011” 11995 €

Classified Ads 13-19 SEPT 2013

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• Pipe leaks pressure tested, detected and repaired with a proven guaranteed success rate • Structural leaks investigated and repaired • Replacement pumps, filters, salt systems, Ph regulators and accessories supplied and installed • Refurbishments & upgrades undertaken • Weekly maintenance contracts

British Trained & Qualified in the UK Pool Industry with over 18 years experience. Legal & established for over 10 years in Spain. Extensive references. All work guaranteed.

TEL: 966 774 199 / 678 080 500 NO CALLOUT CHARGE WITHIN THE LOCAL AREA Torrevieja and surrounding areas plus Costa Calida

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Removals with the personal touch. Full/part loads. Parcels, flat packs, luggage, door to door service, Storage available, pets transported

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ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS - COSTA BLANCA Confidential Helpline, South 625 912 078, North 648 169 045.

PET TRAVEL UK family pet trans-

GOLD WANTED English Jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold and Silver jewellery & coins for cash. Call for an appointment. Peter (7 days) 664 890 990. Member of the Nat. ASSN of Goldsmiths

porters Spain/UK. Travel with your pet for free. All air conditioned vehicles (no vans) www.pettraveluk. UK 0800 612 4922 or Spain 678 756 644 APAD (ANIMAL) CHARITY SHOP Calle San Antonio 1, Jalon. Open 9.30/1.00 Mon- Sat. Stock needed - clothes, toys, misc. For more info. Tel: Jane 680717118 ALSTRAYS TRANSPORT SERVICES Monthly cat and dog transports between Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and the UK. DEFA certificate and license. Tel: 676 653 681

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DO YOU NEED EXTRA HELP AT HOME? I can help you at home with light duties, cleaning, cooking, housework, shopping etc as a carer. References available. Altea, Benidorm, Alfaz del Pi area. Call Trisha for more information on 622 514 980 or 965 843 781

13-19 SEPT 2013

EXPERIENCED CARER Help with everyday chores that have become a bit too much to handle, be it on a temporary or permanent basis. For as many hours as you require. Housework, Shopping Cooking, Personal Hygiene. CRB Check and References available. Confidentiality guaranteed. Contact Dawn on 669 066 423

SOS INSURANCE Best prices available. CALL US FIRST for all your insurance needs, including best deals on Funeral plans. Buildings and contents cover from just 98 euros per year. Tel 966787123 / 686116297

MICHAELS AT MICHAEL´S Several very high quality coffee tables, large & small. See more than 600 photos: AT MICHAEL’S Fantastic black recliner / massage chair with built in soothing music. Must try! Photos on: AT MICHAEL’S we specialize on very high quality pre-owned furniture for half price or less. Tel 96-579 1328 MICHAEL’S 30 YEARS IN JAVEA - ENSURES YOUR SATISFACTION! We sell high quality pre owned furniture, many from show apartments etc. Look at: Tel 96-579 1328 AT MICHAEL’S part exchange on certain beds when you buy a New bed from our

GOLD WANTED English Jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold and Silver jewellery & coins for cash. Call for an appointment. Peter (7 days) 664 890 990. Member of the Nat. ASSN of Goldsmiths

ADVICE WITH THE SPANISH SYSTEM Whatever you need to integrate into the spanish system, we can help you. NIE, residencia, empadronamiento, car import transfer, driving license transfer, schools, doctors, social security.(Benidorm and surrounding areas) Tel: 619 269 408 email: ADVISORY SERVICE Need advice on making a will, buying or selling property, tax, resident or non resident, starting a business in spain, we can talk you through and give you the best advice and help you settle in spain. (Benidorm and surrounding areas) Tel: 610 634 506


WANTED I BUY ANY CAR van,Caravan,4x4 Etc.British, Spanish. Immediate cash 600-781-873 LOOKING FOR A CAR? Good selection of automatics, cabriolets and 7 seaters in stock. We have over 75 LHD and RHD vehicles in stock for sale or exchange. We have a good selection of vehicles to clear from only 800€ Tel Frank 600726221/965687976 www.

New Bed shop in the Arenal. Photos: LIGHTWEIGHT WHEELCHAIR Folding, immaculate.150 euro. Mobility scooter.40km range. Road legal. Hardly used.499 euro.627019403 AT MICHAEL’S part exchange on certain beds when you buy a New bed from our New Bed shop in the Arenal. Photos: AT MICHAEL’S Two grey leather sofas and also several high quality beige sofa sets + 3-piece suites. Photos: AT MICHAEL’S we specialize on very high quality pre-owned furniture for half price or less. Tel 96-579 1328 AT MICHAEL’S Garden furniture, very high quality “QUEBEC”. Now we have 36 different coffee tables to choose from!

PEUGEOT 307CC CONVERTIBLE 2004 SILVER, TOP MODEL WITH RED/BLACK LEATHER INTERIOR.FSH. 94K One previous owner. New tyres, brakes, discs 6995€ O.N.O Tel: 966 185242; email: ATTRACTIVE HOUSE & MOBILE HOME on huge plot near Chella (Valencia).Bargain at 85000euros.. Details tel.646 139 899

WANT TO DRIVE your LHD car to the UK and sell it when you get there? Call 658 670 777

PROBLEMS WITH INSECTS? Cockroaches, rats & mice. Call 626 828 974 All insects

MJB MOBILE WELDERS Gates, grills, hinges etc., repaired or new. No job too small. Fast service. Low prices. Free Quotes. Call Terry: 966 845 414 / 625 995 470

MR FIXIT For all your electrical, Plumbing, General & appliance & Bolier repairs. No call out charge. 698 320 434


13-19 SEPT 2013 in the UK pool industry with over 18 years experience. 10 years served on the Costa Blanca. Torrevieja and surrounding areas including Costa Calida. Tlf:- Pristine Pools on 966-774-199 or 678-080500 www.pristineswimmingpools. com NO CALLOUT CHARGE. SEE MAIN ADVERT ON FRONT PAGE OF CLASSIFIEDS

POOL LEAK REPAIR SPECIALIST’S Pipe leaks pressure tested, detected and repaired. Structural leaks investigated and repaired. Professional, conscientious service to the highest standards. Refurbishments and upgrades undertaken. Replacement pumps, filters, salt systems, ph regulators and accessories supplied and installed. All work guaranteed. British trained

LADIES ENJOY A GENTLE SPANKING at home from the Headmaster. No Fees, Torrevieja area: MALE ESCORT Personal services from just dinner/chat to a full massage and more. Ladies/ Couples. call Stephen on 633 348 337 FEMALES OVER 40 required for adult Internet modelling. No males. Excellent rates. 966 182 714 GENERIC VIAGRA EXCLUSIVE First time in Spain 120mgs. Also Kamagra 100mgs, Generic Cialis

20mgs, and jellies. Local and Nationwide service. Pay on Delivery. or phone Colin 680 878 735 SOPHIE ESCORT Slim elegant naughty lady. Hotel/home visit available. Tel:693 357 526 ASHLEY- 29 ENGLISH/MIXED RACE- Absolutley stunnning, near Torrevieja Hospital, 665 883 576 THE BLUE PILL NOW EVEN BETTER. Other products available. Don’t miss out. Derek 685 207 378

SWIMMING POOL MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING SERVICE BY POOLTECHSPAIN. We are a fully legal, qualified and registered business who have been

operating on the Costa Blanca for 6 years. We offer a professional, reliable, safe and efficient pool service, inc. re-grouting, pressure testing and leak repairs. Private and community swimming pools undertaken. Call now for more information on 965-725-565 or mobile 676-945-360/ 620-743-048

can help you drastically reduce or even eliminate Spanish bank fees when sending your property sale proceeds back to the UK. Call Moneycorp +34 902 887 243 and quote RTN to get more out of your money.

EL CAMPELLO, 3 BEDROOMS 2 bathrooms, large lounge, kitchen, dining room, summer kitchen, established garden with 3 garages. 299,000€. Tel: 965630186 TOWN HOUSE IN XATIVA 258 sqmtrs 4 bedrooms 2 baths lounge and diner pool 100 sqmtr terrace, garage €199,500 Tel: 636638975 BUTIA ESPANA ARE YOU TRAPPED Need to sell quick. We are the only answer for a speedy sale. UK buyers waiting. Telephone 0800 612 7514 or Spain 678 756 644 MOBILE/PARK HOME 2 bedrooms en-suite fully fitted. Camping Pueblo San Javier 22,000€. Carol 96 819 24 25 Mob 626 055 622. SELLING YOUR HOUSE? Sold your house? Moving funds back to the UK? Don’t let your Spanish Bank take up to 1% of your sale price, Talk to MoneyCorp now about how to save up to 4,500€* Moneycorp’s repatriation service

PARK HOMES 2 BEDROOMS Both en-suite fully fitted. Camping Pueblo San Javier. Carol Tel 96 819 24 25 Mob. 626 055 6622 Email. www.mobilehomesmarmenorspain. com

services, massage, sexy lingerie, economical prices from 40€. Full discretion. Call Ana 680-735-412 CASA ANGELA TORREVIEJA Luxury Private Chalet, parking. Drinks invitation. Feeling alone? Just want some company? Exotic girls from South America. Call us, come and enjoy! Also Escort Service. Full discretion. Street: Avenida Asociacion Vistimas del Terrorismo. 609-573-468 or 639-

SPANISH LADY PLAYA FLAMENCA near new Carrefour before La Florida. 35 years, attractive, classy lady, private house, parking. Offers all erotic

ANÚNCIATE TLF: 628 191 897

2 OR 3 BED / 2 BATH APARTMENTS in San Miguel. Lift, communal rooftop pool & solarium, video entry system. Available for short or long term rent from 350pcm. 96 672 3437 or 616493487

Register your property for FREE at and when we sell your property we will charge you absolutely nothing! The average time it takes us to sell a property is 8 weeks. Register now at – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

COAST 2 COAST REMOVALS Spain UK Spain. Fully Legal, Fully insured. Covering the whole of the UK. Also pets carried. Tel: 617 500 876 or email: MOVE IT NOW Small removals and deliveries. Spain/UK Budget prices. Last minute jobs undertaken. Telephone UK 0800 612 4922 or Spain 678 756 644

13-19 SEPT 2013

JAVEA SKIP HIRE 626 670 038 Moraira, Benissa, Calpe, Denia from S&W TOOL HIRE & FERRETERIA MORAIRA

CRYSTAL CLEAR SATELLITE AND INTERNET TV Sky/BT Sports & Sky Movies on new Internet box 299€ no dish required. Steve 660186505 Ros 965584097

DON’T WORRY ABOUT LOSING YOUR TV CHANNELS Free UK TV, Free Movies, Free Sports, Free Catch-up, Free Adult NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION! For more information visit: or call Tel: 697 108 158

SINGER WANTED to join a general covers band. Playing 60’s to present day music. Aged 40 plus. Only good singers need apply. Tel: 661 350 963 RHYTHM GUITARIST Rhythm Guitarist to join band playing music from the 60’s to present day. Applicant must be enthusiastic and a team player, aged 40+ If this is you call me on 661350963 or e-mail I BUY RECORDS LP’S SINGLES AND CD’s ANY STYLE, JAZZ, BLUES, POP, PUNK, ROCK, ETC... TOP CASH PAID. 622 750 117 TURN YOUR UNWANTED FURNITURE Electrical, Household Goods and Bric-a-brac into Cash. Anything! Anywhere! 965-319-220/618-165-877


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