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Politics and dirty deeds

Jack Troughton reports on the rumors and gossip surrounding claims two intruders broke into a former mayor’s house to make death threats against him. • p3

9 April - 15 April 2010

Almost home

The elephant is leaving the room

Michael Olmer from Link Point talks about the new laws which will help stop money laundering in Spain. • p30

Vibin’ ‘n’ Scribin’ Tony Poole’s new weekly column telling readers about jazz festivals and concerts on the costa. This week Tony features Matthew Simon Acoustic Jazz Trio who will be appearing on Saturday. • p42

Figures that batter Blatter

Andy Kay reviews the comments made by Fifa president Sepp Blatter and his thoughts on the English Premier League • p62

Senior rates of HMS Monmouth, with ‘Scotty’ Hillman sixth from the left, see page 19 for his story

by Chris Sinclair

ON ITS long awaited return to Plymouth in Devon, the last port of call following a six and a half month deployment to the Arabian Gulf for Royal Navy Type 23 frigate, HMS Monmouth, was the city of Valencia. Arriving at the dockyard, Monmouth was easily recognised

by the black flag she flies from the main mast in honour of her namesake, James Scott, the Duke of Monmouth. Since her departure from Plymouth in September, and as part of a multi-national task group carrying out maritime security operations in and around the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Gulf, ‘The Black Duke’, as she is fondly

known, has participated in several operations in the region. In an area now synonymous with piracy, terrorist activity, drug trafficking and people smuggling, Monmouth covered an area of nearly 2.4million sq/miles and contributed to operations involving 24 countries. Her main role during OP TELIC was to patrol exclusion zones around Iraqi oil platforms, and

as these represent nearly 90% of Iraqi national income they are a key part of the present and future stability of Iraq and its surrounding region. With a view to Iraq achieving self-sufficiency with their force protection, Monmouth also took part in mutual training opportunities with Iraqi navy elements. Continued on page 18

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9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010


Politics and dirty deeds Royal visit by Jack Troughton RUMOUR AND GOSSIP filled a Marina Alta town this week after a former mayor claimed two intruders broke into his house to make death threats against him. The alleged thugs were arrested and thrown into police cells, while the politician Juan Moragues, the current president of the Partido Popular in Javea, made an official complaint to the Guardia Civil. However, the pair – both known to the town’s former mayor – was later freed by a judge in Denia and the two men have proceeded to lodge a different version of events with the police force. And in another twist, the majority of charges against them have been dropped – the one remaining allegation is one of making a threat. Mr Moragues’ version of the Easter Sunday events made all the Spanish papers after the weekend and speculation about the saga continues to demand column inches. POLL Tonight (Friday), members of Javea PP go to the polls to choose a new president. As reported in RTN last month, a new team pressing to modernise the local party is led

RARE PHOTOGRAPHS and memorabilia marking the visit of King Alfonso XIII to the Costa Blanca resort of Villajoyosa are being donated for a centennial exhibition. Locals have been kept busy searching for and donating vintage mementoes of the royal visit in 1911 to go on show next year. The town hall’s Department of Culture and the municipal museum are organising the exhibition which is scheduled to open later this year, 99 years after the king arrived in an important slice of local history.

by candidate Juan Crisostomo. His rival for the presidency is Mr Moragues, who threw his hat into the ring at a later stage. And he alleges he was approached at the door of his home, forced inside, assaulted and forced to serve his uninvited guests whisky – his wife later able to call the councillor for public safety and raise the alarm. Mr Moragues alleges he was repeatedly told that if he stood in the leadership battle “we will kill you.” His alleged assailants, Jose Luis Cardona and Antonio Llido, who have filed a complaint of slander, maintain they were invited into the house for a drink and have become “victims of a political trick” as Mr Moragues attempted some self-promotion.

School days

FINISH They further claim they left the home of the councillor to “finish what we have left” –meaning the whisky. There are also whispers of a higher conflict within the PP – a power struggle between Francisco Camps, president of the Valencia Community, and supported by Mr Moragues, and Alicante’s provincial chairman Jose Joaquin Ripoll, backed by Mr Crisostomo.

Politician Juan Moragues

Socialist PSOE spokesman Jose Chulvi said it was unacceptable behaviour in a democracy and illustrated the “tensions and nervousness” within the PP and a “bloody

fight” for power. He said it showed the PP was more interested in solving internal problems than working for the benefit of Javea.

FINESTRAT COULD see classes in its new elementary school start within six months if a building project goes to plan. The foundation stone of the new building was laid this week by councillor for Education Font de Mora who said the government of Valencia was dedicated to making an “investment effort” in education to reflect the growth of the region’s population. The new school will provide a home for 450 preschool and primary students and will cost around 5.5 million euros. Construction is starting after two years of talks and planning.

9 april - 15 april 2010

Ten days at a time for Dale by Rebecca Griffin FOR 41-YEAR-OLD Dale Barton, life is like a game of Russian roulette. The business owner from Los Dolses in Orihuela Costa suffered a stroke last year that changed his life completely. Dale’s stroke was so severe he is now struggling to keep his business afloat owing to paralysis on the left side of his body, and having to rely completely on a wheelchair to get around. When Dale suffered his stroke, his treatment at Torrevieja hospital left a lot to be desired, a story that was reported in the local media in the autumn of 2009. Since then, life has become tougher and tougher. Although Dale paid into the social security system as a self employed businessman for three years, he has been told he is not entitled to any help from the Spanish state and as such is not entitled to health care. This is a major problem because he requires daily medication to prevent further strokes from occurring. His wife Kate has been forced to work intermittently in the UK just to provide some income for the couple. Dale told RTN: “Nothing has

improved since I left hospital. They have provided me with no aftercare and I am still getting private physiotherapy. If it wasn’t for Paul Owen, who read my story in the newspaper last year and personally supported me throughout this situation and since has become a good friend, and my mum and friends and neighbours, I don’t know what I would do.” On the day of our visit to Dale, he had just returned from a visit to Cabo Roig health centre, where with his temporary SIP card he eventually got an emergency appointment with a doctor who prescribed just 10 days’ supply of his life-saving medication. He said: “Today I’ve visited the health centre twice and have also been to four pharmacies. Eventually I refused to leave the health centre until I was seen.” Dale has no idea why he is not entitled to benefits when he paid his dues for a number of years. He explained: “At one point my autonomo payments were overdue but I borrowed money from my mum and eventually I believe I paid too much money to the

system. But I don’t care about that now - I just want the health cover I’m entitled to.” PUMA22, the organisation that campaigns on health issues and injustices has now taken up Dale’s case. Their spokesperson, Bill Bridges, told RTN: “It is not clear yet why Dale is unable to receive health care and PUMA22 will need to investigate further before deciding what action needs to be taken. PUMA22’s Dr Roman has visited Dale, and we’ll be doing so again when Dale’s wife Kate returns from the UK. We have a great deal of sympathy for the couple but we now have very strong lines of communication with the embassy and consulate, which in turn are in constant dialogue with Valencia, and we will put this to use once we have a clearer picture.” Dale now has the bleak prospect of yet another ‘sit in’ at Cabo Roig health centre in just a few days’ time when he will once again need to obtain the medication that prevents him from having another stroke. His business, PC Pro at the La Rioja centre in Orihuela Costa, is currently being run by Dale’s

Dale has just ten days’ worth of pills to prevent him from suffering a further stroke

father and a friend. RTN will continue to follow Dale’s case and will report on the findings of PUMA22 when the

No smoke without fire

By Amanda Fitzpatrick FIRE BROKE out in Playa Flamenca on Calle del Pintur Ribera. At approximately 17.30, the beautiful sea views across the gorge were completely obscured by huge gulfs of smoke emanating from the depths of the dry Flamenca gorge between Calle Niagara and Calle de Tres. Onlookers waited anxiously

organisation has carried out a thorough investigation. For further information about the work of PUMA22, go to

for Los Bomberos who were quick to attend the scene. Once they arrived, they managed to subdue the smoke in a matter of minutes. Although it was impossible to see the fire from the roadside, one of the fireman assured on-lookers that it was only a small fire, not caused by the soaring temperatures but more likely to have started with a lighted cigarette.

9 April - 15 April 2010


Port Altea citizens call for plans stricter urban laws

By Jack Troughton Plans to modify the sea wall at Moraira’s harbour will be discussed at a meeting for English speaking residents on Wednesday April 28th. The project will be fully explained and is said to be vital importance to the TeuladaMoraira community, so the possible environmental effects and changes to the landscape will be open for debate. The meeting is organised by the Cap d’Or Residents Association and is being held at the Espai la Senieta, Moraira, at 5pm.

THE GROUP Citizens for Altea (CIPAL) have made new proposals to try and combat what it sees as excessive urban development. The group says that a “monumental hole” has been dug in the Sierra de Bernia in order to build just four houses. CIPAL say it wants to prevent the town hall from continuing to

grant building licenses which allow for the systematic destruction of the landscape and architectural heritage. The group say that it is against the demolition of specially protected buildings including the Torres moras, the Carmelites church and the Posada de San Miguel, and the construction of Garroferet building, which

Garroferet building in construction

The “ Quarry” of the Sierra to build four houses

has permanently erased the profile of Altea’s old town. “The response from the town hall has always been the same: ‘It is legal’,” says a spokesperson from CIPAL. The group is calling for more “common sense approaches, including in planning, coordinating mechanisms and legal changes necessary to prevent such excesses that irreversibly alter the environment and landscape,” said a councillor from CIPAL, Carolina

IMPORTANT NOTICE If anyone has bought a property or land from a certain agent /developer in the Jalon area which has resulted in them losing their property or money please contact;

Jill on 966 480 125

Was 155,000€ now only €125,000

Simat Les Foies 2 bedroom villa, 107m2, 850m2 plot, perfect condition, partly furnished, mains water & electric, must be seen

Tel: 618 194 525

Punset, in a plenary meeting. The aim is not to systematically deny all licenses but to make the protection of the landscape a priority. CIPAL wants the direct application of the Rules of Landscape of the Valencian Community; to limit the excavations for the construction of property and respect the natural lie of the land and topography, and the creation of a catalogue of traditional architecture.

9 april - 15 april 2010

9 april - 15 april 2010


9 April - 15 April 2010

Animal charity fleeced by Jack Troughton HEARTLESS CROOKS have stolen valuable rolls of wire fencing crucial to helping establish a permanent home for a Costa Blanca animal sanctuary. The five rolls of two metre high metal link fencing were taken from the Local Animal Protection Society (LAPS) bungalow in the orange groves to the north of Pego on the night of Maundy Thursday, 1st April. The charity, which strives to rescue animals and give them a home until they can be adopted, said the fencing was to create kennels and a fixed boundary around the site. And given the size of each roll – it would be a struggle to fit one in the back of an estate car – LAPS believes the theft was carefully planned. People across the region are asked to watch out for fencing being sold cheaply at ‘rastro’ markets or being approached directly to purchase the wire. Sadly, with a worth of more than €1,000, the crime has cancelled out the good work

raising funds at the LAPS fashion show at Monte Pego last month. Chrissie Edwards told RTN the fencing was delivered to LAPS on the Thursday and colleague Patrik Lubenow – who was at the site until 21.30 that night – aimed to install it over the Easter holiday. DELIVER “One roll would not easily fit into an estate car so the thieves had to have known it had been delivered and arrived in a van or truck,” she said. “It has completely wiped out all the money we made at the fashion show and a bit more besides.” LAPS has been able to make a sanctuary at the 2,600 square metre site and at present the house is an ‘empty shell’. Chrissie added: “There is nothing in there and from now on we will not be keeping anything there that is worth taking.” She said the town hall fully backed the charity and its work and gave LAPS an annu-

Dog waiting for a family

al grant – it also raises money from a weekly bookstall at Pego Market. “There were three dogs in the bungalow when the thieves struck – two loose and one in a cage,” she said. “They were still there in the morning, wagging their tails and waiting

to be fed. However, they have been sacked as guard dogs.” For more information about LAPS visit or call Chrissie on 661 199 270, or Patrick (for German and Spanish) on 656 364 136.

Time is running out to vote in the British General Election

RESIDENTS OF Altea and the surrounding areas were able to find out more about how the 2.5 million British citizens entitled to vote overseas can register to vote in the British general Election, now likely on 6th May. A presentation at the Don Cayo Golf Club explained the importance of expatriates using, with advice on how to register before the cut off date. President of Conservatives Abroad Margaret Hales and secretary Gerald Hales took the audience through the registration and Stephen Kidgell, deputy mayor of Benitachell, explained how to vote at the local Spanish elections in 2011. Jose-Miguel Cortés and Rolf Mielke welcomed the Conservatives Abroad to Altea. Margaret Hales said the Conservatives would revise the law that bans citizens from voting if they have lived abroad for more than 15 years. Until then, all eligible expats need to register immediately to get onto the electoral role in their former constituency in the UK More information and forms are on or The forms must be printed off and mailed to the Election registration Officer in the UK.

A breed apart

BenidoRm’s Terra Natura has welcomed six new species of bird it hopes to successfully breed at the theme park. It is part of a programme to help protect “exotic” species – such as the flying fox – that are threatened with extinction in the wild. The birds have travelled from the Lourusa Zoo in Portugal and include cassowary, rare peacocks and pheasants.

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9 april - 15 april 2010


9 april - 15 april 2010

Fast Track Weight Control explained Fast Track your way to a healthier life style in 2010 in ONE simple 30 minute session - With Guarantee ! With Alan Gilchrist, Costa Blanca’s top hypnotherapist After the write up a couple of weeks ago by RTN reporter Louise Clarke about putting my Fast Track Weight Control session to the test and her subsequent results, I have been inundated with people wanting to know more about how its done. So in this article I thought I would explain it in more detail. Basically what happens is that the person comes along and I put them under Hypnosis in a very fast way using a Minds Eye Courier Machine. This is a revolutionary relaxation system from America, which harnesses light and sound science. The computerised audio-visual component system very rapidly creates the state of deep relaxation used in Hypnotherapy, produced traditionally by much slower techniques such as meditation, yoga, and of course Traditional Hypnotherapists. The whole concept of my system is avoid wasting a lot of the weight control session putting a person into Hypnosis but to get them into that very relaxed state in a matter of seconds and then commence the real work which is giving them all the correct suggestions about weight control. On the day that Louise interviewed me I think she was amazed at how quick that could be done. While a person is under Hypnosis their mind becomes suggestable, now obviously I don’t do party tricks, but it’s used as a device to help the person to lose weight. So some of the ideas presented are that high calorie foods no longer have the same appeal to the them and that they will love low calorie foods. They will take a lot more interest in their own shape , fitness, vitality and leave some of their meal on the edge of their plate without feeling guilty about doing so. There are various visualisation techniques that can be used

to also reinforce that. For example you can get the person to imagine two mirrors, one to the left and one to the right. You then ask them to visualise what they could be like if they continue eating the way they are doing and proceed to put in some unpleasent images of fat! Then you ask them to visualise the mirror to the right and to see themselves standing there proud, confident and at their target weight etc. So the mind sees two mirrors, one it likes and one it simply hates, consequently the mind will go to the one it likes. Also included in the session is another highly successful therapy called Laser Light therapy. In fact there are Laser Therapy Centres all over the world using Laser alone to help people. The laser method to lose weight relies on the basic principles of acupuncture. At this point it is stressed that it is completely pain free and is optional if the client so wishes. The Low level laser is used to apply to the acupuncture points on the outer ear. This in turn stimulates the nerves thereby producing endorphins which acts to significantly reduce any cravings. So by combining the Fast Track Hypnosis and the Laser Therapy together it increases the success rate significantly. Finally the Client is also given a professionally produced CD to play each night when they go to bed. This is to reinforce the original session, rather like teaching a dog a trick, the constant repetition helps to neutralise and alter past behaviour patterns and to reinforce new behaviour until it becomes second nature. This is to avoid the Client having to go for a series of unnecessary sessions when the one session will suffice and to save them unnecessary expense booking for multiple


Alan Gilchrist Costa Blanca’s Top Hypnotherapist

weight control sessions. My advice is to play the CD every day for a month after the session and occasionally after that just to keep it topped up. I also give a guarantee that in the unlikely event of the person needing a follow up session within the month of the original session to boost it on (because they will know by then how they are doing) then the second session is free. So there you have it, thats how the weight control session is done. Simple as that, using Fast Track Hypnosis and Laser Therapy in ONE simple 30 minute session. Hi Alan, I came to see you 5 weeks ago and to date I have lost 17 pounds. It’s absolutely brilliant. I was addicted to coke and chocolate. I have stopped all that and just drink water instead. I played your CD everyday for the month as you told me, and now just a few times during the week. I didn’t find it hard at all and I am not even snacking between meals, which is great. Thanks Nicky R. Alan holds his Fast Track Hypnosis sessions in Cabo Roig, Guardarmar, and Benidorm. Alan is also the Creator of the Stop Smoking in under 30 minutes Fast Track System. For an appointment, brochure, or free of charge initial consultation, contact Alan Gilchrist on 659 229 408. Visit his web site or

RTN’s special edition by Jack Troughton

Mystery shots fired at schoolchildren


TWO CHILDREN at a school in Huelva province had to be taken to hospital after being shot while in the playground last week. Police believe that the bullets came from either an air rifle or air pistol, guns for which no permit is required. The shots were fired from outside the school grounds, but no one knows who the culprit is. A girl was hit in the head and a boy suffered leg injuries. The children’s’ parents have lodged complaints with the police.

NEW LOOK RTN remains unique along the Mediterranean coast by having two editions, the only free English newspaper to offer such specialised coverage. The paper’s north and south editions give readers more localised news about matters that affect them directly - as well as the top stories taking place across the whole region, from Valencia to Cartagena, further afield in Spain and occasionally even internationally. And the ever popular RTN twins provide a tremendous advantage for advertising clients by offering a choice of how to best to make their pitch. Every Friday morning, readers from Alicante to Valencia are picking up RTN’s north edition, while people from Alicante to Cartagena will discover the south edition on the newsstands.

French couple arrested in Spain RTN’s North and South editions

ON LINE There are also thousands of people opening the virtual on line newspaper. They too can electronically turn the pages of RTN North or RTN South. Advertisers looking to target a particular area might decide to appear in just one edition or choose to shout about their business across the whole of the region. Naturally, cost will be a consideration. Spain’s favourite free English newspaper always offers the most competitive rates but if it suits their needs, advertisers will find it cheaper to pick one edition – just as a black and white advert is cheaper than choosing a full colour page. Geoff Gartland, RTN’s managing

9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010

director explained: “We have an editorial team dedicated to finding the best news and human interest stories and features to make sure our readers snap up the paper every week. REWARD “We know readers love the paper and take notice of the adverts contained in it. Members of our professional sales staff are always on hand to offer guidance and will insure clients can make a properly informed choice and reap the rewards of a planned advertising campaign.” And he said during a recession it was

even more important for businesses to promote themselves through advertising and get their message across. “Science shows it is vital for business to keep advertising during an economic downturn. The same research also shows the most effective way of reaching potential customers is through the pages of a newspaper,” said Geoff. “I sincerely believe that RTN, as a quality free newspaper and with its two distinct editions provides the best medium for advertisers to reach out to a wider audience.” For more information please contact one of our local Sales Associates on page 2.

A FRENCH couple have been arrested in Estepona, Spain by police who were called to a house fire. The 29-yearold man and his 28-yearold wife were found to be in possession of a shotgun,

two sub machine guns, ammunition and an expensive car. The man also had an extradition order pending from 2007 for armed homicide in Holland. His wife is wanted in Spain for theft.

Ryanair charges more for summer BUDGET AIRLINE Ryanair has announced an extra charge of €5 per suitcase for July and August flights. The new rule is already in place. Ryanair say that they are determined to cut down on luggage weight and want to see more passengers travelling light. They have also confirmed that they will be going ahead with charges for using the toilet on board, although that change won’t be implemented this summer.


9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010

Candid camera by Jack Troughton

Mayor Antoni Joan Bertomeu

SECURITY CAMERAS are being installed by a Costa Blanca council to help in the fight against crime and increase the safety of residents and visitors. Teulada Moraira is investing €400,000 improving technology and installing CCTV at key areas in the community and along its popular coastline. The local authority has always taken a proactive stance in the fight against crime – issuing residents with information on security and backing a successful Neighbourhood

Watch scheme. And the most recent crime figures for the municipality reveal there were 36 ‘penal crimes’ committed last year – and eight so far in 2010. Mayor Antoni Joan Bertomeu told residents: “One of our main concerns is the safety of all our citizens. Our police force is doing an excellent job – and that is shown from the figures obtained. CONTROL “But we must achieve more security and we are now working along those lines. We intend to install security cameras as key points. This

will give the police more control – not only in directing traffic but also in improving the security of citizens.” Modernisation will also update the town hall’s internet service and computer systems, allowing residents to have direct links with officers in charge of council services. The mayor added: “This will allow our citizens to control their own personal file through the internet and make requests on line. “We believe this service will be especially valuable to those residents who live here in the municipality all the time.”

Expat lifestyle ADVICE AND information for Europeans living in Spain will be available at a special meeting to help expats integrate into the community next Friday (April 16th). Benitachell Town Hall and the ‘Asociacion de Residentes Europeos Amigos de Espana’ have organised a meeting to discuss rights and duties like signing on the Padron. Other important issues to be discussed will be social security; safety; education; driving licences; health care; taxes and wills. Space is limited at the Centro Social in Plaza Nueva, for the meeting scheduled top start at 7pm. Seats can be reserved by contacting Guillermo Praght at the town hall or emailing

It could be you...

CALPE STREETS were paved with gold this week when some lucky person scooped more than 300,000 euros in the Euromillions draw. The ticket was sold at an outlet for the weekly lottery in the town and there were four more winners of the second level prize across Spain. However, the winner of the overall jackpot was somewhere in Austria, having made 15 million euros with a ticket bearing the numbers 12, 18, 24, 26, and 45, with ‘star’ numbers 4 and 5.


9 april - 15 april 2010



9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010

Habitation Certificates

Regarding the letter ‘Habitation Certificates’ RTN 2nd April: I think the writer is a little confused regarding this document. It is not intended as proof of ownership but as a document that proves the property has been built in accordance with the architect’s plans previously submitted to and approved by the town hall, and that all relevant building regulations have been complied with. Consequently, the house is then certified to be safe and can be lived in. Now the town hall has issued the certificates it should be possible to get the houses connected to water and electrical mains supplies and off the builder’s supply. This also requires documents called ‘bulletins’ issued by the contractors. Ownership, as recorded in the land registry, is a completely different topic which should be investigated via establishing what went on at the notary regarding escrituras and who was responsible for legally registering the properties into the buyers names. Rob Innis, Torrevieja

Spot the deliberate mistake! Check out YOUR monthly bill from the monopoly IBERDROLA. Pay particular to (part 2) FACTURACION: (example) Termino de potencia - 9,33 Energia consuminada - 30,85 Impuesto sobre electricidad 2,05 Alquiler equipos de medida 0,56 IVA 6,85 IMPORTE 49,64 Notice anything odd? You are being charged a 5% tax (Impuesto sobre electricidad). FOLLOWED BY THE DELIBERATE MISTAKE! ... which is ? IVA at 16% on the COMPLETE bill INCLUDING the 5% tax! TOTALLY ILLEGAL AND UNLAWFUL Because there is no IVA on TAX... How many customers paying 12 times a year? Regards the reverend Harry Southgate (Calpe)


talk tous

Email letters to with your full name and address


letter of the week

A happy life Moan… moan… moan is all I read from expats: people smoking; the health service; dogs - even children. We moved here in 1999 and have worked here and met a lot of lovely people on La Marina. Police and the town hall have both been very good and helpful. So get a life and start to live. We go to our local, the White Swan, where they have a Monday club with entertainment most weeks and everyone is happy. They provide a lovely atmosphere and serve lovely food at good prices. All I can say is move to La Marina. Let’s have a happy page in your paper - if you do you will have more letters to come. Ken Lyons, La Marina

Accountability conundrum

On our last Sunday meeting we at FAG adjourned with a conundrum and wondered if any of your readers could help. WHY do those high up the ladder of position and power, particularly in the public sector, have no real come back when accountability is the issue? Take politician’s expenses - most have only had to pay back what they so called ‘over claimed.’ When promoted to a ministerial roll and subsequently fail, they just get moved over to another ministry. Senior Civil servants are just the same, keeping their knighthoods, pensions and privileges. The church is another example: take the head of the Irish RC Church – he simply wrote a letter to say he was sorry he didn’t report a child abuser (we think he got that idea

from an ex chancellor of Britain). Moving on to local council officials: they muck it up and move on to another council; still at a very high wage. The list is goes on… parole board officers; health chiefs; education and lately top bankers to name a few more. These people have assigned accountability in their contracts or job descriptions and should be held responsible. Some do come to face the law but very few; the remainder get away with causing hardship even up to the death of the people ‘in their hands’ so to speak. So if anyone knows of any penalties or punishment that they receive or should receive in future could you please let us know? Thank you to all from FAG P Wise: Sec

Thank you Mayor Bernabé Cano Thank you to thank Mayor Bernabé Cano and his staff at La Nucia Auntamiento, for the memorable bus journey organised for the 50 European residents of La Nucia who participated in the Holy Tuesday Orihuela trip to see Easter live in the capital of the Vega Baja. The council of European Residents of La Nucia organised this free event, sponsored by the Area of European Residents of the Diputación de Alicante. Tour guide David welcomed our bus on arrival in Orihuela and was extremely informative and friendly. We were escorted to view the parade from the staged seating and magnificently crafted religious floats were stunning. The costumes, along with the stirring music from the bands, were truly amazing. Many thanks to all: we enjoyed our visit immensely. ¡Muchas gracias todos en La Nucia Y Orihuela! John William Quinn & Penélope Bradley, La Nucia

Golfing cartel

FTAO Noel. I read with interest your recent article regarding green fees and the possibility of a cartel amongst local golf courses. I have commuted between Spain and UK for the last 20 odd years, as the balance of value and cost swung drastically toward golfing in UK. Prices in the UK have reduced due to growth of many new courses, whereas despite the same growth here in Spain, prices have escalated. Frankly, most courses here would not survive without the revenue generated by green fees, buggy hire and the bar charges that must be the salvation of most courses that would be deserted without such support. Many courses offer quite poor playing conditions compared to UK courses charging half the price, despite higher labour, council tax and water charges. Selfishly I admit as I am not dependent upon Spain for my golf, I have resigned myself to not paying and not playing here. It is entirely feasible to suggest that the Captains/secretaries of local societies could agree two local courses be boycotted until they reduce green fees to around €25? (I have played Gleneagles for £40). Word would soon get around. Regards, Barry Smith

Benefit scroungers

The term benefit scroungers came up recently at an excellent PUMA meeting at The Asturias (Torrevieja), this being a reference to comments made by highly placed Spaniards about fellow citizens who exercise their right to re-locate to OUR country’s Mediterranean coast. (Europe is now a nation). One wonders; do Floridians in America refer to neighbours who hail from say Nebraska or Wisconsin as scroungers? God forbid the Americans should be more civil than Spaniards. I would remind certain Spanish commentators that tens of thousands of Spaniards, for business, social and educational reasons, choose to live in

the United Kingdom. There they are treated equitably in all areas of life, including FREE access, without discrimination, to all the services provided by the British health service. It is unthinkable that any Briton would refer to Spanish users as parasites. Fellow Europeans are unfailingly treated as honoured guests. The British make excellent hosts to fellow Europeans. It would be absurd for Spaniards living in Britain to be treated as ‘kaffirs’ were in apartheid South Africa; as second-class citizens. The British who live in this region of their Europe, to which they have provided enormous subsidies through EU governance, are not

parasites; they are assets: remember that when you drive on roads built by the taxes of your northern European fellow citizens. I write as an Irishman whose father fought bravely at the Battle of Jarama during the Spanish Civil War; and who buried scores of his multi-European comrades there and at other Spanish battlefields. My mother was a friend and correspondent of Dolores Ibarruri (la Pasionaria). You didn’t discriminate against fellow Europeans then. To a man we love your country, respect your traditions, and share your pride in your nation’s great achievements. Please don’t spoil it. Mike Walsh

8-14 JANUARY 9 april - 15 april2010 2010

Corruption scandal for PP A JUDGE has released a 50,000-page dossier that implicates the former treasurer of Spain’s right wing PP party in a corruption scandal. An investigation has been ongoing for several months and the newly released files included a police report that alleged Luis Barcenas played a role in collecting €1.3 million from a network of companies run by business people with ties to the conservative Popular Party. Barcenas has already been questioned by the courts and consequently resigned from his post as treasurer last July. However, he still maintains a position as a member of the Senate and has

an office in Madrid at the headquarters of the PP. Approximately 70 others are under investigation and several are PP members. The courts hope to uncover whether or not bribes were paid for public contracts. PP leader Mariano Rajoy has stated that anyone involved would be held accountable, and last October, fired the deputy head of the regional government in the eastern region of Valencia, Ricardo Costa, over the affair. The Valencian courts were also investigating the head of the regional government, Francisco Camps, in connection with corruption, but the case was dropped last August.

Luis Barcenas

Iberia and British Airways sign their merger documents Eight days after their target date for doing so, Iberia and British Airways have, on Thursday, signed their merger terms and conditions document, the contents of which as agreed by the two sides in November 2009. The merger itself is expected now to take place at the end of this year, and according to a statement from Iberia to the

Rawhide Queen passes away

TILLY MAYARD passed away in Quesada on 19th March. Tilly was a great lady who called a spade a spade - a character known by many. Her husband Tyrone is a local musician playing keyboard/guitar and singing and Tilly was popular as Tyrone’s ‘Roady’ and more so for her stand up acts – in particular on the theme of Rawhide, with all the actions that went with it, keeping the audience in stitches. Most of Tyrone’s slots were at the Rincon de Luna in Rojales but he has played at Quesada Golfclub and many private functions. Tilly had a way of her own, always cheerful and happy. Once meeting Tilly there was one thing that everyone will agree on - you would never forget her. Tyrone would like to thank all friends and family who attended the funeral on Tuesday 23rd March.

Spanish regulatory body, the National Council for Market Values, ‘will benefit shareholders, clients, and the employees of both airlines’. It will create one of the largest airline groups in the world, with a fleet of 408 planes flying to 200 destinations, carrying 58 million passengers a year. Under the plans both airlines will keep

their names and operations, forming a new holding company called ‘International Airlines Group’, IAG, which will result in annual cost savings of 400 million € from the fifth year. The Chairman of Iberia, Antonio Vázquez, will preside the new group, while Willie Walsh will become the C.E.O. Seats on the board will be shared equally.


Spain backing electric cars

PRIME MINISTER Zapatero has announced plans for 20,000 pure and hybrid pluggable electric vehicles to be registered in Spain by 2011 and a further 50,000 to be registered in 2012. Speaking at the presentation of the Comprehensive Strategy for Supporting the Electric Car, which was officially brought to a close on Tuesday 6th in Madrid, Zapatero said that the electric car project is highly “emblematic” because it clearly symbolises the path along which the Spanish industry of the future must travel. He added that three “basic options” from the sustainable growth model have come together in this project: the renovation of central sectors of the Spanish economy; the support of R&D+i; and the fight against climate change, in favour of environmental sustainability and a new era in energy. He went on to say that the electric car represents an opportunity that “we must and will take advantage of” in order to be ready for the future. Along the same lines, he said that the number of cars in the World could reach 3,000 million by 2050, in other words, four times the current number, due to the demand from countries such as China and India. In his opinion, that represents an “opportunity” from an industrial point of view.


9 april - 15 april 2010

Heavies needed for new film by Rebecca Griffin HOT ON the heels of ‘The Mob’, Transcendent Films is about to embark on a new film project set to be shot in locations around Torrevieja and La Mata, and producers are looking for local people to fill acting and extras roles. The film will be entered into a prestigious competition in the USA, sponsored by Canon USA and, which requires filmmakers to tell a story in several short chapters, each based on the final ‘still image’ of the previous winning filmmaker’s entry. Some of Hollywood’s top film industry people are on the judging panel, including Russell Carpenter of Terminator, Abyss and Aliens fame, and Rick McCallum who produced the Star Wars prequels. The Mob, which featured local talent, in-

cluding Ricky Valance, Michael Redfern and Sean Cronin, made it into the top ten but was not chosen by judges as the winning film this time. But Transcendent Films clearly made an impression, and have been asked to Have you enter again with this new project. got what it Writer and Creative Director of Transcend- takes to be ent Films, Kris Koster, has the script ready a ‘ heavy’? to go for the next chapter of the contest and promises it will be at least twice as good as San Francisco that specialises in turning huthe Mob. He said: “I’ve come to realise that mans into very lifelike monsters!” Transcendent Films are specifically lookthe bar is set very high indeed and we’re going to have to pull a rabbit out of a hat to win ing for four large men to play the role of ‘heavies’ in the film, as well as a leading role this contest.” The script is being kept tightly under as a cab driver for a male aged between 30wraps at the moment, although we can re- 40, and a thirty-something lady who can play veal the film will involve using special, state- the cabbie’s wife. Two children – a boy aged of-the-art 3D motion graphics. Kris added: between five and eight, and a girl of about 10 “All I can say is we’re talking to a studio in years – are required for roles that will only

Songwriters’ gala concert

FINALISTS OF a song writing competition will perform a special concert at Torrevieja’s Palacio de la Musica on Saturday 17th April at 20.00. The first music competition of its kind, held in a series of heats at Murphy’s on the Park in Torrevieja, attracted local songwriters of all nationalities to per-

form their original music without the use of backing tracks. A panel of judges assessed each performer based on their melodies, use of a musical instrument and overall stage presence. The songwriting contest and gala event has been organised by Interculturarte, a non-profit making organisation that

aims to promote music and culture in the Vega Baja region. Of note, female duo Ellas, who received the runner-up prize in the competition, will be performing at the concert. Tickets cost €5 on the door. For further information, email or call Eugen on 666 694 611.

require the children to say a few lines. Extras are also required. Roles are unpaid but the cast will be fed and watered. To apply to take part, send an email with contact details and photo to but hurry - filming is set to begin on 15th April. To see The Mob and all the winning chapters of the film contest, go online to

Art and music concert

SOPRANO PILAR PAEZ, violinist Oksana Solovieva and pianist Selena Cancino will perform a free concert on Saturday 17th April at 20.30 at the Vista Alegre exhibition centre in Torrevieja. The performance forms part of an exhibition dedicated to the Alzheimers Association which runs at the exhibition centre until 23rd April. The works on display represent life, death, getting old, forgetting and remembering.

Race for Number 10 Prime Minister Gordon Brown with Conservative leader David Cameron

by Jack Troughton BRITISH POLITICIANS are furiously campaigning for votes after Prime Minister Gordon Brown triggered the race for a 6th May General Election. The race is on for the 650 seats up for grabs in the House of Commons – four more than decided in the last election after boundary changes across the UK. Mr Brown made the short journey from Downing Street to Buckingham Palace to formerly ask the Queen for permission to dissolve Parliament, officially bringing political parties under starter’s orders. And as widely tipped, May 6th was chosen as the polling day. It gives expats living in Spain eligible to vote until a 20th April deadline to register and have a voice in the election. TELEVISION Already accepted as a tight contest, the General Election will dominate television in the coming weeks as cameras follow party leaders and supporters on their campaign travels. History is also being made as this election will be the first to feature live television debates between the main party leaders in the UK. The 90-minute programmes are scheduled for 15th April on ITV; Sky on 22nd April and finally on the BBC on 29th April. Mr Brown said he had a clear mandate, and will tell voters: “Britain is on the road to

recovery and nothing we do should put that recovery at risk.” Conservative Party leader David Cameron said his party offered a “fresh start” with “hope, optimism and change” and promising to “get off the road to ruin.” And Nick Clegg, leader of the country’s third biggest party the Liberal Democrats, said it was not a two-horse race with people “crying out for something different” with the Lib Dems offering a chance for “real change.” MAJORITY To win an overall majority and avoid the wheeling and dealing of a hung Parliament, a party must win a minimum of 326 seats. Labour has been in power for 13 years and has a notional majority of 48 seats. Losing 24 constituencies would also mean losing its overall majority. Parliament does not officially dissolve until Monday 12th April and politicians had until last night to get remaining legislation – laws receiving all party support – onto the statute books, a period known as the ‘wash-up.’ MPs will not return to the House until 18th May when whatever the result, there will be a lot of new faces as a post-war record of 144 are standing down. British citizens who have been registered to vote in the UK within the last 15 years can still claim a voice in the 6th May election but must register by 20th April. For more information visit

Hope for Haiti benefit concert

The city of Orihuela is doing its bit to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake by hosting a benefit concert this Saturday, 10 April at the Rincón Hernandiano. Artists such as Técnica 2000, Los Escorpiones, La Troupe Orquesta and Gremio DC among others will perform to an audience of up to 4,000 people. The concert has been organised by the Red Cross and Unicef Orihuela. Tickets cost 10 euro and organisers have confirmed to RTN that they will be available at the event, subject to availability. The Rincon Hernandiano is situated in the centre of Orihuela on Calle Miguel Hernández and the concert begins at 12 noon.

International choirs descend on Torrevieja CHOIRS FROM all over the world will be performing in Torrevieja this weekend as the annual meeting of International Choirs draws to a close. Today, Friday 9th April, starting at 21.00, the Brikcius Ensemble of Madrid, Coro Femenino Eos from Rome, and the San Marino Chamber

Choir from California will perform at the municipal theatre. On Saturday 10th April, Coral Francisco Vallejos de Torrevieja will sing at the Habaneras centre at 18.00 and later in the evening, once again at the municipal theatre at 21.00, three choirs from Austria, Sweden and Valencia will perform. The

grand finale takes place at the municipal theatre on Sunday night when five of the participating choirs will perform a gala concert starting at 21.00. Tickets for the concerts cost €2 and can be purchased from the municipal theatre ticket office or the Habaneras shopping centre.

9 april - 15 april 2010



9 april - 15 april 2010

Israel and Spain talk

Saad Hariri

LEBANESE AND Palestinian leaders are visiting Spain during April. The Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri and the Palestinian Prime Minister, Salam Fayad, are to visit Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero at Moncloa Palace in Madrid. In addition, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, is arriving in Spain on 15th April following a summit in Washington on nuclear safety, which the Spanish PM is also attending.

HMS Monmouth alongside in Valencia port

Autonomos want dole SELF-EMPLOYED WORKERS (autonomos) in Spain are campaigning for the right to claim dole if they are forced to stop working. The law currently only gives autonomos the right to claim dole if they have worked on a contract in the last five years, but that law is currently under review. In the past week, more

than 100 amendments have been made to the law governing the rights of the self-employed. Members of the National Federation of Associations of Autonomous Workers (ATA) say that most self-employed workers would be willing to pay more social security in order to secure the right to claim dole for up to a year.

continued from front page With a ship’s company of 185 including 2 female officers led by Commander A D Long, and equipped with the latest weapons, sensors and communications systems, the frigate has been vital in demonstrating the UK’s commitment to the region and its fight against international terrorism. The frigate is also equipped with the very capable Merlin EH101 helicopter, which at a cost of 52 million pounds fully

kitted, is one of the world’s most advanced maritime patrol helicopters. During the deployment Monmouth also ‘flew the flag’ paying an official visit to Kuwait and while a formal ceremony took place ashore, ‘The Black Duke’ conducted manoeuvres and maritime air capability displays along with two other UK minehunters and Kuwaiti Naval and Coastguard units. On arrival in Valencia many of the ship’s company took the opportunity to visit the city. On Saturday, The Black

Duke left Valencia and began the passage back to Plymouth and on Friday, 9th April she will have arrived back at Devonport and the crew will at long last be reunited with their families. Whatever your views on the situation in the Middle East, no one can deny the bravery of our armed forces and it is with great pride Great Britain can say that as an island nation it has a superbly trained and efficient Royal Navy and Royal Marine force which has truly global reach.

9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010

Warrant Officers host visit by Chris Sinclair FOR COSTA BLANCA residents Tony and Helen Hillman, HMS Monmouth’s visit to Valencia meant they were able to see their son much sooner than they thought they would. Warrant Officer 2 Engineering Technician ‘Scotty’ Hillman arranged for his mum and dad together with friends, some members of The Royal Naval Association Moraira branch, and members of the RTN team to visit the ship after it docked on 31st March. After a reunion with their son, the proud Hillmans then had to share him, as his first evening ashore was spent entertaining the general public in his other role as rhythm guitarist in ‘The Black Dukes’. The six rock band members had got together during their ‘off watch’ times to practise and, amazingly, whilst still in the Gulf had managed to secure a ‘gig’ at The Dubliners Bar at Riba Roja (a little way from Valencia)

owned by Glen Daly. With members of the ship’s company and family and friends supporting, ‘The Black Dukes’ put everything into their performance. Dad, Tony, a guitarist and member of the Costa Blanca band, ‘The Cougars’, beamed from ear to ear as he proudly watched his son ‘follow in his footsteps’. The band’s line-up included Petty Officer ‘Artie’ Fraser-Shaw; Petty Officer ‘Chris’ O’Gorman; Leading Engineer Technician ‘Joey’ Halliday; and Logistics Catering Services Preparation ‘Topsy’ Turnbull (Drummer). Band member Petty Officer ‘Emma’ Dale had taken advance leave in the UK so wasn’t in the line-up on this occasion. The following morning, an invitation by the Warrant Officers Mess to visit the ship was eagerly anticipated and at midday, Monmouth played host to 30+ visitors. A welcome address by the Executive Officer and a presentation by the Principal Warfare Officer providing an insight into life on a front line

warship and this was followed by a fascinating tour of the frigate. Lunch and drinks on board allowed the visitors to have a good chat with the Warrant Officers and Petty Officers. It was soon revealed that Honorary Secretary, John Sanderson, RNA, and ViceChairman, Geoff Mounstephen, RNA, had been Divisional Officers to two of the current Warrant Officers, consequently they were able to discuss the changes that had taken place since their day. The Officers presented the President of RNA Moraira, Peggy Wigg, with a photo and crest of the frigate, a book entitled ‘Britain and the Sea’, and a photo of the Merlin helicopter. As HMS Monmouth continued on its way to Plymouth for the rest of the ship’s company to be reunited with their families, Scotty began his leave in Spain – visiting his parents’ home in the Jalon valley for a few days. Eagerly awaiting their Daddy’s return to Glasgow airport, his children Jessica (5) and

Dole queue gets longer MARCH FIGURES show that unemployment in Spain is still increasing with almost 36,000 more people signing on the dole in one month. The total number of jobless claiming dole in Spain is now 4,166,613. The Ministry of Work and Immigration, that released the statistics, say the increase is a third of the size of the increase in March 2009. Also, the number of out of work construction workers has dropped for the first time in six months, hinting at slight growth in the construction industry. Secretary General for Employment, Maravillas Rojo, said that the increase in unemployment is slowing down and Deputy Prime Minister María Teresa Fernández de la Vega stated that the figures showed Spain is on its way to recovery.

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Lewis (7) were counting down the number of ‘sleeps’ until they would see him again. • RTN would like to say a huge thank you to Scotty, Commander

RETIRED FIRE SERVICE Personnel, The Extinguished Firefighters, celebrate their First Anniversary on Saturday 8th May with an evening of entertainment and a buffet supper, in the Courtyard Bar/Restaurant, Quesada. The more than 50 former fire personnel who attended monthly meetings are invited to book their places via Iain Bennett on 966 731 495 or Last June the group welcomed Howard Pipkin to Torrevieja following his epic cycle trip from Ayles-

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Scotty pictured with his proud parents, Helen and Tony Hillman

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Extinguished firefighters celebrate

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bury, Bucks, supporting Charities in the UK and APANEE in Torrevieja in time for Christmas. The group supported the Costaleros with a fund raising event to purchase dried foodstuffs for Caritas and the Firefighters are presently fundraising for the Children of APANEE in Torrevieja. Retired Fire Service Personnel are welcome to attend meetings on the first Thursday of every month at 15.00 in the Courtyard Bar/Restaurant in Quesada although one meeting only has been moved to Wednesday 5th May.


9 april - 15 april 2010

9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010

How to save money on life insurance BECAUSE OF the excellent Life Insurance/Mortgage Protection policies my company offer and mainly due to the annual premium being approximately half the price of similar policies on the market, we are very busy with sales. The fact that we can save clients money should be great news to those who have a mortgage and therefore require life insurance. If you have a policy with, for example, the bank and find our quotation interesting and subsequently wish to cancel, then you must under Spanish law give the bank two months notice. If you are informed that you cannot cancel without threatening your mortgage, then advise them that under European Law this is not so, and contact us. When filling in the application form there is, of course, a medical section. Most people find this questionnaire a little daunting to complete, trying to remember medical problems that have occurred in the past and, for example, if suffering from blood pressure, we need the readings. Then there are pre existing conditions: diabetes; thyroid problems; epilepsy; asthma and so on. Often we have to make an appointment for a medical which is paid for by the insurer: this can take a little while for the results to come through which means that if you want to consider moving to us, you must allow time for the medical to be carried out, bearing in mind the two month cancellation clause.

On many occasions we are informed that the original insurer never asked for a medical section to be filled in and although there are medical issues, why should they start to declare them now? Think about this reply seriously: if you haven’t declared any pre existing condition you may be suffering from, should you subsequently die from that condition or illness would the company pay out on your death? Can you afford to take that risk? We have had a few clients who have not taken up our offer because they are hesitant at the possibility of being asked to attend a medical centre. Not everyone has to do this, but occasionally it is necessary as there also can be an issue with weight and height and this will also need to be checked out. Pre conditions are always an emotive issue when requesting a quotation on travel and health insurance. People do have a problem understanding why a pre existing condition is not covered by the insurer. I have quoted often in my articles that it is not dissimilar to having an accident in a car a few months previously and then joining a new insurance company and arranging for the car to be taken into a garage and asking the new insurer to pay for the repairs. I realise this comment sounds quite amusing, but it is what happens quite frequently with health insurance. I understand that it is only the British who

have a problem in not understanding why pre existing conditions and illnesses aren’t covered. Regarding Private Health Insurance, I do think that many believe that it operates in the same way as the good old National Health Service in the UK. There is no way any private company is able to pay for a pre existing condition - it would be totally unrealistic financially and unfair to all the other clients, as premiums would hit the roof. However, what is very comforting with the plan my company sells, is that after the first year of membership all newly diagnosed serious conditions will be covered and, with their famous Guaranteed For Life Policy, you will be comforted to know that despite any serious illness or age you will not have your policy cancelled. Asssa still have the most fantastic offers on their plans. At present they are still available until the end of June. Whatever offer you choose, I can assure you it will be for life; surely that is an offer that you must consider if you are looking for health insurance. Asssa have a very extensive doctors list that I consider one of the best on the market. The hospitals available to the clients are also very impressive. They now are able to offer The Acuario Clinic in Beinarbeig. I know this hospital is very popular with many and previously it was unavailable to Asssa clients as it was registered in Spain as a maternity


by Jennifer Cunningham

The Costas leading insurance consultant If you have a question please email her at:

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9 april - 15 april 2010

9 April - 15 April 2010


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Loose ends… 9 april - 15 april 2010


Watts In Britain By

Paul Watts

HELLO FOLKS, I hope everyone had a good Easter and did not over indulge too much in chocolate consumption. The children in our family seem to have a voracious capacity for turning their large selection of Easter Eggs into cardboard and shiny foil waste within a surprisingly short amount of time. I do confess to a bit of ‘chocoholism’ myself and can feel the strain on my trouser-belt already. Anyway, time now to clear up some loose ends from the WIB mailbox. HIGH STREETS AND BIRMINGHAM WHEELS

If you fancied a ride on the Birmingham Eye, forget it! After my recent WIB on the subject, Bob Scoles emailed from Wolverhampton saying: “Argh! It’s gone… I read your article on the Brum Eye and thought I’d give it a go over Easter but they’ve taken it away.” Oops, sorry Bob, hope it wasn’t a wasted trip. Terry Woodley wrote about last week’s WIB on corporate high streets. “You correctly identify the loss of independent shops,” says Tel, “but it doesn’t stop there – can you tell me if there are ANY companies in the UK nowadays that are truly British?” Hmmm, I don’t know Terry. He adds, “You report that Southern Rail is part French but essentials such as water, gas, electricity and waste disposal are rarely in our hands. Most services are foreign owned.” Globalisation, I suppose Terry and the march towards a world government – but we’d better not go there as that’ll only get us into New World Order conspiracies. Strange, when you think that an ex-KGB agent can own London’s Evening Standard newspaper (and The Independent

anytime now). Makes you wonder if we can trust the press, eh? Where are the boundaries now? What would George Smiley make of all this? HAND WAVING AND EMERGENCY STOPS

The WIB on driving tests has stirred up a lot of memories. Jane Head emailed and told me she took her test ten times! On one occasion the examiner swotted at a fly on the windscreen and Jane took this to be the indication of her emergency stop. It resulted in what she calls: “A bit of a to-do in the high street.” During the three year period that Jane was learning to drive, the test was changed. She said, “My final test was done without the need of hand signals and I sailed through it.” She added, “I had to laugh at your description of waving your arms through the window. Looking back it did all seem bizarre.” Jane reckons that she just wasn’t co-ordinated enough to drive and give hand signs at the same time. Well, Jane, I guess it is unsafe having your hands off the steering wheel at anytime. However, if you speak to drivers that passed pre-1975, many think that without the hand signal element the test has gotten a lot easier. My L plate driving daughter would not agree. I guess whenever you pass your driving test you think that the next generation of learners have it much easier and Annie in Javea wondered how much the test has changed over the years. The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) delineated some of those changes. As we’ve seen with Jane above, after May 1975 candidates no longer had to demonstrate arm signals. The next major change was

A Ford Anglia

on July 1st 1996, when a separate written theory test was introduced. This replaced questions asked about the Highway Code during the practical test. Three years later, on May 4th 1999, changes included: extending the length of the test, randomising the emergency stop manoeuvre (look out Jane) and failing candidates for committing 16 or more driving faults. January 4th 2000 saw the touch-screen theory test introduced, bringing the ‘L’ test firmly into the new century. Phew, it’s all change innit? November 14th 2002 saw a hazard perception element introduced that uses video clips to test candidates’ awareness of road hazards. Finally, the most recent addition was September 1st 2003 when “Show me/Tell me” vehicle safety questions were added to the beginning of the driving test. So, Baby Boomers, was our driving test really much harder than nowadays? I think I’d opt for the hand signals and getting it over in one session… When announcing the introduction of the driving test back in 1935, Leslie Hore-Belisha said, “Driving is an art in which those who are engaged should, in the interest of their own and the public’s safety, take the greatest pains

to make themselves proficient.” Old Les was right and it’s a sentiment that holds today; I just wish it would apply to the lunatics on the M25! FORD ANGLIAS AND FIAT 500 The talk of first car ownership has driven many of you along Memory Road. One web comment from the splendidly named Piston Broke (I don’t know if that’s a mechanical allusion or someone both inebriated and impecunious) spoke of his/her Ford Anglia: “I loved my Anglia. It had wheel spacers and a ‘suped’ up carb.” Hmmm, you’re starting to lose me a bit Piston, mechanical talk like this tends to leave me feeling a bit giddy. Apparently, Piston says that he/ she even had some “McPherson Struts”. Is that a Scottish dance? Piston also told me that his/her sister’s first car was a Fiat 500, and like my NSU Sport Prinz Coupe used to break down all over the place. “The funny thing is,” Piston commented, “its number plate was 629 NFG (i.e. no f****** good). Get it?” Yes, we get it; and on that rude note I’m off. Me, I’ve got to book my car in for its MOT. Watts in Britain, so you don’t have to be

Gold medal

9 April - 15 April 2010


Power surge Georgina Harvey and Frank Campbell with Brother Guillermo

Bill and Pat in their garden

by Jack Troughton COSTA BLANCA couple Bill and Pat Schofield staged a twin celebration of 50 years of married life on Good Friday and another milestone in the battle against cancer. Bill has undergone eight operations since being diagnosed with the disease 22 years ago, the latest shortly before their anniversary. It meant a quiet celebration of their Golden Wedding in their home near Javea Golf Club but also a triumph in being able to share the achievement. “When I was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth 22 years ago,” said Bill. “They only gave me five years to live.” Pat added: “Now every time he has anything done he shouts: ‘Beaten it again!’” Bill and Pat were married at St Mary’s Church, Waltham-

stow, East London, after meeting as teenagers at a popular Leyton dance club. Pat, who worked for Lloyds Bank in the City of London’s Lombard Street, was born in Walthamstow and Bill, a butcher, was born in Leyton. They have two daughters and five grandchildren. And moving to Spain five years ago, they both share a love of gardening, while Pat also enjoys pitting her wits against crossword puzzles and ‘messing about’ on the computer. Bill is passionate about fishing and travels with friends weekly to Cullera to cast his line into the Rio Juca. They told RTN they had never had an argument in married life. Bill joked: “I’m much too frightened of her!” And they paid tribute to the doctors and nurses in Spain who had looked after Bill – he said: “The hospitals are absolutely fabulous and no-one should worry about having to go for treatment.”

By Jack Troughton FUND RAISERS are being asked to help bring power to the Gandia Refuge by contributing to the electricity transformer appeal. The Original Charity Shop and Library in Javea has presented a cheque for €10,000 and took the opportunity to tour the new building and its facilities waiting for the power to be switched on. But another €70,000 is needed to connect the supply and the charity is appealing for help to raise cash during 2010. A spokesman for the charity said: “All contributions to this project, however small, would be very welcome and much appreciated by the unfortunate residents of the refuge and the Franciscan Brothers who care for them. “The refuge, although based in Gandia, looks after 46 homeless men from the Marina


Alta and La Safor regions. “We are appealing to all those wonderful and tireless fund raisers and charities: please consider supporting this project in your fund raising efforts this year.” A special bank account has been opened to receive funds – Banco de Valencia, Account No. 0093 0356 75 0066289637 (Transformador Luz, Centro de Acogida San Francisco de Asis, Palma de Gandia). For further information about the appeal, visit the Original charity Shop and Library website The charity is also staging a grand horse racing and dinner evening in aid of the appeal at the Flor Azahar Restaurant, Gandia, on 17th April. Tickets are €15 each and a coach is travelling from Javea. To reserve tickets email or call 962 807 601/7539/7381



9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010

I got divorced in UK by consent, and according to the divorce Court Order and the agreement between us, my wife will keep the English house and I will keep the Spanish House. The Spanish house was bought in joint names so how I can transfer the property to my sole name? What is the fastest and cheapest way to do it? by

Marc White & Carlos Baos

English & Spanish Solicitors

There are different options to transfer into your sole name the share of your ex wife. We understand from your email that both of you are in agreement, therefore the idea it is to find the cheapest, fastest and most tax efficient way to proceed with the transfer. 1. You can ask for a formal recognition and if necessary execution of the English Court Order in Spain through the Spanish Courts. This is a possibility but if both of you are in agreement, there are other ways to do it, more convenient for you, which would be cheaper and faster. 2. Go to the notary, both of you (directly or by means of a Power of Attorney) and agree the transfer of her share to you. This could be done as a sale of her share, in this case the expenses would be: 7% Transfer Tax on her share, notary fees and Land Registry fees, and Capital Gains Tax if any. OR her share can be transferred to you as division of the

common ownership, where the taxes to be paid it would be just 1% Stamp Duty (on the value of the whole property), notary fees and land Registry fees. As you can see, this second option it is better, and it is cheaper and faster. 3. There is a third option, and if is authorised by the Land Registry where the property is registered (not all Land Registers apply the same criteria), we understand that the best option would be to try to register the English Court Order directly in the Land Registry. Recently in the case of Mr D, a client our firm, we have been able to register directly a Divorce by Consent Order, English Decree Absolute, without the need to go to the notary or to the Spanish Court, and without the need to pay any tax in Spain; by informing the Land Registry that the division of the assets of the marriage was done 50/50 in the divorce process. In Mr D’s case, a case exactly like this one, we obtained a successful outcome and the divorce order has been registered and the share of Spanish House of the spouse transferred to Mr D without the need to pay any tax or notary fees. The client has only paid a small Land Registry fee for the change of the ownership on the Land Registry.

Marc White LL.B. & Carlos Baos (English & Spanish Solicitors) C/Diana 19, 2º-D, 03700 Dénia (located close to the Glorieta Square at the end of Marques de Campo). © White & Baos Abogados 2010 - Tel: 966 426 185. All rights reserved. Send your questions to or

Crackdown on money laundering POLICE HAVE busted a money-laundering gang in Murcia. Suspicions were aroused when the group chose to purchase land worth €8.2 million with cash. The buyers brought sacks containing 17,320 €500 notes and tried to buy land in Molina de Segura, in Murcia. The police had previously launched an investigation, named Operation Lila, which has led to the discovery of gangs not only in Murcia, but also in Almería and Madrid, since it begun in 2007.

Massive investment in infrastructure SPAIN’S DEVELOPMENT Ministry has announced plans to invest €17 billion on new trains and roads over the following year. This is €2 billion more than originally planned. Seventy percent of

the money will go toward high-speed trains and the improvement of local train services. Companies who want to bid for projects have been told to do so in the second half of 2010.

Desperate times for tourism FIGURES RELEASED show that tourist visitor numbers during Easter on the Costa Blanca were the worst in a decade. The Association of Businesses and Tourist Apartments on the Costa Blanca (APTUR) say that the average occupancy rate was just 55 percent. APTUR’s president, Sergio Gambi says that stays in Benidorm have been reduced to two days, rather than four days,

due to the effects of the economic crisis. Prices have also fallen by 30 to 40 percent in order to tempt visitors. Gambi also says that apartments are finding it difficult to compete with hotels that offer full board deals. Occupation did increase to 85 percent in Benidorm, but only for two days, says HOSBEC. Gambi concluded that more promotion is needed to bring tourists back.

9 april - 15 april 2010




5-11 9 APRIL FEBRUARY - 15 APRIL2010 2010

QROPs spring clean: starting the new tax year with a spring clean of your UK pension funds by

Stephen Ward & Robert Burns THE NEW UK tax year began 6th April. Why not use this as an opportunity to review and tidy up your existing pension funds with a no obligation pension health check. For the expat, one of the options worth considering is a transfer to a QROPS to overseas locations such as Guernsey and New Zealand. WHICH OF MY PENSIONS MAY BE TRANSFERRED TO A QROPS? It is easier to start by looking at which funds may not be transferred to a QROPS – namely State pensions and funds where a

pension has already been taken by way of an annuity. For completeness, the following are examples of funds that may be transferred: • Final Salary Company Schemes (often called Defined Benefit Schemes) • Defined Contribution Company Schemes (often called Money Purchase Schemes) • Public Sector Service Schemes (e.g. Doctors; Nurses; Police; Armed Forces; Teachers; Local Government and Civil Service) • Personal Pensions including Stakeholder and Group Personal Pension Schemes • Contracted out of SERPS (Protected rights) • Retirement Annuity Contracts (RAC) and s32 buy outs • Funds where income is in drawdown but an annuity has not been taken

WHY SHOULD I CONSIDER TRANSFERRING MY FUNDS TO QROPS? Many expats only consider pension planning at the last possible moment, filing statements away, not really knowing how much their funds are worth and concluding that they can’t really do anything about it anyway. However, we have found that once the advantages of a QROPS are carefully and concisely explained most potential clients welcome the opportunity for an independent review of their situation. Many are genuinely surprised by the options open to them.

• Control over investments including in specie transfers. • Flexibility to access 25 percent of the capital between the ages of 55 and 75 • Possibility of accessing more than 25 percent capital regardless of age (for the long term expat) • No requirement to purchase an annuity • Income and capital paid without deduction of UK tax (tax is payable in the country of residence) • Funds can be passed onto future generations • Freedom from UK Inheritance Tax

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES? It is worth recapping some of the advantages of a transfer to a QROPS (depending on size of fund and type of QROPS provider chosen). These include:

IMPORTANCE OF INDEPENDENT ADVICE Of course it may not always be appropriate to transfer funds to a QROPS therefore it is important to ensure independent advice is taken.

Arbutus Qrops is a trading name of Premier Pension Solutions SL (which is a member of Inter Alliance WorldNet Insurance Agents and Advisors Ltd, one of the World’s largest independent and fully regulated offshore advisory firms). We have over 40 years combined experience with the UK pensions and offshore market. For further information or for a non obligation health check, please e-mail: or see: or

THIS ARTICLE IS WRITTEN BY STEPHEN WARD AND ROBERT BURNS, April 2010. Please see our advert on Page 2. At the forefront of the industry with over forty years combined experience with pensions, regulated and authorised, liaising directly with providers and HMRC, Stephen and Robert are two of the leading authorities on QROPS. E: T: 965 790 918 W:


Six steps into Spain by

Suzanne O’Connell Freelance reporter

Pablo Arteaga from Ábaco Asesores

FOR MANY people it’s still the dream: a house in the sun, a lifestyle that’s more relaxed, Mediterranean food and the opportunity to enjoy the richness of another culture. But with so much bad news about Spanish property, even the most determined can be forgiven for having just a few worries about taking the step into Spain. There is no doubt that mistakes have been made. Properties were built that did not have the proper authorisation. New purchasers suddenly found themselves in possession of a house that wasn’t legal. This has caused tremendous heartache for many people as well as creating a bad impression for those speculating on buying in Spain. It’s too late for some – but what if you are considering making a purchase now? Is it safe? I asked solicitor, Pablo Arteaga at Ábaco Asesores: IT IS REALLY SAFE NOW? “Three new laws mean that potential purchasers should feel reassured. The first law has introduced a ten year building guarantee for new properties. The second is specific to the Valencian community. A builder has to show that he has complied with all necessary requirements before a property can be handed over. Finally, all those involved in the construction industry have to be accredited now and register with Valencia.” AND WHAT ADVICE WOULD PABLO GIVE A POTENTIAL BUYER? “Perhaps an obvious thing for me to say but…get a solicitor!

Make sure you have proper representation and someone reputable who places your interests first. A good solicitor knows what to look for and will make sure that you have all the right documentation. Now is such a good time to buy. Take your time, look around and don’t be rushed into signing.” We can all be tempted when we find that ideal property to throw caution to the wind and sign on the dotted line. Pablo points out: “A good estate agent will be happy to wait whilst you consult your solicitor and won’t put pressure on you to buy before you are ready. At the moment, the buyer is king.’ SO… Step 1 – Find yourself a good solicitor - cutting corners can cost you money Step 2 – Work out what your personal priorities are and how much you can afford, comfortably Step 3 – Enjoy your time shopping around and don’t sign anything Step 4 – When you find something, let your solicitor check the developer’s credentials Step 5 – Make an offer below the asking price (or well below if you’re feeling lucky) Step 6 – Relax and let your solicitor carry on from here With so much on the market and at such a reasonable price, I feel reassured that it’s an ideal time to take that step towards your dream. For more information regarding legal aspects of buying a property in Spain call AbacoConnect Helpline on 966 703 748 or read the “Buying a house in Spain” article on the website

Anger at law reforms that could damage coast THE SPANISH government has reformed the law protecting lighthouses. They can now be converted into hotels and bars, previously prohibited. The new law has been slammed by ecologists and lighthouse keepers, who say that although lighthous-

es should be preserved, that making them into bars and hotels could seriously damage the coastal environment. There are 187 lighthouses along Spain’s coast that are no longer used. The plan aims to prevent them being abandoned.

9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010



9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010


The elephant is leaving the room… the end of money laundering in Spain? by

Michael Olmer

Solicitor, Link Point Legal and Business Services

UNTIL NOW, Spain has been seen as a welcoming venue for those who have chosen to do business in the ‘black economy’ or at least on its fringes, and in our office we have come across many of those who lost substantial sums when they attempted to hide their assets. As in the rest of the World, the financial climate is changing. If it is some time since you have instructed a lawyer or other professional to act for you, you may have been surprised and even shocked at the extent to which you may be asked to prove your identity and general ‘bona fides’ to the person or firm which you have chosen to represent you. In February this year, the consultation stage came to an end for the reform of law 19/1993 for the prevention of money laundering. When it comes into force later this year, the revised law will impose severe penalties on those who attempt to conceal or disguise financial transactions. Any funds concealed

or disguised will be presumed to be the proceeds of crime and those involved, whether managers of financial institutions, professionals, or private individuals will be liable to the penalties of fines and imprisonment laid down in articles 301 to 304 of the Spanish Penal Code. The most important weapon in the authorities’ armoury will be the obligation on all those involved in financial transactions to keep records of them for 10 years. These records must be available for inspection by the authorities on demand and consent to disclosure will not be required from, say, the customer of a bank or the client of a professional firm. Clients must be properly identified and records kept of who those clients are. Those involved in financial transactions must have written anti-money laundering procedures in place which will have to be produced to the authorities on demand and failure to do so will be a criminal offence.

Authorities hope the new rules will stop large cash transactions

Those responsible for enforcing the regulations will be the Bank of Spain, the Stock Exchange, the Board for the Supervision of Insurance Companies and Pension Funds, the Land Registries and Mercantile Registries, and the professional bodies representing Notaries, Lawyers, and other professions. Those carrying out enforcement will be required to do so in secret. Where the regulations have been infringed they will be enforced by fines on the company or firm for which the minimum amount will be €60,001 and the maximum €150,000 per transaction. The individuals responsible may also face fines of between €3,000 and €60,000 per transaction together with the possibility of being suspended from their posts or carrying on their professions for up to 1 year, or even a term of imprisonment. The authorities hope that the new rules will bring an end to dealing in large

cash transactions, and consequently the ‘black economy’, which directly or indirectly is seen as funding terrorism, drug trafficking, and other crime. For businesses, for example some estate agents and unqualified ‘asesores’ – consultants - who are not members of any professional association, these new rules are going to impose a major additional administrative burden. Of course, someone will have to bear to cost of compliance and inevitably this is going to be the customer and client. Professional fees and bank charges may rise to cover these expenses, although for firms which already act with integrity they may require only minor changes to their working practices. Dealing with unregulated advisers and consultants has always carried a risk for the client, but the new rules may well drive them out of business which in the long run can only be to the public good.

Link Point Legal and Business Services -

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International money transfers

DO YOU HAVE INTERNATIONAL MONEY TRANSFERS TO MAKE? Moneycorp can help you to buy the foreign currency that you need and to make international transfers on your behalf. Regardless of the size of the payment or payments that you have to send, we will ensure that the process is fast, highly cost-effective and hassle free. FINDING YOU THE BEST EXCHANGE RATES We are a foreign exchange and international money transfer specialist. by Finding you the best exchange rates available is what we do.

Kevin Wright


Account Manager, Our market experts will help you to trade at the right time. Currency Moneycorp markets are constantly on the move and exchange rates go up and

down throughout the day. We know what factors affect these market movements. We will help you to trade when exchange rates are in your favour, maximising the currency you receive. Plus, you won’t pay any commission. Our transfer fees are also some of the lowest around. PROVIDING PEACE OF MIND We use the most secure, reliable methods available to make your international payments. You can be confident that your money will arrive where you need it, when you need it. DIRECT CONTACT WITH YOUR ACCOUNT MANAGER You can contact your personal Account Manager directly, to discuss your trade. To make the decision that is best for you, you need to understand how it all works and why you will benefit from using a specialist. Your Account Manager will use everyday language, not technical jargon, to help you to make that decision.


For more information on how Moneycorp can help you to save hundreds of euros on your Spanish bank fees, as well as helping you get more pounds for your euros, contact us on 902 887 243 or email Moneycorp directly at

Euro/Sterling Weekly Market Update brought to you by &


Sterling survives the Easter holidays Fourth quarter UK economic performance revised upwards. Investors still twitchy about the Greek deficit. It took until Tuesday for sterling to progress far beyond Monday’s €1.11 starting point but after that it was a quick jump to €1.1250 and a much slower progress to the high of early this morning at €1.1350… The Three Chancellors’ performance on British television at the beginning of last week was unexpectedly harmonious. They were in agreement about many aspects of the nation’s economic plight and how it might be sorted out. It was vaguely reassuring to investors, suggesting as it did that a hung parliament might bring less policy wrangling than they had previously thought… The week’s UK economic evidence was not wholly convincing but was not without its good points. While mortgage approvals remained at a low level, consumer credit expanded more quickly in February. Nationwide’s house price index resumed its upward progress after a wobble in February. Perhaps the best news was

an upward revision to Britain’s overall economic performance in the fourth quarter of last year… Most of Euroland shared with Britain the long Easter weekend. It was no great effort to telescope a week’s worth of euro zone data into four days. The EU Commission’s confidence measures showed economic confidence a couple of points higher at 97.7, consumer confidence unchanged at -17 and industrial confidence three points lower at -10… Although the euro hoped to have rid itself of the Athenian Curse a week earlier, the problems of Greece continued to dog the currency… After four weeks of zero progress sterling enters April a couple of cents above its monthly average and close to its average price over the last 12 months. Where it goes from here will depend on the UK opinion polls and the perceived success - or otherwise - of the Greek efforts to manage the public sector deficit…

To read the full report click on Currency Guidance at


9 april - 15 april 2010

9 april - 15 april 2010




15-21 JANUARY 9 April - 15 April2010 2010

My experience of the HypnoBand HI, MY name is Jane Johnston and I wanted to write and tell your readers about my experience at Phoenix Hypnotherapy and particularly the HypnoBand Programme. I went to see Mark Phoenix Murphy at

Jane Johnston pre HypnoBand treatment

his Villamartin Clinic at the beginning of November 2009. As I approached the clinic I really was a little apprehensive, I was unsure about what Hypnotherapy was, and if it would be effective in helping me in my battle against my weight issues. However, on meeting Mark I found him to be a very understanding person and non-judgmental; he immediately set my mind at ease. STOP DIETING FOREVER After a 30 minute consultation, which included questions on my weight issue and brief history on other issues, Mark agreed to take me on to do the HypnoBand Programme. I was excited about the prospect of being slimmer, fitter and healthier. I started the programme there and then. He used his voice to gently relax me, and that was it - my eyes closed and although I could hear every word Mark said to me I was just floating: it was so relaxing. After 25 minutes, Mark gently counted up to 5 and asked me to open my eyes. My first

Hypnotherapy session with Mark was over. I was so relaxed and confident that Mark could help me to help myself. Mark gave me a CD to listen to as part of my programme. A week later, I had the second session. I had to believe I was ‘in the consultant’s office.’ At the end of the session I had to giggle: not only had I seen the consultant’s office but my surgeon was to be Michael Bolton, the singer. Wow… The third session was the actual ‘operation’ I was finally to have my virtual gastric band. I was very nervous and excited. Mark once again relaxed me and off I went with Michael Bolton. When Mark counted me back up, I actually felt that my stomach was tight; I was really excited about my future weight loss. Mark gave me another CD to listen to as part of the programme. I really felt as if I was floating on a pink fluffy cloud all that day. The fourth session was equally as relaxing. I went to have my HypnoBand tightened. After finishing the programme, the results so far are that I feel full after only a small amount

Jane Johnston today, post HypnoBand treatment

of food, similar to the real gastric band, but as it says in Mark’s advertising, without the pain or cost. I do recommend this treatment to everyone, I really do. I have also joined a gym; I exercise; I have more energy. The results are amazing. At the time of writing, I have lost, so far, 30lbs and 82cm off my body. So what are you waiting for? Call Mark today on 654 202 996 or visit or or see his advert on page 2 this week.

15-21 JANUARY 9 APRIL - 15 APRIL2010 2010

Dr Lawrence’s case book ‘After 10 years, the Migraines have gone’ Dr Lawrence’s case books by

Lawrence King

The Costa Blanca Chiropractic Centre

ANNICA TELLS her story: After years of trying many different remedies for her headaches without success, Annica turned to chiropractic for a solution. Around 10 years ago, Annica began to experience severe headaches and within a few months these headaches were occurring 3 to 4 times a week, lasting most of the day and accompanied by a sick feeling. The headaches began to cause interruption in her sleep pattern and as time went on she began to get very tired. “When I consulted the medical doctor, a diagnosis of migraine type headaches was given,” says Annica. “The medication prescribed didn’t help much and I was fed up with all the side affects I was experiencing. After many years of these headaches I also began to feel dizzy, which is when a friend recommended I see a chiropractor as she had been

helped with a similar problem.” Annica continues: “On my first visit I was given a thorough examination and was then sent to have x-rays taken. When I returned with the x-rays the chiropractor, Dr Lawrence, explained that some of the bones in my spine had become misaligned and were now pinching the nerves and this may be causing my headaches and dizziness. That day I started on a course of care to re-align my spine and I am now delighted with the results. All the symptoms are better. I no longer have the headaches and the dizziness is also gone”. DR LAWRENCE EXPLAINS MIGRAINE “Migraine is one of the most common forms of headaches along with tension type headaches. The migraine headache is characterised by a pulsating type of


Dr Lawrence with Annica

headache lasting from 4 to 72 hours. Common symptoms that accompany migraines are nausea, vomiting, photophobia (increased sensitivity to light) and phonophobia (increased sensitivity to sound). “About one third of sufferers will experience a more severe form of migraine, which includes experiencing an aura before, during or after the headache. This aura will usually present itself as disturbances with vision or smell. With appropriate spinal care

For an appointment with Dr. Lawrence, please contact The Costa Blanca Chiropractic Centre on 966 865 432 or call Dr Lawrence direct on 656 589 740.

through chiropractic, many migraine and other headache sufferers experience great relief or a complete resolution for their headaches.” For an appointment with Dr Lawrence, please contact The Costa Blanca Chiropractic Centre on 966 865 432 or call Dr Lawrence direct on 656 589 740. The Centre is easy to find at Pau Casals No 7 (opposite the Golf/Cricket Ground at Albir (near Benidorm). The Costa Blanca Chiropractic Centre’s website is


9 april - 15 april 2010

Past simple tense Spanish lessons by

Jane Cronin

A weekly ‘cut out and keep’ feature helping you to learn basic Spanish for everyday needs

Lesson 102

WE’RE STILL coming to terms with the past simple tense. It’s actually an easy one to know when to use, as it simply describes past, finished events. The regular endings are slightly odd compared to the present and continuous tenses that we have looked at already, although that’s just a case of getting used to them. Just to remind us, here are the two types - regular –ar endings first: - é - aste - ó

- amos - asteis - aron

and regular –er/-ir endings second: - í - íste - ió

- imos - isteis - ieron

That covers an awful lot of verbs, in fact the majority, so we could say we have already learnt the past simple tense. However, (and you knew a “however” was coming there) we have to get to grips with the irregular ones many of which are very common and frequently used. Before we get down to the real nitty gritty of irregular verbs

though, there are just a few nearly regular ones that have very small changes in the third person. These are all –ir verbs and mostly belong to the “e to i” root-changing group that we learnt about in the present tense, for example “pedir” meaning “to order” or “to ask for”. It goes: pedí, pediste, pidió, pedimos, pedisteis, pidieron. In other words, the root in the third persons singular and plural change from “e” to “i”. I can tell already that you’re riveted. Another example is “sentir”, that goes “sentí, sentiste, sintió, sentimos, sentisteis, sintieron”. Okay, I’ll leave it there. Let’s see if the next bit is more interesting, or at least more useful. There is also a change the roots of the following two –ir verbs, also in the third person only. Firstly, dormir (to sleep) which goes: dormí, dormiste, durmió, dormimos, dormisteis, durmieron. Now, that could be useful some time. “He slept”, or “she slept” “durmió”; “they slept” – “durmieron”. This is even more useful when we realize that the reflexive form “dormirse” means “to fall asleep” – so “se durmió” means “he or she fell asleep” – you

9 april - 15 april 2010 might find this useful when you are apologizing for your husband’s behaviour, for example. The other verb that does exactly the same thing is “morir” to die. In its straightforward, non-reflexive form, as you can imagine, this verb is generally only found in the third person. “Murió” (he died or she died”) “murieron” (they died). Sadly these are words that crop up in news broadcasts on a daily basis. The reflexive form “morirse” however is used more figuratively, in a similar way to English. “Me morí de vergüenza” – I “died” of embarrassment. Somehow I feel I haven’t made this information as interesting as I might, so I will compensate with some anecdote evidence. I must have I spent at least five years of my time in Spain quite unaware of these small changes, so every time my baby daughters fell asleep I would say, “se dormió” instead of “se durmió” (well, not every time, but you know what I mean). Everybody understood me, nobody corrected me, and there was a sleeping baby bearing witness to the truth of my words. In other words, these minor details are not earth-shatteringly important in real, everyday situations.

Jane Cronin Spanish language courses for Spring 2010 Start date 26th April at Los Arcos Restaurant, Torrevieja Tuesdays and Thursdays Level One: Survival Spanish 10.00 –11.30 Level Two: Essential Spanish 11.45 - 13.15 Level Three: Practical Spanish 13.30 –15.00 Mondays and Wednesdays Level Four: Grammatical Spanish 13.30 - 15.00 Level Five: Logical Spanish 11.45 - 13.15 Level Six: Successful Spanish 10.00 –11.30 From absolute beginners to intermediate – there is a course for you! ONLY

45 euros per eight-week course

Enrolment: at Los Arcos Restaurant from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on: Mondays: March 29th - April 12th, 19th Wednesdays: March 31st - April 14th, 21st Course descriptions on my homepage at

For more information phone: Adrian 619 488 903 - 968 18 32 58 Or e-mail:

Back to front Frank Frank and Partner Sharon on left, Sean and Denise on right

FRANK HEMMINGS, known as ‘Back to Front Frank’, was touched by the plight of ‘The Butterfly Children’, who suffer from a condition that affects their skin. There is nothing better than hugging your children or being hugged by your mum or dad and


Frank could never imagine being in this situation. A bit of a biker with his pony tail and beard, on 23rd February at the Washington Bar, La Siesta, he decided to have both shaved, the money donated to the Butterfly Children’s Charity. Anyone could

help cut Frank’s hair for €1! €646.75 was raised for the Butterfly Children. Despite various media companies being invited to cover the event, not one turned up so they called RTN’s The Sheriff! Well done Frank and a big thanks to the Washington Bar.


9 April - 15 April 2010

music scene J.J. JONES – Neil Diamond tribute



96 686 5049

Compiled by

Eric Taylor

Got a story? 902 118 999

ET’s Golden Oldies Disco Tel: 965 748 199 659 921 875 or email:

If there are any music venues or acts that wish to be featured in this column, please contact Eric directly.


J.JONES has recently moved to the Costa Blanca. Previously he was working the circuit in the south of England, cruise ships and for five years toured Australia with his seven piece band. His act is a two hour spectacular of Neil Diamonds hits (from the Hot August Night album to the film The Jazz Singer). JJ is also an accomplished guitarist and for a couple years worked the Butlins circuit with Lulu’s Luvers in the 60’s revival

shows, together with The Searchers and many more. GIGS IN APRIL: Sat 17th El Cid’s Restaurant, Benidoleig, dinner & show for €14.50 Thurs 22nd The Lee’s Bar, Orba Sat 24th La Luna, Alcalali – (live music from Led Zepelin to Bob Marley) For more info phone 965 577 345 or check out his web site:

JJ Jones in session

OMEGA – Fiddle/Guitar Duo

Menu de la Casa from 14.95€

‘OMEGA’ COMPRISE of female fiddler Karen and lead vocalist/bass player Will. Their repertoire of music has been described as a breath of fresh air. If you’ve never heard the likes of Gerry Rafferty or Status Quo played on the fiddle now is your chance. Karen is from the West Country and Will from Scotland, so you will definitely detect the Scottish influence during their set. Future bookings: Daytona Bar, Levante Beach, Benidorm: Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday - 14.30. Guiness Bar, Levante Beach, Benidorm: Every Saturday – 16.00. The Royal Carvery, Alkabir, El Campello: Saturday 11th April: Then alternate Saturdays - 20.00. For more information, call Karen on 649 169 415

Full A La Carte Menu

The Nomad - live music show

Susie Q – vocal entertainer

629 809 638, or via his website:

SUSIE Q is a local female vocal entertainer based in Altea. She started her singing career on the Northern pubs/ clubs circuit before joining a successful all girl group ‘Covergirls,’ appearing at all the major cabaret venues in the UK as well as touring abroad. Her act includes the songs of Whitney Houston; Shania Twain; Diana Ross; The Carpenters as well as songs ideal for dancing. Susie is an ideal performer for private parties; dinner/dances; Golf Societies; Bowls Clubs etc.

BRUCE IS the incredibly lively singer, blues harmonica and saxophone player with the trademark long black coat, top hat, and stuffed white rat on his shoulder. Previously Bruce specialised in rock and blues music, but now The Nomad - Live Music Show contains a much bigger and wider range of songs. Bruce can be contacted on:

BOOKINGS FOR APRIL: Fri 9th Private Party Sat 10th ‘So What International’ Bar, Calpe Port Sat 17th Private Party Sun 18th to Weds 28th On Tour Thurs 29th ‘So What International’ Bar, Calpe Port

Bruce the “Nomad”




GIGS FOR APRIL: Fri 9th Ambience Cabaret Bar, Moraira Sat 10th El Presidente Bar, Arenal, Javea Sat 17th El Presidente Bar, Arenal, Javea Sun18th Moby Dick Bar, Benidorm 17.00 Thurs 22nd So What Bar, Calpe Port, Calpe Sat 24th El Presidente Bar, Arenal, Javea For more details, phone 649 240 375.

Every week Nigel Turner, Cumberland Bar, Benidorm will be doing a Focus report on the nightlife of Benidorm and the artists performing there. Should any artist/venue wish to be included :– contact Nigel on 685 550 106, email:, web site:

Ricky Reed - Vocalist/Entertainer THIS WEEK, we focus on a singer who has only been over here on the Costa Blanca for around 3 months. Ricky Reed moved here in January after being in the entertainment business for many years in the UK. Originally from Hull, Ricky started his musical career at the age of 16, on lead vocals for various bands around the clubs on the Northern Circuit. After a few years break from singing, he became the landlord of the Kettleworth Arms in Wakefield and then began singing again. Dubbed

The fantastic Susie Q

the ‘Singing Landlord,’ he toured the venues of the north once again and won many awards including club readers’ best male vocalist for three years running. He decided to move over here due to his wife’s health and has already made a name for himself in many venues. You can catch his show at the following: Mon Wed & Fri – Tiki Beach Bar, situated on Levante Beach; Camping Villamar and the Kazzablanca Bar in Albir. For more information, call Ricky on 633 364 797.

9 April - 15 April 2010


Postcard from Portugal Classical Music J

Society Concert

by Jack Troughton

AVEA PLAYERS are busy putting the final touches to the hilarious comedy Holiday Snap before its five night run beginning on 19th April. Written by John Chapman and Michael Pertwee, it is an unlikely but extremely funny tale of two devious and adulterous couples arriving for a saucy stay in a Portuguese villa, only to find they are double-booked. And their plans for a naughty week away are thrown into further disarray when an incompetent rep – too fond of the bottle – attempts to resolve the situation. Things go from bad to worse when an old friend makes an unexpected entrance and a mother-inlaw decides to see how her daughter’s husband is faring on the golf course. Director David Garnett is currently making the final preparations for first night. He has assembled a strong and dedicated cast including Norman

The cast of Holiday Snap

Dunnington; Lynne Martin; Lee and Gillian Hodges; Keith and Geraldine Livesey; Carole Saunders and Rob Leigh, to insure the success of this timeless farce. Holiday Snap runs at the Union Musical, Gata de Gorgos,

between 19th and 23rd April, with curtain up at 20.00 every night. Tickets cost €10 each, €8 for group bookings on Monday and Tuesday nights, and can be reserved by calling Mabel on 965 794 937.

Grease is the word YOUNGSTERS WANTING to join the T-Birds and Pink Ladies in the awardwinning smash musical Grease, are invited to a first rehearsal on Sunday 11th April. Benitachell Arts Centre plans to stage the show in October – possibly at Calpe – and needs a strong group of talented performers. Rehearsals for the musical had to be postponed because of licensing problems. These have been successfully resolved and so anyone over the age of nine is in-

Kids wanna rock By Jack Troughton IT’S ONLY rock ‘n’ roll and students of the Rock Academy were up on stage to show just how much they like it by playing live. The Benitachell Arts Centre was packed for the gig as 15 youngsters aged eight to teenagers – and some of their parents - performed a variety of classic rock songs in a myriad of different styles. The Javea-based music school teaches the students a number of different instruments and they are encouraged to form bands – frequently playing a different instrument in a variety of changing line ups - to perform at Rock Academy concerts. And as an encore, €340 raised from the sale of raffle tickets was donated to the Friends of the Children of EMAUS, which supports youngsters living in care homes. “We are really happy the concert went so very well,” said Rock Academy’s Sue Flood. “The kids are progressing really well and we hope that continues. It is great they enjoyed playing live to an audience so much.”

vited – including young adults - to take part. It is planned to hold rehearsals every Sunday from 11.00 until 13.00 with additional times for actors cast in the lead roles. Fees are €4 per week inclusive. The producers appreciate that it is currently the Easter holidays and so anyone unable to make Sunday’s first get together can still be part of the show – simply call Ann on 680 673 871 or email

Antonella de Vinco

THE FOURTH concert in the 2010 programme of the Alfàs Del Pi Classical Music Society will be on Saturday 17th April at 20.15 in the Casa Cultura, Alfàs Del Pi. The Duo Sirignano De Vinco, Maria Sirignano, soprano and Antonella de Vinco, piano - will captivate the audience with a programme of well-known and loved songs ranging from Henry Mancini’s ‘Moon River’ to Gershwin’s ‘Summertime.’ Full details of the concert, including the programme, are on the Society’s website: Tickets are available at the Casa Cultura from one hour before the concert at €9, or there is an annual membership. For further information, contact: Domènec Fuster, Secretary, Alfàs Del Pi Classical Music Society, telephone: 965 888 865 or email:


9FEB APRIL 15 APRIL42010 26 - MARCH 2010

Spring is here! by

Clodagh & Dick Handscombe Practical gardeners and authors

REMINISCING! At last it is possible to say that Spring is here. For a change it was sun throughout last weekend and as far as we know, Costa Blanca Easter processions, gardening and paellas did not have to be cancelled. With the sun just right for upgrading our Vitamin D intake without taking vitamin supplements and getting burnt, we did not do as much gardening as planned but there was the week ahead for that. Easter Saturday we did fit in a good four hour early morning walk and on Easter Sunday worked on the allotment from 06.30 to 09.00 to be first for the channelled water system which operates from a natural spring in the winter before the pumped system is set in motion from1st May. But what a joy to do some weeding while other plants were watered to the dawn chorus of nightingales. Most miss this as by the time it was 07.30, the valley was silent. Later, sunbathing by the pond to the Spring chorus of a couple of dozen frogs, a couple of butterflies wafted by - a reminder that twenty years ago we had hundreds

a day versus just a handful a day before the valley became heavy users of chemical sprays to combat the influx of fruit flies and moths. Alas, although most orchards are now abandoned and the spraying stopped, the butterfly population has not yet returned to its former glory, even though the garden is still full of the herbs and lantanas they loved. But walking 400 metres above the valley, we find that they are repopulating. So please plant butterfly loving plants when you add plants this spring. And luckily, the plants they love are drought resistant plants. A review of the several hundred recommended flowering plants in ‘YOUR GARDEN IN SPAIN –From planning to planting and maintenance’ and the chapter on ‘ Painting with plants’ with practical guidelines for colour mixing plants for maximum effect, will ensure that your spring expenditures on new plants are cost effective. Easter Monday we found ourselves not in the garden but doing a Question and Answer session for a couple of hundred members of Moraira – Teulada U3A. Some interesting questions, some of which we will answer for a wider audience in future columns. LOOKING AHEAD In the garden, do ensure that most of your spring plantings are made by the middle of May to enable root balls to develop before the hotter weather. On apartment terraces, balconies and window sill planting can be

Come and see us at the This is Spain’ show in La Zenia, April 23rd, 24th & 25th

continued into June as roots have less space to spread in containers and they are going to need to be watered regularly anyway. Apologies that the publication date of ‘Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style’ has been delayed until around the 20th; totally beyond our control and thank you to those readers who have placed advance orders by phoning 952 485 838 or using APARTMENT GARDENING MEDITERRANEAN STYLE We are promised that we will have copies to autograph at the ‘This is Spain’ show in La Zenia and a sizeable stand for our Gardens

BY CLODAGH AND DICK HANDSCOMBE practical gardeners and authors who have enjoyed gardening in Spain for themselves and at times others for twenty five years. New book ‘Apartment Gardening - Mediterranean Style’ is to be published this month and can be obtained from high street and internet bookshops including for the fastest deliveries.

Corner Question and Answer Sessions throughout each day 23rd, 24th and 25th April. We look forward to meeting and helping readers there. If you live too far north for this, you will find our schedule of other Spring talks by looking up, regarded as the best gardening site in Spain. Over Easter it was ranked 1, 2 and 3 out of 36 million items. As usual we have run out of space and it’s time to cut a tasty mixed salad from the amazing number of vegetables growing on a 2.5 square second floor terrace. Before and after photographs will be found in our new book plus full instructions for doing similarly.

Readers’ recipes

Seriously wicked chocolate cake

41 41

FEB9 APRIL 26 - MARCH - 15 APRIL 4 2010 2010

THE CAKES Pre-heat the oven to 170º. Grease, flour and line two 8” cake tins (round or square). In a large bowl, cream the butter and sugar until pale in colour. Add the beaten egg gradually. Sift the flour and cocoa and fold into the mixture. Divide the mixture between the two tins. Bake for 20 minutes or until the cakes are springy to the touch. Cool.

INGREDIENTS 6 ozs butter 6 ozs caster sugar 3 eggs (beaten) 6 ozs self raising flour 2 ozs cocoa powder FILLING 2 ozs butter 2 ozs icing sugar 2 ozs cocoa powder TOPPING: 3 ozs good quality chocolate 2 ozs cream

THE FILLING Cream all the ingredients. Sandwich the cakes when they are completely cool. TOPPING Melt the chocolate and cream slowly over a bowl of gently simmering water until completely smooth. Spread over the cake. For special occasions decorate with sparklers and candles. In the unlikely event of leftovers, store in an airtight container.

Jane, Denia Don’t forget: if you have a recipe that you would like featured in RTN please email to Artien is created and illustrated by Jan Gamm

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19-25 9 APRIL FEBRUARY - 15 APRIL2010 2010


Vibin’ ‘n’ Scribin’ W

Vibes From The Costas by

Tony Poole

from www.vibesfromthecostas.

ELCOME TO a brand new music column in the RTN: ‘Vibes From The Costas.’ Your host for this jazzy weekly journey is yours truly, Tony Poole. I’ll be vibin’ all the up to date news from the jazz festivals and concerts along the Costas this Summer, bringing you the latest in announcements, exclusive interviews and inside scoops. Plus I expect there will be CD reviews along the way. By way of an introduction, here’s a little about myself: Journalist qualifications? When I attended school I was thrown out of my O-level class for tying my girlfriend to a chair - but then I did marry her. Good enough? How about my experience? Well, here’s a short story. During the 90s I presented a programme called Jazz First on BBC Essex. For a special show about the 50th Anniversary of Blue Note Records, the most famous of jazz labels, I managed to arrange an interview with the late, great jazz drummer and Blue Note recording artist Art Blakey whilst he was appearing at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. I journeyed to a plush hotel in London’s Russell Square feeling like I had the exclusive of the century in the can, sat down with the legend himself,

switched on my tape recorder only to be told by someone else in the room: “Mr. Blakey is deaf.” Those drums had literally gone to his head. Perhaps, the April Fool was on me: needless to say the interview was a disaster. Happily enough, journalistic disasters have been few and far between, but I still have a few ‘gooduns’ left for a later date. I can best tell you that my passion is jazz and black music: the words I write come straight from the heart. This column will be for the fans and purists alike, though I expect the jazz police will be on my case at some stage, so let rip and bring on those wacky comments. Perhaps you have a funny story that you would like to share. GIG NEWS The final concert for the annual Músicas con Frontera in Rojales takes place this Saturday evening featuring the Matthew Simon Acoustic Jazz Trio. Matthews’ impressive CV consists of having played with such greats as Pat Metheny; Louis Bellson; Tito ‘El Rey’ Puente; Celia Cruz; Dave Liebman; Slide Hampton and Michel Camilo, which puts him in the starting line-up of any Premiership League side. Matthew is

Matthew Simon

Spanish, of American origin, and is also a regular collaborator with the Symphonic Orchestra of Barcelona. The evening promises to be a musical trip though the history of jazz, playing popular

standards along with some of Matthew’s original compositions. Showtime: 21.00. Venue: Teatro Capitol. Admission: Free

Full details plus you can find me on Facebook. Email news and views to Until next time, mis amigos , keep the ViBES AliVE!

Get Bach

By Jack Troughton A COSTA BLANCA choir will turn back the clock to sing JS Bach’s St John Passion in its original German – the language used to compose and perform the piece in 1724.

Coral Classica Javienese will be accompanied by the Orchestra of the Marina Alta on 9th May for the concert at the Iglesia Nuestra Sra. De la Asuncion, Denia, starting at 21.00. Soloists are soprano Rosemary Jukic and Concha Marcos de Leon, alto, who will be joined by three male soloists travelling

from Germany especially to sing in this performance: Christian Glosemeyer, tenor; Dominik Herrmann, bass-baritone; and baritone Georg Geibler. And the orchestra will be under the direction of conductor Fransesc Estevez for a performance of a sacred work that also stands alone as a wonderful piece of

choral music that should not be missed. Tickets costs €12 and can be obtained from Piera Instruments, Denia; Humpty Dumpty, Javea; Kellys, La Xara; Libreria Europa, Calpe; Letters R Us, Moraira; and Bar Centre Artistic Musical, Pedregeur. Reservations can be made by calling 664 109 222 and tickets will be available at the door.

9 april - 15 april 2010 Win a meal for 2 at the Inn Plaice in torrevieja (Mon-Thu) or at La Pista Restaurante In Jalon (Mon-sat Lunchtimes Only) by answering the Cryptic Crossword correctly. Answers by email to: or Fax: 96 570 5328.

Euromillions Draw Friday 2nd april

12 18 24 26 45 4


One Austrian ticket won the 15,000,000 Euros (£13,339,500) jackpot prize


Answers & Winner Last week’s Crossword and Suduko answers found on page 48. Crossword winner for issue 546: ROY MILLER LOS BALCONES

Quick Crossword

Cryptic Crossword



7. Memento (5)

1. Transmits (10)

Across 7. Member of a rising movement (5) 8. Draw a picture of the harbour light (7) 9. Well-known for being unskilled! (7) 10. Type that will go in the ring (5) 12. What is performed at the School Concert? It’s easy! (6,4) 15. Dull - be in need of different result (4-6) 18. Do some climbing, as bees do (5) 19. Take back what was said about the pamphlet (7) 21. Noose? (4-3) 22. First to get the gun ready (5)


8. Deviate (7) 9. Contrary (7) 10. Deserves (5)

2. Quick (5) 3. Blemish (4) 4. Arrival (6) 5. Misdemeanours (8)

12. Defence (10)

6. Region (7)

15. Singer (10)

11. Father Christmas (5,5)

18. Healthy (5) 19. Local (7) 21. Pirate (7) 22. Goodbye (5)

13. Remaining (8) 14. Examination (7) 16. Go back (6) 17. Pungent (5) 20. Summit (4)

Down 1. Guide-lines for heads, we hear (10) 2. Helps to change a wild beast (5) 3. Convivial meeting-place used when driving (4) 4. Court plea to evoke sympathy (6) 5. He makes a suggestion in favour of prose translation (8) 6. It only works when trodden underfoot (7) 11. An instruction to the monastic to gamble? (3-7) 13. Wife to lend a hand with a friend (8) 14. An abrasion is no handicap (7) 16. Attempts to play an ace (6) 17. Vestment that takes some getting out of! (5) 20. Kind of measure used in recording (4)

8-14 JANUARY 9 APRIL - 15 APRIL2010 2010


No, no, no! IN THE words of Amy Winehouse, faced with her worst nightmare of Rehab, I too often hear those words, “No, No, No!” They are said when clients, or members of an audience cannot take the message that they are given. I am always the messenger boy and my job is to spiritually network in passing the right message on to whom it is rightfully intended. Sometimes the response can be, “No, No, No,” when someone cannot place the departed message sender, and I have to be content at the time with doing my job and relaying the message onwards. Thus the message alerts the recipient of a spiritual connection made through me. This action of reception of spiritual callings involves accepting the information on the right side of the hemispheric brain, and then transmitting it across to the left side. During this action mistakes can be made, and I have to accept that Spirit do not make the errors, the mistakes can and will be found in the translation and I am generally at fault when such a mistake is made. However the client can make a mistake too. They say, “No” as a reflex and then they begin to think, and think back and think again. It is always refreshing for me to get a solution to a loose end by the termination of an appointment, or demonstration, but it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I have to wait days, weeks, months, and yes, years to get a result. And some clients do not know the information they are given is true, and they have to find out. Calls, emails and texts come to me each week, and often the reference is to something that was said way back when. One such incident came into play when I told a young man that he had a brother in Spirit. He denied that he had as he was the firstborn child in the family. He was: his brother died a year before he was born, and it was only his sister, waiting

horoscopes by Kenny Corris

in my waiting room, who could enlighten him. Mother told her daughter about her miscarriage, but not her son! Family secrets then can be revealed by the messages that I pass. A client was passed a message from his Uncle in Canada. He protested that he did have an Uncle, but he was alive and well. I knew otherwise, and in passing the message on was the first to inform him of his Uncle’s demise. Next day I got the call that was quite inevitable, plus an apology because my client was so adamant that I had got it wrong. Sadly I was right. Uncle has since been in contact with me, and I have passed the message on, which is my duty to so do. When messages come from the Spirit World they are from those who have passed over, and those who wish to communicate with souls alive in the World they used to inhabit. So you see, “No, No, No” can become “Yes, Yes, Yes.” At a recent demonstration, a woman sitting in the front row could not take a message from a man in Spirit, who was showing her so much love and attention. The man was dark skinned, skinny and smiling. In front of the audience the woman couldn’t or I suspected wouldn’t take the message. Later over a coffee she whispered into my ear that this was a message from an old boyfriend, a Jamaican whom she had loved very much; however she couldn’t have brought a black man into the house because of the racial hatred of her very bigoted Father. The relationship had to end, and so it did, and some forty years later, the message sent via me during a service in public, confirmed the passing of someone she had loved, but lost to her past. What was a “No” in front of the audience was proved to be a definite, “Yes!” I will always remember the tears in her eyes.

Love & Light... Kenny Corris

Kenny’s Diary

Postbag Email your letters to me at:

Kenny, I promised my grandmother I would take care of her carriage clock, but despite an overhaul and two cleanings it still doesn’t work properly. Is there a spiritual reason for this? I ask because people tell of watches stopping and things connected to timepiece mechanisms. Betty S. Well Betty, maybe yes. I knew a clock that only chimed twice on each hour: its previous owner died at 1.59! Another client broke down on the motorway en route to a dying Father. His call to the breakdown service was at the exact time of death of his departed Dad! Time does have significance and we should keep a mindful eye on the possibility. Maybe you should contact your grandmother and tell her that you’ve done your very best and ask her to do what she can with the clock. You may just find that she can call the shots on this one. Good luck!

New online forum! Please feel free to ask questions of Kenny and read questions and comments of others.

THURSDAY APRIL 15th Demonstration and Spiritual Service for the Alfaz Spiritual Foundation at the Mare Nostrum Centre, Alfaz del Pi, at 18.30. All are welcome! HIGHER REALMS A one day workshop to help you find that Higher Guide. A great chance to accelerate your spiritual progress and move on to higher levels. Sunday 11th April at 10.30. for details of all courses.

contact kenny Appointments: 96 587 8424 Mobile: 686 361 594 Web: Please contact me for inclusion in my healing list!

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Spurred on by Mars, and aided by the strong communication skills of hard working Mercury, there is a need for completion and then to put everything behind you. It is a case of just holding on a little longer, particularly as there are two sides to every story and you are about to benefit from sticking to your guns and telling the truth to people who can greatly facilitate your next move. Accept what you are offered this week; it is a genuine step in the right direction. Still bowled over by residency of your Planetary leader, there comes a new angle to your third house of perception that may just open the door to your heart. Pain has caused you to close down the vital link to your innermost wants and desires. Now, more than ever, there is a real chance to make connections and to project what it you really need to boost balance and equilibrium. Loving yourself is not an option; it is your right and there’s no time like the present. Spontaneous energies are fuelled by planetary actions, as Pluto starts to influence Capricorn and Saturn is in Virgo. There are many ways to skin a rabbit and you should have more confidence in your abilities and just where they can take you. A green light is shown for new projects, especially if they involve using your expertise, and develop your intrinsic skills. You are much more than you think you are, and if you hesitate now then you are really lost. Hiding within that hard shell you are ready to snap those pincers at any moment to combat that which you are holding inside. Watch out anyone who crosses you this week. It is good that you are dealing with your innermost emotions, but somebody may get hurt on the way, and you will very deeply regret doing anything in anger that couldn’t be resolved in simple and practical arbitration. Keep calm and the solution will be closer than you think! Mars has stirred you somewhat and it is good that you currently plan changes to your lifestyle appropriate to your next concepts and need for change. At last you are finally seeing the whole picture and not some garbled version of what could be. The rise in your level of energy comes because you are inspired, and at last motivation will see you safely through to just where it is best you are right now, in the current scheme of things. You know now what you are capable of! Saturn, Planet of structure, allows you a blank canvas this week and the chance to play out all that pent up emotion in a strong investment for the future. Nobody works harder than you do, but it often seems that you end up with second best and then find yourself having to compromise, when you are capable of so much and deserve more. As the boundaries have moved a little already, you will experience a taste of what could be, and isn’t this what you really want right now? Someone has been economical with the truth, and you are sorting out the debris. You were warned, but you didn’t want to hear what you didn’t want to hear and so the story goes. It is somebody that takes away some of the sting this week. You are about to find out the hard way who your friends really are because they well know how difficult things have been for you, and you need to move on. A new opportunity on the work front brings you something to get your teeth into. A financial warning is issued and you are advised to be very open and honest about expenditure, since what is needed is a complete revision of the household budget. Whilst economies have to be made all across the line there is a need to pull the belt in and this goes for everyone involved; since someone isn’t paying their way. Be forensic in your actions because just a little saving now will greatly help the future and spur others to work within the limits that have to be applied. This week there is a payoff and you deserve it, since patience and calm have brought serendipity into your life. There are some lucky chances in life and all is clear for you to follow your heart right now. When you currently put the welfare of others first there comes a time when you will be richly rewarded for your labours of love. It hasn’t been easy of late, but positive energies are flowing now, and you have so much to look forward to. Actions with Pluto uncover the past somewhat, and Mars conjuncts with Leo, bringing you some universal energy. You are inspired to make changes and in so doing will realize your own inner talents, especially as you are so intuitive and highly charged right now. Sensitivity is hard to measure, but it will have a very positive effect on you if you let it. Release those psychic skills and see just what you can do if you try! You could put them into good use! You have an inner feeling that something just isn’t right and you cannot quite put your finger on it. You have to understand that someone hasn’t told you the full story! With Uranus standing by, and the opposite action of Venus in your seventh house, the truth will have to surface, and you may have to revalue finally something you have held dear. This is surely a time to lay down new house rules and to make sure, above all, that they are observed. Wonderful and inspiring ways to use your creative talents in a new way, as doors of opportunity open for you. You have a magical way of dealing with new beginnings, and whilst you are not re inventing yourself you are playing some very good new tunes on an old fiddle and not before time. Don’t let any rain fall on your parade this week, and if you do stumble on the first hurdle, who cares? You can quickly pick yourself up and learn to move on for yourself!

If it’s your birthday this week... You need to prioritise on anything that helps you make the positive decisions that are needed. In so doing you will surprise yourself and silence others who would criticise you right now, because they have no right to stand in your way.

8-14 JANUARY 9 APRIL - 15 APRIL2010 2010

Picasso in Benissa YOU THINK of art in Spain and one name springs to mind above all: Picasso. Even if you know nothing about art, Picasso is an artist you have undoubtedly heard of. Born in Malaga in 1881, Picasso was an artistic child prodigy. Brought up in by a middle class family, his father was also a painter and art school professor, who specialized in naturalistic depictions of BA (hons). Artist & owner birds and other game. Picasso started to of ArtHouse Gallery show signs of talent from as young as three years old and this was encouraged by his father who began to give him formal artistic training. Rapidly his budding expertise began to flourish. On one occasion his father found his now thirteen-year-old son, painting over his unfinished sketch of a pigeon. Observing the precision of his son’s technique, his father felt that his son had surpassed him and vowed to give up painting himself! At the age of sixteen, Picasso’s father and uncle decided to send the young artist to Madrid’s Royal Academy of San Fernando, the country’s foremost art school. This was only the beginning of a wonderful and highly successful career for this young man who went on to become one of the World’s most famous artists. Over the years, Picasso explored a

Julia Evans

huge number of different styles within painting and sculpture. The thing I love about his work is its sheer diversity. He persistently moved forward, pushing and reshaping his art until the day he died, constantly changing his style, reinventing and creating new forms of art, never allowing his creativity to become stagnant and providing us with one of the most varied collections of a lifetime’s work that has inspired and influenced so many artists. The best place to view Picasso’s work is of course the Picasso Museum in Barcelona which holds a huge selection of his work. Even if you think that you don’t like Picasso I would strongly recommend a visit as his work was so varied you would not believe that many of the paintings come from the same artist and there is bound to be something that excites you within the collection. He is probably most famous for his cubist and abstract work yet many forget what an amazing draughtsman he was, creating highly skillful realistic drawings. However if you are feeling that Barcelona is a little too far to travel then I am very excited to tell you that as I write these words there is an exhibition of his work right on our doorstep in Benissa. Held at the Art Center Taller


Picasso’s Blue Nude

Ivars, the exhibition has been organized by Bancaja and the Benissa town hall and runs until 23rd April. If you are in the area then please take a look. As I have said before, visiting a gallery can be an unusual way to spend an afternoon even if it is not something you would usually

think of doing. Give it a try - you never know you may even enjoy it! For all information on the exhibition, opening hours and directions please contact the Benissa tourist office on 965 732 225 or email them at

Julia Evans BA (hons), ArtHouse Gallery, Calle San Miguel no. 14, Gata de Gorgos, 03740 Alicante. Tel: 0034 965 756 286 or 0034 687 114 853. Email: Web: If you are an artist and have an exhibition coming up or simply just want me to view you work then email

Age Concern now in Orihuela Costa

From left, Maureen Payne, Stefan Pokroppa of the town hall International Residents’ Office, and volunteers Patricia Muirhead and Doreen Low

Charity fashion Show SUNDAY 18TH April, 4pm at Hotel Parador, Javea. The admission fee in advance is 8€ or 10€ on the door. Includes a glass of cava. Every admission ticket takes part in a raffle to win 50€. The total money raised will be given to the school for disabled children Raquel Paya, Denia. Announcement and ticket sales at: Moda Natural, Calle Loreta, Denia, 96 642 5308 Camarena, Calle Diana 1, Denia, 96 578 8709 Humpty Dumpty, Javea Horst P Engels, Calpe, 96 597 3043

AGE CONCERN this week opened a new information point and drop in service at the town hall at Playa Flamenca, in response to the increasingly aging population in the area. The coastal town hall has given Age Concern temporary use of its conference room until a permanent new office near Villamartin is ready for use. Maureen Payne, Age Concern president, told RTN: “A lot of people told us there was no support for them in Orihuela Costa, and if you haven’t got a car, getting to our centre in La Siesta can be very difficult. I wrote to Orihuela mayor, Monica Lorente, and within a couple of weeks, we received a call from Stefan Pokroppa to tell us we have a temporary home at the town hall.” Maureen added: “We’re getting more and more enquiries from elderly people who need help in Orihuela Costa. An aging

population has its problems – people living alone who need befrienders to pop round for a chat or help with shopping; people who come out of hospital and need equipment; and we’ve seen an increase in incidences of dementia, and in those cases we can pave the way to social services for specialist help.” The Orihuela Costa Age Concern drop in centre will not yet offer the full range of facilities and activities currently available at the charity’s La Siesta centre. However, Age Concern volunteers are on hand to provide information and support. The drop in centre will be open every Tuesday and Thursday from 10.00 until 13.30 and is situated in the conference room on the upper floor at Playa Flamenca town hall. Volunteers will have a mobile telephone at the centre – 697 176 154 – callers contact Age Concern at the La Siesta every weekday until 13.30 on 966 786 887.

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08:00 Green Balloon Scrapbook 08:25 Finley the Fire Engine 08:40 Kerwhizz 09:00 Pinky and Perky 09:15 ChuckleVision 09:30 Copycats 10:00 Planet Ajay 10:30 The Slammer 11:00 Sorry, I’ve Got No Head 11:30 Prank Patrol 11:55 Dennis & Gnasher 12:10 The Flintstones 12:35 The Flintstones 13:00 The Daily Politics 13:30 Pokemon 4 Ever - Celebi: Voice of the Forest 14:45 Racing from Aintree 17:35 Pointless 18:15 Escape to the Country 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Great British Menu 20:00 The Secret Life of the Airport 21:00 Mastermind 21:30 Gardeners’ World 22:00 Golf 23:30 Newsnight 24:00 The Review Show 24:50 National Lottery EuroMillions Draw

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08:00 Freshly Squeezed 08:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:25 Frasier 09:55 Coach Trip 10:25 Hollyoaks Music Show 10:55 Friends 11:30 Friends 12:00 The Big Bang Theory 12:30 The Big Bang Theory 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 It’s Me or the Dog 13:30 Location, Location, Location 14:35 The Time Machine 16:25 Countdown 17:10 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Coach Trip 18:30 The Simpsons 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:30 Unreported World 21:00 Dispatches 22:00 Embarrassing Bodies 23:00 A Comedy Roast 24:10 Eddie Izzard: Circle

08:00 - 9.15 Childrens TV 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:25 Thomas & Friends 09:40 Igam Ogam 09:50 Castle Farm 09:55 The WotWots 10:05 Hana’s Helpline 10:20 Olivia 10:30 Funky Valley 10:35 Soccer Dog - European Cup 12:15 Zoo Days 12:45 CSI: NY 13:40 Five News 13:45 CSI: NY 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 Home and Away 15:50 I Own Britain’s Best Home: Flying Visit 16:05 A Perfect Day 18:00 Five News 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:25 Live From Studio Five 20:30 Highland Emergency 21:00 Ice Patrol 22:00 The Mentalist 23:00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 24:00 NCIS

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08:00 Dora the Explorer 08:25 Kid vs Kat 08:55 The Secret Saturdays 09:20 SpongeBob SquarePants 10:00 Power Rangers: RPM 10:25 Planet’s Funniest Animals 10:55 The Crocodile Hunter Diaries 11:25 The Lakes 11:55 Dickinson’s Real Deal 12:55 ITV News 13:10 This Morning: Saturday 14:10 Midsomer Murders 16:15 Rosemary and Thyme 17:15 Granada News 17:25 ITV News & Weather 17:35 FA Cup Live 20:00 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 22:30 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories 23:30 X2 24:30 ITV News 24:45 X2

08:00 World Sport 08:30 Road to the 2010 FIFA World Cup 09:00 The Morning Line 09:55 Friends 10:30 Friends 11:00 90210 12:00 Glee 13:00 T4 Movie Special 13:30 Koko Pop: Presented by INQ 14:00 Smallville: Superman the Early Years 15:00 Channel 4 Racing 17:00 Come Dine with Me 17:30 Come Dine with Me 18:00 Come Dine with Me 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 Come Dine with Me 19:30 Channel 4 News 20:00 The Welsh Great Escape 21:00 Pearl Harbour: Mystery of the Killer Subs 22:00 The 100 Greatest Stand Ups 2010

08:00 - 9.35 Childrens TV 09:35 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 09:50 Igam Ogam 10:00 Olivia 10:15 The Mr. Men Show 10:35 Gerald McBoing Boing 11:00 Europa League Football Highlights 12:05 The Gadget Show 13:05 Chinese Food in Minutes 13:35 The Business Inspector 14:35 The Hallelujah Trail 17:25 I Love Trouble 19:45 Five News 19:50 NCIS 20:40 NCIS 21:35 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 22:30 CSI: NY 23:30 Law & Order 24:30 Crime Scene Academy

07:00 Breakfast 09:00 Match of the Day 10:00 The Andrew Marr Show 11:00 The Big Questions 12:00 Country Tracks 13:00 The Politics Show 14:00 Cash in the Attic 14:45 Bargain Hunt 15:15 Murder, She Wrote 16:00 EastEnders 17:50 Points of View 18:05 Songs of Praise 18:45 BBC News 19:05 Regional News 19:15 Countryfile 20:15 Antiques Roadshow 21:15 Over the Rainbow Results Show 22:00 A Passionate Woman 23:30 BBC News 23:45 Regional News and Weather 23:55 Match of the Day 2

08:00 Dennis & Gnasher 08:15 Dennis & Gnasher 08:25 Street Monsters 08:30 Jinx 08:50 Sam and Mark’s Guide to Dodging Disaster 09:00 The Legend of Dick and Dom 09:30 Dani’s House 10:00 Big Babies 10:15 OOglies 10:30 Sorry, I’ve Got No Head 11:00 Something for the Weekend 12:30 On Thin Ice 13:15 Rachel Allen: Home Cooking 13:40 Monk 14:20 Fort Apache 16:25 Escape to the Country 17:25 Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey 18:25 Carry On Again Doctor 19:55 Golf

08:00 Special Agent Oso 08:25 Kid vs Kat 08:55 Penguins of Madagascar 09:30 Batman: The Brave and the Bold 10:00 Power Rangers: RPM 10:25 Coronation Street Omnibus 12:45 ITV News 13:00 This Morning: Sunday 14:00 Columbo 15:30 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 16:30 FA Cup Live 19:00 Granada News 19:15 ITV News 19:30 Totally You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 Foyle’s War 23:00 ITV News 23:15 The South Bank Show 24:15 A Mighty Wind

08:00 The McCain Track and Field Show 08:30 Cooper Tires British F3 International Series 09:00 Mobil 1 The Grid 09:30 GT Academy 10:00 The Hills 10:25 Friends 11:00 Hollyoaks Omnibus 13:30 Running in Heels 14:00 Friends 14:30 4Music Meets Rihanna 15:35 Friends 16:15 The Simpsons 16:45 The Simpsons 17:20 Deal or No Deal 18:10 Valiant 19:30 Channel 4 News 20:00 Embarrassing Bodies 21:00 Come Dine with Me 22:00 The Restoration Man 23:00 Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night: The Final 23:50 William Shatner Comedy Roast

08:00 - 9.05 Childrens TV 09:05 Hana’s Helpline 09:20 Mist: Sheepdog Tales 09:35 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 09:50 Igam Ogam 10:00 Olivia 10:15 The Mr. Men Show 10:35 Gerald McBoing Boing 11:00 Hannah Montana 11:35 Wizards of Waverly Place 12:10 Build a New Life in the Country 13:10 Megastructures 14:10 Ice Patrol 15:10 Zoo Days 15:20 A Guy Thing 17:15 What a Girl Wants 19:15 Five News 19:20 The Mask of Zorro 22:00 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 23:55 Justin Lee Collins: Good Times 24:55 UFC Main Event: St-Pierre v Hardy

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08:00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 09:00 Oops TV 10:00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 11:00 Bite Size Brainiac 11:50 The Sorcerer’s Apprentice 13:00 The Biggest Loser: Australia 13:30 The Biggest Loser: Australia 14:00 Cold Case 15:00 Got to Dance 16:00 Got to Dance 17:00 Brainiac: Best of Science Abuse 18:00 WWE: Superstars 19:00 Liza and Huey’s Pet Nation 20:00 The Simpsons 20:30 The Simpsons 21:00 A League of Their Own 21:30 The Simpsons 22:00 Lost 23:00 Pineapple Dance Studios

08:30 Football 09:00 Weightlifting 10:00 Weightlifting 11:00 Curling World Championship 13:00 UEFA Champions League Classics 14:00 UEFA Champions League Classics 15:00 Weightlifting 16:00 Live Weightlifting 17:30 Shooting: European Championship 18:00 China Open Snooker 19:00 Eurogoals Flash 19:10 Live Weightlifting 21:00 Live Boxing 23:00 Bowling 24:00 Weightlifting 24:45 Freeride Spirit

08:00 Charmed 09:00 Charmed 10:00 Nothing to Declare 10:30 Nothing to Declare 11:00 America’s Next Top Model 12:00 Maury 12:55 Celebs 24/7 13:00 60 Minute Makeover 14:00 Canada’s Next Top Model 15:00 Four Weddings 16:00 Ghost Whisperer 17:00 Charmed 18:00 Charmed 19:00 America’s Next Top Model 20:00 Ghost Whisperer 21:00 Medium 22:00 Criminal Minds 23:00 CSI: Miami 24:00 Criminal Minds

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08:30 Live Paris Marathon 11:15 Live Le Mans Series 12:00 Live Superbike 13:00 Live Weightlifting 14:00 Live Le Mans Series 14:30 Live Cycling: Paris-Roubaix 17:15 Live Curling World Championship 19:00 Le Mans Series 19:30 Supersport 20:00 Superbike 20:45 Motorsports Weekend 21:00 Weightlifting 22:30 Weightlifting 23:30 Boxing 24:30 Cycling Slumdog The Mask Millionaire Channel 4, of Zorro 10.00pm

Five, 19.20

08:00 I Dream of Jeannie 09:00 Will and Grace 10:00 My Wife and Kids 11:00 The Fresh Prince of Bel Air 12:00 Will and Grace 12:30 Will and Grace 13:00 So You Think You Can Dance 15:00 My Girl 2 16:55 Celebs 24/7 17:00 Passport Patrol 17:30 Passport Patrol 18:00 Nothing to Declare 18:30 Nothing to Declare 19:00 Grey’s Anatomy 20:00 Celebrity Four Weddings 21:00 Cougar Town 21:30 Cougar Town 22:00 Criminal Minds 23:00 Supernatural 24:00 CSI: Miami

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Feb 9 april 26 - March - 15 april 4 2010 2010

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07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Animal 24:7 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 To Buy or Not to Buy 12:30 Cash in the Attic 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News at One 14:30 Regional News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Murder, She Wrote 16:00 BBC News 16:05 Grandpa in My Pocket 16:15 Gigglebiz 16:30 Bear Behaving Badly 16:55 Shaun the Sheep 17:05 Sorry, I’ve Got No Head 17:35 M.I. High 18:00 Newsround 18:15 The Weakest Link 19:00 BBC News at Six 19:30 Regional News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 Bang Goes the Theory 21:00 EastEnders 21:30 Panorama 22:00 New Tricks 23:00 BBC News at Ten 23:25 Regional News 23:35 The Graham Norton Show

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08:00 - 9.50 Childrens TV 09:50 Castle Farm 09:55 The WotWots 10:05 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures 10:15 The Wright Stuff 11:45 Trisha Goddard 12:45 CSI: NY 13:40 Five News 13:45 Axe Men 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 Home and Away 15:50 The Family Recipe 15:55 I Own Britain’s Best Home: Flying Visit 16:10 Prairie Fever 18:00 Five News with Natasha Kaplinsky 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:25 Live From Studio Five 20:30 How Do They Do It? 21:00 The Gadget Show 22:00 FlashForward 23:00 Justin Lee Collins: Good Times 24:00 Straw Dogs

07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Animal 24:7 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 To Buy or Not to Buy 12:30 Cash in the Attic 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News at One 14:30 Regional News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Murder, She Wrote 16:00 BBC News 16:05 Grandpa in My Pocket 16:15 Gigglebiz 16:30 Bear Behaving Badly 16:55 Shaun the Sheep 17:05 Natural Born Hunters 17:35 Blue Peter 18:00 Newsround 18:15 The Weakest Link 19:00 BBC News at Six 19:30 Regional News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 EastEnders 20:57 BBC News and 21:00 Holby City 22:00 Spoilt Rotten? 23:00 BBC News at Ten 23:25 Regional News 23:35 Olympics Dreams 24:35 Thunderheart

08:00 - 10.55 Childrens TV 10:55 Garth and Bev 11:10 Waybuloo 11:30 In the Night Garden 12:00 Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto! 12:05 The Flintstones 12:30 Nature’s Calendar 13:00 The Daily Politics 13:30 Working Lunch 14:00 Castle in the Country 14:30 Car Booty 15:15 Animal Park 16:00 Diagnosis Murder 16:45 Flog It! 17:30 Pointless 18:15 Escape to the Country 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Great British Menu 20:00 Coast 21:00 Grow Your Own Drugs 21:30 The Delicious Miss Dahl 22:00 Great Ormond Street 23:00 Later Live... with Jools Holland 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Mad Men

07:00 GMTV 09:30 GMTV with Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 12:25 ITV News 12:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News 15:00 60 Minute Makeover 16:00 Daily Cooks Challenge 17:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 18:00 Divided 19:00 Granada Reports 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Tonight 21:00 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Celebrity Special 22:00 The Bill 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:35 Martina Cole’s Lady Killers 24:35 River Monsters

08:00 Freshly Squeezed 08:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:25 Frasier 09:55 Coach Trip 10:25 Will and Grace 10:55 Friends 11:55 4Music Meets Rihanna 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 3 Minute Wonder 13:10 Ruth Watson’s Hotel Rescue 14:15 David and Bathsheba 16:25 Countdown 17:10 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Coach Trip 18:30 Come Dine with Me Extra Portions 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 Party Election Broadcast 21:00 Supersize vs Superskinny 22:00 Heston’s Fairytale Feast 23:00 Shameless 24:10 The Good Wife

08:00 - 9.50 Childrens TV 09:50 Castle Farm 09:55 The WotWots 10:05 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures 10:15 The Wright Stuff 11:45 Trisha Goddard 12:45 CSI: NY 13:40 Five News 13:45 Axe Men 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 Home and Away 15:50 I Own Britain’s Best Home: Flying Visit 16:05 Mary & Tim 18:00 Five News with Natasha Kaplinsky 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:25 Live From Studio Five 20:30 Chinese Food in Minutes 21:00 Cowboy Builders 22:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 23:00 CSI: Miami 24:00 CSI: NY

08:00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 09:00 Oops TV 10:00 Cold Case 11:00 Road Wars 12:00 The Lion Man 12:30 The Lion Man 13:00 The Biggest Loser: Australia 14:00 The Real A&E 14:30 Cold Case 15:30 Angela and Friends 16:30 Project Runway 17:30 Wedding SOS 18:00 Malcolm in the Middle 18:30 Futurama 19:00 Oops TV 20:00 The Simpsons 20:30 The Simpsons 21:00 Stargate Universe 22:00 UK Border Force 23:00 Fringe 24:00 Lost

07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Animal 24:7 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 To Buy or Not to Buy 12:30 Cash in the Attic 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News at One 14:30 Regional News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Murder, She Wrote 16:00 BBC News 16:05 Grandpa in My Pocket 16:15 Gigglebiz 16:30 Bear Behaving Badly 16:55 Shaun the Sheep 17:05 Dani’s House 17:35 Blue Peter 18:00 Newsround 18:15 The Weakest Link 19:00 BBC News at Six 19:30 Regional News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 Life of Riley 21:00 Waterloo Road 22:00 Traffic Cops 23:00 BBC News at Ten 23:25 Regional News 23:35 The National Lottery Draws 23:45 Damages

08:00 - 10.55 Childrens TV 10:55 Garth and Bev 11:10 Waybuloo 11:30 In the Night Garden 12:00 Nature’s Calendar 12:30 Coast 12:45 The Daily Politics 14:00 Working Lunch 14:30 See Hear 15:00 Animal Park 16:00 Diagnosis Murder 16:45 Flog It! 17:30 Pointless 18:15 Escape to the Country 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Great British Menu 20:00 Electric Dreams 21:00 The Edible Garden 21:30 Cracking Antiques 22:00 Who Needs Fathers? 23:00 QI 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 The British Family: Our History

07:00 GMTV 09:30 GMTV with Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 12:25 ITV News 12:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News & Weather 15:00 60 Minute Makeover 16:00 Daily Cooks Challenge 17:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 18:00 Divided 19:00 Granada Reports 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Tonight 21:00 Midsomer Murders 23:00 ITV News at Ten 23:35 Lorenzo’s Oil

08:00 Freshly Squeezed 08:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:25 Frasier 09:55 Coach Trip 10:25 Will and Grace 10:55 Friends 12:00 Koko Pop 12:30 Friends 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 It’s Me or the Dog 13:35 Ruth Watson’s Hotel Rescue 14:35 The Bravados 16:25 Countdown 17:10 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Coach Trip 18:30 Come Dine with Me Extra Portions 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 Party Election Broadcast 21:00 Relocation, Relocation 22:00 Jamie Does... Marrakesh 23:00 Desperate Housewives 24:00 Lee Mack Live

08:00 - 9.50 Childrens TV 09:50 Castle Farm 09:55 The WotWots 10:05 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures 10:15 The Wright Stuff 11:45 Trisha Goddard 12:45 CSI: NY 13:40 Five News 13:45 Axe Men 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 Home and Away 15:50 I Own Britain’s Best Home: Flying Visit 16:05 Seventeen and Missing 18:00 Five News with Natasha Kaplinsky 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:25 Live From Studio Five 20:30 Heads or Tails 21:00 The Man Who Injects Venom 22:00 NCIS 23:00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 24:00 Numb3rs

08:00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 09:00 Oops TV 10:00 Cold Case 11:00 Road Wars 12:00 The Lion Man 12:30 The Lion Man 13:00 The Biggest Loser: Australia 13:30 Oops TV 14:00 Real A & E 14:30 Cold Case 15:30 Angela and Friends 16:30 Project Runway 17:30 Wedding SOS 18:00 Malcolm in the Middle 18:30 Futurama 19:00 Oops TV 20:00 The Simpsons 20:30 The Simpsons 21:00 Bones 22:00 Bones 23:00 Bones 24:00 American Pie

tv Tuesday

tv Wednesday

08:30 Motorsports Weekend 08:45 Superbike 09:30 Superbike 10:15 Weightlifting 11:30 Cycling 13:00 Cycling 14:00 Live Cycling: Tour of Turkey 16:00 Weightlifting 17:00 Weightlifting 18:00 Eurogoals 18:45 Champions Club 20:15 FIFA World Cup Giants 20:45 All Sports 20:50 WATTS 21:00 Pro Wrestling 21:25 All Sports 21:30 Pro Wrestling 22:25 All Sports 22:30 Champions Club 24:00 Weightlifting


08:00 Charmed 10:00 Nothing to Declare 11:00 America’s Next Top Model 12:00 Maury 12:55 Celebs 24/7 13:00 60 Minute Makeover 14:00 Britain’s Next Top Model 15:00 Four Weddings 15:30 Passport Patrol 16:00 Ghost Whisperer 17:00 Charmed 18:00 Charmed 19:00 America’s Next Top Model 20:00 Ghost Whisperer 21:00 Australia’s Next Top Model 22:00 Four Weddings 23:00 Cougar Town 23:30 Cougar Town 24:00 Criminal Minds

Watch Coronation Street for Free with Europa call 902 050 999

Wedding SOS Sky 1, 17.30

08:30 Champions Club 10:00 Cycling 11:30 Weightlifting 12:30 Champions Club 14:00 Live Cycling: Tour of Turkey 16:00 Snooker Grand Prix 18:00 Weightlifting 19:00 Eurogoals Flash 19:10 Weightlifting 20:15 Football 21:00 Boxing 23:00 Freeride Spirit 23:15 World Series by Renault 23:45 Le Mans Series 24:45 Eurogoals

08:00 Charmed 10:00 Nothing to Declare 11:00 America’s Next Top Model 12:00 Maury 12:55 Celebs 24/7 13:00 60 Minute Makeover 14:00 Britain’s Next Top Model 15:00 Four Weddings 15:30 Passport Patrol 16:00 Ghost Whisperer 17:00 Charmed 18:00 Charmed 19:00 America’s Next Top Model 20:00 Ghost Whisperer 21:00 Four Weddings 22:00 Cougar Town 22:30 Cougar Town 23:00 Drop Dead Diva 24:00 Criminal Minds

Heston’s Fairytale Feast Channel 4, 22.00

08:30 Freeride Spirit 08:45 Eurogoals 09:30 Champions Club 11:00 Snooker Grand Prix 13:00 UEFA Champions League Classics 14:00 Live Cycling: Tour of Turkey 16:00 UK Championship Snooker 18:00 UEFA Champions League Classics 19:00 Eurogoals Flash 19:10 UEFA Champions League Classics 20:10 Wednesday Selection 20:15 Rolex FEI World Cup Show Jumping 21:15 Riders Club 21:20 Golf Masters 22:20 European PGA Golf 22:50 Golf Club 22:55 Yacht Club 23:00 Laureus World Sports Awards

08:00 Charmed 10:00 Nothing to Declare 11:00 America’s Next Top Model 12:00 Maury 12:55 Celebs 24/7 13:00 60 Minute Makeover 14:00 Britain’s Next Top Model 15:00 Four Weddings 15:30 Passport Patrol 16:00 Ghost Whisperer 17:00 Charmed 18:00 Charmed 19:00 America’s Next Top Model 20:00 Ghost Whisperer 21:00 Exposed 22:00 Supernatural 23:00 Medium 24:00 Criminal Minds

tv Thursday


Feb 26april - March 9 april - 15 2010 4 2010

07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Animal 24:7 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 To Buy or Not to Buy 12:30 Cash in the Attic 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News at One 14:30 Regional News and Weather 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Murder, She Wrote 16:00 BBC News 16:05 Grandpa in My Pocket 16:15 Gigglebiz 16:30 Bear Behaving Badly 16:55 Shaun the Sheep 17:05 Safari 8 17:35 Relic: Guardians of the Museum 18:00 Newsround 18:15 The Weakest Link 19:00 BBC News at Six 19:30 Regional News and Weather 20:00 The One Show 20:30 EastEnders 21:00 DIY SOS: The Big Build 22:00 Have I Got News for You 22:30 Outnumbered 23:00 BBC News at Ten 23:25 Regional News and Weather 23:35 Question Time 24:35 This Week

08:10 Eliot Kid 08:25 Newsround 08:30 Raven: The Dragon’s Eye 09:00 Ed and Oucho’s Excellent Inventions 09:30 Timmy Time 09:40 Chuggington 09:50 Louie 10:00 Charlie and Lola 10:15 Postman Pat: SDS 10:30 LazyTown 10:55 Garth and Bev 11:10 Waybuloo 11:30 In the Night Garden 12:00 Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto! 12:05 The Flintstones 12:30 Nature’s Calendar 13:00 The Daily Politics 13:30 Working Lunch 14:00 Castle in the Country 14:30 Car Booty 15:15 Animal Park 16:00 Diagnosis Murder 16:45 Flog It! 17:30 Pointless 18:15 Escape to the Country 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Great British Menu 20:00 Electric Dreams 21:00 Museum of Life 22:00 Welcome to Lagos 23:00 Never Mind the Buzzcocks 23:30 Newsnight 24:35 The British Family: Our History

07:00 GMTV 09:30 GMTV with Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 12:25 ITV News 12:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News & Weather 15:00 60 Minute Makeover 16:00 Daily Cooks Challenge 17:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 18:00 Divided 19:00 Granada Reports 19:30 ITV News & Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 21:00 Coronation Street 21:30 The First Election Debate 23:00 ITV News at Ten & Weather 23:35 Campaign 2010 with Jonathan Dimbleby 24:35 Party People: Election 2010

08:00 Freshly Squeezed 08:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:25 Frasier 09:55 Coach Trip 10:25 Will and Grace 10:55 Friends 11:55 The Tesco Entertainment Album Chart Show 12:30 Friends 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Small Railway Journeys 13:20 Ruth Watson’s Hotel Rescue 14:25 Arabesque 16:25 Countdown 17:10 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Coach Trip 18:30 Come Dine with Me Extra Portions 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 21:00 Country House Rescue 22:00 How the Other Half Live 23:00 You Have Been Watching 23:45 Lee Evans: XL Tour 24:50 Party Election Broadcast 24:55 8 Out of 10 Cats

CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across: 1 Of matches; 8 Box; 9 Drawing near; 11 Compere; 12 Cache; 13 Rounds; 15 Gladys; 17 Treat; 18 Omnibus; 20 Counterpart; 22 Lea; 23 Statesmen. Down: 2 Far; 3 Trite; 4 Higher; 5 Stencil; 6 Abracadabra; 7 Expresses; 10 Armoured car; 11 Card-table; 14 Detours; 16 Portia; 19 Nurse; 21 Rye. Quick Solutions Across: 1 Appraisal; 8 Oar; 9 Prohibition; 11 Entreat; 12 Unite; 13 Intact; 15 Resent; 17 Mince; 18 Company; 20 Impropriety; 22 Inn; 23 Resilient. Down: 2 Par; 3 Arise; 4 Shifty; 5 Leisure; 6 Considerate; 7 Presently; 10 Outstanding; 11 Enigmatic; 14 Cheaper; 16 Across; 19 Moral; 21 Tun.

your favourite programmes for


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08:00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 09:00 Oops TV 10:00 Cold Case 11:00 Road Wars 12:00 The Biggest Loser: Australia 14:00 Real A & E 14:30 Cold Case 15:30 Angela and Friends 16:30 Project Runway 17:30 Wedding SOS 18:00 Malcolm in the Middle 18:30 Futurama 19:00 Oops TV 20:00 The Simpsons 20:30 The Simpsons 21:00 Pineapple Dance Studios 22:00 A League of Their Own 22:30 Glenn Martin, DDS 23:00 Bones 24:00 NCIS: LA

Crossword Answers 546

UK Television...

Other products include: Fast ADSL Line Rental Cheap Calls Dial Up Free 0843 number

08:00 - 9.50 Childrens TV 09:50 Castle Farm 09:55 The WotWots 10:05 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures 10:15 The Wright Stuff 11:45 Trisha Goddard 12:45 CSI: NY 13:40 Five News 13:45 Big, Bigger, Biggest 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 Home and Away 15:50 The Family Recipe 15:55 Animal Rescue Squad 16:15 Recipe for Revenge 18:00 Five News with Natasha Kaplinsky 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:25 Live From Studio Five 20:30 Zoo Days 21:00 Nature Shock 22:00 Welcome to the Jungle 24:05 Police Interceptors


08:35 Milan Marathon 09:00 Football 09:30 UEFA Champions League Classics 10:30 UK Championship Snooker 13:00 UEFA Champions League Classics 14:00 Live Cycling: Tour of Turkey 16:00 Masters Snooker 18:00 UEFA Champions League Classics 19:00 Eurogoals Flash 19:10 Live WTA Tennis 21:00 Fight Club 24:00 Pro Wrestling

08:00 Charmed 09:00 Charmed 10:00 Nothing to Declare 10:30 Nothing to Declare 11:00 America’s Next Top Model 12:00 Maury 12:55 Celebs 24/7 13:00 60 Minute Makeover 14:00 Britain’s Next Top Model 15:00 Four Weddings 15:30 Passport Patrol 16:00 Ghost Whisperer 17:00 Charmed 18:00 Charmed 19:00 America’s Next Top Model 20:00 Ghost Whisperer 21:00 Drop Dead Diva 22:00 Grey’s Anatomy 23:00 Criminal Minds 24:00 Criminal Minds

Suduko Answer

Infamous Murderers

Maniacs Filled with Hatred and Rage

Book Review by

Danny Collins

WHEN, IN 2007, I wrote Vanished, I suggested to my publisher that the shout-line, The Truth About the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann was a trifle arcane and that I preferred its original description of an in-depth investigation into the disappearance of the three-year-old in Portugal. I could write only of my conclusions in the investigation and although I believed them to be accurate based on the evidence; I saw the shoutline as typical jacket designer’s blurb. Mr Castleden appears to have suffered the same fate. Publishers want to sell books and authors are therefore often hoist on a publishing house petard. Infamous Murderers has little to do with Maniacs Filled With Hatred and Revenge: Lizzie Borden was acquitted of all charges; Crippen simply preferred the charms of Ethel Author: La Neve to those of his nagging, slothful wife Rodney and James Hanratty probably felt more enmity Castleden towards the hangman than he did towards his Publisher: Time Warner supposed victims. (paperback) True enough, poor old Ruth Ellis was bent Price: €9.15 on revenge when she shot her two timing lover ISBN: 0 7515 David Blakely and the lovely Charlotte Corday 3648 2 – a boyhood heroine but I was a strange boy learn the Gettysburg Address for a part by the – certainly hated the blood stained French Jacobin following Tuesday. Jean-Paul Marat when she stabbed him in his I found the book interesting and well researched bath, but all told I found the author’s compilation and I can only wish that the publishers would let of murders and skulduggery more interesting in subject matter than the violence of the crimes. Ruth the authors describe the contents to their public. Infamous Murderers was sent to me as a review Ellis’s story should tug at the emotional strings of copy and it’s likely I wouldn’t have picked it from a any woman who’s ever been crossed in love and rack given the lurid cover – which would have been one wonders if the actor John Wilkes Booth shot a shame. Well recommended in any event. Lincoln out of political mien or because he’d had to

All the featured books are available off the shelf or by mail order from Librería Europa, Calle Oscar Esplá 2, 03710 Calpe. Tel: 96 583 58 24; e-mail: Take along or send this review for a discount of 5% on your purchases.

9 april - 15 april 2010


50 44

FEB 9 APRIL 26 - MARCH - 15 APRIL 4 2010 2010


with aunty virus

Hard drive recovery disc Colin via email asks: Dear Aunty, I have Malwarebytes running on my computer. Recently I have been receiving the following message several times a day: “Malwarebytes anti-malware has successfully blocked malicious IP” This is the most common IP number but occasionally there are others. Is it possible for me to find the source of these IP’s and prevent then from trying to attack my computer or are they harmless and can be ignored? Aunty says: This IP address belongs to a Dutch company who are well known for their involvement in Spam emails. As long as Malwarebytes is tracking and blocking this you have nothing to worry about. It wouldn’t harm to do a full scan with an updated Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware and AVG9 just to be sure. Alan via email asks: Hi Aunty, my homepage is now coming up as, how can I delete this to return to my Google homepage? Aunty says: If you go to ‘tools’ ‘internet options’ you will see a box where you can type in whatever webpage you would like to appear when you first go on the internet, it’s a easy as that.

Mr C via email asks: Hi Aunty I need your help again. I bought my PC in the UK, its branded by Philips and manufactured by Iqon technologies in Ireland. The hard drive failed completely and was replaced. The original hard drive ran Windows XP home edition and also contained a recovery program to reboot the PC to its original factory settings, however, all that has gone with the old hard drive. I have been informed that I need to contact Iqon or Philips for a recovery disk. Iqon are not contactable and Philips fail to reply to any form of contact. Please can you help? Aunty says: Not much you can do apart from what you have already mentioned Mr C. This is a very common problem these days as PC manufacturers very rarely provide recovery discs with new machines as the onus is on us to create a set. There are a few commercial programs available, such as Norton Ghost and Acronis True Image that will let you create a ‘ghost’ image of your system, but it is a fairly complicated procedure and I haven’t had much success with any of the free ones. However, as long as you keep a regular backup of your personal stuff (i.e. photos and documents) on an external hard disk or USB memory drive, it’s not the end of the world having a computer engineer reinstall Windows and setup all your programs again, and it should only set you back about €60.

‘Trojan.Qhost’ computer threat Brian from La Marina asks: Hi Aunty, great column and the first page I turn to every Friday, keep it up! Hope you can help me, after that build up! A while ago I re-installed Spyware Doctor (I know you no longer recommend it, but stay with me on this) Whereas the old freeware version scanned and fixed, the new one will only let you fix if you buy the full product. A few days ago I did a full scan with it and it ‘found’ a small number of threats identified as ‘Trojan.Qhost’ which it rated as medium risk. Full scans with AVG9, Superantispyware, Malwarebytes and Spybot all fail to find any threats, so is the Qhost infection just a ploy to get me to buy Spyware Doctor? And if not are the other products flawed? I’m not sure whether it is related or just a coincidence but two days ago all of my media players stopped working and I had to re-install, and yesterday the same happened to my Sopcast. I am using another ‘pooter until I receive your advice.

Aunty says: Hello Brian. I am always suspicious when supposedly free programs try and lure you off to some payment webpage; I personally feel I’ve been tricked. To be sure you are not genuinely infected with the Qhost Trojan, you can download a small program from Symantec specially designed to target that specific infection. Go to and type fixqhost into the search field. You will see a screen with your search results and a link to download the program, the rest is fairly self explanatory. I can’t be sure about the media player problem without some more details and symptoms. Let me know how you get on.

Photograph download problems Pat via email asks: Dear Aunty, hope you can you help with a photograph problem? I have only had my laptop just over year and I had Adobe Starter on, but when it was time to renew I found it impossible to download even though I tried constantly. I now have Picasa 3 but I find I have not got the same help with correcting photos, can you help? Aunty says: Hi Pat. If my memory serves me well I think Adobe discontinued their free Album Starter Edition software last summer sometime. I don’t really know any other free photo programs other than Google’s Picasa which I find does pretty well everything I need. If you can’t get on with Picasa then you could try searching for any free photo editing programs and give them a try.

That’s all for this week, email me on and I will do my best to sort you out

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RTN Networks 0843 number tops the 400,000 minute barrier

After the launch of their fantastic free 0843 service (that allows your friends and family to call you from the UK at local call rates) in February 2009, RTN Networks satisfied clients have just received their 400,000th minute of calls from the UK. That’s a phenomenal 7000 hours of extra chat from their family and friends in the UK, saving clients’ families in the region of £60,000! SUBSCRIBERS TO the service have been growing rapidly from day one as word got out about the completely free service. You simply sign up at absolutely no cost to yourself to be given a unique 0843 phone number. Pass this number to all your friends and family and they can call you direct to your Spanish landline number for just 4p p.m., equivalent to their local call rate. It’s as if you were living just round the corner! To get your free 0843 number, call 966 463 170 now or sign up online at It really is as simple as that. Now your family and friends have no excuse not to stay in touch with you. John and Margaret from Torrevieja said their son Mark now calls them twice a week, whereas before they got their 0843 number it was more like twice a year! “The thought of an international call puts off so many people from making that call to their loved ones in Spain.”

Security needed for internet banking Trevor via email asks: Hi Aunty, I would be grateful for your advice as I use internet banking and I currently have installed AVG, Spamfighter and Spybot Search and Destroy. Do these programmes give me adequate cover? Thanks for your help

SuperFast Internet!

and a great column. I cannot always get RTN so any chance you could Email me as a belt and braces? Aunty says: Hello Trevor. You could probably do with an

So don’t delay, sign up today, and remember… Give that 0843 number to everyone in the UK. They will call you!! Email it to all your friends. Add it to your facebook profiles. SO WHAT IS 0843 AND HOW DOES IT WORK? We give you a unique UK 0843 telephone number that connects directly to your Spanish landline. When your friends and family dial from the UK using your 0843 number, their call is connected automatically to your Spanish phone. The benefit is that they will only pay the cost of a UK local call instead of the costly international call to Spain. With no additional charge to you! It’s that simple! There are no International prefixes and no hidden costs; just great savings! Apply for your 0843 number today completely FREE of charge instantly online at or call 966 463 170.

additional anti spyware program so give SuperAntiSpyware or Malwarebytes a go. Both are free and available from or Rather than email articles I much prefer it if you access them via the RTN website as it’s less work for me!


9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010


Changes to the mandatory medical periods for drivers by

Brian Deller

Author of Motoring in Spain

NOTIFICATION FROM Trafico about changes to the intervals for medicals for drivers in Spain affect all expats resident here using a foreign EU driving licence. These new periods are effective from the 9th December 2009. I have written on many occasions that there is a legal need for those expats who live here (183 plus days a year and tax resident here) to take the medicals, as do Spanish drivers. Do not listen to those who do not believe this and if your insurance company in Spain insists that you do not have to take the medicals, ask for a letterheaded confirmation of this in case you have an accident and the Court decides, correctly, that your licence has expired due to no medical having be taken here. The choice is yours. The medical certificate may state that it is valid for 3 months only but that is for the Spanish issued licences as the photo is used for the new card issued. For those with foreign EU licences, it is proof that you have taken the medical: carry a copy with you. If the reconcimiento (clinic) tells

Date Driving Test passed

you that you, as an extranjero, do not have to take the medical, print out a copy of the letter on my web-site and show them and then watch the surprise on their faces: It is at: www. Need to know where the nearest medical clinic is? Check at the following Trafico web-site page (sorry it is very long, not my fault. Make sure you enter the address correctly): oficina_virtual/dir_telefonos/ centros_rec_conductores/ ?tit=%BFD%F3nde%20se%20puede %20solicitar. Still a bit confused? Read the book Motoring in Spain which has all the info about the motoring laws in Spain, and they are updated on my web-site.

Old periods

New Periods

Licence classifications Affected

As applicable in the From date of reader’s case passing test

From date of passing test

See below

Turismos and motos, etc.

To age 45, every 10 years. From Age 45, every 5 years to age 70

To age 65, every 10 years. From age 65, every 5 years.

LCC; LCM; LVA; A1; A; B; B+E.

Commercial licences, HGVs etc.

To age 45, every 5 years

To age 65, every 5 years, from age 65, every 3 years.

BTP; C1; C! + E; C; C + E; D1; D1 + E;D; D +E.

Please note that there is much more detailed information on all the licence classifications in my book. as well as the facts as researched and confirmed by Spanish legal sources. This includes WHEN and HOW to change your foreign EU license for a Spanish one. I did it myself in 2001 when it was still mandatory as an expat resident here to change the UK licence for a Spanish one. Now it is not necessary until the foreign license expires and this, if you are careful and know the laws correctly, is after 10 years (UK ones for a photo change) or

EXPIRY TIMES OF FOREIGN EU LICENCES AGAIN I have written this several times before for the RTN but queries are still being received. My book has the details of how you can do the work yourself and save yourself money

at age 70 or 65 (commercial) or if your medical described above has not been taken. See the table shown. Motoring in Spain makes a great gift for the driver in your life. See the web-site, for local book-shop addresses or how to get it by post. Books have even been sent to Australia and South America: It is also available via Amazon UK as well as leading book shops in the UK. Be safe out there.

No more space: more next week. Email your questions to and I will do my best to sort you out. Brian Juan (John) Deller, Malaga, author, ‘Motoring in Spain’ and 666 888 870 We Buy, Sell & Part Exchange Quality British & Spanish Cars Transfer Documents Completed Competitive Insurance Quotes All cars Fully serviced and valeted


Find us next to Petrol Station TORREMENDO 10 Minutes inland from San Miguel, Los Montesinos & Junction 751 on the AP7 towards Orihuela. Torremendo turning on CV95 towards San Miguel




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The next big Audi THE A1 is a true Audi, both the premium option and the sportiest automobile in the small compacts class. It comes with powerful, highly efficient engines and an agile chassis, with an emotional design and excellent fit and finish. The A1 has a broad portfolio of advanced technologies on board; its infotainment system, in particular, sets new standards in the class. POWERFUL DESIGN: THE TORNADO LINE A striking impression when viewed from the side, the slightly upward course of the lines visually stretch and accelerate the A1. The upper edge of the hood extends below the side windows to the rear end. As with the

Audi TT, the point where the encompassing hood meets the bumpers is the point of origin for a typical Audi design element – the tornado line, continuing in the door and the rear flank. The line runs closely and precisely above the wheel wells. INTERIOR Sportiness, precision and youthful freshness characterizes the interior of the A1. The designers looked to airplane wings for inspiration for the elegantly curving instrument panel. The four round, far-protruding air nozzles are reminiscent of jet turbines. The center console resembles the stern of a yacht and appears to float above the center

Tel: 966 723 718 Sales Rojales & San Miguel For more information visit

08 Opel Corsa


07 Ford Focus Auto


08 Opel Corsa

tunnel. The instrument panel is home to the head unit for the radio or the optional MMI control and infotainment system. The display is retracted into the instrument panel and extends upward at the push of a button. This installation position, ideal for quick reading, is a unique selling point. DRIVETRAIN Audi will initially offer the A1 with four engines. The two TFSI gasoline engines and the two TDI diesels cover a power range from 63 kW (86 hp) to 90 kW (122 hp): each of them is state-of-the-art. All of the engines employ direct fuel injection and turbocharging. This downsizing

concept coupled with technologies from the Audi modular efficiency platform gives them tremendous power, with minimal fuel consumption ranging from 3.8 to 5.4 liters per 100 km (43.56 – 61.90 US mpg). DYNAMIC LOOK The S line exterior package gives the A1 an even more dynamic appearance, with chiselled sill tops and a large roof spoiler. The A1 offers a lifestyle-oriented concept for colors and materials. In addition to individual options, quattro GmbH also offers numerous packages, such as the S line sport package, the Audi exclusive line or the black styling package.

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99 Tata Safari


01 Rover 45


99 Fiat Brava


00 Peugeot 806



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What to do in the event of a traffic accident MOST IMPORTANTLY, stay calm and be polite - accidents happen. If the other person involved is aggressive, call the police to assist. Check to see that everybody is okay – if not call the police / emergency services immediately. Make sure that you note down the registration number of the other vehicle. This is VITAL as without it there is no way of tracing them. DO NOT just assume that they will be honest enough to put the correct details on the form. Even with the smallest of bumps, make sure you fill in the accident declaration form. You would be surprised how many times people say that there was no damage and we didn’t fill in the form only to find out that later the other person involved is claiming for substantial damages to their vehicle and bodily injuries. NEVER simply leave the scene of an accident as this is a criminal offense. Fill in the accident declaration form at the scene of the accident. If, due to injuries, this is not possible then get the reference number from the police. FILLING IN THE ACCIDENT DECLARATION FORM You fill your details on one side of the form and those of the third party on the other side. Put in all details that you feel relevant and try

to complete the form as much as possible. At the bottom of the form there is a section to note damage to the vehicles, version of the events and a box to make a diagram of the accident. If there are witnesses to the accident, put their names and contact telephone number on the form. NEVER sign the form if you disagree with what has been written or you do not know what it says. An If you admit liability on the form then it is almost accident impossible to argue the case afterwards. declaration You only need to fill in one form as there are form carbon copies – one for you and the other for the third party. However, if the versions of the accident assistance telephone number. Contact this number are very different and you do not feel comfortable if you need a tow truck, transport home or a that the details are being registered correctly, you substitution vehicle. The service that they provide can fill in separate forms. will depend on your level of cover. Always explain If possible, take photos of the position of the your circumstances and what you need, e.g. a taxi vehicles and the damages to the vehicles. Try to to get you home etc. include the registration numbers in the photos. DO NOT call your own tow truck as the policies Your form should be sent to your insurance are not reimbursement; you must use the service agent / company as soon as possible. A copy provided by the insurance company. can be faxed or e-mailed but the original should Contact your insurance agent / company as soon be sent by post. It is also a good idea to write a as possible and they will explain how the claim description of how the accident occurred on a will proceed and help you to make the process as separate sheet of paper. painless as possible. NEVER alter the accident declaration form once it has been completed as this could invalidate AJB CONSULTANTS: your claim. Tel 965 796 357 / 965 794 417 Fax 966 461 3 16 Most insurance policies include a 24-hour /

9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010


Classified Ads All Major Credit Cards Accepted Round Town News

Book your advert now 96 570 5204

EMAIL: WEBSITE: IN PERSON: Torrevieja,Comercial San Luis, Calle Aviles Nº 41,Local Nº 7. 03184, Torrevieja, Alicante OR La Nucia,Vall de Biar 14, 03530.


SOUTH-UNDER 100,000 SOUTH 100,000 - 200,000 SOUTH 200,000 - 300,000 NORTH-UNDER 100,000 NORTH 100,000 - 200,000 NORTH 200,000 - 300,000 FOR SALE OVER 300,000 FOR SALE GENERAL TO LET ESTATE AGENTS PART EXCHANGE




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• Professional pool maintenance & cleaning • Replacement pumps, filters, salt systems Ph regulators and accessories supplied and installed • Pipe leaks pressure tested, detected and repaired • Structural leaks investigated and repaired • Refurbishments & upgrades undertaken British Trained with over 15 years experience. Extensive references. All work guaranteed TEL: 96 677 4199 OR 678 080 500 Torrevieja and surrounding areas plus Costa Calida

• 25 Years Experience • Full or Part Loads • Friendly Personal Service • Large Secure Ware house, Fully Insured

• Storage Available 24 Hrs a day • Storage for Long & Short Term (Cars & Motorbikes etc) • FREE Quotations

es Pric 70 £ from ubic c per tre me

Office: 966 792 751 • Mobile: 691 747 030 •

9 april - 15 april 2010


PINE CHALET Totana. 2 bedrooms. On quiet and secure site. Private plot at end of cul-de-sac. Workshop/ shed. In good order inside and out. Parking alongside. Sensible ground rent. Fully furnished. 30,000€. ONO. 685-219-155

JACARILLA 3 bed end terrace large bathroom, downstairs cloakroom, lounge, kitchen, diner, garage. 190,000€. Now 145,000€. Phone 622-380-290

SPECIAL TOWN HOUSE FOR SALE IN OLIVA Very special totally reformed semi-detached townhouse in one of the best areas of the historic centre of Oliva, with good parking and boasting an integral remote control garage. 3 bedrooms, 2 with Aircon, all


apt. in Alicante city, easy access to auto route A-70 (Exit 69)

ONLY 375€ month 62 034 0548 Juan

with fitted wardrobes, master bedroom with en-suite plus family bathroom. Lounge/dining area with Valencian ceiling, wood burning stove and aircon.Stunning brand new kitchen with aircon and office with internet. The icing on the cake has to be the lovely roof terraces with 2 wood and bamboo gazebos, 4 person jacuzzi, bbq summer kitchen and store room. Total new wiring, plumbing, windows and tiled. Price 189,950€ O.N.O Tel 0034 962-839-603 or 664-776-030 or emaol for photos and further info BENITACHELL (LES FONTS) PRIVATE SALE. 2 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Fitted kitchen, Satellite & telephone connection, Front south facing terrace, Large Garage / Storeroom - 85 m2, community pool, Quiet location in cul-de-sac. Ideal for retired or young couple, no pets please. Telephone: 96 574 8199 / 659 921 875. Price: 179.500.00€.

MOBILE/ PARK HOMES ready to move into on permanent site. Carol. 968-192-425/ 626-055-622. WEB: www.mobilehomesmarmenorspain. com

2 NEW EXCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENTS on the wirral. Luxury Lodges and Park Homes for sale 12 month occupancy px considered call 0044-1516-332-321 or email FOR SALE OR RENT Classic Spanish Old Town House. 3 double bedrooms (one with en-suite bathroom), master bath, downstairs loo, new kitchen, large living room diner with real fire. Terrace with bbq, summer kitchen and shower. Seperate sun terrace with views to the mountains. Recently reformed and fully furnished. 135,00€ or 450€ per month. Tel: 609-177-032. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT offering a complete and competitive service for all your property rental needs including: Keyholding, Pools mainmatined, cleaning & laundry, meet and greets, airport transfers Los Alcazares. Tel: 628-772-418 email: STRUCTURAL SURVEYS Mark Paddon BSc Hons Building Surveying. MCIOB. Free 15pg buyer’s guide via website Tel 962807247 / 653733066

CABO ROIG BEACHSIDE 1 minute from beach Cala Capitan. Apartments or terraced house for rent. Long term or short term. Tel: 966 773 985 BETWEEN BENIDORM AND LA NUCIA Long Term, Fully Furnished, One Bedroom, Ground Floor Apartment. Terrace - Garden, ideal for pets. 350euros per month. Tlf: 650-215-760 or 966-873-263 2 BED FURNISHED HOUSE in La Siesta long term, secure urbanisation. 350€. + bills. tel: 656-455-548 1 BEDROOM BUNGALOW with large garden & parking, for yearly rental on Camping pueblo, San Javier. Carol 968-192-425/ 626-055-622. Email: WEB: www. DETACHED VILLA FOR RENT 2 Bed villa for rent 1,200sqm garden, high walls private pool. 2 rent 4 short/ long term. Torrevieja La Siesta contact FOR SALE OR RENT Classic Spanish Old Town House. 450€ per month. Tel: 609-177-032. (See main advert description under General For Sale)

LARGE APARTMENT IN GATA DE GORGOS 3 bedrooms, lounge, dining room, kitchen, laundry area. Close to local rail station. 450€ pcm + bills. Tel: 966-482-285. Mob: 679-921-046. ROOM TO RENT IN LOS MONTESINOS big spacious apartment to share. Reasonable rates. Suit single person. References required. Tel: 678-192-099 ALGORFA TOWN CENTRE two bedroom ground floor flat, large terrace, swimming pool, furnished 300€ per month +100€ bills. Ring 966-783-555/ 00447949589539 or PROPERTIES REQUIRED for holiday lets in Javea area. Free advertising & professional photography 697-432-226

PLAYA FLAMENCA Corner house, 2 bedrooms, furnished, a/c, garden, patio, solarium, immaculate condition, community pool, ONLY 89.900 euro. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, LA FLORIDA Large one bedroom apartment, fully furnished, aircon, glazed in balcony with nice views, south-west facing, off road parking, close to all amenities. 62.700 euro. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, CABO ROIG Large corner house, 2 bedrooms, bathrooms, guest toilet, furnished, large balcony, garden, solarium, south facing, off road parking, community pool. 138.000 euro. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, VILLAMARTIN Detached house, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 terraces, furnished, a/c, storage, central heating, sea views, conservatory, sunny side, parking, community pool. 149.000 euro. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, LA ZENIA BEACH Furnished apartment, 80 m² living area, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, balcony with lovely sea view, terrace overlooking green area, 3 min walk from the beach. 109.000 Euro. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, GUARDAMAR Lovely 2 bedroom, apartment, furnished, balcony with sea views, lift, only 500m to the beach

For Rent Luxury 2 & 3 Bedroom (2 Bathroom) apartments in the centre of San Miguel de Salinas, video entry, marble entrance,lift to all floors – underfloor heating, roof top pool,next to supermarket, stunning views From: 385€ per month Call 965 720 817 or 616 493 487


Spacious furnished 3 bedroom apartment for sale in middle of beautiful village. 110m². New kitchen with dishwasher and washing machine, 1 bathroom and 1 shower room. Bars, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacy all within a couple of minutes walk. Large terrace at back of the apartment overlooking orange groves and balconies off 2 bedrooms. Trastero and private parking. AP-7 3 minutes by car.

€200,000 Tel: 617 893 036 or email


Buyer’s structural surveys, defects reports & solutions Mark Paddon BSc Hons Building Surveying. MCIOB. T 0034 962 807 247 M 0034 653 733 066

and close to the centre but quiet area. 139.000 euro. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, VILLAMARTIN Terraced house, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, large kitchen, a/c, terrace, front and back garden, solarium, storage room, quiet area, close to all amenities. 79.000 euro Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, PLAYA FLAMENCA Terraced house, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, furnished, balcony, sunny side, off road parking, community pool, quiet area and close to all amenities. ONLY 109.000 euro. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, CABO ROIG BEACH Cala Capitan. Semi detached house, 2 or 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fire place, furnished, 2 balconies, 2 terraces, big cellar, great seaviews, 1 min walk to the beach. 239.000 euro. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, LA ZENIA Detached villa, 400m² plot, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dining room, fire place, furnished, nice garden, large storage room and garage, pool possible. 176.000 euro. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, LA ZENIA Terraced house, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, guest toilet, alarm, roof terrace, off road parking, community pool, lovely sea views, quiet gated community. Only a short walk to the beach! 164.000 euro. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, WE ARE LOOKING FOR RESALE PROPERTIES ON THE ORIHUELA COSTA. IF YOU WANT TO SELL YOURS, PLEASE CONTACT US. Tel: 616 939 326, 966 773 985, REDUCED Stunning Detached Villa in Lake View Mansions, San Miguel de Salinas. Good sized bright and airy lounge with built in fireplace, spacious separate dining area and fully fitted separate kitchen.. Very well furnished and decorated and is sold as seen. Large master bedroom with en suite, 2 further bedrooms and family bathroom. Private pool, garage, terraces and a roof solarium with fantastic views. Lovely villa in a beautiful location. JUST REDUCED €199,500. Call Price Crash Property on 628 932 137. BLUE LAGOON large detached villa with a pool on 300m plot. Spacious

living area, 3 bedrooms all en suite, roof solarium with views of salt lakes and Mar Menor. Central heating, sat TV, off road parking. Large terrace, private pool, roofed bar and BBQ area! €268,500. Call Price Crash Property on 628 932 137. ENTRE GOLF, VILLAMARTIN 3 bed, 2 bath townhouse. Separate kitchen, good size lounge/diner, A/C, glazed galleria, garden, roof solarium with views to the salt lakes and communal pool. The property is only 2 years old and a fantastic price of €143,350. Call Price Crash Property on 628 932 137. BLUE LAGOON chalet-style terraced 2 bed, 1 bath property Entrance is via the conservatory which is currently being used as a dining area. Good size lounge, modern, fully fitted American kitchen, utility room. 2 beds with fitted wardrobes. Main bedroom has access to the tiled rear terrace. Roof solarium with a handy storage igloo. Beautiful views to the sea and salt lakes. €86,000. Phone 628 932 137. LA APARACIDA NEAR ORIHUELA Lovely ground floor apartment in a small gated community in a traditional Spanish village next to the mountains. 2 bed, 1 bath, fully fitted American kitchen, balcony, lounge/diner with patio doors to a small patio/garden to the front over-looking communal pool and gardens. Fully furnished with garage space included in the price. Only €78,000. Phone 628 932 137. LADERAS DEL SOL 3 bed, 2 bath quad house in a secure, gated complex with a central communal pool area. Corner plot with a nice garden, patio area and a solarium.. Lounge/diner, separate kitchen and utility area The master bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe. Part furnished. Extras include air conditioning throughout and a car park for residents. €121,450. Phone 628 932 137. TORREVIEJA 2 bed, 1 bath light and airy corner apartment close to all amenities. Good layout, lounge/diner with balcony overlooking comm pool, american kitchen, fully furnished, lift, communal roof solarium. €84,450 Call Price Crash Property on 628 932 137. VISIT OUR WEBSITE www. for more great deals on the Costa Blanca

9 april - 15 april 2010

AGENTS REQUIRED in all areas, commission or franchise for local printing and ink cartridge business. tel: 966-790-520/ 616-211-023 LUXURY VILLA For sale on the Costa Blanca North. A luxury 9 bedroom villa, set in a quiet area, 15mins walk to the blue flag beaches of Calpe. Currently operating as a small bed and breakfast accomodation. The property could be used for many other activities. This property must be viewed to be appreciated. This is an opportunity not to be missed! For further details contact 628-499-448 or 965-837-948. PINE FURNITURE Large quantity of flat pack solid pine furniture for sale, includes double and treble wardrobes, bedside cabinets, chest of draws, mirrors, tall boys, side boards, dressing tables, single beds, double beds, king size beds, bookcases, etc. Too much to list, for details tel 628-499-448. BENIDORM for rent cafe bar Yellow Brick Road. Established 22 years, ready to start. 240€ per week + VAT and 10,000€ Deposit. Tel: 965-859-233/ 649-010-220

GRAHAM’S TRANSPORT 24/7 Deliveries, Collection. Spain- UKSpain or any where in Europe. Reasonable rates. Storage facilities are available in Spain and UK. Tel: Lyn or Graham 661-752-010/ 0044-7733-329-305 SPANISH LINKS LTD Low budget door to door fast collection & quick delivery removals or storage. Weekly reliable service. Full or part loads and even small deliveries. Spain/UK/ Spain. Credit or Debit cards accepted Telephone UK office 0044-1209-843-971 EMPTY TRAILER I will be traveling to Santander from Plymouth on the 27th of June with a large box trailer and am looking for a load to bring with me, please contact Steve by email or phone 00441758-713-332 or 0044-1209-820-010 LARGE EMPTY VAN with experienced owner, driver returning to UK regularly. Dave: 965-329-610/ 686-767-839 STORAGE/ VAN HIRE/ REMOVALS First class storage facilities north and south CB with free access, low cost van hire with or without driver, local and international removals, boxes and packing materials for sale. Call 965681-605 CB south or 965-760-111 CB North MAN & LWB SPRINTER VAN going to UK- Spain twice a month. Tel: 610846-260 or 0044-7519-186-355 email MICK WITH HIS VAN Removals Collections Deliveries. For a reliable effective service. Hourly rate or quote. Call Mick anytime 600-247-535

BRITISH GRADUATE TEACHER offers secondary/ primary tuition. English/ mathematics. Tel: margaret Johnson B.Ed. 965-350-516/ 616-660-687

SWIMMING POOL MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING SERVICE BY POOLTECHSPAIN. We are a fully legal, qualified and registered business who have been operating on the Costa Blanca for 6 years. We offer a professional, reliable, safe and efficient pool service, inc. re-grouting, pressure testing and leak repairs. Private and community swimming pools undertaken. Call now for more information on 965-725-565 or mobile 676-945-360/ 620-743-048

POOL LEAK REPAIR SPECIALIST’S Pipe leaks pressure tested, detected and repaired. Structural leaks investigated and repaired. 100’s of private and communal pools successfully repaired on the Costa Blanca. Refurbishments and upgrades undertaken. Replacement pumps, filters, salt systems, ph regulators and accessories supplied and installed. All work guaranteed. British trained in the UK pool industry with over 15 years experience. Torrevieja and surrounding areas including Costa Calida. Tel Pristine Pools on 966774-199 or 678-080-500 Email info@

WILLS BY UK QUALIFIED MEMBER of Society of Will Writers. Dual UK/ Spanish recommended. Home call service. Wills Trusts. Probate, Powers of Attorney, etc. Tel David Richardson 966-188-941

SERVICE AIR David Higton: (Tel) 966-865-883 (Mob) 629-308-505 (Email) EXCEL AIRCONDITIONING See main ad on page 19. Tel/Fax (Head Office) 966-897-772. Mobiles: 680-154-432/676-265-675. Email: All credit/debit cards accepted.

QUALIFIED BRITISH TELEVISION SATELLITE SERVICE ENGINEER... Same day service, all work guaranteed. Call Steve 617-911-118. TAXIS OMEGA airport transfers in the Costa Calida. Tel: 605-871-331 email: ENGLISH HANDYMAN AVAILABLE plumbing, roller shutter blind repairs. Odd jobs. IKEA assembly. Tel: 646236-291 ALARMS all types including grillguards extensions repairs and servicing. Tel: 966-797-370/ 600-237-223 DRESSMAKER/ DESIGNER Also alterations. Tells:- 686-453-827/ 965771-397 GUALIFIED TRADESMEN Air Conditioning. Satalitle TV installation, plumbing, electrical, boilers, fencing, painting, balustrades, tiling & general maintenance. Small jobs welcome. Torrevieja surrounding area. Tel: 965328-361/ 680-934-549 WELD IT RITE Mobile welding/ repair service, Metal carpentry/ Fabrication projects. Time served & quallified. tel: 966-490-338 Mobile 638-479-467 Email (Moraira based)

WOODWORM, BORING BEETLE, OR TERMITE problems? Call Woodtech now on 625-160-325 COCKROACHES, RATS, MICE, WASPS OR HORNET problems? Call Pestkill now on 625-160-325

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Now with video highlights included as standard. Contact Steve 966-470-163/662-570-702.

SKY SUPPLIES Full Range Pace, Thompson, Amstrad digi-boxes. White cards, Fault finding. Dish’s Realigned, sold, wanted. LNB’s. 966-194-013/ 600-899-096 COMPLETE SKY SYSTEM Including free to view card. Installed and guaranteed for only 349€. Hurry whilst stocks last. Tel: 617-911-118. PROFESSIONAL SATELLITE INSTALLATIONS At unbeatable prices. All work guaranteed. 25 years experience. Call Steve 617-911-118. CRYSTAL CLEAR SATELLITE & TELEVISION Forget the rest go to the best for all your digital & TV requirements Steve 660-186-505 Ros 965-584-097 SKY FREE TO VIEW Small dish & mesh upgrades, yes back on 90€. BBC, ITV, CH4 & lots more. Also installations/ repairs. 10 years. Torrevieja. 679-876-926 DIGITAL SATELLITE SYSTEMS Largest supplier and installer of famaval satellite equipment on the costa blanca. A genuine registered company with genuine registered premises. Mon-fri 8:00- 4:30. Www. 965-852-251/ 965-866-999/ 965-854-528/ 966-804-748 (or see our main ad in the tv section)

RELIABLE TRANSLATION SERVICE in Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa and surrounding areas. Fluent Spanish and English for any personal or administrative assistance. Tel +34-685-647-906 RELIABLE TRANSLATION SERVICE in Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa and surrounding areas. Fluent Spanish and English for any personal or administrative assistance. Tel 685-647-906 TRANSLATOR Spanish and English speaking. Available for medical visits etc. Benidorm and surrounding areas. Tel Dawn: 626-337-258.


LOG CABIN FOR SALE 25sqm including all fixes &fittings. 3,500€. Tel: 675-878-601

LOOKING FOR A CAR? FWREUROCARS might just have what your looking for. Quality left/ right hand drive vehicles, saloons - MPVs - Vans - 4X4’s - commercials - sports - Performance - Cabriolet. Ring Frank on 600-726-221 or 965-687-976 or check out our website UK, AUTOMATIC MERCEDES 300SL CABRIOLET, 3 LTR 1990,Spanish LHD, metallic silver, power hood, electric memory seats, air con, cd player, alloys 8495€. www.venuscars. com 965 368 274 RENAULT KANGOO 2001 blue, 1.9 ltr diesel, Spanish LHD It is very clean throughout with air conditioning. It has 2 seats and side loading door.3995€ 965 368 274 PORSCHE CAYMAN S 2006 22000km, black, as new Spanish LHD 39995€ 965 368 274 YAMAHA MAJESTY 2004 250CC Champagne 2500€ www.venuscars. com 965 368 274 DERBI GPR 125CC 2005, Red, 2500€ 965 368 274 RENAULT LAGUNA HATCHBACK 2003 Spanish LHD, silver 2.0 ltr 16V petrol, 2 owners, full Renault service history, excellent condition throughout. 6495€ 965 368 274 BMW 320 I, 170 BHP Spanish, LHD, Petrol, 2001, silver, alloy wheels , central locking, air con, very good condition. FSH 9495€ www. 965 368 274


9 april - 15 april 2010



or call 666 888 870

PRACTICAL INFORMATION ISBN No. is 978-84-611-9278-6 SEAT ALTEA XL SPORT UP SPANISH LHD, 2007 silver , all usual sport refinements, one owner from new13995€ 965 368 274 FORD FOCUS, ZETEC 2004 1.6 ltr petrol, silver, Spanish, LHD, 5 door hatchback, remote locking, climate control, CD only 56000 Klm, excellent condition 6995€ 965 368 274 FORD FOCUS CMAX TREND PLUS 2008 Spanish LHD, red, 1.6 ltr diesel, one owner from new, cruise control, climate control, rain sensors, automatic lights, alloys, roof bars & top box included 13495€ www. 965 368 274 MINI ONE, 2004 blue with white roof, 1.6 ltr petrol, Spanish LHD, CD player, excellent condition. 8995€ www. 965 368 274 FORD FOCUS 1.8 Ltr Diesel Trend, 2004, Spanish LHD,silver, air con, electric windows, remote locking, total main dealer service history. Excellent condition throughout. 6495€ 965 368 274 MG ZR, 2002 Spanish LHD, Red, 1.4 Ltr petrol 105 BHP, 2 owners from new, FSH, excellent condition throughout. 5995€ 965 368 274 FORD FUSION 2004, Silver, Spanish LHD, Trend ,TDCI, 1.4 Ltr Diesel, CD player, air con, electric windows. 6995€ 965 368 274 FORD FOCUS ESTATE 1.6 Ltr petrol Ambiente, 2003 silver, Spanish LHD, 54000 Klms, CD player, electric windows, excellent condition throughout. 5995€ www.venuscars. com 965 368 274 SKODA OCTAVIA, TREND 2007, Spanish LHD; Champagne,1.9 Ltr TDI Diesel, one owner from new, full service history, alloy wheels, climate control, impeccable condition. 11995€ 965 368 274 OPEL ASTRA TWIN TOP 2007, Spanish LHD, red, 1.9 ltr diesel 6 speed manual ,hard top convertible. Alloys, CD player, electric windows, central locking, climate control 12995€ 965 368 274 SEAT ALTEA 2006 1.9 Ltr Turbo Diesel, Spanish LHD, Black Metallic, central locking, climate control, alloys, CD player FSH very popular car, 7995€ 965 368 274 FORD TRANSIT CONNECT T200 2003, UK RHD, White, 1.8 Ltr diesel, 2 owners, MOT until 21/9/10 TAX until 31/8/10. Ready to go back to UK. Excellent economy. Great load space. 5495€ 965 368 274 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1.9 Ltr GTI TDI, 150 BHP, 2001 Metallic Black, Spanish LHD, 5 door hatch, climate control, alloys, CD, electric windows, excellent condition throughout 7495€ 965 368 274 MERCEDES BENZ ML 320 Automatic petrol, 1998, Spanish LHD, Metallic Green with biscuit leather interior, 20 in alloys, privacy glass, all the usual Mercedes refinements, DVD screens in rear. 7995€ 965 368 274 OPEL CORSA 1.4 - YEAR 1995 Ideal as a first car for a new driver. A few “dings” in the bodywork but well maintained and cared for. 3 new tyres, MOT to Jan 2011, DVD player etc. 995€ ONO tlf 691-202-307. Altea area (close to Benidorm) 2001 AUDI A4 TDI Black/ Beige leather, Electric seats/ 18’’ Alloy Wheels, Electrical sunroof/ LHD Spanish plates. 10.900€ Negociable. Call 697-421-568 RENAULT MEGAN II COMFORT EXP 1.9DCI 2004, 5dr, L/H/D, 87,000klms, 2yrs ITV, SILVER. Climate Control. Trip comp, E/W, E/M, Remote C/L, Keyless start. CD Stereo player, 6 Air Bags, Censor lights/mirror Alarm & Imob. Recent tyres, battery, front disks& pads. Very economical, VGC, genuine reason for sale, 5495 euros ono. Tel: 680-159391. (RTN apologize for a mis print on the price last week) WANTED I buy any car, van, Caravan, 4x4 Etc. British, Spanish. Immediate cash 600-781-873

FORD FOCUS diesel, silver 1.6, full service history from new. 42,000kms. 5,300€. Tel: 965-796-702 IVECO 7.5 TONNE BOX LORRY 2001. Tail lift, ideal for taking back to the UK. £1200 recently spent on MOT etc. 3200€. Call 616-343-218

IMPORTING YOUR CAR need headlights. Contact www. Tel: 966-875-497 or 618-592-396

WANTED UK registration right hand drive cars. Immediate cash settlement. Please phone Rod 687-434-950 or 966-462-089

HARLEY DAVIDSON Harley Davidson custom sportster XL883C 2004 hardly ever used. Spanish registered and pristine perfect condition, blue. Offers around 5,500€. Phone 670-477-010 or 965-319-232 REPAIR & SOLD & BUY Pickup from your home second hand motorbikes and Scooter for reasonable Price and quick service open 7 days Tel: 680-644-010

MOBILE/ PARK HOME in Albir, nice site with pod and bar. Alucasa van 10 years old, 9mtrs, 2 bedroom in excellent condition never rented. Nice patio, fully equipped. £15,000 (pounds) ONO. Tel: 966-868-868/ 664-406-485 MOBILE/ PARK HOMES from 18.000€. TV, A/C, Tel. Some with conservatories, permanent site, pool, Tennis, bar, supermarket, 5 mins walk San Javier. All amenities, 3km beach & hospital. 7 mins Murcia airport by car. Also bungalows to rent. Carol 968192-425/ 626-055-622. EMAIL: Web: www. AITANA MOBILE HOME Fully furnished, sleeps 6, approx 7.25 x 7.5, tiled bathroom, wall heaters, x2 AC. Must be seen, bargain 29,950pounds o.n.o. Tel: 620-487528. (RTN apologize for a misprint

on the price in ed. 546) MOBILE HOME PLOTS AVAILABLE IN PINOSO Fantastic mountain views, large swimming pool, 10 minutes to Fortuna hot springs, 24 mins to Nueva Condomina. Plot size 200spm. Tel: 620-761-643

SPORTS POWERBOAT 5M comes with 90 hp engine, trailer and all equipment, can be seen working. Excellent condition only 6,500€. Call 638-056-224

FAMILYBIKEHIRE.COM HireSales-Repairs. The largest selection of bike hire equipment on the Costa Blanca, free delivery and collection. Tel: 966-774-598/ 655-338-066. See us at WWW. CostaBlancaBikeHire.COM (Spanish registered)

9 april - 15 april 2010

CHEF/COOK REQUIRED FOR POPULAR RESTAURANT IN EL RASO. Part time leading to full time for the right applicant. Experience essential. Previous applicants need not apply. Call 636-889-232 HOME HELP also maintenance, man available in Quesada area. 8€ per hour. Regular or one off. Pools from 70€ month inclusive. Tel: 966-716-271 WANNA HAVE FUN WHITE YOU WORK? Are you hungry to succeed, dynamic, ambitious? Woking in a positive environment in a busy fast growing office in Benidorm, you must have a willingness to learn and listen and the ability to chat and have fun. Sales position are now available for applicants with a full command of written and spoken English NOT TELESALES! Commisions and daily bonuses. Call today for interview 966-813-210 AVON NEED AGENTS AND LEADERS work hours to suit yo. For info Phone Rosh 966-785-520 DRIVER - MALE 35, FULL CLEAN LICENSE 1 year exp. of driving in Spain, cars - 3.5tons. Available for work, please call Warren on 615201-182. FEMALES AND COUPLES 18 to 65 required for adult internet photo and video modeling. Excellent rates. 697-697-842. TELEMARKETERS WANTED for our Moraira office. Must be able to speak Spanish. Tel 965-050-200

Jennifer Cunningham Expats Services require an English/Spanish speaking person to work in the Javea office. Good selling ability necessary, confident on the telephone and computer literate. Apply with CV to

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9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010

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You can now place your Round Town News classifieds adverts directly with us

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VIVES PONS & ASSOCIATES the leading Legal, Fiscal and Architectural based in Denia are conducting a series of free, informative talks on fiscal, legal and architectural issues which are very relevant to expats. Each session is approx 30 minutes long and will be followed by questions and answers. This is your chance to receive free expert advice direct from the experts. Please contact Joe Bassim on 686-566-106 or see our half page advert in this weeks RTN for details.

9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010

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ROUND TOWN TRAVEL 1, Avenida Dr Severo Ochoa, 1, Urb. El Admiral, Local 1, Rincon Benidorm, 03503, Alicante. Lisa 966 811 123 BENIDORM ROUND TOWN TRAVEL 2, Calle Gerona, 39, Benidorm, 03503, Alicante. (Next to Hotel Ambassador) Kerry/Gemma 966 813 261 BENIDORM ROUND TOWN TRIPS, Calle Narcisco Yepes, 4, Local 8, Albir, 03581, Alicante. (Opp. Golf Course, next to Kwik Save) Lee/Jackie 966 867 294 • ALBIR PROMINENT, Teulada Industrial Est. Calle Llanterner, 2 alto, 03725, Teulada, Alicante. Marja 965 793 229 • MILLIE MUNRO INSURANCE, Avenida Lepanto, 6, 03726, Benitachell, Alicante. Millie 966 493 082 • MICHAEL’S FURNITURE SHOP, Avenida Lepanto, 9, Javea Port. Cristina 965 791 328 • EASYBUY, Avenida del Portet 24, Moraira. 03724 Alicante 965 745 969



BARGAIN BOOKS, Plaza Juan Carlos 1, Nº 2, San Miguel de Salinas, 03193, Alicante. (Opp. Tourist Info) Gaynor/Lee 688 667 389 • SAN MIGUEL JOHNSONS EL LIMONAR,JCP Commercial Center, Local 31, Los Altos Del Limonar, Torrevieja, 966 785 600 TORREVIEJA JOHNSONS QUESADA, Ava. Las Naciononies 1a -17, Quesada, 966 717 848 QUESADA JOHNSONS ALGORFA, Local 30, Commercial Center La Finca Golf, Algorfa, 966 729 647

ALGORFA THE POST ROOM, Centro Comercial 5, Via Park III, Calle Panticosa Nº 2, Los Altos, 03189, Orihuela Costa, Alicante. Aoife/Chris 965 319 665 • ORIHUELA PENNYS SUPERMARKET, Flamenca Beach Comercial Centre, Unit 123, Playa Flamenca, 03189, Orihuela Costa, Alicante. Peter/Sarah 966 733 257 • ORIHUELA PRINT SOLUTIONS, Avenida Londres 136, La Marina Urb, San Fulgencio, 03177, Alicante. Jim/Trish 966 790 520 • SAN FULGENCIO INTERPOST, Avenida de la Alegria Nº 32, La Marina, 03194, Alicante. Malika/Malcolm 965 419 673 •

LA MARINA VILLAMARTIN SATELLITE CENTRE, Avenida Las Brisas 33, Villamartin, 03189, Alicante. (Near Supervalu, Los Dolses) . Sarah/Heather 966 764 878 • VILLAMARTIN BEST WISHES, Local 30, Comercial Centre Hispania, Avda de la Union 72, San Javier, 30730, Murcia. Kathy 968 192 235 • MURCIA ONONIX MAR SL, Calle Mayor 30, bajo derecha, Guardamar, 03140, Alicante. Ron/Alicia 965 728 178 GUARDAMAR

For sale by Private Seller

Royal Albert Bone China, design Belinda (white back ground, gold edging on rims and pretty country-flower border). This would make and ideal wedding/anniversary present. Tea Set, comprising: Teapot, Milk Jug, Sugar Basin, 6 teacups and saucers, 6 cake/bread and butter plates, Large B & B/Sandwich plate, 3 tier cake stand Tea Set Value (+/-) 325euros....sell for 275euros Coffee Set, Comprising: Tall Coffee pot, 6 coffee cups and saucers, Creme Jug, Sugar dish. Coffee Set value (+/-) 180euros.... sell for 150euros Dinner service, comprising. 6 large dinner plates, 6 salad plates, large oval meat platter, round chop plate, gravy/sauce boat & plate, vegitable tureen with lid. Dinner service value (+/-) 400euros....sell for 350euros. All in excellent condition. Will sell as three seperate lots but would prefer to see all go to the same home. Also, 6 x large, Bohemian crystal sundae dishes, matching design but different colours. Value (+/-) 56euros...sell for 35euros. 4 x Fine Glass, Irish Coffee Mugs sell for 25euros.

Tlf: 96-584-4801/691-202-307.

ANIMAL AID TEL: 965725794 WWW.ANIMALAIDCOSTABLANCA.ORG ROSIE is a cutie! She’s about 5 years old & very kind natured, so she

OZ KENNELS 968 431 265 OR 968 431 590 Hoppy is a 3 year old (approx) Tibetan spaniel He was found outside our kennels with a broken back leg but has now had his operation had has made a full recovery,he is a loving and funny little boy but is jealous of other dogs as he wants all the love,would make a good companion for an older couple

APAH CONTACT YVONNE ON 630 422 563 APAH is hoping to find a loving home for a family of three cats, who were signed over to us when their owner returned to the UK. Chikita and Timilia are two tri-colour sisters, and Pepito is their black and white brother. Born on the 28th April 2007, they will be three years old next month, and have lived their whole life as a family.


A.P.A.S.A. 618 754 635 WWW.APASA-JAVEA.ORG





EASY HORSE CARE RESCUE 96 596 7033 or 652 021 980 Magic was a plaything for a butcher’s grandchildren while being fattened for slaughter. Help us care for her and others like her. Open days Wednesday & Sunday 1-4pm.

JOE THE CATMAN 96 671 9272



will make someone an adorable pet. She is a bit podgy, so she could do with diet and exercise – but can’t we all?! Poor Rosie was abandoned and yet she is so good, could you love her? Heather is a small French BulldogX who was thrown out of a car four days before giving birth to five puppies! Fortunately this despicable act of cruelty was witnessed by someone who called APAH, and we took her in, giving her a home and a safe place to have her babies. Three of the puppies are already reserved, but homes are needed for two puppies and their mother, Heather.

Zinia is a fluffy chocolate siamese who was abandoned at the shelter and is desperate for a new home. If you would like to adopt Zinia, or any of our other cats/kittens please call. See our website

K9 Club 676 447 682

Beauty is one of the five that we rescued in the fields that was being hunted and shot at by the locals. She is 15 months old, very sociable and good with other dogs. She loves all people. Phone: 676 447 682 Email: PAWS LINDA ON 646 645 035

Jo is a beautiful boy of around 6 months. His owners have to move back to the UK and can´t take him with them so he needs someone to love and look after him. He is a sweetheart and will make a loving companion. If you are interested in Jo, or any of the cats or kittens that we have, please contact Linda on 646 645 035

DESIREA, female, Shelter since 14.10.2007 Spaniel Cross, DOB approx. Oct. 2006 – 45 cm She’s rather like a jack-in-thebox and is continually ready for affection and a game. Desirea would like to have a sportive family who would have a lot of action with her. She walks well on the lead and she is very fond of water Sento was born approx February 2009 and is a medium sized pointer type. He’s a well-balanced, naturally obedient dog who has proved to be very trainable. He is very friendly and mixes well with his foster carers own dogs and is good with their cats. Sento is castrated and health vaccinated.

Mastine Pups 3 Purebred female Spanish Mastine puppies, 9 weeks old. Fabulous breed, loyal and loveable. Must be a lover of large breeds for thiese little beauties.

Urgent! Baños de Fortuna. Female dog, German Shephard type, 9 years old, ca. 25kgs, 21 inches high at the shoulders, sterilized and with all her vaccinations, shy and loving. Male dog, large mix-breed, 4 years old, ca. 25 - 30 kgs, 28 inches high at the shoulders, sterilized and with all his vaccinations, friendly and loving. Owners must return to England for assisted living and cannot take the dogs with them. Call Ayisha or Michael at 968 685 837

THE R GANG are a litter of 6 puppies who came to the kennels last month. They are cute little dogs who love playing with their siblings and their toys, running around one minute and sleeping the next. They have started their course of vaccinations and will soon be ready for a new home.

Dixie has been in our pen for over two months, she is very friendly and loves to sit on your lap. She gets along well with the other cats in the pen and will make a very loving addition to any family. Please call Joe (The Cat Man) on 966719272 Akorah is a 2 yr old Husky cross, very loving and likes to please. She was left behind when her owner returned to England and now needs a new home. Akorah is a beautiful dog, she is spayed and she is good with all people and children.


9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010

defeat for FC Torrevieja The final whistle Another PUZOL 3 FC TORREVIEJA 1 Figures that batter Blatter

With Andy Kay

ANOTHER AWAY match and another defeat for FC Torrevieja, and after managing to keep eleven men on the field for their home draw with Gandia, they returned to keeping their poor disciplinary record in style by having two men sent off. The only good thing for Torry was that this match was brought forward to a Wednesday night, allowing Easter Day not to be spoilt by ninety minutes of disappointment. Director of Football, Tommy Taylor said:-“We pulled ourselves back into the game after being a tad unlucky to concede two goals, and then we made life impossible for ourselves with the sendings-off”. Things could all have gone a different way when Cristian Green hit the bar early on, and Torrevieja dominated the early exchanges. Puchol then scored for the home side very much against the run of play, and when Valero made it twonil, thirteen minutes later , Torrevieja were left very much reeling and wondering what had happened. It could have been three-nil down shortly afterwards, but for some fine

work by Aurelio in goal, who was back in the side after his one match suspension. Torrevieja were in danger of falling apart, but they got back into it on the stroke of halftime with Bailen hitting a free kick into the back of net, though the visitors returned to their old disciplinary misdemeanours as Purito was given his marching orders for a second yellow card. The second half offered little promise, as Carlos Dura made it three-one for Puzol thirteen minutes after the re-start, and nine minutes later Torrevieja’s day was complete as a second yellow card for Arrazola meant that they were down to just nine men. Incidentally five other Torrevieja players were cautioned as well. Torry’s consolation once again came in looking at other results which showed most of the teams below them dropping points. They have another stern test in front of them this Sunday at the Vicente Garcia stadium as they take on promotion contenders JB Cristo with a 5.00pm kick-off.

Victor penalty secures three points UD LAS PALMAS - 0 FC CARTAGENA - 1 Sepp Blatter

IT’S A GOOD job that Fifa is one of the richest sporting bodies out there, bearing in mind how much it must cost to transport Sepp Blatter to his Swiss base from whatever planet he’s living on these days. Mr B has taken another pop at the Premier League this week, saying it has fundamental flaws and should be run more like La Liga. Blatter trotted out a bunch of facts and statistics which, as is often the case with the Fifa president, don’t stand up under scrutiny. He said that most clubs in Spain belong to the fans, or socios. It turns out, after research by The Guardian, that the actual number is four out of forty from the top two divisions; hardly most then. More disturbing are the figures on debt. The overall debt of clubs in the top three divisions is £5 billion, more than in England. Of that, Barcelona and Real Madrid between them are £1 billion in the red. Added to that, 85% of clubs are behind on the payment of players’ wages and there are fears of a players’ strike. Of course, fans of Portsmouth will probably testify that the system in England is far from perfect but putting up the La Liga as the preferred model in taking yet another pot shot at the EPL shows just how poorly informed Blatter is. PEP TALK There is however, one thing British clubs could learn from Spain - and that’s how to play like Barcelona. The Catalan giants were magnificent against Arsenal midweek, winning their Champions League quarter final 6 – 3 on aggregate. Lionel Messi took all the plaudits for his four goals on the night, but for me, the real hero is coach pep Guardiola. It’s not just about how good Barca are going forward, but more about the work they put in when the other side have the ball. Arsenal were harried, jostled and chased out of their stride for the entire 90 minutes: a master class in getting big name players to put in the hard yards. With Guardiola at the helm, Barcelona could well successfully defend the Champions League title they won so handsomely last season. THE HAYEMAKER So, as predicted in this column, David Haye was too good for John Ruiz, becoming only the second man to stop the American in 13 years. Surely, Haye must now aim for a showdown with the Klitschko brothers. In fact, I’d take him to beat both of them on the same night! But somehow, I think the German based Ukrainians will do everything they can to avoid the Englishman. All you need to know about the kind of opponents that they prefer to fight is that on 29th May, the WBC champion Vitali will defend his title against Albert Sosnowski. Who? Apparently he’s the European champion though most experts will tell you that he’s a Polish journeyman with a padded record. Until recently, he was due to meet Audley Harrison before being offered a world title shot. How good is he? Well, let’s put it this way: Harrison was odds-on favourite to beat him. Haye would be too quick, too conditioned, too powerful and too talented for either of the Klitschko brothers. And they know it.

By Steve Hibberd EX VALLADOLID striker Victor Fernandez, made it 10 league goals for the season, when he coolly converted a 2nd half penalty, ultimately earning his side a precious win in the Canary Islands. Having lost their last 2 league matches, it was important that Cartagena got their promotion drive back on track inside the Gran Canaria Stadium against mid table Las Palmas. This win maintained 3rd slot in div 2a, but with so many clubs breathing down their neck, a good run of victories is essential if La Liga is to become more than just a dream. Top scorer Toche thought he has added to his tally on 17 mins, but his close range effort was rightly disallowed for offside. Midway

through the half, superb defensive play prevented the home side taking the lead, when with Ruben off his line, Herrero was on hand to block a goal bound shot. On 41 mins, Ruben breathed a sigh of relief when a powerful 20 yard drive by Leon, just squeezed the wrong side of the post. An off the ball foul on Mariano, resulted in Victor sending the keeper the wrong way from the resultant penalty on 47 mins. Leon was proving to be a real handful for Cartagena, finely illustrated when his long range free kick once again just missed the target. Near the end of the match, Las Palmas should have levelled the scores, but faced with only Ruben to beat, substitute Marquez shot horribly wide of the target.

Super heroes The netball team By Jack Troughton THE MEN and women sporting the badge of a well known brand of superhero swept the board in the Costa Blanca’s fourth annual International Mixed Netball tournament. Hosted once again by Javea Netball Club, the Super Subs triumphed in the ‘warm up’ versatility tournament and the main competition. Javea and Alfaz del Pi were joined by two teams from Brussels and five London-based sides for the netball weekend – a mixture of competitive sport and for the visitors, a chance to enjoy some Spanish hospitality. In the versatility contest – every player must change position in each match to test skill and teamwork – the Super Subs narrowly beat the Shabbu Nabbies into second place. And in the central competition, where the teams are split into two groups with the best and runner up of each making up semi-finalists, the two sides met again in a tough battle in the ultimate round, Super Subs winning 15-10. “Once again, we were delighted to play host to this successful event,” said Javea Netball Club’s Anita Grayson. “It

is now a firm fixture in Javea’s sporting calendar. Many of the players were returning for the fourth year and it was great to see so many familiar faces.” The umpire’s award for sportsmanship went to Super Freaks’ Vinian Kao; goal of the tournament was won by Ralph Risk of Super Subs; the player showing the most improvement was Sarah Cousins of Javea; the most consistent player was awarded to Namalee Kodikara of Super Freaks; while Shaun McGavin won the prize for creative centre court play. Caroline Pearson, of Highbury Groovers Orange, won an award for her excellent defending in the goal circle and team mate Sophie Lily was presented with an award for her excellent positional play at Wing Defence. Javea next host a women’s competition in May and Anita said “more players and umpires are desperately needed” to join a friendly club ready to welcome players of all abilities. Javea plays at L’Ancora Tennis Club every Wednesday evening from 20.00 until 21.30. For more information, call Anita on 660 782 165 or 966 472 169, or email

FC CARTAGENA LINE-UP Ruben, Txiki, Mariano, Herrero, Signorino, Lafuente (Clavero), Balboa, Falcon (Gonzales), Exposito, Victor (Hector), Toche FORTHCOMING FIXTURE When Cartagena won 4-1 at Real Murcia last November, they announced to Spanish football that their promotion aspirations were for real. On Sunday 11 April ko 12pm (midday), at Cartagonova Stadium, part 2 of this epic local Murcian derby takes place. A sell out crowd of almost 15,000 baying fans, will be cheering on their team - an occasion not for the faint hearted!! For further info on FC Cartagena, visit or

ANYONE FOR FOOTBALL? Aged Between 20 - 40 Call Doug on 628 789 335

Noel’s world of golf by

Noel Eastwell Professional coach and RTN golf expert 639 730 891

WHAT IS THE CORRECT PRICE FOR A GREEN FEE? THIS QUESTION is one that has a million answers but there is merit in looking for an answer here in RTN. For as many years as I can remember, the topic of green fee prices has been a hot one and will continue to be one forever more. We will all have a different perspective on what is value for money and that is what will form the basis of our opinion in most cases. The frame of mind we are in when we play a particular course will also have a big say in what we think. Very many of the expatriate community here in Spain feel that for far too many years now green fee prices have been increasing at much too high a pace. I am one who thinks that perhaps the British expatriate community in particular is having their judgements somewhat clouded by the exchange rate of pound to euro. Many people will feel that the golf courses are trying to be greedy and have been for a long time. The golf courses are no alone in rising prices. Spain has gone through a long period of tremendous growth and created many millionaires along the way. There has been a lot of money in people’s pockets and like any country Spain’s business owners have been keen to get as much of it as possible. This is not particularly greedy; it’s the World we live in. We have now moved into a different World and things need a rethink in respect of prices of virtually everything we buy and not just green fees. The vast majority of this country’s income is derived from tourism and the focus will have to return to this if we are to see our local businesses grow again. The construction industry collapse, as far as I am concerned, is long overdue and one that I welcome in some ways as maybe now we will have some unspoiled coastline for a few more years at least. The downside is that the development of new golf courses has become almost entirely reliant on homes being built around them as many see that as the only way to make a fast return on their investments. This in turn leads to a lack of competition amongst the courses meaning that it is easier to control green fee prices. The only way forward is for the golf courses to look at what is going on in other European countries and begin to compete with them. Failure to do so will see the country struggle for many more years. What our golf course owners need to realise is that in our area we have very few of Spain’s top one hundred courses in our area; we have even less in the top one hundred in Europe, and less still in the top one hundred in the World. Maybe if they realise this fact then we can see green fees come back to a level where we again see our golf courses busy and visitor numbers increase to the level they once were. Many times I have been put on the spot and asked what I think is the correct green fee for a particular course. That is a question that is very difficult to answer. One thing I will say is that I have played many golf courses in Spain and none warrant a green fee of more than €50 in my opinion. That is for the one I feel was in the best condition of any other I have played here and it was not local. No local course is worth more than €40 per round and very many are not worth more than €30 per player for eighteen holes. There will be some people who read who will think I am way off the mark. I may well be but that is the beauty of democracy; we can all have our own opinions and air them. Some will think I am being generous giving

the courses as much as I say. I am not saying that the best ones are the ones I would give the aforementioned green fees to; others I would not pay to play and there are even some that could not tempt me to play them even if I got free annual membership. I am speaking now as a golfer, not as professional coach: many of our courses respect my qualifications and allow me free golf. I will be eternally grateful to them but as a columnist in RTN I have a responsibility to those that play the game day in and day out who feel they are getting a raw deal. Many times I have appealed to RTN’s readers to be more open with our courses and talk to them. I am certain that if we do this more often we will see massive progress. The Spanish people are incredibly proud and are reluctant to change but if we present them with enough hard facts they will have no option but to change if their businesses are to survive. Let’s see more twilight golf, more reduced rates for golf societies for playing after 14.00 and maybe even a resident’s card or loyalty card to give discounts to those of us living in Spain. Let’s encourage people back to the fairways to enjoy our fantastic sport. THE PROFESSIONAL TOURS The European Tour had week off last weekend as we waited for this weekends US Masters. The PGA Tour continued by moving to Texas for the Shell Houston Open. Anthony Kim took control of the event on Saturday and held the lead until the 72nd hole where he took bogey to go into a play off with Vaughan Taylor. Kim’s par 4 at the 73rd hole was enough to secure victory after Taylor visited twice to bogey the hole. The lady’s tours held their first major championship of the season with The Kraft Nabisco Championship in California. Karen Stupples from England went into the final round with a one shot lead over Suzann Pettersen of Sweden and Yani Tseng. Tseng was the fastest starter going 3 under after 3 holes. Eventually she finished 4 under for the day, enough for a 1 shot victory over Pettersen. Stupples sadly fell away with a six over par score for the day to finish in 5th place. WIN A ROUND OF GOLF FOR 2 INCLUDING BUGGY AT THE BEAUTIFUL EL PLANTIO RESORT IN ALICANTE To enter this competition, simply answer the question below correctly. Every correct answer will be entered into a draw at the end of the month and the winner of this fantastic prize worth over €180 will be picked at random at the end of each month. Send your entries by email to golf@ The decision of the editor of RTN will be final in making the winning selection. QUESTION FOR 9TH APRIL 2010: Who won the 2009 Open Championship? A. Tom Watson B. Steve Stricker C. Greg Norman All answers must be received no later than 17.00 on 30th April 2010 to be entered into April’s draw, to be made on 1st May. The winner will be announced in RTN on May 7th 2010. MARCH’S WINNER: SHEILA COYNE FROM IRELAND GOLF QUIPS There is no movement in the golf swing so difficult that it cannot be made even more difficult by careful study and difficult practice. TOP QUALITY COACHING WITH NOEL Noel is a member of The World Golf Teachers Federation and is available for coaching by prior arrangement. Call him on 639 730 891 to book an appointment and tell him you got his number from RTN for discounted rates.

Any questions you have for Noel should be sent to


9 APRIL - 15 APRIL 2010


Costa Blanca round-up

Maggots end by

David Hoare

968 199 279

THE MATCH this week was the last in the Winter Championship. This has been a series of 11 matches with the best 8 to count. The river was flowing through nicely and the day was nice and warm, however, for me I had a nightmare. In the first 3 hours I caught 5 terrapins with an estimated weight of 15 kilos (30 lbs +). If it had been a terrapin only match I would have walked it! To add insult to injury, at around 15.00 with 30 minutes to go, I started to catch some fish. I hooked into a good fish which took me to the reeds and on pulling my pole it parted company in the 6th section. Pete Kerr next to me quickly cast his feeder rod over the sections, slowly moving to the far bank. This was to no avail, so very kindly, Pete drove me round to the other side of the river and I managed to cut the line to free the pole. Again another kind angler, Derek Swann, stopped fishing and came up, cast his feeder over the pole and managed to bring it to safety. That was 15.30 and my match was over. Everybody else had a nice day. TOP ANGLERS ON THE DAY 1st Bill (The Master) Reade, fishing the pole using maggot with 10.98 kilos 2nd Paul (Poco Loco) Baxter, fishing the pole using maggot with 7.96 kilos 3rd Mick (The Arsenal) Hill, fishing the pole using corn with 5.26 kilos The only good thing of the day for me was (only just) winning the winter championship. OVERALL POINTS WITH THE 3 WORST MATCHES RESULTS TAKEN OFF 1st Dave Hoare with 32 points 2nd Paul Baxter with 33 points 3rd Bill Reade with 45 points

Again this week the club has been down to the flooded areas where there are fish stuck in the drying out fields and have rescued another 50 odd. This brings the overall amount to around 250 off. ANGLERS TOGETHER IMPORTANT NEW MESSAGE: The Friday Campoverde meetings will now be held at Marys Bar/ Restaurant. Taking the CV 925 from Pillar de la Horadada, turn right at the 1st roundabout into Pinar de Campoverde, then first left and following the slip road (past Fibber Mcgees and Lounge bar 6) until you get to the next parade of shops. Mary’s Bar is the 3rd / 4th unit up. The next meeting will be held on Friday 9th April at 12.00. The Puerto de Mazarron meetings remain at Los Galayos Bar/Restaraunt on the paseo adjacent to the beach. Next meeting will be held on Saturday 10th April at 12.00. Work is still continuing on the Rio Segura at Murcia but is still fishable and fishing well. Embalse de Pedrera the water level has risen dramatically and is over the road at the broken bridge and still rising. At present the road by the bridge is some 8 -10 feet under water. Sweetwater: the final dredging has taken place and the works personnel have cleared the surrounding road of all the silt that was deposited there. However there are still workmen there. The banks are now angled and swims need cutting in! Anglers Together continues to grow as a club with many friendships formed over the past 3 years. Many members fish together regularly and say they are pleased that they have taken up a sport that they once followed in their youth. We have the occasional organized outings but the main aim is to introduce members to find fishing companions and to assist in finding the fishing venues. The joining fee is €10 for new members and €5 for renewing members. If you are interested in joining or finding out more about Anglers Together, then either come along to one of the meetings or contact Dave. (Alan is away on his annual trek to Oz). or telephone Dave Hoare on 968 199 279.

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