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How to Register A NEW Member—Adult Use these instructions to register an Adult who is NEW to Girl Scouts. If you have been a member in the past, even if you took a break and are now returning ,use the “Current & Past Members” button to register. If you are an approved volunteer you already have an account. To avoid creating a duplicate account you need to click on “Current & Past Members” to active your account. Go to

Step 1–Click on “New Member”.

Step 2–Click on “Become A Member”.

How to Register A NEW Member—Adult Continued Step 3–Fill out the profile for the person you are registering.

A couple of helpful hints:  Everything in Bold with an * is required. 

Our system uses the US Postal Service to verify addresses. If you get an error double check the way it is entered.

When entering the phone number do not add any spaces or symbols between the numbers.

Step 4—Create Login information for the account. When you enter the username be sure you click on “Check Username” to make sure what you chose is available.

Step 5–Once you have entered all the information click on “Create Profile”.

How to Register A NEW Member—Adult Continued Step 6–Once you put in all the information and create the profile it will ask you select a product for the person you are registering. Select the appropriate product based on whom you are registering. Since you are registering as an Adult click on the green “Adult Membership 2012”

Step 7–Once you click on the product it will take you to a page with more detail, click on “Add to Cart”.

Step 8–Click on “Check Out”.

How to Register A NEW Member—Adult Continued Step 9–The next step is to complete the Membership Profile.

Step 10–Add positions for each troop you will be participating with. When you click on the box it will open a search window.

Step 12–Once you have filled in each field click “Add Position”. If participating with more than one troop continue to add positions.

Step 11–Type in the troop number and click on “Search”. Then select the correct troop number from the list below.

*Each person can only have one position with each troop. Pick the position with the lowest number. Ie if you are the leader (01) and cookie person (03) choose 01.

Remember when searching for your troop number all troop numbers have five digits. Step 13–Click on “Save” to continue.

If you do not know your troop number or have not been assigned one yet leave that are blank to continue. When you find out the troop information you can log back into your account and update the positions and troops.

How to Register A NEW Member—Adult Continued

Step 14–PaymentThe order line for the product you are purchasing.

Enter in your credit card information.

Process Payment.

After the payment is processed it will give you a receipt. You can print this for your records. You will also receive an email confirmation.

New adult  

Use this document if you are registering an adult who is new to Girl Scouts.  If they were registered in the past they are not a new member...

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