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Vol. 1 ISSUE 1 July 2011

Magazine of Fashion Latest Trends Fashion Tips Jackets for

Men and Women How to wear

gold jewelry depends upon your personal style and wardrobe?

Magazine of Fashion Contents July 2011 1. Latest Trends Latest Trends in Jackets for Men and Women

2. Fashion Tips Use a Waist cincher to get slim, smart and attractive shape

3. Fashion Accessories How to wear gold jewelry depends upon your personal style and wardrobe?

4. Health Exercises to lose belly fat - Secret Tips Exposed!

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'Magazine of Fashion' is an online magazine. This magazine covers fashion related topics like, fashion accessories, latest fashion trends, fashion designing, fashion tips for (Men, Women and kids), beauty, health and fitness, latest international fashion shows etc. and many suggestions that helps you to introduce a very dashing & confident person. Cloths are mirror of our personality so we give importance to our cloths. Fashion is the backbone of the costume and human being. Nowadays we listen about latest fashion trends, fashion accessories but we cannot get those things. We have to see some Newspapers or television but everyone can not satisfy with that. We want more in details. So here we are present you Magazine of Fashion an online fashion magazine. Magazine of Fashion inspired from a movie 'Wake up Sid' because a girl who came from another city to make her own identity and she joins a job in Magazine office. She started her career from that job. Magazine of Fashion gives you an opportunity to prove yourself. Fresher students of fashion designing, designers, and trend setters also we give them a new platform in World Wide Web. So designers get set go. Most important part of magazine is 'Photographer'. We invite F r e s h e r and Professional Photographers with their own clicked non copyright original photographs for our magazine. I hope this magazine will be delightful and Fashion Lovers will find this Magazine informative and efficient in all aspects. Comments of Fashion Lovers and Fashion Designers will help to improve the quality. and content of Magazine.

Editor in Chief Vaishali V. Giri

1 Latest Trends Latest Trends in Jackets for Men and Women Men wardrobes the most special pieces of cloths are there jackets, same as women love to have small trench coats or cardigans in their wardrobes, and Jacket is for the men's. Collection of good jacket always help you in stepping forward to dress up in the best possible way. Jackets are the best addition for means clothing whether the climate is warm in summer or cold in winters. There is lots of option available to choose while buying a jacket from a designer to a cheap one. Below is the best fashion for men that will be available for the coming year of fashion. To now well about the entire fashion for jacket you must land at a perfect page. Let me tell you that, wide range of alternatives is available for your search in getting a perfect jacket for men in terms of looks as well as material. This year you will see a lot of new designs in jackets made up of cotton with fancy lining classy pieces and heavy fabrics in corduroy and denims, but the most preferred on for men's are there motorcycle jackets made from leather. Leather Jackets are among the most to have in 2011. A wide range and varieties are available in leather which can be worn in various occasions. Leather jacket has and will be a hottest trend every year. It is coming with more design and trendy looks in men's section this year. The slim fit jackets are the latest trend these seasons as the loose fitting jackets of the previous

Range of stylish jackets is available in men's jackets if you browse through the best fashion trends. There are some styles that are all time hit in this category as well as runway fashion has introduced some of the new designs in this category. The latest trend in the jacket is the sleeveless jacket made from lamb skin due to which they are light weight jackets. Apart from that leather bomber jacket is one of those which can make you look a class apart from every one and help you in getting the desired looks. Bomber jacket are one off the top most preferred wear in winter. At a same time the ultimate pickup of these seasons are the biker's jackets. Buttoned and zippers both are the hot choice this year, with cool patch work round and wide collar will be high in this year. You can also find elegant mandarin collar jackets, ultra stylish high collar jackets and china collar jacket on men leather jacket clothing. These are available in large design and trendy looks, with a perfect fashion statement to all means. Leather jacket with high collar look superb when worn with a perfect pant. Men's leather jacket will never run out of fashion as it has been there even before the Great War. It's never going to stop acquiring the largest sales in jacket industries and men would not stop wearing it either, that the good thing about leather jacket. Leather has always fascinated women as its one of their first choice. Women look more outstanding in Leather Jackets. To all the men and women out there who were still in doubt of choosing the right jacket that may really suit them. All you have to do is go to department store then start grabbing a leather jacket if you want to look more seductive and brave. In buying a jacket we should not look too much with price but the something that can make our money worth it. July 2011 MAGAZINE OF FASHION



Fashion Tips

Your body figure always matters in making you smart and beautiful; you cannot wear tight fitted suits on a loose and bulky tummy because it will spoil your personality instead of making you attractive. Hence you cannot enjoy if you have increased waist because you cannot wear dresses of your choice, this is a reason that every women want to reduce her figure. And it is not very easy to reduce a figure because it required much effort and hard work. There are some methods of reducing waist and weight; some methods are very common and known by almost every person in the world such as physical exercises and physical works, dieting is also very common method of weight losing. But all these methods require much hard work and energy and every person cannot afford it. Use of Waist cincher is a very easy method of weight losing in this world, you can use a Waist cincher if you don’t have time to go for a gym, and you can also use Waist cincher if you want to lose your weight with a safe method. With the help of a Waist cincher you can reshape your body very easily. If you are a woman than you can better understand the value of a Waist cincher for your body, you can make your body according to your dreams very easily. If you have bulky body and loose tummy than this is a very useful instrument for you. This can really make your figure slim and smart. Now you don’t need to avoid skin fitted dresses due to your bulky muscles. You must try this body shaper; you will surely find this instrument very useful for you. You can wear these body shapers with any type of dresses due to vast collection in colors and designs. You can also use these Waist cinchers as dresses if you want to make others impressed by you. Waist cinchers are being used all over the world by many women; these shapers are very common among the all modern women. Now you have a chance to impress others in a party or ceremony, you also have a chance to make your figure much attractive and eye catching. These shape wears are specially made by the companies in order to provide maximum facility to the users. High quality materials are used in the production of these shape wears, these are made with elastic material in order to get maximum benefits. Designers design different models for the customers. If you are wearing a Waist cincher than you will feel your skin fresh all the time you wear it. These shape wear are easily available in market you can easily get them from the market in order to make yourself more slim and comfortable. You can select your desired design in your desired color from your nearest outlet as well as through the internet. You should choose a right model and right size for your body shape in order to get maximum benefits.

Use a Waist cincher to get slim, smart and attractive shape



Fashion Accessories


How to wear gold jewelry depends upon your personal style and wardrobe? The best piece of fashion advice to know how to wear gold jewelry is that wearing less gold may be more effective. If you choose to wear a spectacular gold necklace, tone down the rest of your jewelry or eliminate other pieces altogether. Balance your jewelry and try to follow this premise of jewelry wearing: one statement at a time. Slip on an oversized, contemporary gold ring and wear a simple, long gold necklace Let these two pieces complement each other, not fight for attention. Gold jewelry can be worn with its classic companion: black clothing. Gold has a "warm" tone, so it works well with autumn colors, and is stunning when paired with primary colors or hot jewel tones. Gold is always appropriate with white, making it a versatile metal for jewelry. A gold choker with a soft white blouse is both business-like and sexy. Gold can be worn in the daytime, or with evening wear. It is also a good choice for any season. Gold jewelry has been made by men since the Bronze Age. Obviously, it has lasting appeal. The largest portion of mined gold is for jewelry production. One of the first steps in knowing how to wear gold jewelry is to choose the color of gold that you prefer. Pure gold is yellow. The "gold" color of gold is derived by alloying the metal, which enhances the color. White gold is gold alloy with white metal in it. White gold against a diamond is a lovely combination. Rose gold, which is either rose-colored, pink or red, contains more copper, which produces the rose color. This gold is sometimes referred to as Russian gold because it was extremely popular in that country in the early 19th century. There is also black, grey, green, blue and purple gold. Choose between 12- 14- or 18 karat gold. The vivid, rich colors of 22 karat and 24 karat may well mesmerize you but remember you are paying for the karats. The higher the karat of the gold the more expensive the piece of gold is. Karat refers to the gold content in the piece of jewelry. Gold content is also described in terms of fineness, which means gold content expressed in parts per thousand. One disadvantage of the higher karat gold is that is softer and if you are hard on your jewelry you might be better off with a lower and harder karat. Some women, and men, like to combine silver and gold jewelry. At one time wearing gold jewelry with silver was considered a fashion faux pas, comparable to wearing white shoes after Labor Day. Not so much anymore. Put on a gold chain with a silver one and mix up gold and silver bangles for a beautiful effect. The only rule that you need to remember when mixing gold with platinum is that if worn side by side a platinum ring will wear down the gold ring because platinum is harder than gold and much more durable. If you hear the expression dirty gold in reference to gold jewelry this does not mean that the gold is literally dirt; it refers to the gold being produced in a social and environmentally irresponsible manner. There are organizations who are trying to ensure that gold-mining is done in a manner that promotes and safeguards the environment. Historically, women have loved wearing gold jewelry because it makes them feel beautiful and perhaps even sexy and confident. Gold jewelry is associated with marriage and some religions. In a nutshell, gold jewelry is versatile. In addition, gold is a good investment. Gold is a financial asset that you can wear rather than stashing away in your safety deposit box.



Health 4 Exercises to lose belly fat - Secret Tips Exposed! Exercises to lose belly fat. Fairly than spending to get a gymnasium membership, there are many points that you just can do in your own home to scale back your belly fat, eliminate body weight, and create a regimen that actually works in your case. Uncomplicated products like a training or balance ball, stress bands and hand weights are all that you just will need to finish simple at home workouts to incorporate as element of your respective exercise program. Employing these exercise routines by you when the exercise routine continues to be learned or earning utilization of movies which will assistance to shed belly unwanted fat and raise muscle tone in the abdomen can be a good way to get in shape. Learning to work with the stability ball could very well be straight forward. Making use of the stability ball to complete frequent abdominal strengthening workouts can up the intensity as well as muscle tissues and strength which have been desired while in the exercise and for that reason you could utilize the stability ball to finish crunches, reverse crunches as well as pushups, to provide the abdominal region of the entire body an improved exercise. Discovering to implement the balance ball generally is a remarkable tool for the exercise. Resistance bands may be used with the work out to create force and reinforce the human body. With the bands, you'll create resistance through the a range of regions in the entire body though finishing the workout and therefore generate muscle a lot quicker, and also creating stronger muscle through the entire body. These smaller items of fitness devices can more often than not be obtained for significantly less than twenty bucks so you can very easily discover that you'll be able to consider benefit of product sales at fitness stores, zero cost instruments and workout planners and movies that come with the pieces of gear to assist make quite possibly the most your work out. Regular abdominal physical exercises this sort of as sit-ups and leg lifts may be finished anywhere and are often one of the most powerful and these involve no equipment. Taking ten minutes out of your day to complete a straightforward sequence of these workout routines are usually an efficient way for you to get the working out you ought to greatly reduce stomach unwanted fat, when combined with muscle toning exercises might help to strengthen the core and cardio workout routines which can allow to burn off the unwanted fat that has been stored inside the body, primarily with the belly. Beneath are some advantages of working out at home: Functioning out in your house to eliminate belly excessive fat is usually a great way to cut costs. Some health club memberships can price tag as a great deal like a hundred dollars per month for that usual services and extra classes, plus other elements like beverages and transportation cash to obtain on the health and fitness center and operating out at home can conserve you all of those charges. Working out at home allows for you to prevent a predicament which will lead to you to come to feel self conscious about your body. You are able to perform out in your own private place with these objects free of others in your view to bring about the self conscious emotions. Work out at home allows for you to exercise at your individual usefulness. Whether you've got an additional very few minutes a couple of instances daily or you possess a set time that you're going to do the job out, there are many tactics you can training in your house, regardless of the time with all the use of these objects. Not all gyms are open twenty four hrs daily and working out in your house means that you may definitely produce a workout agenda that actually works along with your very own routine. Functioning out in your house lets you to create little reminders for yourself that you are going to finish the workout. You'll be able to obtain a space within the home to complete the workout and even use these compact reminders of the products to remind you on the workout.



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