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ON SALE EXPRESS | JUL 16 - JUL 22, 2010


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2010 Arattai, Aarpattam , m Don’t Miss Art, l of dance, drama - Children’s Festiva e 16 - Aug 1. music and film. Jun . 010 For details, visit www.n Phone: 8056212458

Kabab Fest Till July 31 Savour the kababs of different kinds in the Kabab festival and special unlimited platter of five starters, main course and hot juicy jalebis.

gs ce Odyssey - Paintin m Check Out Spa by A. Viswam. Till of the five elements July 31 et, Padmanabha Stre 5th 57, ery, Gall Forum Art 96 i - 20. Phone: 421155 nagar, Adyar, Chenna

@ chennai

p e o p l e . t r e n d s . e v e n t s



Ashvita Restaurant, No. 11, 2nd Street, R K Salai, Mylapore. Phone: 66424354

Festival of feasts Till July 18 Enjoy the exquisite cuisines of various communities of South India under one roof.’Feast of Wedlock’ features the mouth-watering dishes such as Kozhi Siru Vengaya Thool Curry, Meen Mapps, Nagore Mutton Biryani, Muttai Panniyaram, Puli Kuzambhu and much more.

Speed Dial

Radisson Hotel Chennai, 531, GST Road, Saint Thomas Mount. Phone: 22310101

Nature Calling To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon the verdant nature is the one way for refreshment. Using natural products is another.

Aim. Lock. Fire July 17th and 18th, 4 PM onwards It’s time to shoot them all, kids. Funskool India Limited is conducting a unique competition for kids. In the NERF - Shoot the target competition, all you have to do is hit the bull’s eye within three strikes and win goodies from Funskool and more.

Naturally Auroville Boutique 2833 0517 (Thousand Lights) The Nature’s Co 31900070 (EA-Royapettah) Sanjeevanam 4211 4371 (Adyar)

At all Landmark stores

Himalaya’s India Stores 2620 9434 (Annanagar East)

Dosa Discs

IMPCOPS 24521029 (Thiruvanmiyur)

Till July 30th Masala dosa, vepumpoo masala dosa, vazhapoo masala dosa, corn dosa, set dosa and more. Come and taste dosas of all types with flowers, vegetables and lots more at Cholayil Sanjeevanam for just Rs.99 but only on weekdays.

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Write away Mitsubishi Pencil Company, marketed in India by Linc Pen, has launched a unique roller ball pen. The Jetstream range of ball pens blends superior writing experience and classic looks. The ink of the Jetstream pens penetrates paper faster than the usual ball pens, providing faster drying and smudge-free writing. The Jetstream 101 is available in the colours of red, black and blue. Available at all leading retail stores


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JUL 16 - JUL 22, 2010

Let’s fly Chennai A bird eye’s view of some private domestic airline companies, and an honest look at the services they provide….

tionally, though it discontinued many routes, after the recession.

them opera-

Takeovers: Air Sahara, later labeled


as JetLite, the low-cost flyer.

In the News: In October 2008, Jet

offers Bose headphones and a wide selection of movies, as does the Kingfisher Class. Although the low-cost Kingfisher Red (formerly Air Deccan) does not offer too many luxuries, it is one of the few airlines to allow flyers to gain miles even when travelling in a low cost airline. Most Kingfisher flights serve on-board meals, and are known for their crisp service.

Airways laid off 1900 employees, the largest lay off in aviation history of India, but later the employees were asked to return to work. Around the same time, they announced an agreement with rival Kingfisher airlines which primarily includes an agreement on code-sharing on both domestic and international flights, joint fuel management to reduce expenses, common ground handling, joint utilisation of crew and sharing of similar frequent flier programmes.

International: Kingfisher operates

Spice Jet

A320 family aircraft

Services: The Kingfisher First call

internationally too, and of course, their Merino wool blankets, flat beds, and Salvatore Ferragamo toiletry kits do not go unappreciated.

Takeovers: Air Deccan – later named Kingfisher Red, the low-cost airline.

In the News: In November 2009,

India’s second largest low-cost airline, it was originally promoted by the Kansagra family, but Kalanithi Maran owns it from June 2010 onwards after acquiring a major stake.

Fleet: currently 21 Boeings, with 8 more expected to join.

one of their flights skidded off the runway after landing in Bombay. The aircraft suffered substantial damage but all 46 passengers and crew escaped unharmed.

Services: Food is usually your own

Jet Airways

airline got permission to launch international services, as it completed 5 years of service required for the same, and plans to launch flights to Dhaka, Kathmandu and the Maldives.

Owned by London-based billionaire Naresh Goyal, Jet Airways is touted the leader in the domestic sector.

Fleet: 92 aircraft including Boeing

expense here but the choice is quite good. Limited leg space might bog you down a bit.

International: In June 2010, the

737-700/ 737-800 and Airbus A330200. They claim to maintain the average fleet age below 10 years.

Takeovers: Originally known as

Services: Some Boeings, and all ATRs

Owned by Haryana-based Interglobe Enterprises, Indigo was launched in 2006, and is fast becoming a popular low-cost carrier.

with Jet Airways have an economy class set-up only. The premiere classes


Only water is complimentary here, and the rest is buy-yourown-food. If you are planning on some budget flying, Indigo helps you do so with comfort.

International: Does not currently op-

erate internationally, and has scheduled these plans for 2011.


Takeovers: None Paramount A Chennai-based airline, owned by the Madurai-based textile company Paramount group, it started operations in 2005.

Fleet: Embraer E 170s only. It is the

first airline in India to launch the New Generation Embraer 170/190 Family series aircraft.


Services: Food and drink is usually complimentary.


No, it operates in only three domestic destinations so far. Takeovers: None

In the News:

For its financial issues, in March 2010, three of its flights were grounded by the DGCA due to a dispute.


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Fleet: Airbus A320-200, 32 of are currently tional.

- Krithika Sukumar

With the increase in road and air traffic, we believe that the air is much safer and less polluted inside compared to outside. But studies prove that indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Allergies and asthma cases are on the rise, and almost 1 in 3 of the population has an allergy problem due to polluted indoor air. As you spend around 90% of time indoors, you’ll do yourselves a big favour by keeping your home/ office clean!

Fleet: ATR 42, ATR 72 and Airbus

International: Yes, operates interna-


Established in 2003, and owned by the Bangalore-based United Breweries group; the face of the airline has been Vijay Mallya and his RichardBranson-esque image. The airline is the only Indian airline company to have a 5-star rating from Skytrax.

have an LCD screen.

This week, our issue will give you a glimpse of the five elements that rule our life – fire, water, air, earth and space through snippets and articles.

ingfisher Airlines

The Power of 5



ON SALE EXPRESS | JUL 16 - JUL 22, 2010


mmm.. can you smell the delectable scent of grilling food filtering through the gentle evening breeze? Can you hear the crackling of the sizzling charcoal or wood grill? Ever wondered why cooking over an open fire (grill) is called a ‘barbecue’ or ‘BBQ’ or a ‘barbie’ ? Online dictionaries define a barbecue as a ‘grill, or outdoor fire place for roasting meat, often seasoned with sauces, and usually held outdoors in a social setting’. The term itself seems to have taken on a host of meanings. Some people think it is a backyard party, some, a type of food, others, a kind of sauce, some people think barbecuing is a method of grilling or cooking. Lucky for us, it pretty much means every one of the above! When the Spaniards visited an island in the Caribbean, they found the natives roasting animal meat over a raised metal framework. A fire was built underneath, and the flames would cook the animal meat, giving it flavour. And thus was born the word ‘barbecue’ from the Spanish translation of the native Haitian word ‘barbacoa’. The ingredients for the BBQ Usually gas grills, electric grills, charcoal grills, or a wood fire are used to barbecue, but today there are a number of designs for barbecues that use solar power as a means of cooking food. The device usually involves the use of a curved mirror acting as a parabolic reflector, which focuses the rays of the sun on to a point where the food is to be heated. Restaurants that barbecue food, use large brick or metal ovens specially designed for that purpose. Most people like to barbecue meat like burgers, pork, chicken, beef or fish, but there are even vegan meals that can be cooked on a grill. The making Barbecuing consists of four distinct types of cooking techniques. The original technique is cooking using smoke at lower temperatures (usually around 240°F). Another technique is baking, you can utilise a masonry oven or other baking oven to cook meats with moderate temperatures for an average cooking time. Or you can even try braising, which uses dry heat charbroiling on a ribbed surface with a broth-filled pot for moist heat, cooking at various speeds. Finally, the ever-popular grilling is done over direct dry heat, usually over a hot fire for a few minutes. Barbies from across the world

Grilling Facts - Barbecue sauce is a thick liquid flavouring that is poured onto meat while being grilled or barbecued. - Vegetables such as onions, red and green peppers, tomatoes, and fruit such as pineapple and melon can also be barbecued. - After aluminum foil, the preferred barbecue tools are long handed tongs, clean brushes, and spatulas. - The American Barbecue prayer goes something like this.. “Dear Lord, we thank you for these barbecue ribs and beef we’re about to eat and bless the cow that they come from. You know Lord, we’re grateful for most of your animals, except those that get themselves killed on the highway and wind up being eaten by the vultures. Heck Lord, if it weren’t for barbecue all we’d have is chili and you know a man can’t live on that stuff forever! So we’re thankful Lord, even if we forget to say so, for this barbecue we’re about to eat. Amen!

There is a host of barbecuing recipes out there for anyone who feels adventurous! Just remember to cook healthy and be safe. Don’t forget to check out some of these barbecue restaurants in Chennai: - Barbecue Nation, Tnagar - Tangerine, Alwarpet - The Khyber Grill, Alwarpet - Crimson Chakra, Adyar - The Farm

The Power of 5

- Aqua, Nungambakkam - Aishwarya Shankar


Barbies are very popular in the United States, Australia and New Zealand and is called a Braai in South Africa.

In fact, in the United States, barbecues have been a White House tradition since Thomas Jefferson was president. While backyard grilling may not be that popular in India as yet, there are many Indian foods that work really well on the grill. While we continue to think of barbecuing as more of a western concept, the closest we come to it in India, is the tandoori style of cooking. A Tandoor is a large pot that is usually buried in the ground up to its neck. Hot coals are added to the bottom of the Tandoor. Usually made of ceramic, the Tandoor holds in the heat and focuses it on the food cooked inside. The most popular Tandoori dish in India is probably Tandoori Chicken. The skinned whole chicken is rubbed with salt and lime and marinated for at least six hours in a mixture of yogurt and masala. After the chickens have marinated they are placed on long thick iron skewers and cooked well, inside the Tandoor. Paneer is also another popular Indian delicacy that is grilled.


The smoke and gases produced by a fire can kill you. If you breathe these gases while you’re sleeping, you may never wake up. If you breathe them while you are awake, you may become dizzy, disoriented and die. Fire is like money - it is a good slave and a bad master!

d i n e . d r i n k . c e l e b r a t e

Fire your Appetite


JUL 16 - JUL 22, 2010


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ON SALE EXPRESS | JUL 16 - JUL 22, 2010

Raindrops n’ Rhapsodies f a s h i o n . s t y l e . i c o n



ains are back in Chennai and who would not love to sit back with a steaming cup of coffee and enjoy the sound of rain drops falling onto the roof. But alas, you step out and there’s a connotation of mud, puddle and water, not a pretty picture, and for those who want to make the most of the shower, here is how you can prep up for the rains... Watch your wardrobe! With clouds all over the sky, everything from your clothes, bags, and accessories need a change or if not a change, at least more attention. And with the rain drops falling, you would require something more. Still thinking? Here’s all that is required in your wardrobe for the rains. Protective gear Rainy season is synonymous with raincoats and umbrellas, so make sure you have at least one of these depending upon your needs. And being familiar with the weather here, we would suggest that you carry your protective gear with you whenever you go out. After all, you don’t want to get all drenched while going to office or for a fun filled evening! If carrying an umbrella is your choice, a folding umbrella would help you save some space. And there is no reason why you should stick to the colour black for your rain gear. Feel free to add some bright colours when you set out to buy these. Clothes Rainy season is known for dark and gloomy clouds. Don’t let the weather dampen your spirits and search your wardrobe for bright and colourful clothes. White and other lighter shades are blacklisted for this season as they not only get spoiled very easily but also tend to get translucent when wet.

Also if possible, keep your denims inside the closet till the rains go away! Accessories Go less on accessories during monsoon as wearing a lot of jewellery can lead to skin irritation. If you want to accessorise, wearing jewellery in plastic instead of metal would be more skin friendly. Bags Carry big plastic bags during this season. Big bags are required as you would need to carry an umbrella/raincoat all the time. Keep your leather, velvet, and cloth bags inside for other occasions. Plastic bags are advisable as they will prevent water from reaching your important stuff and are also low-maintenance. Sole sense

Bright t-shirts with shorts, light weight non denim bottoms, and three-fourths are apt for this season. Women can also wear kurtas and chudidars.

Wearing suitable footwear is very important during this season. Trudging through the water, there is always a risk of ruining good footwear. During the wet weather, certain kind of shoes should not be used.

As a rule stay away from loose silhouettes and wear clothes that are well fitting. Remember that the clothes you wear should also be light weight and should dry easily. Go for clothes in fabrics like chiffon, georgette, linen and linen blends as they dry quickly. 100 % cotton should be avoided during this season as it soaks the moisture completely and would leave you feeling wet.

Leather/ suede footwear should be kept in the closet till the dry days are back. These materials cannot stand moisture and tend to get spoiled very easily. Similarly, high heel sandals, shoes should be avoided as they lack grip. Only flat soled shoes with good grip should be used as the roads might get slippery.


JUL 16 - JUL 22, 2010

Following these tips would not only help you keep your footwear in a good condition, but also provide comfort to your feet. Make it up! Sure you remember how hard it is to keep your makeup spotless during the rainy season. So in order to look your best, it is essential to cram up the most vital tips to maintain your makeup. Apply these tips and bring out the best you have ever looked. Rainy season often sees surprise showers which can ruin your make up. So, the key is to use water-proof and light makeup. Base - Excess foundation is the main cause of smudging. So use very little foundation, that too if necessary. You can also substitute the same with compact powder.

Lip makeup- Use only lipsticks. Lip gloss is a strict no during this season as it would drip in contact with water leading to a fashion disaster. You can use a lip pencil to outline your lips and for the inside use nude, beige or light colour lipsticks. You can also substitute the same by lip balms that would provide a nude look as well as good nourishment to your lips. So set out and buy water proof makeup and separate it from the other makeup you have. Just a small kit in your bag can help you turn heads when everything else is soaking wet! Spare pairs Keep spare shoes, hand towel and if required even spare clothes in your office drawer and being caught in rain will not bother you anymore. Don’t forget to keep a small stole or a light shawl handy as AC’s can be freezing in this weather and you might not have the control everywhere outside your home to adjust it. - Priyanshika Sharma

Eye makeup - Rain immediately means water proof mascara since a normal mascara would quickly smudge in contact

Our Pick - For this season, opt for the t-shirts in dry fit technology available with all leading sport brands. The price range for these would start around Rs. 700 and go further up depending upon the brand and the design. These are available for both men and women in various colours. These tshirts are technically designed to absorb sweat quickly but can be a good option for the rains too.

The Power of 5

- For footwear, you can pick up sport sandals available at all leading sport brand outlets. Sport sandals or floaters as they are popularly called can range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 plus. Crocs are also a great option as footwear during rains, especially if you are in a casual mood. The bright colours available in these will surely lift your mood up from the darkness of this weather. - For your make up needs, water proof makeup is available with all leading brands. These products will cost you approximately Rs. 500 and onwards, depending upon what product and brand you choose to buy. Some of our personal favorites are Bourjois healthy mix base & Bourjois lip tint for your face and lips and Maybelline volum’ express water proof mascara for eyes. With the above tips, now you are completely prepared for the rain. So just step out and enjoy the earthen smell, pleasant breeze and corn cobs with the weather singing to you – rain drops keep falling on my head!

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In case your footwear gets wet, dry it before keeping it back in the closet.

with moisture. Use more natural, sheer colours instead of dark one’s for eye shadows. Kohl (kajal) should be done away with during rains. Instead use water proof eye liners.

It doesn’t take much salt to make water ‘salty’. If one-thousandth (or more) of the weight of water is from salt, then the water turns ‘saline’.

Select rubber footwear with straps so that they don’t flap causing dirt stains on the back of your clothes. Flip flops should be avoided as they can smudge your clothes from behind. A sturdy pair of sport sandals would also help. If wearing leather footwear is necessary, use wax polish as it would repel water and prevent shoe damage.



S H O P P E R S’



Nature's army This week, let’s try to understand the five elements that give vital force to all life forms.


hen man lived closely with nature, he lived a long healthy life. Now that he has taken the help of machines, he has contaminated the blessings that earth had given. In the process, he has reduced the chances of leading a happy life.

ence to our health. Eating more volume of vegetable curry with less volume of rice is recommended as veggies help clean your intestines. You are what you eat, so eat healthy.

If we look around us, we’ll see the interplay of the five forces of nature - air, water, earth, space and fire. They help sustain life and maintain equilibrium in our planet. Imbalance in any of these elements of nature has only lead to chaos. Now, let’s take a look at these five elements and how they influence our body and our space.


Within You According to ancient Hindu scriptures, these five elements of nature are believed to exist in our body too. Like in nature, imbalance of any of these elements in our body too can lead to deterioration of life. Let’s now look into how each element influences our health. Air Air (prana vayu) occupies the prime importance in our body. Sages have even lived without food or water but no living being can survive without the presence of air. Any irregularity in the respiratory organs (lungs) can even lead to death. Therefore, naturopathy (and common sense) advises us to avoid smoking of cigarettes or other of harmful tobacco to keep the lungs healthy. In yoga too, pranayama or breathing exercise is advised to help a person control his breathing process and revitalise his lungs. Water Water is another important element in our body, it occupies 68% space in different forms of fluid. Every time you work, the Symbol of Fire water level gets reduced. It is necessary to refill the required amount of water to keep yourself healthy. There are different ways in which your body communicates its need for water - too much sweat, frequent headaches, drying up of throat and mouth etc are some symptoms. Our body consumes about 2 litres of water even when it is idle. Hence it is mandatory for a normal person to drink 5 or 6 litres to lead a healthy life. Drinking water during eating food dissolves our digestive gases creating indigestion. Also, the nutrition that our food gave will be excreted from the body along with urine instead of reaching our blood cells. Earth Now coming to the ‘earth’ element in our body, it is of course the food we eat - the fruits of the soil. Vegetables and fruits are God’s gift to living beings. As doctors keep telling us time and again, that extra portion of vegetables can do a world of differ-


The next element of nature in our body is space or vaccum. This vaccum too plays an important role in managing our physical self without our knowledge. It is important to give your body equal space as much as you feed it. Did you know eating less can actually do good to your body? If we look back at the life of sages or our grandparents, you’ll be surprised to find them healthy in spite of eating less. It is because though they ate less, they ate well. Yes, creating a vaccum in the Symbol of Earth stomach is always beneficial for the body. In fact, even medical texts recommend fasting at least once a week to keep your body clean and healthy. Our body has an automatic self-cleaning mechanism. Fasting for a day or two helps your body clean itself and relieve you from diseases on its own. Fasting also increases the resistance capacity of your body. So next time you gorge on food, remember your body needs space as much as you do.

Spacing the elements

Contrary to popular belief, Vastu Shastra is not jus placement of rooms in a space. It is a science whic the balance between human life and nature. It tak eration the Panchbhoota (five elements - water, fire, wind, air and space), the eight directions, the electro-magnetic and gravitational forces of the earth, the cosmic energy emanating from the planets and several other factors. But, there is one aspect that many do not know; vastu shastra also has a strong connection with colour. This intimate relationship between vastu shastra and colour begins with the sunlight which is very beneficial to human life. It is made up of the seven colours of the spectrum along with ultraviolet and infrared and when and where it hits the space of dwelling affects the people living in the house. Today, this concept is known as colour therapy and is gaining popularity across the globe. Now, let’s take a look at the basic vastu shastra principles and find out the exact placement of the five elements in a space, the ideal colour selection and even furnishing and lighting options. A small change here and there, could reap huge benefits! -JS

Fire Fire the most powerful element of nature is considered to be present in the form of energy in your body. This wonderful element within our body keeps on increasing at the rate it is spent. If you look around, people who do manual work have a stronger physique than those who live in fancy mansions. So keep the fire in you glowing by exercising or by any other work which involves physical activity. More often than not, you’ll feel more refreshed after a workout.

Now that we have studied the play the five elements in our let’s us look at how five elements can be our homes.

of body, these laid in

Symbol of Water


Earth Fire

South West dir

The direction o etc. should b placed in


Water bodies in Poo


The air should form of


The central ar clutte

ON SALE EXPRESS | JUL 16 - JUL 22, 2010

st about the ch sychronises kes into consid-

Photos: Vikram V

Symbol of Air

Symbol of Space


The Primary Space

The Colour

To achieve

rection is said to be the Nairitya Kon (Earth). Probably in the form of a courtyard.

Room to store raw materials and main bedroom can be placed here.

Yellow, purple or pink

Spiritual & physical health

of fire is South-East in a home. The kitchen, fireplace, geysers be placed only in this direction. Alternativel,y these could be n North-West, because it is at 180 degree to South-East.


White or red could be used

Success and fame

n North East are considered good. Ishaan Kon (Water) can have oja room, water storage tank, lawn or drawing room.

Pooja Room and study room

White, black or grey. Pink and other pastel shades are also good.

Tranquillity, relaxation, meditation

enter the building from North -West. So, have openings in the doors, windows, verandahs, balconies in this direction.

Balconies -The northwest area of your residence is linked with the air element. The northwest influences mental stability. Toilets and guest bedrooms work well in the northwest.

Calm subdued colours

Contentment & optimism

Courtyard and other open spaces like verandahs can be placed


Good emotional health

rea of a residence is related with the space element. If there is er in this space, emotional imbalance can take place.

Note: This article has been written after consulting vastu experts and referring to several books. Since, vastu shatra is about precision and also because it has different schools of thought, we advise readers to consult a vastu expert before making drastic changes to your home.


ON SALE EXPRESS | JUL 16 - JUL 22, 2010

Eco-smart You love looking chic, how about being good to our earth while doing so? re you one of those who live your life by principles you believe in? Are you a fashionista with a cause? Here’s how you can do your bit to ‘green’ our earth while indulging yourself. Just bag it We all know how women love bags but instead of matching each bag with your dress, pick a bag that goes with it all. Plastic bags are a big no-no! Take a smart recyclable paper bag to go shopping and save the earth from becoming a plastic dump. Shops like Odyssey even give you an option of picking a paper bag instead of the normal plastic ones for a small price. You can also be ’eco-chic’ by going for bright jute bags that give you a cool ‘Phoebe’ look. Fit, naturally! Skip the electrically powered equipment at the gym, instead head outdoors for a workout! Go for a run on your own or opt for fitness options such as biking, dancing, kayaking, and yoga (is there a better way to relax than by practicing your yoga in your garden?). A green break

Sustainable Style Organic clothing is slowly catching up on Chennai. Clothes made out of natural fibres, not only help the eco-system, but also increases your fashion status. There are several designers who have started to experiment with eco-clothing and we hope they’ll soon be the ‘in’ thing. Meanwhile, check out the cool eco-friendly collection at Madras Terrace House. Their range of eco friendly outfits are not only fashionable but also have been certified by Global Organic Textile Standard. With natural dyes and unbleached cotton colour, this lineup will surely keep your fashion scores high.

a new computer or cell phone or acquire another one, don’t forget to recycle your old electronic buddies (Did you know that recycling a million desktop computers prevents the release of greenhouse gases that equal the yearly emissions of 16,000 cars?). There are several handset providers like Nokia and Motorola who have an option of recycling your old mobile, so don’t destroy them and our land. Just recycle.

go beautiful the natural way. If you would still prefer branded makeup, check out the ‘Absolute Good Earth’ range, consisting of lotions, creams, moisturisers and face wash, made from the purest natural essences — completely chemical free! Now divas, it’s time to be a beauty with a purpose. After all, going green in not that difficult, right?

What about water? Carry a reusable water container to the gym instead of buying those pricey bottled water at the local grocer (It takes 700 years for one plastic water bottle to decompose). Don’t be shy about carrying these sippers around, be proud about your green initiative and flaunt it around. You still want to make a statement? Check the cool Adidas range and get a sporty look with your bottle.

Old is gold

Eco-conscious beauty

Reinvent a purpose for everything that is old. Your old stole may take an avatar as a curtain. Your old almirah may become a conversational piece and get compliments for the ethnic décor. And hey, don’t forget those gadgets. Each time you upgrade to

Several makeup and skin care products carry a certified organic seal, but there are several without an official seal that are eco-conscious too! What about the goodness of good old besan powder and curd. Or hey our very Indian multani matti, yes

The Power of 5


How about going on a green holiday?

The first point could be choosing an ecofriendly hotel to stay, then book railway tickets instead of travelling in a smokeguzzling car. Buy organic or just buy local food, instead of opting for exotic and expensive food.


The distance from the surface of Earth to the center is about 3,963 miles (6,378 kilometers). Much of Earth is fluid. The mostly solid skin of the planet is only 41 miles (66 kilometers) thick -- thinner than the skin of an apple, relatively speaking.



JUL 16 - JUL 22, 2010

Reach Out for the Stars How long will the earth be our only home?

Next…purpose of your visit sir?” “Summer vacation” “Where’ll you be staying?” “Huh, at my brother’s place. He’s got a great pod at Ares Vallis.” “Is this your first trip to Mars, sir?” “Yes” “You’ll not be disappointed, sir. Don’t miss the Valles Marineris canyon. Have a great journey.” This could well be a regular occurrence at the spaceports for space journeys in the not-too-distant future. While

Any free-moving liquid in outer space will form itself into a sphere, because of its surface tension.


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space travelling is a recurring reality, inhabitation in other planets such as Mars or to our own Moon is not that far away as Reality Space tourism is a term used to mean ordinary (but rich) civilians can pay for flights into the space. Though for many this idea seems futuristic, the preparations have been going on in the past decade, with researches and experiments being done on various scenarios. Orbital space tourism has already crossed its initial stages, having sent seven tourists to and from the International Space Station on Soyuz spacecraft through the company, Space Adventures. So far Space Adventures has been the only company to arrange space tourism but soon others will join the line to provide commercial space tourism services. The space trips cost over US$ 20 million, just for a few days’ visit to the outer space. Spending over US$ 20

million for just a few days may sound like it’s intended to be only for the wealthy lot. There is some truth in it now, but hey, so were computers, mobile phones and cars in their initial phases. Like all the businesses, space tourism has to develop progressively. Currently with just some hundreds having booked their seats on the spacecraft, the price will relatively be high, no doubts about it. But as the number goes up, from hundreds to thousands in the demand, the cost of the ticket prices are sure to go down from millions to ten-thousands. And when the customers increase from thousands to millions, the ticket prices will be just a few thousands. You can take the example of the low air fares. Now everyone’s competing to offer the least fare from others. Doesn’t seem that big now, does it, the space? 7/G Really-on-a-rainbow Colony So now we go into the space. We fall in love with the space and now we want to live in the new atmosphere (till we get to pollute the place as we did to Earth and look for another target). Space habitats, also called as orbital colonies, will operate in space and serve as permanent settlements, where the ecosystem will be that of Earth and people would be able to live and work). There will be

companies that will be making specialized facilities operating in space, to sustain a livable environment. Several proposals are already made for these human dwellings. Bigelow Aerospace has already launched two inflatable habitat modules into the orbit, one in July 2006 and another in June 2007. They have also planned to officially launch the first commercial space station as early as 2012. Richard Branson of Virgin has expressed interest in constructing a space hotel. Another organisation, Space Island Group has announced their ‘Space Island Project’, with plans of having 20,000 people by the year 2020 and doubling the population each decade. Several other companies are also working on the ideas of space habitats, to bank on the opportunities and profits. Though initial investment costs would run through the skies, when the idea of living in space gets accepted, the returns will also pour from the same skies. It won’t be long before we can book suites, rent rooms, buy apartments and go for spacewalks. Up, up and away The space tourism and living in it are still in their initial stages and the main problem is the cost. It’s expensive because of the expendable launch vehicle costs. What we need is reusable launch vehicles but this will put many makers out of business. But they have an alternative opportunity in the form of passenger travelling. Though the concept of space tourism is unfamiliar to most of us, market research shows us that it is sure to change. The background work for space travelling is progressing at a rapid pace. Once space travelling becomes commercial, other features like space hotels, space sports, zero gravity activities and more are sure to open a whole new world for us. Cost, of course, is a setback now. But we have had mobiles for Rs.500 and now a car for Rs.1 lakh. Space tourism will reach that stage someday. - Balasubramaniam N


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Transfats in our diet

A large proportion of population in the Indian sub-continent is identified as genetically pre-disposed to Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVD) . Consumption of vanaspati and transfats compound the risk of CVD. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has therefore decided to minimise the TFA intake through dietary fat. It has proposed that the level of TFA in Vanaspati, be fixed at 10% maximum and brought down to 5% in three years. A detailed review of the impact of the measure would be carried out by the end of three years to decide whether further reduction can be attempted. Vanaspati , which accounts for about 10 per cent of total cooking oil consumption, is a Rs 5,000 crore industry in India and employs thousands of people directly and a large number in ancillary services such as packaging and transport.. Vanaspati is a fully or partially hydrogenated vegetable cooking oil, often used as a cheaper substitute for ghee . Vanaspati ghee is usually made from palm oil or groundnut oil . Hydrogenation is performed using a catalyst known as “supported nickel catalyst”, in reactors at low-medium pressure .. CSE FINDINGS: The Delhi-based research organisation, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) conducted a study of transfats and tested 30 samples of branded oil widely available in the market. The total fatty acid profile (saturated and unsaturated) comprising 37 components and nine transfats was analysed. The samples comprised vegetable oils such as soybean, sunflower, mustard and coconut, partially hydrogenated (va-

naspati) oils, desi ghee and butter. They were tested according to the internationally used methodology of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) for fatty acids analysis (Method 969.33 Fatty acids in Oils and Fats). The tests found that in all vanaspati brands, transfat levels were five to 12 times higher than the world’s only standard for transfats in oil, set in Denmark, at 2 per cent of the total oil. Interestingly, the lowest transfats level was found in desi ghee of Milk Foods Ltd and in Amul butter – 3.73 per cent . Transfats in cooking oil are preferred by the industry because it can have longer shelf life and are easier to use. Countries such as Denmark, Canada, United States (New York City) ,Australia and New Zealand have taken the lead in adopting initiatives to reduce TFA intake. Here is a report that appeared in The Times of India recently: “ New research has found that Western food is a lesser evil than the Indian bhatura or parathas. Digest this — while the transfatty acids …. in French fries (per 100 gm) is 4.2%6.1%, it is 9.5% in bhatura, 7.8% in paratha and 7.6% each in puri and tikkis. These findings were presented at a conference on “Fats and trans-fatty acids in Indian diet” at the Seventh Health Writers Workshop organised by Health Essayists and Authors League (HEAL) by Dr. Anoop Misra, director and head, department of diabetes and metabolic diseases at the Fortis Group of Hospitals. The South Indian snacks of idli-dosa have won hands down in the ‘fat-battle’. High in protein and carbohydrates, while a morning breakfast of idli-sambar-chiku and coffee had 9.3% protein content in it, the dosa-chutney-papaya-tea had 6.7% proteins.”

cially because India has a very high number of diabetics. Even baked products (biscuits and cookies) and oils for seasoning or cooking and butter substitutes, constitute the main sources of transfatty acids. French fries and dishes made of hydrogenated fat (upto 45% of fat), baked items (biscuits, rusks upto 30% and margarine upto 15%) are rich in .. transfats.

Health factors: ,There is a direct, proven relationship between diets high in transfat content and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels and there is , therefore, an increased risk of coronary heart disease – a leading cause of death in the US. There are “good” fats and “bad” ones, just like there is good and bad blood cholesterol. Saturated fats and transfats have bad effects on cholesterol levels. Polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats (such as olive oil, , soybean oil, and corn oil) have good effects. Consumers can know if a cooking oil or medium contains transfat by looking at the ingredient list or the nutrition list on the food label. If the ingredient list includes the words “shortening,” “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil” or “hydrogenated vegetable oil,” it means it contains transfat. Ingredients are listed in the descending order of predominance. . Next time you visit a hotel, it is advisable to ask if vanaspati is used or about the fat content of the oil used. It is good news that of late some hotels have started to include allergen warnings on the menu they provide. - Correspon-

Doctors, nutritionists and dietitians have always stressed the urgent need to ban food with transfat content spe-

Always operate on a hard surface that allows ventillation. Soft materials can block the airflow vents and cause it to overheat. If it is not possible to avoid using a soft surface, an optional heat-sink base should be


Noting that such complaints against the medical professionals had been on the rise, the Bench said, “Courts have to be extremely careful to ensure that professionals are not harassed and (or else) they will not be able to carry out their professional duties without fear. It is a matter of common knowledge that after some unfortunate event, there is a marked tendency to look for a human factor to blame for an untoward event, a tendency which is closely linked with the desire to punish,” said Justice Bhandari in the judgment .

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Consumer Alert

Precautions while using Laptop There have been quite a few accidents, many of them fatal, due to Laptop usage in the West. Based on these here are some safety recommendations.Do take care and share this information with those you know. Those using a laptop can take the following precautions.


Consumer Protection Act (CPA) is not there to harass the doctors or deter them from taking professional decisions at crucial moments, the Supreme Court said in a recent ruling while dismissing a complaint against a Delhi hospital. “Doctors in complicated cases have to take a chance even if the rate of survival (of a patient) is low. A doctor who is faced with an emergency ordinarily tries his best to redeem the patient out of his suffering. He does not gain anything by acting with negligence or by omitting to do an act,” said Mr Justice Dalveer Bhandari and Mr Justice H S Bedi . The widow of a patient had claimed Rs 45 lakh compensation against the hospital for the death of her husband, a senior operations manager in Indian Oil Corporation. The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) had dismissed her complaint.

legal jottings

k n o w . s p e a k . a c t

he annual consumption of edible vegetable oils and fats in our country is well over 13 million tones . It is reported that even the best quality cooking oil brands that are available in the market today may contain harmful transfats . The content of transfats in some reputed brands of edible oil may be below the acceptable 10 per cent, but the same cannot be said of the local products sold loose. It may vary from 15 per cent to as high as 40. The Union Health Ministry has made it mandatory for producers of processed edible oils to compulsorily label the energy content of ingredients on their packets. As per the rules, producers have to quantify the content and specify the types of fatty acids in it, whether saturated , polyunsaturated , mono-saturated or transfatty acids (TFAs).



Consumer Act not meant to harass doctors

used to maintain cooling. Always shut down your laptop, even if it is for short period of time, especially when placed in a bag. Inspect and clean the air vents on a weekly basis. Forced-air dusters can be used to keep the vents clean and free from debris. Replace any equipment or parts that do not work.


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The Fast and The Furious If you have what it takes, you can have it all.


s the sun gets engulfed behind the western mountains, the hunter and his steed wait in the darkness for the prey to come. Both are calm and patient, with the thrill running silently under their skin. The attack should be smooth, without giving away their eagerness. Though there would be other choices and chances, firtst impression does give you the lead. The hunter was thinking about the things that he would do with the prey. With the thoughts running wild, he almost missed her going past him. Soon he mounted his ride and went behind her, keeping a good distance waiting for the right moment to make his move. But the move never came as the signal turned red at the junction just as she passed it in her scooter. He was fuming in the traffic, so was his bike. When it comes to bikes, guys always have a connection, a connection that rivals their relationship with girls. The pair, the man and the machine that is, always look for the thrill and the attention they get from the opposite sex. Though there is not that wide a range available for the fastest bikes in India, let’s have a look at our choices.

Bajaj New Pulsar 220 DTS-i Bajaj Pulsar, the flagship brand of Bajaj, has proved to be the best both in efficiency and economy. The 220 cc brother from the family of Pulsar fuses styling and power in correct proportions. The engine is one of the most powerful and refined in its class, with a large carburetor, auto choke and temperature based ignition mapping. Vertical stack twin projector headlamps, split seats, clip-on handle bar, tubeless tyres, front and rear disc brakes and, of course, the digital twin spark ignition are some of the notable features. Great output, torque and mileage help this Pulsar member to tip the scales in its favour.

Max.Power-21.04 Ps @ 8500 rpm; Max.Torque-19.12 Nm @ 7000 rpm; Price: Rs.91500 (ExShowroom)

Yamaha R15 Though not in the league of 220 cc’s technically, Yamaha R15 can give the high-powered rivals some scare. Drawing the inspiration from the YZF series, the YZF R15 has inherited the spirit of YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 both in the style and performance. The 150 cc engine of the R15 is liquid cooled that uses a compact, lightweight aluminum radiator for stable performance. The handling and the riding gives you the best experience. Lightweight body, deltabox frame, twin headlamps, front and rear disc brakes, 6-speed transmission add support for the R bike. Max.Power-17 PS @ 8500 rpm; Max.Torque-15 Nm @ 7500 rpm; Price: Rs.97500 (Ex-Showroom)

Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Dual throttle valves, 2-in-1 exhaust system, large Denso radiator, reinforced piston heads, full fairing bodywork, high quality finish, dual-lamp headlight design, disc brakes in the front and rear – all of the features makes the Kawasaki Ninja the true sport it is. The fastest bike of the country is also the costliest of the lot. The high performance bike is a treat to watch and riding it gives you an out-of-the-world experience. Kawasaki Ninja comes as a complete sports bike with great styling and unmatched performance. A definite winner at your side if you can bear the 3-lakh price tag. Max.Power-33 PS @ 11000 rpm; Max.Torque-22 Nm @ 9500

rpm; Price: Rs.269500 (Ex-Showroom)

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Karizma has been the darling of the masses for the choice of high performance bikes in India before other options came around. To cope up with the competition, Hero Honda rolled the ZMR, revamping the looks and the performance of the old Karizma. Aerodynamic full body cowl, sporty split handle bar, visor mounted collapsible rear view mirrors, and integrated LED tail light with clear lens indicators marks the difference visually. The new engine is oil-cooled with programmed fuel injection and gives you a tad more power than its predecessor. The addition of rear disc brake, digital console and tubeless tyres just gives the push for the top spot in the league. Max.Power-17.6 Ps @ 7000 rpm; Max.Torque-18.35 Nm @ 6000 rpm; Price: Rs.92500 (Ex-Showroom)

It takes more love to share the saddle than it does to share the bed. Though made of metal, the bikes are more personal and can connect to the guys (to some girls also). So choose them from your heart.

- Balasubramaniam N Follow Traffic Rules

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Have a Safe Drive


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Movies - New Releases

The Blind Side True story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All American football player.

The Wolfman The myth of a man whose curse transforms him into something inhuman.

Rs. 1299

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Rs. 599

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- Ride your dream (Gaurav Mirchandani) - Knight rider (Hari C.G)

Bharat Petroleum

- Power riding (Piravi) - Twist your destiny (Manivanan) And the Winner is Gaurav Mirchandani

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Invictus His people needed a leader. He gave them a champion.

Valentine’s Day Intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up on Valentine’s Day.

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Color Craze Dear Kids,

Colour this picture and mail your artwork to (or) to the address below within the next ten days (by July 26, 2010) to win exciting prizes!



eah men hate cleaning the house. Well, not anymore. With the Hardyson, they will start cleaning not just the house but the backyard, the garden and maybe the whole street itself. The Hardyson is a hybrid vacuum cleaner whose front is a vacuum cleaner and the rear is of a bike. Now, why wouldn’t the men fall in love with this?

mad lab

Pooh is in a joyous mood with his new gift. Add more colour to the joy.


The Hardyson

Did you know?

Winner for 40th Issue: R. Ramakrishnan II std, Adambakkam,

Eagles have great eyesight that helps them see for one to one and a half miles away. They can dive at 100 miles per hour. Their eyesight and diving ability help them catch food.

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Real to Reel H

l i g h t . c a m e r a . a c t i o n

e’s the scion of a leading retail and business family in town. For Vijay Vasanth who is actively involved in the family owned Vasanth & Co business on a day-to-day basis as Executive Director Operations, acting happened quite by chance. But there’s no looking back since and the young man is finding roles that suit his age, looks and abilities and is keen on balancing both professions with aplomb. We catch up with him to find out more about how he juggles it all … On business and cinema Cinema is important to me. My business and work at Vasanth and Co is my bread and butter but I am equally passionate about cinema. I want to do roles that suit my looks and would prefer the boy next door type of roles instead of the usual action ones guys go for. My filmography so far I debuted in Chennai 28 directed by Venkat Prabhu which really gave me an identity with the masses. It was later followed by a film called Thozha which involved four friends. After that Venkat approached me again for Saroja and later Sasikumar’s Nadodigal put me on the map of known faces all over again. I have been really lucky to get such a good line up of films. On balancing real life and reel life It’s not an easy task and I have to really struggle to find the time to manage my

business and my shooting. Recently we started the Vasanth TV channel and I am the directorial supervisor there as well. I am involved in the acquisition of equipment and technology so it’s quite a challenge. It’s a tough task juggling all three positions but I love cinema so I manage. I am here to stay as long as people love me in the roles I play. My current project

I don’t mind doing such films again even though I am going solo now. Films like Chennai 28 and others have all been fun to do.

you ok with that?’ She said ‘yes’ and I went ahead.

On marriage It was an arranged match with Nithya and the only thing I asked her when I got to meet her was, ‘am going to act in films. Are

- Rinku Gupta

Actor Vijay Vasanth

I am shooting for producer T Siva’s Kanimozhi with Jai and Shahzahn Padamsee from Bollywood. It’s directed by Sreepathy, a former co director with Venkat Prabhu. It’s a triangular love story. My future projects I have signed up for Madhil Mel Poonai, where I am playing solo hero for the first time with co-star Vibha of Leelai fame. Bharani, an assistant to Selvaraghavan is directing. I play a city-bred software guy in this comedy thriller. Then there is Theriyamai Unnai Kadhilichiten directed by Siva, an assistant of Priyadarshan. I play a ‘vetti’ college student in this one. I am doing a variety of roles and am really happy with the way my career is shaping up.

Know Me Right Hangouts in Chennai: Kutty’s near Loyola college and The Park . Cuisine I love: Indian food, especially mutton biriyani Shopping mania: Mostly abroad in places like London, Dubai, Singapore and New York. In Chennai I like Citicentre and Benetton. My wheels : My new BMW and the Audi Q 5 and Q7 Brands I love: Armani in colognes, Zod in formals, Benetton, Pepe and Code. Louis Vuitton for shoes. Best compliment I got: After seeing the scene where I lost my leg in ‘Nadodigal’, people came up to me and cried narrating it.

Ride Ananthapurathu Veedu, the next venture by S Pictures, was released last week to good reviews. Directed by Naga, the film has Nandaa, Chaya Singh and Master Aryan in leading roles. Supernatural theme is not new for the director, who is famous for his television thrillers like Marmadesam and Chidambara Ragasiyam. Master Aryan, the young kid, is being showered by praises for his amazing performance.


A Thrilling


On multi-hero films


One More Time

r : Nagoo



Think Music has launched a music album as a tribute to the late pop icon Michael Jackson. Titled ‘Sing One More Time’, the album is composed by Dharan with Benny Dayal dealing the lyrics. The songs has leading singers such as Dharan, Benny Dayal, Naresh Iyer, Ranjith, Haricharan, Sunitha Sarathy, Chinmayi, Suchitra, Subiksha, Shalini Singh and Swetha Mohan lending their voice for the collection.

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