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It’s A German Summer! Apr 5 - May 28 That’s Right! The ‘Summer of 2010’ camp at the German School Chennai is about learning, the fun way! Conducted by German teachers, it sure is the best way to beat the heat! The workshops include art and craft, music, dance, pet care, cookery, gardening, paper craft, theatre, team-work activities and so much more! For further details, log on to

Art Summer Don’t Miss Global m Manjari, 6/12, I St., Workshop. @Kalaa Venus Colony, 12676 Alwarpet. Contact: 243

ts and Triangles’ m Check Out ‘Do at by K.Srinivasan. form ll sma in gs Paintin Till Apr 10. a 5th Street Padmanabh Forum Art Gallery, 57, : 42115596 nagar, Adyar. Contact

@ chennai

p e o p l e . t r e n d s . e v e n t s



4 / 28 Kapaleeshwar Nagar, Neelangarai.Phone: 94447 84066 /42854220

League of your own

Speed Dial

Till Apr 25, 3 PM - 11.45 PM

Octave of Easter

The thrill of cricket and the chill of beer. How better can it get? Get exclusive packages of drinks ranging from beer, vodka to wine with starters and snacks.

Easter is a demonstration that life is essentially spiritual and timeless. And it’s time to enjoy with delicious Easter Eggs from these special places.

The Dome, Hotel Le Royal Meridien, 1, GST Road, St Thomas Mount. Phone: 43534545

La Boulangerie 9600021212 (Besant Nagar)

‘Life’ from Pavers England Pavers England, the pioneers of a new breed of comfort footwear has launched new chic ‘Life Collection’ for the fashionable men and women of today. The hip and comfortable styles for men and the ultra feminine styles for women are available in their flagship store and other retail stores. Pavers England flagship store, Kamaraj Terminal, Domestic Airport. Phone: 22560909

Wings 64599050 (Anna Nagar) Adyar Bakery 24413843 (Adyar) Mc Rennett 64551028 (Nungambakkam) Hot Breads 28112660 (R.K.Salai) Cake Walk 28419144 (Egmore)

Kids’ day out From Apr 15, 6 AM to 8.30 AM A 20-day summer fitness camp for children aged six to thirteen. Focusing on activities that include agility, flexibility, coordination and much more, it’s the summer treat for kids.

For Feedback & Suggestions, Contact us at 044-43590099 (or) Email us at

SPARRCC, 44, East Coast Road, Kottivakkam. Phone: 45066131

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Rent an


Cool Summer You don’t have to buy an air-conditioner for the summer break to beat the heat. Just rent one. Freeze Land rents ACs for different periods with attractive packages. So what are you waiting for? Rent one and cool your heels.

Freeze Land New No 232 Old No 80, Canal Bank Road, Indiranagar, Adyar, Chennai - 600020. Phone: 66426531


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Close to T


Early days I come from the United States and I studied fine arts as a course and hence art and culture have always been close to my heart. I met my husband in the US and we got married in 1969. He came from a very conservative chettiar family but he personally was an open minded person. Ever since I met him, I knew I would have to come and live in India. So before we got married I made a trip here and fell in love with the country. I have lived in Chennai for over 30 years and in between I lived in Coimbatore for three and a half years, when I worked on a nutrition project as a social anthropologist. Falling in love with Indian culture Since I studied art I have always loved culture. I was exposed to the richness of South Indian culture through extensive travelling. I also learnt about the culture from my husband and his family. As I learnt about the culture, I felt there was a need to put south Indian culture in a museum setting. There was a need to teach people more about their culture. Someone had to do it and I think I was the chosen one. The making of ‘Dakshin Chitra’ I started the Madras Craft Foundation in April 1984 and a month later, I was invited as a convenor for an INTACH programme and both integrated well. We had no land and no money to work on

our dream of Dakshin Chitra. So we began by taking folk arts and crafts to schools. We were also teaching them the importance of environment because culture and environment are closely related. After many years, we got land from the Tamil Nadu government and opened Dakshin Chitra in 1996. We made at least 20 trips to each village to get the right material for the houses. We did extensive research on various cultures before setting out to collect materials for these houses. I used to close my eyes and imagine how this place would look with a lot of trees. Today, we have a lot of trees around and we have medicinal plants too. The land around the Kerala house is very acidic and we haven’t been able to grow many trees in an area which is actually considered the most fertile part of South India. The road to success I am just happy that today Dakshin Chitra is a part of Chennai. We have had over 1.30,000 visitors. Over 30,000 children visit our centre every year. When we started we had no staff. We just had volunteers from IT companies who had a small gap in between their projects abroad. Without their support we could not have progressed so much. We now have a theatre, restaurant, art gallery, library and gift shop. We offer a full time Post graduate diploma course in Art management and this course qualifies people to work in any area of tourism, culture, museum and art gallery management. We were supported by Ford Foundation for many years. Our restaurant serves authentic South Indian vegetarian food and is catered to by Arusuvai. We also let out our premises for small weddings. We need to be selfsustaining and hence

.............................................................................................. Contact us at 044-43590099 |

look for such outlets. For the last two years, we have been self- sustaining and we hope our future plans will keep us on track too.

‘Singara’ Chennai Chennai is such a down-to-earth city. I love the simplicity of the people here. It is a very intellectual crowd, who have a lot to offer to society, yet they maintain a low profile. Here, you can just wear whatever you want and step out. Though trends are changing, I believe Chennai has a strong foundation and we will never forget our culture and the beauty of simplicity will always remain the trademark of this city.

life is beautiful

hink of the culture scene in Chennai, and the first name which strikes your mind is that of Deoborah Thiagarajan. Despite being an expatriate, she has been so passionate about Indian culture- south Indian culture in particular. Dakshin Chitra is now a prime tourist destination and each one of the houses there speaks volumes about the culture it represents. It has not been an easy journey, but Deoborah set out on it over two decades ago. This ‘Indian’ lady who speaks Tamil fluently shares with us the ups and downs of her journey and what makes Dakshin Chitra such a special place.

This summer, if you are looking at getting away from the maddening crowd, you now know where to go, don’t you ? - Shivani Arora




the Sun

f a s h i o n . s t y l e . i c o n


ummer has started and the Sun has begun to show its wrath upon us. Although many of us wind up in the comfort of air-conditioning at our offices, the short period of time taken for us to travel from or to office or elsewhere is enough for the yellow star to fry us. So to make things light and cool, sunglasses came to our rescue. Sunglasses offer protection against excessive exposure to light, including its visible and invisible components. Sunglasses have grown from being just a pair of protective glasses to an accessory that makes a style statement. Here is where we tend to make mistakes by trying on the shapes and sizes that will make a statement not anywhere near the stylish intent. Many of us don’t know how to choose the right sunglasses for our faces. Sunglasses have become the ultimate fashion accessory and unlike other accessories, sunglasses will draw immediate attention to your face. Be it dull shades or bright colours, oversized frames or smaller ones, sunglasses can change your personality and appearance instantly. So choosing wisely is very important. We take pain in choosing our clothes to suit our body, then why not in a pair of shades to suit your face? To avoid costly mistakes and bear or wear with it, here are some tips to choose your pair: Good eye protection, comfort and style are the things to look out for when buying sunglasses.

Also, polarized lenses help reduce the glare created when light bounces off some objects, such as water, highways and other similar surfaces.

What’s for me? Round Face The frames should be a straight and bit more wide than the broadest part of your face. They should make your face look longer. Rectangular or angular styles are for you. Square Face For all of you having strong jawline and wide cheekbones, curvy styles with soft angles will give more defined look. Narrow frames with more width than depth are for you. Oblong Face You got to choose frames that cover the centre of the face. Try styles that do not extend beyond the widest part of your face. Round or square shapes will look great on you. Triangle Face With a narrow jaw and a wide forehead, try thin rimmed frames that don’t sit high on your face. Cat-eye styles with outward angle, metal frames with rimless bottoms are for you.

Diamond Shape You would want a frame that widens the top part of your face, and narrows the chin. Make sure the styles are no wider than the cheekbones. Oval, square or brightly coloured sunnies will be good. Oval Face You guys are the lucky ones. Almost any frame shape suits you. You can experiment with the latest trend without any worries. Square shaped frames with slightly rounded edges make you look better. The size of the sunglasses should be in proportion to the size of your face. Bigger the face, bigger the glasses and viceversa. Depending on your outfits, you can match the colour of the frames or get the contrast of it.

Trend-o-meter Oversized sunglasses Currently, oversized glasses that were fashionable in the 80s are

making waves with the ladies. Being oversized, these sunglasses offer more protection from sunburn to the larger areas of skin they cover. Aviators Introduced in 1936 by Ray-Ban, Aviator sunglasses gained popularity ever since its inception. Oversized, tear-drop shaped lens with thin metal frames, Aviators are often made in mirrored, coloured, and wrap-around styles. Wrap-arounds Wrap-arounds are characterised by a single, smooth, semi-circular lens that cover both eyes and almost the same area of the face covered by protective goggles. Being sporty in design, the lens is usually combined with a minimal plastic frame and single piece of plastic serving as a nosepiece. Now that you know what to wear or what not to wear, for the eyes, get ready to challenge the sun. - Balasubramaniam N

Guard thy eyes Your sunglasses must provide protection from ultraviolet radiation, a component of sunlight that contributes to eye disease. Look for sunglasses with lenses that block 99-100% of UVA and UVB radiation.

Elite Fashion Makoba,the elite stationery shop at Nungambakkam has introduced Dalvey’s new collection of sunglasses. Dalvey’s ‘Aviator’, ‘Compact’ and ‘Admiralty’ sunglasses are available in a unique articulated multihinged design, which folds into a supremely compact Italian leather travel case. The collections start from Rs.7700 onwards.

Makoba 1-A, Nungambakkam high road, Jhaver plaza, Chennai-600 034. Contact: 4500 8595/ 98840 01991


Photo cour tesy : Ocean’s 13 ..............................................................................................

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Set your SCORE f a s h i o n . s t y l e . i c o n


Score is the newest kid on the block to Chennai’s fitness scene. This “has it all” gym, has it all and much more!


core, Chennai’s swanky new gym is hard to miss, what with its signature, bold yellow signboard announcing its name, right in the prime location of TTK Road. Like most quality gyms, the first look of Score presents you with a clean layout plan, state-of –the-art equipment, washrooms and consultation rooms. It is only when you get down to the nitty-gritty that you realise that Score, scores over every other gym in the city. Score has been envisioned by Ajith Shetty, who is a fitness freak himself. Next the layout and décor of the gym were planned and executed by Gayathri Salvan, an avid gymer too! Both of these people’s visions and experiences at other gyms has made Score stand out in terms of the equipment and interiors. They have approached the gym as a space that is a part of people’s everyday life and worked on Score with this sense. One can find custom-made lockers with a separate space allocation for storing shoes. In all, there are close to eighty lockers separately spaced for both men and women. There is a temporary storage unit for people who want to rush either to work or part right after workout. The plush washroom also acts as a place to lounge around and catch up on some healthy gossip at the gym! The wet area and shower areas are high on comfort and safety. For instance, there are rain showerheads to maximise the use of water and there are antislip floor boards to add to safety. The one

risk at Score gym is that, the members might spend more time at the washrooms than with the equipments! The entire space at Score works on being eco-friendly and also on being energy efficient. There is LED lighting all over and floor to ceiling glass panels maximise the lighting during the day. The weight and stretch area on the upper level has feet-friendly specialised rubber flooring. Moving on to the equipments, what Score has conceived is to fly in imported equipment that works on several parts of our body in one go. This apart, you can do different types of exercises using a single machine. What’s more, you will not have a trainer who is more like an army general is-

suing orders. The trainers are expected to work out everyday on the equipment too! This is great news for people who al-

recovery.” The membership fee for a year is moderately priced at Rs.20,000. The fee for a six months membership is Rs.11,500. The quarterly fee is Rs.7,500 while the monthly fee is Rs.3,500. Score ensures that fitness becomes a pleasurable part of a person’s daily life. Kudos!

ways wished that their trainers would be more empathetic towards our pain and physical limits. Like most gyms, Score too has room for a nutritionist and physio. The workout routines and diets are customised for each member. The stress is on fixing several lifestyle imbalances including posture and not just making a person train in the gym. Ajith Shetty says that, “Sixty percent (of the stress) goes towards a person’s diet, thirty percent of the stress is laid on the actual workout, while ten percent is kept aside for rest and

Remember how Score believes that the gym is a part of one’s everyday life. Keeping this in mind, Score is Wifi-enabled to let people catch up with work or even update their Facebook status messages. In between workouts! And Oh! We also love the dainty little lily pond in the gym!

- Swetha P Venkataramani



Chill Out Summer is the best excuse to indulge in some exotic drinks. Here’s our pick!


hile at one end summer spells raised mercury levels, sultry weather and scorching heat on the flip side, it is also that time of the year when you can make most of the fruit basket filled with a wide variety of juicy, succulent and refreshing bites and sometimes sips. For all those who like to drink fruits rather than eat them, this is the best time of the year to do so. Also, as the days get hotter we find our appetites ebbing and all that we want is a nice cool drink to revive us . Fortunately this summer, the options for us are too many, from the good old sugarcane juice to some exotic coolers like the kiwi slush -- there is a huge array to choose from. The common man’s drink Popularly known as the common man’s drink and scientifically as Cocos nucifera, coconut water is a boon during the hot days. Available easily at every street corner , it is a natural replenishment and this one doesn’t bother you on the hygiene factor. One whole coconut soothes you from the unbelievable heat and at the same time nourishes your body adding a whole lot of nutrients and vitamins. Plus, unlike other sugary drinks which score a bit too high on

the calorie meter, this nature’s gift is 99% fat free. Doctors too swear by it, to avoid heat strokes or gastric problems which are common during the summers. Although other options include sugarcane juice and flavoured curd . But take care, if not prepared in clean and hygienic environment, they could do more harm than good.

Kiss the Kiwi Ingredients:

Make it at home!! Thanks to the advent of biotechnology, all your favourite fruits are now available throughout the year. But the best quality ones come during the summer time. The simplest way to quench your thirst is to get some of these fruits, start the blender ,add some ice cubes and you are all set. You could mix two or more fruits together and make your own mock tail or simply mix up any fruit, some sugar and yoghurt to make your flavoured lassi. The most popular bet this summer seems to be the water melon and pineapple. Rich in fibres and loaded with water, both these fruits make for some tasteful and energising drinks. Here is a recipe that can be made quite easily at home:

- 3 peeled kiwis - 1 cup frozen banana slices - ¾ cup of pineapple juice - ½ cup frozen strawberries Method: - Blend all the ingredients till they liquefy -Strain into a tall glass - Top it up with lots of ice and a few lemon slices

Watermelon Lemonade Ingredients: - 8 cups watermelon cubes, de-

Lychee Wonder

seeded - 1 cup lime juice


- 1 ½ cups of water

- 150 ml of canned lychee syrup

- 1 cup sugar

- 50 ml ice cold water


- Juice from 3 limes

- The watermelon and lime juice to be blended till smooth

- Mint leaves

- Sugar is added to water to make sugar syrup


- The sugar syrup is added to the watermelon and lime juice and blended further

- Serve chilled

- Mix all the ingredients in a martini glass

- Chill the lemonade - Serve with lots of crushed ice Exotica Summer is also the time to indulge in some very exotic fruits and drinks. Give into your craving for the coolest and some of the best granitas, chillers and smoothies. You could savour some strikingly different tastes like that of Kiwi, Blue berries, Passion fruit and Lychees. Several restaurants in the city meet up with your needs of having such coolers and it is best to depend on a seasoned chef when it comes to the exotic drinks. Have you tried Jughead’s Special at Fruitshop? It simply is a show-stopper. But in case you like to do things yourself we do have a couple of recipes for you too: .............................................................................................. Contact us at 044-43590099 |

What NOT to have! Colas and flavoured soda make for readily available quenchers but these are the things that need to be strictly avoided. These drinks help in no way and instead add to the dehydrating effect of the summer heat. Dieticians suggest that it is always wise to give the sodas a miss and instead opt for more natural forms of any drink. That ways, you could add zing to your taste and still stay healthy and cool. - Ankit Bakshi


The G

While desserts are ap guide to Chennai’s sp


ome summer, whether or not you think of the sun, sand and surf, the one thing that your body, mind and soul involuntarily crave for is Ice Cream. Ice Creams have for ever reminded us of fun, frolic, holidays and everything nice! Somehow they have the tendency to make you nostalgic. They make you remember your grandparent’s home, that long lost childhood friend or even the bell the ice cream vendor used around your neighbourhood. No matter what your happy memories about ice creams are, there is no denying that our humble vanilla and chocolate ball ice creams have gone through a mind-boggling makeover. They have made way to sundaes, fantasies, choco-vanillas and even sizzling brownies with ice creams! Chennai offers a whole world of choices when it comes to ice creams. Here’s our own little study of the choices, for all those who take their ice creams seriously! When everyday is sundae Sundays are such wonderful days, they are the only day of the week meant for full rest and recovery, the only day that our minds don’t have to think up excuses for being lethargic. If there is one thing better than a Sunday, it has got to be a sundae! Sundaes are these infinitely cheerful things that could have only been conceived by some blessed infinitely cheerful mind.


Sundaes are fundamentall of ice cream flavours, alon such as jellos, chocolate o and fruits and nuts. The ot include real fruits, chocola chocolate chips, praline an thing that can make ice cr able! Take for instance ch It is most likely to have on chocolate ice, one or two chocolate ice cream toppe sauce, choco chips and eit praline. Now you might b point of view- sundaes are than Sundays!

The creamy and the le

With all the hue and cry m counting, obesity and size needed to do a quick re-th best to savour their ice cre stay in shape. This is why sudden increase in the num and sorbets. Gelatos are lo of ice creams. Sorbets are opposed to fruit based. Bo gelatos are much lesser in when compared to ice cre

Gelatos find their origins i cally gelatos contain milk sugars, flavouring includfruit and nut purees. Gelanormally contain only four - eight percent fat, as opposed to the 48 percentage fat that ice creams contain! There is a general argument that gelatos bring out the flavour of the ingredients more than ice creams do. This is mainly because it is necessary to use natural ingredients for gelatos rather than Gelatos also have a shorte


God of Desserts

plenty, here’s our ode to the God of desserts - Ice Creams. Presenting below a plendid selection of ice creams.

ly a combination ng with toppings or fruit sauces ther toppings ate chips, white nd basically anyream more enjoyhocolate sundae. ne scoop of dark scoops of normal ed with chocolate ther real nuts or begin to see our e definitely better


made over calorie e zero, people hink about how eams and still y there has been a mber of gelatos ow fat cousins e water-based as oth sorbets and n sugar content eams.

they are best consumed fresh! Sorbets are a frozen dessert made from sweetened water that is flavoured with iced fruit, chocolate, wine or liquor. Fruit sorbets are the most common variety found in our city. Since sorbets do away with milk and cream, they are naturally lower in fat content than ice creams! The ‘desi’ answer While Ice Creams originate in Europe and have been innovatively reconstructed and flavoured through the years in North America, there is one dessert from India that comes as a reply to its European counterpart. The Kulfi, is a dense frozen dessert made out of sweetened, evaporated milk. So there is no place for the term, ‘Low Fat’ out here! Since kulfi is extremely rich and dense, it takes a long time to melt, but it has the power to melt the strongest of hearts! Kulfi is prepared from evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream. The warm mixture reaches a semicondensed state before it is poured into its moulds.

in Italy. Typik, cream, various ing tos

essences. er shelf life; hence

Kulfi is conventionally flavoured with saffron, cardamom, pistachio or rose. Now, one can find in the city the likes of coconut kulfi, banana kulfi, mango kulfi and tons more! Kulfi tastes the best when eaten from a matka or earthen pot. It is now-adays available on a stick or even in disposable cups. Even today, there are several kulfiwalas or street vendors who sell kulfi along roadsides. Take a trip to one of the city’s beaches and spot a kulfiwala ringing the bell to grab your attention!

crumb, cornflakes or tempura batter. These rolls are again frozen. These rolls are then fried at a low temperature and served along with maple syrup, honey, whipped cream or sprinkled with cinnamon peppermint or nutmeg powder. These ice cream variants tickle your taste buds with the simultaneous hot and cold sensation. So with so many ice creams to look forward to, we hope that you might even welcome the scorching summer in Chennai. Bon Appetit! - Swetha P Venkataramani

When ice creams get hot! Yes, we all know that when Ice Creams get hot, they melt! But for a few, it is ice cream’s tendency to melt that holds all the attraction! The city presents ice cream lovers with mainly two hot variants, namely; Sizzling Brownie and Fried Ice Cream. The Sizzling Brownie is served on a burning hot metal plate. A substantial portion of brownie is placed on this plate, flanked by a variety of nuts that are in the process of getting roasted. The brownie is normally topped with a single but large scoop of vanilla ice cream. Once the plate reaches a diner’s table, warm chocolate sauce is poured over the plate, making the entire dessert sizzle! The ice cream slowly melts right into the brownie and onto the plate. Ah! The warm chocolate sauce laced with a cool swirl of vanilla ice cream- you are already a step closer to heaven! Fried Ice Cream is the other hot variant of ice creams. Sounds a bit suspicious doesn’t it? Fried ice creams can again be divided into two- Mexican and Oriental. Ice cream that is kept at extremely low temperatures is scooped up and might be brushed with a layer of raw egg. This is quickly covered up with by rolling it in cookie

Our Picks

from around town Baskin Robins- The all American franchisee offers wonderfully exciting and unique veggy flavours of ice creams. Emilio’s- The first and probably the only place where one can find the cold stone concept in Chennai. Your gelatos are mixed up with the chosen toppings on a stone slab that is maintained at -18 degrees Celsius! Milky Way- The first ever ice cream parlour to introduce softie ice creams in Chennai. Move’npick- The Swiss ice creams and sorbets make you come back for more! Fresco- With a gelato counter available at most malls and Subway outlets, it is hard to resist the Fresco’s innovative flavours and great taste!

Photo cour tesy:


ON SALE EXPRESS | APR 2 - APR 8 , 2010


In the darkness, we sought the light of hope, a hope for a brighter tomorrow….


n March 27th , lights went off around 8.30 p.m in several corporate organisations and hotels in Chennai. I guess many of us would have wondered if it was yet another planned (or unplanned) power cut by EB (electricity board). No, you have got it wrong this time. This time, the lights went out to throw light on a much larger issue concerning our Mother Earth – climate change. This one unlike other conventions where world leaders just get to talk and decide nothing, is a campaign run largely by the people themselves. Organised by WWF, Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million homes and businesses turned their lights off for one hour to make their stand against climate change. In 2008, Earth Hour had become a global sustainability movement with more than 50 million people across 35 countries participating. The power of darkness spread as global symbols such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, The CN Tower in Toronto, The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and Rome’s Colosseum stood in darkness. They all stood as symbols of hope for a cause that grows more urgent by the hour. In March 2009, hundreds of millions of people took part in the third Earth Hour. Over 4000 cities in 88 countries officially switched off to pledge their support for the planet, making it the world’s first large-scale climate change initiative. This year, Earth Hour 2010 took place on Saturday 27 March at 8.30pm (local time). A record 126 counries were reported to have participated this time. Iconic buildings and landmarks from Europe to Asia to the Americas stood in darkness. Over 3 million from China alone pledged support! People from all walks of life turned off their lights and joined together in contemplation of the one thing we all have in

common – our planet. India switches off! India joined the Earth Hour campaign in 2009 by committing the support of two main cities, Delhi and Mumbai. Five million people in India alone switched off on that day. Fifty-six Indian cities participated in the campaign. India saved 1000MW of power in that one hour with 600MW of energy saving in Delhi alone From the icons of history like Qutub Minar, Red Fort, and Humanyun’s Tomb and Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus to the symbols of modern India- hotels, cinema complexes and shopping malls, all showcased commitment towards the cause and switched off the lights for that one hour. This year, Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit and actor Abhishek Bachchan launched WWF’s Earth Hour at a press conference organised at World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) office in New Delhi. They lit candles of hope calling people to ‘switch on’ their minds and take a simple step by switching off unnecessary lights.

symbolic representation, it gives voice to a much larger cause. Studies show that we need to make serious action in the next five years to prevent any catastrophic change in the climate. It is not just on earth hour, we need to pledge support for our earth, we need to show we care for her, every day, every hour.. Green your summer! Now that summer is here, we know it’s really difficult to switch off your ACs, yet you can still find ways to green your summer. Here are few tips: If you are wondering which summer camp to enrol in, get involved in something that might bring a green change – like planting plants, spreading

the ‘green message’ etc.

Eat what’s in season and buy local. Ensure that what you eat doesn’t have to teavel half the world to reach your plate. It’s time bring out natural fabrics like cotton instead of that burning polyster. Keep your refridgerator full, yes, it consumes less energy to stay cool. Too hot for a fan? Ease your eco-guilt by choosing a solar-powered air conditioner or one that comes with energy star ratings.

- Catherine Gilon

Ashok Leyland Corporate office

Chennai joins the force Chennai started off the earth campaign with a cycle rally organised by HCL Technologies in the Marina beach. Hotels such as the Sheraton Park Hotel, Taj Coromandel and Courtyard by Marriott joined the movement by switching their lights off and lighting up candles instead. Zara Tapas even hosted an earth hour party with people showing support by joining in the candle-light party. Though earth hour is just a

Photo: Nagoor J

Rejoice in the glory of the Lord

Happy Easter! 10

go green go green

Earth Hour


What can You get for


a year Contact us at 044-43590099 |

? 11

ON SALE EXPRESS | APR 2 - APR 8 , 2010

How safe are toys?

In a recent study of the chemical levels in toys, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a NGO in New Delhi, found high levels of phthalates, a chemical used to soften plastic, in all samples of toys it tested. Over 45 per cent of the samples exceeded the internationally accepted safe limit for phthalates. Unfortunately, in our country only some voluntary standards have been prescribed, but no strict regulations to control or monitor the use of these toxins have been introduced. The government has banned the import of toys not meeting these standards. But what about the innumerable cheap plastic and wooden toys in attractive colours that one finds at festivals or wayside shops near temples. It is a million dollar question whether the makers of these toys follow any standards and avoid non-toxic chemicals. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has issued three sets of standards, but none covers phthalates. Folowing pressure from the judiciary, the authorities ensured the safety aspects of the toys that were imported. First came the ban on toys from China followed by a notification that Chinese imports should conform to Indian standards. They then widened the scope of this notification to cover imports from other countries as well. But while being

strict about imported toys, why has not the Government enforced the standards for the local toy industry is a question that is yet to find a proper answer. Children under three years have a tendency to mouth toys and are likely to be exposed to phthalate in plastic toys .Phthalates are produced from petrochemicals, clear like vegetable oil and are odourless. The CSE lab tested 24 toy samples, all randomly bought from market.. Fifteen were soft toys and nine hard toys. Of the sampled toys that children generally put in their mouths (such as teethers), 29 percent exceeded the phthalate limit. The study also proved that claims of ‘non-toxic’ which some toy labels carry are completely false and fraudulent.

and not near stairs or swimming pools.

In many countries Lead is prohibited in the surface coatings of toys. The allowable limit is no more than 0.06%. In addition, there is a standard test for that, which further limits the amount of soluble lead that can be accessible from painted toys to 0.009%. Soluble lead is that which would come out when the product is exposed to mouthing and ingestion. Lead is used to provide faster and harder sticking. It gives a shiny finish. HOW TO AVOID RISK: When one is not sure about the safety standards followed, it is better to be cautious while buying toys. Here are some DO’s and Don’ts. In determining the risk posed by a toy, the ability of the user (the child) must be taken into consideration. Look for the label that specifies a minimum age of the user.

Make a list and set a budget. List the people you plan to buy gifts for, the type of gifts you plan to buy, and how much you plan to spend. Include the cost of cash gifts, holiday travel, extra food, wrappings, decorations, greeting cards, and postage. If it relates to the holiday season and it costs money, add it to your budget. Shop around. A “sale” price isn’t always the “best” price. Some merchants may offer a sale price on the item you want for a limited time; other merchants may offer items at a discount every day.


Do not allow children to inflate balloons. Deflate and discard balloons and balloon pieces after use. Inspect old and new toys regularly for damage and potential hazards. Make necessary repairs immediately or discard damaged toys or keep them out of children’s reach.

Electrical or battery-operated toys are a potential burn hazard and could easily cause injury. To avoid problems, parents should sit with children when using such toys. – Correspondent.

Speak Out! Readers are invited to share with us their grievances about products or the outcome of any complaint taken to a retailer or service provider, for publication. E-mail us at


The holiday shopping season is to begin in a few days from now. Whether you are at the mall, or on phone or online, we offer some tips to help you to shop smart and keep within the budget.

Check out websites that compare prices. If you decide to buy from an online merchant, keep conveyance costs and delivery time in mind.

Teach children to put toys away safely after playing. Ensure that toys intended for younger children are stored separately from those used by elder children.

Never give children toys that have strings, straps or cords .They are hazardous and should be used under parental supervision only.

Avoid toys with magnets and small parts, whichever country they are from. ‘Made in US or UK ’ is no certificate against design flaws that usually involve small parts that break off or come unglued—and can be swallowed by young kids Ensure that toys are used in a safe environment. Riding toys should be used on level ground

S mart Holiday Shopping

Always supervise children at play. Children enjoy the play more when parents join them.

The Madras High Court Bench in Madurai recently restrained three private mobile phone operators from erecting a common cell phone tower at a hamlet in Thiruvattar panchayat union of Kanyakumari district. The interim injuction was granted by a Division Bench consisting of Justice Prabha Sridevan and Justice B. Rajendran on a public interest litigation (PIL) petition filed by Shylaja Kumari, councillor of the panchayat union. The PIL contended that erecting cell phone towers amidst residential areas would endanger the life of residents due to emission of electro magnetic radiation. It was alleged that these towers had a radiation level of 7620 microwatt, as against the specified standard level of 600 microwatt . It was also alleged that a survey revealed that newly developed cancer cases were three times higher among those who lived for nearly ten years at a distance of up to 400 metres from a cellular transmitter site compared to those living elsewhere. The PIL also stated that “the cell phone towers also cause noise pollution as the air conditioners and high voltage diesel generators make high decibel noise round the clock. It often results in hearing impairment as well as restless mind.” .

legal jottings

k n o w . s p e a k . a c t

few years ago, several hundreds of toy-related injuries were treated in U.S. hospitals in a single year and of those 77 percent involved kids under 15 years and 35 percent involved kids under 5. Some 16 fatal cases of children under 15 were also reported, despite all the safety precautions and guidelines issued from time to time by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). In India most toys sold in shops contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to children. Some toys are marked “nontoxic” or “safe”. They may contain acceptable levels of chemicals for an adult, but may be far beyond tolerable levels for a child. Toys made of painted wood and plastic toys, including toy jewelry, especially those made in China, have high levels of lead.



Court restraint on cell phone tower

Think twice before opting for bargain offers such as “Buy One, Get One Free” or “Free Gift with Purchase.” Clip coupons are useful when they save you money on what you’re already planning to buy. Check coupons for any terms , expiry date etc. Keep an eye on your credit or debit card during transactions, and get them back as quickly as possible. If your cards are lost or stolen, report the loss or theft immediately to the card issuers. Use credit and debit cards with care. Save your receipts. You need them for return or exchange. Check credit and debit card sales and receipts against your monthly bills and statements, and report any problems to the credit card issuer promptly. Ask about exchange, refund policies since each trader may have different terms.


New Polo

- the Sport is here

Only weeks after Ford launched its own small car, Figo, Volkswagen launches its own mini. mall is big. That is what the car makers of India have come to realise. And everyone has started going for it. The automobile market is being filled with small cars and the count is not showing signs to slow down in the near future. Not wanting to let go of the share, Volkswagen has launched its successful supermini, Polo. Polo is the first budget hatchback from Volkswagen, as they have been concentrating on the luxury segment with the likes of Jetta, Passat, Toureg and Beetle. Design-wise, VW Polo is on the lines of Scirocco and Golf. Sharp and sturdy is the crux of the design. On the first glance, the Polo looks solid. The whole exterior of the mini is heavily inspired from its sibling, Golf. Family trait I should say. The wide headlamps and fog lamps look neat and obliging. But I would have liked the twin-focal headlamps that are present in the European version of the Polo. They looked much sportier. The broad, low slung make and the wide wheel arches give the Polo a muscular stance. Two-line grille and the VW logo sits neatly between the headlamps with the netted bumper below it complete the front. Coming to the

rear, the squared tail lights are large and clear and the rear spoiler with additional brake light adds style. The interiors of the Polo exude Volkswagen’s exquisite craftsmanship that blends design, comfort and functionality at correct quotients. The typical Volkswagen’s three spoke steering wheel can be rake and reach adjusted for the ultimate driving position. The instrument cluster is neat with speedometer and tachometer making the most of it. Other information such as current and average fuel consumption, range, odometer and time can be seen in the digital display that sits between the speedo and the tacho. The center console hosts the music system with neatly aligned buttons and dials. Neither too soft nor too hard, the seats felt great and comfy to offer a perfect ride no matter what the distance of the journey is. The leg room in the front is great but the rear just passes though. The leather upholstery feels great both in looks and quality. The storage space that Polo offers is huge. A vast glove box, door pockets,

bottle holders give you places to store all around the car. The boot of Polo provides 280 liters space, making it one of the largest in its segment. High strength steel frame, dual air bags and ABS form the main features of the safety region of Polo. The VW Polo comes in three versions – 1.2L Petrol, 1.2L Diesel, 1.6L Petrol and three variants – Trendline, Comfortline and Highline. The 1.2L petrol version gives out a maximum output of 75PS at 5400 rpm and a maximum torque of 110Nm at 3750 rpm. This is the same engine that powers the Fabia but with more power. The revs are happy to hear even at peak levels and the throttle responds much better than its competitors. The 1.2L diesel version gives out a max output of 75PS at 4200 rpm and a peak torque of 180Nm at 2000 rpm. Mid-range of the diesel engine and its fuel economy are the main qualities that will pull you towards choosing it. Most powerful and a 4-cylinder one (the other two are 3-cylinder types) is the 1.6L petrol version of Polo. With maximum power output of 105PS at 5250 rpm, the Polo 1.6L petrol gives you a maximum torque of 153Nm

at 3750 rpm and can clock 0 to 100 kph in 11.1 seconds.

first gear


The transmission of Polo is a joy to work with. The 5-speed gear box is flawless and works great with the power delivery. Handling of Polo is top class. With secure steering feel and grip, well tuned suspension and a great chassis, you gain great confidence once the wheels start rolling. The ride quality is incredible as the shock absorption works double time in giving the best drive possible.

Volkswagen has loaded the Polo with features that compete with levels higher than its segment. The quality and finish of both the interiors and exteriors holds up Volkswagen’s detailing traits. Volkswagen Polo comes in six elating colours – Candy White, Deep Black, Flash Red, Emotion Blue, Reflex Silver and Pepper Grey. At a very competitive price ranging from Rs.4.34 Lakhs, you have a great product in the form of VW Polo. - Balasubramaniam N

Contact: ABRA Motors Private Limited, No:41, First Main Road,CIT Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600 035. +91 9600099949, +91 96000 99935

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ON SALE EXPRESS | APR 2 - APR 8 , 2010

he plan suddenly struck me this morning when I was in the middle of the meeting. My boss was blabbering endlessly about how the company’s future plans of action will help us in achieving a major share in the market and I was like “Ok, so what’s in there for me?” And when I looked around the table to find any allies who were bored as me, I noticed my colleague playing with his wedding ring which made me to think about my wedding and about the date the historical event happened. That’s when it hit me (my first one for the day). Today’s my wedding day. Now I know why lunch was not packed for me. Here I’m sitting in my office with a bunch of zombies while I should be with my wife celebrating. After putting up a scene of getting an emergency call that made me sacrifice my uncle, for the nth time, I came out and called my wife to get ready for a surprise. Now upon entering the jewellery shop, I selected the most beautiful ring, budget-wise, and gifted her saying “Happy Anniversary honey”. She looked surprised and held out her hand. And then I got the second hit as we got back in the car when my beloved told, “Sweetheart, our anniversary is still a couple of months away”.

- B. Bhuveneswari,T Nagar

- Raja, OMR



Do you recollect any such memories of goof-ups on your shopping expeditions, entertainment zones or eat-outs? Email us your misadventure at and walk away with surprise gifts. Your story (less than 400 words) will be printed here with whatever name you choose to write under (little angel, drunken monkey etc). Now, go ahead and laugh out loud!

Tag it! Let’s get your brain out of hibernation. Tweak the tag of the given ad and send us to or SMS to +91-9092790099 asap. The most creative tag will get an exciting prize.

- Turn to the Experts - Wraps in frost (Chitra) - Global cooling (Muthu Krishnan) - Cooling Experts (Rajkumar S) - Succumb to chill (Vinaya) And the Winner is Chitra

Issue 26 -


i guys, here’s my story. I recently went to a petrol pump with my Scooty and asked the lady there to fill my tank for hundred bucks. After giving a nasty look at my Scooty, she went on to fill it anyway. And to my shock, she happily stopped at Rs. 85. I got irritated and asked her what she meant by not filling it properly. I was shouting at her at least for 5 minutes even as she tried to say something back. Then she slowly stopped me and said, “Madam, your petrol tank is already full, what do you want me to do?” I gave a sheepish grin and left in a hurry, even as people around started laughing and never dared to return. After that incident, I always double check before filling my petrol tank.

Best Tags

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silly point

i n n o v a t e . i n t e r a c t . i n s p i r e

Anniversary Had Hits my fill! H T


Color Craze Dear Kids, Now that the IPL season has started, let us also get into the celebrations. Colour the Delhi Daredevils logo with vibrant hues.

Colour this picture and mail your artwork to (or) to the address below within the next ten days (by April 12, 2010) to win exciting prizes!


For this week

Soil-free Harvest B

Winner for 25th Issue: Vandana M Adyar




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of the Week

mad lab

reathe, the concept garden, allows you to harvest plants inside your residence without the need of soil. It features misters under the structure that fed water and nutrients to the plants through their root. Also, backup batteries are there to ensure constant functionality during the time of power outage. Apart from a nonsoil environment, it also offers periodical water flow to the plants which will give peace of mind to the user.


Breathe - The Concept Garden


























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e has got the most mesmerising eyes ever. But yes, he is known better for his acting skills. Arya, the actor who won accolades for his performance in Bala’s ‘Naan Kadavul’ is now back with several interesting films in his kitty. This week, we get him talking about his films, heroines and more…. The ‘Naan Kadavul’ experience

It was amazing working with Bala and the unit of ‘Naan Kadavul’. Though the film took a long time in the making, it was a great learning curve for me. One experience I can’t forget is the shoot in Kashi. The town had a mesmerising influence on me and changed my view of life. I spent a lot of time observing people and going around the city for my role. The one thing it taught me was that everything is transient in this world and nothing is permanent. On working with Bala, again! I am fortunate that I get to work with Bala again in his next project called AGS Entertainments ’Avan Evan’. I play Vishal’s younger brother. The film will be completed in a short time and the shoot is already on. Yuvan Shankar Raja is doing the music and Janani Iyer is the new heroine. It’s an action-based comedy film.

will be great to work with Vishal as we are very comfortable with each other. I think our roles are well-defined and we have a great director to get the best out of us.

on sets

l i g h t . c a m e r a . a c t i o n

Prince Charming Romancing Nayanthara … Nayan is my co-star in ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran’. I must say that she’s a thorough professional and is on the dot on the sets, no matter how early the shoot! Because of this, I guess I too have to be on my toes! I guess that way I really had a tough time ( chuckles). Who’s the boss? In ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran’, I play a vetti character whose only job is to hang around footloose all day, without doing any work. It’s a breezy film and I am enjoying the whole process. We have been shooting in several areas in Chennai. Santhanam has a meaty role and will keep you guys in splits. After a serious film like ‘Naan Kadavul’, this is a good opportunity to play a light role. It’s directed by Rajesh of ‘Siva Manasile Sakthi’ fame. Back to Madras… In another film called ‘Madrasappatinam’ directed by ‘Kreedam’ fame Vijay, I play a wrestler. It’s a film set in the Madras of the 1940s and I had to learn a bit of wrestling for the role. The heroine is a foreigner. Naturally, it’s a challenging role for me and I am giving it my best shot. - Rinku Gupta

Being one of the heroes Such double hero projects are not new to me. I teamed up with Bharat in ‘Pattiyal’ earlier. It

Do you know me? My style statement: Just be yourself and wear whatever is comfortable for you. My favourite hangouts in Chennai: The Park and Taj Coromandel My favourite cuisine: My mom’s cooking, especially her chicken curry. What I like about Chennai: I get to play football here! My favourite holiday destination: Kerala


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