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ON SALE EXPRESS | FEB 26 - MAR 4, 2010


Hot ‘n’ Happening


Weather SUN

















@ chennai

p e o p l e . t r e n d s . e v e n t s



To Do List Beach Buffet Feb 28, 12.45pm to 3.00 pm With over five non-veg and nine veg varieties, scrumptious desserts and drinks, Seagull presents you a relishing Sunday brunch. Seagull, Taj Fishermans Cove, Covelong Beach, East Coast Road, Kanchipuram District Muttukadu, Chennai. Phone: 67413333

ers mania - Popular sing m Don’t Miss Rah e yal and others com Srinivas, Benny Da ner ute to Oscar win together to pay trib s ent em achiev A.R.Rahman for his 9.00 pm. on Feb 28, 6.00 pm to osite s, Westcott Road, Opp Wesley School Ground Contact: 28589010. Woodlands Theatre. chira di Utsav @ Dakshina folk m Check Out Uga regional garagalu . It brings you the iva di fest l. On Uga of w vie in e performanc Coast DakshinaChitra, East from Feb 27 – Mar 7. : ngelpet District.Contact Road, Muttukadu, Che 24462435.

Kebab & Biryani Fest Feb 16th to Feb 28th Varieties of soups, salads, kebabs, biryanis, desserts are out there. The Kebab & Biryani Fest at Get Grilled is sure to melt your taste buds. Get Grilled, 36, Royapettah High Road, Chennai - 600 014. Phone: 66713333

Speed Dial

Yoga for all! Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured. Start practisig Yoga now. Call up for a healthy and peaceful life..

Lunch and Jazz Feb 28, 12.45 pm to 3 pm Salads, salmon, oysters, pasta, pizza and risotto – enjoy the complete cuisine in the company of live jazz performance. Cappuccino, Sheraton Park Hotel, 132, TTK Road, RA Puram, Alwarpet, Chennai. Phone: 24994101

Krishnamacharya Yoga 24937998 (Mandaveli)

International Sivananda Yoga Vendata Centre 24511626 (Kottivakkam)

Indian School Of Yoga 24358636 (T.Nagar)

Sana Andiappan Yoga Centre 65625555 (Alwarpet)

Swaat Utsav

Isha Yoga Centre

24333185 (T Nagar)

15th Feb to 28th Feb An authentic Gujarati vegetarian fare. From undhiyo to mohan thal and kadhi, enjoy the delicious 16-dish thali at Rs.600 plus taxes .

For Feedback & Suggestions, Contact us at 044-43590099 (or) Email us at

Courtyard® by Marriott® Chennai, 564, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600018. Phone: 66764000

Nook 'N' Corner DISCLAIMER

Food for Life Improved health, increased energy levels, and weight loss – this is what Diet India promises. Through healthy food habits, natural physical activities and strategies in managing your emotions, they create selfawareness and improve your lifestyle. Diet India 18/a, 33, Teachers Colony, Indira Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600020. Phone: 45966650/66/67


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FEB 26 - MAR 4, 2010

Steps of Success rom being a gramophone company in 1974 to being a leading mobile retailer chain now, Sangeetha Mobiles has evolved big. With its presence spread over the states of Southern India, and plans to widen its base throughout the country, Sangeetha Mobiles is one of the fastest growing mobile retailers in India. And the recent acquisition of Wavetel just proves its endeavour to expand. In this exclusive interview, Mr. Subhash Chandra, MD, Sangeetha Mobiles, gets to talk about the past, the present and the future of Sangeetha Mobiles. The Beginning Sangeetha Mobiles was started initially as a gramophone company in 1974 and later moved into consumer appliances. It was in 1997 that we started mobile retailing, that has acted as a pioneer for the others to follow. We want to give our customers a different experience when it comes to mobile retailing. Since the day of inception, Sangeetha Mobiles has been looked upon as a company that gives quality products and service to the customers. How different is Sangeetha Mobiles from its counterparts? Today, Sangeetha Mobiles has become a brand to recognise with. We have proved our ability after scaling several landmarks. With just 100 outlets in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu, we have shown progress that surpasses the outcome of our competitors who have over 1000 outlets. We were the first in the country to offer mobile insurance against theft, physical damage etc. Though the margin of profit in mobile business is comparatively less, we still hold on to the insurance policies because we wanted to give the people the best of the options available. We also have the fastest process when it comes to insurance claim. With 3 days as the turnover period for the claims, we have a 98.5% success ratio on the claims within 72 hrs. Over Rs.150 lakh has been settled for insurance claims.

Sangeetha & Wavetel – A New Journey

Advice to future entrepreneurs

Though we had it all to make it big, we didn’t have a wide range to capture the market in Tamilnadu. With just 7 showrooms, it was not enough. Then the opportunity of acquiring Wavetel came. As Wavetel has already got the identity and is popular with a wide customer base, we had a great foothold. Plans are on to expand the number of showrooms to 100 in the next 12 months in Tamilnadu. We are also planning to expand pan-India that will help us cross the turnover target of Rs.1000 crores by March 2011. And without taking in the Wavetel acquisition, Sangeetha Mobiles will close the year 2009-10 with a turnover of Rs.500 crores. Though we have acquired Wavetel, the brand would continue in its own individual identity. Our relationship would now help in plans to grow at an accelerated pace.

Be sure of what you are going to do. And when you have decided on that, do it with passion.

life is beautiful


- Balasubramaniam N

Subhash Chandra

Why Wavetel? Wavetel has a wide network in Tamilnadu and is immensely popular with the public. We wanted to establish ourselves in the state and also wanted to acquire market share, both of which Wavetel has already got. With the recession hit recently, they were caught in the storm and there have been concerns. It is then that both the companies came into contact and finalised on the terms, resulting in Sangeetha acquiring Wavetel. The Future More expansion is surely on the anvil. Although our business opportunities are based in South India, we are planning in a big way to extend our reach throughout the country. Not only showrooms, but also the distribution part of Sangeetha Mobiles would grow along. And now with the Wavetel acquisition, you would be able to see more activities happening in the immediate future.

Photo : Nagoor j

Sangeetha Mobiles acquires Wavetel Mobiles Sangeetha Mobiles announced the acquisition of Wavetel Mobiles in Tamilnadu on February 23rd. John Yesudas, Founder, Wavetel Mobiles and CEO of the new entity quoted, “Wavetel will continue to maintain its independent identity and pursue its own growth plans. Wavetel has 21 showrooms across Tamilnadu with a loyal and dedicated customer following, Wavetel is perceived as the best value provider in mobile retailing and we are keen to extract maximum value from this position. The combined turnover of Sangeetha Mobiles and Wavetel Mobiles will help in getting best-value-deals for all brands of mobiles in the immediate future and this would be passed on to the consumers, fuelling further growth.”

.............................................................................................. Contact us at 044-43590099 |


ON SALE EXPRESS | FEB 26 - MAR 4, 2010


Which is your favourite piece of jewellery? Something that you have designed or something designed by someone else?

ooted in tradition but not bound by it, Ahalya Rasvihar, co-founder of Rasvihar, talks about jewellery, designs and more. How was Rasvihar born?

Ahalya Rasvihar

The fascination created by the social settings, the observation of remarkable personalities and their dress and jewellery. The casual elegance and beauty that was usually understated triggered a passion for creativity. This expressed itself in the creation of unique jewellery. I started a jewellery store ‘Abhan’ in 2005 and started ‘Rasvihar’ with co-founder Prabodh Jain in Sept. 2007. At Abhan, the jewellery was being sold at a personal level, a personal relationship developed in the set up, the way the small store was designed. It gave people a chance to sit and talk to me and I could help and guide them to choose the right piece that suited their personality. Everything should be done in a holistic manner, there has to be relevance in time and space. Eg. a bride will look good in a ‘Mandapam’, not walking on the streets. - Rasvihar had to be this way so that people enjoy the ambience that should come along with the kind of jewellery being sold. Everything had to be aesthetically presented in the right kind of surroundings. People should take time to enjoy what they buy and hence Rasvihar. One cannot buy jewellery in an unpleasant setting, harsh lights etc. What makes the jewellery at Rasvihar different? What is the USP of your store Being a keen observer of people and their characteristics, I realised that jewellery had to be relevant to people’s lifestyle - distinct, not overbearing; it had to have personality and character. When people buy jewellery in other stores, they ask for jewellery to be scaled up or scaled down according to the budget, one has to understand that the jewellery, design and proportion has to match. There cannot be budget constraints, this kind of jewellery cannot be made lighter or heavier, it has been created keeping the design, proportion etc in mind.

My wedding ring - the ‘Vamki’, the traditional wedding ring worn by Mangaloreans which I got done in lace collection. What is your opinion on the kind of jewellery women should wear in current times? Is it chunky jewellery, bling, or delicate jewellery?

life is beautiful

p e o p l e . t r e n d s . e v e n t s

Timeless Tradition

Something that is relevant to their personality and the kind of work they do. For eg: a doctor cannot be dressed in bright colours, or for an interview, you cannot wear long earrings. Women should invest in good, well designed and well finished jewellery that they can use often and which makes a statement about them. How did you begin the range ‘Babyrasa’? My own daughter inspired me to start ‘Babyrasa’, when I went out to buy jewellery for my daughter, I discovered that most of the jewellery was either babyish, cartoon like or adult designs scaled down to look childlike. No proper jewellery was available for babies. Babyrasa has contemporary designs that go with this day and age. Jewellery to sarees? What inspired Sarangi. and what makes your saris different from the saris available at the stores in T Nagar? I like Kanjeevaram saris, it’s the queen of silks, the weave is special, doesn’t crush easily, breathable, when washed it changes, it’s good in winter as it adapts. At other T.Nagar shops, you have to go through a mountain load of saris to get that one classic piece. At Sarangi classic, aesthetic kanjivarams are merchandised and put together in a range of classic pieces. We kept the tradition alive. If it’s too expensive, only a few will wear them. So we have kept the prices are competitive here. Who has been your personal inspiration ? Alarmel Valli, the classical bharatanatyam dancer What is the secret behind your success? Always have an aim, goal and agenda, pursue your goal, know what you want, you will know how to get it, the path is not important but having a well-defined goal is tantamount to success.

Our USP - Unique - Capable of delivery - Customised

- Shivani Arora

- Great finish - Consistent quality - Wearable – meaning not daily wear but you get to wear it a lot, because its beautiful and suits you, so you would like to wear it more often, it is you!


17a, Sterling Avenue, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600034 Contact: 28269912


FEB 26 - MAR 4, 2010


of the







 FRESH FASHION

Buy 2 Get 2 on Men’s wear

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40% discount on selected

luggage and trolley bags



Upto 50% discount on beauty packages and massages


All VIP Outlets

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All VLCC branches

Toll free - 1800 266 8522


ON SALE EXPRESS | FEB 26 - MAR 4, 2010

Gizmo Planet This week, let’s take a look at laptops that have caused a storm recently.

just in

s e a r c h . d i s c o v e r . i n d u l g e

Computer phobic? Alex comes to rescue! Based on Linux, Alex comes with simplified e-mail, web browsing, image editing and office software. You should pay £39.95 a month for telephone support, software updates and broadband access. The laptop with its simple suite of software could prove to be a popular alternative to the Windows and Mac operating systems.


Are you game? Hard-core gaming just got more affordable. Dell launched the gaming laptop Alienware M11x in a form that’s close to a netbook size. The 11.6-inch laptop comes packed with switchable graphics, including an Nvidia GT335M GPU as its main powerhouse, and will sell soon for less than $1,000. The Alienware M11x will be available in 2 color options: Cosmic Black or Lunar Shadow (Silver). Dell is working to bring this PC to international markets, including South Asia. Fingers crossed.


Entertainment unleashed! MSI launched the latest 16” entertainment model GE600 for its G series notebooks. This new model comes loaded with Intel Core i5 processor and a built-in ATI Radeon HD5730 discrete graphics card (including 1GB DDR3 VRAM). Moreover, bearing the 720p HD webcam also gives it an edge above the rest. Their high-end video/audio equipment is designed to give you the ultimate multimedia experience.



India’s first eco-friendly notebook! HCL Infosystems Limited, India’s premier hardware company recently unveiled India’s first PVC free HCL ME Series 40 Notebook. The eco-friendly ME notebook has been designed and manufactured with materials completely free of harmful chemicals like Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC), a hazardous toxin, absence of which makes recycling of electronic products safer and environment friendly. The new notebook is based on the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and apart from being ecofriendly is also loaded with host of innovative features like encryption options, anti-theft possibilities etc



ies Ser




FEB 26 - MAR 4, 2010

Stop Starvation! Just know the knack to snack.


ieting? Maybe I should begin tomorrow! This is what I say to myself every single day I indulge in some yummy sugary eats and irresistible fried snacks. But this time around when I walked past those run-of-the-mill super markets, I thought I could perhaps make my dieting an experience worth going through. After spending hours on the treadmill, it only makes sense that we pay a little attention to the food we eat. To maintain a diet is not something you plan and organize in your expensive organiser diaries; you have to go out there and find interesting stuff in rather uninteresting and boring places to make it more fun and exciting. On the flipside, don’t get paranoid, if you swallow some sinful snack, big deal, you can always burn it down on some extra minutes in the gym. Now, the best place to start with is the little and yet demanding stomach that we own. So if you have been considering a diet for quite some time now, probably just utilise this best chance to do something good to yourself. Do not mess with your regular meals, those are the ones that keep you going; experiment with your snacks and see how well it works on you. Most of the calories that we pile in your body are because of the careless and unhealthy snacks we eat. So here is what you can do to make your snack, a whole new delightful experience. The best thing is to go nuts over some mouth-watering and enjoyable nuts. There can be absolutely nothing as relishing and healthy as some of your favourite nuts. Filled with the goodness of nature and a dash of some exotic flavoured spices, this is precisely what you ought to eat, when you just

feel like munching something. And you can pick up one of these packets of nuts, peeled and flavoured from stores like Nuts and Spices, Chedda Foods, Mahalingapurma, Nilgiris etc. Again going nuts is fine, going gaga over nuts is not a very good thing to do. A good amount of these a day, keeps you fit and also helps in weight loss. Gauging the needs of consumers, a lot of companies have come up with their own, tasty nutri bars that are truly addictive. Some of them to help lose those extra pounds and some to tone up and some also to keep you fit. These nutri bars serve the purpose of a full-fledged snack, leaving you deprived of nothing, including a hungry stomach. These bars are good to keep you full and satisfied in between your main meals. ATM – Any Time Meal, one of the most famous nutri bars in the market, ensure less appetite in between meals and that is a good thing. Rich in proteins and vitamins, this bar is a quick eat and is the most perfect snack. If you go looking for these bars, you will find a lot of them to choose from; pick any of them they are good for their own specific reasons. The Rite Bite Series, I must say, is yet another fabulous snack and that which you need to relish. Priced reasonably between Rs. 25 and Rs. 30 per bar on an average; it is a good pick for calorie watchers. You could also try some prunes and gooseberries for a snack. They are yet another great idea for a good snack. You can pick up a packaged container of fresh prunes and feast on it for a delectable snack and at the same time is one of the healthiest ones too. Available at a reasonable Rs. 150, Sunsweet Prunes, ought to come on to your

.............................................................................................. Contact us at 044-43590099 |

monthly grocery lists. Besides, there is our own, very favourite Muesli. Dorset Muesli ranks as the most favourite pick for calorie conscious people. A typical evening snack, Muesli is one of the ideal things you could experiment on and also enjoy. Also try different flavours available in the Quaker Muesli series in the leading super markets (Spencer’s Daily, Nilgiris, Chedda Foods, Nuts n Spices) of the city. For all you tea lovers, a good suggestion would be to switch over to green tea. For the kind of detox and cleansing it does, you are sure to get rid of those dangerous toxins responsible for your weight. Other tempting options for drink lovers include the Getrim milkshake mix in several delectable flavours. The markets are flooding with many such products from slim milk and curd to fresh fruits and vegetables. Experiment and enjoy mixing and matching all these yummy food available and see what’s the best you can do to yourself. Never diet, only make food more fun. - Puja Prakash


ATM – Any Time Meals - 126 Calories Getrim milkshake mix - 4 Calories per gram Rite Bite Nutri Bar - 150 Calories


Light Up a

When the grey clouds storm your sky, I shall bring you the ra


hether or not you took vows at the altar to cherish your loved one in sickness and health, every person who has a special place in your heart needs to feel cherished especially when they are sick. This could be the love of your life, your pesky neighbour who (thank god!) has suddenly been advised rest, your parents or your friend who showed off with daredevil stunts only to end up with broken bones! Togetherness and laughter is the best medicine to fight sickness. Research has proved time and again that psychological wellbeing also leads to physical wellbeing. It would do well to remember that what sick people need is love, happiness and of course their prescribed medicines. The last thing any self respecting sick soul would want is pity, sympathy and tears around them. So lock up that tap in your eyes and chuck out all those nauseatingly mushy get well soon cards! Here are a few ways to keep your loved one’s spirits high even when their health is on a low. Cards We just said no to mushy sympathetic cards not to the funny and quirky cards, especially ones that insult sick people. Who can resist poking fun and insulting friends who fall sick? They can’t even react quickly enough to shoot back with an answer or a slap! You can possibly post the card in case a person is down with something contagious. These are great for people who are sick at hospitals. You can even create your own personalised card to show that you have put in thought, time and effort into insult someone- they will be flattered! Game On Yes, sickness is the one time when indoor games go to a whole new level. Inventions like Xbox, Play Station, Wii, hand held games

be better for your sick friend than to shoot someone down or get the high out of stealing other people’s cars? All that you need to do is either lend your gaming console for a few days or be generous enough to buy a new one for your gaming addict friend! Movie Marathon Thank God again for technology, what would the world be without it? If your friend is bedridden at home, then you got the television at your disposal to screen all the favourite movies of your loved one. If your friend is at the hospital, fret not for you still have laptops at your disposal. Leave the CDs or DVDs behind for the patient to watch the flicks whenever boredom and loneliness creeps in after the official visiting hours at the hospital.

Outdoors In!

There is nothing be than some sunshi and fresh air but if your loved on is doomed to st indoors becau of sickness, you can do a favour by bringing the outdoors in. Buy them some

Of Tweets And FB Wow! It is almost as if a terminally ill patient would update their status message to, “goodbye” two minutes before they actually bid goodbye! How did we ever do without Twitter, Facebook and the likes? Our entire life- social, personal and professional almost depends on our ability to keep track of others on networking sites and to also make sure that we are never forgotten with constant status updates. Let your loved one give into the addiction and feel connected- the world is. Pamper Sessions When a person is sick, they definitely look sick. Here’s a great way to make them look and feel like a million dollars even in they are in sick bed. Call one of the numerous freelance beauticians home! Get your friend, wife, sister or mum a new haircut! Better still pamper them with a massage, pedicure or manicure. You will never be forgotten for this. Candle Light Meals So what if half of what your loved one normally eats isn’t in their diet chart? Use all the healthy ingredients prescribed by the doctor to prepare a healthy, gourmet meal. Look online for recipes and ideas. Light some relaxing scented candles, fix to bed trays and enjoy a healthy candle light meal with your loved one while they recuperate.

and games on mobile phones never made more sense until now. What could


Good Old Bonding Dumb charades, monopoly, chess, UNO, playing cards- feels like childhood school holidays doesn’t it? What could be better than some good old bonding over those long forgotten board games. Here’s your chance to remember how good you really were at them! Psst, psst lose deliberately every once in a while to make the patient feel like a winner.

potted plants, or just bring their favourite plan into the bedroom from the garde Get them a bouquet of exotic flowers. Change the pillow covers and other decor to bright natural, happy shades of yellow, green and red. You will be surprised what an effect this can have on a person whose energy levels are low. This of course cannot be implemented in hospitals lest you want some really fat bills!

ON SALE EXPRESS | FEB 26 - MAR 4, 2010


- Sick people normally lose weight. So compliment them on how much weight they have managed to lose and how great they look.


etter ine, rain t sadly ne tay use

nts en.

Sick Picks

- Sick in American slang means cool! So try telling your bedridden loved one this, “You are sick” or “You look sick!” Autographs Please Though you might not be able to afford the fat hospital bill, you can definitely afford the official patient gown from the hospital. Take that drab gown and jazz it up with the autographs and wishes from near and dear ones. Draw some graffiti on the cast that is wrapped around your friend’s fractured bones. Remember to always, always use permanent markers while engaging in such acts of vandalism J

- Watch movies like Vasool Raja MBBS, Munna Bhai MBBS or serials like House and Grey’s Anatomy to get more ideas for keeping patients happy.

Croon Away We all love karaoke, don’t we? It gives us the official permission to sing and croon no matter how bad we sound. Unless your loved one has been advised not to exercise their vocal chords, this is great way to bring together friends and family. How come we only dance during weddings in our culture? Choreograph some of your friend’s favourite songs and entertain them live! Make them laugh till they cry (out of happiness of course.) If you are in the hospital, then just keep the volume low.

- Swetha Venkataramani

What not to say to a sick friend? So you are there to support him, it doesn’t mean that you have to choke them with emotionally charged dialogues. Here’s what not to say: If you stop thinking about it, the pain will go away ! You should just pray harder. You’re sick again??


I wish I could just sit around all day like you. If you got a job you’d have something else to think about. It can’t be that bad, is it? What have you done to make God mad at you? At least it’s not something worse.. Sympathetic glances are even worse. Just give them loads of love and help them sail through their sickness fast and happy.


ON SALE EXPRESS | FEB 26 - MAR 4, 2010

Fuel thy self! For workout freaks, Bodyfuelz presents an assortment of ‘Performance Nutrition Supplements’



ith more people becoming fitness conscious, and heading to the gym for their daily dose of racing the treadmill and pumping iron, and some even turning the elusive size zero into their fitness goal, a legion of fitness and performance products have begun to hit the market and come with the promise of providing a more effective workout session work-out session and keeping muscle and joints in good shape. Bodyfuelz, a city-based Sports Nutrition company that manufactures ‘Performance Nutrition Supplements,’ is part of the aforementioned legion. Bodyfuelz, is part of Tablets India Limited, a flagship company of the Jhaver Conglomerate, and has several products for serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts: Bodyfuez Musclemax - for the bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who dream for that lean well ripped look! Musclemax contains amino acids (among other ingredients) packaged in a crystalline form. Bodyfuelz Fatburner - contains LCarnitine: an amino acid like nutrient that is found naturally in the body. It plays a major role in the process of burning fat for energy. L-Carnitine can also help you achieve more energy, increase immune function, enhance and protect your mental faculties, and lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. L-Carnitine L-Tartrate has been proven in a number of studies to increase lean muscle mass and decrease BMI and body fat content as part of a weight management program. This is considered as one of the safest vegetarian fat burner. Bodyfuelz Fastcharge - a scientifically designed sports drink for Indian climatic

conditions which help prevent dehydration caused due to sweat. Fastcharge not only rehydrates the salts but also vitamins which are lost during sweat. Bodyfuez Pwrsports - helps athletes and fitness enthusiasts build strength and stamina. Corporate warriors who are into Marathons and Cyclothons will find PWRSPORTS help build strength and endurance during training and game play. Bodyfuelz Fitnez - ideal for those fitness enthusiasts who prefer low level intense workouts like aerobics, walking, jogging, swimming and salsa to stay in shape. (In fact, Bodyfuelz has supported Dinaz Vervatwalain in completing 26 hours of nonstop aerobics, which is a Guinness World Record ) Bodyfuelz Glucosamine – ideal for those who suffer from knee and joint pain problems. So why do we need Bodyfuelz anyway? “Your body needs 21 amino acids to function. But here is the Big Idea: Your muscles are made of only 6 types of these amino acids called Ergogenic Amino Acids: Glutamine ( which forms 60% of your muscle), BCAA ( which forms 35% of your muscle) and the rest being Argenine and others. During any workout/ training, you lose only these 6 types of Amino Acids. It is this loss of Amino Acids which cause muscle tiredness during workout and also the DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness), that intense pain you get post workout! By sending fast acting pure form amino acids directly to your muscles during workout you get the best muscle development and faster muscle recovery. Researches show that by

replenishing amino acids pre, during and immediately post workout, the body absorbs nutrition the most. Bodyfuelz products are fast acting pure form amino acids containing exactly what your body needs for a workout,” explains Sri Vikas, E-Business Manager of Bodyfuelz. “Besides, unlike other protein supplements, our product doesn’t need to be mixed in water. Also, it is low in calories and 100% fat free,” he claims. He reads our worry lines and adds, “None of our products have side effects. We strictly use only the ingredients mentioned at the back of all our products. Bodyfuelz also provides complimentary diet and nutrition counseling for all their customers.” These products, he says, are suitable for bodybuilders, sports players and fitness enthusiasts. “Our customers are not just serious athletes and sportsmen – right now, Sushil Kumar (winner of the 66kg Wrestling in the 1008 Beijing Olympics) is our brand ambassador – and also people who enjoy a good

in focus

f a s h i o n . s t y l e . i c o n

workout – men who wants bodies like Shahid Kapoor’s or women who want a toned, voluptuous frame,” smiles Vikas.

Well, speaking of Shahid Kapoor, how much of the fitness frenzy that is going around in influenced by the six packs we see on glossy magazines and size zero on TV? “Yes, these things do influence people. But the focus should be on wholesome good health and fitness. It’s maintaining good muscle strength and stamina and being healthy that is most important,” he concluded. Good, six pack anyone? - Krithika Sukumar


FEB 26 - MAR 4, 2010

The Essence of Purity It’s time to woo beauty, the natural way! co-friendly products are the rage in current times, more so, if it promises ageless beauty. Made of natural ingredients, fruit extracts, flowers, oils etc, bio-cosmetics are making heads turn. ‘Essence of Earth’ is an exclusive brand that deals with such natural products. Started by Medha Raju, a lady with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, it has appealed to all and sundry. After running a beauty parlour ‘Clippers’ for the last two decades, Medha realised the need for natural products. “The cosmetics available in the market, creams, scrubs etc are very harsh on the skin and hence I decided to come out with a range which is both close to nature and also skin friendly,” says Medha. She has worked with biochemists and plant scientists in order to research every product their label had launched. Essence of Earth was launched in January 2009 and over the span of a year, the products have grown in popularity and are stocked in several stores in the city. Essence of Earth has a complete range of hair, skin, bath and body products for all skin types. The skin care range includes scrubs, washes, serums, soaps and lotions. The hair care range includes oils

and shampoos. They also have a range of shower gels and bath salts. The Spa range includes Balinese massage oil, Anti cellulite lypolytic oil and hibiscus hair oil. The brand stands for beauty, as natural and pure as Mother Earth and all their products are prepared by deriving the core essence of the ingredient used. “ We believe that the purer the product is, the better it is for the skin and we use all parts of the plant- the fruits, flowers, the bark and the leaves,” says Medha. The soaps are made in the Himalayas and are even packaged in eco-friendly brown paper.

all skin conditions. Use twice daily after face wash.

Our pick from the diverse products of Essence of Earth:

How to use: For dry and prematurely ageing skin, use every night before going to bed.

Black currant beauty fluid This refreshing and hydrating beauty fluid is enriched with black currants which are rich in anti-oxidants, phytonutrients and VitaminC. It also has a nutrient GLA (gamma linoleic acid), - a rare omega 6 essential fatty acid. It delivers intensive moisture to dry starving skin, smoothes fine lines, restores balance and prevents free radical damage. How to use: For

How to use: Apply on wet skin, wait for 20min and rinse out with cold water. Use twice a week.

Rich night serum Fortifed with pure jojoba oil, which is very similar to human sebum hence is easily absorbed into the skin. It delivers immediate benefits to dry dehydrated and prematurely ageing skin. Almond oil, neroli help smooth fine lines and stimulate collagen production. Applied at night, it restores vital moisture and reinforces skin’s natural defense barrier.

Hibiscus Hair oil

in focus


Hibiscus extract has been used in Ayurveda to tackle hair fall and dandruff from ancient times. The oil is enriched with hibiscus flower extract and 10 different herbs to promote lustrous and glossy hair growth. Their products are priced at a price range of Rs. 110 –Rs.375 - Shivani Arora

Young skin scrub A sandal and curcuma exfoliator, it brings the best out of your skin. Sandalwood is well known for its balancing and soothing effects on harmones and dry irritated skin. Curcuma longa (turmeric) is known for its medicinal properties. Turmeric and sandal have been used in various rituals throughout India. It gives a radiant glow to the skin and helps to calm the nerves.

‘Essence of Earth’ products are available in Chennai @ Fashion Folks - Besant Nagar The Madras Terrace house Royapettah

Cane and Bamboo - Egmore Shilpi - Alwarpet and Haddows road

Amma Nana - Chamiers road Vanilla - Gopalapuram Purple - Kalakshetra Colony.

Essence of Earth # 150/98, 2nd floor, Cisons Complex Montieth road, Egmore, Chennai- 600008. Contact: 9840716170/ 43508006

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Food safety is in your hands

Food related illnesses are caused largely by bacteria or by poisonous toxins which they produce. These bacteria get into the food we eat from soil, water, raw produce, kitchen surfaces, hands of those handling food dishes and kitchen ware. There are four major types of germs: bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. They invade plants and animals and cause sickness. One may ask how soil or utensils we use are to blame. We will clarify. A few other reasons for food contamination are poor time-temperature controls, cross contamination, and indifference to personal hygiene. Moreover, during monsoons when diseases and infections are rampant, one should be more careful. Kitchen the delivery point: The most important causes of food-borne illness are errors in food handling and preparation at home, restaurants and other eating-places. Kitchens are the delivery points for microbes. An effective training programme for those in charge of food preparation

and handling is the only way by which any public health problem can be averted The human immune system, especially of young children, pregnant women, the elderly and chronically ill people, is not strong enough to prevent food borne infections. The problem is certainly preventable if safe food handling practices are followed. Given below are some points about the basics of food safety that will help you and your family to ward off any health disorder. Even well cooked food becomes hazardous by contamination. It can be from chemical, physical or biological sources. Chemical hazards include substances used to grow crops. Spraying of insecticides and application of nutrients on plants and crops are regularly done and the chemicals used stick to the produce. Especially during monsoons when water-borne diseases and infections are rampant, we have to be careful in selecting the type of vegetables or foods to be consumed. Some other chemicals we cannot avoid using include cleaning solutions and sanitizers. A little extra care while cleaning the vessels , knives and cutting tray will help.

Wash before Use

Raw foods, fruits and vegetables contain a certain amount of bacteria on them as well. . While some of these bacteria may be harmless, it is important to remember that fresh fruits , vegetables and raw food carry a lot of dirt and should be washed under running water before being cooked or eaten. Use fresh vegetables

Purchase your vegetables and perishables on a daily basis as far as practicable. Check “Best before’ date on processed food items. And buy food items with product certification marks such as ISI, AGMARK etc . Whether it is bread or milk, check the expiry date. Make sure milk and milk products, fish, seafood, poultry, meat and meat products, eggs and other perishables are refrigerated as soon as possible after purchase. If you go for a canned food item, please check if it has any leak, dents or bulging lids and if it has even one of these, better discard that. - Correspondent

EASY-TO-FOLLOW STEPS We will discuss some easy-to-follow steps , since safety is in your hands only. Wash hands before cooking/ eating Our hands are always in use and naturally carry bacteria on them. Wash your hands before handling food, whether it is cooking, serving or eating . Food is an ideal place for bacteria to grow and cooks and servers help transfer that bacteria to others .

The Bombay High Court has held that if a blank post-dated cheque which has been issued only as a collateral security for a loan bounces, the debtor cannot be prosecuted under the Negotiable Instruments Act. Justice P.R.Borkar held that “very often banks accept blank post-dated cheques from borrowers as a security for repayment. A criminal case under the NI Act cannot be lodged if such cheques bounced.” The ruling came on a petition filed by a cooperative credit society which had given a loan to an individual and had taken ten blank post-dated cheques as a security for repayment. But one of these cheques dated January 2008 had bounced for which the coop. society had filed a complaint. When the magistrate’s court did not allow it, the society filed an application in the High Court seeking its permission to file an appeal in the sessions court.

legal jottings

k n o w . s p e a k . a c t

ood contamination is a serious problem that causes a variety of illnesses, some of which take epidemic proportions. Impurities in the water used for cooking and bad handling of inputs at the preparation stage are the main reasons for contamination. In our City, the authorities have launched a drive against unhygienic food joints, which are, of late, rapidly flourishing. The Union Government has established a food standards authority called the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for laying down standards for articles of food and regulating manufacturing, processing, distribution, sale and import of food so as to ensure safe and wholesome food for human consumption. FSSAI has recently published the draft of its proposed guidelines on food recall procedures on its website, seeking suggestions from stakeholders . The guidelines are also aimed at educating those in the food business on rapid identification and removal of unsafe food from the distribution chain and on alerting consumers (where necessary) against potentially hazardous food in circulation in the market.



If collateral cheque bounces

Airline asked to pay for lost baggage The Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has directed Emirates Airline to pay Rs 2 lakh compensation to a Delhi doctor for the loss of baggage on his reaching Athens, as well as for tampered baggage on the return journey. The doctor had complained that he could not attend a meeting due to the loss of baggage. The airline pleaded that as per the Carriage Act it was liable to pay a sum of US $20 per kg only for loss and with respect to damage of suitcase, it paid US $150 as an interim relief. Justice Kapoor of the Consumer Commission noted,vv “Liability under the Consumer Protection Act arises from the offence of deficiency of service which is to be judged independently. Loss of baggage, non-delivery, late delivery or pilferage is in itself a deficiency in service. Hence the consumer who suffers mental agony and harassment needs to be compensated.’’

Speak Out! Toyota recalls Hybrid cars



product recalls

Toyota has announced the global recall of more than 400,000 of the automaker’s 2010 hybrid models, including the popular Prius, Sai and Lexus HS250h, for problems in their anti-lock braking systems. “We do apologise for the inconvenience and concerns we’ve given to the customers,” President Akio Toyoda said in making the recall announcement from the automaker’s headquarters in Tokyo. The company will work to recover its customers’ trust, Toyoda said. The recall adds to the woes of the beleaguered automaker, which had previously recalled more than eight million cars in recent months. According to CNN, Toyota officials estimate the total cost of the global recall could be as much as $2 billion, including the loss of 100,000 vehicle sales in the United States and Europe.

Readers are invited to share with us their grievances about products or the outcome of any complaint taken to a retailer or service provider, for publication. E-mail us at


FEB 26 - MAR 4, 2010

A Storm is coming... Getting in to the eye of the twister on wheels

From its concept and styling, the CB Twister proves to be a worthy sibling to Honda CB1000R. The junior has got the right kind of style to attract all types of customers. The overall design of the bike is refreshing and sporty. An 110cc bike never looked this trendy. The sharp headlight and the front cowl looks great, giving the bike the wow-what-is-that perspective. Following in line is the muscular fuel tank with floating side cowl that flaunts a mighty don’t-mess-with-me personality. Coming to the instrument cluster, the layout is pretty simple and adds some style quotient as well. Fully analog with a large and clear speedometer, the fuel and other indicators are lined neatly to its side. The handle bar is conve-

nient, sporting good looking side-view mirrors. The controls of the bike are mostly on your left side, with the exception of the electric start switch on the right. The headlight button, high-low toggle switch, turning indicators and the horn, all of them are stacked neatly in the left arm side. Moving to the rear, the first thing you would notice is the muffler. The short muffler looks short and sweet, going well with the sharp tail of the Twister, though the tail looks like a mix of Stunner and Shine. To the other side, coping with the latest trends is the half chain case that is made up of fibre. The front and rear tubeless tyres are the first in any 110cc bike, giving you the edge over other bikes. The tyres coupled with V-shaped alloy wheels, with matt finish paint looks tidy and assist in adding for better performance and cornering. The overall structure of the bike is designed with aerodynamics at its max for that ultimate driving experience. The all-black 110cc, 4-stroke, air cooled, SI engine oozes out an unimaginable 9bhp. With max power of 9bhp at 8000 rpm and torque of 9Nm at 6000 rpm, the Twister blows you away with its pick up and performance. Start the engine; put the gear and release the clutch, the beast is ready to leap. The Twister touches speeds up to 80 kmph without even a

beat missed. And with top speed figures of W A K E U P T O A D R E A M over 90 kmph, let your charged in any position and also counterparts get staghave a extended life. The CB Twistgering in your wake. The ride quality of er is equipped with viscous air filter the bike is great. The 1Down-3Up transthat also cuts down on maintenance. mission is flawless and easy for shifting. CB Twister comes in five exciting Sitting on an advanced diamond design colours - Electric Yellow Metallic, chassis, the Twister is based on the concept of mass centralisation and the overall Pearl Nightstar Black, Pearl Siena Red, Pearl Fiji Blue, Candy Palm design of the bike compliments it. Green. Thought the tyres look slim, you don’t feel uncomfortable or lose your confiLooks like Honda surely has got a winner dence while driving. The tyres handle the in hands. The CB Twister acts as the percorners without any hassle. The 240mm fect commuter bike that is surely to find disc in the front and 110mm drum brakes places in the hearts of people across all provide adequate stopping power. The age groups. The claimed 70 kmpl milebike’s electrical needs are provided by age is sure to rock the roads. And with 12V, 3.0 Honda’s quality assurance, it is going to be a big show for sure. AH battery. Now the unique thing about the battery is that it is And we twist...we twist...we twist. maintenance free. Meaning - they are leak proof, can - Balasubramaniam N be used or re-

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Wear your Seat Belts

first gear

et us agree on one thing. Honda bikes have always been good looking. The machines make heads turn with their styling and design all the time. It is on this unique selling proposition or the unique selling point, USP that is, Honda has launched its new commuter bike, CB Twister. With CB Twister, Honda takes a plunge in the 100-125cc segment, to grab a share of its own in the market. Does the new Honda kid have what it takes to do that? Let’s take a ride.

JSP Honda Y-219, Anna Nagar, 2nd Avenue, Chennai. Contact: 044- 26213906



Have a Safe Drive


ON SALE EXPRESS | FEB 26 - MAR 4, 2010

Hello, Mr.Salesman O

fficially the wedding season has begun. I have invitations to 6 weddings happening next month – it’s either a colleague getting married or a distant cousin (who is having her wedding in a very distant place) or my daughter’s classmates. So, I decided to go sari shopping and gear up for the weddings. With a minimum budget and a credit card to swipe (plus a husband at work), I headed to T-nagar. As I was scanning through saris at a store, I noticed that they had beautiful fabric in the other end of the floor. I marched straight towards the material section and scanned the collection – it was breath taking. A man next to me was checking the price and putting back a few rolls on the pile, so I said pointing to a pink lacey fabric in his hand, “how much is that roll, per meter?” “Rs.240,” he replied, but sounding

unsure. “Are you sure? Rs.240 for one metre…that’s expensive. Check once again” I said. The man was looking a little bit more puzzled, but I really didn’t mind. Who would spend so much on a lacey transparent fabric? It must have read Rs.40, I thought to myself. “It says here that it’s Rs.240,” he said pointing to the tag. “Why is it so expensive? I can get this at Cotton Street for Rs.40,” I said a little loudly (and I really believed what I said) “Really! So, maybe you should buy it there!” the young man said, with a very uninterested tone. I was by now very disturbed. Besides over-pricing the fabric, they had a rude salesman. “Is this how you treat all your customers, how can you do business like this? ” I remarked, feeling proud of my outspokenness. “Excuse me, but…” he said. “If you show such an attitude, what


As I headed out I picked up a set of glass bangles that were on display next to the billing counter and was about to pay for them when the salesman approached my way. I turned my face and ignored him. He stood next to me at the counter and placed several pieces of fabric and saris on the table. I was literally cursing this man and his arrogance, when a voice said, “Rs.6,750.” “What!...” and I almost screeched, when the man beside me( till now, my salesman) handed over a glossy American Express Gold Credit Card with so much

poise. My eyes popped out and I think my jaw was still open, as he signed his bill, placed his card back in his leather wallet and walked out. “OMG!” I thought to myself. - kapilash (Adyar)


Do you recollect any such memories of goof-ups on your shopping expeditions, entertainment zones or eat-outs? Email us your misadventure at and walk away with surprise gifts. Your story (less than 400 words) will be printed here with whatever name you choose to write under (little angel, drunken monkey etc). Now, go ahead and laugh out loud!

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Scrap Space 14

will motivate people to buy in your store?” I asked and did a swift 180 degree turn and stormed away from that counter. I could actually feel that salesman’s glare following me.

silly point

i n n o v a t e . i n t e r a c t . i n s p i r e

Express Yourself


FEB 26 - MAR 4, 2010

Metal Detecting Sandals

Color Craze Dear Kids,

Colour this picture and mail your artwork to (or) to the address below within the next ten days (by March 8, 2010) to win exciting prizes!


ired of looking for metals with a long pole that makes you look like a blind guy? Grab these sandals right way. A more practical way to detect metals, the inbuilt copper coil attached to the right sandal and powered by a battery pack, will alert when it comes 2 feet within any metal.

mad lab

This duckling needs company to play. Join the game and colour it up.

Metal Detecting Sandals



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ON SALE EXPRESS | FEB 26 - MAR 4, 2010

High on Energy l i g h t . c a m e r a . a c t i o n

e’s the high octane actor who can never sit still. With a friendly demeanour towards all who meet him, Nakul has the ability to capture your attention and your affection in equal measure. Despite being the kid brother of a star like Deivyani, he seems to have no starry airs. Starting his career with Shankar’s Boys, he has come a long way from the plump boy on screen. With three more films including the latest in his kitty, Kandhakottai, we catch up with him to find out more about his life and his journey in tinseltown... How did films happen? Shankar sir was looking for some boys for his film and someone came home and enquired if I would do it. Amma gave a family photo with me and my bro in it but since they were looking for a fat boy who could play the keyboards, I seemed to fit the bill. There were 1500 applicants for the audition and I was really nervous. At around 2 pm the same day they came and took my measurements and two weeks later they told me I was in! It was the greatest achievement of my life! What would you have been if not an actor? I would have been a pilot. You are also a playback singer. Tell us about that.Yes, I love music and I used to play the drums and sing. I was lucky to sing songs like Remo in Anniyan, later followed by films like Ghajini, Vettaiyadu Vilayadu, Kaaka Kaaka, Manjal Veyil and now Kandhakottai.

Kandhakottai was a film about love. Do you believe in it yourself? Yes, certainly. Love is part of everyone’s life at some stage or the other and it was the same for me too in my teenage years. But sadly enough it didn’t work out for me then. You seem to be linked to the heroines you work. Why is that? My job as an actor is to make the story look convincing on screen and if that’s done well and translates into screen chemistry it’s awesome! I feel I have won as an actor if the audience believe what they see on screen. How do you manage to get this chemistry on screen? It’s all about being comfortable with the person who is your co-star. We both have to work for the best of the film and if we are friends off screen it helps.

- Rinku Gupta

Just me! My hobbies : Playing videogames, watching movies at my home theatre on hi definitition Blu Rays Favourite hangout : Beasant Nagar, ECR Restaurants you’ll find me at: Above Sea Level, Midnight Express, Thalapakattai Biriyani. Gadget addiction : N 97, Playstation 3 Fitness mantra : Think positive. Eat everything in moderation, go gymming. Favourite gym : Fitness One, Alwarpet Favourite shopping destinations in Chennai : Globus and Lifestyle.

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