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ON SALE EXPRESS | JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2010


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Lobster Festival @ The Wharf The ever popular ‘Lobster Thermidor’ and the ‘Lobster Bouillabaise’ will feature on the menu along with the luscious ‘Lobster Shaslik’. Go and experience the mystical Oriental touch. On till February 15.

SAV um Art Gallery’s ‘UT m Don’t Miss For ent paintings by rec of ion ibit exh 2010’- an 6. ruary 6 to March A.V.Ilango, from Feb ntings Orissa palm leaf pai m Check Out the Alwarpet. at Shankara Hall,




@ chennai

p e o p l e . t r e n d s . e v e n t s



The Wharf, GRT Temple Bay, Mamallapuram, Chennai. Contact: 27443636

Time for Love If you are still hunting for the perfect and unique gift for your partner at a cost which will not upset your budget this month, then you should not miss out on the exciting ‘LOL!-Loaded with Love’ offer at your nearest World of Titan!

Speed Dial

Boutiques Summer is just around the corner, and it’s the right time to start buying cotton wear. Check out these stores!

Viba 24353007 (Teynampet)

Give Your Heart

Amethyst 28351143 (Gopalapuram)

Fa Range of Deodorants has come out with a first of its kind promotion, wherein Fa Deo cans will come with a heart stuck on them. A great and unique gifting option for Valentine’s Day!

Shilpi 24997526 (Alwarpet) Rashika 24475320 (Kotturpuram) Pitambari 42148777 (Egmore)

The Steak Food Festival @ The Duchess

Rekha’s Boutique 24982556 (Alwarpet)

Relish a four course meal, which includes a starter, soup, main course and dessert on the a la carte menu at the food fest

For Feedback & Suggestions, Contact us at 044-43590099 (or) Email us at

The Duchess, 35, Kabul Complex, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai. Contact: 24996761

Nook 'N' Corner DISCLAIMER

It’s Show Time! Are you bored of Bollywood, Kollywood & Tollywood flicks? Then it’s time to give world cinema a shot. Watch French, Russian and even Turkish movies ( they have sub-titles!) and be transported to a whole new world. There is just one thing you need to do – head to the South Indian Film Chamber! They do have some rules on membership, but once you’ve got it, then you can watch the best movies of the world on big screen, in the heart of the city! The South Indian Film Chamber. 605, Anna Salai, Thousand Lights, Chennai – 6 . Contact: 2829 1507


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JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2010

Never harness your desire! weet shops are aplenty in Chennai, but a sweet shop where diabetics can relish sweets is definitely a unique concept. Meet Lavanya Ramu, the brain behind Diabetics Dezire, a sweet shop for diabetics. So, how did you got into this business? I had done my Masters in Communication. I initially wanted to enter academics and become a professor. However, when I had to join business, I felt that I should be qualified to handle it. So, I did my MBA from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras). The situation at home pulled me into the business and I joined by father’s company- Sundar Chemicals which is into neutraceuticals. During the course of working with chemicals, I realised that I wanted to come up with something for diabetics so that they can also lead a normal life like us. I know one thing they miss is eating sweets and hence I began working on the idea of opening Diabetics Dezire. How did the concept of Diabetics Dezire come up? In the west, there are aplenty chocolates that are available for diabetics. But for us Indians, we cannot really feel happy with just a chocolate. We feel happy only if we are able to have an occasional sweet at least during festivals. However, till before Diabetics Dezire, even giants in the Indian sweet industry had tried to make diabetic sweets and had failed. However after many years of R&D, Diabetics Dezire has been able to come out with an entire range of sweets suitable for diabetics and health watchers for the first time in the country. While the seed for this idea was given by my father, I gave form to it. What is the USP of your products? The main USP of Diabetics Dezire is that our entire range of sweets (over 25 varieties) and other products are suitable for diabetics and health watchers. The second greatest USP of Diabetics Dezire is that it is 100% Natural. With a growing awareness amongst public that synthetic and artificial products are bad, Diabetics Dezire comes in as a boon as it is absolutely natural.

Another attraction of Diabetics Dezire is that we have products that can keep a diabetic or health watcher happy throughout the day. For example, when you get up in the morning, you can have Diabetics Dezire Jam along with your toast, at 11 am. Then you can refresh yourself with the Diabetics Dezire Squash. For a mid-morning snack, you have Diabetics Dezire Cookies. For tea, you can have a variety of Diabetics Dezire cakes, for dessert, you an array of sweets and so on. So, a diabetic or a health watcher can lead a healthy lifestyle throughout the day without feeling that he or she is missing something in life Which is your favourite sweet? I personally like the Bengali sweets like the rasagulla and rasmalai. Which one of your products is most popular? The sweets, juices or cakes?

Likewise, eminent diabetologist Prof. Dr. V. Mohan has conducted clinical studies on our rasagullas on his in-house patients through Madras Diabetes Research Foundation and has found it ideal for diabetics. We also hold product patents for the manufacture of Indian sweets for diabetics .

diabetic because it will not raise his or her blood sugar levels beyond the accepted range. So, even if you eat four low glycemic load idlies instead of two regular idlies, your blood sugar level will not go up.

Do you plan to introduce any other specialised products?

I think it is the product that you deliver that is most important. We are successful because we give people products that add value to their lives. I have had so many diabetics writing to me saying that they have not had a sweet for years and now with Diabetics Dezire, they are once again able to enjoy the pleasure of a sweet. It is this kind of feedback that inspires me to go on. However, what we have taken is only the first few steps. There are still miles to go!

We are working on introducing a whole range of low glycemic load food like idlies, chappaties and more. Glycemic Index (GI) is, basically, a measure of how much your blood sugar level goes up when you eat a product. Therefore, a Low GI product is better for a

What makes you a successful business woman?

Amongst sweets, the most favourite ones are jangiri and laddu. Our wheat halwas are also much appreciated. In squashes, our lemon ginger squash is a hot seller.

life is beautiful


- Shivani Arora

What is the sugar supplement you use? And do you have medical research to support it? The sugar supplement we use is Levulose. It is the only natural, low glycemic sugar substitute available. Most often, the other sugar substitutes available in the market are synthetic or artificial, Diabetics Dezire is 100% natural and hence has no sideeffects. Unlike synthetic sweeteners, it provides the right amount of sustained energy so that a diabetic will not go into hypo-glycemic conditions or a health watcher will not tend to snack unhealthily.

Lavanya Ramu

Renowned diabetologist Prof. Dr. Seshiah has conducted clinical studies on the Diabetics Dezire Sugar Substitute through Dr. Seshiah’s Diabetes Care and Research Institute and has found it to be an excellent option for diabetics and health watchers.

Photo: K .Kiran kumar .............................................................................................. Contact us at 044-43590099 |


ON SALE EXPRESS | JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2010

Naturally yours,


‘Exotic’ is how you can describe the experience at Naturally Auroville, Besant Nagar.


esant Nagar is home to many unique offerings, perhaps some of which you cannot find elsewhere. From emblematic Bessie beads, to quick eats on the roadside, to ostentatious boutiques, exquisite food joints, it’s got it all. To add a feather to its cap now, in April last year Naturally Auroville was started. A rather colossal showroom with a large spread of indulging products. I must say the aura in Aroville is a fetish in itself. I was treated to the aromatic and truly healing smell of the candles and incense in this boutique along with some pleasing and mellifluent tantric beats.

Maroma, the candle range at Naturally Auroville is the most sought after item in this boutique. Known for its balmy and therapeutic candles, they have the widest range of candles from wild rose to sandalwood, vanilla, citrus, you name it and its there! Another amazing thing about the candles besides just its brilliant perfume is the fact that it is packaged in various sizes and also in the most gorgeous colours and shapes. If you have decided on picking up some exclusive candles, then you can choose from over hundreds of varieties of each of them. Candles are a symbol of love, peace, harmony and light and one of the best options for a gift. With Valentine’s Day approaching, this is a place you have got to be to choose the most special gift for your loved one. Apart from these exclusive candles, this store is also prominent for its classy and gracious ethnic stationery. I personally loved this section. From papers, to photo frames to mirrors and files, they cater to the specific need of all office goers. The stationery in this store is yet another attractive feature. The mirrors here are another fancy, I must say, with the most unique and cosmic patterns, they attract a second look for sure.

This store also gives you a chance to pamper yourself once again with a plethoric range of body cosmetics like the soothing body lotion and soap. Further, there are some really great products like shampoo and body butter as well, that will transport you to a different state of existence. It is simply true indulgence. Just a few metres from Elliot’s Beach, this store is a must visit for the new ‘nomads’ in the city. Little on the pricey side, however this boutique is a land of exclusivity, so be prepared to pay for it, to enjoy it. Made by the people of the Auroville village in Pondicherry, this place brings out the true spirit of what it stands for: harmony. A light sea breeze, soothing music, calm ambience and exclusive goodies, this is Naturally Auroville for you. - Puja Prakash

Photos: Prabhu K





Take Diversion 4

Now for the people with an obsession for classic home décor, you cannot be in a better place than this for the most admirable lamp shades, immaculate and chic upholstery and tall and bold statues. It is no less than the paradise for a person with an urge to collect the most unique pieces of furniture and art alike. The bean bags here give you yet another reason to visit this store.

in focus

p e o p l e . t r e n d s . e v e n t s






Naturally Auroville 38 / 64 Rukmani Road, Besant Nagar, Chennai - 600 090. Contact: 9840162008

After this out-of-world experience at Naturally Auroville, you can chill out at the new cafe round the corner ‘7th Avenue’ (That’s the cafe’s name!). It is bound to refresh you after all that shopping.








JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2010


| Annai Books Centre

Engineering Books

Park Rd, Anna Nagar West Extn. Ph - 26549314

All 365 Days All 365 Days

Words & Worth Book Store


10% off. Except Children Books.

E - 28, 2nd Avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai. Ph - 24468659

Harrison Book Centre


10-15% Off

810,Anna Salai, Ch-02. Ph - 9841314247

All 365 Days All 365 Days

Madras Book House

Engineering Books

Upto 20% off

49, Ranganathan Street, T. Nagar, Ch-17. Ph - 044-24341416

Renuka Book Seller


Upto 25% off

Lilly pond Shopping Complex, Ch. Ph - 25393041.

All 365 Days

Upto 20% off

Moore Market, Park Town. Ph - 25389528

All 365 Days

JJ Book Stall









15% Off

Ishwarya Anugraha,No,28/55, ECR, Thiruvanmiyur,Ch -41.

Till Jan 31st 2010

Sakshe Electronics

Million Flat Pannel TV

Get Digital Camera, X-Box, Home Theatre, DVD Player Free (conditions apply)

Mylapore. Ph-43141100

Till Jan 31st 2010

Wet Grinder

1 Litre jar/ Coconut Scrapper Free

79/191, Kodambakkam high road, T. Nagar, Ch -17. Ph - 28144422

Till Jan 31st 2010


Under Exchange Scheme Rs.1234/- Discount for Old Grinder

Mr.Sunil, Ph - 9962139548/ 49

Till Jan 31st 2010

Reliance Digital

Electrical & Electronic Items

Shop for your favourite brand and many more for a down payment for Rs.26/- only (T&C)

57, Meco House, Anna Salai, Ch -2. Ph - 44733322

Till Jan 31st 2010


Electrical & Electronic Items

Great Discount Offer and Assured Free Gifts

Pee Pee Appliance (p) ltd & All Authourized dealer. Ph - 42888999

Till Jan 31st 2010

Electrical & Electronic appliances

Rs.400/- Off on MRP

T. Nagar, Chrompet, Kodambakkam - 28342908

Till Jan 31st 2010




Jyothi Grinder


Kovai Lakshmi Grinder

. .. ... .

Rs-1500/- Off



Innaugral Offer 15% Genuine Discount on all Products

120,ECR, Injambakkam, Chennai - 41. Ph-64616171

Till Feb 14th 2010

Nitraa Furnitures


Nitraa’s Big Day Sale Upto 50% Off

Adyar, Anna Nagar, Teynampet,Vadapalani. Ph - 42117909

Till Jan 31 st 2010

Antony Furnitures


10% Off

Nelson Manickam Road, Velachery, Kottivakkam. Ph - 42186151

Till Jan 31 st 2010

Deccan Furniture


Upto 30% Off

Velachery Ph - 43627021

Limited Period Offer

Home Centre Lifestyle


Sale Upto 50% Off On a Minimum Purchase of Rs.3000/-

TTK Road, Alwarpet.Ph - 24980008

Till Feb 29 th 2010

Bed, Bath, Living, Home, Accessories

End of Season Sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free (T&C)

Alwarpet, Velachery, Purasaiwalkam. Ph - 42328875

Till Stock ends

Reliance Living

Home Decors/ Furnitures

Flat 20% Discount

Adyar. Ph - 42114449

Limited Stocks

Choice Decors

Furnitures / Interior

Step in and Avail Special Offer

Purasaiwalkam. Ph - 26422841

Till Stock ends

.. . ...









Home Furnitures, Office Furnitures, Computer Furnitures.

Global Collections


Modern Computers

Chennai’s ‘Most Wanted’ Spot ...

Right Here!

Call 044 For RED SPOT Listing entries, Contact: 044 - 43590099

- 43590099 for Redspot Listing Entries 5

ON SALE EXPRESS | JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2010

All Wavetel outlet - 39144444

Till Jan 31 st 2010

Nokia E-63

Special Offer-Bluetooth, Headset, worth Rs.2900/- Free

All Nokia Concept Stores & Priority dealers. Ph - 9884442888

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The Mobile Store

Mobile Phones

2 Assured Gifts (T&C)

All mobile store outlets Ph - 64567833

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Mobile phones

Exchange Offer/EMI Offer

All Univercell Outlets in Chennai

Till Jan 31 st 2010

Nokia mobile phones

Reebok pouch and Reebok watch free on every purchase

Anna Nagar. Ph - 26269944/ 26221177

Jan 31st 2010

Planet M



. ... Men’s Wear

GRAB’EM All Sale Upto an incrediable 50% Off (T&C)

Nungambakkam,ECR,Pondy Bazaar,Spencerplaza,Ph - 43852889

Till Feb 15th 2010

Trousers / Denim

Flat 75% Off

Pondy Bazaar,Halls Road, prince Tower. Ph - 9884477757

Till Jan 31 st 2010


Men’s Wear

Sale upto 50% off

Spencer plaza, Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Globus, pantaloons

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Europa Discount Stores

Men’s Wear

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Saidapet, Kottivakkam, OMR, Vadapalani. Ph - 42118686

Till Jan 31 st 2010

John Players

Men’s Wear

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Spencer plaza, Pondy Bazaar, Anna Nagar.

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Peter England

Men’s Wear

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T.Nagar, Anna Nagar, Mylapore,Adyar. Ph - 42024406

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Inner Wear

Upto 50% Off

Casa Major Road, Cathedral Road.

Limited Period Offer

K.S.I.C mysore Silks

Silk Sarees

15%-20% Discount

811, Vummudiyar Shopping Complex,Mount Road. Ph - 28581106

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Women’s Wear

End of Season Sale 5-40% Off

Spencer plaza, Anna Nagar, Ph - 28496175

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Visit Khazana and Win a new “MERCEDES-BENZ” and 34 Alto Cars

Cathedral Road,T.Nagar, Ph - 24364501

Till Feb 29th 2010

Kid’s Wear

End Of Season Sale 50% Off

10, Nageshwaran Road, T.nagar, Ph - 42652424

Jan 31st 2010 Feb 10th 2010

Levis Cotton Country

Sakhi Wholesalers/ Retailers Khazana Jewellery Gini And Jony Reebok

Apparels & Accessories

Flat 30%-50%

Mount Poonamallee High Road, Porur. Ph - 24760915

Mega Mart

Men’s / Women’s wear

Buy 2 get 2 free (Conditions apply)

ECR, Kottivakkam. Ph - 044- 24510720

Jan 31st 2010 Jan 31st 2010

Foot Wear

Festival of Smile 100 Stores Celebration Upto50% Off on Selected Brands

Wallajah Road, Panagal Park, Anna Nagar, Adyar. Ph - 42116193

Till Jan 31 st 2010

Men’s / Women’s / Kid’s Wear & Accessories

Sale upto 30% off

No: 8, KhaderNawaz khan Road, Nungambakkam, Ch-34. Ph - 43084827

2010 Feb

Sun Glasses / Frame

25% Off on Select Sun Glasses / 50% Off on Select Frame

Anna Nagar, Ashok Nagar, T.Nagar. Ph - 42121468

Jan 31st 2010

Apparels & Accessories

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Palavakkam, ECR. Ph - 24510518

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Men’s / Women’s / Kid’s wear

Renovation Sale Flat 30% Off

Pondy Bazaar,T,Nagar, Ph - 24342940

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Color Plus


End Of Season Sale Upto 50% off

Nungambakkam, Spencer Plaza, T.nagar, Ampa Sky Walk

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Fast Track

Sun Glasses / Select Watches

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World Of Titan, Exclusive Fast Track Stores. Ph - 43016907

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“SHE” Body Spray

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Men’s / Women’s / Kid’s wear

Flat 75%Off on Men’s Wear/ Flat 80% Off On Women’s & kid’s Wear

Koutons Family Stores at Chennai. Ph - 42048770

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Men’s / Women’s Wear

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Nungambakkam,City Center, Ampa Sky Walk,Nelson Manickam Road

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Apparels & Foot wears

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All Exculsive Wood land Showroom

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E- Sprit Vision Express Adidas Flora

Sixth Sense Koutons Will Life Style

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Wood Land

Interior and Exterior

Stylish Offer Assured Gifts and Free Accessories with every Purchase

All godrej Interio Stores. Ph - 25221852

Limited Period offer


Health Package

Wellness Starts from Rs.300/-

Vadapalani. Ph - 42193030

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Health Package

Get Upto 10kg Weight loss Free with Session of Waist & Tummy Pack

Alwarpet/Adyar/Velachery/AnnaNagar. Ph - 24671918

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Sports and fitness Equipments

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Adyar. Ph - 24411588

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Fitness Equipments

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Health & Beauty package

Happy Hours offer 1 pm-5 pm Flat 50% off on sliming/ skin treatment And 25% Off on Parlour

Alwarpet, Kilpauk. Ph - 43535802

Limited Period Only

Beauty Package

Makeup for Rs.600/- & get Bleach free and for Rs.1000/and get half waxing free

1st main road, Gandhi nagar, Adyar. Ph - 42337547/ 9940574413

Jan 31st 2010


Get Saving Upto Rs-27000/-/ Free maintenance Package worth Rs.13000/-

Sundaram Motors, K.L.M motors

Limited Period Offer

Labelle Beauty Touch Parlour








... . ....

Beauty Centres



Interiors & Exteriors

Education & Learning

Repair & Service


Health Centres


Land Mark Associates


New Best Sports


Godrej Interio


All 365 Days


79, 100 feet road, Vadapalani, Ch - 26. Ph - 23621818


25% Discount during “Happy Hours (“11 hrs to 15 hrs) Millennium Dollar


Pub & Bar

Ambica Empire





Upto 60% off


Foot Wear


Reliance Foot Print

Ponnamallee High Road, Kilpauk. Chennai. Ph - 28364080





Exchange Offer/Buy 1 Get 2 Free/Travel bag,Simcard,Pouches Free.


Mobile Phones


Mixed Bag



JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2010

Hear it Out! Q

- Eyes - Ears - Nose - Mouth - Earphones or Headsets

a part of us as much as mobiles. Either they stick to us or we stick to them, but we both have become inseparable. From being a single side headset, moving to double, to stereo and noise cancellation, Bluetooth or wireless, well, the evolution has been tremendous and still going strong. Don’t get fooled if someone is yelling alone or flirting to the air. They are not patients from a mental asylum but just normal people like us. They just talk in a way convenient to them, unknown to us. So, coming back to headsets, we take a look at some interesting headsets that are making waves – audio waves, in the mobile market.

That’s right. Mobile earphones have become very much

Wired headsets are a great companion when it comes to


Name the parts that are present in your head? Answer:

music or calls. Uninterrupted flow of music without hiccups and independent of a separate energy source makes wired headsets the ultimate choice, but with one layback – the limited or no compatibility to other brands without an adaptor. Not all the headsets come with the universal 3.5mm jack right? This is where the wireless Bluetooth headsets gain over their wired counterparts. You just need a Bluetooth facilitated mobile to connect them. The catch here of course is that they need to be separately charged and that leads to a limited usage. But Bluetooth headsets make a style statement and that is what we are going to look out for.

Sony Ericsson MH907 The motion activated headphones from Sony Ericsson is here to change the whole experience of listening to music. The MH907 is loaded with motion sensor which pauses the music when any ear plug is removed and resumes playing when inserted back in. The motion feature is also applicable for answering and ending calls. With Clear Audio Technology for noise cancellation, this is for you at Rs.2600.

Nokia BH-501 This great looking headset from Nokia provides high quality stereo music with its comfortable large wrap-around earpieces. Attending calls are effortless with the help of its well-placed buttons. With an operating range upto 10 metres, the BH-501 is yours for Rs.4330.

Motorola S9 Snoop Now, this is one hell-of-a looker. The moto snoop provides ultimate stereo sound with great crispiness that takes you to a separate world. Resistive to water and sweat, the S9 leads with its quality of music. Though the calls are on only a single-side, it makes up with its music delight. Music playback time is 4 Hrs. This will put a hole in your pocket at Rs.5000. - Balasubramaniam N

.............................................................................................. Contact us at 044-43590099 |


In Vogue, a

Today, the 60’s Anarkali cut is a popular pick, the fas of high waist pants and padded shoulder shirts fro flared pants – has again become a style statemen


ras are often recycled on fashion runways; fashion that was the rage a decade or two ago, is making a come-back. Flattering Anarkali cuts from the 1960’s are in again, gypsy-style skirts and scarves from the zeitgeist-hippie era that followed Woodstock returned to style a couple years ago, and of course, the miniskirt has been in and out of favour countless times after it was first invented by Mary Quant in 1964. Cuts and silhouettes seem to appear and reappear on the ramps, and trends recur. “Fashion is a cycle. The basics are the same – you have pants, skirts, vests, dresses and the rest – but every season, their styles, cuts and silhouettes are reinvented. Scarves and vests from the 70’s are back on the scene now. What’s ‘in’ every season is influenced by many factors: fashion forecasts, popular culture, and individual designers; and fashion magazines help in carrying forward and popularising these fashion forecasts too,” explains fashion designer Bassam Osman. Fashion forecasts predict the colours and styles that will be in vogue in the forthcoming season, and international fashion houses and individual designers too tend to take their cue; and from there, the look for the season is set. “Fashion forecasts predict that the 80’s look is back this spring. Highwaist pants, shirts with shoulder pads, clogs and frosty makeup – pale colours - are back in fashion this season. Apart from fashion forecasts, fashion trends are, in many ways, inspired by what is around us, and what is popular at the moment. For instance, the Lady Gaga look is in right now, and because Twilight has become such a rage, people will start favouring the gothic look – dark makeup, and sharp silhouettes. “So, these will be back in fashion too,” says fashion designer Julie Vergis, and adds, “designers are inspired by fashion forecasts and by their unique individual perspective of the world around them. Street fashion – what the youngsters are wearing – also considerably influences fashion trends, and even the fashion forecasts.” Fashion forecasts aren’t really a shot in the dark though. “A lot of thought goes into fashion forecasts and it isn’t based on whim,” states fashion designer Vivek Karunakaran, “Fashion fore-


cast are a result of carefully studied trends in technology, im culture, current events and even by what celebrities are seen times, but there is certain logic to fashion forecasts and it isn ion is also very much influenced by the gut feeling that desig ‘in’ that particular season.” All in all, fashion today is the res ley of factors really – a multi-layered study of trends in the f the influences that music and art around us can bring. And ev new fashion, when Jackie Kennedy became First Lady of the style influenced the fashion circuit at that time. Women bega hats, boxy jackets with oversized buttons and pastel colours store. What’s in vogue can also be a statement on the world a instance, during the recent global recession, layered clothes w precious and prices were high - and less was more. During th 2003, quite a few American fashion magazines began carryin clothes that were almost military-many-pocketed cargo pants that produced a hard-edged look.

Fashion magazines play a dominant role in taking fashion tre audience, and across continents; just as international designe national circuit spark off trends that are followed by others in manufacturers and smaller fashion houses and stores that pro “Fashion trends trickle down from the larger and more recog clothes brands that sell mass produced clothes, and garment out for these trends. Current fashion trends can be seen every designer Nazia Syed, ‘and of course, there are some items th that little black cocktail dress.’ - Krithika Sukumar

ON SALE EXPRESS | JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2010


shion forecast for this spring points in the direction om the 80’s, and that 70’s look – scarves, vests and nt to sport. A look at how fashion is cyclic…

mprovisations in fabrics, popular wearing. Fashion is recast many n’t randomization. Besides, fashgners have – about what will be sult of many confluences, a medfashion and garment industry, and ven people can bring in a wave of e United States, her sophisticated an wearing culottes with pillbox too could be seen in almost every as it is, at that point in time. For went off the racks, fabric was he American invasion of Iraq in ng fashion shoots that portrayed s, army vests, and stoic make-up

Flicks n Fashion It is only common knowledge that we tend to gawk at stars and here are a few 2010 style-statements that have been inspired by the fashion vistas of yesteryear cinema.

Bell Bottom Pants Who will forget Amitabh’s cool dude look in ‘Amar, Akbar and Anthony’. This season, men will get to make that stunning statement as bell bottoms are back to the streets.

ends and forecasts to a larger ers and prominent designers in the n the fashion field – like garment oduce mass quantities of clothes. gnised designer brands to even manufacturers too keep an eye ywhere,” says Chennai-based hat never go out of style – like Poodle Skirt ‘Hairspray’ with its fitting suits, beads and skirts inspired quite a fashion in 1980’s. They are back to rock the street as the poodle skirt makes a comeback.

Scarves Sabrina - After this movie, every single woman on earth was in love with that striped short neck scarf. The scarf has since then evolved to its new avatar in the Harry Potter movies with Hermione wearing them long and nice.

Huge Coolers ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ – this film established Audrey Hepburn as the fashion icon of 1960’s. Those huge sunglasses that she famously wore will woo the women of our days soon.


ON SALE EXPRESS | JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2010

Something New! This week, we went window shopping and found these interesting knick-knacks for you. Check it out...

Baby Soft All Day Long Enriched with Vitamins & 100% herbal actives, Himalaya Moisturizing Baby Soap is specially formulated to keep the baby’s skin soft and healthy. The soap helps to moisturize and protect the baby’s sensitive skin and is a ‘must have’. Himalaya Moisturizing Baby Soap is enriched with olive oil, vitamin A & E, almond oil and is clinically proven, safe and efficacious. Regular usage of the baby soap softens the skin, avoids dryness and body odour. The soap is available in leading retail outlets and exclusive Himalaya outlets and is priced at Rs. 33 for 115g, Rs. 24 for 75g and Rs. 9 for 25g.

Lock The Freshness Lock&Lock, the world’s leader in kitchen & living culture announced the launch of its new product Roti Container & Spice Kit (masala container), specifically designed for the Indian kitchens. It has a unique four side locking system which keeps intact the freshness for a longer period of time. Also, the hollow center silicone seal between the lid and the container enables superior airtight lockage compared to rubber or full silicone. Both the Roti Container and Masala Kit are safe to changes in temperature -20 o ~ 100 o and are suitable for use in microwave, freezers and dishwashers. The boxes will hit the malls and other departmental stores at the beginning of February 2010 and will be available at all kitchenware & household stores, crockery stores and national retail chains like Lifestyle, Shoppers stop, Hyper city, etc. across India.

Write Right The first ‘Editions’ store is at Ampa Skywalk Mall, Chennai. The premium and luxury pen store and a destination for anyone who loves fine writing instruments and accessories is on the ground floor with a retail space of 700 sq. ft. The pens range varies from basic, premium to luxury and limited editions from the world’s best brands and prices range from as low as Rs. 2000 in the basic collection, between Rs. 10000 to Rs. 50000 for the premium brands and goes up to even Rs. 10 lakhs for luxury and limited edition pens.

Paint Me Trendy Asian Paints, India’s largest paint company and the third largest paint company in Asia today, launched Colour Next – 2010, the colour trend forecast for the coming year. ColourNext, which predicts the colours that are likely to have the most influence on Indian interiors, is the outcome of an extensive research spread over 6 months and involving designers & multi disciplinary experts from across the country. The Colours for 2010 which fall under five broad themes are named Nature Networks, Urba-Nite, Aura, Smart Comfort & Gallerie and were revealed at a gathering of the country’s leading architects and interior designers.


just in

f a s h i o n . s t y l e . i c o n


JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2010

Meals on the Go... The ‘Ready-to-eat’ food is all set to conquer the bachelor’s den!


or a really long time, way before the dawn of the instant food era, the life of a bachelor put up away from one’s parents, was apparently tedious -the most difficult part of it being cooking and washing. Then around the 90s came about the concept of ready- toeat food- idlis, chappathis and even paniyarams packaged in transparent plastic bags placed right next to the billing counter of stores. As with most new things, it was received with scepticism

and people termed it as ‘unhealthy’, ‘old & expired’ and even ‘fake!”. But, around the same time when instant foods hit the market, people seemed to welcome them with both arms wide open! This was not surprising, because instant foods whether it was noodles or your dal makhani, was well packaged, with clear nutrition labels, ingredient listing and whole load of preservatives to extend its shelf life. On the other hand, ready- to- eat food was literally ‘ready to eat’ and one did not know how good its quality was and hence the initial resistance.

. Manufacturers also addressed their fears and made sure they gave the information that consumers wanted – where it was manufactured, date of manufacture and shelf life. Today we have a whopping list of ready-to- eat, ready- to-cook and instant foods available! The irony is, not only bachelors, almost everyone is buying these products . Though, it has been well received, consumers still feel that anything that’s ‘quick to cook’ or ‘eat off the box’ is expensive. If you’re a smart shopper, then a little bit of mix and matching will not only save you money but give an interesting meal every night.! - Jayanthi Somasundaram

Over a period of time people started to realise that ‘ready- to-eat’ food was not as bad as they feared

Dinner for Two? When it comes to bachelor cooking, which usually happens over the weekend, it means cooking items that will last for a couple of days. Of course, on the remaining days it will be dining out. This is because they don’t want to spend much time cooking or most importantly washing up after every meal. This can get boring and is probably the reason they find cooking at home an arduous task! With an array of ready-to eat options available in the market, all you need is 15 minutes to stir up an interesting meal in your kitchen, without the scrubbing of pots and pans.

* Here are five great dinner ideas (for two)

you can pick up on your way home from the grocery store well within Rs.150! All you have to do is microwave, heat or

boil and serve it in style.

Tuesday Al Kabeer Plain Paratha – Rs.52 MTR ready-to- eat Paneer Butter Masala – Rs.49 Sri Mohan Company Milk Peda (2) – Rs. 40

Monday MTR ready-to- eat Veg Pulao – Rs. 44 MTR ready-to- eat Navratna Kurma – Rs. 49 Heritage Badam Milk (2) – Rs. 24


Wednesday R

Thursday McCain Potato Bites – Rs. 52 Nissin Cup o Noodles( 2) – Rs. 36 Red Washington Apple(2) – Rs. 30

Al Kabeer Methi Paratha – Rs. 52 MTR ready-to- eat Dal Makhani – Rs. 44 Banana (2)- Rs. 5 Heritage Curd (2) – Rs. 20



Speciality Foods Kozhukattai (Salt) – Rs. 15 Suguna Home Bites Chicken briyani - Rs 75 Amul Spicy Butter Milk (2) – Rs. 20



Every bite tastes right * Prices may vary from store to store

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ON SALE EXPRESS | JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2010

Energy Savers

SC on Medical Negligence

k n o w . s p e a k . a c t


aving energy is high on the agenda of every government. The summer is around the corner and each one of us can and should do our bit to save as much power as feasible. A year ago the Central Government launched an energy conservation scheme, called Bachat Lamp Yojna, with a view to saving 10,000 MW of power in three years. Under this scheme, it was planned to distribute less power consuming, but expensive compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) at a subsidised price of Rs.15 to replace the conventional incandescent bulbs which cost only Rs.10 (while the CFL in the open mar-

It is estimated that lighting alone accounts for 20 per cent of the total energy consumption. It is possible to improve energy efficiency by 25 per cent if energy efficient measures are adopted in offices and households. A Hewlett Packard report said that as much as 90 percent of the energy produced by incandescent lights is heat and not light. Halogen tubes cause wastage of even more energy by creating four times more heat than the average incandescent bulb. The heat that such bulbs produce can jack up the electricity bill in hot weather if your home or office is air-conditioned. Now, thanks to the availability of a variety of energy efficient lamps, a gradual switch over to use of CFLs has come about, providing an effective alternative to ordinary lamps. A CFL uses only one-fifth as much electricity as an incandescent lamp to provide the same level of illumination. CFLs have almost completely penetrated the commercial market, and the sales of CFLs in India have grown from about 20 million in 2003 to more than 250 million in 2009. A 15-watt CFL produces light equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb. A consumer can save up to Rs 300 in a year by using a 15-watt CFL. According to Ms Sunita Narain of Centre of Science and Environment, New Delhi, the

poorer classes in India are providing the biggest market for the penetration of this high-end technology. It is important to understand this and to further incentivise to achieve results. And the incentives are indeed coming, partly through a number of innovative government programmes. For instance, Sirsa in Haryana has become the first district in the country to completely switch over to CFL-based lighting.


ket would cost ten times that price).

In Tamil Nadu, the scheme will focus on rural areas, as a majority of the domestic consumers in urban areas have long back stopped using incandescent lamps. Under the scheme, 60 and 100 watt incandescent lamps have to be replaced with 11-15 watt and 20 -25 watt compact fluorescent lamps respectively. As elsewhere in the country, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is coordinating voluntary efforts under the scheme to provide high-quality compact fluorescent lamps to domestic consumers . Because of the high price factor, offtake of CFLs is slow in non-urban areas. According to BEE, the Bachat Lamp Yojana seeks to utilise the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol to bring down the price of CFLs. This public-private partnership between the Government of India, Private sector CFL Manufacturers /Traders (Project Developers) and State-level Electricity Distribution network would provide the framework to distribute high quality CFLs to the households of the country. Under the proposed scheme of things, the manufacturers would be selling CFLs at subsidised rates while being compensated by the Government. - Correspondent (Next issue: Tips for conserving power)

legal jottings

- CFLs

A medical practitioner is not liable to be held negligent simply because things went wrong from a mischance or misadventure or through an error of judgment in choosing one reasonable course of treatment in preference to another. He would be answerable only where his conduct fell below the standards of a reasonably competent practitioner in his field. A doctor cannot straightway be held liable for medical negligence simply because a patient did not favourably respond to treatment or surgery failed.

This was the crux of the judgment of a Supreme Court Bench consisting of Mr Justice Markandey Katju and Mr Justice R.M. Lodha , while setting aside an order passed by the National Consumer Disputes Redress Commission, which had held Dr. Martin F. D’Souza of the Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, guilty of negligence on a complaint from Mohd Ishfaq, who was treated for renal and severe urinary tract infection.The Judges said that sometimes despite the best effort of a surgeon, a patient would die . That did not mean that the doctor or the surgeon should be held guilty of medical negligence, unless there was some strong evidence to support that .

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in co-operation with Lysol Steam Cleaning Mop, has announced a recall of about 162,000 units of the steam mop since hot water mixed with Lysol can forcefully spurt out and rupture the housing unit, posing a burn hazard and a laceration hazard to consumers from the broken housing unit. Some 14 reports of hot water forcefully spilling out, including two minor burn injuries to consumers, were brought to CPSC’s notice.

Insulin Syringes CMYK

Nipro Medical Corporation, Miami FL, is initiating a nationwide recall of all GlucoPro Insulin Syringes (This does not include the GlucoPro syringe specific for use with the Amigo Insulin pump). These syringes may have needles that detach from the syringe. If the needle becomes detached from the syringe during use, it can get stuck in the insulin vial, push back into the syringe, or remain in the skin after injection. Consumers who have GlucoPro Insulin Syringes were advised to stop using them.


product recalls

Steam Mop


JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2010

Get. Set Speed. Go... No more need to floor the pedal all the time.


C – ACC – SACC – CACC. No this is not some coded message that you need to solve. CC is cruise control and the following abbreviations are its evolutions. Read on to know about cruise control and its avatars.

proportional to the speed of the vehicle. So, there is a corresponding pulse frequency for every measure of speed. It is this frequency that the system controls therefore controlling the speed of the automobile

Decoding the Cruise Control

The system takes it from here to maintain that speed and gives freedom for your legs. But the freedom is not unlimited. The system only knows the acceleration part but is illiterate when it comes to the braking course. It turns off when braking is applied and has to be manually set again. It has been the case of the conventional cruise control system till now. But now, Cruise control has given way to Adaptive Cruise Control. This evolved cruise control system is the next step of luxury driving. Unlike the conventional cruise control systems which maintain the preset speed, adaptive cruise control also assists in adjusting the speed of the vehicle to

Driving is an integral part of our lives. Some of us consider driving a pleasurable task and for some it’s a horrendous one. Cruise control comes in as a saving grace, especially in long runs. It is basically a system that controls the acceleration of the vehicle in a constant that we set. All you have to do is to find a road that is long and lonely, get to the desired speed and set the cruise control. Cruise control system is a combination of sensors working in harmony to record the speed. A sensor mounted near the output shaft of the transmission transport electrical pulses that are produced by a magnet spinning past the sensor to the system. The frequency of the pulses is directly

maintain appropriate distance with the vehicles ahead. Adaptive cruise control helps in avoiding speed violations, reducing road accident rates, alerting the driver by automatic braking. But these cruise control systems are not suitable for heavy traffic. And also these systems tend to make the drivers a bit careless. Still to get into the mainstream market, the cruise control systems are a definite option for luxury cars. However we are not so far from the day when the cruise control will grow in to a more defined system making us more relaxed and less worried about the mission called driving.

Cruise of affairs SACC – Stop and go Cruise Control – offers longitudinal support at lower speeds, where constant speed is not possible or in heaving traffic. CACC – Co-operative Adaptive Cruise Control – next generation cruise control system that can communicate between other vehicles and broadcast information on speed, acceleration etc. Cars talking to each other – well that’s one thing to look out for sure.

- Balasubramaniam N



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Wear your Seat Belts

Have a Safe Drive


ON SALE EXPRESS | JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2010

Do the Green! Meet Eco Chennai, a platform for gifting eco-friendly products and trees. Thanks to them, Chennai is greener now by 2000 more trees.

o you always get stumped when you have to think up of a gifting idea? This is a common syndrome, but for Sujith Sankar and his friends, this is what sparked a great idea- Eco Chennai. “I was once searching for a unique gift for my friend, but in vain. That is when I thought up of Eco Chennai, a green gifting concept, where people can order in gifts for their friends and we’ll go surprise them at their doorsteps,” explains Sujith about Eco Chennai. Kick-starting a green difference Sujith and his team of three initially kick started the venture by delivering trees as gifts, later they started including eco products to their gifting menu. Sujith and his team set up Eco Chennai on May 1st, 2007, today after more than two years, Sujith proudly says that more than 2000 trees have been gifted and planted around Chennai through Eco Chennai and they always take care only to distribute hybrid saplings of good quality. Gift a tree Though Eco Chennai operates within the city, gift orders can be placed from around the world to surprise their friends in Chennai. “The first order which we got from Singapore was an unforgettable achievement for our team,” the founder adds with pride. There are four gift packages to choose from; classic, gold, silver and platinum under the gift-a-tree program. The packages are available

from a cost of Rs.350 and above, and the package will include hybrid saplings and other eco products like earrings for women, chocolates, hand-made photo frames and the likes. Eco Chennai has tie ups with several NGOS and women self help organizations who provide the handmade products. “In a way, through Eco Chennai, we’ve ended up helping many self-help groups. We are always happy to help any such organisations and they can contact us to promote their hand-made products,” adds Sujith.

event we conducted at a school’s sci ence exhibition was immense ly well received.

Youngsters take the green call In a very short period, Eco Chennai has grown to become a popular gifting platform, especially amongst the youngsters. Talking about the popularity, Sujith says, “Most of our customers are between the age group of 18-27. It’s good to see that people want something totally different and the initiatives they take for a good cause.” Another interesting point he makes is that Chennai is eco-aware and is slowly moving towards being green, “A club in Chennai wanted to gift all its members with a sapling for this New Year and we were happy delivering it for them. Such orders reinstall the faith in seeing our city becoming completely green.” Awareness is the key Apart from being a gifting platform, Eco Chennai also plays the role of a non-profit organisation, which conducts events in spreading eco-awareness. “The recent

We conducted a quiz contest on environmental pollution and also gifted students and teachers with saplings. We appreciate the efforts taken by the parents and teachers in making the event a success.” Apart from such interactive initiatives, promotional activities for green concepts and sapling distributions are also done by Eco Chennai. “We also tie up with NGOs for such promotional activites. We recently hosted a sapling distribution in one of

the schools in Chennai with an NGO named Aazraya. The response from the NGO and the students in making posters, models to show the cause and effect of global warming and environmental pollution was amazing,”expresses Sujith.

With the popularity Eco Chennai has earned, what are its future plans? “We would love to expand our realms beyond Chennai. We also look forward to joining hands with corporate in providing saplings and eco friendly gifts to their employees. Also set-

ting up of an ecostore is on the pipeline.” Sujith signs off with one advice, “Stop blaming others and take responsibility as a citizen of Mother Earth.” - Nandhini Ramkumar

The Green Gift Surprise You can order gifts online at or contact 9677086686 for placing your orders. Eco Chennai will deliver the gifts to your friends at their doorsteps taking them in by a surprise. They also click photographs of your friends with the gifts and mail them to you for confirmation.


eco zone



JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2010


Color Craze

for Smart Shopping

ow many times have you gone grocery shopping and come back home forgetting a very important item on your list? Yes, most of us have and despite having a list, we still tend to forget something. For a few others, they seem to wander around their store and bring back home things that are not on their list! Well, here is a tool that is sure to help you buy only items required for your family and also makes sure you do not forget to buy them. The Smart Shopper Automated Grocery List Printer allows you to print out a grocery list. This voice activated device allows you to talk into the handset which then compiles a textual list, which is ready for printing when you are done. This handy tool also sorts the products according to category so that you do not have waste time walking up and down the aisle searching for different products. With a pre-programmed list of 2,500 items, you can also add your own items to the list and as the printer is thermal, there is no need to refill ink. Another striking and user-friendly feature is that it sticks via a magnet onto your fridge. Looks like grocery shopping is going to be easy and quick!

mad lab


Dear Kids, It’s February and love is in the air! Fred Flintstone wants to tango, samba and rhumba all through the month! Come, dance with him!

Colour this picture and mail your artwork to (or) to the address below within the next ten days (by February 07, 2009) to win exciting prizes!

Smart Shopper Automated Grocery List Printer



Dot on to complete the Logo

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ON SALE EXPRESS | JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2010

Man of W

on sets

l i g h t . c a m e r a . a c t i o n

Many Faces

e saw him as the rustic, uncouth and depraved youth in Mirugam two years ago. Then he disappeared from the horizon only to reappear in a completely new avatar. In S Pictures’s Eerum, he played a suave, city cop which proved his acting mettle and ability to move across a wide spectrum of roles with ease. We chat with the handsome hunk to see what’s in his kitty post Eerum and pick up details about Aadhi the person…

language and age. I have no preconceived ideas of how things should be.

Why did you choose a tough role like Mirugam as a debut?

time with my Labrador Scooby. I like gaming and my PSP3 is my best friend these days! I love watching movies from my huge collection of films. Whenever I get time I like to spend it with my family and close buddies.

I wanted to take on a challenging role and prove myself. In fact director Arivaazhagan saw a press still of mine after the film and was stuck by the vast difference between me and the character! It was after seeing this photo that Eerum happenend. So I guess my hard work in my debut film paid off!

So, what do you like doing in your spare time? I love dogs and spend

How did it feel to be part of an S Pictures production? It was awesome meeting director Shankar for the first time in his office. Later he came to the shoots and watched me perform but I didn’t know he was there and discovered it only later! It was great working with director Arivazhagan and his team. So, how has life changed post Eerum?

- Rinku Gupta

Actor Aadhi

People recognise me wherever I go now. That did not really happen after Mirugam since my get up was completely differenct with a beard which really covered my face! Plus the look was a rustic one very different from my city bred one. Now after both these films people consider me as a serious actor and that’s something I cherish. What’s in your kitty now? I am shooting for Ayyanar, a commercial film where Meera Nandan is my co-star. Santhanam has some major comedy scenes where he plays Osama Bin Laden. It’s got lots of action and comedy. I am also doing Vasanthabalan’s next film and another one for the Nadodigal producer Michael Rayappan. Have you carved a career path for yourself? No, I don’t have a strict career path to follow. I listen to my directors and want to do roles that suit my body


Aadhi Unplugged Favourite shopping holes: Esprit, Benetton

I gym at: The GRT hotel health centre

You can find me hanging out at: Fruit Shop, Pasha.

My special talents: I am a good bathroom singer (laughs) I do roller skating and play the guitar quite well

Favourite food joints in Chennai: Barbeque Nation, Bella Ciao


One thing I want to try: Cooking

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