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How to Increase Salesforce User Adoption User adoption plays vital role to make salesforce CRM implementation success. To ensure high rates of user adoption you need a long-term strategy, with ongoing efforts to drive adoption.

Best Practice Tips To Increase Salesforce User Adoption

• Provide Training to Users • Try an Incentives or Reward Program • Get Users to Realize Value Of Adopting Salesforce • Create a Newsletter • Measure Success of User Adoption

Provide Training to Users ďƒ˜Training salesforce users is time taking process, So give them an overview to set expectation- what they can expect from application and what you expect from them. ďƒ˜It is also very important to schedule follow up training for a week after people have been using the tool. It helps users to ask questions about issues they encountered.

Try Incentives and Reward Program ďƒ˜Create a attractive incentive plans for salesforce users. Create a points reward system for each time someone succeeds using salesforce that offers a cool prize or even a bonus for the person with the highest amount of points at the end of the quarter. It is proven way to engage and motivate people.

Get Users to Realize Value Of Adopting Salesforce • Get users to realize how adopting salesforce can make their lives easier. Getting sales reps to adopt Salesforce is critical for meeting revenue objectives.

Create a Newsletter • Start a monthly or weekly newsletter tradition with tips and tricks for your users and success stories. If users see it’s working, they will be motivate to adopt platform. • If you want to do something like this, you might take advantage of the mass email users tool with

Measure Success of User Adoption • Tracking user logins is a good start but it can't get enough. Because it can be confusing to figure out what to measure, you need to develop a framework of key performance indicators (KPIs). Senior manager, manager and executives should meet to determine KPIs based on business benefits and desired process performance. • Many great free customizable dashboard and reports are available on AppExchange to measure who’s doing what, how often, and if it is successful. Check out the adoption dashboards and the Chatter usage dashboards.

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5 Best Practice Tips to Increase User Adoption