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he Museum of Altamira offers a range of attractions and activities to help understand the art of Altamira and the Palaeolithic age in greater depth.

PREHISTORY AND ART Prehistory is the first period in the history of humanity and, as such the human being and its legacy are its principal object of study. The objects provide a record of the level of technological development achieved, although it is the study of art that reveals the complex symbolic behaviour. The Museum of Altamira researches, documents and undertakes conservation work for the collections of various archaeological sites throughout Cantabria. However, the cave of Altamira and the study of its rock art, together with its protection and conservation, constitute a full time priority for the museum.

A MUSEUM FOR EVERYONE Visitors are the most important part of the Museum of Altamira and in this section you will find all the information you need to plan a visit to meet your expectations. Are you visiting with children? Would you like to organise a group visit? Are you coming for a school trip with your students? See the specific section for each of these cases.

blishing a system to allow public access in a way compatible with the conservation of the Palaeolithic cave paintings.



From 2002, access to the cave of Altamira has been restricted to a small number of people in the fields of conservation and research, and visitors are no longer admitted to the cave. The Altamira National Museum and Research Centre Trust agreed, in 2010, to maintain these access restrictions and keep the cave closed to all visitors. It also agreed to conduct a research programme with an emphasis on preventive conservation, studying the possibility of esta-

The Museum of Altamira offers a unique environment for holding business meetings, company events, and social and corporate events, offering the possibility of rounding off an occasion by discovering Altamira’s cultural heritage in an exclusive tour round the Times of Altamira exhibition. To find out more about the museum’s spaces and holding your event at the Museum of Altamira, please send a brief outline of your request using the attached form to comunicacion: Information request form Private visits to the Museum of Altamira The Museum of Altamira is open at special times for private visits from groups who wish to enjoy exclusive access to the Times of Altamira exhibition. Private visits are accompanied by professional

guides and can also be organised when the museum is open to the public. Business meetings and events The unique environment offered by the Museum of Altamira boasts indoor and outdoor spaces for holding business meetings or events that can be complemented by a visit to the Neocave and the Times of Altamira exhibition to discover and enjoy the archaeological heritage of Altamira.Private use of the museum’s public spaces. The management of the café and shop–library spaces is currently contracted to private companies. Requests for the opening or use of these serves during the event must be made directly to the companies in question.

MUSEO DE ALTAMIRA Avda. Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola s/n 39330 Santillana del Mar (Cantabria) Spain Tel: +34 942 818 005 / 942 818 815 Fax: +34 942 840 157


Revista de ocio, turismo y cultura en Cantabria y la ciudad de Santander que se distribuye en las habitaciones de los hoteles de 3, 4 y 5 es...


Revista de ocio, turismo y cultura en Cantabria y la ciudad de Santander que se distribuye en las habitaciones de los hoteles de 3, 4 y 5 es...