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Weird Ladies and Gentlemen, we now introduce you to... (suspance drumming...) ... ... ... . . . ... :D Nice joke right? Anyway... got to show you something eventually... so.

"The SiCK Don Giovanni" FRANCESCO MALATO the wrong and the yang youngness tumor of an old wolf see you do a face in the tree? ... [free dreams] "cioccolata, caffè, la galleria -... Le GaLLeRiE. la galleria e le camere" says the music and the room

The SiCK Don Giovanni who saw his own face in the tree, the guy who has dreams of ownership about coffee, galleries and rooms, has got a fake copyright. Which one is it?

The sick don giovanni  
The sick don giovanni  

this is a piece of writing about youth, death, eternity. you will find a line that goes so: "the wrong and the yang". wanted mis-take