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ATOMIC BOMB: What was the Atomic Bomb? -1. North America nuclear weapon: an explosive device whose destructive power is due to the uncontrollable release of energy from the fission of heavy nuclei, usually uranium-235 or plutonium239, by neutrons sustaining a rapid chain reaction. -2 the code name for the atomic bomb was the little boy. -3 the inventor of the atomic bomb was albert Einstein and other inventors to help him. -4 the bombing happened on Hiroshima on august 6, 1945

2 .what role did the atomic bomb play in ww2

-1the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, japan in august 6th 1945 -2it also blew up Hiroshima august 6th 1945

-3Courtesy of Harry S. Truman Librarian May 1943, the U.S. was planning to use the bomb not on Germany but Japan. The following September, the U.S. and British leaders agreed to use the bomb against Japan. After spring 1945, with Japan in an extremely weak position, the United States was considering the following ways of bringing the long war to an end: invade the Japanese mainland in November 1945, ask the Soviet Union to join the war against Japan, assure continuation of the emperor system, or use the atomic bomb. The U.S. believed that if the atomic bomb could end the war, Soviet influence after the war would be restricted and domestically the tremendous cost of development

What impact did the atomic bomb play in ww2

-1 it ended the war 2 -2 killing over 100,000 people in Hiroshima and if they didn’t die they were very injured.60 percent from flash or flame burns 30 percent from falling debris and 10 percent from other causes

atomic bomb  

atomic bomb goes boom!

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