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Giorgio FONTANA Domicile: Milan, Italy. Residence: Via Pistoia 34, 73100 Lecce, Italy. Date and place of birth: 13/09/1982, Lecce  : +39.347.7819406, +39.334.6390400  : Toyota Motor Italia employee with permanent contract


Jul 2007 ITALY

FebJul 2006 FRANCE

Registration to Italian State “Council of Engineers”. Member of “Council of Engineers” of Lecce. Sector: “Industrial Engineering”. 5 years Industrial Engineering Degree. Final evaluation: 110+ honor /110 University of Lecce, Italy. Main topics: project management, process re-engineering, mechanics, business development, lean production, new product development. Graduation thesis title: “Re-engineering of After-Sales Processes: Mazda Motor Italia Case Study” (developed at Mazda Motor Italia headquarter, please see page 2). Erasmus scholarship. Course of study at ENSAM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers) of Paris, France. Main topics: Risk Management, Marketing and Strategy, Innovation Management.

Sep 2005 MALTA

Course of study at University of Malta. International University Scholarship financed by Italian Foreign Ministry (for academics merits).


3 years Managerial Engineering Degree. Final evaluation: 107/110. University of Lecce, Italy. Major on “Strategic Management/E-Business”. Graduation thesis title: “Re-engineering of production process in a textil company aimed to the optimization of operative flows” (developed at Meltin’Pot headquarter).


High tech school leaving qualification: Industrial computer science Specialist. Final evaluation: 100/100. Istituto Tecnico Industriale “E.Fermi”, Lecce, Italy. Main topics: electronics, computer/information technology, statistics, project management.


Toyota Motor Italia

Via K. Toyoda 1, 00148, Rome. Department: Parts Logistics & Kaizen. Role: Lean Production & Kaizen Specialist, full time contract. Toyota Motor Corporation has selected Toyota Motor Italia as pilot National Sales Company in Europe to develop an innovative project based on a Toyota core competence: the concept of Kaizen. Strictly related with Toyota Production System, Total Quality Management and Just in Time, Kaizen means “continuous improvement” based on “step-by-step” and “cost-saving” innovations with the objective to enhance the performances of the organizations. Main responsibilities: project management of Kaizen activities developed by Toyota Motor Italy at Toyota dealerships. For each dealer: definition and management of overall kaizen project schedule; “on the job” observation and analysis (“genchi genbutsu”) in order to find weaknesses, wastes (“muda”) and lack of quality; rootcauses analysis; target settings; definition and development of countermeasures; process improvement and/or introduction of new processes; evaluation and monitoring of results and performances (KPIs dashboards); standardization of processes (Plan-Do-Check-Act approach, PDCA); definition and management of action plans; training and coordination of employees, etc. Objectives of activities: increase efficiency, productivity and overall profitability of the dealers. Teamwork, management of people/resources and bridge-building skills 1

are relevant parts of this job. Constant contacts, meetings and knowledge sharing with Toyota Motor Europe and Toyota Motor Corporation. NovDec 2010

Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan

1 Toyota-Cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture 471-8571, Japan. Department: Toyota Sales Logistics & Kaizen Role: Advanced Kaizen Instructor, assignment from Toyota Motor Italy. Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has created a team of “international kaizen experts” for one month of activities. The objective of this team was to share kaizen operative best practices between different National Sales Companies (NSC) and define, together with TMC, Toyota kaizen policies and strategies for 2013-15. This team has been composed by the best skilled employees from Kaizen Teams of Toyota front runner NSC all over the world. I have been invited by TMC to join this team as Toyota Motor Italy representative. At the end of the activities of the team, I have received by Toyota Motor Corporation the certification of Advanced Kaizen Instructor.

Oct 2006 Aug 2008

Mazda Motor Italia

Via Alessandro Marchetti 105, 00148, Rome. Department: After Sales Business Development. a) One-Year Contract. Once passed all university exams, my objective was to develop an “on-the-job” graduation thesis and to improve my knowledge, experience and competencies on process re-engineering. After three interviews, I have been employed by Mazda Motor Italia and my target was to develop a project called "Mazda After-Sales Processes”. Objective of the project: improve Service Standards of Italian Mazda Dealers through process improvement (kaizen) in order to increase Customer Satisfaction. This project was the main subject of my 5-years graduation thesis; furthermore, it is currently part of Mazda Dealer Training as well. b) After one year contract (Oct 2006 - Oct 2007), Mazda Motor Italia confirmed me with a permanent full time contract as Part Specialist (for whole Italian market). Main responsibilities of new role: Parts and Accessories sales forecast and analysis, management of online parts catalogue, online P&A ordering system, P&A price list, P&A promotional campaigns; daily contact with Mazda Motor Europe in order to optimize services for Dealers.


Ferrari Challenge Championship, Season 2007 and 2008 Motor Race Service Team

Mugello Circuit, Ferrari Challenge Championship World Final 2007. Vallelunga Circuit, 4TH Seasonal Race of Ferrari Challenge Championship 2007. Vallelunga Circuit, 2ND Seasonal Race of Ferrari Challenge Championship 2008. Role: Telemetric data logging of racing cars (Ferrari F430); data analysis with drivers to improve their abilities to read the racetrack key-points (bend trajectories, gear downshift or upshift, etc) in order to give the best performances during qualifications and races. I have carried out this role in parallel with my job at Mazda Motor Italia (during weekends and holidays). Jun Aug 2005

STEGI S.r.l. – Clothing distribution

Via Garibaldi 40, 89038, Palizzi Marina (RC), Italy. Department: Marketing. Role: During this experience I have collaborated directly with the company manager to develop start-up strategies for the company.

Apr Jul 2004

Meltin’Pot – Fashion industry

Zona Industriale I, 73046 Matino (Lecce), Italy Department: Production and Supply Chain. Role: Internship at company headquarter. In addition to perform daily activities in Production & Supply Chain department, I have developed my first graduation thesis: Re-engineering of production process in a textil company aimed to the optimization of operative flows. As first step of the project, I have analysed the value stream of the company. Then, using IDEF0 methodology, I have deeply assessed whole supply chain and production processes in order to identify inefficiencies and wastes; analysed the root-causes, I have set targets (with top management) and developed a Business Process Improvement Plan focused on a lean production approach. As last step, I have created a KPIs dashboard in order to help Meltin’Pot management to evaluate the progress of the improvement action plans. 2



Italian: English: French: Spanish:

English Certifications

September 2005 : International School of English Certificate (Malta University, University Campus, Msida MSD 06 – Malta; director of studies: Arthur J.Bezzina). July 1999: Certificate of Thames Valley Cultural Centres (15 Park Street, Winsor – Berkshire, SL4 1LU, England). Level: “excellent”.

French Certification

mother tongue excellent reading, writing and verbal skills excellent reading, writing and verbal skills good verbal and reading skills, basic writing skills

June 2006: TFI Certificate (Test Français Internationale), note: 845/900 (Educational Testing Services, ETS Europe 20, Avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris, France).

INFORMATIC SKILLS Programming languages


HTML, JavaScript, ASP, Java; C, C++; Visual Basic.

Specifics Software


Microsoft Office and IBM Lotus Notes; E-business platforms (CRM, ERP, SCM, BI, etc); Car Racing Telemetry: WinTax Junior, WatchTower, DataView; Business Object, Data Mart, Data Warehouse; Programming: Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Borland C++, Visual Studio; CAD/CAM: Autocad, SolidWorks, Vericut; Graphic: Corel Draw, IGrafx, PSP; Computation: Derive e MatLab; Analysis and Simulation of Energetic Systems: Greenius, TRNSYS.


 Stays abroad


Very interested in foreign languages and cultures. When I travel outside Italy, I use to spend my time with native of the place to open my mind and understand their lifestyle. When I have free time to spend, I use to check sea waves conditions on the web and then I put my surfboard on top of my car to go surfing. The direct contact with the sea is unbelievable. I really like karting, race cars and all kind of sports. Japan, Usa (CA, NV, NY, NJ), Canada, Mexico, England, Spain, France, Malta, Greece, Germany and Belgium for studies, works or vacations.

I am a very open-minded professional, focused on continuous improvement and constantly ready to face new challenges. It is for this reason that I’m looking for a dynamic job with an innovative approach, an international career which allows me to succeed in different markets and situations. Despite my “young age”, 29 y.o., I have more then 5 years of experience on process re-engineering, kaizen and project management and I am ready to demonstrate my competencies, passion and teamwork skills. In fact, I like to work in team and face to different people, languages and cultures. It is for this reason that I am also ready to live working experiences outside Italian borders.

Si autorizza il trattamento dei propri dati personali, ai sensi degli art. 10 e 12 della legge 31 dicembre 1996 n. 675.

Rome, November 11th, 2011

Giorgio Fontana


Giorgio Fontana - Curriculum Vitae Aggiornato a Gennaio 2012  

Giorgio Fontana, Ingegnere Industriale. Lean Manufacturing & Kaizen Specialist presso Toyota Motor Italy