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October 13 - 27 , 2006

India Sweets & Spices, which has been serving the needs of Southern California for more than 20 years now, is the realization of a father-andson dream. Kumar Jawa, a wellknown figure in the Indian community is the founder of India Sweets and Spices. Early on in life, he developed his business skills by helping his father, Jiwan Dass, in the family produce business in India. The two dreamt of expanding the business and opening a store in America – a goal achieved through hard work, patience, dedication and love. The very first India Sweets & Spices was opened in Culver City just two years after Kumar moved to the United States (1984). The Indian population in America steadily grew and along with it increased the demand for goods and food from the native coun-


try, not only with Indians but with Americans, too. Kumar’s customers requested that he open a second store in the San Fernando Valley, and in response, he founded the Canoga Park location in 1990. The growth continued and so did the demand for more locations. Kumar founded more locations from Fresno to San Diego. His latest store, in Glendale, was built in 2003 and this is the only store he is personally running at this time. Kumar is hoping to continue growth to the Thousand Oaks area. A people’s culture is reflected in a thousand and one ways, one of which is “food”. We will always love the food that we have grown up with, but we always have that desire to keep discovering and trying other things, other cuisines, for that matter. As rich as its history and culture is India’s

Siklab Newsmag 14 food which is something worth the try and can even be something you’d want to indulge in over again. In addition, you do get to learn more about Indian food as you encounter Indian words in this store’s variety of selection. Isn’t that nice to at least learn to say bread or yogurt in the Indian language? Well, Indian Sweets & Spices can provide you that authentic Indian dining experience. Indian Sweets & Spices offers a menu called Vegetarian’s Heaven. Sounds really healthy, right? Well, it is. Now, let’s take a peek at their healthy lunch-dinner specials. First choice is a combination of cooked lentils, raita (yogurt), served with Basmati rice, chapati (baked bread) or puri (fried bread), pickles and onions for only $3.99. Second choice is made up of cooked lentils, yogurt, served with Basmati rice, baked or fried bread, Veg Samosa, Papad pickles for only $4.99. Third choice is made up of cooked lentils, yogurt, served with Basmati rice, baked or fried bread, Veg

Samosa, Papad pickles and onions, a choice of Shake of Lassi, Rasmalai or Gulab Jamun for only $5.99. Indian Sweets and Spices also offer more than ten shake flavors that shake fanatics will feast upon. They have ice cream Indian style, too. They are fully loaded with other authentic Indian food that you must try – Bollywood snack is it! Indian bread is a nice treat, too. Try their bread varieties. Indulge in their special dishes of vegi balls, peas and cheese, spinach and cheese, and many others. And if you’re just busy to get up your chair and prepare for even a small party with friends, try Indian food on your table. Indian Sweets and Spices is just a phone call away for your catering needs. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the nearest Indian Sweets and Spices and have a taste of India in California. Good food, a lot of choices, prices that fit your budget and friendly faces are there to welcome you. Come on down!


OctOber 13 - 27 , 2006

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