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October 13 -27, 2006

Lying Corrupts a Person Lying has become the norm in this generation. It seems to have been developed into something of a fine art by politicians, advertisers, and reporters. Yet in the midst of a world filled with deceit and dishonesty, we as Christians are to be different, we must speak the truth. In Colossians 3:9 we are told, “Do not lie to one another.” The problem with lying is that it diminishes our respect for the truth and reduces our sensitivity to the ugliness of lies. Lying becomes habitual, even to the point that a person doesn’t even know he is lying. To a practiced liar, the truth becomes so lose and indiscernible that he can’t recognize the truth from a lie, even if it were in his right hand. When this happens, our salvation is almost impossible, because the only weapon that will destroy the demon of lies is the truth, and a man enslaved to lies and lying is practically invulnerable to the truth. We tend to view lying as a misdemeanor among sins, something that’s bad, but not too serious. But lying is a serious sin because God hates lying and He will punish all liars: In Psalms 19:9 it says. “He who tells lies will perish.” Lying corrupts a person and makes him insensitive to sin. In John 8:44 it says,” Lying makes us a child of the father of lies.” If you don’t know, the father of lies is Satan. If we lie, we acknowledge Satan as our father. There are many ways to lie, and we need to be aware of all of them if we are to be safe from this corrupting force. Consider the following ways that we often practice deception: Relationships should be based upon trust and respect. Once we begin to manipulate the truth so as to mislead people, it isn’t long until we begin to rationalize the more direct type of lying. The Lord tells us that we should mean what we say, and not use technicalities to excuse ourselves. In the book of Proverbs, we will see some warnings regarding these technicalities: “It is better to be poor than a liar.” “Be careful what you say in making a deal.” “Be careful about weighing things in your favor. And in Acts 5:3-4 it says, “We may fool others, but God sees through a lie.’ Let me conclude this way, we should work hard as Christians to always be straight-forward and honest in our dealings with other people. There is no merit or virtue in being slick and crafty. Deceiving, misdirecting, and misleading people are nothing but the sin of lying. We must learn the truth, and speak the truth, about ourselves, others, and God. This may cause us trouble at times, but nothing like the trouble that all liars will find themselves in when this life is over.

By: Bro. Pars Ronas

“Then you will know The Truth

And the truth will set you free” (John 8:3)

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Login at or call (562) 867-9217 for Prayers and Counseling And the truth will set you free” OctOber 13 -27, 2006 Lying corru...