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welcome Hi everyone, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m Giovanni. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m fascinated by the idea of asthetics and the perception of beauty. Hope you enjoy this journey through my student works.

latest updates July 2018 Addition: Ford project (WIP) Minor graphic improvements

February 2018 Addition: Bugatti project

July 2017


Addition: Maserati project


About me +49 176 21504085 Born in Parma, IT Currently in Cologne, DE

Languages Italiano Mother tongue


IELTS Certificate, C1 Upper intermediate


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DELE Certificate B2 Upper Intermediate

experience May 2018-present Ford Motor Company Ford of Europe, Cologne Exterior Design Intern

Education 2017â&#x20AC;&#x201C;present Hochschule Pforzheim MA Transportation Design

2013â&#x20AC;&#x201C;2016 IED Istituto Europeo di Design BA Transportation Design




Let me introduce you three of my best projects. Hope you enjoy.

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maserati White Noise Concept (WS2017 sponsored project)

8 ford

SM-01 Rescue Vehicle (SS2018 personal project)

22 bugatti Megève (SS2018 sponsored project)



ford smâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;01 rescue vehicle Personal Project SS2018

maximalism It's honest, explosive, direct. It's expression, not repression. "Maximalism is the aesthetic of excess". (S. Rytenskild)

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scenario & mission Year 2041. Belojarsk nuclear power plant, ZareÄ?nyj, Russia. A mechanical failure during a routine procedure causes an explosion inside the BN1200 reactor. The blast destroys everything under a 65 km range, the radiations reach up to 270 km. The massive fallout makes it impossible for the man to reach the power plant site. Ford decides to take up the challenge and produce a vehicle able to travel long distances in the most inhospitable and contaminated areas. The vehicle works as a mobile lab, able to safely store samples of contaminated soil, monitor the air quality and analyse the consequances of the radiations.

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Theme One: boxy and strong looking aesthetic.

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I decided to take on the challenge of designing a car based on scultpural maximalism, which combines the concept of maximalism with a stronger and more powerful aesthetics. This way, I did not create a messy and excessive vehicle, but a car that does not give up on a complex look. Strenght and functionalism were two columns of my design thinking.

Theme Two: the lab is an expanding volume in the rear of the vehicle.

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Theme Three: a new profile.

As the lab and the "living" spaces will take a lot of room inside the vehicle, I came out with a solution that could guarantee a significant increase of the inner space, without sacrificing stance and proportions. I added a convex section to the DLO. This way, not only I gained room, but I also gave the car whole new proportions, making it feel bigger and stronger.

*layered functionalities


Simultaneously with the theme development, I researched a way to combine the bold and rigid aesthetic with a faceless front end.

work in progress, updates coming soon!

work in progress, updates coming soon!

MASERATI WHITE NOISE CONCEPT MATD First Semester Project (SUMMER Semester 2017)


Design Process white noise concept shows a brand new way to relate to automotive sounds. thanks to an insulating aluminium body and an anechoic chambers-inspired noise absorbing zone in the rear, this car aims to produce silence around itself. the volumes evoke the movement of sound waves, absorbed by the vehicle, in order to reach the final purpose of the car: purifying the acoustic environment.

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side theme development


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animation Find the video on youtube at watch?v=94IUEiHLHec

bugatti meg ve e

MATD Second Term Project (Winter Semester 2017/2018)

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thank you I believe we will see each other soon. Ciao!


Giovanni Duc

Giovanni Duc Portfolio  
Giovanni Duc Portfolio