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MY GLOSARY Giovanna Marcela Cuestas RamĂ­rez


C Capitalism: Capitalism is the part economic of a nation or set of them where looking for control of the market investing (capital) resources for profit.

Communism: Communism is a society without a State without private property and social classes. It’s the exploitation of man by the State.

Costumer: Is the person company or organization who takes to purchase voluntarily of a product or service you want for your benefit.

F Feudalism: Feudalism is one of the politics social an economic systems that has experienced its existence through man and is one of the systems most predominant.

M Market: Administrative process in which certain groups (companies or individuals) get the need for a product or service. Marketing: Public site or virtual in which we proceed to the purchase or sale of product.

N Need: It’s the lack of something in order to service or to feel better. NTIC: The NTIC are of information media and storage-related channels of communication processing and digitized transmission of information.

P Product: A product is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a desire or a need. Promotion: The promotion is the set of activities and techniques used to achieve specific objectives as to inform. Price: Augment of money given by the company in exchange for a product or service. Principle: It’s a base or rule that must be followed to achieve certain purpose.

S Services: A service is a set of activities that seek to meet the needs of a client. Slavery: It’s the situation in which a person is under in the domain of another losing their rights to dispose of himself. Socialism: Socialism is the set of social and political ideas of a nation where the state is responsible for regulating the market, so that the wealth is distributed equally over the people. Strategy: They are the methods or techniques that we use to achieve a goal.

Z Zone: It is the place where we proceed to be offered or sold the product or service to the consumer.

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