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BOGOTA, June. 1 (UPI) - The metropolitan mayor Gustavo Petro, asked to clarify the facts on which members of the Metropolitan Police of Bogota two dogs burned alive. The incident occurred in the capital town of San Cristobal. A member of the police abusing their public office in Bogota dismissed by the commander of the Metropolitan Police of the city, Brigadier General, Luis Eduardo Martinez, the president wrote in his Twitter account, according to what you said RCN . In a second message warned: They will be dismissed members of the Police who burned animals in Bogota. The president rejected the act capital and asked for clarification on why they would have burned the dogs for the simple fact of not having a single owner and be homeless street people. Petro has spoken out in defense of animals and even condemned bullfighting and cockfighting despite its proponents claim that they are artistic expressions rooted in the culture. Even this statement was accepted by the Agency.

A big problem are the local residents living Sunrise Valley, south of the city, the proximity of the sector to some oxidation would be the generator of constant illness. In the midst of a working meeting with Municipal Health officials SecretarĂ­ade dela, President of La Molina Juntade Community Action Alvaro Rodriguez, listed the pressing needs of their neighborhood, as the presence of insects, rodents and odor that comes from an oxidation pond found in the sector, which apparently is the cause of skin rashes, severe headaches, lack of appetite in children, while the intervention requested urgent relief efforts in environmental and health site . The municipal health consultant Brian Gamez Gomez said that "once characterized the area where there are 520 families, about two thousand 500 people including 750 children, send fumigated environmental technicians who will make the process of pest control, vaccination of dogs and cat, but we ask the community to collaborate with the clearing, cleaning of homes and their pets, because there are many stray animals and we must avoid the pollution sources, likewise warned that 80% of the problems generated by poor health habits by therefore it is important to wash hands permanently "

In health things start to change on a real diagnosis of the adoption of the Development Plan of Mayor Fredys Socarras, they said the head of the agency Heloise Tamayo Arguelles, who requested a holding pattern to the community and emphasized the support for the campaign "All against Dengue" and let them know the provision with the local representative to meet all requirements of the community vallenato.

40 years old girl picture burned with napalm

The players arrived this Monday morning after Sunday's game against Peru. The Colombia resumed training on Monday afternoon in the stadium The Campincito of Bogota, with a view to the game against Ecuador, next Sunday. Dorlan Pabon, who arrived in Lima with a mild concussion, a blow to his face, trained smoothly, albeit with a cure in the right cheek. The practice began with a talk of the coaching staff and a subsequent applause of the whole group work followed by a stretch. In practice it was noted that the side Camilo Zuniga, who was not in Peru by a muscle, usually worked with the group that did not act in Lima. The player ran and worked with the ball.

The Luka Rocco Magnotta alleged murderer, known as the Ripper in Canada, was arrested in Berlin, reported Monday the newspaper "Bild" in its online edition. Magnotta, porn actor by profession, is accused of having murdered and dismembered a Chinese student in Canada to a camera having hung up and then the video on the Internet. The alleged murderer would have also sent to various politicians around the corpse. Interpol had issued an order last week international arrest Magnotta, according to "Bild", was arrested in an Internet cafe in Berlin. According to information released Sunday by the French press, Magnotta, 28, was at least until Friday in Paris and its surroundings.

40 years old girl picture burned with napalm

In the photo, the girl always have 9 years and shout "burn, burn!" while Vietnamese fleeing their village in flames. Always naked, sticky napalm victim burned her clothes and skin. Always be a martyr without a name. The photographer Huynh Cong "Nick" Ut, only took a second to take the iconic black and white photo, 40 years ago. With it conveyed the horrors of the Vietnam War better than any text, helping to end one of the most controversial wars in American history. But behind that photo is a less known story. It is the story of a little girl badly injured united by fate with a young photographer. A moment captured in the chaos of a war that would be their salvation and way of life an adventure.

40 years old girl picture burned with napalm

The Hunger Games!Twilight! 'These were the words of Russell Brand used to win over the crowd immediately. Although not one iota out of the script provided, Brand managed to add a bit of improvisation throughout the event. Yes, he referred to his brief marriage, but Kim Kardashian thanked him for having an even shorter. Brand also took care of John Travolta, the star of Thieme Michael Fassbender and Charlie Sheen.



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