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Are you ready to live the best experience of your life abroad? So you can’t imagine what is waiting for you in Limeira! You will have a lot to discover, to do and see, so don’t expect getting bored so soon. Limeira is a city full of life and places to enjoy, here you can find good restaurants and pubs, beautiful parks to visit and a green area to enjoy your time. And all of this really close to tourist destinations from Brazil, like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Here you’ll find important informations about Brazil and Limeira, which will be very useful to you during your traineeship!



Limeira is a country city, its estimated population is 300 thousand inhabitants. Limeira is part of the São Paulo metropolitan complex, the largest in

the southern hemisphere, and it’s just 2 hours from the city of São Paulo. As an important industrial center in the state of São Paulo, in

Limeira you can find the best University of Latin America, UNICAMP. Recently the city has excelled especially in the jewelry area. In Limeira you can find three shopping malls, lots of green area and cultural places to know.



2 hours from SĂŁo Paulo 6 hours from Rio de Janeiro 45 minutes from Campinas Tropical weather Beautiful parks

Great Universities (the best of Latin America)

Great Restaurants and Pubs



Cost of Living




R$2 – R$15

Bus (each trip) R$3,70

Water Bottle 500mL R$2,00

Night life R$30 – R$40

Limeira is here

AIESEC OFFICE ADRESS Rua Pedro Zaccaria, 1300, UL61 Jardim Santa Luiza, Limeira/SP

City Attractions

Horto Florestal



It’s the perfect spot if you like nature. You can walk around and be happy.

If you like sports and nature, you can come here in the weekend with other EPs to take a walk, do Zumba Classes or just relax below a tree.

He kart track in Limeira has a runway 1200 meters long and it’s a place you can come to have some fun in highspeed.

City and Region Attractions

Gruta da Paz Located in the Plaza Toledo Barros, it is designed to serve as a bandstand. Having been built at the time os the World War I as a monument to peace.



Only 50km from Limeira, the city of Holambra, also known as city of flowers, is a place you can come to have some good time with other EPs.

100km from Limeira, in Brotas you can enjoy your weekend in water falls and practice sports such as rafting and caoeing.


Gira Mundo About Gira Mundo is a social project which objective is multiply the knowledge about the UN’s Susteinable Development Goals. The exchanges students become from different parts of the world to work in teams to teach children and teenagers in Brazilian NGO’s about the world issues and how to improve it. The project takes action in poor and developing communities.

And the way we are doing that? By using your creativity, teamwork, and organization skills to come up with interactive activities and fun ways to pass those values!


Gira Mundo Job Description

In GiraMundo we want to generate this change through three steps: AWARENESS ENGAGEMENT ACTION Week 1: Period in which the trainee will have the first contact with the children and people of the NGO. Understand the local reality, see how the organization works and finalize their planning activities to be developed. Make a presentation of their own culture. Week 2, 3, 4 and 5: develop the project! Presentation of workshops for children in NGOs, as already planned. Week 6: closing of the project. Remember what was developed presenting what was covered. Create a farewell activity.


Gira Mundo Learning Points The project aims to develop entrepreneurial, open-mind characteristics and equality.

Leadership Skills Global Networking Interpersonal communication Team Work

Benefits Your accommodation might be a host family or students house. We can’t guarantee which one because it depends on the availability of the Free Accommodation moment.

Portuguese Classes

Week meetings

Arrival PickUp

One AIESECer will give Poruguese classes to facilitate your stay in Limeira. Your accommodation might be a host family or students house. We can’t guarantee which one because it depends on the availability of the moment.

An AIESECer will pick you up on the Bus Terminal and take you to your accommodation. We will send you the way how to go from Sao Paulo/Campinas to the Terminal.

You will have lunch at the NGO each day you will go to work.

One meal

Exchange Participant Responsabilities Finish all the project activities on time

Attend working hours and additional events

(Learning Seminars, Global Villages and Integration Events)

Respect the rules of the accommodation Send tickets to AIESEC member at least 2 weeks before departure

Payment of the Exchange Fee (US$30,00 or R$120,00)

“I was here” Silvia

from Slovakia

The project with kids showed me their life and culture. We played together and through games I learned Portuguese and patience they learned English and discipline. It is about cooperation and communication between us.

Come and

Contacts Giovanna Barrant Vice President of Incoming Exchanges +55 11 99804-6249

Joice Benfica Team Leader of GiraMundo Project joice. +55 15 99795-6930

AIESEC in Limeira

Booklet gm @lm 2017 (english)  
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