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"A look on the random, on landscape, on daily life. Small actions, delicate displacements. The poetry in the mundane. The power of delicacy. The vulnerable image. A compilation of Brazilian recent videos. These artists articulate images from reality, and escape definitions of genre – documentary, performance, experimental, fiction? - to weave a personnel poetic drawn from the subject's relation to his or her surroundings, while avoiding technical mannerisms or superfluous effects." 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Dellani Lima, Adoravel Criatura / Lovely Creature, 2012, 9.00 Sara Nao Tem Nome, Atemporal / Timeless, 2013, 1.11 Leonardo Mouramateus, Mauro em Caiena / Mauro in Caiena, 2012, 18.00 Arthur Tuoto, Notes from My Heart, 2009, 04' Cao Guimaraes, Limbo, 2011, 17.20

Thursday 3/7/2014- Unit 3 Duration: 43 min

Changing Landscapes 2, video art from Russia

In “Changing Landscapes 2”, twelve film/video works selected from CYLAND’s Video Archive create together a genuine, introspective look at contemporary Russian New Media. These videos / film by active Eastern European artists offer personal perspectives into the continuum of their native country’s past, present and future. Pieces by established, recognized artists Boris Kazakov, Yuri Vasiliev and Ludmila Belova, Dimitri Lurie are joined by emerging talents Maxim Svishev, Tatiana Akhmetgaliyeva, Masha Sha, Anton Khlabov and the “Upward!” community - each embodying artistic development within the age of digital technology in Russia. The program is curated by Victoria Ilyushkina. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Boris Kazakov / Nestlings of the Sea, 1996 (5:39) Anton Khlabov / Storage, 2009 (2:20) Maxim Svishev / Aurora, 2012 (5:38) Masha Sha / Never Ending, 2005 (2:12) “Upward!” Community / Fedorov Endgame, 2012 (3:00) Yuri Vasiliev / Mom, 2002 (0:55) Laboratory of Poetry Actionism / Lots of Letters, 2010 (2:53) Group “Soap”/ Figure Skating On the Soap, 2011 (3:00) Ludmila Belova / Home, 2007 (3:28) Viktoriya Begalskaya / Nutcrackers, 2004 (5:58) Dimitri Lurie / Refraction, 2012 (3:33) Daria Pisareva &Tanya Akhmetgalieva / Loosen Up!, 2012 (3:45)

CYLAND Video Archive is a resource of video and media art, open to professionals as well as general public. Video Archive was conceived as a networks platform of artists, programmers, videographers, engineers, art educators and curators from all over the world. Its main objective is to become a means of exchange between professionals and to give artists the opportunity to promote their works. Currently, the collection consists of more than 400 video, representing about 100 artists and 20 art groups from Russia, as well as about 30 artists from other countries.

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Festival Miden 2014 - Program (ENG)  

Video Art Festival MIden 2014 Kalamata, GR Detailed program (english version)

Festival Miden 2014 - Program (ENG)  

Video Art Festival MIden 2014 Kalamata, GR Detailed program (english version)

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