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Understanding and utilizing Social Media tools in Goverment Departments Trainer : Giorgio Ungania

OVERVIEW This three days intensive workshop introduces attendees to the most popular Social Media tools and it’s implementation within governmental entities. The training will be centered around practical exercises that give to participants a basic understanding of the main technologies and new media trends that are reshaping the way individuals and enterprises are communicating. At the end of the sessions all participants will be enabled to start utilizing the new technologies in their daily businesses. The training will be conducted in English and an Arabic speaking translator can be provided upon request.

REQUIREMENTS A basic understanding of the internet and personal computing is required. No previous experience in managing and utilizing social media technologies is necessary.

TIMING AND LOGISTICS The training will last 3 days with class times starting at 10.00 a.m and ending at 3.00 p.m. Each participant will need to be provided with one personal computer ( laptop ) mobile phone and a stable internet connection.

Understanding and utilizing Social Media tools in Goverment Departments | Zer0 FZLLE


SOCIAL MEDIA FOR GOVERNMENT CURRICULUM ( Customizable for the needs of specific Goverment Dept. ) What is social media and social networking? Social media is more than a new style of communication; it references to an entire online platform built on people’s contributions and interactions. The communication in social media is done using the social networking tools. These technologies connect groups of people together. They mimic in an online environment the behaviors that people have in real life. The online world is extremely well suited to networking, as it doesn’t involve location or time constraints. Exploiting social media to communicate content and engage communities is proven to be a very effective strategy. Highlights of the workshop. Offline VS Online ✦Differences

in human behaviors and interactions in the online environment. mainstream media outlets are coping with the online communication environments. ✦Company requirements and customer needs. ✦Immediacy: Online versus Offline media decisions. ✦How

Facebook Communication ✦Do

we really need to be on Facebook? Pages. ✦How to build an audience. ✦PageRank and visibility. ✦Facebook

Twitter Communication ✦Basic

principles of Twitter is more important than communicating. ✦Twitter API and third parties applications. ✦Case studies and crisis management through Twitter. ✦Listening

Google Plus ✦Why

Google+ search and relevancy. ✦Google+ and Multimedia. ✦Audience reach. ✦Internet

Understanding and utilizing Social Media tools in Goverment Departments | Zer0 FZLLE



power of online video. a campaign. ✦YouTube and Search. ✦Playlist and branded Channels. ✦Building

Location Based Apps ✦Location

sharing and the future of online services. based marketing. ✦Opt In Opt out features. ✦Location Based advertising. ✦Location

Workshop layout. The workshop will be heavily centered around practical exercises where attendees will be required to produce social media content and test the various applications examined On the last day of training attendees will be given a final practical test to evaluate their level of understanding on the various topics. The results of the test will be sent to the management through a final report. About the trainer. Giorgio Ungania is the owner of Zer0, a new media communication consultancy and production company based in Dubai. Giorgio sports more than 20 years of experience in mainstream media and managed many projects centered around new media and social media solutions. Giorgio is also an Apple Mentor and a New Media lecturer across public-private sectors and Universities across the Middle East.

Understanding and utilizing Social Media tools in Goverment Departments | Zer0 FZLLE

Social Media for Goverment