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south Tanzania 2012

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july 15-31, 2012 from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


by AdventurAfrica 16 days of travel, safari, adventure and relax an unconventional and unique itinerary to discover a timeless Africa the Indian Ocean and the beaches of Dar es Salaam Mikumi National Park Ruaha National Park and the Sanje Mangabeys tracking in the deep of the forest at Udzungwa Mountains National Park


e will start off with a relaxing day on the white sand beaches and the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, in Dar Es Salaam, before taking off for one of the most unspoiled and adventurous circuits in the southern highlands of Tanzania. Through the little town of Morogoro, we will continue for the Mikumi National Park, where our first safari will take place. Mikumi NP is known for offering some of the easiest wildlife viewing opportunities in the region, and the park boasts plenty of wildlife, including elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, gazelles, lions, leopards, baboons and more. From Mikumi, we will continue for the cozy German town of Iringa, where we will stock up at the colorful local market before heading to the amazing Ruaha National Park, located 115km of unpaved road, west of Iringa. The Ruaha National Park is a huge ecosystem, home to Tanzania’s largest population of elephants, about 12,000 individuals. The park wildlife is sustained by the Great Ruaha River, running along the eastern side of the park. We will camp along the river banks, and seeing lions crossing the river near the camp, or hearing their primordial roams at night, will offer an unforgettable and thrilling experience. Much of this park is so remote to be considered unexplored, and having the park all to ourselves will not be an unlikely possibility! After extensive exploration of the Ruaha NP, we will return to Mikumi and from there we will head to the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, where lush forests await us and are home to about 10 species of primates, some endemic and found nowhere else but here. In the Udzungwa Mountains NP we will have the rare opportunity to enjoy walking safaris and to track a group of Sanje Mangabeys, an endemic species of primates discovered here in 1979. A network of spring water streams and waterfalls add to the beauty of this park. From Udzungwa Mountains NP we will return to Dar es Salaam to enjoy a full day of relax on the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean.


AdventurAfrica Safari Truck

4X4 T

he vehicle used for AdventurAfrica’s trips and expeditions is an IVECO ACM80 4x4, a mid-size military truck that we retrofitted exclusively with the African safaris in mind.

Everything on board has been designed and crafted to provide the passengers with comfort and amusement. Its height, significantly taller than the traditional safaris 4x4s, makes it an ideal vehicle for wildlife spotting and photography. The truck is retrofitted with 12 independent, comfortable, bus-style seats. 90cm of rowspan between the seats ensure plenty of comfort and freedom of movement to the passengers. Our truck is equipped with a spacious refrigerator, a fully equipped camp kitchen, three burners gas range, tents and 5cm sleeping pads, 12V DC and 110/220V AC plugs to recharge cellphone and camera batteries, a comfortable custom-made step ladder to access the passenger area, a huge cargo space, radio, GPS and everything needed to make our safaris safe and fun. Click here for more information




he itinerary of this trip covers a the Udzungwa Mountains NP. distance of about 2,000 km on he unpaved stretches can somemostly paved roads, with the exceptimes feel very bumpy and untion of the tracks within the parks comfortable (depending on the rain and the road between Kidatu and season and road maintenance).




eather will be mostly dry and pleasantly sunny. High temperatures will reach 25-30 째C on the cost while lows will be around 10-15 째C in Iringa, the highest region along our itinerary. Click here for more information



THE COST: 2500 EUROs per person (min-max participants: 6-12) 300 EUROs single room supplement

-Everything not specifically mentioned in the “What’s Included” section


Giorgio Trucco AdventurAfrica - email: Tel: +39 366 1366714

- Medical and luggage insurance - Airport transfers to and from hotels - Professional photographer tour leader and English speaking staff - All Game Park fees and safaris - Land transportation on our safari truck - Full board accommodation and non alcoholic beverages - Services of guides and drivers - Cost of emergency treatment and evacuation


- Airfare to and from your home country - Fees for passport, visas, immunizations, tourist and airport taxes - Optional visits and trips, not part of the regular program - Food and meals not part of the program, wine and alcoholic beverages, tips, laundry, phone, souvenirs and other expenses of a personal nature



PhotoTravel by Leilaviaggi s.n.c. - Roberto Cristaudo email: Tel: +39 011 9376755

phototravel 速

workshop & viaggi fotografici

TRAVEL ITINERARY DAY 1: Departure for Dar es Salaam

DAY 5: Mikumi National Park

Departure at sunrise for the Mikumi National Park. We will leave the main road and head DAY 2: to the Mkata flood plains, in the north-west Dar es Salaam - Mjimwema Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by the Ad- section of the park, where wildlife (buffaloes, venturAfrica staff and together we will transfer wildebeest, giraffes, elephants, zebras, lions, to Mjimwema, just a few miles south of Dar es leopards and more) is abundant and easy to enSalaam, where we will spend the night by the joy. Another area of interest is the Hippo Pools beach. A relaxing introduction to the slow and area, where we will able to observe these huge animals at close range. soul-nurturing rhythms of Africa. Overnight at the Kipepeo Beach Camp, or simi- Full day dedicated to the exploration of the park, wildlife viewing and photography. lar. Overnight al Tan-Swiss Lodge, or similar.

DAY 3: Dar es Salaam - Mjimwema

DAY 6: Today we will go back to Dar es Salaam crossing Mikumi NP - Iringa - Little Ruaha

Today we will transfer to Iringa following the windy road snaking at the base of the Rubeho Mountains. We will cross an interesting area where giant baobabs are found, along the Little Ruaha river. We will arrive in Iringa and we will visit the colorful local market to buy our supplies for the next days. The city, capital of the same name region, is situated on a vast plateau (about 1,600 DAY 4: meters above sea level) where agriculture is Dar es Salaam - Mikumi widespread, especially the cultivation of corn. Early wake up call and we will be on our way, Overnight at the Riverside Campsite, a beaution paved road, to our first safari destination, ful camp on the banks of Little Ruaha river. the Mikumi National Park. We will stop in the bustling town of Morogoro, at the base of the DAY 7: Uluguru Mountains, and we will arrive in MiRuaha National Park kumi in the afternoon. If you like, we can visit the local Mikumi snake- A beautiful 115km of red dirt track, in the midpark, a modest reptilarium that hosts some no- dle of nowhere, will lead us right into the marvels of Ruaha National Park, Tanzania’s second table specimen. park in order of extension. This park is a vast Overnight at the Tan-Swiss Lodge, or similar. unspoiled ecosystem that is home to the largest elephant population of the whole Tanzania the harbor channel on the Kigambony ferry and we will visit the busy and colorful fish market. We will return to Mjimwema for a free afternoon of complete relax, sunbathing and swimming on the shore of the Indian Ocean. Overnight at the Kipepeo Beach Camp, or similar.

phototravel 速

workshop & viaggi fotografici

(about 12,000). Large prides of wonderful lions also call Ruaha home, and are normally observed with great ease. The park is also populated by large herds of buffalo, kudu, gazelles, antelopes, ostriches, cheetahs and many species of birds. We will camp along the Great Ruaha river banks in an amazing location, totally undeveloped and surrounded by abundant wildlife. Given the location, fully open and immersed in the nature of the park, at night, many animals can wander undisturbed, and harmless, among our tents. Be ready for a thrilling and unforgettable experience! Overnight inside the park (camping).

DAY 8: Ruaha National Park

DAY 11: Udzungwa Mountains National Park

We will leave Mikumi heading towards the Udzungwa Mountains National Park. From Kidatu on, the road becomes an ungraded, bumpy, gravel road that will force us to proceed in low gear and at a low speed. A condition we can exploit to enjoy the beautiful panorama! In the afternoon we will relax on the beautiful green of our camp. Overnight at the Hondo-Hondo Campsite.

DAY 12: Udzungwa Mountains NP - Njokamoni Trail

The Sanje Mangabeys (an endemic group of primates) has lived in the shade of Udzungwa MountFull day dedicated to the exploration of the park, ians forest for centuries, before being discovered wildlife viewing and photography. Morning game and identified in 1979. drive, return to camp for lunch and late afternoon Following the gorilla and chimpanzee tracking progame drive. grams, starting in 2007, the park management has Overnight inside the park (camping). created a local tracking program and today visitors can approach a selected group of Mangabeys who DAY 9: have been partially habituated to tolerate the human presence. We will spend the day tracking, obRuaha National Park Full day dedicated to the exploration of the park, serving and photographing the Sanje Mangabeys, wildlife viewing and photography. The park is along the Njokamoni trail, led and escorted by an crossed by several sandy rivers, mostly dry during experienced group of rangers and trackers. the dry season. The river beds are used by animals Overnight at the Hondo-Hondo Campsite. as “roads” to reach the remaining water supplies. The little water available plays an important role DAY 13: in concentrating large numbers of animals such Udzungwa Mountains NP - Sanje Falls Trail as buffaloes, zebras, elephants and, consequently, Today we explore the rest of the park following different species of predators: lions, leopards and a trail that will lead us to numerous waterfalls of hyenas. Morning game drive, return to camp for fresh spring water which sustain the abundant park lunch and late afternoon game drive. wildlife and the agricultural activities of the region. Overnight inside the park (camping). Overnight at the Hondo-Hondo Campsite.

DAY 10: Ruaha NP - Mikumi

Today we start inching our way back to Iringa and then, on paved road, to Mikumi, crossing one more time the “Baobab Valley Conservation Area” along the Udzungwa Mountains range. Overnight at the Tan-Swiss Lodge, or similar.

DAY 14: Udzungwa Mountains NP - Dar es Salaam

Today we will head back to Dar es Salaam, crossing one last time the Mikumi National Park. An enjoyable return to the resort where our journey began and a nice way to relax after the safari excitement. Overnight at the Kipepeo Beach Camp, or similar.




south Tanzania DAY 15: Dar es Salaam

A full day of complete relax, sunbathing and swimming. It is possible to organize an optional boat trip to the islands in front of the shore and to do some interesting snorkeling on the coral reef. Overnight at the Kipepeo Beach Camp, or similar.

DAY 16 and 17:

Breakfast and transfer to the Dar es Salaam airport and departure flight to home.


he Phototravel and AdventurAfrica staff reserve the right to modify the proposed itinerary, before or during the tour, due to unforeseeable conditions like weather change, time constrains, road blocks, safety concerns or logistic problems. Such decisions will be final and indisputable and will not entitle participants to any type of reimbursement.

WORTH KNOWING: Accommodations: Campsites (developed or undeveloped) inside and outside the parks. Mid-budget hotels.

Road Conditions: Mostly paved roads

or good grade gravel roads, with the exception of the tracks inside the parks.

Meals and Personal Care: Local res-

taurants and meals prepared by the AdventurAfrica staff, when out in the wilderness. Showers will be available every day, but in some campground cold water might be the only option available.

TANZANIA EXPRESS south TANZANIA july 15-31, 2012 +39 366.1366714 -

Tanzania Express  

AdventurAfrica. South Tanzania. July 2012.

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