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JUNE 2012

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COMENIUS - European Multilateral School Partnership What is Comenius? This Comenius project is entitled "A Culture Rainbow Around Europe" and it takes place between 2011-2013. The topic refers to the folklore and cultural heritage of different countries. The participating countries (partners) are GREECE, POLAND, SPAIN & TURKEY. The project is designed to guide students to understand individuals from other cultures and learn about their customs, traditions, legends, special days, ceremonies, cuisine, superstitions, lifestyles, riddles, anecdotes, games and folk dances. This project will strengthen the communication of European countries and will help people become aware of the fact that it is important to cooperate for the world

“Meeting in Greece�

Partners arrived in Greece Yesterday 03.06.2012 arrived in our country students and teachers partners of Comenius project. This is the second meeting of partner schools. This followed the November 2011 meeting in Poland. First arrived the Polish group with fourteen people mission (Four teachers, a parent, seven students and two drivers). On the 04.06.2012 at dawn three colleagues from Spain and early in the morning eighteen people in total from Turkey arrived as well. Between the Turks also came the director of training and the district officer of Tsataltza. All of them lived in Keramoti. First impressions are excellent. The good weather and of course the natural beauty of the area helped a lot. The total number of teachers in our school welcomed them, offering coffee in the beachfront cafe.

A Culture Rainbow Around Europe


JUNE 2012

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Excursion in Thassos On the 04.06.2012, we visit Thassos for a day trip. From Keramoti passed the ship towards the port where our bus was waiting. Our destination was the beautiful village of Panagia, Golden Beach and Skala Potamias. The picturesque streets of Panagia, the crystal water of Golden Beach and the folklore shops of Potamia excited our guests. Finally on return to our port the colleague Thanassis Dialektopoulos, school counselor of the 1st district of Kavala, toured us to the archaeological site in its own unique way and we thank him warmly.

Partners visit in the Primary School of Nea Karya On Tuesday 05.06.2012 schools from abroad visited the Primary School of Nea Karya and the Kindergarten. Guided in the school areas and visit each classroom where they were greeted with songs, various events and souvenirs, created by the students. Then in the hall of physics laboratory teachers were offered coffee and various delicacies. Students from Poland and Turkey attended courses in classrooms. There was a gift exchange between schools and acquaintance among teachers. Discussed the program so far and what is to come next. During the visit with us was also our School Counsellor Ms. Thomais Kartsiotou.

A Culture Rainbow Around Europe

JUNE 2012

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Visit in the archaeological site of Philippi and Kavala city On Wednesday morning 06.06.2012 all schools initially visited the archaeological site of Philippi. Our school counselor, Ms. Kartsiotou Thomais did the tourt to the theater, the early Christian churches, the prison of St. Paul, the Agora, the Palestra baths etc. In the end we went to the Museum, which is excellent, with wonderful exhibits. After a short coffee we visit the city of Kavala. In Kavala some guests meet the Director of Primary Education inKavala Mr. Georgiadis, and the regional consultant Mr. Geromarko. The rest were guided in the Panagia area, in Imaret and panache. There was enough time to explore the city markets to buy souvenirs. In the way back to Keramoti we passed from Nea Karvali to taste and obtain the famous buns.

Greek School Festival - Folk Songs and Dances On Wednesday the 06.06.2012 at the Municipal Theatre of Chrysoupolis in the presence of the Nestos mayor Mr. Michaelides, our school counselor Ms. Kartsiotiou, president of the primary schools teachers of Kavala Mr. Moumtsaki, other officials, parents of students and many people held the central event of the Comenius program with title "Folk Songs and Dances"

A Culture Rainbow Around Europe

JUNE 2012

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Sport events at the end of the course On Thursday 07.06.2012 with the parental presence in the school yard, there were sport events that take place every year at the end of the course. This year was one week earlier, due to the presence of European partners of the project Comenius. It was a very nice celebration fulfilled with music, dance, movement and much excitement that was also attended by students from Turkey and Poland. It was a colorful festival. In the role of coordinator was the gymnast Mr. Thomas Tzerakis and in the role of facilitator the rest school teachers. The celebration ended with the traditional Sirtaki who danced together all teachers, students and parents.

Partners video presentations on the community hall On Thursday 07.06.2012 after the sport events in the school yard all together we went to the community hall where presented videos with folk songs and dances of foreign partners. Everyone noticed the similarities and differences we have between us.

A Culture Rainbow Around Europe

JUNE 2012

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Dinner and Reception in honor of the partners On Thursday night 07.06.2012 our school hosted a dinner to the partners once the activities of this second meeting in Greece completed. All together we met in a known tavern in Keramoti where we were able to relax and have fun. A reception followed at seaside bar with the presence of parents and pupils of the school.

COMENIUS PROJECT PARTNERS:  Karacaköy ilköğretim okulu Catalca /Istanbul-TURKEY

 Zespół Szkół Kochanowicach Kochanowice-POLAND

 Organismo Autónomo Programas Educativos Europeos Manresa-SPAIN

 Δημοτικό Σχολείο Νέας Καρυάς Χρυσούπολη-GREECE

DEPARTURE OF PARTNERS FOR THEIR HOMELANDS On Friday morning 08.06.2012 guests teachers and students departed for their homelands. The second meeting of the project partners in Greece completed.

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