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How to find a painting contractor?

Painting your home is one of the best ways of giving it a complete revamp. For most buyers, the outside appearance of your home forms the first impression that they get. A home that desperately needs a paining job just tells people that you are not interested in your home. It also shows carelessness and it automatically decreases the value of your property. Ideally, you have to paint your home once in five years provided that your painters have done a good job. A shoddy job will just mean that you will be spending thousands of dollars on painting that will just start to peel away in the first heavy showers or snowfall. To ensure that you are getting the best painting job done on your home. This is only possible if you find a good painting contractor, hire him and get a verifiable quote, contract and warranty from them for the job they are going to do. To help you out, we’ve listed out a few tips you can follow regarding the hiring process.

Finding the right painting freelancer in your city Finding a contractor will actually depend on the city you live in. For example, if you live in Toronto, we suggest you check with local resources for licensed painting contractors in Toronto. • One of the first places to check is with the local building authorities. They will always have a list of the best contractors in the area and they will share it with you. • Apart from the local authorities, you can check with friends and families for local references. This is actually the best way to find to find trusted local workers. • For a cheaper alternative, you can check with local community colleges. These colleges will have painting apprenticeship programs for novices. You will be able to hire these students to work for you on your home at a subsidized rate. • Another option is to check with the local state licensing board. All local contractors have to should have state board registration and they should carry mandatory insurance. You can search for a local contractor using pin codes.

Verifying the credentials of the contractor After you have shortlisted the contractors, you have to verify certain details about them. For example, all painting contractors list themselves with the state licensing authorities. When the contractors visit your home to provide a quote, they should provide a written quote. On the quote, the contractor will list his registration number, address and telephone number. Before hiring the person, make sure that you verify all these details by visiting the office personally. Collect at least three quotes from separate contractors and verify all the details individually. After verifying the details, ask the contractor to

provide at least three references that are more than 5 years old. Painting jobs being to deteriorate in about five years time and a 5-year-old client will be able to tell you accurately how the paint job lasted. Other important questions you have to ask your contractor include the following• Does he subcontract work? If yes, then all the subcontractors should be covered with insurance and workers compensation. They should also have bonding to ensure that the workers are protected. • Are they members of any local or national painting organization? This will let you know they do acceptable work and are well known in the local community. • Do they offer written guarantees of the work they do? Good contractors will offer a guaranty on the goods they are using and they will also offer a limited warranty on the painting job.

Hiring the contractor After you have been assured of the experience and reliability of the contractor, you have to get a detailed quote from the contractor. Be specific about what you want in your painting job and ensure that this is listed in the relevant documents. The type of painting, materials and colors should be specified in the quote and the contract. Review the contract properly before signing it. If any modifications were made during the painting process, make sure that you list it in the contract and the quote. Make sure that you verify each point on the contract before paying the contractor and ensure that he cleans up before he leaves. We hope that these few tips have helped you find the best Toronto commercial painters for your painting needs. Remember, that cheapest is not always the best. Most painting companies will provide a detailed quote and you should compare them to get an idea of what to pay.

How to find a painting contractor  

A short article on how to find a painting contractor in your city