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Random People

Chapter 9

"I'm describing the person, 'Nagase Iori'." Nagase's body tensed as if shocked, and then she locked her lips tightly as if clenching her teeth. "Look? Who is the real 'me'? ...No, none of them is the real 'me'—" "Every one of them is you." "...What...are you saying..." "All of them...Each and everyone of Nagase Iori—" Maybe this was actually what it was. "No, wait...How can there be someone like that? Someone who have that much faces—" "This is normal, right? Humans originally have a lot of faces. The problem is only on the disparity of the amount. I'm a person who has less and you have more—it's only this simple." "But...I would become like this to pander to others..." "Anyone would change their attitudes depending on the atmosphere. You are just a bit exaggerated in this area...isn't it? Didn't you say 'you can't freely change your face recently'?" "That was...but I surely...must prepare what attitude I will use to face others to get along with them..." "There wouldn't be a person who can completely get along with others without any preparation and use his or her own self all the time, right?" "B-But even the things I like will change...upon the atmosphere..."


Kokoro Connect Vol. 1 -Random People-  
Kokoro Connect Vol. 1 -Random People-  

The story of a high school club in Japan and how it's members endure strange supernatural events being thrust upon them.