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Random People

Chapter 6

"Shut up! This is your punishment for doing those humiliating things with [my body]!" In the end, after a while of persuasion, the three (after all, since this was crucial, Kiriyama also leaned towards Taichi and Aoki's side) finally ceased Inaba, who was still angry. When the atmosphere in the clubroom settled, everyone returned to their [bodies] (Should I say that they calmed down because Inaba returned to her [own body]). "You...if you do it again, meet your fate." "Yes, we are really sorry, Inaba-san." Taichi and Aoki bowed to apologise. "On top of that, I'm also angry. If I find you doing this next time, I'll teach you a lesson using violence." Kiriyama smiled (though pretended). "Yes, yes...I understand." Taichi was scared. If Kiriyama was serious, I might even have to go to the hospital—he thought. "This feels strange, but I actually want to be taught a lesson!" Aoki still spoke mindlessly. "...Ah, right. There is something I'm quite aware of. Could it be that..." Aoki hesitated as if it was hard to speak, but he then managed to continue.


Kokoro Connect Vol. 1 -Random People-  
Kokoro Connect Vol. 1 -Random People-  

The story of a high school club in Japan and how it's members endure strange supernatural events being thrust upon them.