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Random People

Chapter 6

completely lost their senses (because they were so agitated they forgot about this already). A few seconds of silence were inevitable. Besides, the newly arriving two members of the Literature Club were not so naïve as to waste those few seconds. "Yui! Grab that phone." Inaba [Aoki] immediately directed her. "Hand it to me!" There was immense change in physique when she switched to another body—Kiriyama [Taichi] numbly ran to Aoki [Kiriyama]. "Yikes!" Aoki [Kiriyama] yelped and shrank himself down. In a blink of an eye, Kiriyama [Taichi] had already snatched his phone and handed it to Inaba [Aoki]. "Let me see what you have done with my phone...Eh? A video huh..." In the silent clubroom, the only sounds came from the video that was taken by the phone, and it reverberated in the room. Corny lines continuously flew into the silent room. Taichi looked at Inaba [Aoki], only to see her emotionless as she stood stone still. He even could hear her blood vessels ripping apart...that, of course, was only his imagination. "Hehe...Looks like you've played a pretty interesting game."


Kokoro Connect Vol. 1 -Random People-  
Kokoro Connect Vol. 1 -Random People-  

The story of a high school club in Japan and how it's members endure strange supernatural events being thrust upon them.