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Random People

Chapter 6

Aoki [Kiriyama] smiled evilly. "But..." "Are we going to stop now?" Aoki forcibly persuaded Taichi to shoot their first video, but for no apparent reason, Aoki [Kiriyma] stopped being as persuasive as he was before and seemed to be waiting for something...No, or rather, he seemed to be hurrying Taichi by starting to hum a song. "...If you insist, then it's fine with me." That being said, Taichi felt like he was losing something important in humanity. Their spirits had become crazy when they began to film themselves again. In theory, they should have sufficient time to enjoy themselves before everyone came back. Nevertheless, the two got carried away. They were too careless. The door creaked. [Taichi] and [Aoki] came back earlier than expected. (If there was no swapping around since their last contact, Kiriyama and Inaba should be [Taichi] and [Aoki] respectively.) Seeing their arrival, Taichi [Inaba] and Aoki [Kiriyama] froze immediately. What they had just said shouldn't have been heard, so if they treated this calmly they should have been able to get away with it. Nevertheless, they


Kokoro Connect Vol. 1 -Random People-  
Kokoro Connect Vol. 1 -Random People-  

The story of a high school club in Japan and how it's members endure strange supernatural events being thrust upon them.