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Random People

Chapter 5

unresponsive to pain. But our condition now is the most serious—a crisis that is filled with absolute desperation! Anyone could get hurt or destroyed at any time, anywhere or by anything that could happen. Do you realize this? In this personality exchange, there is nothing that is not serious or unimportant!" Inaba lifted her head and harshly stared at Taichi with her long and fine eyes, as if wanting to kill him. Inaba gets angry easily, but she never gets so angry that she would drown in her emotions with anger transcending her sanity. But Inaba was now driven by her emotions. This was indication of her extreme anger. Though this was reasonable—She marked the condition with complete despair, and even gave out a warning. Nevertheless, Taichi still spoke mindlessly like an idiot. My past self once reckoned the personality exchange as a condition that was very dangerous. I did have the chance to think like Inaba, but maybe it was because I wanted to persuade myself to think ideally that I would say such naïve and dumb words. "...Sorry, Inaba." Taichi spontaneously spoke the words of apology. Inaba smiled wryly with an embarrassed expression on her face. "Ahhh...No, I should be the one to apologise. It seems that I've gone too far today. My mood wasn't good after all these things that have happened to me...sorry."


Kokoro Connect Vol. 1 -Random People-  
Kokoro Connect Vol. 1 -Random People-  

The story of a high school club in Japan and how it's members endure strange supernatural events being thrust upon them.