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POISONOUS FOODS We love to eat

Gintarė Miklovytė IIG

• We need food to live, but did you know most of what you eat is poison? • Even if you eat healthy food, you are still submerged in toxic people who, via cruelty and casual disregard, incite cellular degeneration.

EGGS • Eggs are about as bad as smoking in terms of heart disease. • A single egg yolk has 200mg cholesterol and the daily limit is 300mg.

ALMONDS • There is one problem: almonds are full of cyanide. • Before consumption, bitter almonds must be processed to remove the poison.

CHEESE • Cheese is full of calcium. • It’s saturated fat content and high calories and it’s linked to obesity, heart disease or even prostate cancer. • Even a thin slice has 100 calories.


• Potatoes contain poison in the stems and leaves- and even in the potato itself if left to turn green.

MUSHROOMS • Everyone has heard about toadstools and knows that they are poisonous. • All mushrooms of unknown origin should be considered dangerous to eat.


•It causes extreme nervousness and stomach upsets.

• The leaves and stems of the tomato plant contain a chemical called “Glycoalkaloid”.


Poisonous foods  
Poisonous foods