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SecondScreen Free to air TV aggregation platform iOS, Android & Web | | | |

"Why can't we watch whatever we want, whenever we want, on whatever screen we want? And where is the seamless backend that doesn't care where our mindless entertainment comes from?" - Joe Brown, Deputy Editor WIRED | April 2015

Introduction Over the past five years Second Screen Pty Ltd (Andy Burge and Nick Higgins) have spent considerable time researching and developing a video entertainment mobile application that addresses consumer expectations while minimizing publisher’s technical integration requirements. They have leveraged their extensive subject matter knowledge, and global network of industry experts, to design the application and secure exclusive rights to leading technology that is protected by patents.

Opportunity • • • • • •

Five years of focus (IP). Consumer first thinking while addressing publisher’s technical challenges. Fully scoped product and partially developed platform (speed to market). Low barrier to entry to secure IP, exclusive technology, product roadmap and entry to market. Complimentary business initiative Country first and potentially world first.

Video Wars Facebook and Google receive 85% of every new digital advertising dollar.

Content Owners fighting for Data

Data platforms fighting for Content



USER EXPERIENCE To many VOD apps and inconsistent user experience across the media app ecosystem.

USER EXPERIENCE Aggregated VOD service that offers a seamless user experience, synchronised between devices.

SOCIAL - THE NORM Young audiences are born into a world of social, likes and swipes and expect the right to express themselves.

SOCIAL - THE NORM Redefine what Social means to the broadcast industry and give audiences what they want (regain control).

DATA MEASUREMENT Reliance on 3rd party data sources for probabilistic data.

DATA MEASUREMENT Deliver a secure place for 1st party deterministic consumer data to drive monetization and engagement.

Our Principles • • • • •

Consumer first approach. Simple user experiences cross platform, by connecting people wherever they are (mobile living room) Engage audiences through simplicity and helpfulness (streamline UI and content recommendations) Content must remain secure on the content owners servers (the ‘Uber of Content') Rich data that is made available to Media publishers in real-time.

nd 2

Screen Approach

• Primary purpose is to surface available content to each consumers tastes, through ongoing individual profiling (data that is increasingly becoming valuable to broadcasters) • 2S offers an intelligent aggregation platform for all free to air catch up / live services (not restricted by this though), built to plug other OTT or OVC providers by simply connecting in their media player • The road block to launch, prior to recent development in technology, has been to inability to aggregate feeds, so that DRM, ad rev and analytics are either protected or offered back to broadcasters… • Shodogg and 2nd Screen will form a strategic partnerships with the Worlds best technology providers to respond to the significant consumer demand and drive content usage for content owners.

A new innovative TV experience SecondScreen was born out of the love for Free to Air Television content and we strongly believe that this will be the best discovery experience available for Free to Air EPG and On Demand content. | | | | |

Aggregation Done Right The SecondScreen platform aggregates all of the Free to Air EPG and VOD content into one consistently beautiful user experience ensuring navigation and content discovery is easy. | | | | |

Target the user with exclusives From the start SecondScreen was designed with the broadcaster in mind. We provide tools to allow broadcast partners to send exclusive content to users based on they watch profile.

Rather than straight advertising we incentivise the broadcaster to excite and entice the user to interact with this content. | | | | |

Working with Broadcasters to bring the best TV experience SecondScreen will be working with the major Free to Air broadcasters in Australia to bring their content to our users, we are passionate about keeping the TV experience for each user simple and elegant but without interfering or changing the broadcasters content.

SecondScreen will commercialise the service by using 6 second bumpers and 15 second pre-roll advertising and we are committed to keeping the

Developing For Now And The Future Two VOD applications will be developed to cater for different audiences and their specific needs.

• Loyal TV watchers. • P 24 – 65 (?) • Service: Aggregated catch-up TV and related back catalogue content. • Feature set: Aggregation of different publishers, content recommendation engine and Custom Playlists (Save).

• Heavy social media consumers and digital natives • P 14 – 34 • Service: Rich collection of short-form content from new production studios and youth TV content. • Feature set: Emphasis on Sharing (Social), Casting and Custom Playlists (Save)

Second Screen User Experience Features

• • • • • •

Meet consumer expectations with an aggregated VOD service. Drive consistency with standardised features. Improve consumer retention through relevant feature sets. Increase advertising inventory (Revenue) via sharing features. Capturing valuable behavioral and influencing data Increasing consumer targeting and monetization programs



Phase 1



Phase 2


Phase 3

User Experience


AGGREGATE • Any broadcasters and digital publishers with a video player and content can integrate while preserving their DRM and other rules. • Seamless user experiences • Rich insights and data accessible by each broadcaster/publisher.


User Experience


SAVE • Synchronised video cross devices. • Personalised play-list across all broadcasters. • Supports time-shifted viewing to drive consumption • Additional opportunities for live-ad insertion enabling curated, personalized primetime

User Experience


DISCOVER • Improve personalised content curation and social suggestions to increase consumption. • Create additional advertising opportunities via curated channels.


Of consumers believe the data Shodogg collects would have no impact on their or would increase their use.

User Experience


SHARE • Expedite ‘broadcasting’ of content via social channels – SMS, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Calendar invitation (appointment based viewing) • Track downstream shares and post reach • Identify influencers • Create combined data

Cast Feature Cast feature converts mobile consumers to TV viewers

CAST • Universal - Platform and device agnostic mobile remote • Automatic – Install applications locally on receiving screens • Simple - No hardware required • Engagement - Simplify smart TV interactions to drive incremental viewing • Conversion – Mobile video views to TV views


A single, universal identifier that creates a deterministic data profile for each consumer and household devices

The MID collects data from each consumer across every device, platform, app, and video interaction

Creates industry benchmarks to identify data gaps and content opportunities

delivers 3 behavioral maps

Household Device Map Data captures all connected devices in a household. Can determine the purchasing behavior of a household.

Viewer Map


Content viewing, casting and saving data across all applications determines the consumer’s viewing behavior.

Social Map Tracks downstream sharing behavior across consumer groups through all major social platforms.

Device Map Value Value • Creates a picture of the consumer across all applications the consumer owns in a given household. • Media Partner drives targeted cross platform advertising. • Determines the device purchasing behavior of a given household.

Data Points • Devices / Households / Consumers. • TV’s, Media Devices, Wearables, Car.

How does a Media Partner Monetize? • • • •

Cross-platform Viewing Usage Cross-platform Campaigns (reach and frequency) Sequential Messaging New Ad Formats

Forecast Budget & Timelines







Product Roadmap TBC








AU TV Landscape Freeview is the brand given to the Digital terrestrial television platform in Australia. It is intended to bring all of the free-to-air (FTA) broadcasters on to a consistent marketing platform to compete against subscription television, in particular (Foxtel), and coincides with the expansion to 3 digital channels for each FTA network. Important services from Freeview includes its free over-the-air channels with an enhanced EPG (Electronic program guide) across all channels.

Freeview is the free digital television service in Australia. Freeview brings all existing TV channels, plus extra TV channels. Such as ABC1, ABC2, ABC3, ABC News 24, SBS ONE, SBS TWO, SBS HD, Seven, 7TWO, 7mate, Nine, GO!, GEM, TEN, ONE & ELEVEN.

Servicing the undeniable need:

• Substantial amount of FREE video content is made available by each FTA network - via web & mobile apps

- although these networks are experiencing healthy growth the consumer experiences is less than satisfactory.

• Each catch up platform is bespoke - the UI and UX is vastly different and complicated, making the search, discovery, and selection of content frustrating and a highly inefficient experience.

• The OVC consumer is not biased nor even vaguely interested in the broadcaster / provider - they are solely focused on the actual video (show/program/movie etc): the genre, the actors, the directors, the producers, recommendations from friends or trusted sources, popularity etc.

• The current state of play from FTO Networks simply doesn't service consumers needs.

• The SVOD platforms (Netflix, Presto, Stan, Quickflix) are providing challenges to FTO by providing efficient over arching aggregation and recommendation platforms. these OTT services offer consumers with alternative product to spend their free time to engage with - on a monthly subscription.

• FTO revenue model is based solely on audiences driven by the advertising dollars (i.e., more eyeballs = more money).



USER EXPERIENCE To many VOD apps and inconsistent user experience across the media app ecosystem

USER EXPERIENCE Aggregated VOD service that offers a seamless user experience.

DATA ACCESS Fragmented data within media publisher networks and across the industry

DATA ACCESS Comprehensive data sets accessible to each publisher

DATA MEASUREMENT Reliance on 3rd party data sources for probabilistic data

DATA MEASUREMENT Deliver a secure place for 1st party deterministic consumer data to drive monetization and engagement

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2ndScreen update 2017  

2ndScreen update 2017