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Child Care Links hosted it’s first Provider Appreciation Day/Open House on May 11, 2012. It was a day full of giveaways, hourly raffles, and tons of information including The Maryland Child Care Credential Program and upcoming MD EXCELS. Maryland State approved Early Childhood Curriculums were on display and a sale of our best Resource Room items were available at discounted prices! Pure Play Workshops also presented “The Storytelling Toolbox” training: Children love stories and storytelling can be the best way to give children new information, introduce concepts and show how characters face and solve problems. This class focused on getting ready for a story with “a story frame of mind” before the story even begins! Providers were taught how to hold the children's’ attention throughout the story and reinforce the storyteller’s purpose by using various ways to retell stories with children. This 3 hour training was a huge hit with the providers who attended and was offered for the low cost of just $5! Some comments among the 100% positive feedback from the training included: “Great class...I loved it!” and “Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop...great presenters!” This class was so well received and enjoyed by providers that we’ve added it to our Summer 2012 Training Calendar* along with a few other Pure Play Workshops!



Child Care Links would like to thank all the providers who attended the Open House and/or training! We appreciate you and thank you for making our first Provider Appreciation Day/Open House a success and look forward to doing it again next year!


*Visit our website or Facebook page to see our Summer 2012 Training Calendar.




Training News/Other Information Classes at CCL! Check out these never-before offered courses in our July-September 2012 Training Calendar!     

Family Portraits (School Age): 7/21 Splashing into Learning: Taking Learning Outside: 7/25 Encouraging Language & Literacy from the Dollar Store: 7/31; 8/8 Creative Drama for Children with Special Needs: 8/7 Overview of ITERS (Infant and Toddler Environmental Rating Scale): 8/13 The Storytelling Toolbox: 8/15 Creative Art: 8/16 More than Magnets: 9/6

45 Hour School-Age Course This September! The 45-HR School Age Course begins Tuesday, September 18, 2012. This course meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00pm-9:00pm in Suite 129 for about 7 1/2 weeks. The cost is $300 including a $50 non-refundable deposit due at the time of registration. Designed to satisfy the 45 hour coursework in curriculum for school age care, as documented in OCC training requirement for School-Age teachers and Directors, this course provides students with in-depth information regarding school age curriculum, as well as practical strategies, activities, and resources for school age curriculum.

Reminders and FYI’s 

Child Care Links follows the Baltimore County Public School’s policy for inclement weather. If Baltimore County Schools are closed, any and all training classes for that day will be cancelled. Please contact Child Care Links if you are unsure about whether or not a training is cancelled.

If you are scheduled for a workshop and can no longer attend, you MUST call Child Care Links prior to your class and inform us of your absence. If after hours, leave a message on our answering machine. If no phone call or message is left, Child Care Links is not able to issue any refunds or credits for missed classes.

Hazard: The activity tray on the high chair can unexpectedly detach and allow an unrestrained child to fall, posing a risk of injury to the child.

We do not carry credits for more than one year. Please use your credits within one year to avoid losing them. We will be happy to inform you of a credit balance when you register for a workshop if you remember to ask us.

Incidents/Injuries: Evenflo has received 18 reports of trays that detached, including eight reports of children who fell from the high chair and sustained bumps and bruises.

There will be a $5.00 charge for any re-prints of lost or damaged certificates.

Things happen, classes change: Our training calendars are printed quarterly and cover three months at a time. This allows plenty of time for planning. Please be advised that many classes tend to fill quickly, while others are cancelled on occasion due to low enrollment. Do not wait until the last minute! Child Care Links is not responsible should a class you need for licensing be filled or cancelled due to low enrollment.

Family provider Pre-Service Modules are now only offered every other month. If you want to attend these classes, please register early!

  

ALERT:: Evenflo Recalls Convertible High Chair!

Description: These Evenflo high chairs convert from a high chair to toddler-size table and chair. The recalled model numbers are 29111234; 29111271 and 29111259. Model numbers are located on a label on the lower portion of one of the high chair’s legs.

NEW AND IMPROVED Registration Database! Child Care Links’ Training Department is proud to announce that we have a brand new registration database! Class Registrar will now be used to register providers for trainings! Although this software is new and improved, please bear with us when you call to register as we are still becoming familiar with it. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!







Infant & Toddler Updates NOW OFFERING Social Emotional Foundations of Early Learning (SEFEL) for Infants/Toddlers ON-SITE*!! These modules were designed based on input gathered during focus groups with program administrators, T/TA providers, early educators, and family members about the types and content of training that would be most useful in addressing the social-emotional needs of young children. The content of the modules is consistent with evidence-based practices identified through a thorough review of the literature. These modules aren’t just a “training” but “an approach” that when adapted by staff will increase the quality of care for infants/toddlers in the center!

  

  

45 Infant/Toddler Course begins in August!! The 45 hour Infant Toddler Course begins Monday, August 6, 2012. This course meets every Monday & Wednesday from 6:00pm-9:00pm in Suite 112 for about 7 1/2 weeks. The cost is $300 including a $50 non-refundable deposit due at the time of registration. This course satisfies the requirement for 45 hours of Infant/Toddler development required by the State of Maryland for Child Care Teacher Infant & Toddler (formerly Senior Staff) and Directors in child care centers licensed for infants and toddlers under two years of age.




What is Technical Assistance? Have you ever wondered just what “Technical Assistance” really means or how it may benefit you and your program? If so, I have the answers you’ve been looking for! Technical Assistance provides FREE service in the areas of licensing and compliance issues, children with special needs, and children with behavioral issues, etc. It also helps providers with the Professional Development programs such as Accreditation and Credentialing. This service is able to provide material resources, assist with room arrangements and daily scheduling, model developmentally appropriate practices for individual staff or family child care providers, help with start-up, retention, and expansion, etc. These services are offered through a variety of formats including over the phone, on-site visits and off-site visits, via email and mail correspondence and may include observation, assessments, support and monitoring. The National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) defines technical assistance as “an intentional process that uses various strategies over time to improve the quality of a child care program or caregiver”. Basically, it is a service that offers you and your program whatever help you may need in order to provide a higher quality of care all FREE OF CHARGE. This truly is a service “designed with YOU in mind” so call today!

Kara Knox Technical Assistance Coordinator 410-288-4900 ing Com n! o o S

Maryland EXCELS!

What is Maryland EXCELS? Maryland EXCELS is a Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). A QRIS is a program that awards ratings to registered family child care providers, licensed child care centers (Head Start, Letter of compliance facilities, school‐age only child care), and public pre‐K programs that meet increasingly higher standards of quality in key areas. Maryland EXCELS is a voluntary program designed to increase parent and provider awareness of the elements of high quality early care and education, to recognize and support providers who are meeting those standards, and to educate families and the community about the importance of high quality child care. Maryland EXCELS has three major goals: • To recognize early care and school age education programs for their level of quality • To encourage providers to increase the level of quality provided in their programs • To provide parents with information and choices about quality child care What is the difference between licensing and a QRIS? The Maryland State Department of Education’s Office of Child Care is responsible for issuing licenses and registrations, regulating child care, monitoring compliance with licensing requirements, conducting licensing visits, investigating complaints, and taking enforcement actions on programs found to be in violation of child care regulations. Maryland licensing/registration requirements are written into the Code of Maryland Regulations, and are required for all child care providers to operate legally in the state. Licensing/registration regulations set the minimum standards to ensure that the basic health, safety, and developmental needs of children are being met. Maryland EXCELS includes licensing as the very first rating level in the process. As a participating provider in EXCELS, maintaining basic health and safety requirements is essential. Maryland EXCELS requires programs to take ownership over the self‐evaluation, improvement, and demonstration of the quality of care the program provides. Through EXCELS, programs determine strengths and weaknesses, identify goals, and develop clear plans and activities to achieve those goals. What areas are covered under Maryland EXCELS? Maryland EXCELS includes standards in licensing, accreditation, staffing and professional development, developmentally appropriate learning and practices, administrative policies and procedures, and family and community partnerships. How do I become a participating program in Maryland EXCELS? Any licensed child care center (including Head Start and school‐age only) program, registered family child care home provider, or public preschool that is in compliance with licensing or other state requirements and has been in operation for at least 12 months is eligible to participate in Maryland EXCELS. When does Maryland EXCELS start? Maryland EXCELS is currently in the pilot phase testing the process and the online management tool. The pilot ends in 2012. It will then roll out for a larger field test at the end of 2013. How are the ratings determined? Each program in Maryland EXCELS is given a rubric for the standards to be met, according to program type and accreditation status. Each rubric includes artifacts or evidence for each level in each standard content area. Programs upload or gather the evidence for each level, and the evidence is reviewed by the Program Coordinator. Once the evidence has been reviewed, the Program Coordinator verifies the appropriate rating level. How is the Maryland EXCELS rating published? Maryland EXCELS ratings will be posted on the Maryland EXCELS website. Parents, community members, and the public will be able to search the website to find participating programs in their area. How long does the rating last? Program improvement happens every day, so the Maryland EXCELS system is designed to reflect that. Program ratings don’t “expire,” as long as a program continues to make progress or sustain the EXCELS level. Programs must submit a yearly report to update their program’s status, and at level 5 must maintain the accreditation awarded. For more information on MD EXCELS visit or call 410-288-4900.




Read…. When a Dragon Moves In By Jodi Moore (Author), Howard McWilliam (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover: 32 pages Publisher: Flashlight Press (May 1, 2011)

Publisher’s synopsis: On a beautiful day at the beach, a young boy brings his bucket, shovel, and imagination, and builds a perfect sand castle. Right away, a dragon moves in. The boy decides to befriend his dragon and they spend time roaming the shore, flying a kite, braving the waves, defying bullies, and roasting marshmallows all while Dad is busy sunbathing and Mom is engrossed in her book. Unfortunately, no one believes the boy when he tries to share the news of this magnificent creature. That’s when the mischief begins, and the dragon becomes a force to be reckoned with. While adults will recognize the naughty antics as a ploy for attention, children will dissolve into giggles as the dragon devours every last sandwich, blows bubbles in the lemonade, and leaves claw prints in the brownies. Maybe the dragon really is running amok on the beach, or maybe it’s only a little boy’s imagination that is running wild.

...and Extend!! How to Make a Permanent Sand Castle Craft Excerpted from

Age Guideline: 6yrs and Up. Time Required: about 60 minutes (does not include drying time) Materials Needed: poster board/cardboard, household boxes (shoe, cereal, etc.), cans and/or plastic/Styrofoam cups, masking tape, sand, white glue, paint brush(es), and scissors. Instructions: 1.) Lay the poster board/cardboard flat to use as the foundation to build your castle on. 2.) Using the household boxes, cans, cups, and any other supplies you want to incorporate, construct your castle on top of the poster board/cardboard. Use the scissors to cut holes if necessary to “piece” together containers and use masking tape to hold all of the containers together. 3.) Mix together glue and sand to the consistency of thick paint. You want it to be thin enough to apply with a paint brush but not too thin that it doesn’t “stick”. Use a paint brush to apply the sand glue. You will need to apply several layers in order to completely cover each container. Be sure to let each layer dry before you apply the next! 4.)Once you have enough layers of sand glue and all of the household containers are completely covered, you can decorate your sand castle. Sea shells and little flags add a nice touch but you can be creative and use whatever you would like! Note: The age and time are estimates. This craft can be modified to suit any age. and may take more or less time depending on circumstances.




*Baltimore County Important Numbers* (Updated)

Child Care Links Baltimore County Main Office 410-288-4900 Fax 410-288-3943 Training 410-288-5942 Maryland Family Network 410-659-7701 LOCATE: Child Care Message Service 866-752-1614 Office of Child Care 410-583-6200 Office of Credentialing 410-767-7852 Credentialing Hotline 877-605-1539 Family Child Care Association 410-931-2252

Child Care Center Associations Blaine Baer @ 443-840-1900 Patricia Shafer @ 443-840-3190

Child Care Links Membership! We appreciate all of the providers who have joined our CCL family by becoming members!! Every year we welcome new members and we hope to welcome YOU soon!!

Join Today! Social Services 410-853-3000 Child Care Subsidy 410-853-3378 Child Care Subsidy Hotline 866-243-8796

Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP) 410-887-2957 Women, Infants and Children (WIC) 410-887-6000 Child & Adult Care Food Program 410-767-0214 (Centers) 800-410-9774 (Family)

We hope you will consider joining or renewing your membership at Child Care Links. In addition to it benefitting you as a caregiver, it is also beneficial to the Resource Center by enabling us to continue offering high quality workshops and resources for the child care community in Baltimore County. The minimal Child Care Links Membership fee for individual providers or center directors is easily regained in member savings.

Your $35 membership fee entitles you to: 

*Reduced fees for CCL in-house workshops

CCL Membership Bag with resource center materials for the primary applicant Membership card (laminated) valid for one year. Must renew every year.

Congratulations Credentialed Providers & Accredited Programs! Child Care Links would like to recognize and congratulate the providers and programs who have voluntarily gone above and beyond the state licensing requirements and have become credentialed or accredited. Baltimore County currently has 1,430 licensed providers and programs. Of these, 125 providers are credentialed and 45 programs are accredited! We celebrate you and appreciate all you do for our children! If you would like more information on the Maryland Child Care Credential or Accreditation Program, please contact Technical Assistance Coordinator Kara Knox at 410-288-4900 or via email at

Access to our Resource Library

One Professional Activity Unit (PAU) for credentialed providers

Membership is non-transferrable; One membership per person. *Certain Restrictions Apply.


Child Care Links of Baltimore County Training Policies and Procedures



Registrations. ALL workshop participants must pre-register—NO EXCEPTIONS. Participants are required to register and pay for workshops in advance. Registration is accepted by phone, mail, or in person. The training line for phone-in registration is operational from 8:30am-3:30pm, Monday through Friday. Visa or Master Card required for all registrations done by phone. Mail registration form to Child Care Links Inc., 1101 North Point Blvd., Suite 112, Baltimore, MD 21224. Child Care Links does not accept personal checks. A confirmation receipt will be mailed within 1-2 business days from the date of registration, except in the situation that registration is received less than 3 days prior to your scheduled workshop.

Fees Paid are NON-REFUNDABLE. Should you miss a workshop, credit or transfer to another workshop may be given if Child Care Links is notified at least 24 hours prior to the workshop. If after hours, please leave a message on Child Care Links’ answering service. No credit or refunds are issued for “no shows.” Call 410-288-5942 with any questions or concerns about our refund or credit policies. Any credits issued are good for one year from date of issue.

Late arrivals. Workshops begin at the stated time. Our instructors reserve the right to refuse admittance to any workshop for any participant arriving 15 minutes or more past the start of the workshop. Credit or transfer will be issued at the discretion of Child Care Links staff for any participant turned away from training for lateness.

Cancellation or change policy. Child Care Links may need to cancel a workshop due to lack of enrollment; in this event, a CCL staff member will contact you at the phone number or address you provided upon registration. If we need to cancel a workshop and you do not wish to be transferred to another training, you will be issued credit good for one year or refunded fees paid for the canceled workshop. If you are phoning in your registration please verify that we have the correct contact information, including more than one telephone number where you can be reached.

Rude and/or disrespectful behavior during workshops will not be tolerated. Please remember to exercise good judgment and respect for both the trainer and other participants in your session. It is okay to disagree with facts or opinions presented by the trainer or other participants but please remember to remain professional. Should you violate this policy, the instructor may ask you to leave the workshop and you will not be re-admitted, nor will you receive a refund for the class.

Certificates. Core of Knowledge certificates will be issued at the conclusion of the training session for all participants who successfully complete all requirements set forth for the course.

Child care is not provided during workshops. Workshops provided by Child Care Links are intended for adults only. Please make other arrangements for care of your children during workshop hours.

Workshop locations. The majority of workshops are held at the Child Care Links main office, 1101 North Point Boulevard, Suites 112 & 129. Should your workshop be held at an off-site location, you will be notified upon or at registration of the address and directions. Inclement Weather Policy. Please note that the training department of Child Care Links follows the Baltimore County Public School Systems inclement weather policy for closings and delayed openings. If you are scheduled for a workshop and Baltimore County schools close for inclement weather, our workshop will be canceled. During the weekend our workshops will be canceled if Baltimore County goes into Phase One of their snow emergency plan. If, for any reason, this changes, a CCL staff member will contact you. Attempts will be made to reschedule any canceled workshop.

Child Care Links Resource and Referral Agency for Baltimore County Child Care Links, Inc. 1101 North Point Blvd. Suites 112 & 129 Baltimore, MD 21224-3417 Phone: 410-288-4900 Fax: 410-288-3943 Business Hours: Monday—Thursday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Mission Statement Child Care Links addresses available, affordable, quality child care issues in Baltimore County. Child Care Links is committed to expanding and enhancing the quality of child care in Baltimore County by helping parents, child care providers, and the community understand and implement the indicators of quality enabling all children to receive optimum early care and education experiences. Child Care Links is committed to enhancing the quality of the child care delivery system in Baltimore County by providing pertinent resources, training, and referrals to families, child care providers, and the community.

Visit us on the web! or

Training Department 410-288-5942 Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 3:30 pm LOCATE CHILD CARE Maryland Family Network 1-877-261-0060 Hours: Monday - Friday 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

on Facebook!

This publication was produced as a work for hire for the benefit of, and with funds from, the Maryland State Department of Education. This publication was produced as a work for hire for the benefit of, and with funds from, the Maryland State Department of Education.

Links to Learning Newsletter Summer Edition  

Child Care Links Links to Learning Newsletter: Summer 2012 Edition

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