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At Joiya, we are dedicated to thoughtfully crafting products that create meaningful differences in the lives of our customers. In combination with wellness programming, the Joiya lifestyle is a proven means to alleviate the volatility of life and empower you with a sense of balance, focus, and happiness that enables you to experience the true you. As a Joiya Wellness Advisor, you will be an integral part our vision to inspire communities where “joi” is discovered, experienced, and shared. This all starts with you and your help to enrich, guide, and inspire those around you with the many benefits discovered in a cannabinoid-rich lifestyle.

Our spelling of “joi” is very intentional as we believe that true joy begins with the individual - hence, our change from “y” to “i” > > >



CBD is one of many compounds, known as cannabinoids, in the cannabis plant.


Unlike the other primary compound in the cannabis plant (THC), CBD is not psychoactive and does not change a person’s state of mind.

CBD oil is not the same as hemp oil. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and contains a high concentration of cannabinoids whereas hemp oil is extracted from the hemp seed and contains no cannabinoids.




The World Health Organization has stated that pure CBD is safe and non-habit forming.

CBD is commonly used by those seeking help with sleep, anxiety, pain, and inflammation.



CBD is finding its way to consumers in many forms including oils, cosmetics, topicals, candies, and various foods and beverages.

Full spectrum CBD can legally contain up to 0.3% THC while broad spectrum and isolate contain no traces of THC. Research has indicated that full spectrum CBD has the highest efficacy.


CBD is also safe for our furry friends. While dosing varies between animals based on type and size, CBD has similar effects to those of humans.


It’s no secret that the CBD industry is exploding! Since the US Federal Government and most states deregulated CBD, people are experiencing great benefits from products enhanced with CBD. While communities throughout the country appear to be buzzing about CBD, trial and usage still remain low - especially, amongst women who often take their time to learn about health options before using them and sharing them with their loved ones. According to a recent Harris Poll, only 7% of women in the United States use CBD on a daily basis. And of those using it daily, they report that CBD is helping to alleviate anxiety, promote better sleep, and reduce general pain and inflammation. In 2018, sales of CBD products in the United States totaled $620 million. In a 2019 report by The Brightfield Group, CBD sales are expected to exceed a compounded annual growth rate of 107% and exceed $23 billion by 2023.


In the modern history of the United States, there has never been a consumable product category to experience such incredible growth in a such a short period.

WHY JOIYA? Joiya is unwavered in its commitment to quality products for the entire family. This starts with the seed and continues all the way through the production and delivery of each product. We carefully inspect every partner farm and facility to ensure that every practice complies with Good Manufacturing Practice certification (GMP). All Joiya products are natural and third party tested. We are so confident in the safety and efficacy of our products that we offer an unconditional 30day money back guarantee. * The Brightfield Group, 2019 ** New Frontier Data, 2019

JOI STARTS WITH YOU Enrich. Guide. Inspire. Some people are curious and want to know more. Some are currently trying CBD and looking for advice on dosage and frequency. And some simply don’t realize how the combination of great products and wellness programming can help better their lives. Joiya Wellness Advisors are trained to help educate and guide those in their community, while inspiring change that delivers meaningful (and joi-full) differences. Each step of a Joiya Wellness Advisor’s journey is carefully supported by a team of experienced trainers and coaches that help to not only grow your business, but suggest personal changes that bring hope and happiness to your life and those around you. Whether you are seeking a side hustle or craving a big change, we invite you to take a closer look at the Joiya Opportunity. With our “10 Ways to Earn” compensation structure, we’ve got a plan to help you achieve your financial (and happiness) goals! Let’s get started by selecting your enrollment package:



Enroll today for $49.99 and receive:

Enroll today for $299.99 and receive:

• Your Joiya Wellness Advisor Account

• Everything that is included in the Enrollment

• A personal replicated website (free for 3 months)

Kit, PLUS 8 of our best selling products • A $540 value

• Welcome & marketing collateral • Quick Launch to get you going

JOIN THE JOIYA COMMUNITY To join the Joiya team or to learn more about how the Joiya community can benefit your life, please contact your local Joiya Wellness Advisor. Or, you can visit to discover more about the company, our products, and the opportunity to be a part of the Joiya community.

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Joiya Opportunity Brochure  

You can find more information about our business opportunity, by visiting: or your Wellness Advisor's website.

Joiya Opportunity Brochure  

You can find more information about our business opportunity, by visiting: or your Wellness Advisor's website.