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Diabetes Research That Finally Helps Future Sufferers There are actually over 25 million Americans with diabetes. Basically, a disease that there is no cure for strikes over 8% of the population in the US alone. Research continues to advance in leaps and bounds, however, not only in the search for a cure but in expanding the available alternatives for diabetes treatment. Whether a person has type 1 diabetes (requiring insulin; in the past referred to as childhood or juvenile-onset diabetes) or type 2 (also known as adult-onset) diabetes, there are existing treatments which can indefinitely allow a person to lead a relatively normal life, and new treatments are currently under development. What lots of people do not know is diabetes is not deemed a single disease but more like quite a few different diseases sharing the same characteristics of higher levels of blood glucose where the body is incapable of use, generate or maintain the proper levels of insulin. When addressing these underlying bodily flaws, the ultimate aim is to keep the blood sugar level down, although not too low. With physical exercise and careful watch on the diet a person with type 1 diabetes can benefit but insulin is usually required. If caught early on, insulin is not required to treat type 2 diabetes; it can be addressed first with an immediate weight-loss program, which of course includes a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. There are oral medications that can help this illness if other methods fail but if the diabetes progresses or does not react to medications insulin will be needed. Sadly, insulin injections can be both inconvenient and expensive, and there are also cases of allergic reactions and side effects, though these are infrequent. This is why there's a consistent search for useful alternatives that are cheaper and easier for patients to manage while still enjoying their ordinary lives. Because it's important to be able to tailor diabetes treatment to the person, there are several options available which is great news for the diabetic population. Type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition after all, meaning it changes as time goes by, and so one treatment one day most likely is not effective forever. With the selection of new drugs being used to deal with type 2 diabetes today, health professionals can prescribe different levels of multiple drugs at a time and keep that balance shifting in order to keep up with the changing demands of a patient's condition. Combined drug therapies have become increasingly common in recent years particularly for cases of type 2 diabetes, though researchers are also zeroing in on some significant improvements in treatment for people with Type 1 diabetes too. There is research being conducted now where one promising treatment involves inter species transplantation of islet cells that can produce insulin appropriately. The process if successful in future research could provide a limitless production of insulin for those who cannot produce insulin effectively by themselves. Currently the research is being conducted in non-human animals, and though the outcome of such experiments rarely translate directly to humans, the results thus far are very promising in theory. As reported by the World Health Organization, there are 347 million people worldwide living with diabetes. This persistent condition can be a death sentence, specifically in poor countries around the world. For type 2 diabetes, simple preventive measures of diet and exercise can go a long Sunrise Medical Research

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Diabetes Research That Finally Helps Future Sufferers way in stemming this tide, however in areas where resources are limited, this can be a difficult message to pass on. With medical trials always being conducted and many fund raising efforts aiding the cause diabetes treatment options have come a long way and continue to greatly improve. Whenever you participate in Sunrise Medical Research diabetes treatment in Ft Lauderdale, you can be compensated monetarily. For additional information on Sunrise Medical Research, explore them at their webpage,

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Diabetes Research That Finally Helps Future Sufferers  

Whenever you participate in Sunrise Medical Research diabetes treatment in Ft Lauderdale, you can be compensated monetarily. For additional...