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Language Room

Relocating from Los Angeles to Austin in search of a new musical direction, Todd Sapio literally bumped into his old friend Scott Graham in the middle of the chaos of SXSW Music Festival in 2007. Scott had also just moved to Austin, frustrated by the LA music scene where the two had originally met. It wasn’t long after this chance encounter that the two West coast refugees began writing together. Conveniently, Scott had a brother who also shared a passion for creating music and Matt Graham, a recent transplant to Austin from Shreveport, Louisiana, was introduced into the band shortly after initial rehearsals began. Two nights before an important gig, the band's drummer vanished and in desperation they frantically searched for anyone to sit in for the gig. Turning to a drummer who was a friend of theirs, Caleb Kelly did more than just cover for the show, he proved to be the final missing link in the band's lineup. Another new-comer to Austin, Caleb also felt the calling of music and like many before him; he made the trip to the music Mecca of the US and fell right into place with Todd, Scott and Matt. Beginning in September of 2007, the newly formed Language Room began playing shows all around Austin and began setting a new standard for what a “live” show should be. After winning a battle of the bands competition, the band immediately hit the studio to record their first EP. From that session, "Make Me Choose" became the intro song for and "Don't Cover Your Eyes" was used in the movie The Beacon. Unsure of the next step, Todd met Matt Noveskey, bassist for the successful band Blue October, at a local music store and mentioned that he was in a band. After hearing the band’s EP, Noveskey jumped on board as producer and in November 2008 Language Room and Noveskey began recording songs for the band's debut album, One By One. “It’s easy working with great musicians that know what they want,” says Noveskey. “I feel like these guys are my little secret… but not for long.” With honest lyrics and passionate performances Language Room is turning heads and hearts everywhere -- setting their sights on bringing their music to the masses.

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