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2013-2014 Programs “Monticello� line of easy assembly greenhouses.

The most innovative hobby greenhouse line in the market today.

Monticello Greenhouses

Monticello Premium Greenhouses

MONTICELLO GREENHOUSES The Monticello Greenhouses are Proudly Designed and

Commercial Grade Work Bench

Made in the USA from top quality lead free Aluminum and Polycarbonate. Designed for easy assembly and expandable. Monticello oers the ultimate in

Interior Shade Cloth

greenhouse growing. With many options to make greenhouse growing easy and fun. The Monticello is available in 2 finishes and 5 standard

Automatic Watering System

sizes with the option to continue to expand using our extension kit system. The Monticello System also comes with a 10 year limited warranty on the greenhouse and many accessories.

Optional Shelving Kits

Potting/ Greenhouse Sink

Monticello Greenhouses

Automatic Vent Openers

Portable Rail Planter Program Gutter System

Large Double Doors

Quick Twist & Lock Assembly

Commercially Designed Institutional Greenhouse Program

Locking Door

Work Benches

8mm PC




Commercial POLY Greenhouse Program

At Riverstone we develop products that fill niches that our customers have been asking for. Our Educational/ Institutional line of greenhouses addresses the needs that are not being met by most manufacturers. We now oer 10 larger greenhouse systems all complete with locking doors, commercial work benches, shade systems, watering systems, ventilation, and climate control heat. Sizes range from 10 to 16 ft wide by 16

Portable Rail Planter Program

to 32 ft long with heights up to 11.5 ft.

Thermostat Z-Lock Assembly Work Bench


6mm poly

Pyramid Garden Bed

Genesis Cold Frames

Raised Bed System

Eden Mini Greenhouses & Herb Gardens

Retail Display Box

Portable Rail Planter Program Optional Stand Outdoor Sink Program


Tool Storage


Shade for Cattle


Privacy Fencing

Dog Kennels

Plant Caddie

LAWN & GARDEN At Riverstone we have spent a lot of time developing products & programs that we know the end users and retailers alike want. Products that are unique, quality manufactured, backed by a strong warranty and friendly, knowledgeable customer support, and of course a great value for the price. Where we can, our programs are Made in the USA. They all feature unique characteristics that

Extends upto 42�

separate our programs from others in the market.

RSI Composting Sack

Potting & Gardening Shed Program

RSI Composting Sack

Click-16 Patio & Pergola Commercial Hydroponic Roofing System Plant Seeding Caddie Trays Pulley System

Car Port

MaxiPort Patio Covering System

NEW PROGRAMS Our Unique programs in the Lawn & Garden Categories fit a niche that other products overlook. While some of our products might look similar to others in the market the dierences start there. We continue to create unique aordable products that are manufactured in the USA. This page represents new programs that we are working to bring to market for the next Spring Season. Adirondack Chairs

Wood Potting Table

Fire Wood Shed

Garden Table with tool storage

Wall Garden

Wood Cold Frame

Rail Planter Program

HOME & LEISURE: Riverstone has developed an entire line of electric fireplace heaters. All units meet the Carb2, have 2 levels of heat disbursement as well as flame intensity and color controls while meeting CSA Testing.

Rich Designs

4 in 1 IR Units

TV Mounts

STATIONARY & HOME: Riverstone has partnered with two leading design houses to develop the HangIT Decorating System of Quick attachment and removal corner hooks. Designed for Hanging cards, balloons and wall decorations up to 5 lbs.

HangIT Hooks

Corner Shelf System

HangIT Decorating System


Riverstone has been involved with the creation of custom luggage and travel products for a number of years. Our partner factory has worked with us to create quality products customized at value pricing, including a like of children’s bags inspired by endangered animals.

Waterproof Bags

Eco Bags

Value Sets


EcoGear Kids Bag

Who We Are We are an American company that currently has over 200 sku’s stocked in USA. We fulfill and drop ship 100% of our stocked items in the USA. Over 95% of our sku’s are Proudly Made in the USA. We work on a MAP pricing policy on all stocked items to ensure profit for all our retailers. We do not sell direct to the end users. Our factories employ over 40 people in the USA. Our products are designed for easy assembly with little or no tools needed. Our products are created using the best raw materials available in the market today. We treat people how we want to be treated. Our programs are unique and fill niche’s that are not being addressed by other companies.

NHS 2013

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