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URBAN REGENERATION PRATO - ITALIA I propose the regeneration of an urban space located on the bank of the river Arno, in the italian city of Prato. The place is characterized by the presence of old warehouses without any specific use and residual areas used as temporary car parks and open-air markets. I propose the introduction of a public pedestrian space that connects the city with the bank of the river, which is currently abandoned, and that connects it with the nearby College of Nursing and the historic centre of the city. In this area, I design new University buildings, residences and services used by the Comunity and the rest of the city. The existing buildings will contain the complementary University uses.

HOUSING IN THE VALLEY SALOBREĂ‘A - GRANADA I design a typology of manufactured house in the fields of sugar cane in the valley of SalobreĂąa. I propose a building with a double arrangement depending on the use and the time of the year, using mobile walls that allow to increase the surface area from 48 m2 in winter to 85 m2 in summer.

PUBLIC LIBRARY PRATO - ITALIA In order to complet the urban regeneration in the industrial zone next to the River Arno in the Italian city of Prato, I design a public library that serves as a conection between the city and the new University area. The uses that the building contains are distributed in two underground floors and three floors above ground level. Underground floors are lit by a system of courtyards located throughout the building. Next to the Library, I design an auditorium and three buildings dedicated to workshops that complet the existing urban grid and relate to the new University buildings.

MUSEUM OF ARQUITECTURE GRANADA I propose the creation of a Museum of architecture in the old building of the Bank of Spain located in Granada. From the two main streets in which is situated the building visitors can access the central lobby, from which begins to develop temporary exhibition. The permanent exhibitions are situated in four new translucent concrete volumes located on the upper floors of the building, forming the new cover of the Museum. The building is completed with a library specializing in architecture, a conference room, a book-shop and a restaurant.

JUAN MARCH HEADQUARTERS GRANADA The new headquarters of the Juan March Foundation in Granada is going to be situated in an old and abandoned factory of cement and lime. I want to design the Foundation as a new gate that connects Granada with Sierra Elvira and Medina Elvira, sites located in the vicinity. I propose a new partially buried volume that leads visitors to the Foundation and that connects to the existing buildings that house the new uses of exhibitions and library. Two new buildings for cafĂŠ-restaurant and classrooms-workshops are designed onto the existing remains of old buildings.


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