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By Maon Rioo -

With turbine technology finding its way into more and more aspects of today's high tech world, many people just like yourself may find themselves in uncharted water in having to deal with them. The fact is, that turbines can be simple or extremely complex depending on what they are used in.

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A Complex Turbine For instance, a modern jet will have a highly complex turbine engine that burns fuel inside a series of alloy fan bladed to generate thrust. This would be a highly complex example of a turbine system being used to generate kinetic energy and force. A Simple Turbine Engine

At the same time, the simple spinning vent on the roof of a house is yet another example of a far more simpler turbine engine. Even though it has only one moving part, it is by definition, a turbine engine

none the less. Heat in the attic carries the energy that powers the roof vent turbine to spin, causing it to suck air out of the attic, thereby ventilating it. Turbine Speed Indicators A turbine speed sensor is but one of the many types of sensors that would be found on a complex turbine engine. Why is it necessary to know the speed that a turbine in an engine is spinning? If the engine is a jet engine, the the turbine is the main power source and the speed that it is rotating would be a prime indicator propulsion.

Turbo Charged Air Intake Systems Also, a turbine can be an integral part but not the main component of a propulsion system or engine. A prime example of this would be a car with a turbo charged intake system. In this case a turbine speed sensor would provide real time information on how the air intake system is functioning at any given time.

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Speed sensor  
Speed sensor  

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