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Guide To Fit Testing For Respirators - Best Full Face Respirator _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Saon Jiong -

Fit testing is required for mandatory use and recommended for voluntary use of respiratory protection. OSHA regulations state that the employer must ensure that an employee using a tight-fitting facepiece respirator is fit tested prior to initial use of the respirator, whenever a different respirator facepiece size, style, model or make is used, and at least annually thereafter. Criteria to consider in fit testing includes: chin properly placed; adequate strap tension, not overly tightened; fit across nose bridge; proper size to span distance from nose to chin; tendency to slip; and self-observation in a mirror to evaluate fit and respirator position.

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Give the employee a review on how to put on a respirator, position it on the face, set strap tension and determine an acceptable fit.

2. Ask the employee to select a respirator that appears to provide the most acceptable fit after they've tried a sufficient number of respirator models and sizes. 3. Instruct the employee to hold each considered facepiece up to the face and eliminate those that obviously do not give an acceptable fit. Note the more-acceptable facepieces in case the one first selected ultimately proves unacceptable. 4. Have the employee don the most comfortable mask and wear it at least five minutes to assess comfort. The following factors should be considered when assessing comfort: position on the nose, room for eye protection, room to talk and position on face and cheeks.

or he should be referred to a physician or other licensed health care professional, as appropriate, to determine whether the employee can wear a respirator while performing her or his duties. 8. If the employee personally finds the fit of the respirator unacceptable, the employee should be given the opportunity to select a different respirator and be retested. 9. Perform the fit test while the employee is wearing any applicable safety equipment that may be worn during actual respirator use which could interfere with respirator fit.

As part of a fit test, a number of fit exercises need to be performed. These exercises include breathing normally, breathing deeply, turning head side to side, moving head up and down, talking, and bending over. Each of these exercises will help assess the fit more completely under circumstances that an employee will face throughout his or her work day.

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