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EUROSOLAR’S MISSION EUROSOLAR’s definition of clean energy is a worldwide energy supply with neither nuclear nor fossil energy sources. In our understanding the successful “Energiewende” can only be reached once all thermal energy sources and fuels are replaced with renewable energy, too. Pursuing clean energy has multiple goals that are all interconnected. The conversation of nature and the slowdown of climate change can only be reached by turning our back on extraditing coal and fossil fuels and by diminishing the use of nuclear power. Decentralized renewable energy sources guarantee the independence from large power companies and oil-rich states which have repeatedly been involved in political conflicts and war. Stabilizing the energy provision locally, supporting cooperation amongst regions across state boundaries, this energy transition does not only bring clean energy but also enhances cooperation and mutual assistance amongst people and states and is the precondition for healthier, economically sound and democratic societies. In addition, we deal with a steady rise of inhabitants in this world. We need a secure provision of energy for all and even the expected power demand will never overstrain the power of the sun and the wind. ISSUE NO.004 RENEWABLE ENERGY



June 2016 Issue No. 004

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