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SOLAR ENERGY FOR FREE HOT SHOWERS NOW A THING Instead of letting excess solar power from your panels go back to the national grid, you can now use it to heat the water in your house instead of spending money on electric or gas-powered heaters. Yup, it’s that time of the month again when you have to whip out your wallet and pay your bills. I’m willing to bet that one of the biggest leeches in your finances is your electricity bill; it’s just so hard to cut down! We’ve all heard of solar technology, where energy from the sun is harvested using solar panels on your roof or yard and turned into usable electricity. The main drawback of this, however, is that when the sun’s up and your house is basically overflowing with power, you’re out in the world doing adult stuff! And when you come home at night, unless you have a decent (and expensive) energy storage system, you’ll be back to using regular ol’ technology.

Well, worry no more because new technologies are available to help you out. Power Diverter, for example, promises to store all the energy it can from your solar panel array. And what it can’t save, it will divert to your water tank instead of routing it back to the national grid. Not only will this heat your water for those long, hot showers spent pondering life’s biggest questions, Power Diverter can use the hot water to create thermal energy for more electricity! It’s basically having two batteries – one an actual battery, and the other your water tank – but you get free hot water on the side! Photo by Home Advisor Homesource




June 2016 Issue No. 004