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We are on a mission. Time is running out and the earth is in danger. Who do we call to save the day? Of course, the everyday heroes we love to call “the engineers”! With climate change and pol-lution posing as dangerous threats to our existence, it is our role as engineers to make a change! Coal and fossil fuels power our homes and our offices. However, both resources play a crucial role in contributing to global warming. But recent innovations and developments from engineers have changed the game in the energy sector. What was once impossible for most of us is now becoming a part of society’s reality. I’m talking about sustainable clean energy, which includes solar, wind, rain, waves and geothermal heat. This recent advantageous development is good for us since it not only provides us a cheaper alternative to non-renewable energy, it also helps us save the planet from imminent destruction. In the fourth issue of GineersNow, we offer you a variety of stories and interviews that focus on renewable energy. We want every engineer who comes across this special issue to feel inspired and take action in making a difference in our society. We’ve conducted interviews from different organizations all over the world, with each organization leaving a message on how you can be

part of the “clean energy” movement. Find out what engineers are doing to support renewable energy in Europe, Asia and North America. All the featured stories will leave you hopeful for a future where renewable energy can power all of our homes, industries and offices. Through engineering, each company should aspire for a positive environmental impact. Every de-cision to produce, to develop and to innovate must be based on how we can improve humanity without sacrificing nature. Let us urge governments and industries to aim for a circular economy. Every country must adjust to a way of life that involves no waste at all. We are inviting young engi-neers to join this growing movement. If you don’t have a clue how to start, be inspired by the various orgs featured in this month’s issue. Who knows, you might be a part of them one day. The GineersNow team believes that each engineer can create, develop and innovate things that support renewable energy. Let’s show the rest of the world that a world powered only by sustainable clean energy is affordable and definitely possible. It’s within our reach. We are on a mission to save the planet. Join us. Let’s be part of the “clean energy” movement. Change is coming.

Engr. Alice Hernandez Senior Editor-at-Large




June 2016 Issue No. 004

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