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Approximately 28 million households worldwide were using clean cook stoves by the end of 2015. Roughly 44 million off-grid pico-solar products had been sold globally by mid-2015, representing an annual market of USD 300 million. About 70 countries worldwide either had some off-grid solar PV capacity installed or had programmes in place to support off-grid solar PV applications by the end of 2015. In addition, several thousand renewablesbased mini-grids were in operation. Innovative business models include use of mobile payment systems and scratch cards, the “Powerhive” business model, pay-as-you-go micro-payment schemes and integrated service providers with products that range from simple solar lamps with radios and mobile phones, to aspirational items like televisions. GN: How do we ensure access to clean energy? Christine: By supporting innovative business and financing models through policy support.

ADVICE TO THE YOUNG ENGINEERS GN: Please give advice and words of wisdom about renewables to our young global audience. What would you like to tell to the millennials? Any inspiring words that you can share? Christine: Everyone has a role to play in making this planet a better place to live. As engineers you have a special responsibility as you will be the forefront of system design. Therefore whatever specialty you choose make sure to think systemically; think about how to provide clean, efficient energy services in a way that meets a population’s needs in a sustainable manner. If we don’t get it right in the 30 years we may not have another chance. There are currently over 8 million people employed in the renewable energy sector, tendency growing, so watch out for interesting job opportunities in the energy sector of the future! But one word of caution: working for renewables is contagious – once you start in this sector you won’t want to leave it!




June 2016 Issue No. 004

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