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Stephen Yurek

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The Latest Updates Why a PhD in Engineering Systems Management Should Be on Your Radar Engineering Researchers from UAE Trailblazing in Cancer Treatments, Energy Harvesting and Robotics LG Expands Launch Of Its Flagship MULTI V5 VRF System To Abu Dhabi Burda’s Award Winning New Patio Heater Concept for Commercial and Private Outdoor Areas Al Salem Johnson Controls Hosts Refrigeration School Training

An Engineer’s Problems at Work Is Your Engineering Job Making You Sick? What To Do With Your Rivalry With Another Engineer at Work An Engineer’s Guide on How to Make Difficult Decisions 5 Ways to Inspire Engineers Using Criticism 4 Steps on How Engineers Can Deal With Mental Health Problems at Work

APRIL 2018 ISSUE NO. 012

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For this month’s HVACR Leaders, we are featuring Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), a trade association representing manufacturers of HVACR and water heating equipment within the global industry. In this exclusive interview with its President and CEO, Stephen R. Yurek, learn more about the organization, their dedication to not only serve their customers but also help the environment as well. Find out the latest trends in the HVACR industry and the challenges in making the industry environmentally friendly. Get to know the organization’s top accomplishments and how they develop their products and equipment to become more useful and valuable to their customers. We have also included several HVACR features on the magazine such as the following:


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Why a PhD in Engineering Systems Management Should Be on Your Radar Engineering Researchers from UAE Trailblazing in Cancer Treatments, Energy Harvesting and Robotics LG Expands Launch Of Its Flagship MULTI V 5 VRF System To Abu Dhabi Burda’s Award Winning New Patio Heater Concept for Commercial and Private Outdoor Areas Al Salem Johnson Controls Hosts Refrigeration School Training

Lastly, we have prepared helpful articles to help you deal with different kinds of problems at work. Find out what to do when your engineering job is making you sick and what to do when you have a rivalry with another engineer at work. Read our guide on making difficult decisions at work and ways to inspire your colleagues using criticism. Lastly, read our easy guide on dealing with mental health problems at work. So go ahead, scroll through our pages and read the latest stories that put the spotlight on the power and water industries. Get updated with the news and be informed with our inspiring stories that are slowly changing the way we live today. Enjoy this month’s GineersNow: HVACR Leaders.

Engr. Alice Hernandez Senior Editor-at-Large


OSE Industries to Increase Production Capacity At Its Dubai Plant by 5000 Tons A Year As It Expands Its Automotive Sector Business


Engineering Researchers From Uae Trailblazing In Cancer Treatments, Energy Harvesting And Robotics


Modine Completes Construction On New Facility In Hungary


5 Ways to Inspire Engineers Using Criticism


The Latest Trends in Making The HVACR Industry More Efficient, Safer, and Greener


Have Rivalry With Another Engineer at Work? Here’s What To Do About It


Midea Expands Product Portfolio At The 2018 International Home + Housewares Show



Ready to take the next step in your engineering career? Why a PhD in Engineering Systems Management should be on your radar.


ASHRAE announced the spring schedule of training toward its Building Excellence Credential MENA. ASHRAE announced the spring schedule of training toward its Building Excellence Credential MENA.


LG Expands Launch Of Its Flagship MULTI V 5 VRF System To Abu Dhabi


Ingersoll Rand Acquires Agilis Energy LLC


5 Ways Engineers Can Be Better Communicators at Work


Al Salem Johnson Controls Hosts Refrigeration School Training


Burda’s Award Winning New Patio Heater Concept for Commercial and Private Outdoor Areas


4 Steps on How Engineers Can Deal With Mental Health Problems at Work

48 50

An Engineer’s Guide on How to Make Difficult Decisions


Johnson Controls to Explore Strategic Alternatives for the Power Solutions Business


Kingspan Named As One of Ireland’s Top 10 Most Valued Brands


Is Your Engineering Job Making You Sick? Here’s What You Should Do


New PHNIX House Heating and Hot Water Inverter Heat Pump to Release at MCE in Italy


Carrier Introduces Most Efficient, Intelligent and Compact Variable-Speed Screw Chiller

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OSE Industries to Increase Production Capacity At Its Dubai Plant by 5000 Tons A Year As It Expands Its Automotive Sector Business UAE based OSE Industries LLC, a highly specialized Aluminium Extrusion company catering to the needs of Automotive, HVAC, refrigeration and various engineering and industrial applications, will expand its current 10,000 tons a year capacity by an additional 5,000 tons by the end of the year. The company which has a total built up area of 10,000 square metre plant in Dubai Industrial Park (DIP) plans to expand its business in the automotive sector. Currently contributing to 65% of the company’s business, the company’s division catering to the global automotive sector received a boost recently, when OSE Industries LLC became the first Aluminium Extrusion company in the MENA region to obtain the prestigious IATF 16949:2016

certification. One of the automotive industry’s most widely used international standards for quality management, IATF 16949:2016, is a ‘mandatory certification’ in the global automotive supply chain. According to Magdy Samoul, CEO of OSE Industries LLC, “We are proud to be the first company in the region to have achieved the IATF 16949:2016 certification, which is an acknowledgement of our expertise in manufacturing aluminium multiport extruded (MPE) tubes and profiles for the automotive sector. Within a short timeframe of five years, we are now actively competing with top players in the sector globally. Today, our MPE Tubes are used in the worldwide top Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) through the leading tier 1 automotive company. We are specialized in battery cooling tubes which is used for electric cars and currently supplying to a well-known electric car manufacturer. Two years ago, we started supplying to the European market and since last year, we have started catering to the North American market.” This UAE based company started its commercial operations in mid-2014, specialized in aluminum extrusion tubes that provide safer, higher heat transfer efficiencies, less maintenance and lower fuel consumption. These MPE tubes are mainly developed for constructing condenser coils used in air-conditioners and heat exchangers for both automotive and HVAC industries. MPE tubes are also widely used for intercooler, oil cooler and evaporator. They are supplied mainly in Aluminium Alloys 1xxx, 3xxx series. Mr. Samoul further added “With the IATF 16949:2016 certification, we will now be in a stronger position to expand our business globally in the automotive sector, so we are looking to add one more production line to increase the capacity by an additional 5000 tons by the end of 2018”.

Modine Completes Construction On New Facility In Hungary Modine Manufacturing Company (NYSE: MOD), a diversified global leader in thermal management technology and solutions, recently completed construction of a new, 92,000 square-foot production facility in Mezökövesd, Hungary. “Mezökövesd offers an ideal location to meet current demands and expand as needed,” said Thomas Marry, Executive Vice President and COO. “With recent wins in our Powertrain Cooling and Engine businesses, the time was right to invest in our global, manufacturing capabilities.” Situated on a 1,000,000 square feet of land adjacent to an existing Modine location, the state-of-the-art building adds capacity to build

aluminum Engine and Powertrain Cooling products for the automotive, off-highway and commercial vehicle markets. Modine will manufacture liquid-cooled charge-air coolers (LCAC), liquid-to-liquid layered-core oil coolers (LCOC) and Origami condensers, as well as other key aluminum products. The company will continue to make incremental investments in people and equipment to get the new facility operating at peak performance. In total, 340 employees will staff a three-shift operation. Installation of a CAB furnace and Origami™ Condenser line, including a Tube Mill, is complete, with presses, assembly stations, VAC furnaces and leak testers to follow in 2018.

LEADING GLOBAL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND INTEGRATED SUPPLIER CHINT is committed to providing the world with safe, reliable and stable electrical equipment and clean energy solutions. After more than 30 years of growth,CHINT has developed from Asia’s largest LV apparatus supplier to leading global electrical equipment and integrated supplier,with strength transformation,distribution to terminal consumpion. To date,with the annual sales revenue exceeding more than 6.7 billion euros and over 30,000 employees around the world,CHINT has provided reliable electrical equipment and solutions for more than 130 countries and regions worldwide as an active player of electric power construction in the global market.

ZHEJIANG CHINT ELECTRICS CO.,LTD. ADD: Office NO.LB182406,P.O.Box:263174,Jebel Ali,Dubai,United Arab Emirates TEL: 00971-48848286 FAX: 00971-48848287 E-mail: Website:

Yurek (center) with AHRI Chairman Chris Peel (L) and Bard Manufacturing Co. CEO Bill Steel (R) at the 2018 AHR Expo.

The Latest Trends in Making The HVACR Industry More Efficient, Safer, and Greener The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is the trade association representing manufacturers of HVACR and water heating equipment within the global industry. AHRI’s 315 member companies manufacture quality, efficient, and innovative residential and commercial air conditioning,

space heating, water heating, and commercial refrigeration equipment and components for sale in North America and around the world, and account for more than 90 percent of HVACR and water heating residential and commercial equipment manufactured and sold in North America.

equipment to become more useful and valuable to their customers.

The latest trends in the HVACR industry I’m proud that our industry works hard to stay ahead of the curve, using the resources of their trade association to bring leaders together to ensure that we always know what issues are on the horizon and how we might deal with them together, as an industry. Over the past several decades, we have strengthened our commitment to developing highly energy efficient, innovative equipment to better serve our customers and the environment. We know that HVACR and water heating equipment are the biggest consumers of energy in most households, but at the same time, they are vital to our health and well-being. Our member companies have consistently taken the initiative to develop more efficient technologies to reduce the impact of these products on the environment. In this exclusive interview with its President and CEO, Stephen R. Yurek, learn more about the organization, their dedication to not only serve their customers but also help the environment as well. Find out the latest trends in the HVACR industry and the challenges in making the industry environmentally friendly. Get to know the organization’s top accomplishments and how they develop their products and

The challenges, the obstacles and the solution in making HVACR environmentally friendly For the past ten years, our industry has recognized the adverse environmental effects of many of the refrigerants used in our products and equipment and we have worked with

our government and with governments and industry around the world to advocate for a global solution. The Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, signed in late 2016 and awaiting submittal to, and confirmation by, the U.S. Senate, is that solution. Even as we began to advocate for a global solution, we embarked on an ambitious research program to identify alternatives to high global warmingpotential refrigerants so that we would be ready if and when a global solution were reached. Our Low-GWP Alternative Refrigerants Evaluation Program (AREP) is an industrywide cooperative research program designed to identify and evaluate promising alternative refrigerants for major product categories. These include air conditioners, heat pumps, dehumidifiers, chillers, water heaters, ice makers, and refrigeration equipment. Since this program began, we have joined forces with ASHRAE, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the California Air Resources Board, to further evaluate the best low-GWP refrigerant candidates and develop a pathway for their use. The program, which is in its final phase, has identified the most promising alternatives, which are being evaluated through real-world testing before being recommended to safety code developers for approval in the United States.

Yurek (L) with AHRI Treasurer Ron Duncan during an AHRI Board Meeting.

The latest technologies that disrupt the HVACR industry This is an interesting question, because in general technology is a friend to the industry. I cannot really think of a technology that disrupts our industry, but I can think of many that help make our products and equipment more useful and valuable to our customers. Technologies such as smart thermostats, individual heating and cooling zone controls, variable speed compressors and fans save consumers energy and enhance comfort, and thermal storage technologies save energy for businesses by using off-peak power to provide cooling technologies for buildings.

About the organization The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is the trade association representing manufacturers of HVACR and water heating equipment within the global industry. AHRI’s 315 member companies manufacture quality, efficient, 16

HVACR Leaders • April 2018

and innovative residential and commercial air conditioning, space heating, water heating, and commercial refrigeration equipment and components, and accounting for more than 90 percent of HVACR and water heating residential and commercial equipment manufactured and sold in North America. AHRI advocates on behalf of its members at all levels of government, working to ensure that members’ interests are included in final drafts of legislation. We also have a certification program that is relied upon by regulators and the general public for accurate and unbiased evaluation of heating, water heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and commercial refrigeration equipment. Lastly, AHRI develops industry-recognized performance standards for equipment used in many countries and regions around the world. These three pillars form AHRI’s core. Aside from these, AHRI is also viewed as a resource for industry shipment data, education and workforce information, and research. AHRI is an industry powerhouse, providing our members with one voice, both domestically and abroad.

Yurek (R) with AHRI members at the Rees Scholarship Foundation 5k fundraiser.

About Stephen R. Yurek Stephen R. Yurek is President and CEO of AHRI. He was named President of the AirConditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI), one of AHRI’s predecessor organizations, in early 2007. Prior to that, he served for a year as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, after having joined ARI in 2002 as General Counsel and, subsequently, as Vice President of Policy and Public Affairs. Steve currently serves on the National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) Council of Manufacturing Associations, on the Committee of 100 (U.S. Chamber of Commerce), and on the Board of North American Technician Excellence (NATE). An attorney, he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a Juris Doctor. He is a member of the Bar in Minnesota, his home state, and in Virginia, where he currently resides. Twitter: @stephenyurek


HVACR Leaders • April 2018

Yurek at AHRI’s 2016 Annual Meeting.

HVACR Leaders • April 2018


The top 10 accomplishments of your organization • This year, AHRI launched a brand new online Directory of Certified Product Performance, which features improved capabilities for both program participants and users, such as contractors and homeowners. • AHRI’s alternative refrigerant research program is in its final stage, having successfully identified alternatives to high global warming-potential refrigerants currently in use. • AHRI’s state advocacy program has seen several successes in states across the country, and we just hosted our second annual State Summit, during which our member companies meet in a state capital to lobby on critical legislative and regulatory issues. • AHRI began an industry awareness program in 2013, which has successfully established AHRI as a relevant and reliable source for industry information, including policy related to the environment, trade, and global issues, such as the Montreal Protocol and Kigali Amendment. Our members and staff have been quoted as issue experts numerous times in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, Politico, Reuters, AP, Bloomberg, the BBC, and more.

Yurek (R) with the Cato Institute’s Patrick Michaels on at a February 5, 2018, AHRIsponsored half-day symposium at The Hudson Institute on the future of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.


HVACR Leaders • April 2018

• AHRI’s globally recognized, industry respected performance certification program has continued to grow year over year, attracting participants from across the globe. Last year, we received applications from more than 250 manufacturers. • AHRI has worked with foreign governments to establish a process whereby certification program participants can comply with regulatory requirements with no additional testing in other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Canada, and India. • The AHR Expo, the world’s largest HVACR marketplace event, continues to grow, this year attracting more than 2,000 exhibitors and 75,000 visitors over more than half a million square feet of exhibit space. • The recent tax reform package, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, contained several AHRIsupported provisions, including: 100 percent bonus depreciation for business purchase of HVACR equipment; a permanent reduction in the corporate rate to 21 percent rate beginning next year; a reduced rate for pass-through entities; repeal of the corporate alternative minimum tax; and increased Section 179 expensing for small businesses. • AHRI’s Rees Scholarship Program, which supports students that aspire to work as HVACR technicians, received a recordbreaking 200 applications last year, and awarded $58,000 in scholarships. • AHRI’s robust standards development program resulted in 27 new or updated standards and addenda last year, bringing our total to 110…and counting.

HVACR Leaders • April 2018


Midea Expands Product Portfolio At The 2018 International Home + Housewares Show Today, Midea, the world’s number one air treatment company1 and small cooking appliances brand2, is excited to announce the expansion of it its overall product portfolio at the International Home + Housewares Show – the world’s premier exposition of products for the home. Midea’s latest products, which include new small kitchen appliances, as well as residential air conditioners, provide enhanced features and sleek designs ideal for any home and budget. The Company’s new products will be on display in its booth (#L12354) during the Show at McCormick Place in Chicago, from March 10-13, 2018. “The IH+H Show always brings a renewed sense of innovation and fresh thinking to the home and housewares industry, and we at Midea are excited to expand our lineup with a wide variety of appliances at this event,” said Kurt Jovais, president of Midea America Corp. “Our new appliances including small kitchen appliances, residential air conditioners, and more, provide the quality performance and innovative features consumers desire in a sleek, modern package.” SMALL KITCHEN APPLIANCES During the Show, Midea will expand upon its suite of small kitchen appliances with new products including portable cookers, air fryers and blenders: 22

HVACR Leaders • April 2018

- Connected Cookers: This year, Midea will introduce a multi-cooker and pressure cooker with Wi-Fi connectivity and voice activation with Amazon Alexa or Echo Skill installed. Both will also come with pre-set recipes developed by Midea’s partner SideChef; which will be featured during the show. Midea’s connected cookers include: - - MY-HT5097 Pressure Cooker: Turn up the pressure with Midea’s MY-HT5097 Pressure Cooker. The MY-HT5097 helps deliver the family’s favorite meals to the table in no time by sealing in heat, steam, and flavor throughout the cooking process. With Midea’s 3D Pressure System, the air inside is circulated for optimal pressure and heat, ensuring evenly cooked food every time. It is also equipped with large LED display. - - FZ4005XM Multi-Cooker: With 16 one-touch presets, Midea’ latest multi-cooker can create everyday dishes, one pot wonders, or gourmet masterpieces. Users can choose to brown/sauté before slow cooking or use Midea’s unique DEFROST feature to cook frozen chicken all the way through, without that rubbery taste. Families can even use the multi-cooker to prepare healthy grains, quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal and more.

Air Fryers - MF-CN5001 Air Fryer: On the heels of the launch of the MFTN3501 3.5-liter air fryer, Midea will introduce a new model at the show – the MF-CN5001. Much like its predecessor, the MF-CN5001 helps consumers reduce calories and cut back on fats. The MF-CN5001 helps remove excess fats from food ingredients while retaining just the right levels of natural oils for that classic fried taste. With a rapid 3D airflow system, Midea’s air fryer delivers crisp fried food, but with less than 80 percent of the fat than if it were deep fried. In addition to frying, users can grill, bake, and roast with the MF-CN5001. It also offers a digital one-touch display and dishwasher-safe, 5.2-liter capacity, aluminum frying basket. Blenders: - MJ-BH5001W Hand Blender: Midea’s new hand blender enables consumers to chop, mash or whip in any container or pot. Designed with a Stainless-Steel wand and blade, Midea’s hand blender has a simple, one-touch control panel for easy operation, as well as anti-skidding material on the handle for a no-slip grip. It also boasts two speeds and 200W, and comes with a 16.9-ounce chopper, 20-ounce beaker, masher and whisk attachments. - MJ-BL1503W Vacuum Blender: During the show, Midea will showcase its new vacuum blender. Using a special vacuum blending system, the blender prevents oxidization to ensure vitamins and other nutrients aren’t lost during the blending process. Using 1000W and designed with Midea’s CyclonBlade™ System, the blender creates an effective vortex to blend fruits and vegetables, crush ice, or blend with ease. - MJ-BL1052W High Performance Blender: The MJ-BL1052W high performance blender is equipped with Midea’s Brushless Motor technology which boasts operation 30 percent quieter than other commercial blenders on the market. With a one-touch digital panel and six pre-set menus, users can effortlessly make smoothies, ice cream, nut milks, soup and more.

all-in-one blender combines three appliances in one: blender, food processor and juicer. It offers 1500W of power and a variety of preprogrammed functions for convenience. The Kitchen Station is designed with a one-touch control panel and also comes with three different sized jars (i.e. 72, 64 and 24-ounce) for blending, food processing and on-the-go blending. RESIDENTIAL AIR CONDITIONERS Midea will also display its full line of residential air conditioners including fans and heaters. New in 2018, all AC categories under the Midea brand will respond to voice commands through Amazon’s intelligent assistant Alexa. Users can now change cooling settings and other features via voice when they have an Echo device with the Midea AC Skill installed. Additionally, Midea’s AC units are also compatible with the MideaAir app. From compact ACs such as the SmartCool Wi-Fi Window and Portable ACs to the SmartDry Wi-Fi Dehumidifier and Midea branded ductless units, the MideaAir app brings cloud-based control to any smartphone or tablet in and out of the home or business. For users with third-party smart thermostats, select Midea products will also enable full connectivity with market leaders in the segment. In addition to its expansive line of small appliances and residential air conditioners, Midea will also showcase major kitchen appliances including dishwashers, microwave ovens and more designed for smaller living spaces such as apartments. For more information on Midea or see its full portfolio of products, please visit the Company’s booth (L#12354) during the show or 1 Source Euromoitor International Limited;Consumer Appliances 18ed, retail volume sales in units, 2017 data 2 Source Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 18ed, per Small Cooking Appliances category definition, retail volume sales in units, 2017 data.

- BL2532 All-In-One Blender: Midea’s new HVACR Leaders • April 2018


Ready to take the next step in your engineering career? Why a PhD in Engineering Systems Management should be on your radar. To be a great engineer, there is obviously a whole range of technical skills and competencies you must possess, depending on your area of specialization. However, as engineers climb the corporate ladder, the emphasis on technical skills starts to taper off, replaced by an increased demand for managerial and financial skills – the type of skills you need to lead people, oversee complex projects, and keep budgets on track. Nowhere is this more important for engineers than in the GCC, where government and private investments into infrastructure and other largescale projects are seeing an increased demand 24

HVACR Leaders • April 2018

for engineers who not only possess technical expertise, but who also know how to lead and manage. This demand has seen the College of Engineering at American University of Sharjah (AUS) launch a new PhD program in Engineering Systems Management. The program has been specifically designed for engineers who are ambitious to expand their technical role into a management position, or open up new career paths in other engineering fields.

However, the new PhD is not just for those engineers looking to progress in the corporate world. With international recognition and accreditation , the program is also ideal for those looking to further their academic careers in engineering. With world-class research facilities on offer (including 49 engineering laboratories), AUS is seen as a regional leader in scientific and engineering research, making it a popular destination for graduate study. American University of Sharjah currently offers seven undergraduate engineering degrees, and eight engineering master’s programs, with the PhD in Engineering–Engineering Systems Management (PhD ESM), the first PhD to be offered by the university. This particular field was selected by the university as its first doctoral program largely because of the need in the UAE, and neighboring countries, for the knowledge and skill-set afforded by the program. As governments invest in creating knowledge-based economies driven by innovation, this program will help to address

research, knowledge and skills gaps, and generate a cohort that can lead scientific and engineering advancements in the region. Key components of the program have therefore been mapped to areas where there is the greatest regional demand for expertise, including supply chain management, sustainable construction, project management, smart cities management and engineering management. Emphasis is placed on delivering students with broad competencies that can be applied across a multitude of jobs and that will be increasingly relevant as the world of work changes. Such skills include financial knowhow, leadership and networking. Dr. Richard Schoephoerster, Dean of the College of Engineering at AUS, is confident of the role the PhD will play in the region’s continued economic development. He says: “Governments across the GCC are committed to a large number of nation-building projects, HVACR Leaders • April 2018


from vast infrastructure developments, to national health care initiatives. All these projects need engineers, across all engineering specialties. What these projects also need, however, are engineers with the leadership expertise to deliver these projects. The PhD in Engineering–Engineering Systems Management can specifically address this need. “Having world-class engineering programs available at this level will also help to foster a culture of scientific endeavor. It is important that people looking to pursue programs at this level are given the opportunity to do so here in the Middle East, and not have to travel abroad to Europe or America. Making this program available in the UAE, and having it informed by regional experience and understanding, is essential to ensuring participants of the program are being given the expertise needed to make a positive impact in the region and meet the specific environmental and economic challenges that we are faced with in the Middle East.” The PhD consists of core courses, including methodological courses related to aspects of theoretical and applied research. In addition, students are required to undertake six elective courses, which are selected according to

student interests. Students are also obliged to complete a doctoral dissertation, allowing them to pursue cutting-edge research and generate original scientific work that can be published in academic journals. Faculty from the College of Engineering will work side-by-side with PhD students, acting as mentors as students navigate the program. Dean Schoephoerster says that the university is now accepting applications for the PhD, and that anyone with a strong academic background in any engineering field should think about applying: “AUS prides itself on diversity, and we are looking for candidates for the PhD program from a wide range of engineering programs and careers, from the Middle East, and further afield. We also hope to see a large number of female engineers apply for the program. Nearly 39 percent of the students in our master’s degree programs in the College of Engineering are women, and we would like to see similar figures reflected at the doctoral level.” To find out more about the PhD in ESM, including admission requirements and course structure, please visit our website: www.aus. edu/cen/phdesm.

ALL THE EQUIPMENT YOU NEED UNDER ONE ROOF... IT’S TIME TO MAKE A WISH! Faisal Jassim Group distributes top of the line electrical and mechanical products for the building industry. Today, Faisal Jassim Group stands tall in its commitment to bring life to your building.

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Faisal Jassim Group



LG Expands Launch Of Its Flagship MULTI V 5 VRF System To Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi’s development boom to benefit from LG’s latest commercial air conditioning solutions for the ultimate in power-saving, performance, reliability Following a successful launch in many markets around the world, LG Electronics (LG) has announced the release of its brand new MULTI V 5 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) solution in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The latest model in the MULTI V range offers unmatched streamlined functionality by optimising energy efficiency and maximising user comfort, making it the ideal choice for new residential and commercial developments in the nation’s capital.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Yong Geun Choi, President, LG Electronics Gulf, said, “We are proud to bring our fifth generation VRF system to the UAE’s bustling capital city. We are confident that with the range of innovative technologies, unparalleled energy efficiency and comfort, the MULTI V 5, our new flagship air conditioning system, will be the ideal choice for climate control solutions in Abu Dhabi. This industry-leading system will make advanced climate control technology even more accessible, passing on excellent operational savings and greater comfort to our customers across the globe.”

LG has already supplied several prestigious projects of top-tier developers and government agencies with the latest climate control solutions, including Aldar, Musanada, TDIC, CPC, Bloom, Al Qudra, ADCE and other renowned names in Abu Dhabi. LG has also been a crucial partner with various government agencies, solidifying its position as a leader in providing comprehensive climate control solutions that meet Abu Dhabi’s stringent standards. Speaking at the launch, special guest Mr. Abdalla Hassan Al Muaini, Executive Director of Conformity Schemes Services Sector at Abu Dhabi Quality & Conformity Council (QCC), said, “One of QCC’s main goals is to contribute to the sustainability of energy sector in Abu Dhabi through the development and implementation of exacting quality requirements for many products including cooling systems. Which is why QCC is proud to be a part of this launch with LG in recognition of the high-quality air conditioning units they have made and continue to introduce to the region.” The LG MULTI V 5 is the only advanced VRF system in the market that is capable of offering exceptional performance even in the heat and humidity of the region. This fifth-generation air conditioning system uses improved technologies that can meet new sustainability and energy efficiency requirements of new real estate projects, and offer the most advanced climate control solutions without compromising on performance, efficiency and power-saving capabilities. The MULTI V 5 is equipped with LG’s innovative and proprietary Dual Sensing Control and Ultimate Inverter Compressor, making the MULTI V 5 a powerful climate control solution that excels in even the most strenuous conditions. The MULTI V 5 is a superior way to heat and cool any space, with improved humidity control, individual set points per indoor unit, large outdoor capacity and quiet operation. It also allows for heating and cooling simultaneously in different zones, further enhancing energy savings and comfort.

Dual Sensing Control One of the most impressive features of LG’s MULTI V 5 is its Dual Sensing Control which helps the air conditioning unit evaluate climate conditions down to the smallest detail. Unlike conventional air conditioners which only track temperature, the MULTI V 5 measures both temperature and humidity levels for outdoor and indoor environments. This comprehensive understanding of multiple climate conditions helps the solution determine its parameters in order to achieve optimal energy efficiency and maximum indoor comfort levels.

Ultimate Inverter Compressor The LG MULTI V 5’s new Ultimate Inverter Compressor offers unrivaled efficiency, reliability and durability. Improving on the 15 to 150 Hz operational range of its predecessor, it operates from 10 Hz to 165 Hz. This widened range increases part load efficiency and enhances the MULTI V 5’s ability to quickly reach the desired temperature and save more energy in the process. The MULTI V 5 features an enhanced bearing system layered with PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) – an advanced material normally used in airplane engines. In addition, the MULTI V 5’s Smart Oil Management uses sensors to check the compressor’s oil balance in real time, minimizing unnecessary oil recovery operation.

Large Capacity Outdoor Units With an innovative biomimetic fan, 4-sided heat exchanger, and improved compressor performance, the MULTI V 5’s efficiency and capacity have each been enhanced, making it possible for a single outdoor unit (ODU) to reach 20HP (with a maximum system capacity of 60HP). Utilizing research from the Seoul National University’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, the engineers behind the MULTI V 5 drew on inspiration from humpback whale flippers when designing the fan. Moreover, the solution’s advanced biomimetic fan significantly increases wind capacity.

Ocean Black Fin Equipped with LG’s exclusive Ocean Black Fin, the MULTI V 5 is protected from corrosive substances such as salt, sand and other elements brought in by sea winds as well as industrial pollution, making it the ideal choice for coastal cities. The black coating of the Ocean Black Fin heat exchanger keeps water from accumulating to minimize moisture buildup. This durability enhancement prolongs the product’s lifespan and lowers maintenance costs, paving the way for improved power savings and performance in coastal regions.

Auto Dust Removal Unlike conventional VRF systems that required manual cleaning, the Auto Dust Removal

feature allows the LG MULTI V 5 to provide fully automated, convenient cleaning. The feature removes dust on the outdoor unit’s heat exchanger by reversing fan rotation to eliminate accumulated sand and dust. This makes it possible for users to operate their air conditioners comfortably without worrying about the malfunctions that can occur due to dust accumulation, a particularly welcome addition in desert climates. LG’s new flagship system air conditioning solution, the MULTI V 5, is now available in Abu Dhabi through LG’s distributors in the city. For enquiries on the LG MULTI V 5 and further information, please visit the LG Electronics Gulf FZ office in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

5 Ways Engineers Can Be Better Communicators at Work

Engineers sometimes struggle at getting their point across. Here’s a few tips on how to start being better communicators at work.

Communication is key to any work environment. While you might be great at producing results, you might not have what it takes to explain or present it to other people. Here are some small steps you could take in order to become better communicators at work.

Practice makes perfect You might’ve hear the cliche method, “practice in front of a mirror” before. Although some people find it effective, sometimes you just need a more difficult approach. Consider joining social groups or clubs that allow you to interact and present to other people. This is a safe approach to learning how to better communicate with people without jeopardizing your image at work. Book clubs, debate organizations, and even public speaking classes are good choices to start with. These kind of groups allow for a two-way communication line, which would, in turn, help you see your mistakes and learn how to make yourself better.

Be concise Rambling on and on about a certain topic, while it uses a lot of words, doesn’t really get a point across. Learning to use words that could explain your intent better is a good way to practice brevity. Instead of “It’s kinda like…but actually it’s like…”, you could use more concise words to get your message delivered.

Think twice before speaking This could mean a lot of different things, but primarily, we’re looking at what you’re trying to achieve. What do you hope to get with this communication? What influence are you trying to provide? These simple questions can help you better organize your thoughts into a structured message that’s easy to understand.

Be truthful Do not be misleading when you provide information. While some people want to hear sugarcoated results, it’s not always for everyone. If you cross the line, you might lose credibility both as a communicator and as a co-worker. Although sprinkling a little flavor into information might sound better, if it doesn’t sound true, you might get into trouble.

Curiosity is good at moderate amounts This is one of the key traits that good communicators have. You’re not just a mouth that speaks whatever your higher-ups want you to speak. They’re not the only ones who should know a lot about what you’re talking about. Be more curious about learning. Dig deep into what you’re presenting and you’ll be able to speak with better sense about it. Try to learn more about your organization and how it operates and you’ll see yourself being able to talk about it with ease.

Burda’s Award Winning New Patio Heater Concept for Commercial and Private Outdoor Areas Outdoor heating, lighting and cooling concept in every size, colour and configuration - the award winning MODULAR SYSTEM from the German company Burda Worldwide Technologies, offers the first unique solution to create the perfect climate and design for terraces, conservatories, under awnings and other outdoor areas. The patented outdoor heating concept was recently awarded with the Innovation Prize for technical progress at the world’s leading trade fair, R+T 2018, in Stuttgart. The plug-in system is the first of its kind on the market that combines instant heat from powerful infrared heaters, pleasant light from LED spots and refreshing cool temperatures from cooling nozzles, all in one unit. Each single module can be used stand-alone or easy connected to any other module. The MODULAR SYSTEM is available in any RAL colour and size to match existing designs and requirements of hotels, restaurants, hospitality settings or private terraces.

MODULAR patio heater concept for terraces. The client chose an outdoor heating system that delivers instant heat in larger areas. The MODULAR set combines three infrared modules of 2,000 watts each in anthracite, which matches the terrace design and roof construction perfectly. To cover the entire length above the window, the system was extended with panels in the same colour. (PRNewsfoto/Burda WTG)


HVACR Leaders • April 2018

MODULAR SYSTEM - tailor-made for the prefect climate on terraces, patios, conservatories and under awnings The core element of the plug-in system is a waterproof 2,000-watt radiant heater that provides instant heat without pre-heating by infrared shortwave, equipped with powerful, eye-friendly ULTRA LOW GLARE tubes, which produce 80% less glare. The heater can be combined with energy-saving LED spots (3.5 watts) and cooling nozzles. PERFECTCLIME® nozzles have to be connected to a water pump. The fine mist cools down the ambience temperature by up to 12-15°C. Further modules to add-on are planned. In addition to individual modules, which can be configured according to the customer’s wishes, the company also offers ready-to-use MODULAR SETS with a length of three to five meters in different versions.

The MODULAR SET combines three heating with two light modules including four LED spots. The white set matches the existing colour design and fits neatly under the awning. Each module is equipped with awning brackets that are designed to fit under all standard awnings. The system can be dimmed and controlled in one or more zones with equipment from Burda. (PRNewsfoto/Burda WTG)

An Engineer’s Guide on How to Make Difficult Decisions Engineers make difficult decisions everyday. Here’s how to handle that.

There will come a time in an engineer’s career that he or she will be bombarded by challenges that require difficult decisions. It could be matters on management or application of engineering principles that will make the engineer think twice about which path to take. You are bound to reach that stage whether you like or not, especially when you are holding a management position. And for you to prepare yourself for that, you have to be reminded that your decision should dwell upon the idea that you have to make things better than when you have found them. It’s also worth noting that your task is to conquer that challenge by at least deciding – having no decision at all is a lot more risky than letting the problem solve itself. Conventional knowledge tells us that if one is a leader, he or she must be responsible for all the decisions that he or she makes. This is how engineers should think. Taking responsibility for decisions – no matter how difficult they are – is first step for engineers in making difficult decisions, especially that the work involves a lot of risks in many aspects. If you are not willing to accept the feedback, results, or consequences of that decision, you will have a hard time confronting other challenges to come.

But how should engineers really make difficult decisions? What principles should you follow? Listed below are four which are anchored in leadership: Create a stable and safe environment Before the difficult decision is made, you have to make sure that everyone who will be affected by that decision has an assurance that they will not be accountable of the outcome. And that you are the person in front to take care of how the decision ends. People always come first When you embrace a people-first culture in your decision, moreover in your company if you are an engineering manager, such will yield better results than prioritizing something else. Stay grounded Do not let ego get in the way. If somebody suggests something that might help the situation more than you can, accept it and take responsibility for it. Making a difficult decision is already a task in itself; doing it with arrogance doesn’t help. Be transparent and honest It has to be made. You should tell the truth even when it’s not convenient, because the lies will never make the process of deciding easier – maybe it will but only for a short time and could have huge costs. HVACR Leaders • April 2018


Kingspan Named As One of Ireland’s Top 10 Most Valued Brands It was announced recently that Kingspan have been named in the Brand Finance ‘Ireland’s 10 Most Valuable Sector Brands’ league table. Kingspan’s Group Chief Executive Gene Murtagh commented, saying: “Today, the Kingspan brand is synonymous with a forward thinking, holistic approach to construction–continually redefining the possibilities for our built environment.” Valuation consultancy Brand Finance releases an annual report on the world’s most valuable brands and compiles the top runners into league table. They put thousands of the world’s biggest brands to the test each year taking into consideration their brand value and strength. Simon Haigh, Managing Director, Brand Finance Ireland, commented:

“Ireland’s home-grown brands are worthy ambassadors for the Irish economy, which saw an impressive 7% increase over the past year. Their strong reputation derives not just from successful marketing campaigns, but because they create authentic value for their customers.” This year, Kingspan experienced very strong brand value growth, up 26% from last year to €700 million, while at the same time making a large number of strategic acquisitions globally. Brand Finance state that: “As part of these acquisitions, Kingspan will gain access to a number of new technologies to complement their existing insulation development work, especially in a market, which is continually seeking improved efficiency and effectiveness.”

ITA - AITES WORLD TUNNEL CONGRESS 21 - 26 April 2018 Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, UAE

The Role of Underground Space in Building Future Sustainable Cities



Abstracts Received



Confirmed Exhibitors



2,000 Expected Attendees


6 Days Extensive Program

#wtc2018 ITA AITES Congress Secretariat: MCI Middle East – Tel: +971 4 311 6300, Email: 36

HVACR Leaders • April 2018

New PHNIX House Heating and Hot Water Inverter Heat Pump to Release at MCE in Italy PHNIX, China’s leading heat pump manufacturer, will have a variety of this year’s new heat pumps on exhibition at the MCE Expo in Italy. In particular, the new PHNIX R32 Inverter Heat Pump series, developed specifically for the global high-end market, will be unveiled at the MCE. This year, PHNIX will develop more costeffective domestic house heating and hot water heat pump products for the European market to support local business partners, according to Mr. Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX overseas business.

transfer efficiency is greatly improved and the unit SCOP is 4.58, Mr. Jab Fan, Division manager of PHNIX house heating heat pumps, expressed. At the same time, the existing PHNIX DC Inverter heat pump series exhibited at MCE have had some successful applications in Europe in recent years. The existing costeffective DC inverter heat pump matched with water fan coil performs exceptionally well in house heating and cooling, according to Mr. Jab Fan.

Compared to traditional heat exchangers, the water channel of the heat exchange in the PHNIX R32 Heat Pump series is increased by more than 30%, due to its asymmetric plate heat exchangers’ design, which means heat

The applications of PHNIX house heating heat pump in China HVACR Leaders • April 2018


Engineering researchers from UAE trailblazing in cancer treatments, energy harvesting and robotics Researchers from American University of Sharjah’s (AUS) College of Engineering are benefitting from the university’s new research agenda, with students and faculty working on research projects likely to have a global impact. The patron of the university, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member, Ruler of Sharjah and President of AUS, has publicly committed to supporting research initiatives at the university by opening up additional areas of graduate study and creating a world-class research 38

HVACR Leaders • April 2018

environment. He said at a university event held for AUS alumni in January: “Our focus will be on interdisciplinary programs such as biomedical technology, smart cities, material science, environment and artificial intelligence. This also means creating an attractive research environment that helps AUS attract distinguished faculty and students.” For Dr. Ghaleb Husseini, Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs and Research in the College of Engineering, this commitment to research has

comes to cancer research, the best results are generated when working across different disciplines in this way. We are fortunate that at American University of Sharjah we have this level of diversity in talent, as well as laboratory equipment that is truly world-class.”

allowed him to pursue a project that will positively influence the way in which many cancers are treated. Dr. Husseini is leading a research initiative at AUS where chemotherapy treatment is applied directly to the site of a cancer. The groundbreaking treatment sees only the site of the cancer itself impacted by the drug, thereby reducing many of the adverse side effects traditionally associated with chemo, such as hair loss, immune system compromises and nausea. The breakthrough has been facilitated by the resources available at the university, including a Drug Delivery Laboratory, just one of the

49 engineering laboratories located at the university. Dr. Husseini says of his work at AUS: “The size and resources of the university’s engineering college allows us to engage in interdisciplinary research projects, drawing on the expertise of faculty across many fields of engineering, including chemical, electrical, mechanical, biomedical, computing and others. For complex problems, it is essential to have this spectrum of knowledge and understanding, bringing it all together to tackle problems that just a generation ago seemed intractable. When it

The College of Engineering is also home to one of the world’s most efficient energy harvesting chips, which gathers energy from the air and converts it into easily accessible battery power. The device works by harnessing electromagnetic radiation from different sources and then reusing it to energize low-power circuits. The chip is reported to be one of the best when it comes to efficiency, and is one of the smallest of its kind to date. The project was led by Dr. Lutfi Albasha, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, with several graduate and undergraduate engineering students supporting him on the project. Like Dr. Husseini’s chemotherapy research, this project is set to have real benefit on large parts of the population, with potential uses of the chip including being placed in medical chips that monitor blood sugar levels in people with diabetes; powering wireless sensors on bridges, roads and buildings to monitor structural safety; and improving the battery life of mobile phones. In the field of robotics, a team of researchers from the College of Engineering has been successful in creating a robot that can detect pipeline leaks. Using an algorithm HVACR Leaders • April 2018


that enables high accuracy localization, the robot overcomes navigation problems often associated with in-pipe inspection robots. Wireless communications have also been added to the robot, allowing an operator to use the device remotely and receive real-time data, making it easier to find and repair leaks. The project received AED 1 million last year, when it won the UAE AI and Robotics for Good, National Category. The commercialization of projects like this are likely to receive a boost when the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park, being built adjacent to the AUS campus, opens. The park will be home to a number of knowledge-intensive businesses, leveraging the intellectual and academic capabilities of the university. The park is seeking to attract businesses operating in fields of importance to the UAE economy, including water technology, renewable energy, transportation and logistics, production, design and architecture, environmental technology and digitization. Through the park, research projects at AUS will be given increased opportunities for investment and development, making


HVACR Leaders • April 2018

the benefits of AUS felt more widely in the community. AUS Chancellor Dr. Björn Kjerfve says of the university’s research direction: “Now is an exciting time to engage in research at AUS. Our university is home to some of the region’s best research facilities, allowing our talented faculty and their students the opportunity to embark on ambitious research projects that have a tangible impact on the way we all live our lives. With the support of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the university’s research agenda will continue to grow, as will the impact of this research. I look forward to seeing many of the research projects we currently have underway at the university come to fruition, and to launching new research initiatives that will help to make the UAE known globally for its research capacity and capability.” For more information about the AUS College of Engineering, including the research projects it is currently pursuing, visit

HVACR Leaders • April 2018


Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces


THE HOME OF REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT The UAE capital’s largest and most influential real estate investment and development event is back. With hundreds of developments from Abu Dhabi and beyond being showcased, Cityscape Abu Dhabi is the home of real estate investment.

17 – 19 APRIL 2018 Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, UAE


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5 Ways to Inspire Engineers Using Criticism Find ways to up your inspire your employees who don’t respond to other means. provided. Find it a priority to always thank them for their contributions and praise them for what they have delivered. Always let them know that you value them before you point out any mistakes. Nobody likes a conversation that starts negatively.

Get to the point

Criticism is not always such a negative thing. There are ways where you can guide your employees by using an honest, direct, yet respectful approach. With the right process and usage, criticism can be an effective tool to inspire your employees. Supervisory roles require constant feedback, and there are some times where you just can’t get the message through. There are people who need to be critiqued in order to tackle and overcome areas of improvement. Here are some ways you can guide these type of workers into being more efficient in improving themselves.

Listening is important While pointing out mistakes is effective in telling your employees what to work on, listening is just as important. Often times, employees are affected by multiple stimuli

which causes them to not be at their best. Talking to them and hearing them out can help you understand what causes these things and allows you to create an environment for them to grow.

Don’t point fingers Let’s be honest, there are times where you think it might be better to just put the blame on someone. But that’ll just get you nowhere, and it might strike a big blow to your team’s morale. Instead of saying “You always don’t submit your reports on time,” you can say “Your reports need to be turned in in X days, otherwise we won’t be able to move forward.” This removes any negative criticism while still getting the message delivered.

Always add positive reinforcement It’s not nice to hear criticism right away when feedback is

Criticism is about being as direct as possible. You won’t get anywhere by flowering up your words and by beating around the bush. Instead of saying “this needs work,” tell them which part needs what. As an example, “your presentation needs a little work” might translate better as “your presentation needs facts presented in a way that’s easier to understand.” This removes the “guessing game” factor from their improvement and sets them to a more forward course.

Always schedule a follow-up Feedback is not over on the first conversation. You’ll always have to give your employee time to work on their improvement. If you notice a positive change in their actions and results, be sure to give them a pat on the back or a simple “Good work!” If they don’t show any change, then you’ll know that it’s time to take the next step or to look at other ways to handle it.

HVACR Leaders • April 2018


Have Rivalry With Another Engineer at Work? Here’s What To Do About It Don’t let it become toxic!

Competition is present in everyday life. Like people trying to get that best seat in the bus or inside the classroom, guests checking in hotels with the best views, or even men aiming for the love of a woman. There are countless ways that competition manifests in our world – according to social scientists, it is one of the most basic functions of nature and a biological trait that coevolved with the basic need for human survival. The engineering workplace has its fair share of competition not only as an organization but among the engineers within the company. More often than not, the rivalry comes from the desire to be promoted first faster than everyone else, which is not at all a bad thing. Research suggests that competition increases the levels of chemicals like testosterone in the body, preparing the body and mind and pushing the employees to go the extra mile and achieve results. This is the healthy kind of competition, but there is also the toxic one – a rivalry which could result to unethical decisions and ways as well as create conflict. If you are one of those engineers who feel that there is some kind of competition going on, the first thing to do is to make sure that it all ends well for the people involved. It doesn’t have to reach a point wherein it becomes toxic. Here are other tips: 44

HVACR Leaders • April 2018

Don’t get distracted and stay confident There is no reason to fret. As already established, competition is part of everyday life which also happens in the workplace. Accept the reality of it. But as a response, you still have to stay focused in your job as an engineer.

Find allies Once the competition becomes a big issue where you work, it’s better to find those who are in the same side as you. This should grow your reputation and cultivate strong relationships with other coworkers.

Step back It is necessary that engineers who are competitive in nature also have to stop for a moment. Do this to realize if all of what’s happening amid the competition is heading towards your career goals.

Don’t take things personally What happens in the workplace, stays in the workplace. Think of that as much as possible and keep a genuine relationship with your rivals. It is possible to be friends with your enemies.

ASHRAE announced the spring schedule of training toward its Building Excellence Credential MENA. The training will take place at ASHRAE’s Global Training Center for Building Excellence in Dubai. “The credential program is important to the Middle East and Northern Africa region because it addresses the challenges unique to this area,” says Farooq Mehboob, P.E., ASHRAE Region-AtLarge Director and Regional Chair. “This is the only program that provides real world application of ASHRAE standards and concepts to professionals who are actively involved in providing the latest facility operational strategies and technologies to this region.” The ASHRAE Building Excellence Credential MENA provides an opportunity for individuals to achieve recognition for successful completion of a curriculum of training in the building performance field. This credential is only available and earned by participation in the training curricula available at the ASHRAE Global Training Center—Dubai. “Part of ASHRAE’s mission is to present new technology on a more global scale,” says Dr. Ahmed Alaa, ASHRAE Assistant Regional Chair, Region-at-Large. “The credential program brings customized training directly to the people of the region, with a focus on equipping building professionals with practical solutions to serve the needs of their local communities.” A new course, “The Future of Refrigerants: Challenges and Opportunities (MENA),” is scheduled to take place on 9 May. This training provides a background review of international treaties and initiatives that support the transition from hydroclorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and

hydrofluorocabon (HFC) refrigerants towards non-ozone depleting (ODP), low global warming potential (GWP) substances. Refrigerant options suitable for use now and in the future within the region, and related Standards and Codes of Systems and Substances will be covered. The training is presented from industry experts on current practices and expected outcomes. Offering added value, the most popular course, “HVAC Design Essentials (MENA),” taking place 6-8 May, following the new refrigerants training, will provide intensive, practical training for HVAC designers and others involved in the delivery of HVAC services in the MENA region. Bundled pricing is available. “Commercial Building Energy Audits (MENA),” to be held 1 April, offers best practices and other information relevant for building owners, managers and government entitles on performing ASHRAE Level 1, 2 and 3 audits, time-saving tips, how to hire an auditor, what to ask for in a comprehensive audit report, and how to build a successful energy efficiency retrofit team. The training is taught by certified energy manager Hassan Younes. Credits can be earned towards the Building Excellence Credential MENA. To register or for a complete list of Building Excellence Credential MENA courses, visit www.

Ingersoll Rand Acquires Agilis Energy LLC Ingersoll-Rand plc (NYSE:IR), a world leader in creating comfortable, sustainable and efficient environments, has acquired the technology assets and intellectual property of Raleigh, N.C.-based Agilis Energy, LLC, an energy data analytics company. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), co-founder and chief technology officer of Agilis Energy, Joseph (Joe) Hirl, joins Ingersoll Rand as the new vice president of energy services and controls for the company’s commercial heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) business in North America. Agilis Energy uses patented, smart-meter energy analytics applications and a unique system approach to help large commercial, multi-family residential, and industrial sector companies achieve 10-25% annual energy savings. Agilis Energy helps customers understand and quantify energy usage patterns by visualizing building performance issues, quantifying the impact and value of energy improvements. “We are pleased to integrate Agilis Energy capabilities further into our energy services to help building owners understand energy usage patterns,” said Donny Simmons, president of the Commercial HVAC business of Ingersoll Rand. “Demand is high for digital solutions that help building owners


HVACR Leaders • April 2018

measurably increase energy efficiency and address climate change. The acquisition helps us bolster our high-growth Trane Energy Services business and deliver our strategy of providing building owners with additional options for achieving operating, efficiency and sustainability goals.” Agilis Energy is the analytics software that powers Trane Energy Optics, which is a tool used by Trane during energy assessments with customers. Trane Energy Optics uses high interval energy and weather data to provide quick, non-invasive energy evaluations of buildings, focusing on energy use patterns and behaviors. The tool provides a clear picture and a wealth of information about where and how a customer can reduce total building energy use. Agilis Energy is used in more than 3,300 buildings worldwide across more than 50 sectors. While used in many types of facilities, Agilis Energy has deep insight into commercial real estate, retail, education, healthcare, municipality, multi-family homes, hospitality, casinos, water treatment, grocery and data centers. The financial terms of this acquisition were not disclosed or material.

Al Salem Johnson Controls Hosts Refrigeration School Training Al Salem Johnson Controls training center, in cooperation with the Industrial Refrigeration Division, hosted the “Industrial Refrigeration School Training” workshop from the 25th until the 28th of February 2018 at the Radisson Blu hotel in Jeddah. The training school aimed to broaden knowledge and develop skills of Al Salem Johnson Controls’ Industrial Refrigeration engineers, sales and after-market teams, in addition to valued high profile clients from various industries such as Petrochemical, Food and Beverage, Dairy products, Power Generation, Cold stores, Hospitals, as well as consultants and leading companies in the execution of Industrial Refrigeration projects. The “Industrial Refrigeration School Training” was completed by 35 participants, under the supervision of an experienced trainer, who is the Ex. Global Director, Industrial Refrigeration,

Johnson Controls, Inc., USA. The workshop covered fundamentals of Industrial Refrigeration, theories of designing, Reciprocating Compressors, Centrifugal Compressors, Screw Compressors, Heat Exchangers, Design of cooling pipe networks and control circuits, in addition to other HVAC & R topics and ways to increase systems’ efficiency to achieve energy conservation. At the end of the training program, the participants undertook a test related to the training programs offered throughout the four days, and participants that passed were awarded an accredited certificate from Johnson Controls/ Frick International. This workshop is an initiative set out by Al Salem Johnson Controls to transfer knowledge and broaden skills of engineers, technicians and consultants working in the HVAC & R sector in Saudi Arabia.

HVACR Leaders • April 2018


4 Steps on How Engineers Can Deal With Mental Health Problems at Work Do something about it before it gets worse.

Not much attention is given to mental health as compared to physical health in the workplace. When you’re depressed, stressed, or overly fatigued, you are most likely just to shrug it off rather than talk to your boss or human resource manager about it, because the odds are that you cannot catch a break anyway due to company policies. For engineers, this can be really damaging

Check if the workplace is mental-health friendly

Even as students, engineers already experience different kinds of mental health problems. With the overwhelming academic requirements, this is a common phenomenon. It becomes a more pressing problem when it carries over to work. The job of an engineer is still so mentally draining, and some could not handle it.

Take time away from work

So what should you do? Here are four steps:

Find a therapist Or perhaps a friend or a counselor that could help you go through the process of releasing that tensions. Because the workplace of engineers might not be the best place to seek for this kind of assistance, go find a therapist or a mental health professional outside of work. Someone that could suggest you what’s the best thing for you to do. 48

HVACR Leaders • April 2018

One can only assume that engineering workplaces aren’t mental-health friendly. But what if yours is? Ask around and do your homework of finding out if your colleagues and boss are willing to discuss mental health. This is still taboo for many, but at least try.

You have vacation leaves at work, use that to take a break and get an escape from work. Perhaps what keeps you in that mental health state for a long time is that you have been feeling burdened due to the workload, and you have been thinking about them a lot. So it’s a good suggestion to take time away from work – this is something that your therapist would say.

Find another job if necessary Upon coming back from that break and that didn’t work, perhaps it’s not you – it’s the engineering job itself or it’s your boss. This is a big step to take but you also have to take care of your mental health in the long run. Make the change.

Johnson Controls to Explore Strategic Alternatives for the Power Solutions Business Johnson Controls International plc (NYSE: JCI) today announced that it is exploring strategic alternatives for its Power Solutions business. Johnson Controls’ portfolio includes two leading platforms within their respective industries – an integrated buildings technology and solutions business and a power solutions business that is the clear global leader in providing battery solutions to the automotive sector with an advantaged position in the aftermarket. Both of these platforms are well positioned but are also navigating markedly different industry landscapes with unique strategic, financial and operational opportunities and requirements. “Creating shareholder value is our top priority. Our focus is on improving operational execution, realizing merger synergy and productivity benefits, and optimizing the business portfolio. Given the differing dynamics of the platforms, we are evaluating strategic alternatives for Power Solutions,” said George Oliver, chairman and chief executive officer. “Over the years our team has built Power Solutions into an incredible business with a high-margin aftermarket model that has delivered consistent growth through business cycles. These strong fundamentals, as well as recently issued provisions of U.S. Tax Reform, will be taken into account as we review the alternatives and assess which option creates the best long-term results for the business and the most value for shareholders.” “Today’s announcement also reflects our strategic priority to strengthen and invest in our 50

HVACR Leaders • April 2018

global market-leading positions in HVAC, fire and security solutions and integrated Building Management Systems, which operate in attractive vertical markets with strong growth prospects,” Oliver added. Johnson Controls Power Solutions is a world leader working in partnership with its customers to meet increasing electrification requirements in vehicles. Our 15,000 Power Solutions employees create, manufacture, and distribute the most advanced battery technologies for virtually every type of vehicle. These technologies deliver uniquely sustainable, next-generation performance. In fiscal 2017, Power Solutions generated $7.3 billion in revenue and $1.6 billion in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (“EBITDA”). Johnson Controls expects to complete its assessment of strategic alternatives over the next several months. There can be no assurances as to the form and timing of any transaction as a result of this strategic review, or if a transaction will be consummated, and any final decision remains subject to approval by the Johnson Controls Board of Directors. Johnson Controls does not intend to make any further public statements until a specific determination has been made. To assist the Company in its review, Johnson Controls has retained Centerview Partners as financial advisors.

Is Your Engineering Job Making You Sick? Here’s What You Should Do There’s something you can do about your work-related stress.

When you are an engineer with a very demanding job, you are most likely to experience stress all the time. And it is a bad thing because it is proven in research studies that the human brain and body have trouble distinguishing between the kind of stress caused by real danger, like a house being on fire, and perceived danger, like a boss with lots of demands. But no matter, stress has a negative effect on your body especially if you are an engineer. There are so many sources of stress in engineering like the work environment and the demands of the job, which could release hormones and chemicals to speed up your heart rate, increase blood pressure, and stimulate your muscles. Under such circumstances your bodies become more alert and responsive, which is rather normal. But if it becomes a regular thing, it isn’t healthy anymore – the body cannot sustain that level of readiness for long periods of time and is susceptible to breaking down. That could manifest in many ways like chronic headaches, nausea, insomnia, even heart attacks, hypertension, and stroke. It is now obvious that the direct link of the work stress to your body is scary. So what can engineers do about this? Just two things:

Identify the sources of stress The key to solving this problem is to monitor your activities and check which ones are making you stressed. List down all your daily activities and identify where you having difficulty dealing things with. It takes about a week for you to be able to identify your biggest sources of stress. Look for patterns. Remember that it can be the job itself, that you are not fit for that kind of engineering job.

Make the adjustments Once you have pointed out which things are making you stressed at work, make the necessary adjustments. You can change the way you work your body and mind, set boundaries that serve you, and give voice to your thoughts. Manage what needs to be managed. If everything seems to be out of place, it is a career mismatch. It’s best to leave that job. You can also take this route if you feel like there’s nothing you can do about the sources of your stress anymore. HVACR Leaders • April 2018


The AquaForce® Vision 30KAV with Greenspeed™ intelligence is Carrier’s most efficient, intelligent and compact variable-speed screw chiller.

Carrier Introduces Most Efficient, Intelligent and Compact Variable-Speed Screw Chiller 52

HVACR Leaders • April 2018

Carrier announces the launch of AquaForce Vision 30KAV with Greenspeed intelligence, its new range of variable-speed screw chillers, with a first phase covering cooling capacities from 500 kW up to 1100 kW and reaching exceptional levels of seasonal efficiency. Carrier, a world leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX). Carrier’s AquaForce Vision 30KAV achieves outstanding energy performance. Equipped with variable-speed screw compressors and variable-speed fans - AC as standard and EC as an option – as well as optional variablespeed pumps, Carrier’s AquaForce Vision 30KAV automatically adjusts the cooling capacity and water flow to perfectly match the needs of the building or process load variations. The result is optimal operation at both full load and part load. This new range of chillers has a SEER of up to 5.73, a Euroventcertified European Seasonal Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) of up to 5.4 in cooling mode, and an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of up to 3.5 at full load. 30KAV offers energy efficiency up to 40% higher than the 30GX range with the same footprint. “Our engineers have developed state-ofthe-art technologies to exceed the European Ecodesign energy performance standards by 35%,” said William Doll, product manager, Carrier, HVAC Europe. “AquaForce Vision 30KAV sets a new benchmark for efficiency, compactness and intelligence.” Operating at external temperatures ranging from -20°C up to 55°C and negative water temperatures, 30KAV is an ideal solution for a wide range of sectors. From large-scale office buildings, hotels and healthcare facilities to data centres and industrial projects, 30KAV meets the most demanding expectations in terms of energy efficiency and savings, whatever the climate.

The AquaForce Vision 30KAV introduces the latest cutting-edge Carrier technologies, including: - the brand new 06Z variable-speed screw compressor - the 6th generation of Flying Bird® Fan with EC motor - the 3rd generation of Novation® micro channel heat exchangers with a unique W coil design built in one single piece The AquaForce Vision 30KAV also features Touch Pilot® control with a colour touch screen user interface in 10 languages and functions, such as Carrier’s smart energy monitoring to provide customers with smart data and optimise energy savings under real conditions. Furthermore, the 30KAV can be connected to Carrier’s remote monitoring centres where Carrier engineers can analyse data and optimise chiller performance. With sound levels of only 90 dB(A) during operation, this new range has particularly low sound levels compared to its previous generation. The range has been designed with the ability to upgrade to ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant R-1234ze (HFO, GWP ~1, non-toxic, A2L) while on-site to minimise the initial customer investment and allow flexibility on refrigerant choice when HFCs are phased-out. The AquaForce Vision PUREtec™ 30KAV-ZE version, designed exclusively for R-1234ze, will be available in 2018. The range will also be extended up to 1800 kW cooling capacity with premium technologies and additional options. For more information or to find your local dealer, visit

HVACR Leaders • April 2018



HVACR Leaders • April 2018

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April 2018 HVACR Leaders Issue 012  

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