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Culture Book Mexico. ● The history of mexico, a country located in the southern portion of north america. first populated more than 13,000 years ago. the country produced indigenous civilizations before being conquered by the spanish in the 16th century. ● The aztec people were certain ethnic groups of central mexico particularly those groups who spoke the Nahuatl language. they dominated large parts Mesoamerica from the 14th to 16th centuries. ● In the 20th’s century Mexico’s tradition took the form of public art. ● Art is very important to Mexico’s culture. ● In 1929 the PRL helped introduce democracy and maintain the stacility, for much of the 20th century. ● In 1519, Hernandez Cortes landed on the coast of mexico. by 1521 cortes has his people had conquered the Aztecs.

Central America & The Carribean ● The Maya had built a great civilization that spread throughout the region. ● In 1823, central america declared independence from Mexico and took the name of the united provinces of Central America. ● The center of Mayan civilization was located in Northern Guatemala.

Spanish Speaking South America ● In 1532, 169 soldiers captured the sapa inca cajamarca. it was a long battle, but in the it lead to the capturing of Viceroyalty of peru. ● There are many countries that help with the south american culture. ● South america consists of 6 percent of the worlds population.


â—? Indegenous people crossed a body of water into Alaska and then moved south.

Culture book  
Culture book  

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