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A plan to make money speaking that works like magic

In 2018, the stage comes to you my friends – whether it’s Facebook Live, on replay or in an online archive to be found by a future web search. If you have a message that matters, you have to get it onto the right stages, whether those stages are face-to-face conferences and seminars, or online webinars, podcasts, or video interviews. With speaking, you can make a bigger impact on the world with your message. Plus, you can make a living speaking, have fun doing it, and be able to hire people to run the parts of your business that you are less excited about.

Do you want to make money speaking? Here’s the secret to making six figures speaking: • Give a speech to get clients • Tell your story • Tell your process • Give some tips • Get hired!


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If you can give a speech that is entertaining and educational, and it can lead the audience to making the decision to hire you, you will make money speaking. It’s a winning formula – and it’s simple, easy and fun.





Majeed “like Magic” Mogharreban, Founder of The Expert Speaker Institute has done over 250 professional speaking engagements in the last decade. He has generated over a million dollars giving speeches and has created and sold hundreds of online courses and webinars – all leading him to deliver the world-renowned program, Make Money Speaking to the next generation of professional speakers.

Get on the stage in front of your ideal client. Then tell the story that gets the client to want to hire you. Use the stage to position yourself as the authority, the expert and the person with the solution to their biggest problems - just by telling your story.

Making Speakers Remarkable


FindingtheStage for Your One Great Talk What you actually need to get booked by event planners

When you stand at the front of a room with a microphone – the “Like, Know, Trust” factor is powerful. All you need is one great talk. Your expert position instantly garners the attention and admiration of your target audience. You need a speech that sells and a marketing plan that wins stages. If you find a paid stage, that’s great. When you land a speaking gig, you get paid to speak. You can also offer a free speech, if the audience is full of your ideal clients. Where do you want to speak? What audiences do you want to speak for? At The Expert Speaker Institute – we help our clients find the right venues and opportunities. We also help event planners find the best speakers. Visit to book a speaker or join the institute.

A little tip on that strategy of yours… If you are just starting out, “Be Awesomer” is not the strategy to get you booked. You don’t need more certifications or awards. And, it’s not better branding, websites, logos, messaging or new business cards that you need either. Not having all the “right” equipment–lights, microphone, cameras, and flip charts is also a poor excuse for what’s holding your back. You need a Signature Talk and a Stage-Getting Campaign that gets you booked on the right stages. Want some help? Go to to learn how to build your Signature Talk and your Stage-Getting Campaign. 4

Expert Speaker Magazine |

“Being Awesomer” does not make the phone ring and neither do all the latest shiny objects.

12 Must-Haves in Every Speaker’s Tool Kit

Here are the only things you will need to go along with your one great talk to get booked.

1 Questions for the Event Planner

> What is the event theme? > What do you want in a speaker? > Who else is speaking at the event? > Are there any gaps in the line-up?

2 Speech Title that hooks your ideal audience member.

3 Speech Description that sells the

audience on why they should attend.

4 Speaker Bio that sells you as a

solution to the audience member’s problem. This is not a resume! Offer a long and short version.

5 Speaker Headshot provided in

resolutions for print and web. Tip: Use a professional

6 Media Kit for creating event promotions.

7 The Promise to Deliver

> Ask the event planner a question like “If you hire me, and an audience member says, “Thanks for bringing that speaker because...”, how would they finish that statement? > “What would have to happen for this to be the best event you have ever had?”

10 Short Video of the core

message of your signature speech.

11 A Simple Proposal/Contract

that is easy to understand and easy for the client to meet your terms of service and payment.

12 Back-up Plan if the slides don’t

work or the speech time gets cut. Pros are able to adapt and deliver no matter what.

8 Understanding the Goals of

the organizer and event better than other speakers will win you the stage.

9 Testimonials from event

planners saying how great you are to work with and how muchthe attendees loved your speech.

Making Speakers Remarkable


Speaker Spotlight

MarcCordon I realized that if I wanted to get to the next stage of my business, I needed to literally get on stage!

They call me the Professor of Happiness because of my background teaching happiness in higher education. Oddly enough, it was then, that I was my most unfulfilled until I discovered life coaching. I trained to become a life coach and instantly loved the merger of happiness studies and coaching. I finally saw concepts that I had studied, being applied and impacting people’s lives. In the beginning, I gave away my coaching, charging as little as $75 for nine sessions. Eventually, I got to the point where I made enough money to hire a coach. I learned quickly that everything speeds up when you hire a coach. When other coaches ask me how to make money coaching, I tell them, ‘You have to hire a coach’. You can’t coach other people without having a coach, yourself. We are trained to talk people through their challenges, but usually, it’s our own blind spots that prevent us from growing. When I wanted to write a book, I hired a coach who helped me to not only write a book, but to own what it means to be a best-selling author. When wanted to get to the next stage of my business, I needed to literally get on stage! I joined Majeed’s Make Money Speaking program.


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When I Stopped Settling, I Started Flourishing Marc Cardon The Professor of Happiness - How new coaches with full hearts and empty calendars can fulfill their true purpose and fill their businesses with happiness

Majeed give me carte blanche to talk about things differently than I had when I was presenting to college students. I learned that bringing my personality and experiences to the stage helped my presentation come alive. We even made an unexpected connection between happiness, coaching and my time in the roller derby. I learned I could be playful and unapologetic and still deliver a powerful and serious message. As a direct result of the program, we scored 15 paid stages around the country in just two months; one of those was a keynote to over 200 people. On top of that, I was hired by a top international coaching program to train coaches across the country, I’ve been invited to co-teach at the Happiness Studies Academy, and I have increased my coaching rates by 400%. Within 3 months, I had a book, paid stages and opportunities that I never before dreamed about! This is a zero to infinity story, all because I invested in myself and chose not to settle.

Stories for Every Stage The Expert Speaker Institute curates the world’s foremost experts who speak to put their message on the right stages for the right audiences.

Christopher J. Kidawski – The Body Hacker

How food controls your thoughts. Comprehensive nutritional guidance on how food affects our bodies and minds.

Stephanie McAuliffe – Author, Guide & Speaker Empowering women to break free of the shadows from living with an alcoholic.

Komal Minhas – Speaker, Investor, Survivor

Redefining Wealth, Recovery and Resilience as Entrepreneurs, Building a Legacy Brand, Let’s Get Critical About Success

Guillaume McMartin – The Billion Dollar Man

Raising one billion dollars for sustainable projects that improve our planet and make the world a better place.

Derian Tuitt – The Caribbean Tony Robbins

How to “dance with fire” to overcome obstacles and gain the confidence to live the life you have always imagined.

Darryl Bandoro – The Wealth Defender

How to use the investment strategies of the ultra-rich to enjoy the good life.

Pam Prior – Your First CFO

Understanding your business story and profit plan to go from being a six to a seven figure entrepreneur.

Ute Benecke – The Queen of Better Sex

How you can be wild, sexy and free and be more successful by having better sex.

Julie Pierce – The Soul Mate Strategist

How busy high achievers can find their soul mate fast using a proven, efficient, low-risk strategy.

Jeff Brandeis – The Revenue Generator

How CPA firms can grow their practice by getting unstuck and developing better sales processes.

Learn how to grow your business and win clients with public speaking. Get this free training at

Making Speakers Remarkable


For Event Planners looking for expert speakers to engage and inspire their audiences with stories they will remember. For Speakers who want to discover the formula to win big stages, even when nobody has ever heard of you.

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