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TOLERANCE Tolerance is one of the most respected and related for the acceptance of those people, situations or things that are far from what each person owns or considered within their beliefs human values. It s a term that comes from the Latin word “Tolerantic” which is translated into spanish as support. Tolerance is posible to measure; in certain degrees that relate to acceptance before you have something that did not agree or that does not fit the own value system. The importance of tolerance lies in the possibility that grants us to live together in the same space, people with different cultures or with different beliefs. Tolerance is what allows us to live in harmony in a country people with different religions, which support other political trends, possessing a sexual different condition etc. Tolerance is not only an applicable level country is that something we develop in our homes with those people that we love most, like our family and friends, as well as a global level, where you try to live in harmony with the number of very different cultures and characters. As a conclusión the importance of tolerance lies in the possiblity given to us to live in the same space with people from different cultures or with different beliefs. Tolerance is what allows us to live in harmony in a country with people of different religión, who support other political tendencies, which have a different sexual orientation, etc



Nature-Flower I left you in the morning, And in the morning glow, You walked away beside me To make me sad to go. Do you know me in the gloaming, Dusty gray with roaming? Are you dumb because you know me not, Or dumb because you know?

All for me and not a question For the faded flowers That could take me from beside you For the ages of a day? They are yours, and be the measure Of their worth for you to treasure, The measure of the little while That i,ve been long away.


Girlfriends by Charles Bukowski The women of the past keep phoning. there was another yesterday arrived from out of state. she wanted to see me. I told her "no." I don't want to see them, I won't see them. it would be awkward gruesome and useless. I know some people who can watch the same movie more than once. not me. once I know the plot once I know the ending whether it's happy or unhappy or just plain dumb, then for me that movie is finished forever and that's why I refuse to let old movies play


Disappointed in love

Once upon a time, was born on December 21th 2000 a girl called Lauren Jauregui, she had 16 years old, she borns in Los Angeles. She had one brother called Carlos, the nationality of her parents are Mexican-American. One day she goes to school , her first class is Mathematics , she hates mathematics but she had to study to pass, when she was writting a guy enter to the class his name is Fernando. Lauren saw him and she falls in love it was love at first sight. Fernando sat down back Lauren , Lauren was so nervous. Then the class is finished , Lauren goes with her friends,(Camila, Jessica, Alejandra, Arantxa) she said to them that a guy called Fernando was her classmate and he is so handsome. During the day Lauren goes to her house , when she enter to her room, inmediatly goes to her laptop to search the profile of Fernando. Next day Lauren woke up to go to the school, her mother was doing the breakfast while lauren was changing her clothes, then her mother called her to eat the breakfast , she ate eggs with orange juice, she finished her breakfast so her father had take to the school. When they arrived her father said to Lauren :” Have a great day sweetheart”. Lauren is walking to the enter of the school while she is getting nervous , she always gets nervous for go to the school. Her friends received her when the received Lauren calms down because her friends are with her. The doorbell rings so everybody have to enter to their classes. Fernando has not arrived yet so Lauren was so confortable because Fernando has not arrived yet, few minutes later Fernando arrived but the teacher said to him that it was too late but he explained why he is so late , the teacher let him pass , he pass beside Lauren and Lauren smells his beautiful, delicious fragrance. Fernando is very good on Mathematics and Lauren is not good at all. Fernando decides to talk to Lauren for meet her while he is talking Lauren gets red like a tomatoe, Fernando was asking to her “what is her name”, where she comes from”, what type of music did she like” etc.. Lauren was having a good time, they pass their cellphones number and they planned to go out to the cinema or go to the park, the class finished and Lauren feels so great, she ran to her friends to tell them what 6

happened with Fernando, her friends get crazy for Lauren all of them gets happy for Lauren.

After five hours Lauren ran to her room to see her laptop and to chat with Fernando but Fernando was not online . Lauren decide talk to her mother about Fernando she said to her that he is her best friend but we know that she is lying. The point is that Lauren want that her mother make friend with Fernando´s mother. Her mother has a group of the school, the group is conformed by the mother´s of Lauren friends, they make a lot of journeys so thats why Lauren wants her mother make friend with Fernando´s mother to integrate them. Lauren ran to her room to see if Fernando was already online, Lauren immediately send a message to him to say that she talks to her mother about their friendship, Fernando was laughing he told her “ Why did you do that?” and Lauren answer him “Because i want you”. The next day , is cloudy dawn, Lauren hates that weather so she decide to not go to the school because she hates that weather. That day Lauren decided to tell Fernando everything she felt for him. Was October 31 and his family decided to go out to eat at a restaurant called Nandos. While they ate, Lauren thought a lot to tell Fernando for whatsapp, Lauren knows that Fernado was in a house of one of her friends because he was explaining mathematics. Lauren thought so much that she felt nervous, frustrated, excited, felt many feelings at once. When Lauren decided to write "Hey, what do you think?" Fernando replied immediately "What happen?" Fernando was marking Lauren because he wanted to know what was going on, Lauren sent him a message saying "I'm confused" and Fernando replied "What happen? "And Lauren sent him" with you "and Fernando was very surprised. Fernando sent him a message saying "I do not know what to say" and Lauren said "do not worry you do not have to say anything" Fernando answered "and why you had not told me before?" Lauren replied "because I did not know how to say it was very difficult to tell you"


Fernando replied "you know I'm very flexible for those things" Lauren replied "yes, I know but I did not encourage you to tell you" Fernando asked " when did you start feeling? " Lauren responded "A month ago" Fernando was surprised again because he think it was a long time. Fernando asked him "and what did you like about me?" Lauren replied, "I do not know, your character, I do not know something calls my attention." Fernando replied, "But if we do not talk so much," Lauren replied, "That's what amazes me that we do not talk so much" Fernando replied " Obvious ", Lauren replied" I ran it very well "in a funny way. The days went by and Lauren decided to not go to school in a few days because of what had happened to Fernando. Since then they have not spoken at all, felt uncomfortable or did not know how to start the talk. Lauren was very sorry to tell Fernando, Lauren decided to talk to one of her friends to vent and decrile everything he said to Fernando and his friend Camila began to say advice and Lauren was beginning to feel better. Lauren was passing it listening sad and romantic songs because she imagined with Fernando through the music, she was crying because of the regrets she was. Camila (friend of Lauren) was left to meet with Fernando to finish a job, did not know Lauren that Camila went with Fernando. That day Lauren was lying on her bed watching videos and at that moment Camila uploaded a photo in Snapchat on Fernando said the image "thinking of you ..... L" Lauren saw it and was very surprised and also excited and also she was confused because she did not know what Fernando felt. That night Lauren slept happy because she knew that Fernando felt something too. The next day Novemeber 5th was the 15 years of her friend Arantxa, Lauren knew that Arantxa had invited Fernando so he was excited because he was going to see Fernando and to know what he also feels for her. Lauren went to bath, put on a palapso, put on makeup, became very pretty. The time came when they had to go to the party because it was too late, while they were in the car Lauren thought of everything that was going to happen in the party, if they were going to kiss or were going to talk about what there was Passed in Whatss app. Later they arrived at 8

the party and her friend Camila was already there at the table Lauren already felt safe to be able to receive Fernando because her friend Camila was with her. As time passed, Camila and Lauren were talking about what happened at school, they were talking a long time and the time came when Camila said "Fernando is here" and Lauren turned all red and pinched Camila in the leg by the nervous thing that was. Fernando arrived with his family and began to greet, first greet Camila and then Lauren. They all started eating together and Lauren could not see Fernando, she did not know much, Camila only made fun of her. They finished eating and the photographer said take a photo with the celebrated and Lauren, Camila, Fernando and Ally went to take the picture with Arantxa, they acted very normal as if nothing had happened. The hours passed and the party started and everyone started to dance, Lauren, Camila, Ally and Fernando went to dance and Camila grabbed Lauren's hand as well as Fernando's and put it together, Lauren immediately removed it because she was leaving to feel uncomfortable Came the night and Camila proposed to the house of Aarantxa because it was very cold and rainy, Fernando sat on a sofa and Lauren in another. Camila told Lauren "Sit down with him" Lauren goes and sits with him, Lauren did not know what to do and lay on Fernando's legs and Fernando began to caress Lauren's head and Lauren got hot, red and did not know what to do. The DJ put a song that Lauren likes and Fernando and are the only ones who know it began to sing it together, while Fernando caressed Lauren's head. Lauren felt very much in love just like Fernando. The time came when Fernando had to go, Lauren was sad because Fernado was leaving and was having a great time with him, Fernando says goodbye to Lauren and Lauren tried to give him a hug but he did not respond to his embrace. The days passed and they both message each other, your messages were very romantic, they said they missed each other, they wanted the occasion to be repeated. They dial the cell phone and talk at night until the morning they had just spoken. Until they decided one day to go out with Camila, Ally, Arantxa, but in fact Lauren and Fernando just wanted 9

to organize the exit so that the two of them would see each other again. Everyone began to think that the film and everyone agreed. Three days before they were to be seen again, Lauren counted the days just like Fernando. I arrived on November 12, Lauren was very excited because she was going to see fernando again, this time did not know what was going to happen because they were going to be in the movies, or again came back to think that they can get to kiss or hold hands , was so excited that she did not know what to wear. At the end Lauren decided to put on, she put on a white shirt with a blue shirt, jeans and boots brown. Lauren that day was to cut her hair because she was already badly treated, she looked at the time every time because the time was nearing to see, they finished cutting her hair Lauren and from there they went to the mall. Camila, Ally, Arantxa had already arrived but Fernando still did not arrive. They were talking for a while the girls hasts Fernando arrived, Lauren had not seen it until Fernando touched his shoulder and the greeting, Lauren wanted to hug him but could not because he did not know how he would react. Went to buy a pizza to eat and talked more until they said "Let's see the movie" and they all ran because the movie was going to start, the movie was called "The Girl from the Train." Fernando asked "how are we going to sit?" And no one answered until I got to Lauren's side and sat down next to her. He started the movie and they both felt tense, but in the end they grabbed the hand, Lauren started stroking Fernando's hand, they started to play in the cinema although the public was angry because they made noise. I finished the movie and the two ended up in love, they hugged each other, kissed the forehead, everything was fantastic for Lauren, It was how Lauren imagine. Time passed and it was time to leave, they did not want to separate but they had to leave because their parents were already waiting. At the moment of farewell Lauren told Fernando "I love you very much" Fernando answered "Me too" and they kissed each other on the cheek. It spend a week and talk as if they were boyfriends, they said they missed each other. Until in the last days Fernando behaved very strange with Lauren, behaved very sharply it seemed that he did not want anything with Lauren. Lauren sent him messages of love and Fernando ignored them until a moment came when Lauren said "I will 10

not see anything between you and me, I feel very strange and I do not see you wanting to continue with this" Lauren she was very sad, she was very sad to listen to sad songs. Lauren began to sing the songs while looking in the mirror. She felt really bad because she was really in love with Fernando, she no longer saw a future in them two. She was very disappointed in love.










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