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To My Sweetheart Hana on her 7th Birthday 7 years ago Hana was born, That was a gift for my very own 6 years ago Hana turned one, God knew she will be my favorite one.. 5 years ago at pre school we met We developed a friendship we can never forget

4 years ago we went to MES school Everybody said these friends are so cool 3 years ago Hana became my best friend We’re always together setting new trends 2years ago hana became my twin From life’s blessings she’s my greatest win

1 year ago Hana turned 6 By now we have had so many secret tricks.. This year today Hana turns seven My BFF you are an angel from Heaven I love you Hana today and forever Your friendship is a gift I will always treasure Happy birthday to you with a wish from my heart, That God will guard you and we never feel apart..

In China, in Cairo, doesn’t matter where we are Forever I love you, my friend the shining star.. Enjoy it today and when we meet, I’ll make you a party that rocks every street, Your friendship is life’s best treat, You are soooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeettttt Sending you my love from China , Your BFF Laila Abouoaf – February 22nd, 2009.

Love and Friendship  

Laila wrote this inspiring poem to her friend Hana on Hana's 7th birthday this week..

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