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Stitched! (Kids) Tuesdays (3:30-5:30) Jan 7, 14, 21, 28

Heartstrings Saturday (10:00-4:00) Feb 8

Continuous French Braid Saturday (10:00-4:00) Jan 25

Squared! (Kids) Tuesdays (3:30-5:30) Feb 4, 11, 18, 25

Red Centre Sunday (11:00-3:00) Feb 9, 23

Kona Carry All Bag Sunday (11:00-3:00) Feb 2

Outfitted! (Kids) Tuesdays (3:30-5:30) Mar 4, 11, 18, 25

Strip It Three Ways Friday (10:00-4:00) February 21

Dresden Goes Bonkers! Fridays (10:00-2:00) Feb 7, 14; Mar 7, 21

Beginning Quilt Making Tuesdays (6:30-9:30) Jan 21, 28,;Feb 4, 11, 25; Mar 4, 11, 18

Pretty Quick Baby Quilt Friday (10:00-2:00) Feb 28

Secret Keeper (Doll) Saturday (10:00-5:00) Feb 15

A Graceful Beginning Sunday (11:00-4:00) Mar 2

Luminosity Saturday (10:00-4:00) Mar 8

Rainbow Windmills Fridays (10:00-1:00) Mar 14, 27

Yardstick Sewing Tote Saturday (10:00-2:00) Mar 15

Basic Hand Embroidery Saturday (10:00-1:00) Feb 22

Layered Landscapes Saturday, Mar 22 (10:00-3:00) Sunday, Mar 23 (11:00-4:00) Sunday Apr 6 (11:00-4:00) Kaleidoscope Saturday-Sunday (10:00-4:30) Mar 29, 30

ADVANCED Pickled Wedding Ring Friday (10:00-1:00) January 10, 17, 24


Stitched! → (Kids Class Session 1) Jamie Hirano & Alethea Ballard Tuesdays 3:30-5:30 (3 2–hour classes, 1–3.5 hour class) January 7, 14 (pajama night goes until 7:00), 21, 28 Level: Beginner $70

Squared! →

Alethea is very happy to offer a great new series of kids sewing classes, best of all, she is happy to introduce young sewist extraordinaire, Jamie Hirano as her co-teacher! Together they’re offering monthly sewing sessions, each with it’s own theme! The first session focuses on fabulous hand-stitched wearable creations, including colorful tassels, exciting hair clips, statement bracelets and expressive shirts. Students will learn the basics of hand stitch-

(Kids Class Session 2) Jamie Hirano & Alethea Ballard Tuesdays 3:30-5:30 (3 2–hour classes, 1–3.5 hour class) February 4, 11, 18 (pajama night goes until 7:00), 25 Level: Beginner Plus $70

ing while creating fun and useful accessories, based on the book Fabric, Paper, Thread. No sewing machine is required for this session. There is an additional book and kit fee. ■


The second session of the kids’ classes will focus on creating a fun quilt top. Alethea and Jamie will do all of the rotary cutting and the students will sew to their heart’s content. Beginning quilt making techniques will be covered and the students may be able to complete a whole quilt in the four sessions. The third session will go late to finish up the day’s steps. ■


Outfitted! → (Kids Class Session 3) Jamie Hirano & Alethea Ballard Tuesdays 3:30-5:30 (3 2–hour classes, 1–3.5 hour class) March 4, 11, 18, 25 (pajama night goes until 7:00) Level: Beginner Plus $70

Beginning Quiltmaking →

In the third session students will sew darling accessories and a dress. We’re excited that our projects are a reversible tote bag, two-sided pom-pom scarf and a spring dress, which will create a perfect ensemble. Students will choose cotton fabrics in a fashionable palette for Spring and Summer wear. Sewing machines and basic notions will be needed in this class. Supply list provided. The fourth class will be an extended session to help complete

Laura Nownes Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30 (8 3–hour classes) January 21, 28; February 4, 11, 25; March 4, 11, 18 Level: Beginner Plus $135

the dress. ■

Journey through the creation of six different quilt block patterns using the new third edition of Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!! as your text. Week by week, we will explore new quilt blocks, learn how to select fabric, and master cutting and construction techniques. The beginner will learn how to use a rotary cutter and find comfort in the easy-to-follow construction process. At the end of the eight-week course, each student will have gained knowledge while creating a distinctive and complete sampler quilt top that is ready for layering, basting and quilting. ■



Heartstrings → Basic Hand Embroidery → Kathy August Saturday, 10-1 February 22 (1 3-hour class) Level: Beginner $30

Lori Lott Saturday, 10-4 February 8 (1 6-hour class) Level: Beginner Plus $45

Have you ever wanted to embellish your projects with pretty stitches and interesting embroidery, but didn’t know where to start? Wooden Gate Quilt’s own Kathy August is just the person to introduce you to this wonderful kind of handwork! Learn to hand stitch decorative embroidery stitches to enhance your quilts and projects. Create a sampler with different stitches and techniques. The class will cover working with a variety of fabrics, threads and floss. Needles and other notions will also be discussed. ■


Using easy strip piecing you will create a fabulous heart quilt, just in time for Valentines Day. Pattern designer Lori Lott will guide you though adding pretty appliqué hearts and coordinating fun fabrics - we’ve ordered some new fabrics especially for this class! Overall, this quilt will assemble quickly and is good for beginners! ■


Red Centre → Pat Deforce Sundays, 11-3 February 9 & 23 (2 4-hour classes) Level: Beginner Plus $55

Strip it Three Ways →

There’s an easy method to the madness in this exciting fractured quilt from Australia’s Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession. Use simple piecing and block arrangement to create the fractured blocks. Choose your favorite colors to make this stunning quilt. It can be done super scrappy or with just a few fabrics! ■

Nancy Rink Friday, 10-4 February 21 (1 6-hour class) Level: Beginner Plus $85 Minimum students = 8

Nancy Rink is a prolific, award-winning quilter and we’re very pleased to have her come to teach a one-day class for us! Nancy will lecture at Diablo Valley Quilt Guild on Wednesday, February 19, so you can also hear her speak and see all of her quilts. Strip It Three Ways is a clever trio of modern quilts that sew up in a jiffy using pre-cut ombre strips. You can choose which version you like and we will have the pre-cut fabrics all ready for you. This class is guaranteed to be a great one! Sign up early! ■



Pretty Quick Baby Quilt → Alethea Ballard Friday, 10-2 February 28 (1 4-hour class) Level: Beginner Plus $35

A Graceful Beginning →

Pick a precious fabric to show off in the middle of this darling baby quilt, and you’ll have a quilt stitched up in a jiffy! Trendy ombre strips and showcase squares will draw the eye and delight the viewer. You won’t believe how fun AND easy this quilt will be. Alethea Ballard, who absolutely loves kids’ fabrics and focus fabrics will guide you every step of the way! Bet you can’t make just one! ■

Denise Sheehan Sunday, 11-4 March 2 (1 5-hour class) Level: Beginner Plus $40


If you are afraid of appliqué or have been frustrated by it, this class is for you! Denise will guide you through the steps of the starch method of appliqué. With this method, you will achieve sharp, smooth edges on your appliqué pieces. A class project will be provided, but you are welcome to work on a different pattern if you prefer. ■


Rainbow Windmills → Vicki Wind Fridays, 10-1 March 14 & 27 (2 3-hour classes) Level: Beginner Plus $45

Continuous French Braid →

This quilt looks tricky, but once you know how to paper-piece the block, you’ll find it’s easier than you think. Creative fabric choices and color placement will make this a show-stopper quilt. The block is based upon a Carol Doak pattern. ■

Pati Fried Saturday, 10-4 January 25 (1 6-hour class) Level: Intermediate $45


Learn how to make a French braid (or Chevron) that turns the corner continuously and doesn’t break the pattern. With a few tips and tricks, and a bit of math already figured out for you, you can leave class with a beautiful French braid border. Bring a 1214” square center block with you to class. This may be a panel, or a pieced or appliquéd block. Use a palette of coordinating fabrics to bring this project to life! Pattern will be provided by the teacher at no charge. ■


Kona Carryall Bag → Alethea Ballard Sunday, 11-3 February 2 (1 4-hour class) Level: Intermediate $35

This very large tote is going to be your new go-to bag! Big enough for a quilt or your fabrics, it can also hold your Farmers Market fare or your beach things! The pattern is fat-quarter friendly and has all straight seams. Alethea will guide you through the simple zippered pocket and you’ll walk away with a great project. ■

Dresden Goes Bonkers → Pati Fried Fridays, 10-2 February 7 & 14, March 7 & 21 (4 4-hour classes) Level: Intermediate $75


Dynamic Bay Area teacher Pati Fried joins us this winter to offer some wonderful classes. In her Dresden Goes Bonkers class you’ll learn simple techniques to make Dresden Plates in various sizes and styles by using Analie Belden’s Thoroughly Modern Dresden book. Pati will share a few tips and tricks she has discovered while following the book and will demonstrate ways to push your inner creativeness with hand embellishing and “Big Stitch” quilting techniques. ■


Secret Keepers → Gina Chang Saturday, 10-5 February 15 (1 7-hour class) Level: Intermediate $50

Our very own new owner Gina Chang loves to make dolls and she is happy to teach this darling little crone doll as her first class. With this class you’ll learn the basics of making doll heads and hands. Special attention will be placed on face sculpting and turning tiny fingers. Each of these little gnomes will be unique and fun to make. ■

Luminosity → Christine Barnes Saturday, 10-4 March 8 (1 6-hour class) Level: Intermediate $120 Minimum students = 8


We’re very happy to have nationally-acclaimed teacher and author Christine Barnes coming in March to teach her Luminosity quilt. This one-day workshop begins with a crash course in color, followed by evaluation of your fabrics to ensure success. Then you’ll begin cutting and piecing your blocks. Along the way, Christine will have lots of tips for making the process easier and more accurate. She’ll also go over how to cut and attach the “spinning” borders. ■


Yardstick Sewing Tote → Pati Fried Saturday, 10-2 March 15 (1 4-hour class) Level: Intermediate $35

Spend some time creating a foldable tote for all your favorite sewing supplies. You will be amazed at how fun this project is to make and how fast it goes together. Fabric choices are endless–all fabrics seem to “play well together” in this pattern. Pattern and kit by Pati Fried $10 for pattern, $10 for kit. ■

Layered Landscapes → Cyndy Rymer 1 Saturday and 2 Sundays, 11-4 March 22, 10-3; Sunday, March 23, 11-4; Sunday, April 6 (3 3-hour classes) Level: Intermediate $110

Making a Layered Landscape is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, only a whole lot more fun. Promise! Mt. Diablo, Wintry (Snowy) Mt. Diablo, Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe, Sonoma Coast, Lombard Street, and the Golden Gate Bridge are the current patterns available. Yosemite is coming soon! You can buy the pattern at Wooden Gate Quilts and choose your own fabrics. Alternately, kits including the backing, batting, and fabric pieces will be created for you for an extra charge to anyone who calls ahead. (For an additional $30 Cyndy will help you create a pattern from your own photo. Please call to arrange to meet with Cyndy at least two weeks ahead of class.) ■



Kaleidoscope → Laura Nownes Saturday & Sunday, 10-4:30 (30 minute lunch) March 29 & 30 (2 6-hour classes) Level: Intermediate $120

Pickled Wedding Ring →

Minimum students = 8 Create a beautiful and interesting kaleidoscope design with simple triangle shapes. The key is using a variety of light, medium and dark fabrics, you may create a black and white quilt as the sample or you may choose your own color palette. We’re very pleased to have internationally acclaimed author and teacher Laura Nownes to offer this stunning quilt from her new publication Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!, Third Edition, by Diana

Vicki Wind Fridays, 10-1 January 10, 17, 24 (3 3-hour classes) Level: Advanced $60

McClun and Laura Nownes. Laura will guide you through the cutting and construction of this traditional quilt block to make your own unique quilt. ■


Vicki Wind brings her talents with fabric combining, color balance and paper piecing to this interesting quilt which is a variation of a pickled wedding ring combined with an old-fashioned pickle dish quilt. Curved piecing and sharp points are achievable with the paper-piecing techniques used in this class. Go outside the box with this fascinating quilt! ■

Class Policies Levels Beginner: Beginner with little experience sewing. Beginner Plus: Confident beginner who can use a sewing machine & has some experience with rotary cutting. Intermediate: Intermediate quilter who is experienced with rotary cutting, sewing & some quilting techniques. Advanced: Advanced quilter who is ready to take on more complex challenges. Levels are listed based upon the difficulty of the project and skills required to make it in the time allotted for the class. We want you to have a good experience in our classes. You are welcome to take any class that we offer, and students may take classes above their level. In this case we want you to know that the teacher may not be able to give you the individual help that you would like. Sign-ups Sign-up for classes will only be done in the shop. Students will be given a supply list after payment is received (some class kits may be given to you at the start of class by the instructor.) Receipts will be given upon full payment. Your receipt will indicate dates & times of your class, minimum and maximum enrollment information and cancelation policies. Payment may be cash, check, store credit, or charge. Books or patterns listed on the supply list will be available at the store. We must follow copyright laws. While friends may share a book or pattern, copies may not be used in class, unless by written permission from the designer or publisher. Cancellation Policies A minimum number of students will be required to hold each class. We will require a minimum of five (5) students, unless otherwise indicated. To aid the scheduling process, students are encouraged to sign up early. In the event that a class does not have the minimum number of students, we will notify the students five (5) days prior to the class. If we cancel a class because of low enrollment, students will be issued a full refund in the method of payment used or a store credit for future classes or for purchases. You may cancel your place in a class up to seven (7) days before the first class session. At that time, you will be issued a full refund in the method that you paid for the class or you can have a store credit in that amount. If you cancel your place in a class in less than seven (7) days before the class you will receive a store credit only if we can fill your place from the waiting list. You may give your place in a class to a friend. Please notify us in this case. In the event of a teacher illness, we will try to reschedule the class. You may receive a full refund or credit if you are unable to make the new class dates.

Q12014 Class Schedule  

Class Schedule for Q1 2014 for Wooden Gate Quilts in Danville, CA